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Deaths in Cohoes, NY Newspaper - 1914-1915

Transcribed by Donald J. Cosgro    Jan 2003


Webpage by Cliff Lamere    29 Jan 2004




Newspaper:  Cohoes Republican 
Date of Issue:  July 15, 1915
Date Range of Deaths:  July 15, 1914 to July 10, 1915
Deceased Persons:  464
Microfilm Source:  New York State Library, Albany, NY

During the time period of my research, around July 16 of each year the Cohoes Republican newspaper published a list of people from Cohoes who had died in the previous 12 months.  It is important to note that not all of the people listed actually died in the City of Cohoes (Albany County).  They may have been formerly from Cohoes, in which case the Cohoes City Clerk will not have a death record for them.  For instance, people may have taken ill and died in a hospital in Troy, NY (Rensselaer County) which is just across the Hudson River from Cohoes.  Another possibility is that an elderly person may have moved in with a relative in another community shortly before dying, but was still reported in the Cohoes newspaper where they had previously lived. 

I have done my best to accurately transcribe the list.  However, due to the quality of the newspaper and/or microfilm, errors are possible.  Where a ? appears, letters were unreadable.  Readers are encouraged to check the source document for themselves.  It is my hope that the list below will help you in your search for your ancestors. 

Donald J. Cosgro 

Plattsburgh, NY



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The following colored text was copied from a webpage of the New York State Newspaper Project.


The Cohoes republican.

OCLC: #11151036

Published: 1892-1920

Frequency: Daily

Call number: NY 42 Cohoes 93-31661

1892:7:15-1909:12:23 means 1892 Jul 15 to 1909 Dec 23.  There are three date ranges for which the newspaper is available today, a total of over 100 microfilms according to the state librarian who checked for me.  The only microfilm box he looked at contained 5 months of newspapers.  Newspapers outside the date ranges have not been microfilmed by the NYS Library and probably those issues no longer exist.  Neither do the original newspapers which are routinely discarded by the library after the microfilm is received.  Some issues within a date range may also be missing.  


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NYS Newspaper Microfilm at the State Library 







JULY [1914]

15. Mrs. Johanna O'Keefe.

16. Phillip Walters, William Glasheen.

18. Mrs. Maria Tierney.

20. Mrs. Pierre Giroux.

22. Mrs. Michael McGuire.

25. Antoine Robert Sr., Mrs. Mary Jane Pickett, Mrs Mary A. King.

28. Albert Cole.

30. Mary A. Mallon, Laura Deschenes.

31. William J. Snyder, Mrs. Maria L. Dugan.


AUGUST [1914]

