Passenger List
Hircock Family Passenger Lists

Following are portions of the passenger lists for the ships on which Peter Hircock and his brother, Jacob, and their families arrived in America. Peter and his family arrived April 30, 1852, on the Wurff Habeck. Jacob with his wife and daughter followed October 23, 1854, on the Excelsior. The port of departure for both was Liverpool, England, and the port of arrival was New York.

Shown above in each case are a portion of the first page showing the ship's information and the pages on which Peter and Jacob and their families appear. In the above passenger list from the Wurff Habeck are Peter 40, Elizabeth 35, Benjamin 11, William 9, Hannah 7, James 5, Elizabeth 3 and Emma 8 months. In the passenger list from the Excelsior, are Jacob 30, Louisa 25 and Ellen 11 months.

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