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VITAL RECORDS - births & baptisms



   Regular and Delayed Birth Certificates in New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  



    Palatine Baptisms by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal 1708-1719   (J. Christian Krahmer)  From the top to pg 37 &

        47-49.  Includes baptisms in Ulster Co., Dutchess Co., Schoharie Co. and aboard two ships. 

    Selected Births from Several Counties   (Debby Masterson)

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1639-1730   (Robert Billard)  

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1731-1800   (Robert Billard) 

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1639-1730   (Theodore Brassard)

    New Amsterdam Reformed Church (New York City) - Baptisms 1639-1760   (Theodore Brassard) 

         Accessible only one year or a few years at a time.  Use the previous links instead.

    Kingston Reformed Church - Baptisms 1660-1809   (Robert Billard)  



    Albany Reformed Church - Baptisms 1683-1809  (Dave Payne-Joyce)

    Helderbergh Reformed Church, Guilderland - Baptisms 1786-1807   (Betty Fink)

    Albany Lutheran Church (Ebenezer) - Baptisms 1774-1799  (Betty Fink)

    Jerusalem Reformed Dutch Church, Feura Bush - Baptisms 1793-1799   (Betty Fink) 

    Onesquethaw Reformed Church, Tarrytown (near Clarksville) - Baptisms 1840-1852   (Betty Fink)  

    Second Reformed Dutch Church, Town of Berne - Baptisms 1829-1875 (bernehistory)  400 baptisms.



    Chatham - Reformed Church - Baptisms 1843-1870   (Cliff Lamere)  

    Valatie - First Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1872-1891   (Cliff Lamere)  102 records.  

    Nobletown and Hillsdale Baptisms by Rev. Gideon Bostwick 1770-1793   (Susan Mulvey)

       Nobletown (now Hillsdale) Baptisms by Rev. Roger Viets, 1764 & 1766   (Susan Mulvey)

       Chatham Center Methodist Church - Baptisms 1876 to 1916    (Jane Wood) 



    Athens - First Reformed Church - Baptisms 1826-1901   (Ann Clapper)

    Athens (Loonenburg) - Zion Lutheran Church - Baptisms 1703-1789   (J.B. Beers / Ann Clapper)

    Leeds Reformed Church - Baptisms 1833-1888    (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)  

    West Durham - Second Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1815-1872   (Sylvia Hasenkopf)  Includes Church

        Membership 1816 - 1831 and Dismissions 1818 - 1824.  

    Catskill Presbyterian Church - Baptisms 1840-1874   (Elizabeth Hunter)  Middle of webpage.   



  Index to Rev. Toll's Lost Reformed Church Baptisms (1807-1834)   (Cliff Lamere)  These baptisms were

          conducted in the old Town of Canajoharie.  The index is to both parents and children. 

       Fultonville Reformed Church + Auriesville & Sprakers Reformed Church - Baptisms 1868-1883  

          (Mrs. Edward B. Irish, et al.)  Unpublished records of Rev. Francis M. Kip, Jr.

       St. John's Reformed Church, St. Johnsville - Baptisms 1788-1794 (in Dutch)   (St. John's Reformed Church)

          A great number of baptisms for such a short span of years.

      Caughnawaga (Fonda) Reformed Church Baptisms (1760-1776)   (Nancy Knechtel) 

      Queen Anne's Chapel at Fort Hunter, Selected Baptisms 1735-1745   (Nancy Knechtel)   



    Gilead Lutheran Church - Brunswick (Town of) - Baptisms 1777-1782  (Betty Fink) 

    First Presbyterian Church, Brunswick 1812-1832 and Society of Friends (Quakers), Troy 1743-1840 - 

        Births & Baptisms   (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION:  Two churches are on this page, but only one is

        mentioned in the title.  Be careful not to record wrong church.  To access, click HERE.

    Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church - Baptisms 1752-1866   (Debby Masterson)

    Troy - St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Baptisms 1804-1826   (Barbara Jeffries)  

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Baptisms 1868-1923   (Don Miller /USGenWeb)

    Wynantskill Reformed Protestant Dutch Church - Baptisms 1794-1867   (Debby Masterson)

    Rensselaer Co. - Baptism Records  (GenWeb)

    Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Greenbush - Births and Baptisms 1788-1928    (Debby Masterson)  



    Ballston Spa - Christ Church (Episcopal) - Baptisms 1793 - 1853   (Sarah Sully) 

    Schuylerville Methodist-Episcopal Church - Baptisms 1851-1869    (Mary Hafler)  



  St. George's Church (Episcopal), Schenectady - Baptisms 1767 - 1788  (Robert Vines / Jonathan Pearson IV)

     Schenectady Reformed Church - Baptisms 1694-1723   (Betty Fink)  

     Woestina Reformed Church - Baptisms 1800-1811   (Channon M. Moon)  The church was located in Hoffmans

         (Town of Glenville) until 1812 when it was moved south across the Mohawk River ice to Pattersonville. 

     First Reformed Church of Scotia - Infant Baptisms 1835-1881   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)  

     First Reformed Church of Scotia - Adult Baptisms 1832-1881   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

     Baptisms (all) of the First Reformed Church of Scotia, 1882-1899   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)  

     Baptisms of the First Settlers of Schenectady   (Robert Billard)  CAUTION:  These records are taken from a

         publication by Jonathan Pierson.  The publication mentions many baptism dates.  Mr. Billard wrongly assumes

         that all of the children were baptized in Schenectady, whereas a great number of them were performed in

         nearby Albany.  Disregard any bp. dates that had a ? in them.  They are just guesses.  I don't think even the

        decade is correct in many cases.  



    Schoharie Reformed Church 1728-1738 & 1744-1748   (Betty Fink)  Baptisms not  recorded 1738-1743.

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie - Baptisms 1731-1742   (Betty Fink)  

    St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie - Baptisms 1743-1757   (NYGenWeb)

    Blenheim Reformed Church - Baptisms 1794-1825   (Sandra Charles /USGenWeb)  Many of these records are

        baptisms.  For many others the child seems to have a last name different from the parents.  This could be a

        middle name, but there are so many of them, and often they are not the mother's maiden name.



VITAL RECORDS - marriages



    Marriages To 1800   (Frederick W. Bailey /Ray Brown)  Many misspellings.  Parents and places of residence

        often omitted even though they were in the book used as a source.



    Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of 

        New York Previous to 1784   (Robert Billard)  About 10,000 marriages.  (See information for the next link.)

    Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of 

         New York Previous to 1784  (MOA-Cornell)  Published in 1860, this is a major civil source of early NY

        marriage information, although many of the marriages did take place in churches.  Can be viewed as

        images or text.  The dates in these records are the dates of the licenses or the dates of the bonds.  They

        are NOT the actual marriage dates, which sometimes occurred months later, but sometimes occurred

        shortly thereafter.   Pages iii - ix explain about marriage bonds and licenses.

    Palatine Marriages by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal 1708-1719   (J. Christian Krahmer)  See pages 39(end)-46 (use

        the numbers in parentheses).  Marriages are from Ulster Co., Dutchess Co., and probably Schoharie Co. 

    New Yorkers Married in Maine, 1793-1891   (Maine State Archives)

    New Amsterdam/New York Reformed Dutch Church - Marriages 1639-1801   (Robert Billard)  This webpage is a

        much better than the next version.  It is all on one webpage, which allows a single search rather than searching

        separately on over 110 webpages.  

    New Amsterdam/New York Reformed Dutch Church - Marriages 1639-1760   (Olive Tree Genealogy)  This

        website says that the records go to 1801, but the project was stopped at 1760 by 2002.  The records can be

        accessed only one year at a time.  Use the same records at the link above, but do visit this exceptional website

        for its ship lists and things Dutch, plus its extensive records and links for New Netherland, New York state, etc.

    Kingston Reformed Dutch Church - Marriages 1660-1809   (Robert Billard)  



    Albany Reformed Church - Marriages 1683-1804   (Dave Payne-Joyce)

    Helderbergh, Jerusalem, New Salem and Princetown [Schenectady Co.] Reformed Churches -

        Marriages 1794-1829  (Betty Fink)  

    Onesquethaw Reformed Church, Tarrytown (near Clarksville) - Marriages 1840-1874   (Betty Fink)

    Lutheran Marriages for the Towns of Berne, Knox, and Guilderland - 1830-1844  (Betty Fink) 

    Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, Watervliet - Marriages 1824-1829   (Barbara Jeffries)  Several sources

        give name as Asbury, not Ashbury as shown on the webpage.  5 churches on this webpage.

    Gibbonsville Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Watervliet - Marriages 1814-1824  (Barbara Jeffries)  5.

    Knowerville Lutheran Church - Marriages 1877-1881  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches on 1 webpage.

    Reformed Dutch Church of the Boght, Colonie - Marriages 1797-1816  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches.

    LishaKill Reformed Church of Colonie - Marriages 1852-1898  (Barbara Jeffries)  5 churches on 1 webpage.



  Nobletown (2) and Hillsdale (3) Marriages of Rev. Bostwick (1773 & 1791-93)   (Susan Mulvey)

  Valatie Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1872-1899   (Cliff Lamere)  78 records from the Town of

          Kinderhook.  If your ancestors lived in "Kinderhook", they could have lived anywhere in the Town

           unless you have evidence that they resided in the village.  Valatie had mills that attracted workers 

           even from outside the state.  View the same records arranged alphabetically by the bride's surname.  

     Livingston Marriages 1867-1869   (Mrs. Edward B. Irish, et al.)  Probably unpublished.

     Columbia Co. Marriages (Jun 1864 - May 1865) Listed on the 1865 NY Census   (Susan Mulvey)  Page 2.

     Columbia Co. Marriages (Jun 1, 1874 - Jun 1, 1875) Listed on the 1875 NY Census   (Susan Mulvey)

     Chatham Center Methodist-Episcopal Church - Marriages 1877-1900    (Jane Williams Wood)  Church Photo

     Chatham Center Methodist-Episcopal Church - Marriages 1907-1930    (Jane Williams Wood) 

     Chatham - First Dutch Reformed Church - Marriages 1867-1873    (Lisa McKern)   Page 2 .



    Athens - First Reformed Church - Marriages 1826-1901   (Ann Clapper)

    Leeds Reformed Church - Marriages 1833-1890   (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)  

    Leeds Reformed Church - Supplemental Marriages 1856-1858   (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)

    Catskill - Presbyterian Church - Marriages 1835, 1836, 1850-1875   (Elizabeth Hunter)  Bottom of webpage.