1. Mrs. Anna M. Cromwell, Mrs M. E. Spaulding, Mrs. Ira C. Berry.

2. Mrs. John Killian, Mrs. James Hammond, Mathew J. Rourke.

4. Richard Feehan, Miss Catherine Clinton, Edward Monk.

5. Mrs. William E. Silcocks, Mrs. John R. Pilling.

7. David D. Donohue.

10. Michael A. Brown, Edward T. Scott, John Young, John H. Cunningham.

12. Joseph Galaise.

13. Gaspard Berthiaume.

15. Gottfried F. Abele, Frank Hebert.

16. Jacob Sickles.

17. Abner J. Griffin.

18. Michael Lajeunesse.

20. Rudolph Krause, Mrs. Antone Mohroff.

21. Thomas F. Whitehouse, George Marino.

22. John Hernan, Mrs. William H. Howden.

24. Earl J. Theroux.

26. Henry L. Kemp, Henry W. Dean.

27. Joseph Langlois.

28. Miss Norah O'Keefe, John Welch, Henry H. Steenbergh.

29. Miss Rose C. Ayotte.

30. Mrs. Orriss Lucek, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Carpenter.

31. Aaron Bennett, George Taggart, Miss Dorothy McWha, William F. Glass, Edward Hitchcock.



1. Roswell Peltier, Edward Holmes.

2. Mrs. Henry Berube.

4. William T. Fogerty.

7. Mrs. Susan Douglass, Miss Marion Watson.

8. Emery Tetreault, Abraham Newell.

10. William T. Provost.

11. Frederick Stott.

12. Miss Charlotte Bowley, George Kelly, Joseph La Variere.

14. James F. Kennedy.

15. Ralph De Vitto.

16. John Gass, Miss Lucy McAran, Mrs. Laura Dorr.

18. Miss Anna C. Casey, George W. Edwards, Alfred Murray.

19. Miss Delphine Bazinet.

20. Miss Mary Godfrey, Rev. Robert W. Buchanan.

21. Mrs. Mary E. McClelland.

22. Francis F. Walsh.

24. Mrs. Ellen Killoran.

25. Edward J. Foster.

26. Thomas J. Fletcher.

27. Mrs. Lucy Brady.

28. Mrs. Henry W. De Courtenay.

29. Mrs. William Parry, Mrs. Ida Brazee.

30. Ephraim Sherman.


OCTOBER [1914]

1. Mrs. George H. Wood, Mrs. Mary A. Shufelt.

2. Mrs. Bridget Quirk.

5. Michael J. Murtaugh, Philip Reimherr.

6. William English, Marie Vicha.

9. Michael McGarrahan.

10. Mrs. Joseph Harris.

11. Mrs. Alphea C. Kniffin.

12. Mrs. Emma P. Davis.

14. Michael Trudeau, Mrs. Emma Sherman, Isaac A. Turner.

15. Mrs. Winifred Sweeney, Henry J. Roberts, Mrs. M. F. Tierney.

16. Mrs. S. S. Hall.

17. Mrs. Arthur Gardner.

18. Mrs. Robert Stack.

19. Mrs. Bridget Heslin and Mrs. Anastatia Fourniere, Mrs Ellen Scanlon, David Roylance.

21. Stella J. Green, Mrs. Rose Burke.

25. William Myers, Mrs. John Tooley.

26. Mrs. Julia C. Seeley.

27. Patrick J. Brown.

28. Simon Susza.

29. John J. Burns.

30. Margaret L. Quinan, William Mons, Benjamin Hill Jr.

31. Martin W. Hoben, Samuel Maccone.



1. Hugh P. Diack, Mrs. Mary River.

2. Bridget Gavigan, Charles Butler, Mrs. Philip H. Cropsey [?].

3. Mrs. Margaret A. McNeil.

5. Bernard Gorski, Miss Mary Conway.

6. John Hanrahan.

7. John Cunningham, Joseph LaForest.

8. Andrew Robitaille Sr., George Van Bramer, Mrs. Rene Messier.

9. Volney O. VanDenburgh, James Murphy.

11. William F. Regan, John G. Riley, Miss Ellen A. O'Conner.

12. Mrs. Ellen M. Greenman.

16. Charles H. Ellett.

17. Bernard Flatley, John Lyons.

20. Octave Baillargeon.

21. Jeremiah Snyder, Miss Mary Lincoln Quivey.

24. Mrs. John Penders.

27. George Deno, Randolph Garneau, Patrick Callahan.

28. John H. Lindsay.

29. William A. VanArman.

30. A. Isabella Devitt, Mrs. Emma Gardner.



3. Alfred Colpin, Mrs. Niles Nelson.

4. Mrs. Mary E. Gaudette.

5. Richard Henderson, Mrs. Florence L. Raymond, William Hayes.

8. Frederick F. Hogan, Miss Charlotte M. Carroll, James Hubert.

9. Miss Mary Agnes Doyle.

11. William F. Palmer, Mrs. Caroline LaBoissiere, Charles E. LaMarsh.

13. Magloire Bessette, Mrs. Celestine Renaud, Mrs. Eusebe Fontaine.

14. Wells Cronk, Mrs. Harriet W. McCord, Mrs. William Krees.

15. David S. O'Day.

16. Henry T. Connery, Mrs. Alice J. Styles.

17. John Cavanaugh, Mrs. Thomas Lavin.

18. Mrs. John Buchanan Jr.

19. Joseph Brady.

22. Marie Gavigan.

25. Matthias Curran.

26. Mrs. Sophie Thompson, Dr. John M. Adey.

28. Miss Anna L. Brooks, Miss Margaret Coughlin, Samuel J. Benson, Mrs. Catherine Johnson.

30. Mrs. Sarah Looby.


JANUARY [1915]

