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Deaths in Cohoes, NY Newspaper - 1913-1914

Transcribed by Donald J. Cosgro    Jan 2003


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Newspaper:  Cohoes Republican 
Date of Issue:  July 15, 1914
Date Range of Deaths:  July 5, 1913 to  July 8, 1914
Deceased Persons:  413
Microfilm Source:  New York State Library, Albany, NY

During the time period of my research, around July 16 of each year the Cohoes Republican newspaper published a list of people from Cohoes who had died in the previous 12 months.  It is important to note that not all of the people listed actually died in the City of Cohoes (Albany County).  They may have been formerly from Cohoes, in which case the Cohoes City Clerk will not have a death record for them.  For instance, people may have taken ill and died in a hospital in Troy, NY (Rensselaer County) which is just across the Hudson River from Cohoes.  Another possibility is that an elderly person may have moved in with a relative in another community shortly before dying, but was still reported in the Cohoes newspaper where they had previously lived. 

I have done my best to accurately transcribe the list.  However, due to the quality of the newspaper and/or microfilm, errors are possible.  Where a ? appears, letters were unreadable.  Readers are encouraged to check the source document for themselves.  It is my hope that the list below will help you in your search for your ancestors. 

Donald J. Cosgro 

Plattsburgh, NY



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The following colored text was copied from a webpage of the New York State Newspaper Project.


The Cohoes republican.

OCLC: #11151036

Published: 1892-1920

Frequency: Daily

Call number: NY 42 Cohoes 93-31661

1892:7:15-1909:12:23 means 1892 Jul 15 to 1909 Dec 23.  There are three date ranges for which the newspaper is available today, a total of over 100 microfilms according to the state librarian who checked for me.  The only microfilm box he looked at contained 5 months of newspapers.  Newspapers outside the date ranges have not been microfilmed by the NYS Library and probably those issues no longer exist.  Neither do the original newspapers which are routinely discarded by the library after the microfilm is received.  Some issues within a date range may also be missing.  


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NYS Newspaper Microfilm at the State Library 








JULY [1913]

5. Jacob F. Bradt and George Lavalley

16. Matthew Harrigan.

17. Mrs. Sophie Broudeur.

18. Mrs. Mary Marsett, Mrs. Ida Sickles.

19. Miss Adeline Fountaine.

22. Mrs. Mary Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Nathaniel Wilder.

23. Nicholas Wondisford.

24. Mrs. Alazilda Fontaine.

26. Mrs. Eliza S. Turner.

28. James McCreary, Mrs. Mary Brennan, Mrs. Charlotte Button.

29. Michael Saverson, Mrs. Bridget A. Murphy, William Plaisted.

30. Mrs. Philip Baus, Frederick George.


AUGUST [1913]

