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(compiled by Donald A. Keefer 1995, typed for computer by Clifford W. Lamere 2000)


These baptisms were performed by Rev. Toll while he was pastor of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Middletown (now Mapletown), Westerlo (now Sprakers), and Bowman's Creek (Buel), all in the Town of Canajoharie (at that time), Montgomery Co., NY.


The records consist of eight pages handwritten by Rev. Toll.  They are in very poor condition, being badly torn and mended with scotch tape which has destroyed many dates of births and baptisms.  These areas are noted by ( ).  Numbers in parentheses in this index indicate the number of times that a name is found in the actual records.  The notes were recently discovered in the archives of the Schenectady County Historical Society and no doubt were part of the Toll family papers donated to the society many years ago.


The names in this index include the children being baptized as well as all parents.  All spellings of given names and surnames in the index are exact.  


Note:  The Schenectady County Historical Society gave me permission to post the index, but not the actual records.  Although their normal research fee is $15 per hour, they have agreed to photocopy a baptism record from this book for a donation of $1-7.  The price is your choice.  A self-addressed-stamped envelope has been requested.

You can contact them by email at:      [email protected]

For address and phone number (or other information about SCHS), see my Guide to Albany Area Genealogical Resources posted on this website.


--------          - Harry, a servant

--------          - Richard, negro slave child

ARING             - Jane

BANNGE            - Adam, William

BASTAYAAN         - Elizebeth

BELLINGER         - John

BELLINGTON        - Caty, Samuel

BERNHARDT         - Margeret

BILLINGTON        - Nancy, Samuel

BLATNER           - Eve

BONTA             - Elizabeth

BOUCK             - Cathrine

BRADT             - Andrew (2), Catharine, Elizabeth, Evert, Hugh,

                    Lydia Margaret, Peter Smith, Richard

BROWN             - Lydia (3)

CALON             - Elsha

CARNEROW          - John, Lewis

CARSON            - Jane

CLATON            - Cathrine

COLEY             - Polly

CORNUE            - Anthony D. (2), Daniel W., Eliza Maria, Elizabeth,

                    Elisabeth, Eve Eliza, Henry Schramling, James, Jane, 

                    John (2), John Tol, Luke (2), Peggy Ann, Sarah (2), 

                    Uriah Wood, Wintye

COVENHOVEN        - John, Mary Rozeny

DAFFIN            - Edward

DAVIS             - Cathrine (2), Martin (2), Sarah Margaret

DEWANDELAAR       - Maria

DIEL              - Elizebeth

DINGMAN           - David Henry, Hannah, Hellen, Jacob, John, John W.,

                    Killian, Leny, Magdalene (2), Michael, Tiney

DYE               - James, Joseph

ECKER             - Nancy

EIGHTS            - Cornelus, Jonathan

ETZ               - Magdalene

FREY              - Henry F., Henry Van Schaack

GALHILER          - Elizebeth

GARDINEER         - Adam, Martin, Nelly

GUNSALIS          - Emanuel, Lambert Van Alstine

HALL              - Abraham, Cathrine, Hannah, Maria, Phineas, William

HARPER            - Polly

HEWSON            - George, Sharlote An( )

HOUK              - Jane

JOHNSON           - Francis, Ruth, William

KIMMEY            - Elizabeth

KITTLE            - Malachi, Stephen Dykeman

LANE              - John, Maria, Sarah Eliza, William

LEACH             - Willimpy, Willipee

LEE               - Hannah Maria, James

LOUCKS            - Maria

MANNING           - Hannah Cathrine, Simon

MARX              - Electy

McCUE             - Eve

McKEM             - Maria

MITCHELL          - Charles (3), Hugh, Jane Agnus, Jennet, Lydia Cathrine,

                    Maria Agnes, Peggy, William

PHILLIPS          - Cathrine, Caty, Hannah, John, Philip, Phillip

POWEL             - Lydy

PUTMAN            - Abraham V. (2), Betsy, Cathrine, Caty, Cornelia Ann,

                    Eleanor (2), Eve, Frederick, Jr., George, John, 

                    John Henry, Mary Margaret, Peggy, Phillip

QUACKENBOSS       - David, John P., Lambert, Mary, Peter

QUACKENBUSH       - David (2), Hiram, Peter P.

REEDMAN           - Fred( ), John Henry

REES              - Lana

REESE             - Henry, Samuel

RICHARDSON        - Abraham

RIKARD            - Elizebeth

ROOF              - Maria

ROSEBOOM          - Abraham, John

ROW               - Catharine, Cathrine (2)

ROWE              - Catharine

RULEF             - Dolly

SCHRAMLING        - Magdalene

SCOTT             - Hellen, Nancy

S(ERENLR?)        - George, John

SIDNAM            - Abraham, Almyra Pamelia

SLAUSEN           - Sarah

SMITH             - Eve, Henry, Jacob (2), Jacob Staunton, John, 

                    John Coley, John Henry, Jonas, Maria (2), Nancy, 

                    Polly (2), William T., Jr.

STILLE            - Catharine

SWEATMAN          - Anna Eliza, Charles Andis, John (3), Margaret Allen, 

                    Sarah Cathrine

TEN EYKE, TENEYKE - Catalina (2), Cataline, David, Elshe (2), Tobias

TICE              - Catharine

TYCE              - Peggy

TYMESEN           - Jemima

VAN ALSTINE       - Ann Cathrine, Benjamin, Charity, Christiann, 

                    Cornel( ), Cornelious 4th (2), Daniel, Elizebeth (2),

                    George I., Hannah, Jacob, John N., Maria (2), 

                    Maria Goewy, Mary, Nancy, Nelly (2), Solomon (3), 

                    Ten Eycke

VAN BUREN         - Polly

VAN DEBOGART      - Ive, Samuel

VAN DEUSEN        - Angelica, Getty (3), Hellen (2), Hubbard, 

                    John Frederick Tol, John G. (3), Loisa Eve, Martin, 

                    Peter (3), Rachall, Rebecca, Sally Julany, 

                    William Henry

VAN DEWERKE       - Peggy

VAN EVERA         - Cornelia (2), Cornelious, Ghoosha, Ghosa, Gilbert,

                    Jane Maria, Maria, Ryneer R., Ryner C., Samuel

VAN LOAN          - Charity

VAN SCHAACK       - Elizebeth

VAN SLYKE         - Jacob, John (2), John I.

VAN VALKENBURG(H) - Angelica, Bartholmew, Cornelia Ann, Gershom, Harriet

WAGGONER          - Jeremiah, Mary

WAGONER           - Elizebeth

WALRADTH          - Electy Maria, Elizebeth (2), Frederick (2), Jacob,

                    John Jacob, Joseph, Magdalene

WAMPLE            - Nancy

WELLER            - Elisha, Frederick

WEMPLE            - Abraham

WHITE             - Abijah, Lorry

WIMPLE            - Abraham, John Barent

WOOD              - Cornelia, John, Peggy, Peter Henry, Uriah

WYNKOOP           - Alleda

YATES             - Abraham (2), Peter, Rinier Van Evera

YORDAN            - Aaron, Albert Amerman, Alida Maria, Eleanor (2), John,

                    John I. (2)



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