Winterset Tour
Map Hircock/Hermon Tour:

The following is an updated description and map of the standard (I'm told) Hircock/Hermon tour, the path of which is usually followed once a year, and is generally traced the day before the Hircock/Hermon family picnic. In 2004, Leila and I were invited for the first time to the Hircock/Hermon family reunion, picnic and tour in Winterset, and we found it to be a delightful experience. I believe that this is a fairly accurate description of the tour to the various Hircock/Hermon landmarks, but continue to invite additional corrections and suggestions for improvement.

As I recall, the tour started from the hotel and proceeded south past the birthplace of John Wayne. From there it proceeded to the Holliwell Bridge, which Ross Hermon crossed every day while carrying the mail, and then on to the Harvey Smith farm. After leaving the Harvey Smith farm, the tour turned south on Millstream. That particular corner was the first location of Old Zion Church (before it was moved to the museum grounds in Winterset) and Lincoln School #4, located diagonally across from each other. The tour then proceeded to the James Hermon farm (previously the home of Peter and Elizabeth) to visit it as well as the rock on the adjacent 80 which Ross Hermon used for target practice and for which he once got himself into trouble with his Aunt Hannah Beall when his bullet(s) ricocheted off the rock and directly over her house, a quarter of a mile away, just over the hill.

From there, the tour proceeded down Millstream Road past the Edward and Hannah Beall farm on the left and continued past East Peru Road to the Charles Osborn farm. The turnoff to the Osborn farm was missed on this particular tour, however, and it was necessary to turn around to go back to it, as shown on the map. From the Osborn farm, the tour returned to East Peru Road where it turned west and then north on Highway 71 to the Ezra Hermon farm.

After leaving the Ezra Hermon farm, the tour continued to the James Hermon house at 803 W. Jefferson. From there, the tour continued to the park to visit the Clark tower and Cutler bridge, to the Winterset museum to visit Old Zion Church in it's new location and finally to the Winterset cemetery, the final stop on the tour.

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