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Deaths in Cohoes, NY Newspaper - 1912-1913

Transcribed by Donald J. Cosgro    18 Nov 2002


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Newspaper:  Cohoes Republican 
Date of Issue:  July 15 1913
Date Range of Deaths:  July 15, 1912 to July 14, 1913
Deceased Persons:  450 
Microfilm Source:  New York State Library, Albany, NY

During the time period of my research, around July 16 of each year the Cohoes Republican newspaper published a list of people from Cohoes who had died in the previous 12 months.  It is important to note that not all of the people listed actually died in the City of Cohoes (Albany County).  They may have been formerly from Cohoes, in which case the Cohoes City Clerk will not have a death record for them.  For instance, people may have taken ill and died in a hospital in Troy, NY (Rensselaer County) which is just across the Hudson River from Cohoes.  Another possibility is that an elderly person may have moved in with a relative in another community shortly before dying, but was still reported in the Cohoes newspaper where they had previously lived. 

I have done my best to accurately transcribe the list.  However, due to the quality of the newspaper and/or microfilm, errors are possible.  Where a ? appears, letters were unreadable.  Readers are encouraged to check the source document for themselves.  It is my hope that the list below will help you in your search for your ancestors. 

Donald J. Cosgro 

Plattsburgh, NY



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The following colored text was copied from a webpage of the New York State Newspaper Project.


The Cohoes republican.

OCLC: #11151036

Published: 1892-1920

Frequency: Daily

Call number: NY 42 Cohoes 93-31661

1892:7:15-1909:12:23 means 1892 Jul 15 to 1909 Dec 23.  There are three date ranges for which the newspaper is available today, a total of over 100 microfilms according to the state librarian who checked for me.  The only microfilm box he looked at contained 5 months of newspapers.  Newspapers outside the date ranges have not been microfilmed by the NYS Library and probably those issues no longer exist.  Neither do the original newspapers which are routinely discarded by the library after the microfilm is received.  Some issues within a date range may also be missing.  


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NYS Newspaper Microfilm at the State Library 





The names of those Cohoesiers who have passed away from Earth during the past twelve months."


JULY [1912]

15. Mrs. Oliza Deguire.

16. John Finnigan, Mrs. Rosalie Coulombe.

17. Mrs. Anna E. Brennan.

22. Mrs. Earnest Byron.

23. Mr. John M. Krause, Philip Kennedy

24. Mitchell Yarter, Sidney S. Davis.

26. David White.

31. Mrs. Delphine Rioux.


AUGUST [1912]

