Natural Love and Affection
For natural love & affection & the sum of a dollar:

In July of 1893, Edward sold the 80 acre farm in section 19 of Scott Township on which he and Hannah lived, plus another 20 acres in section 9, to his wife, Hannah, for natural love, affection and a dollar.

On the surface, this might appear to be a most romantic thing, but there may have been more pragmatic reasons for doing this. Several things may have had an effect on the decision. For example, this transaction probably occurred a couple of years after Edward's mother, Jamima, came to live with them. (A house in town was sold by the heirs of Richard Beall in 1891. It is likely that this house was the one that Richard and Jamima had lived in after Richard's retirement and the house which Jamima continued to live in after Richard's death in 1884. Jamima was living with the Edward Beall family in the 1900 census, and it seems likely that she may moved in with them either before or soon after the sale of the house.)

If true, this meant that although Hannah was now in her late forties, she was caring for an elderly woman in addition to raising an infant nephew (Elvert Hermon, who was 3 at the time). Perhaps this deed transfer was a result of a mutual agreement between Edward and Hannah that Hannah needed a measure of security in the event that something happened to Edward.

It appears that Edward's health may not have been the best. The following year, in 1894, he applied for a pension for his Civil War service in which he mentioned that in addition to being blind in his right eye due to an accident in 1870, he was troubled by rheumatism on his right side from his shoulder to his knee.

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