    Fultonville, Auriesville & Sprakers Reformed Churches - Marriages 1868-1883  ( Mrs. Edward B. Irish, et al.) 

        Unpublished records of Rev. Francis M. Kip, Jr.

    Presbyterian Church at Bowman's Corners, Town of Canajoharie - Marriages 1825 - 1833   (D.A.R.)

    Marriages Performed by Baptist Rev. Elijah Herrick of Town of Charleston, 1796-1844   (Sandi Burns)  For

    information on the lives of the Reverends Elijah and Calvin Herrick, click here 

    Marriages Performed by Baptist Rev. Calvin Herrick of Town of Charleston, 1834-1876   (Sandi Burns)



    Rensselaer Co. Residents Married in Bennington, VT, 1809-1828   (Debby Masterson)

    Rensselaer Co. Marriages from 1865 Census   (Barbara Jeffries)  Marriages from 1864 and 1865.  Each place

        designated is really a Town (division of a county), not the village or hamlet of the same name

        (Lansingburgh may be an exception).  This webpage is confusing and likely contains location errors.  The

        Town of Brunswick has two sets of marriages for 1864, but the Town of Berlin has none. The Town of

        Nassau and Lansingburg each have two sets of marriages.  Do some of these belong to other Towns, such

        as the two missing Towns of Grafton and Petersburg?  Click HERE to view. 

    Troy - Marriages 1864-65   (Joyce Riedinger)  Compare spellings with next transcription of same records.

    Troy - Marriages 1864-1865 from 1865 NY census   (Pat Connors)  Compare spellings with previous

        transcription of same records. 

    Rensselaer Co. - Marriages from 1875 NY Census   (Barbara Jeffries)  These localities should be labelled 

        "Town of" when extracting records, except for Greenbush (present-day Rensselaer), Lansingburgh and

        Troy.  To view, click HERE.

    Troy - Marriages 1874-1875 from 1875 Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Gilead Lutheran Church, Center Brunswick - Marriages 1802-1859   (Barbara Jeffries)

    Lansingburg - Marriages from Lansingburg Newspapers   (Barbara Jeffries)  The marriages are

        alphabetized sometimes by groom, sometimes by bride, but not by both.  To access, click HERE.

    Nassau Reformed Church, Marriages 1805-1848   (Barbara Jeffries)

    Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church - Marriages 1750-1868   (Debby Masterson)

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Marriages 1910-1911 & 1917   (James Corsaro)  To see the same

                 records alphabetized by the bride's surname click HERE.   

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Marriages 1929-1930 & 1941   (Lynn Grice)

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Marriages 1868-1923 (part 1, without witnesses)   (Donald E. Miller)

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal), Marriages 1868-1923 (part 2, witnesses only)   (Donald E. Miller)

    Troy Marriages - First Presbyterian Church 1793-1814 & State Street Methodist Episcopal Church

        1815-1837   (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION:  Two churches are on this web page, although only one is

        mentioned at the top.   Care is needed to prevent recording the wrong church for any extracted records.  

        To access, click HERE.

    Troy - Marriage Announcements in Newspapers 1798-1859   (Barbara Jeffries)  All spellings of a single

        surname are merged together so that you cannot tell which spelling was associated with which person.

    St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Troy 1805-1829, First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick 1876-1887, and

        First Presbyterian Church of Lansingburgh 1840-1848 - Marriages   (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION: Three

        churches are on this webpage.  Check carefully to avoid recording the wrong church.  To access, click HERE.

  Troy - Burden Iron Works Marriage Records, 1881-1895   (Troy Irish Genealogy Society)  (29 Nov 2005)



    Schuylerville Reformed Church - Marriages 1790-1857   (Jere Hagedorn)  

    Schuylerville Methodist Episcopal Church - Marriages 1854-1869    (Mary Hafler) 



 St. George's Church (Episcopal), Schenectady - Marriages 1771 - 1850 - Alphabetical by GROOM 

            (Robert Vines / Jonathan Pearson IV)  View these same records alphabetized by the names of the BRIDES.

    Schenectady Reformed Church - Marriages 1694-1756   (Betty Fink)  

    Helderbergh, Jerusalem, New Salem [all Albany Co.] and Princetown Reformed Churches - 

        Marriages 1794-1829   (Betty Fink)

    First Reformed Church of Scotia - Marriages 1835-1899   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

    Marriages of the First Settlers of Schenectady   (Robert Billard)  CAUTION:  Most of these people were

        probably not married in Schenectady as the webpage implies.  Records were taken from an 1873 publication of

        Schenectady residents by Jonathan Pierson.  Sometimes marriage dates listed in the publication are presented

        on the webpage.  Complete dates would be believable, but the location must be considered to be unknown

        without an actual baptism record.  Just because someone lived in Schenectady is not sufficient reason to think

        that they were also married there.  For most persons no mg. date is mentioned, but Mr. Billard tries to assign a

        marriage year nevertheless, possibly using a computer program of his own design.  Don't believe these partial

        dates.  As an example, Solomon Gardener was listed as a resident of Schenectady in 1754.  In the webpage he is

        listed as being married that year (he may even have been unmarried; all we know is that he lived there). 

        Frequently the publication listed only one of the many children now know to have been born to a family.  Taking

        the bp. date of that child, Mr. Billard tries to assign a decade of the marriage (such as 176?).  He seems to

        falsely assume that only one child was born to the marriage, and that the mg. took place shortly before that bp. 

        My recommendation is to accept the date of mg. if it is complete, but do not assign Schenectady as the location

        of the mg.  Ignore the other dates.  



    Schoharie Reformed Church - Marriages 1732-1739 & 1745-1771   (Betty Fink)

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie - Marriages 1747-1781   (Betty Fink) 


VITAL RECORDS - deaths  (for general information, see CEMETERIES)



  Ostrander Obituaries - USA   (Cliff Lamere)  147 obituaries and death notices, over 40 for New York State. 

  Ostrander Obituary Index - USA   (Cliff Lamere) 



    Search Engine for "New York Cemetery Inscription Search"   (Cemsearch)  In the right column, the links 

        in a smaller font are advertisements for CD's.   

    Search Engine for all NY Cemeteries posted on "Cemetery Records Online" 

    Index of Online Obituaries, Only For Those Which List the Place of Birth  (Josť Rivera Nieves)  Caution: the

        name of the deceased is given in a very unusual fashion.  "Smith Jones, James Edward" would mean that

        Jones was the mother's surname.  To view, click HERE.  



  Society of Friends of Albany Cemetery - Quaker burials 1815-1859   (Cliff Lamere)  14 stones, 27 names.  

  Obituaries - City of Albany (1883-2000) - Every name indexed, including maiden names   

         (Bob Hoenig /Cliff Lamere)  Selected obituaries of Casla, Casale, Hoenig, Keeshan, McMullen, McNamara

         (very many), O'Connor, Smith, White and others.

  Prospect Hill Cemetery, Guilderland - 65 selected records   (Pam Butler)

  Irish Headstones found in Albany Alley - Aug 1999  (Cliff Lamere)

  Cohoes Deaths, 1834-1876   (Rebecca Rector)   From "History of Cohoes, New York"  (28 Nov 2005) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1895-1896   (Donald J. Cosgro)  

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1899-1900   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1908-1909   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1911-1912   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1912-1913   (Donald J. Cosgro)  

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1913-1914   (Donald J. Cosgro) 

  Cohoes Deaths from the Cohoes Republican Newspaper, 1914-1915   (Donald J. Cosgro)  

  Eagle Hill Cemetery (St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery), Albany   (Mary Ann and William Hildebrand)  This is a

         predominently German cemetery.  46 records.

  Deaths of Bethlehem Central High School and Middle School Employees   (Cliff Lamere)  

  German-born Men in St. Paul's (Eagle Hill) Cemetery, Albany   (Barry Schinnerer)  4 records for this

         predominently German cemetery. 

     Eagle Hill Cemetery (St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery), Albany  (Barry Schinnerer)  About 2600 stones (partial).

     St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery, Glenmont  (Barry Schinnerer)  About 280 gravestones (partial).  

     1722-1757 Reformed Dutch Church Burials    (Bernie Schaaf)  Also, look at the burials of women and children.

     Deaths in Albany Newspapers 1784-1798   (Joel Munsell / Bernie Schaaf)  

     Albany Poorhouse Cemetery - Interments 1880-1930   (Matt Lesniak)  Read about the Cemetery

     Albany Rural Cemetery - Soldiers' Lot   (interment)  70 burials.  

     Albany Rural Cemetery - 25 Well-known People   (findagrave)  Includes some gravestone photos and

         biographical information.  Philip Schuyler and Chester A. Arthur plus others.

     Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands - Selected Graves   (findagrave)  661 graves. 

     Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands - 138 Selected Burials   (Kathleen Clark)  

     State Street Burials, Albany (15 cemeteries)    (Betty Fink)  The deceased in these cemeteries were moved to

         other locations, mostly Albany Rural Cemetery, beginning around 1866.  These are mostly church affiliated

         cemeteries: 4 Presbyterian, 1 Dutch Reformed, 1 Lutheran, 1 Episcopal, 1 Methodist Episcopal, 1 Baptist,

         1 African Methodist Episcopal, 1 Universalist, 1 Society of Friends, and 1 Catholic.  Also a Potters Field 

         (two graves) and 1 other cemetery.  

      Town of Berne - 70 Cemeteries and Burial Grounds   (bernehistory)  1879 headstone records.  Click on a 

         cemetery name, then click on the number of headstones (to see a list of transcribed names), then click on a

         name to see that person's headstone (if it is available).

      Grove Cemetery (formerly Coeymans Cemetery), Coeymans   (Betty Fink)  About 1300 records.

      Guilderland Cemetery (formerly the Reformed Church Cemetery), Guilderland Center   (Betty Fink)

      Knox Cemetery   (USGenWeb)

      Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, New Salem (Town of New Scotland)   (Betty Fink)  About 500 records.

      Onesquethaw Cemetery, Tarrytown (Town of New Scotland) - Selected Records   (Betty Fink)  262.

      Prospect Hill Cemetery (Town of Guilderland)   (Betty Fink)  About 960 stones (c. 10% of the cemetery).