1. Mrs. Louis Pullman, Mrs. Mary Glashheen, Thomas Bowler.

2. James B. Whipple, Mrs. Anna Tilford, Mrs. Isabelle T. Pease.

3. Mrs. Judith Thibodeau, Mrs. Harry Smith.

5. Mrs. Sophia Bessette, Mrs. Margaret H. Hayden.

6. Mrs. Herminie B. Seney.

7. Mrs. Margaret Welch, Almon Stone.

9. Mrs. Margaret Tooley, Mrs. Exilda McDonald.

10. Mrs. Lucy L. Sill, Mrs. Margaret Hume.

12. Mrs. Catherine English, John Dolan.

13. George Appleby, Mrs. Bridget Saverson, Mrs. Alice Lighthall, Mrs. Alice

R. Fredette, Mrs. Cornelius Houlihan.

14. Sergeant William J. Lind.

15. Daniel Cunningham, Mrs. Josephine Girard, Aduram Perreault, Frank George.

16. Walter J. Kennedy, John F. Egan.

19. Augustus Roughtmaker.

20. Mrs. Hattie B. Douglas.

21. Louis Patenaude.

22. Mrs. Mary Gray.

23. Moise Fountaine.

25. Mrs. Patrick Lee, Mrs. Catherine Dunn, Ambroise Desautels."

26. Mrs. Estella M. Van Kleeck.

27. Bernard C. Doolan.

28. Frank Gamacdhe Jr.

29. James G. Roberts.

30. Thomas Gallagher, Charles Gould.

31. Mrs. Peter Curry, Mayor Clarence E. Curruth, M. D.



4. Mrs. Rebecca B. Gaughey.

5. Frank Keefe.

8. Mrs. Lydia F. Hazer.

9. Jewett W. Gardner.

10. Ellen Hazer.

11. Henning Anderson.

12. Mrs. Catherine Bell, Martin Keveny.

14. Mrs. Adeline Baillargeon, John W. Powers.

15. Mrs. Sarah Brennan, Moses G. Smith.

16. Mrs. Alice Allen, Mrs. Georgiana Cidmore.

17. George W. Jennings, Bartholomew McCusker, Nelson P. Lund.

18. Mrs. Philomene Gadoua.

19. Frederick Weinbender.

20. Michael J. O'Neill.

21. Augustus Girard.

22. Miss Mary Flanagan.

27. Michael Mealey.

28. Mrs. Julia Chabot.

29. Jeremiah Cushane, Helen T. Lesell.

30. Mrs. Delima Syrie, Patrick Connolly.


OCTOBER [1912]

1. Mrs. John Kane.

2. James Bootman.

3. Mrs. Johanna O'Keefe, Miss Mary Dougher.

4. Edward Murphy, Mrs. Honora McLean, Mrs Rose Sansoucy.

5. Mrs. Catherine P. Corr, Mrs. Elizabeth Fallon.

6. Patrick McDermott

7. John E. Eccles, William Hungerford, George Robinson.

8. Mrs. Charles M. Lane, Alfred Lussier.

9. Edward Walsh, Charles Collette, Mrs. Ellen Evers.

10. James M. Tompkins.

11. Patrick Cummings.

12. Joseph Miron, John Driscoll, Joseph Lanreau.

15. Miss Elizabeth Martin, Sarah E. P. Conger.

18. Mabel Cook-Greenwood.

19. William English.

20. Mrs. Mary Hagadorn, Mrs. Herminie Langelier.

21. Albert Chase, William Egan.

22. Albert Forget.

23. Michael J. Ryan.

24. Mrs. Catherine V. Miller, Mrs. Harriet L. Ingalls.

26. George N. Monette, Richard Nelson.

27. Mrs. Lavina T. Page, Hugh Murphy, John Reardon, Mark C. Beers, John J. Ryan.

28. Sarah Runkle.

29. Mrs. John H. Higgins.

30. Mrs. Rose La France.

31. Mrs. John Tighe, Miss Emma Shaw.



2. Charles P. Hiller.

3. Charles Boomhower, Mrs. Ida M. Rivet.

5. Mrs. Terrence Sheridan, John Keane, Joseph Guilfoyle, Mrs. Thomas J. Connery.

6. Benjamin C. Prest, Mrs. William S. Wright, Mrs. Cornelia S. Gilbert.

7. Louis J. Belanger.

8. Mrs. Catherine Murray, Joseph Rigney.

11. Farrell Donohue.

13. Mrs. Helen C. Smith, Charles Fallon.

14. Mrs. Matilda DeLadurantaye, Miss Eva Sumprenant.

15. Mrs. Maria A. Godfrey, George Fountaine.

17. Mrs. Edna Reynolds.

18. John Haughton, Patrick H. Guiltman[?], Peter Granger.

19. Joseph J. Jerome.

20. Sarah Oakley, Thomas W. Brierley.

22. William Hayes.

23. Mrs. Marie F. Blaleski, Thomas G. Keene.

25. Mrs. Lillian Lancaster.

28. Mrs. Adelia Haword.

29. Amelia Cayen.

30. Susan J. Davenport, Mrs. Elizabeth Wagstaff.



2. Mrs. Harriet Boudreau.

3. Joseph L. Smith, Joseph O. Bourret.

4. Mrs. James H. Hall, John Quinn, Francis A. Perrin.

7. Lucins K. Smalling.

8. Dr. Frank Schermerhorn, Miss Emma L. Towne.

10. Sylva Gregoire, Margaret Reid.

11. Miss Jessie Jones, Byron Simpson, Thomas Collins Sr.

12. John Conway, Mary Tonge.

13. William Murphy.

15. Mrs. Annie E. Cole, Augustus Dion.

18. Mrs. Samuel Murdock.

18. Leo Sorel, Dennis A. Clifford.

19. Miss Ellen Evers.

20. Mrs. Mary Ann Daley.

21. Mrs. Lena Rose.

22. Mrs. Anna M. Surprise, Mrs. Olive M. Jones.

23. Mrs. Pierre Sicotte, Lawrence Fredette.

24. Mrs. Albert J. Truax.

25. Mary R. McNeany, Michael Mulvihill.

26. Dennis Tessier.

27. Edward E. Vandenburgh, Mrs. Catherine Holleran.

28. Adolph Plantier, Simon Driscoll.

29. David J. Thuon.

31. Miss Mary Frances Foley


JANUARY [1913]

