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Deaths in Cohoes, NY Newspaper - 1895-1896


Transcribed by Donald J. Cosgro    Nov 2003


Webpage by Cliff Lamere    Jan 2003




Newspaper:  Cohoes Republican 
Date of Issue: 
July 15, 1896
Date Range of Deaths: 
July 16, 1895 to July 13, 1896  
Deceased Persons:  275 
Microfilm Source:  New York State Library, Albany, NY

During the time period of my research, around July 16 of each year the Cohoes Republican newspaper published a list of people from Cohoes who had died in the previous 12 months.  It is important to note that not all of the people listed actually died in the City of Cohoes (Albany County).  They may have been formerly from Cohoes, in which case the Cohoes City Clerk will not have a death record for them.  For instance, people may have taken ill and died in a hospital in Troy, NY (Rensselaer County) which is just across the Hudson River from Cohoes.  Another possibility is that an elderly person may have moved in with a relative in another community shortly before dying, but was still reported in the Cohoes newspaper where they had previously lived. 

I have done my best to accurately transcribe the list.  However, due to the quality of the newspaper and/or microfilm, errors are possible.  Where a ? appears, letters were unreadable.  Readers are encouraged to check the source document for themselves.  It is my hope that the list below will help you in your search for your ancestors. 

Donald J. Cosgro 

Plattsburgh, NY



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The following colored text was copied from a webpage of the New York State Newspaper Project.


The Cohoes republican.

OCLC: #11151036

Published: 1892-1920

Frequency: Daily

Call number: NY 42 Cohoes 93-31661

1892:7:15-1909:12:23 means 1892 Jul 15 to 1909 Dec 23.  There are three date ranges for which the newspaper is available today, a total of over 100 microfilms according to the state librarian who checked for me.  The only microfilm box he looked at contained 5 months of newspapers.  Newspapers outside the date ranges have not been microfilmed by the NYS Library and probably those issues no longer exist.  Neither do the original newspapers which are routinely discarded by the library after the microfilm is received.  Some issues within a date range may also be missing.  


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NYS Newspaper Microfilm at the State Library 




JULY [1895]

16th.  Mrs. Stanislaus Richard.

17th.  Mrs. Libbie F. Lawson, Mrs. Ann Fanning.

18th.  James Clark.

19th.  Mrs. Sherman Hildreth.

25th.  Luke Bouchard.

26th.  Grace Mayo.

27th.  Philomene Tonsignant, Anna Payette.

28th.  Mrs. Joseph Hubbard.

29th.  Eliihu C. Smead.

31st.  Mrs. Bridget O'Neil.


AUGUST [1895]

7th.    Daniel McElwain, Margaret Kelly.

8th.    Eliza A. Dixon, Delina Lamieux.

9th.    Mary Coughlin.

11th.  James Spillane.

16th.  Narcisse Auprey.

18th.  Patrick Keegan.

20th.  Fred Harper, Oliver Williams, Delina Jacques.

24th.  Loretta Ryan.

28th.  William Roach.



3rd.    James N. Stott.

4th.    Catherine Healy, Charles Tessier.

9th.    John McCool.

11th.  Jeremiah Shea.

13th.  William Doran.

14th.  William Laforce.

17th.  Mrs. Horace Kirk, Maggie Donahue.

19th.  Mrs. Thalia Martinsen, Robert McClelland.

20th.  John Cormick, Jeremiah Ryan.

21st.  Louis Boudrau.

24th.  Patrick Green.

29th.  Mrs. Wm. M. Johnson.


OCTOBER [1895]

2nd.    Mrs. Bridget Ward.

3rd.    Asilda Belrose.

9th.    Patrick J. Burke.

10th.  Mrs. Bridget Manay.

11th.  Mrs. Susan Carroll.

12th.  Mrs. Jennie Fisher, Daniel Collins, Bonnie Goyette.

13th.  Joachim Barnard.

14th.  Mrs. Sarah Caffrey.

16th.  Mrs. Michael Egan, Bridget Stapleton.

18th.  Lilly Tremblay.

19th.  Marie Jacques.

20th.  John Williams.

22nd.  John Dawson.

23rd.  Mary C. Cahill.

25th.  Mrs. Patrick Lyons.

26th.  Mrs. Mary Teachout.

28th.  Samuel Taylor.

29th.  Marie Suprenant.



5th.    James Leahy, Mrs. Medard Breault.

7th.    John Mulvihill.

10th.  Pierre Boissy, Mrs. Matilda Harvieux, Mrs. Catherine McKeoghan.

15th.  Mrs. Celeste Marcoux, E. E. Dwyer, Grace McCullough.

17th.  Adelbert E. Herrick, Mrs. Frank Breault.

18th.  Honore Caron.

19th.  Harriet Vincent.

23rd.  Michael McDonough.

25th.  Charles A. Whitney, James E. Hungerford.

26th.  Mrs. Harriet Davis.

27th.  Mrs. C. C. Dodge.

30th.  Mitchell Lafayette.



1st.     Mary Holland, Joseph Ingham.

2nd.    Richard Vandecar.

7th.    Charles E. Beaudry, Mrs. Samuel Edge.

9th.    Andrew T. Crance, Frank T. Hatcher, Joseph Jameson.

10th.  Philip Robert.

13th.  Mrs. Mary Scully.

14th.  Mrs. Mary Donohue, Owen McGiveran.

16th.  Mrs. Francis Lefebre.

20th.  Mrs. Marion Taylor, Jennie Brink Cooney.

21st.  William Watson.

22nd.  Mrs. Margaret Garrity, Murray Hubbard, Ella Goulding.

23rd.  Oren Goodrich.

25th.  Abram Doty.

26th.  Sarah O'Brien.

28th.  Mrs. William Burke, Catherine Morrissey, Sarah Hillas.