      Prospect Hill Cemetery's Register (Town of Guilderland) - 1858-1901   (Betty Fink)   

      Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Town of New Scotland) - Selected Records   (Betty Fink)

      Brookside Cemetery (Preston Hollow, Town of Rensselaerville)   (Ann Hanford)  

      Scutt Cemetery (Town of Rensselaerville, near Preston Hollow)  (Richard Hanford)  33 stones.   Webpage

         erroneously states location as being in Town of Preston Hill.  Alger, Ford, Hess, Teeter, etc.

      Albany Co. Cemeteries (Knox Cem. + 26 cems. for specific surnames)   (NYGenWeb)  Use Search Engine?

      Wolf-Kemp Private Cemetery (Town of Colonie)   (Ron Migliore)  10 stones including Sock, Reed.   



 ***Master Burial Index for Columbia Co.   (Lawrence V. Rickard)  About 60,000 names.  Use with next link.

***List of Columbia Co. Cemeteries to be used with Master Burial Index  (Cliff Lamere)  Includes

               general locations of 359 cemeteries.  Many are farm plots.  Use with Master Burial Index.

  Columbia Co. Obituaries of 2004 - in an Albany Co. newspaper   (Cliff Lamere)  Only an occasional Columbia

         Co. obituary appears in the Times Union (of Albany city), and those tend to be from Hudson northward in

         the county.  Obituaries will be added throughout the year on at least a weekly basis.

  Valatie - First Presbyterian Church - Deaths 1882-1890   (Cliff Lamere)  39 records.  

  Woodlawn Cemetery, Valatie - 37 Selected Records   (Pam Butler)  Surnames are Kipp, Hallenbeck, Golden

            Cheesebro, and many others.  Pam's notes about family relationships are especially valuable.   

  Kinderhook Cemetery - 46 Selected Records   (Pam Butler)  Major surnames are Hallenbeck, Minshell and

            Tobias, but there are many others.  Pam's notes about family relationships are especially valuable.

  Kinderhook Cemetery - 11 Van Alstyne Stones   (Louise H. Rainey /Cliff Lamere)  Surnames: Butler, Lee,

            Van Alen, Cromwell, Buckingham, Jones, Hermens, Knickerbocker, Mingael. 

  West Ghent Reformed Church Cemetery   (Shirley & Bill Moore)  These records are in alphabetical order.

          To make it easier to view relationships, you should view the records in order of FAMILY PLOTS.

          Many maiden names are listed, but you will have to find them visually or by using Find in your browser.

  Harlemville Cemetery   (Marion L. Kern / Wendy McLean)  274 tombstones, arranged by family plot.

  Krum Cemetery, Hillsdale   (Dorothy Avery / Marion Kern / Cliff Lamere)  39 records (may be complete to 1981)   

     Hillsdale Rural Cemetery Burials before 1873   (Jane Devlin) 

     St. Johnís Evangelical Episcopal Church Cemetery, Stockport - Old Section   (Bunny Best)  

     St. Johnís Evangelical Episcopal Church Cemetery, Stockport - New Section   (Bunny Best)

     Butler Cem. (Stuyvesant) & Mott Cem. (originally Presbyterian/Congregational Cem., Lebanon Springs) 

            (NYGenWeb)  These are not single-family cemeteries as the names imply.  You can browse to find some

            small cemeteries on this webpage (Vosburgh, etc.). 

     Union Cemetery, Mellenville   (Ginny Buechele)  Selected records. 

     Columbia Co. Deaths Listed on the 1865 NY Census (for Jun 1864 - May 1865)   (Susan Mulvey)

     Columbia Co. Deaths Listed on the 1875 NY Census (for Jun 1, 1874 - Jun 1, 1865)   (Susan Mulvey)

     Chatham Four Corners Dutch Reformed Church - Register of Deaths 1847 & 1860-1868   (Lisa McKern)



    Greene Co. Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)

    Greene Co. Cemeteries   (nygreen2)  Cemeteries in 14 Towns.  Click here for site's Search Engine.

    Greene Co. Obituaries   (nygreen2)  

    Lexington (Town of) 1848   (Daryl Holmes)



  Names (5400) Extracted from Little Falls, NY Obituaries for 1956-1987 (A-G)   (Bob Coomber)  Much

            information is shown in this list of names.  Many of the relatives were not from Little Falls.  Bob

            Coomber will do lookups for additional information.   

  Names (5400) Extracted from Little Falls, NY Obituaries for 1956-1987 (H-M)   (Bob Coomber)

  Names (5400) Extracted from Little Falls, NY Obituaries for 1956-1987 (N-Z)   (Bob Coomber)



  Montgomery Co. Obituaries  (Nelson Ambridge)  Every name in the obituaries is indexed. 

     Montgomery Co. - Records for 127 Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)  These folks have been working hard!

     1850 Mortality Schedule from Census for Florida, Glen, Minden, Mohawk, Palatine, St. Johnsville 

         (Martha S. Magill)

     Klock's Church Burying Ground 1749-1868   (Royden Woodward Vosburgh)  Records on pages 14-17.

     Montgomery Co. Cemetery Caretakers   (NYGenWeb)

     Graveyard at Stone Arabia  (Rev. Andrew Dillenbeck)

     Obituaries from "The Recorder" (Amsterdam newspaper) for 1996-2001   (obitcentral)  



    Search Engine for Rensselaer Co. NYGenWeb Site   (NYGenWeb)  Recommended because there are so many

        records on this site.  Of course, off-site records are not searched.

***  Rensselaer Co. - Cemetery Records   (NYGenWebContains 93,274 records and 646 Cemeteries!  Troy is 

          not included.

    Rensselaer Co. Cemetery Data   (NYGenWeb)  About 20 Cemeteries.

    Rensselaer Co. Obituaries   (Debby Masterson)

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths 1847 - Towns of Brunswick, Hoosick, Petersburgh, Pittstown, Sand Lake and

        Schaghticoke   (Joyce Riedinger)  All locations except Hoosic Falls are Town(ship) names.  Add "Town of"

        to any extracted records for the Towns.  To view, click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths 1848 - Lansingburgh (village) and Towns of Nassau, Petersburgh and Poestenkill  

        (Joyce Riedinger)  To be correct, add "Town of" to each location except for Lansingburgh.  Click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths, 1849 - Lansingburgh (village), Troy (city),  and the Town(ship)s of Berlin, Brunswick,

        Grafton, Greenbush, Hoosick, Petersburgh, Pittstown, Schaghticoke, Schodack and Stephentown

        (Joyce Riedinger)  To be correct, add "Town of" to each location except Lansingburgh & Troy.  Click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Deaths 1850 - Towns of Pittstown and Schodack   (Joyce Riedinger)  To be correct, add 

        "Town of" to each location.  To view, click HERE.

    Rensselaer Co. Census Mortality Schedules - US 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 & NY 1875   (Barbara Jeffries)  The

        locations are Town(ship)s, so add "Town of" to each of the records.  To view, click HERE.

    Lansingburgh (now part of Troy) Newspapers, 1787-1850 - Index to Some Deaths   (Debby Masterson)

    Lansingburgh Deaths 1851   (Debby Masterson)

    Old Lansingburgh Cemetery (also known as Troy Cemetery)   (Debby Masterson)   

    Lansingburgh - Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery   (Debby Masterson) 

    Petersburg and Vicinity - Some Deaths 1848-1851   (Central New York Genealogical Society)

    Stephentown - Old Presbyterian Cemetery - gravestones 1776-1929  (Stephentown Federated Church)  

    Stephentown Center Baptist Cemetery    (Tina Ordone)  Photos and transcriptions of 54 gravestones.   

    Hillside Cemetery, Stephentown    (Tina Ordone)  A few photographs of gravestones. 

  Troy - Burden Iron Works Death Records, 1890-1895   (Troy Irish Genealogy Society)  (29 Nov 2005)

    Troy - Deaths 1864-1865 from 1865 NY Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Troy - Civil War Deaths Mentioned on 1865 NY Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Troy Deaths 1874 - 1875 from 1875 NY Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Funerals 1868-1923   (Don Miller /USGenWeb)

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - 1897-1903 Interments   (Debby Masterson)   

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - c. 390 burials 1791-1859   (Barbara Jeffries)  Some or all of these people were

        removed from a different cemetery and moved to Oakwood Cem.   Oakwood has over 50,000 burials,

        which have not been published or put online.

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - 29 burials   (Kathryn Lee /Amy Leone)

    Troy - Oakwood Cemetery - 36 burials    (Vickie Wickware)  Mostly Wickware, Gaston, Winne and Harris.   

    Tombstone Inscriptions In Cemeteries In Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY Indicating a Foreign Place of Origin  

        (Loretta M. Nial) 

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Deaths 1904-1911 & 1917   (James Corsaro) 

  St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Church - Deaths 1929-1930 & 1941   (Lynn Grice)  

  Troy - St. Joseph's Cemetery (Roman Catholic)   (Brooke Myers)  47 people, 18 surnames.  

    Troy - St. Joseph's Cemetery (Roman Catholic)   (P.J. Trudeau)  Selected people.

    Old Troy Burial Ground   (Janet Derbyshire)  Sometimes called Mt Ida Cemetery (location unstated), but, in

        addition, there are also an Old Mt Ida Cemetery on Pawling Avenue and a New Mt. Ida Cemetery on

        Pinewoods Avenue.

    Deaths - St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Troy) 1804-1829, Albany Newspapers 1898-1909, and 

        Society of Friends (Quakers) (Troy) 1813-1900   (Barbara Jeffries)  Three sets of records on one page.

    Barberville, East Poestenkill, Groesbeck, Peek, Slouter, Myers and Barringer-Sharp Cemeteries   

              (Milton Thomas / Jane Devlin)  



    Saratoga Cemeteries (20)   (NYGenWeb)  Includes some small cemeteries which were copied in 1876.  You

        can browse each one, or use the Search Engine.

    Schuylerville Reformed Church - Deaths 1790-1853   (Jere Hagedorn) 

    1840-1842 Death Notices from Saratoga Whig (a Saratoga Springs newspaper)   (Tom Lynch)

    1854-1856 Deaths Recorded by Holmes Funeral Co. of Saratoga Springs   (Tom Lynch)  These deaths could

        have occurred anywhere in Saratoga Co.

    1888 Deaths Reported in Saratoga Springs City Directory   ( Tom Lynch)

    Waterford Rural Cemetery   (NYGenWeb)  

    Terpening Cemetery Yields Clues to Migration Patterns   (John Scherer)  A few old stones, plus genealogy.  