1. Patrick J. Murray, Mrs. Mary Secor.

2. Charles Duncan, Mrs. Elizabeth Ray.

3. Mrs. Louis LaBarge.

4. Clovis Lavigne.

5. Rev. Father John S. MacPherson, Terrence O'Brien.

7. Adelbert Hemstreet.

10. Martha M. Clute.

11. Charles H. Daw.

12. Mrs. James Quinn, Edward A. Powers, Philip Cooney.

13. Mrs. Mary A. Tracy.

15. Albert J. Fountaine.

16. James Barnes, Miss Ellen Conlon.

17. Mrs. Mary Babbitt.

18. Michael Higgins.

19. Philip Kennedy.

22. Harry Morgan.

24. Michael Driscoll.

27. Mrs. Fred W. Smith, Mrs. Owen Daley, Helen Lida Mace, Mrs. Annie Spillane.

28. Mrs. William Caulkins.



1. Moise Lajeunnesse.

4. Mrs. Minnie Weatherwax.

5. Miss Ella Whalen, Mrs. Adelaide Vinet.

7. Major John L. Newman, James Boyle.

8. Mrs. James Sutherland, Frances Mitchell.

9. Mrs. Nora McMahon.

10. Mrs. Ellen Coleman, Martin Devoe.

11. Nazaire Amyot.

12. Egbert Benson.

13. James Mullen, Mrs. Mary Melvin.

16. Miss Bessie O'Connell.

17. Miss Zita Timpane, Mrs. Ada Steenburgh.

18. William Reeves, Mrs. Sarah J. Weaver.

20. Mrs Ann Gillen.

22. Mrs. Julia F. Smith, Mrs. Zotique Vercherau, James Paterson.

25. Michael Dwyer, Charles Storer.

26. Mrs. Lloyd F. Clarke

29. Mrs. William M. Cronk, Mrs. Exilda Senez, Patrick Kelly, Robert Carr, David Murphy.

30. Mrs. A. Mary Gilchest, Abraham Shortsleeves.


OCTOBER [1913]

1. Robert Rowley, Mrs. Mary Conners.

2. Joseph Dowd, Mrs. T. F. O'Brien.

3. Samuel Jones, William Donovan.

4. Ernest La Valley.

5. Mrs. Patrick Cronan.

6. Mrs. Zephir Remillard, Mrs. Sarah Fowler.

7. Charles Parish.

9. Mrs. Charles W. Greaves.

12. Mrs. Philomene Dorion, Anna Miron.

15. William H. Brooks, Julia M. Simpson.

16. Dr. J. L. Archambault.

17. Mrs. Thomas Maguire.

18. William B. O'Reilly.

19. Henry Aird.

20. Alice Larow, Mrs. Ann Navin, John Godfrey.

22. Mary A. Dunn.

23. Mrs. May A. Dawson, Mrs. Eliza McIntosh.

25. William Walsh.

27. Miss Clarice Ryan, Mrs. Frederick Ramroth.

28. Michael Curley.

29. William T. Dodge, Joseph Gingras.

30. Mrs. Albina L. Louprette

31. Emelie Liberte Boucher, Kenneth H. Moore, Charles Potts.



1. Peter Curry.

2. Jeanette Love.

3. Mrs. William Ross.

4. Homer O. Folger, William Hodgkinson.

5. Miss Ida Holsapple, Jefferson Weatherwax.

8. Charles Malpass, Baldwin Meeker.

9. Mrs. Charles H. Davis, Mrs. John J. Lyons and Augustus Ouimette, Edward Wheeler.

11. Mrs. Mary E. Breslin.

12. [Unreadable due to newspaper mutilated]

13. Mrs. Mary Smith.

15. James Roach, John H. Meehan.

16. John Neary.

17. James E. Coffey.

20. James F. Finn.

23. Miss Margaret Byron.

25. Henry Bourdeau.

26. Mrs. Nelson H. Myers.

28. Mrs. Josephine Parker.

30. John McInerney.



1. Mrs. Anna C. Murphy, William H. Riggs, John Dailey.

2. Miss Jennie H. Johnson, Miss Julia Hunt.

3. Oliver A. Barrd, Mrs. William King, James H. Noonan.

4. Mrs. Carola Carboni.

5. Henry Gillick.

6. Abraham Adleman.

9. Charles N. Canton.

11. Lydia A. Witherell.

13. Louis Stone, Mrs. Jefferson Weatherwax, Mrs. Aime Mingonet.

14. John Clark

16. Norah Hines Kennedy.

18. Absolom P. Davis, Edward Harris.

19. Daniel Conway.

20. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hayes, Mrs. Michael P. Spillane, Michael Foley.

21. Irene Lessard, Patrick J. Daley, George S. Evan, Miss Mary J. Barker.

22. Mrs. Jean Semple.

24. Selena M. Rogan

27. Mrs. Mary Currier.

29. Mrs. Jennie Bowdy.


JANUARY [1914]