1. Alfred Casey

4. Mrs. Magaret Becker.

5. Daniel Murray, Mrs. Edward Warnick.

7. Mrs. Elizabeth Maloney.

8. Everett Plante.

9. Hon. William W. McDonald, Albert C. Howe.

10. Wilfred Corbiel, Mrs. Julia Verchereau.

11. Mrs. Many A. Brady, Mrs. Catherine Riley, James L. Friay.

12. Mrs. Xaviet Cardin

13. Mrs. Hannah W. Blakeley.

14. Charles H. Flood, Clarance C. Crossingham.

17. Michael Walsh.

18. Mrs. Maria Gaffey and Mrs. David Senecal, Mrs. Aurelie La Valee.

20. Mrs. Mary Cushing, Miss Itha Chicoine, Miss Mary Cassin.

21. Margaret H. Dwyer, William H. Allen.

22. Mrs. Gertrude Ostrom, Mrs. James Cook, William J. Fonda, Mrs. Margaret Henderson.

23. Mrs. Bazelise Fontaine, Mrs. Lulu M. Reynolds.

24. William Tetreault.

25. Miss Nellie Flaherty, Zepherine Levesque, Mrs. Julia Gallagher.

27. Abraham Vadney

29. Mrs. Theresa A. Jermain, Christian J. Reinhardt, Charles Guerin.

30. Mrs. Many A. McCall.

31 Mrs. Susan P. Adams.



2. Mrs. William Black.

4. Fred Brisbois, Miss Maria Eagan,

5. J. Henry Dunz.

6. Jeremiah Lessard.

7. Mrs. Catherine Duffy, Mrs. Anna Burns, Mrs. C. P. Frederickson, Mrs. Winifred Dee.

8. Raymond Dufresne.

10. Joseph Boneau.

11. John Nertney.

12. Walter Connor, Mrs. Welhelmina Zink, Mrs. Fraimi Grimmell.

13. Alphee Girard.

14. Oliver Raymond, Mrs. Sadie O'Brien, Thos. F. Nacey, James Burns, Frank Sitcer.

15. Herbert W. Sikles, Ira Smith.

16. Mrs. Elizabeth Lake, Alexander J. LaRose, George Robinson.

17. Matilda Tetreault, Mrs. Louise Mathais.

21. Mrs. Bridget McCormick

22. Miss Josephine Worden.

23. Mrs. Charlotte Cawley.

24. Mrs. Jane Hemphill, Daniel J. Murray.

26. Silvester O'Brien, Mrs. Bridget Quirk.

27. Mrs. John Neary, James B. Tobin, Mrs. Margaret Griffith.

28. Miss Catherine F. Smith.


MARCH [1913]

1. Elmer E. Pierson, Sr., Mrs.William Smith.

2. Edward Flanigan.

4. Mrs. Charles Hay.

5. C. Pierce Kittle.

9. Bernard Farrell, John L. Swett, Jr.

10. Mrs Rosalie Boivin

11. John Callahan, Miss Sibyl A. Pasko, Andrew Gustafson, Henry Ham.

13. Mrs. Edward Cropsey, William McNeill.

14. Samuel Amador, Richard Corbett.

16. Rev. Father Patrick Joseph Brady.

18. Mrs. Mary Abdallah.

19. Mrs. Alexander McDowell, Thomas Connors.

20. James Flatley and Mrs. Rhonda Hildreth, Mrs. Michael Donovan.

21 Matthew J. Alderson, Andrew J. Nugent.

23. Mrs. Matilda Baillargeon,

24. Mrs. Catherine Martin.

25. Mrs. Alphonse Daigneault, Hypolite Brouillette

27. Menzo Smith, Miss Agnes Hebert, Martha Kelly.

28. Samuel T. Page, Mrs. Matilda P. Fuller.

29. Joseph Hayden, Mrs. Julia Berthiaume.

31. Elizabeth Palmer, Edward Durocher, Mrs. Abbie McGee.


APRIL [1913]