    Van Schoonhoven Cemetery, Waterford    (Derick Van Schoonhoven)  Includes Clute, Leversee, Becker,

        Visscher, Vandemark, Fonda, Lighthall.  Click HERE for more information. 

    Deaths in Funeral Home Records 1905-1907 & 1912-1922   (Carol Waldron)  1923-1936     1937-1953  

    Sweetman Cemetery, East Glenville   (Ray Brown)  Earliest burial 1887.  


  St. George's Church Cemetery (Episcopal), Schenectady - 1788-1994  (Robert Vines / Jonathan Pearson IV)

          450 burials.  

    Vale Cemetery, Schenectady (about 100 records)   (Eileen Sitterly)  This is a small part of the cemetery.

    Vale Cemetery, Schenectady - 16 records of well-known people   (findagrave)  

    A Copy of the "Corrected List" of Tombstone Inscriptions, Schenectady N. Y.   (NYGenWeb)  A book by

        Charlotte Taylor Luckhurst containing records of a large number of the deceased who were removed 

        from a burial ground.  Most of them were then reburied at Vale Cemetery.

    Princetown Reformed Church Cemetery, Duanesburgh   (Betty Fink)

    Fisher Cemetery, Rotterdam   (Cemetery Records Online)  101 graves.  Most common names are Bradt,

        Sitterley and Scrafford. 

    Indexes to Obituaries in Schenectady Newspapers (1812-1820, 1822-1834, 1867-1868, 1881-1885, 1902)

        (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    First Reformed Church of Scotia - Deaths 1832-1899   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

    Scotia - Old Reformed Church Cemetery Gravestones   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon) 

    Scotia - Sanders Family Cemetery   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)  First burial in 1783.  Many surnames.



    Schoharie Co. Cemeteries (91)   (NYGenWeb)  

    "New" cemetery in Summit   (Howard M. Crapser)

    Gilboa 1918-1921 - Cemetery Reinterments Prior to Flooding the Land   (Joyce Riedinger /USGenWeb)



VITAL RECORDS - mixed  (births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths)



    Dutch Reformed Church Records Locator for New York and New Jersey   (Bernie Schaaf)  



    Town of Richmond - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - To 1850   (Claire Smith /USGenWeb)  This Town borders

        Columbia Co.  

    Town of West Stockbridge - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - To 1850   (Claire Smith /USGenWeb)  This Town

        borders Columbia Co.  

    Town of Alford - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - To 1850   (Laurel O'Donnell /USGenWeb)   This Town borders 

        Columbia Co.  

    Town of Great Barrington - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - To 1850   (Bonnie Bunce /USGenWeb)  

    16 Towns of Berkshire Co. - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - To 1850  (USGenWeb)  Includes the four Towns

        directly above.   



  NY State Law of 2003 Affects Prices of Vital Records Certificates   (Cliff Lamere)

  Delayed Vital Records Certificates    (Cliff Lamere)  Many certificates are issued decades after the event.

  NYS Vital Records Milestones    (Cliff Lamere)  An outline of changes to the VR laws and when they occurred. 

  Reporting of 1909 Vital Records and why you may never find the records you are looking for   (Ruth Ann Messick)

  Some Ostrander Records of New York State    (Cliff Lamere)  Albany, Columbia, Rensselaer and Greene

         Counties.  Baptisms (72), marriages (17), membership (4), deaths (5), and more.  

     Bibles (about 60)  (USGenWeb)  



  Vital Records from the 1851 Cohoes Cataract (newspaper)   (JanaLee Petersen)

     Westerlo Births, Marriages and Deaths 1847-1849   (Barbara Jefferies)  Prob. Town of Westerlo instead of village.

     St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany - Marriages 1756-1768 & Baptisms 1757-1759   (Barbara Jefferies)

     1842 Vital Statistics from an 'Albany Argus' Newspaper   (Sharyl Ferrall)

     Coeymans Quaker Records - dates c. 1770-1850    (Anne Hurst) 

     Bible Records - Town of Berne    (bernehistory)  16 family bibles. 

     Adam J. Blessing bible records   (Barry Shinnerer)  An Albany area Bible.  (14 Mar 2006)  



  Index of the Titles of Columbia County, NY Records Published in "The COLUMBIA", 1985-1998, vols. 1-14  

          (Kinship / Cliff Lamere)  



    Church Records from 19 churches   (nygreen2)  Click here for site's Search Engine.

    Kiskatom Reformed Church (Town of Catskill) - Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Members 1842 - 1937  

        (Audrey Klinkenberg)  In the Town of Catskill.

    Kiskatom Reformed Church - Baptisms (1842-1850), Marriages (1842-1850), Deaths (1843, 1848-1850) 

         (Royden Woodward Vosburgh / Arlene Goldwin)  

    Oak Hill Dutch Reformed Church (Town of Durham) - Baptisms, Marriages, Members, etc. (1794-1832)   

          (Royden W. Vosburgh) 

    Records and Histories for Churches of Many Religions in Greene Co.    (nygreene) 

    Family Bibles (56)   (nygreen2)



    St. John's Reformed Church, St. Johnsville - Baptisms 1816-1898, Marriages 1816-1899, Deaths 1845-1899

        (St. John's Reformed Church)



    Church Vital Records in Existence in 1942, and Where Located   (Pat Connors)  Excellent Resource.  

    Rensselaer - Blooming Grove Reformed Ch. - Births 1814-1865, Marriages 1831-1862,Deaths 1895-1926

        (Barbara Jeffries)

    Troy - St. John's Episcopal Church 1880-1900 - Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, more   (Janet H. Derbyshire)

    Rensselaer Co. Family Bibles (12)   (NYGenWeb)



    Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Gansevoort, 1841-1939 - Baptisms, Deaths, Marriages  (Mary G.


    Ballston Spa - Christ Church (Episcopal) - Marriages & Deaths 1793 - 1853    (Sarah Sully) 
    Saratoga Co. Church Records    (Heritage Hunters) 


    Summit Lutheran Church (Town of Summit at Lutheranville) - Baptisms 1823-1839, Marriages 1825-1839, 

        Deaths 1825-1839, Members Lists   (Jeff Lape)






    Soundex Code - Calculator   (RootsWeb)  

    Soundex Code - Method of Calculating   (NARA) 

    Census Records - History and How to Use them   (Linda Haas Davenport)  Several connected webpages.  

    Secrets of the Census - Soundex, Errors, Printed Indexes, and more   (Donna Przecha)

    Soundex And Miracode lndex Systems   (heritagequest) 

    Miracode System of Indexing Censuses  (Rhonda R. McClure)  Used on 1910 census. 



    1871 Census for Province of Ontario - Search Engine   (National Archives of Canada)  Did your ancestors move

        to Canada?  Be sure to use the wildcards for alternate spellings.  

    1901 Census for Province of Ontario - Search Engine   (National Archives of Canada)  

    1911 Census for Province of Ontario - Search Engine   (National Archives of Canada)  



    States Whose US Censuses Exist Today - Animated Map 1790-1920   (segenealogy)  1890 census no longer exists.

    Blank Forms for US Censuses (1790-1930) - They look like the census page   (  Great for 

        extracting information from censuses.  With these blank forms you will be reminded to record everything 

        you should.  Includes all of the questions asked on each census.  See also the next link.

    Blank Forms for each US Census   (  Requires Acrobat Reader to view.  

    US Census - the questions asked each census year   ( staff)  1790-1920.  Warning:  1810 age 

        ranges are wrong for males.  Omit the range that says "between 16 and 18".

    US Census - the questions asked each census year  (Judy Hannah Green)  1790-1920.

    Historical Background of US Censuses 1790-1990   (Bureau of the Census)

    Clues in US Censuses 1790-1840   (National Archives and Records Administration )

    Clues in US Censuses 1850-1930   (National Archives and Records Administration )

    1890 US Census Burned in 1921   (Mark Howells)  Parts only damaged by water (which made up about 75% of

        the total pages) were discarded.

    2000 US Census - Results for all States   (Bureau of the Census)

    Determining a Person's Approximate Age By Using Age Ranges in 1800-1840 Censuses  (John L. Haynes)  An

         interesting and helpful technique.  



    1790 US Census   (Ray Brown)  For 28 Towns or parts of Towns. 



 Dutch in NY Censuses 1870-1960   (Cliff Lamere)  Statistical information.

  Censuses Conducted by New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Early censuses for many counties were discarded.  

***   Censuses Conducted by New York State - Availability for Each County    (NYS Library)

      Contents of The New York State Census   (Laura LeBarron /NYG&B)  Compares all NY censuses for each

        question asked, and tells which censuses asked that question.  

      Questions asked on each NY census 1825-1925   (halsey)

      NY in the 2000 US Census - County Results Compared with State Data   (US Census Bureau)

      Street Names and Election Districts (1930) for Places in NY    (Stephen P. Morse)

      NARA Microfilm Roll Numbers for New York State Censuses   (USGenWeb)  Correlates National Archives

         hand Records Administration (NARA) roll numbers with census year for each county.   