1. James L. Enos.

2. Garrett Cushing.

3. Mrs. Mary Beattie.

4. Peter Hoff.

5. Miss Matilda Sullivan.

6. Mrs. Margaret McLoughlin.

7. Mrs. Mary Harrigan, Charles H. Waskay, Patrick Flatley, Miss English.

8. Parker J. Byrnes, James H. Nagle.

9. Mrs. Richard Ford.

10. Mrs. Mary Germain.

11. Peter Gorman, John J. Tobin.

13. Mrs. James Byrnes, Stephen H. Vickery.

14. Mrs. Ellen Murphy.

16. Anna B. Cannon.

17. Francis S. Bligh, Mrs. Karl Tabler.

18. Mrs. John W. Kline, Mrs. Bridget Silk.

19. Miss Bertha Boudrias, John Kenneth Burgher, Charles E. Doty.

20. Mrs. Fred Lynch, Right Reverend Bishop Thomas M. A. Burke.

21. Mrs. Winifred Cushing, Mrs. Louis Champagne, Mrs. Virginia Holland.

22. Mrs. Rosalie DuMouchelle.

23. Mrs. Eugene Dandeneau.

25. Arthur G. Boyer.

26. John Keating.

27. Mrs. Ann Blunt.

29. James Cullen.

31 Miss Alida M. Lansing.



2. Willard M. Howe.

3. Peter H. Sabourin, Oliver Maynard.

4. Philip Johnson.

5. Joseph Boudrias Sr.

6. Augustus King.

8. David H. VanAuken, Mrs. Patrick Conway, Mrs. Frederick Garling.

9. Thomas Golden.

9. Helen D. Louprette.

10. Bertha Lucek, Mrs. William J. Nailor.

11. Mrs. Mary Martin Adams.

12. Wilfred C. Kinns, Mrs. Edward Bertrand, Daniel Dunn.

14. William C. Henderson.

15. Cyrus W. Gould.

17. Patrick Lyons.

19. Robert M. Manogue, Amos Hebert.

20. William Bloss.

22. John H. Keadin.

23. Joseh Mousseau, Kajetan Wranga.

24. Mrs. Margaret Nixon.

26. Johanna Breen, Mrs. William Flannigan, George I. Guest.

28. Patrick McAndrew, Mrs. Frank Brott.


MARCH [1915]

2. Mrs. Mary J. Dewey, Mrs. Elizabeth Shea.

3. Mrs. Ann Bliss, Mrs. John J. Klar.

4. Joseph Gorman.

6. Louis I. Plante.

7. Miss Frances Vandenburgh, Henry M. Stupplebeen.

9. James F. Healey, Mrs. George H. Felt, James Holleran.

11. Mrs. Peter LaPlante, Thomas Carroll.

12. Mrs. Fred H. Potter, Elizabeth Handerhan.

13. Mrs. Sarah Davis, Mrs. Edwin B. Laughlin, Mrs. John Terrell.

14. Henry Clairmont, Mrs. Hermiline LaBarge, Mrs. Sarah C. Jackson.

15. James H. Miggins, Mrs. Michael Bern[?]

17. Thomas Cauley.

18. John Whitehouse, Alfred LeMatte, Philomene Roberts, Charles Battray [?] M. D. , Miss Irene White.

19. Mrs. Archie Renaud.

20. Mrs. William Mosley.

21. Samuel E. Barstow, Mrs. Adelaide Longtin, Joseph Chabot.

22. Mrs. Susanna Worsley, Mrs. Helen S. Jacob, Mrs. Dennis Curtin, William H. Mulcahy.

23. Frank Cogley, John H. Riley.

25. James Vanderweken.

26. Mrs. David Powers.

28. Patrick Esmond.

29. James S. Cosgro.

30. Mrs. Delia Curran, Charles Brainard, Mrs. Mary Carpenter.

31. Alice J. Smith.

31. William J. Crowley, Jr., Frank Mandy.


APRIL [1915]