2. Mrs. Jeanette A. Seaman

3. Mrs. Edessa Hebert, Hugh Kelly, Oscar Gregoire, Peter Devoe.

4. Michael McLean.

5. Rene Robitaille.

7. Mrs. Pierce Cahill, Mrs. Agal Robitaille.

8. Thomas Flavin, Michael Keegan, Mrs. Joseph Brun.

9. Carrie E. Beattie.

10. Mrs. William McDonald.

11. Mrs. James Hayes.

13. Mrs. Martha Taylor.

15. Mrs. Catherine Easdon, Sarah M. Lee, James White, Harriet Silvernail.

1. Frank Cassidy, Emile Breault.

19. Mrs. Samuel Page.

21. Rame L. Brunelle, Mrs. Peter Ayotte.

22. Rosanna Hayes.

23. Mrs. Isabella Frink.

27. William Murphy.

28. John O'Connel.


MAY [1913]

1. Mrs. Elizabeth Hadfield, Arthur J. Blais.

2. Richard Delaney, Mrs. Zep Senecal.

3. Margaret Ryan.

4. Mrs. Joseph Corbiel.

6. Joseph Tessier, Frank Brown, Michael Ledwith.

8. Richard Pearson.

9. Albert Hayes.

12. John McCormick, William P. Bell, Mrs. Philiomene Lavell.

1. Anthony S. Laing, Mrs. Hannah C. Baldwin.

15. Margaret Keane.

16. James Croak.

17. Thomas Pilling, Mrs. Margaret C. Robertta, Angeline Van Olinda.

18. Mrs. Mary A. Van Norden, Miss Mary J. Lawrence, Mrs. Marion V. Johnson, Charles K. Williams.

19. Antoine Leneville, Mrs. Esdrea(?) Mochon.

22. Joseph Herbs, Mrs. Ellen H. Hurley.

23. Bridget Tague, Patrick Kelley.

24. Mrs. Louise LeFebvre.

25. Mildred Jane Kinns, Mrs. Margaret Wallace, Mrs. Bertha Triebel.

27. Mrs. Catherine Welsh.

29. Patrick Fox, John Slattery.

30. Mrs. Mary Quinn, Mrs. Mary Trombley, Russell W. Champoux, Mrs. M. H. Page.

31. Mrs. Emma Mulhern.


JUNE [1913]

2. John O'Reilly.

3. Philomene Dalpe.

5. Mrs. Catherine Coffey, Joseph Langelier, Edward Burns

7. Mrs. Marie Charron.

8. Mrs. Alice McEachron.

13. Mark Gribbon, Sr.

1. Christina D. Carlson.

15. William Riley, Miss Margaret Clancy.

16. Mrs. Elizabeth LeMair.

17. Mrs. Jane Farrell.

18. Mrs. Jane Hammon, Andrew Le Page.

20. Thomas Hanlon, Honore I. Flamme, Mrs. Peter Wall, Mrs. Eliza A. Robbins, Chas Slater.

21. Thomas Donlon.

22. Augustus Bergesson, Mrs. Emma Daigneau, Miss Mary Mc Mahon, Edna Kiniry, Matthew J. Nugent.

23. Daniel Gregg, Mrs. John Brown.

24. Joseph Duhamel.

26. Mrs. Frank Bonkiski, William Gavigan, Chester Bailey.

28. Owen O'Neill, Eugene Bernier.

29. Edward Lindsay, Andrew Lukaszek, Miss Mary E. Taylor.

30. Mrs. Mary Rooney.


JULY [1913]

1. Souffrini La Barge, Mrs. Bridget Campbell.

3. Cornelius V. Whalen, Mrs. Matilda McCoy.

4. Mrs. Philomene Hinkel.

6. Mrs. John Lavin, Mrs. Mary McMullen

8. Miss Anna Gleason.

9. Thomas Morrissey.

11. William Nealand.

12. Yvonne Martineau

14. Miss Anna Keoughan at Nyack N. Y.



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