    1679 Albany (city) Households   (NYS Museum)  

    1686 Albany (city) Wards (no data)   (NYS Museum)

    1697 Albany (city) Census of Heads of Families   (NYS Museum)

    1714 Albany City & Co. Census (statistics, but no names)   (NYS Museum)

    1720 Albany Co. and Albany City Census Index - List of Freeholders   (Chris Andrle /NYGenWeb)

    1720 Albany Co. and Albany City Census - List of Freeholders   (Genealogy Quest)

    1756 Census - British Army Inventory of Albany City Households   (NYS Museum)  Lists occupations. 

    1790 Albany Census  (NYS Museum)

    1790 Rensselaerville Census Index (alphabetical form of next census)   (Christopher Albright/NYGenWeb)

    1790 Rensselaerville Census   (Christopher Albright /NYGenWeb)

    1790 Watervliet Census Index (alphabetical arrangement of next census)   (Christopher Albright /NYGenWeb)

    1790 Watervliet Census   (Christopher Albright /NYGenWeb)

 1790-1840 Census Index for the Towns of Rensselaerville and Westerlo   (Karen Hahn / Cliff Lamere)

    1790-1925 Town of Berne US & NY censuses   (bernehistory)  1790, 1800, 1840, 1850, 1855, 1860, 1865, 1905,

         1915, 1925  

    1810 Town of Berne U.S. Census   (footprints) 

    1900 U.S. Census for FairView (Children's) Home of Watervliet   (Raymond W. LeMay III)  Page 1    Page 2   

  Index of Names on 1900 U.S. Census  at Fairview (Children's) Home of Watervliet   (Cliff Lamere)  

    1930 U.S. Census for FairView (Children's) Home of Watervliet   (Raymond W. LeMay III)  Page 1    Page 2 



    1720 Census Index for Kinderhook, Claverack, Livingston Manor (all in Albany Co. then)  (Chris Andrle)

    1763 Claverack Census  (NYGenWeb)

    1790 Germantown Census  (M. Bathrick)

    1850 Canaan (Town of) Census - partial    (Bill Bither)  Data is split between 2 webpages.  



    1720 Census Index for Coxsackie and Catskill (in Albany Co. then)   (Chris Andrle)

    1790 Census for Town of Coxsackie (then in Albany Co.)   (Ray Brown) 

    1790 Census for Town of Catskill (then in Albany Co.)   (Ray Brown) 

    1810 Greene Co. Census - Slave Owners   (nygreen2)

    1810 Greene Co. Census - 6 Towns   (nygreen2)

    1817 Catskill Village Census   (Richard Frisbie / Hope Farm Press)  Copy this to your computer to avoid eyestrain.

    1855 Census for Town of Halcott  (Stephen R. McNeill)



    1790 Census for Town of German Flatts   (Judy Dolanski) 

    1790 Census for Town of Herkimer           (Judy Dolanski) 



    1790 Census for Town of Canajoharie      (Judy Dolanski)

    1790 Census for Town of Caughnawaga   (Judy Dolanski)

    1790 Census for Town of Mohawk            (Judy Dolanski)

    1790 Census for Town of Palatine   (Judy Dolanski)  In  1790, the Town of Palatine was much larger, including

        even a part of Fulton Co.  

  1810 Census for Town of Charleston  (Sandra Lott Burns)  In alphabetical arrangement.  If you prefer to see

        the order in which the names were recorded, click HERE.  


    1720 Census Index for Schaghticoke (in Albany Co. then)  (Chris Andrle)

    1800 Census for Greenbush (Town of)    (Central NY Genealogical. Society / Debby Masterson) 

    1800 Census for Hoosick (Town of)         (Central NY Gen. Soc.)  Careful.  Census title lacks "Town of".

    1800 Census of Petersburgh (Town of     (Central NY Gen. Soc.)  Careful.  Census title lacks "Town of".

    1800 Census of Pittstown (Town of)         (Central NY Gen. Soc.)  Careful.  Census title lacks "Town of".

    1800 Census of Schaghticoke (Town of)  (Central NY Gen. Soc.)  Careful.  Census title lacks "Town of".

    1800 Census of Schodack (Town of)        (Central NY Gen. Soc.)  Careful.  Census title lacks "Town of".

    1800 Census of Stephentown (Town of)   (Central NY Gen. Soc.)  Careful.  Census title lacks "Town of".

    1800 Census of Troy                                  (Central New York Genenealogical Society) 

    1850 Census - Canaan (Town of) - partial   (Bill Bither)

    1850 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone)  Name, age, and occupations only.   

    1855 Census for the Town of Berlin  (Janet H. Derbyshire)  The title and introduction of this posting are both

        incorrect.  Record all extracted records as "Town of Berlin" rather than just Berlin (the village), unless

        something in the census indicates that the record is truly from the village.  The introduction should

        probably read, "The Town of Berlin was formed from the Towns of Petersburgh, Schodack and

        Stephentown March 21 1806.  A portion of the Town of Sand Lake was taken off in 1812."  To access,

        click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Brunswick  (Janet Derbyshire)  The title is incomplete.  Records should be recorded

        as being from the "Town of Brunswick" instead of Brunswick.  To access, click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Clinton (now Town of East Greenbush)  (Janet Derbyshire)  The introductory

        remarks should probably read, "The Town of Clinton was formed from the Town of Greenbush 23 Feb 1855. 

        It became the Town of East Greenbush 14 Apr 1858".  In NY, a Town is a subdivision of a county.  To

        access, click HERE.

  1855 Agricultural Census for the Town of Clinton (now Town of East Greenbush)   (Joe Yakel)  Or, for a 

          complete list of agricultural questions as they apply to John Yakel, click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Grafton  (Janet Derbyshire)  The title is incomplete.  Records should be recorded

        as being from the "Town of Grafton" instead of just Grafton.  To access, click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Greenbush  (Janet Derbyshire)  Appears to contain images of a typed transcription

        of the census.  A time saving clickable index has been provided.  The title says that this is a census for the

        Town of Greenbush.  The introductory remarks only talk about the village/city of Greenbush.  It is unclear

         whether a record would be for the Town or village/city of Greenbush, or whether this transcription actually

         contains both.  To access, click HERE

    1855 Census for the Town of North Greenbush  (Janet Derbyshire)  Introduction should probably say

        "The Town of North Greenbush was formed from the Town of Greenbush...".   To access, click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Petersburgh  (Janet Derbyshire)  The title is incomplete.  Records should say

        from the "Town of Petersburgh" instead of just Petersburgh.  The introduction should probably read,

        "The Town of Petersburgh was formed from the Town of Stephentown...."  To access, click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Poestenkill  (Janet Derbyshire)  The introduction should probably read,

        "The Town of Poestenkill was formed from the Town of Sand Lake ...".  To access, click HERE.

    1855 Census for the Town of Sand Lake  (Janet Derbyshire)

    1855 Census for the Town of Schodack   (Kari J. Maunu)

    1855 Censuses for the Towns of: Clinton (now Town of East Greenbush), Greenbush, North Greenbush,

        Poestenkill, and Sand Lake   (Janet H. Derbyshire)   The titles for these five census transcriptions are

        incorrect and the introductory remarks are often misleading.  It would be better to use the RootsWeb

        versions of these same censuses listed separately above (by the same transcriber) which have correct 

        census titles.  To access the versions in this link instead, click HERE.

    1860 Census - Town of East Greenbush  (Debby Masterson)  

    1860 Census - Stephentown (Town of)  (Tina Ordone)  Name, age, and occupations only.   

    1870 Censuses for Troy 5th ward, and the Towns of Nassau, Poestenkill, Berlin, Grafton  

        (Barbara J. Jeffries)  CAUTION:  Several censuses are listed below the Troy heading.  If you overlook the

        note near the top of that webpage, you will not realize that there are five locations on the page.  Don't

        record anything as Troy 5th Ward without carefully checking.  Although Nassau, etc. are Towns (not

        villages or hamlets) only one of them is correctly labelled.  Add "Town of" to your location label.  To

        access, click HERE.

    1870 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone)  Name, age, and occupations only.   

    1880 Census - Berlin (Town of)  (Debby Masterson)  This census is for the Town of Berlin, and includes the 

        village of Berlin.  Be careful to record the correct location.  To view, click HERE.

    1880 Census - Nassau (Town of)  (Debby Masterson)  This census is for the Town of Nassau, and includes 

        several villages, one of which is the Village of Nassau.  Be careful to record the correct location.  To view,

        click HERE.

    1880 Census - Hart Falls Village (Town of Schaghticoke)  (Pat Connors)

    1880 Census - Lansingburgh (Town & Village)  (Pat Connors)

    1880 Census - Petersburgh (Town)  (Pat Connors)  

    1880 Census - Pittstown (Town)  (Pat Connors)  

    1880 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone)  Name, age, place of birth, parents' places of birth.   

    1880 Census - Troy - all 13 Wards   (Pat Connors)   Ward 6 includes Poor House.  

    1890 Census - Troy - Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, Etc   (Debby Masterson)

    1900 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone)  

    1900 Census - Troy - Wards 1 , 2 , 6 (including St. Joseph's Infant Home), 8, 9, 11 and 12    (Pat Connors)

    1910 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone) 

    1920 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone)  An index with some additional information.  

    1930 Census - Stephentown (Town of)   (Tina Ordone)  

    1990 Census Summary for Rensselaer Co.   (Uncle Sam)  No names.  



    1790 Census for Saratoga Co.  (Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County /NYGenWeb)



    Search Engine for Online Censuses at the Schenectady Co. Public Library's Website   (SCPL)

    1697 Schenectady Census  (Robert G. Sullivan)

    1720 Schenectady (city) Census Index (part of Albany Co. then)  (Chris Andrle)

    1790 Duanesburg (Town of) Census   (Schenectady Co. Public Library).  Head of household, age ranges.   

    1790 Schenectady (Town of) Census   (Schenectady Co. Public Library).  Head of household, age ranges. 

    1790 Schenectady South of the Mohawk   (Schenectady Co. Public Library).  Head of household, age ranges.  

    1800 Schenectady (city) Census   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Head of household, age ranges.  

    1800 Duanesburg (Town of) Census   (Schenectady Co. Public LibraryHead of household, age ranges. 

    1800 Princetown (Town of) Census   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Head of household, age ranges.  

    1810 Schenectady Co. Census   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Includes City of Schenectady and the 

        Towns of Duanesburg, Niskayuna, and Princetown.  Includes an Index of names for the entire census.  

    1850 Glenville (Town of) Census    (Channon Moon) 



    1790 Census for Town of "Schoharry"  (Doug Boyer)

    1850 Census for Richmondville Township  (Roger Smith)

    1900 Census for Blenheim Township  (Doug Boyer)

    1900 Census for Broome Township  (Doug Boyer)

    1900 Census for Carlisle Township  (Doug Boyer)

    1900 Census for Conesville Township  (Nancy Simpkins McNicol)

    1900 Census for Fulton Township  (Fred Swart & Doug Boyer) 

    1900 Census for Gilboa Township  (Doug Boyer)  

    1900 Census for Jefferson Township  (Nancy McNicol)

    1900 Census for Middleburgh Township  (Penny Terk & Doug Boyer) 

    1900 Census for Summit Township  (Richard Fox & Eleanor Collins)

    1900 Census for Wright Township  (Linda Tutt)  






    New York Probate Records Before 1787   (Harry Macy, Jr. /NYG&B)  A good history of the laws affecting

        wills, and places to look for the wills.  Also look at these.  Part 1  Part 2



    Wills of New York State   (W. David Samuelsen)  Choose a county.  Beware of errors in historical information

        such as dates, and the county from which another county was split.



  Index to Albany Co. Books of Wills, Volumes 5-21, 1817-1869   (Darin Flansburg)  2977 names.  This has

         more than doubled in size since the previous revision.  