1. Ira Vedder.

2. George M. Severson Sr., Herbert Herring, Mrs. Sylvester Fusco.

3. Miss Mary A. Canfield.

4. Hugh Daley.

5. William J. Quirk, Miss Emma Canfield, Mrs. Dr. G. U. Peltier.

6. Mrs. Caroline M. Levison.

7. Mrs. Mary F. Ryan, Henry Bradley.

8. Thomas Brady, Peter Shepard, Napoleon Fountaine.

9. Mrs. Mary Duplessis.

10. John Blakely.

11. Miss Maria Robinson.

12. Camille La Veilly.

13. Mrs. Margaret E. Crowley.

15. Andrew Fowler, Thomas Dwyer, Simeon S. Dupuis, Mrs. J. Walton Travis, John Slavin.

17. Joseph Ouimette, Joseph Roylance, Ellen Harty.

19. James McGuire, Miss Sophronia Swartout.

20. William Dunnigan.

22. Rockwell McKinney, Mrs. Mads Niessen, Mrs. Catherine O'Neill, W. John Ranken, John Bauvais.

23. Miss Hannah Chickley, Miss Maria Kenney, Frederick Olsen.

24. Peter Cahill, Mrs. Rose Jarvis.

25. Miss Anna T. McGuire, Miss Jennie Breoik.

27. Mrs. Sarah Bentley, Isaac Farrar, William Ridgeway.

28. Mrs. Mary E. Gugerty.

29. Mrs. Martha F. Mallary, Mrs. Levi Larierre, Thomas Vaughn, Mrs. Margaret Curley.

30. Mrs. Seraphine Curley.



1. James M. Kenney.

2. Mrs. George Cooper, Peter McLaren.

3. Jacob D. Leversee, Mrs. Delia Kenney.

7. Mrs. William Wolf.

8. Mrs. Nelson Gludiche, John B. Welch.

10. Charles F. Webb, Mrs. Melina G. Garoua.

11. Mrs. Elizabeth H. Cook, Mrs. Jane Evans.

12. Mrs. Alglae Payette.

13. Nelson Cherland Sr., Martin Kane.

14. Mrs. John Miller, Mrs. John Martin.

15. Mrs. Felix Gladu, John B. Stiles, Mrs. Sarah M. Allen.

17. Franklin B. Cook.

18. William A. Larkin, Mrs. H. LeRoy Kittell, Mrs. James B. Eveline, Matthew Scott.

19. Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neill, Mrs. Eileen Brazier, Mrs. Alice Lalor.

20. Miss Isabella Meikleham, Patrick Murphy.

22. George W. Ireland.

23. Mrs. Mary A. Munday, Mrs Eliza Paradise, Miss Elizabeth Vermilyea

24. Arthur Lussier, William H. Kearns.

25. Mrs. Bridget Kenney.

26. Mrs. Anna Savoie, John Scanlon, Mrs. Mary Robinson.

27. Clara M. Teachout.

28. Frank B. Larkin.


MARCH [1914]

1. Mary Bolton.

2. Mrs. Dennis Maloney, William W. Manchester, Thomas L. Hillabrant.

3. Mrs. William M. Steele, Mrs. John B. Dunn.

5. Mrs. Dina Lavigne, Frank Bourgard, Mrs. Judith Adams.

6. Mrs. William Maisonneive, Mrs. John Maloney.

7. Mrs. Margaret Johnston Becker, Mary Frances Dotter.

8. Jerome Fountaine, Mrs. Eliza Rigley.

9. John B. Cheydleur, Frank A. Smith.

10. Mrs. Mary Cunningham, Philip Trombley, Mrs. Rachel A. Perry, Robert McDowell.

13. Thomas H. More.

16. Mrs. James C. Shanley, Thomas B. Deecher.

17. John Whalen, Adrienne Simard.

18. Charles Gaudreault, Thomas B. Hines, Edward Marble.

19. Rev. Father Patrick H. McLaughlin, Miss Mary J. O'Grady.

21. Dewitt C. Duell, Mrs. Charles Adriance, John J. Berthiaume, Arthur Charbonneau.

22. Cyrille Courteau, Joseph Nolin.

23. Mrs. Mrtin Sitterley, Mrs. M. C. Wright, Mrs. Ida Curtis, John Dillion.

24. Miss Mary McGarry, Mrs. Mary Dooley.

25. Mrs. William C. Brown.

26. Moses Hicks.

27. Mrs. Julia F. Daw, Mrs. Mary M. Curtis

28. Mrs. Thomas Golden.

29. Mrs. Winifred R. O'Neill, Joseph LeBoeuf.

30. Mrs. Mary C. Hollister, Charles S. Best.

31. Claude H. Mansfield, John Jamieson.


APRIL [1914]

1. John A. Pollock.

2. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Witbeck, Mrs. John F. Mahoney, Mrs. Lois J. Tompkins.