29th.  Michael Bowler.

30th.  Mrs. Bridget Casey, Mrs. Alphonse Galepeau.

31st.  Joseph Higham.



1.    Mrs. Henretta Sliter.

3.    Mrs. Charlotte Bradbury, Mrs. Ann Larsky.

5.    Alex H. Frink. [Frisk?]

7.    John H. Tabor.

8.    May Couch.

9.    Louis A. Masson, Mrs. John Fonda.

10.  Mrs. David Lapine, James Mather.

12.  James Van Derburgh.

14.  George Wilson, Mrs. Delphine Belanger, Hugh Conway, Mrs. Margaret Bannon.

15.  Mrs. Arthur Merritt.

16.  Joseph D. Montmarquet, Mrs. Mary Driscoll.

17.  Mrs. Elizabeth Hoar, Pierre Beaupre.

22.  Mrs. Sarah Walters, Michael Farrell, Lawrence Hallenbeck, Mrs. Anhanimo Bauck.

23.  Fred Leduc.

25.  Margaret Donahue, Nora O'Brien [O'Bries?]

27.  Anthony Grober.

28.  Oliver Daunais. [?]

29.  Miss Bridget Jennings, Mrs. Adelline Atwater, Mrs. Mary Mahar.

31.  Mrs. Honora Green.



2.    Miss Katie Lyons.

4.    Miss Maggie Burke, Mrs. Nellie Gray.

6.    Mrs. Hannah Healey, Abram Rosenthall.

7.    Louie Allard, aged 109. Mrs. Catherine Spillane.

8.    Joseph Chabot.

10.  Michael Scully, Mrs. Joanna Hogan.

13.  Mrs. D. H. Van Auken.

14.  Mrs. Annie E. Murray.

15.  Alice S. Johnson.

??   Unreadable

18.  John H. Akin, Christian Hanson.

19.  William Kelly.

21.  Mrs. Nancy Howarth, Theophile Lecuyer.

25.  William McCusker.

27.  Mrs. John Bartholomew.


MARCH [1896]

1.    William H. Harris, Margaret Jane Davis.

2.    Edward Grant, James Gain.

3.    Luella Tygart.

4.    Catherine Devanuy.

5.    Lewis Taylor.

6.    Eliza Collins, Daniel McLean.

8.    John Quinn.

10.  Hugh Judge, Selomee Rey, Miss Addie May Smith.

11.  William Gain.

12.  William Welles.

13.  Miss Elise Payette, Miss Ella McGowan.

14.  Miss Bridget O'Brien.

15.  Mrs. Henry Butlar, Mrs. Dennis Claussee, Mrs. Rachel Clark, Daniel Fitzpatrick.

18.  Michael Egan, Roderick Daughirtai, Miss Hannah Considine, Miss Carrie L. Boughton.

19.  Edward Fennessy.

20.  John H. Wilbur.

22.  Michael O'Connor.

23.  Michael McTague.

24.  Mrs. Mary A. Wright.

25.  Elizabeth Marscke.

26.  Cleophas Ethier.

27.  Mrs. Elizabeth Watson, Miss Adina Paris.

29.  Maria Upham.

30.  Mrs. Ellen Riley, Mrs. Mary McManus.


APRIL [1896]

1.    William H. Smith.

2.    James H. Dore, Mrs. Richard Coleman.

5.    Jesse I. Dunz, John Long.

7.    Miss Mary McLoughlin.

8.    Angele Blais, Mrs. Cornelius Ellis.

10.  Napoleon Ducharme.

12.  Mrs. Adeline Boivin, Mrs. Michael Mahar, Louis B. Robillard.

13.  Mrs. Margaret A. Stone, Miss Annie Kennedy.

15.  Thomas P. Reynolds, Laura A. Delong. [?]

16.  Robert Welsh, Euphenia Dozois.

17.  Miss Mary Hunt, James Rafferty, William H. Miller.

21.  D. A. Haynes.

23.  Mrs. Mary Barrett.

24.  Mrs. Lucretia Scribener.

26.  Miss Margaret Mulcahy.

27.  George Durand [?].

29.  James T. Groves.


MAY [1896]

6.    Edmund Ransom Wilder, Mrs. Margaret Welsh.

7.    Joseph Ducharme, Existe Vincellette.

9.    Mrs. Keziah Williams.

10.  Mrs. Thomas Theriault, Miss Elizabeth Simpson.

17.  Charles A. Judd.

18.  Mrs. Sarah M. Bain, Thomas Connell, Daniel Conway.

19.  Albert Tanner, Thomas Martin, Mrs. Mary Hughes.

20.  Mrs. Ellen Merrick.

22.  Mrs. Thomas Wildricks, Mrs. Margaret Ryan.

24.  Mrs. Margaret Granger, Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett.

25.  Miss Anna Laporte.

26.  Daniel Mcgee.

28.  Mrs. Jean Hay Valley.

29.  Miss Johanna Hibbert.


JUNE [1896]

5.    Olisime Rivet.

7.    Clara Bell Rubor.

10.  Mrs. Helen A. Benson.

11.  Mrs. Anna Egan, Ann McDonnell.

13.  Emanuel Durand.

15.  Lucy A. Dunham.

19.  Thomas McGuire.

21.  Mrs. Bridget Graham.

23.  Margaret O'Byrne.

24.  Julie Chabot, Mrs. Elizabeth Sheridan, Johannah Seaport.

30.  William Wallace, Whittam Whittam.


JULY [1896]

1.    John C. Fonda.

7.    Mrs. Agnes Lawrence.

9.    Miss Margaret Flanigan.

10.  Mrs. Catherine Griswold, John O'Brien.

12.  Ruth Rufenberg.

13.  Eugene Guilbeault, Albert Theriault.



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