     Albany Co. Will Index 1629-1852   (W. David Samuelsen)  Names and residences of testators.  Beware of spelling

         and other errors.  Includes links to 32 or more online wills.  Newer Wills    Older Wills (mostly pre-1800)  

     Will of Philip Schuyler, 1804, Albany, NY plus 1805 Chancery Decree   (Leslie B. Potter /USGenWeb)

     Will of Samuel Arentse Bradt   (Debbie Warren Cupp)     Written 26 Apr 1791. 

 Will of Jan Franz Van Hoesen    (Ruth Piwonka)  Written 1665.  Highly unusual.  

  Will of William McCullogh, Town of Bethlehem, proved 28 Dec 1827   (Dorothy "Dot" Clark)



  Will of David Esselstyn   (Susan Mulvey)  Written 15 Jan 1748.  Renslar, Van Duese, Van Nes, Stevenson.

  Will of John J. Van Valkenburgh, recorded 7 Feb 1879  (Jane Williams Wood)

  Will of James Van Valkenburgh, 9 Mar 1835  (Jane Williams Wood)

  Will of Samuel Wilbor, 4 Nov 1817  (Jane Williams Wood)

  Will of Adam Van Alen, 17 Oct 1748   (Jane Williams Wood)

     Will of John Davis  (David Rogers)  Written 15 Mar 1814.  Davis, Babcock, Somers, Chapin  

     Will of John Keeney, 31 Mar 1809   (Karyl Hubbard)  Bolles, Stoddard, Van Buren.

     Columbia Co. Will Index 1786-1839, 1864-85   (W. David Samuelsen)  Names and residences of testators.

          Beware of spelling and other errors.  Includes links to 20 online wills.   Click here.    | A-G | H-Q | R-Z



      Greene Co. Will Index 1800-1881, 1902-1906    (W. David Samuelsen)  Names and residences of testators. 

          Beware of spelling and other errors.   Includes link to 1 online will.  Click here.    | A-G | H-R | S-Z   

      Abstracts of Greene Co. Wills and Surrogate Records (1802-1860)  (nygreen2)  



  LDS Microfilms:  Wills and Letters of Administration, 1787-1922   (Leita Brown) 

      Montgomerey Co. Will Index 1787-1901   (W. David SamuelsenNames and residences of testators.   

          Beware of spelling and other errors.  Includes links to 44 online wills.  

          Click here.    | A-C | D-G | H-L | M-RS-Z |       

     Wills (4)  Gottman, Lingenfelter, Slack



     Rensselaer Co. Will Index 1791-1840   (W. David SamuelsenNames and residences of testators.  Beware

         of spelling and other errors.  Includes links to 52 online wills.  Click here.    | A-K | L-Z |     

     Wills of some Rensselaer Co. Residents  (NYGenWeb)

     Rensselaer Co. Early Wills (10), pre-1866  (Barb Baxter)

  Will of John Simpson - probated 26 Dec 1860  (Timothy Simpson)  

     Will of Jonathan Devereaux - dated 29 Sep 1802  (Gwendolyn Plyler)

     Probate Abstracts #1  (Barbara Jeffries)  There are two separate, alphabetized lists on this webpage.

     Probate Abstracts #2  (Barbara Jeffries)  CAUTION:  There are 3 separate alphabetical lists on this

        webpage, not just the two that are mentioned in the note at the top of the page.  To view, click HERE.

     Probate Abstracts #3   (Barbara Jeffries) 



    Saratoga Co. Will Index 1799-1921    (W. David SamuelsenNames & residences of testators.  Beware of

        spelling and other errors.  Includes links to 93 wills online.  

         Click here.    | A-BO | BR-CO | CR-FI | FL-HE | HI-LL | LO-M | N-RI | RO-SQ | ST-V | W-Z |  

    Wills (7)  (USGenWeb)



    Schenectady Co. Will Index 1809-1917    (W. David SamuelsenNames and residences of testators.  Beware of

         spelling and other errors.  Includes links to 23 online wills.  Click here.   | A-C | D-H | I-M | N-S | T-Z |       

    Wills (4)  (USGenWeb)

    Wills (10)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    Will of Simon Johannes Veeder    (Debbie Warren Cupp)  Written 19 Mar 1785.  



    Schoharie Co. Will Index 1795-1903    (W. David SamuelsenNames and residences of testators.  Beware of

        spelling and other errors.  Includes links to 52 online wills.  Click here.    | A-E | F-L | M-S | T-Z |      

    Old Schoharie Co. Wills  (NYGenWeb)

    Wills (4)  (USGenWeb)






    Land Records: History of, and How to Use Them  (Linda Haas Davenport)  Several connected pages.  

    Glossary of Terms Found in Deeds   (Linda Haas Davenport)  


  City of Albany Deeds  (Cliff Lamere)  24 names mentioned in 2 deeds.



  Deeds and Wills of the Snyder / Schneider Family  (Kimberly Grimes)  6 deeds and 4 wills arranged in

         chronological order to prove the family's genealogy.    

  Deed of Stalicher & Reining & Gardenier & Jones & McCagg to Jones W. Phelps - 1882  (Susan Mulvey)

     Deed of Benajah Slack - 28 Aug 1787   (Mary Slack Maynard /USGenWeb)

     Columbia Co. Patents 1667-1793 & Formation of the Towns of the County  (NYGenWeb)



     Some Patents & Deeds  (Royden Woodward Vosburgh)    Pages 2-13.

     Deeds (6)  (USGenWeb)  Slack, Lowden and Fountain

  LDS Microfilms: Deeds, 1772-1935 & Deed Indexes 1772-1921   (Leita Brown)  



  Deed of John & Maria Proper to John Jekel - 1854   (Joe Yakel) 



     Schenectady Co. Deeds (c. 1708 - c. 1860)  (Schenectady Co. Historical Society)






    DAR Patriot Index   (DAR)  Fill out the form, and they will tell you (no charge) if your ancestor is recognized

        by the DAR as a Revolutionary Patriot.   

    Military Historic Maps 1763-1967   (utexas)  Go halfway down to see the list.  

    Maps of National Historic Sites, Memorials, Military Parks and Battlefields   (utexas)  

    Veteran Ancestor Registry   (ALHN)  Almost 3,000 names, probably all wars.  To see a list of all veterans,

        don't enter any information. 

    Revolutionary War Documents   (revwar)  

    Flags of the American Revolution   (scvtx)  Very interesting. 

    Uniforms of the American Revolution   (walika)  Click on Colonial Uniforms.  Click on any line.  Nice images.

    The Battle of Lake Champlain  (Stephen Ray)  Year not stated.

    Revolutionary War Bounty Land   (Linda Haas Davenport) 

    Index to Microfilmed Revolutionary War & War of 1812 Records in Nat. Archives   (Linda Haas Davenport)  

    Civil War Battles for Every State in Which They Occurred   

    Civil War Timeline, 1861-1865   

    Civil War Archive - History and Battles of Union Regiments of NY   (civilwararchive)  Information about 

        hundreds of units. 

    US Map of the National Distribution of 384 Civil War Battlefields    

    Civil War Slang   (Linda Haas Davenport) 



    Revolutionary War Pension Records Index   (Tom Waldie)  

    1840 US Census - Military Pensioners, Revolutionary War and Later   (Kathy Leigh)  Has a search engine. 

    War of the Rebellion - in 70 Volumes (most are over 1000 pages)   (MOA-Cornell)  A compilation of the

        official records of the Union and Confederate armies.  You can view images of the pages, or you can view

        them as text which makes a page easy to copy.  Choose "Books Only", then search for War in the Rebellion.

    Civil War Rosters - Arranged by State   (Virginia Leddy)  

    Civil War Rosters for Massachusetts   (Virginia Leddy)  Links to 22 units.     

    Civil War History and Military Records for 17 States & Canada   (Virginia Leddy)  States arranged

        alphabetically from Alabama to Mississippi.

    Civil War Maps (31)   

    Confederate Soldiers Killed in the First and Second Battles of Manassas   (USGenWeb)  None from NY.

    Bureau Of Land Management  (US Dept. of Interior)  Search for ancestors who went west.

    Many Battle Maps from Various Wars   (utexas) 

    Vietnam Casualty Search Page   (

    Desert Storm Casualties - Search Page   (militaryusa)  Search without entering information.  Get entire list. 

    Veterans Buried in National Cemeteries - Search Engine   (Veteran's Administration)  Includes wives and minor

        children.  Millions of entries, but not yet complete.  



    1700 Militia Officers in Province of New York   (Genealogy Quest)  Includes Albany and Schenectady.

    1755 French and Indian War   (Larry Roux)  Click on "List of Soldiers".

    1758 List of English Prisoners Delivered to Col. Schuyler   (Lou D. MacWethy)

    1792-1795 New York Revolutionary War Pension Lists   (Debby Masterson)

    1801-1815 Index to New York Revolutionary War Invalid Pension Records   (Debby Masterson) 

    New York State Civil War Soldier Database   (NYS Museum)  Search for name, pay just $3 per record.  

    NY Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients   (Sue Greenhagen)  

    NY Civil War Rosters   (Virginia Leddy)  Links to the rosters of about 85 NY units!  

    Civil War History and Military Records for 11 States & Canada   (Virginia Leddy)  States arranged

        alphabetically from New Hampshire to Wisconsin.  Includes 17 units in NY.  

    Index to NY Colonial Muster Rolls 1673-1775 - Troops Who Enlisted in Albany Co.   (Fletcher Blanchard

        /NYGenWeb)  From a time when Albany Co. contained all, or most, of the counties covered in this website.

    Loyalists in the military   (On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies)

    New York Civil War Soldiers Buried in National Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)  

    New York Civil War Soldiers Buried in National Cemeteries    (Debby Masterson)

    New York Civil War Soldiers Buried in the Military Asylum Cemetery, Washington, D.C.   (Lance Ingmire)

        Some of these soldiers came from the counties covered by this website.  The cemetery's new name is

        Soldiers Home National Cemetery.  Click HERE for a list of just NY soldiers buried there.

    New York Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients   (NYGenWeb)

    5th NY Volunteer Infantry - Duryee's Zouaves - Roster 1861-1863   (zouave)  From Manhatten.

    5th NY Volunteer Infantry - Duryee's Zouaves - Civil War Photos   (zouave) 

    New York Military Units & Information - about 75 files, mostly or all Civil War   (RootsWeb)  Some of these

        contain rosters and historical information such as battles fought.  Some files are about current

        organizations trying to replicate the Civil War unit.