3. Miss Mary Cassidy.

5. George L. Pollock, Mrs. Leah Corbeille.

6. Edward C. Carpenter, Douglas Graham.

7. Mrs. John Smith, Joseph Harrison, George Kenton.

8. Miss Catherine B. Gilloon.

8. Leroy Van Vankren.

10. Mrs. Sarah M. Vandenburgh, Mrs. Alice Murray Winbeck.

12. Mrs. Edward Marble, Robert Manogue.

13. Matthew Dwyer.

15. Timothy Desmond.

16. Mrs. Alphonsine Chanut[?]

17. Mrs. Sarah Parkis, Mrs. Mary Finnigan.

18. Yvonne Boivin, William Manogue.

19. Mrs. Frank Millette.

21. Mrs. Harriet Wrigley, Omar Guerin.

22. Joseph La berte.

24. Mrs. Clement Lacombe.

26. Eliza A. Raymond.

27. Stella Nolan, George Whitehead.

28. Howard G. McDowell, Eli Provost, Charles Henry Smead, Rev. J. A. Ethier.

29. Miss Dora Sellick, Mrs. William A. Wells.


MAY [1914]

1. Mrs. Mary Donovan, John Clark.

2. Miss Carrie E. Holmes.

3. John S. Deecher.

4. Mrs. Sarah A. Gibson, Henry Lewis.

5. Henry Craft.

6. Mrs. Anna Gribble, Mrs. Andrew Akin, Mrs. Jacob H. Grose Sr., Mrs. David S. Johnston.

7. John Shannon.

9. Mary A. Hoben.

10. Miss Margaret Nugent, Mrs. H[?] C. VanDeusen.

11. John L. Harlow, Mrs. Emma Sickles.

13. Robert Frazier.

14. William H. Shier, John C. McGill.

15. Mrs. Bridget Hogan, Richard C. Thompson Sr.

19. Adelaide E. Hanley.

20. Miss Rhea Rouilier, Helen F. Jarvis.

22. Moise Dupuis.

24. Joseph Egan.

26. Mrs. Rose Thorton O'Brien, Mrs. Sarah Livingston, Henry Covert.

27. Mrs. Rose A. Callahan, Mrs. Pierre Surprenant, Mrs. Wilfred Wheel.

28. Mrs. Lucretia W. Sloan.

29. John Ariley.

31. Mrs. Charles McKallor.


JUNE [1914]

1. Mrs. Elizabeth Acker, Mrs. Alice R. Kelly.

2. Felix Fleury, Mrs. Frank McKnight, Henry Lambert.

3. Mrs. William Waimough, Mrs. Frank E. Smith.

8. Thomas Donnelly

9. John L. Vischer, Miss Alphonsine F. Tessier.

12. Mrs Lucy Dunn.

13. Miss Elizabeth G. Lee.

15. Miss Julia Page.

16. Mrs. Maxime Rivet.

17. Mrs. Sarah Munro, John McPhail.

18. Mrs. Mary D. Mincher, Mrs. Mary Kearney.

21. Onesine Lessard, Mrs. Jacob Weaver.

22. Mrs. Vergenie Grandchamp.

24. Mrs. Octave Lessard.

25. Mrs. Timothy Ryan.

26. Mrs. Casmir[?] Bissonnette, George W. Daw.

27. Mrs. James Taylor.

28. John Smist, Mrs. Philomene Clairmont.

29. Patrick Kelly.

30. Mrs. Alonzo Goodwin.


JULY [1914]

2. Mrs. Harriet E. Camp, Joseph LaForest Jr., Peter Ayette.

3. Miss Clara B. Robinson, Charles L. Wilson.

4. Mrs. Sophie Ellen Sewell.

6. Mrs. Catherine Manley, James Kelly, Daniel Conors.

8. Thomas Larow.



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