1. Mrs. Adeline Hamilton, Charles H. Hines, Pierre Blanchette.

2. David B. Mossey, Mrs. Georgianna Maltais.

3. Edward J. Donlon.

4. Miss Elsie Gregg.

5. Mrs. Frederick Lynch, Louis Bedoir, Richard Trimble.

6. Mrs. Henry D. Gerard.

7. Pierre Lacombe, Dr. George Murray.

8. Lacey Nolin, Cornelia D. Baker, Mrs.Margaret Jordan, Hugh Kerr.

9. Walter Ford Totty, Mrs. Elizabeth Soughan.

10. David E.Thibodeau, Clarence H. Sarr, Mrs. John LaValley.

11. Mrs. Mary A. Murray.

14. Mrs. Sophia Robert, Patrick Hayes, Mrs. Lucy Youmans, James H. Greene, Frank Allen.

15. Rev. Charles Edwards.

17. Bessie VanSleet, Mrs. James Mitchell, Patrick J. Hackett.

18. Mrs.Louise Vaine.

19. Michael F. Mulhern, Mrs. Anna Enos.

20. Mrs. Joseph Ryan.

21. Miss Georgianna Houle, Mary A. Taylor.

22. Mrs. Francis Dunbar, Joseph McCarthy.

23. Samuel Snyder, Mrs. Rose Durocher, Lawrence Conners, Mrs. Catherine O'Neil, Soulier [?], 

           Mrs. Adeline S. Galaise.

25. James W. Kelly, Henry V. DeGroat, Mrs. Hormisdas Verchereau.

26. Mrs. Laura A. Claffy, Mrs. Jas. Patterson.

27. Miss Margaret Molloy.

28. Thomas Donovan, Miss Dora Casey.

29. John Buchanan Jr., Mrs. Julia Angens, TheodoreLaundry, Mrs. William Keefe.


MAY [1915]

3. Joseph B. Carr, Edward Bergeron, Cornelius Kelly.

4. Mrs. Joseph A. Batley.

6. Mrs. Augusta Abrams, Daniel J. Jeffers, Mary E. Walker.

9. Ernest Cloutier, James F. Wildrick.

10. Mrs. John W. Veeder.

11. Mrs Pierre Lavoie.

12. Margaret Lenihan, Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald, Mrs. Margaret A. Downs.

15. Miss Mary E. Hennessy, Wilfred C. Brothers.

16. George Mace.

17. Thomas S. Kelly.

18. Mrs. George Cummings .

19. Ulysses G. LaFlamme, William H. Upham.

20. John Mealy, Miss Mary B. Monahan, Alexander Forget, Miss Bridget O'Brien.

21. Augustus D. Kirkner, Mary Diviney.

22. Mrs. Josephne Segiun, Miss Naomi Davis.

23. James Nolan.

24. Mrs. Robert Brierley.

25. Charles B. Le Febvre, Miss Anna A. Gilooley, Caroline M. Waite.

27. Mrs. John J. Daley.

29. Edward P. Van Bramer, Benjaman B. Roylance.


JUNE [1915]

1. Mrs. Jane Smith.

2. Mrs. Nellie Gilman, Mrs. Mary Breen.

3. Miss Mary McNamara, Mrs. Phoebe Gardner Hay.

6. Stanley A. Fortier, Lillian G. Welch, Miss Elizabeth M. Lind, Mrs. Minnie A. Becker.

7. Miss Mary Stone, Ferdinand Favreau, Mrs. Bridget Murphy.

8. Mrs. Harvey J. Pascal, Miss Theresa A. McCormick.

9. Philomene Bourgeois.

11. Adolph Sabourin.

13. Joseph Lambert.

14. James C. Murphy.

15. Robert Welch.

18. Ellen Merrick, Mrs. Herbert Tanner.

20. Egbert G. Wagner, Miss Mary Hennessy.

21. Mrs. Edeste D. Perrault.

22. Mrs. Caroline Baillargeon, Henry B. Crowley.

23. Mrs. Andrew Rubinsky, Augustus J. Smith, Wilfred Trembly.

24. Mrs. Ulderie Chamberlain, Jeremiah Ouellette.

25. Mrs. William Higgins, William H. Smith.

28. William Keeler.

29. Mrs. Hiram Coons.


JULY [1915]

1. Mrs. Patrick O'Brien.

3. Salome O'Garn.

4. Mrs. Olive S. Welch, William Girard, Mrs. Mary Kelly, William C. Griswold, Florence Bariteau.

5. Miss Emma A. Nealand.

6. John I. Best.

7. Mrs. Elizabeth Ouelette, Anthony Trei.

July 10. Harmon Eggers.  [the month was repeated here]



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