    New York State Military Records - General Sources   (NYS Library)  Lists of books which contain records for

        each war. 

    Korean Casualty List for NY 1951-1957    (NARA)  Click on link within text, then click on state in the map.

    Vietnamese Conflict Casualties from NY (6 files)   (USGenWeb)  (Leslie Gifford)

    New York Casualties in World War II   (accessgenealogy)  Select the county of interest.  



    NY Militia, 8th Regiment, Albany, New York   (Jeff Scism/USGenWeb)

    Revolutionary War Pension File of Simon Whitcomb   (Tom Lanagan /USGenWeb)

    Roster of the 24th NY Independent Battery, formerly the Rocket Battalion, Company B.   (Conrad Bush)

        Many of these men enlisted at Albany.

    1778 - Officers Selected for the Militia - City of Albany   (Leslie B. Potter) 

    Albany Rural Cemetery - Soldiers' Lot   (interment)  70 burials.  



  Revolutionary War Soldiers of Columbia Co., NY (47)   (Cliff Lamere)  

     Revolutionary War Pensions (53)   (Donald E. Lampson and others) 

     10th Albany Militia Regiment 1777-1781 - Livingston Manor & Germantown   (Don Lampson)

     Civil War Enlistees from Hillsdale   (Susan Mulvey)  

     Civil War Soldiers from Stuyvesant   (Franklin Ellis)  


     Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I   (nygreen2)

     Revolutionary War Continental 11th Regiment Militia of Albany Co. (from Coxsackie)   (USGenWeb)

        Alphabet letters F-Z only.  Land Bounty Rights.

     Greene County Men in the Civil War   (Doug Thomsen)  Long list by regiment.  



  Pension Application of Richard Flansburgh (1832)   (Darin Flansburg)  Served in Revolutionary War.

      Military Lists including Rev. War Pension Applications   (NYGenWeb)  Large number of files. 


    Loyalist Troops in the Mohawk Valley   (Gregory F. Ketcham)

    Tryon County Militia - 1st Regiment - Col. Samuel Campbell (Rev. War)   (Lou D. MacWethy)

    Tryon County Militia - 1st Regiment   (Judy Dolanski)   
    Tryon County Militia - 2nd Regiment - Col. Jacob Klock's Regiment (Rev. War)  
(Lou D. MacWethy)  

    Tryon County Militia - 3rd Regiment - Col. Frederick Fisher (Rev. War)   (Lou D. MacWethy)

    Tryon County Militia - 3rd Regiment   (Joan Veeder)  

    Tryon County Militia - 4th Regiment   (Stan Shaut)  

    Tryon County Militia - 4th Regiment - Col. Peter Bellinger (Rev. War)   (Lou D. MacWethy)

    References that pertain to the List of the 4th Regiment (previous link)   (Lou D. MacWethy)

    Tryon County Rangers and Men Exempt From Duty Except in Emergencies   (Lou D. MacWethy)

    Tryon County Militia - Roster of the Rangers   (Tamara Wilkinson)  

    Names of Militiamen in French and Indian War Before Revolution   (H. W. Hess)

    Military Lists including Rev. War Pension Applications   (NYGenWeb)  Large number of files.  



    Troy - Civil War Deaths Mentioned on 1865 NY Census   (Pat Connors) 

    Rensselaer Co. Soldiers and Sailors - Revolutionary War to Vietnam  (about 15 files)   (Debby Masterson)

    Revolutionary War Pension File - William Sweet   (Beverly Schonewolf)

    Civil War Rosters for 2nd, 125th and 169th Regiments - 28 Companies (Army List, 1861-1865)

        (Debby Masterson)

    Military Lists for Rev. War to Civil War   (Debby Masterson)  Contains many lists of people (click on the locality

         name).  Look at each Town.  Be aware that the local histories quoted in these files almost always mean 

         "Town of" when it only says something like Lansingburgh.  It does not refer to the village or city of that 

         name unless it specifically says so.  To access, click HERE.  



    Revolutionary War Pension of Job Albro   (Paula Naujalis)

    Participants of the Battles of Saratoga   (Frank Goodway)

    Town Clerks' Registers of Civil War Veterans - Saratoga Co.   (Mr. Lynn Calvin)

    Index of Saratoga County Civil War Veterans   (Lynn Calvin)  

    Military Service of Schenectady Co. Residents (all wars)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    Schenectady's Revolutionary War Veterans   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Over 700 veterans listed,

        some with lengthy write-ups. 



    91st NY Infantry - Civil War Roster   (Matthew Porter /NYGenWeb)  






    Passenger Lists on the Internet   (R. Prost)  Very, very extensive. 

    Ships' Passenger Lists   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze)  Find search engine for all Passenger Lists which is below

        "Search The Olive Tree Genealogy Pages".  

    A Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England, Before 1692 - by James Savage  (Robert Kraft)

    Persons Executed in the United States from 1609    (Rob Gallagher)  Choose a state or letter of the alphabet. 



  Rees/Race, etc. in Eastern New York Prior to 1831 - Baptism and Marriage records   (Graham Louer &

          Cliff Lamere) 

  Van Dusen, Van Deursen, Van Duser, etc. - Records from the Mohawk Valley   (Beth Dryer Humphrey)

  Cronkhite Genealogy  (Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand / Margaret Taylor)  Eastern NY & New England.  

          CAUTION:  Contains significant errors in the early families, I am told.  It is a manuscript which has not been

          previously published or put online.  Proceed with extreme caution.  To access, click HERE.

     Settlers of Rensselaerswyck 1630-1658 - Index to Biographies   (A.J.F. Van Laer)  For letters J-Z, click HERE.

          For a list of the ships on which each settler travelled, click HERE .  

    Settlers of Rensselaerswyck 1630-1658   (A.J.F. Van Laer / Debby Masterson)  Complete through 1641.  

    Schermerhorn Genealogy and Family Chronicles   (Richard Schermerhorn Jr. / SCPL) 

    The Long Groat Line  (James Groat)  A Groat genealogy published in 1986 and now online.  The Groat family

        has its roots in Columbia Co.  

    Pre-1676 New Netherland Surnames   (The Holland Society of New York)

    People of Colonial Albany Live Here   (Stefan Bielinski /NY State Museum)  Biographies and surname

        information plus some Albany history.
1693 List of the Officers Employed in NY Civil Offices   (Genealogy Quest)  Includes City & Co. of Albany.

    1869 Boyd's Business Directory of over one hundred Cities and Villages in NY   (Cornell-MOA)  Contains

        historical information about Towns, etc.  Pages 10-15 contain an index of advertisements (many names).   

    1872-73 Boyd's New York State Directory  (Cornell-MOA)  Business directory. 

    NY Prison Pardons (1819-1823)   (Linda Ogborn/NYGenWeb)  Much data given about each person.

    Rivenburgh, Ripenbergh, Reifenberger, etc. in the Censuses of NY  (Chuck Rivenburgh)

    Oath of Secrecy   (Lou D. MacWethy)  Lists of men from just about every county covered by this website.  

        Date not stated.  

*** Book of Names   (Lou D. MacWethy)  Palatine records containing about 20,000 names. 

    Lists of Palatine People  (nygreene)  The Simmendinger Register, The Subsistence Lists (part), ships' lists,

        surnames of East and West Camps (along Hudson River), etc.   

    1917 Phone Directory for Over 100 Communities in 4 Counties (Montgomery, Schoharie, Fulton, Otsego)  

    Biographies of New Yorkers   (Darci)  These several sets of biographies are images of book pages and give

        much genealogical data, but images can't be searched with a seach engine.  Darci has made several lists of

        surnames associated with these bios.  Those can be searched.

    Ellis Island, NY - 22 Million Names of Immigrants - 1892-1924   (LDS)  Has a search engine.

    1600s Ancestor Database   (Ryan Jackson)  26,500 names of colonists whose lines have been approved by

        various Societies and organizations.  

    NY Prison Pardons, Commutations and Reprieves by the Governor - 1877   (Susan Mulvey)

    Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs - by Cuyler Reynolds (1911)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library) 



    Key to Names of Persons Occurring In the Early Dutch Records of Albany and Vicinity   (Jonathan Pearson)

        Both surname and patronym lists.   

    1683-1700 Membership List of the Albany Reformed Dutch Church    (Dave Pane-Joyce) 

    1700 Some Citizens of Albany, NY   (Genealogy Quest)

    1715-1773 Colonial Naturalizations in Ancient Albany Co.  (Barbara Jeffries)  County was much larger then.  

    1757-1760 Albany, The Macomb (McComb) Letters - Index of Names   (Murray McCombs)

    Index of 61,000 Albany Co. Naturalizations (1827-1991)   (Albany Co.)  

    Index to Historical Records (an index to a great many lists)   (Albany Co.)  

    Contributions to the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany from 1630-1800 

        (Jonathan Pearson /Melissa Simmons)  Surnames beginning with A and B only.  Although this is an important

        work, Pearson sometimes assigned children to the wrong parents.  His college students may have done 

        some of the work.  Use this publication for its helpful clues, but don't accept it as the final answer.

    1778 - 52 men petition to prevent 17 year old horse thief from being put to death  (Leslie B. Potter)  

    1779 Petition for the Reversal of the Banishment of Henry Van Dyck   (Leslie B. Potter /USGenWeb)  

        Contains the names of many citizens of the City and County of Albany.

    1795 to 1877 Membership List of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Albany   (Jane Devlin) 
    1815 Albany City Directory    (Terasa Ahlgren)  

    1819 - Property Seizures and Auctions in Albany   (Sharyl Ferrall) 

    1842 Albany Medical College Graduates   (Sharyl Ferrall)

  1859 Albany City Directory  (Blue Heron Industries)

  Berne (Town of) - List of Property Owners on Beers 1866 Map   (Barbara Bolster-Barrett / Darin Flansburg)

          Or, to see the list and the map at the same time, click HERE.  

  Rensselaerville (Town of) 1866 - List of Property Owners only   (Barbara Bolster-Barrett / 

           Janet Haseley / Cliff Lamere)  A list of c. 660 property owners and businesses shown on five maps.

    Albany Men - Biographies and Photos  (Darci)  About 100 biographies. 

    Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Albany Co.   (politicalgraveyard)

    Pearl Street Baptist Church, Albany, NY - Members - March 1, 1866    (Betty Fink)  Scanned images.  View

        in order or click on the following choices.   A-Br   Br-C   D-Ga   Gi-Jo   Jo-Mi   Mo-Ru   Ru-Sw   Sw-Yo 

    Pearl Street Baptist Church, Albany, NY - Members - March 1, 1866    (Susan Gomez)  Transcribed version.



     American Ancestry - Giving the Name and Descent, in the male line, of Americans whose Ancestors Settled

         in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence   (Thomas P. Hughes /distantcousin)  Vol II,

         Columbia Co., 1887.  Surnames A-P have been transcribed so far.  Also, the R's through Rogers.
1699 Kinderhook - Oath of Allegiance to King William of Orange   (NYGenWeb)

     1744 Kinderhook Tax List        (NYGenWeb)

  1757-1767 Noble Town Proprietors Meetings   (Susan Mulvey)  Record of decisions of a committee of men

          who bought land from the Indians and later were attacked by New Yorkers.

  1766 Account of Supplies Given by Men of Egremont to Nobletown People  (Susan Mulvey)  After New

          Yorkers attacked New Englanders owning land in the present Columbia Co., some land owners escaped

          to the east with their livestock.  This is an accounting of what was given or spent on the refugees, and for

          which reimbursement was sought.  

  1766 Account of the Losses Sustained by the People of Nobletown   (Susan Mulvey) 

     1763 Kinderhook Freeholders   (NYGenWeb)

     1763 Claverack Freeholders     (NYGenWeb)

     1779 Tax List for King's District (Towns of Canaan and New Lebanon)   (Bonnie Bunce)

     1869 Boyd's Business Directory - Hudson & Valatie   (Susan Mulvey) 

     1871-2 Ghent Business Directory   (Michael Bathrick)  Includes farmers and people from other communities.

     1880 Columbia Co. Poor House in Ghent   (Jeffrey Scism)  Data from US census.   

     1880 Claverack College Residents    (Jeffrey Scism)  Data from US census.   

  1912 "Hudson Evening Register" Social Notes   (Margaret Mullen)  Includes some vital records from this

          newspaper.  Click here for Surname Index.  Click here for Index of Localities mentioned.   

  Biographies Which Include People Who Were Born and/or Lived in Columbia Co., NY   (Cliff Lamere)

          78 surnames, 362 people.  Complete index of all people.  Married women usually listed under two names.  

     Biographies in "History of Columbia County, NY"  (Captain Franklin Ellis / John Warren)  40 biographies online.

     Biographies in "History of Columbia County, NY"  (Captain Franklin Ellis / Susan Mulvey)  

     Biographies in "Columbia County at the End of the Century"    (Susan Mulvey)   

     Biographical Sketches of the Distinguished Men of Columbia County - William Raymond   (MOA-Cornell)

         Written about 1851.  Table of contents lists 28 biographies.  Includes a search engine.

     Index to the "Book of Names"   (Lou D. MacWethy)  Palatine records containing c. 20,000 names.

     Palatine Heads of Families   (Boyd Ehle)  Includes East Camps, West Camps, and New York City.

     Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Columbia Co.   (politicalgraveyard)

 Descendants of Wilhelm Pieter Schneider (c. 1728-1801)   (Kimberly Grimes)  Includes 372 source citations.

  Lists of Hard-to-find Columbia Co. Records   (Kinship /Cliff Lamere)

     Chatham Four Corners First Dutch Reformed Church - Membership 1859-1870   (Lisa McKern) 

     Chatham Center Methodist Episcopal Church - Pastors 1875-1906   (Jane Williams Wood) 



  Index to "History of the Organization of the First Presbyterian Church, Durham, NY"   

              (William S. Borthwick /Cliff Lamere)  Provides a lengthy list of people.
      Index to "History of Greene County, New York" (1884)   (Jean D. Worden / Arlene Goodwin)  

      Catskill Baptist Church - Membership 1804-1844   (Arlene Goodwin)

      Catskill Presbyterian Church - Membership 1802-1875   (Elizabeth Hunter)  Top of webpage. 

      DAR Applications   (nygreen2)

      Index to "History of Greene County"   (J.V.V.Vedder)  Very long list of names.

      Index to "Historic Catskill"   (J.V.V.Vedder)  List of names.  Ignore numbers. 

      Index to "Dear Old Greene County" (1915)   (Gallt)  List of "Leading Men Who Will Live in Her History".

      Index to "Picturesque Catskills"   (R.L. DeLisser)  List of people.

      Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Greene Co.   (politicalgraveyard)

      Declarations of Intentions (index) - Vol. 1-7 (1906-1936)    (W. David Samuelsen)  Choose county.  

      Petitions for Naturalizations (index) - Vol. 1-2 (1906-1914)    (W. David Samuelsen)  Choose county.   



    Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Herkimer Co.   (politicalgraveyard)  



    Pre-1775 Assessment List   (F.W. Beer)  Shows amount assessed and the number of days annually that 124 men

        had to work on the King's highways.  

    1850 Montgomery Co. Poor House Residents   (Martha S. Magill)

    1860 Montgomery Co. Poor House, Glen, NY   (Martha S. Magill)

    1870 Montgomery Co. Poor House, Glen, NY   (Martha S. Magill)

    1893 Amsterdam City Directory    (distantcousins)  

    Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Montgomery Co.   (politicalgraveyard)  



     Troy - Poorhouse Occupants Recorded in the 1855 NY Census   (Rebecca Rector) 

     Troy - Poorhouse Occupants Recorded in the 1880 US Census   (Pat Connors)

  Troy - Index to Records of the Rensselaer Co. Almshouse (Poorhouse) (1875-1892)  (James Corsaro)

  Troy - Index to c. 195 Underage Children Working at Burden Iron Company in 1887   (Elizabeth Shaver)

  People Listed in "Life in the Alleyways of Troy N.Y. During the 19th Century" by Jeanne M. Keefe  

         (Lynn Grice)  

  Troy - Burden Iron Company Payroll Records   (Troy Irish Genealogy Society)  1880-1902.  (29 Nov 2005)

     Naturalization Declarations for Irish-born People, Filed in Troy 16 Oct to 31 Dec 1884   (Pat Connors)  

     Declarations of Intentions for Irish-born People, Filed in Troy Aug 1853 - 1860   (Pat Connors)  

     Town of Schodack - The Particular Baptist Church of Schodack - Extracted Notes of Meetings   (David See)

     Troy - Church of Ascension (Episcopal) - Confirmations 1868-1923   (Don Miller /USGenWeb)

     Troy - Missing Irish People 1871-1876   (Rebecca Rector)  Extracted from ads placed by Irish immigrants who

         had lost track of each other.  Includes Irish county of origin.

     Rensselaer Co. Naturalization Records   (Pat Connors)

     Rensselaer Co. Biographies   (Debby Masterson)  Extracts from "History of Rensselaer Co., New York"

     1866 Business Directory for Troy, Lansingburgh, West Troy [now Watervliet] and Green Island 

         (Debby Masterson)

     Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Rensselaer Co.   (politicalgraveyard)

     Troy - Telephone Directory - 1902   (June Howard / Pat Connors) 



    1779 Saratoga District Tax Lists (3)    (Leslie B. Potter /USGenWeb)

    1779 Saratoga District Tax List   (Leslie B. Potter)

    1779 Petition from Saratoga District for a Permit to Take Flour to Boston to Procure Salt   (Leslie Potter


    1778 Petition from residents of the Saratoga and Cambridge Districts to New York Governor

        (Leslie B. Potter)  Unfinished.

    1779 Tax Petitioners of Saratoga District of Albany Co.   (Leslie B. Potter /USGenWeb)

    1860-1861 Burnt Hills, Charlton & W. Charlton in Schenectady City Directory: County section   

        (Carol Di Crosta)  814 Saratoga Co. names.  Location codes are SAR/BUR, SAR/CHA, and CHA/WCH.

    Index of Persons Mentioned in the "Schuylerville Standard" Newspapers   (Susan Ryan)  

        Year 1880; Feb 23, 1923; and Sep 13, 1928. 

    Index of Names in "Greenfield Glimpses" by Clayton H. Brown   (Mary Woodman /NYGenWeb)  Names of 

        early inhabitants.

    Index of Names in "The Early History of Corinth - Once Known As Jessup's Landing" by Mabel Pitkin

        Shorey   (Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County)  Published 1959.

    Saratoga Springs Postmasters & Officers of the Post Office 1802-1993   (Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County)

    Indexes to Names on Maps in Beers' 1866 Atlas of Saratoga Towns and Villages   (Mary Woodman /NYGenWeb)

    Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Saratoga Co.   (politicalgraveyard)

    1866 Maps & Transcribed Names of Property Owners.   (David Pane-Joyce)  16 Village, 4 Town(ship) Maps.

    Saratoga County Genealogical Databases   (Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County)  Military and other lists.  



    1766 Schenectady Aldermen   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    1841-1842 Schenectady City Directory   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    1860-1861 Schenectady City Directory: County listings outside city only   (Carol Di Crosta / Schenectady Co. PL)

    1883 Schenectady County Pensioners   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    Politicians who lived, died, or were buried in Schenectady Co.   (The Political Graveyard)

    Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Schenectady Co.   (The Political Graveyard) 

    Schenectady Co. Families - Genealogies   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    Index of Family Files at Schenectady Co. Historical Society   (Schenectady Co. Historical Society)

    Biographies of Notable Schenectady Co. People   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    Van Ep(p)s Documents   (Channon M. Moon)  References in Censuses, Wills, Cemeteries, etc. 

    Second Reformed Church of Glenville - Membership 1818   (Donald Keefer / Channon M. Moon)

    Schenectady Massacre (9 Feb 1690) - Settlers Killed and Captured   (Channon M. Moon)  

    Contributions for the Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of the Patent and City of

        Schenectady from 1662 to 1800 - by Jonathan Pearson   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Caution:

        Pearson's work is prone to errors (children assigned to wrong parents, etc).  He was a college professor.  

        It has been reported that he used students to do some of the genealogies.  Use this book only to get clues

        to be confirmed in other sources.  To use the site's search engine, click HERE.  Be aware that it misses

        names.  Because of the way that the book is arranged (surname is listed, then given names are listed 

        below in a column), a search will find only the first given name in the list.  In order to check the other

        names, you must use the link that the search provides.



    Politicians who were Born, Lived and/or Died in Schoharie Co.   (politicalgraveyard)




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