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by Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand


Transcribed from a Manuscript and Indexed by Margaret Cronkhite Taylor    2000



Webpage by Cliff Lamere    Dec 2001




CAUTION (by Cliff Lamere):  There are significant errors concerning relationships and origins in some of the early families in this genealogy.   Use this information only as a guide.  Since this was a work deposited at the NY State Library, it has historical value.  




Notes by Margaret Cronkhite Taylor:  

This genealogy was compiled by Mrs. Leora Greene Hildenbrand in 1952. A copy was presented to the New York State Library.  Her premise on the earliest Cronkhite immigrants in this genealogy was that they came to America around 1741/1742 and were only possibly related to the earlier Cronkhites who descended from Herck Sybouts (arrived around 1641).  I believe (along with many other Cronkhite researchers) that her premise is incorrect and that all Cronkhites were descended from the earliest immigrant, Herck Sybouts(en).  

Herck Sybouts(en) arrived ca. 1641 in New York and married Weyntie Teunis Quick on Nov 16, 1642.  They had 15 children.  According to McKenzie "They lived in New Amsterdam until 1654 when they moved to the Arme Bouwery at Hell gate, then a part of Newtown, L. I.  While he went by the name of of Sybouts and his children by the patronymic Hercx, his grandchildren adopted the surname Cranckheit, later shortened to Crank and Cronk." It is not known at this time why they took this change in name but it has been documented in the records of the NY Reformed Dutch Church, and also in publications by Riker, McKenzie, Doherty, and others.  (Note: There are many variations in the spelling of all these names).  

After many years of trying to get beyond these "other Cronkhite families" I finally found baptismal record in Rensselaer Co, NY which proved to me that my Cronkhite line went back to Herck Sybouts.  I would strongly urge all Cronkhite researchers to continue searching for records which will prove their line to the earlier immigrant.  

I definitely believe that all the talk of an "inheritance" in Holland was a complete sham and should be ignored completely, along with the story of "the three brothers who allegedly came over from Holland in 1742".  Mrs. Hildenbrand also presents another immigrant who came over in 1751.  She herself states that there are many discrepancies in these dates and the dates of birth as presented in the early part of this genealogy.  My belief is that this genealogy was worthy of publication because of the many later families which she documented.  Her chapter on the "Greene" families helped me tremendously, for example.  

I tried my best to transcribe this genealogy as close to the original copy as was possible.  It was very difficult to read in many places as I received a photocopy from which to work.  The staff at the NY State Library in Albany, NY did their very best to make the best copy possible considering the condition of the manuscript.  I will be happy to check my copy for anyone who feels that an error may have been made in the transcription.  

The compiler used (  ) to show that she wasn’t sure of a name, etc.  I have used [  ] where I was not sure of how to transcribe a name or other words.

I kept the original numbering system as much as possible.  There was a title page, followed by typed pages numbered 1-48.  Then there is a gap from pages 49 through 54.  I believe that the compiler intended to put a group of handwritten pages in this space, but for some reason did not number them as such.  The compiler resumes numbering with typed pages 55-80.  I have placed the handwritten pages after p. 80 and have numbered them as pages [81]-[89].  The Index is completely new & I have numbered it as pages 90-120.  However, the numbers have been omitted from this webpage in which they would serve no function.

I would also like to say that my family is on p. 9 of this transcription, and that I have now identified my ancestor as Jacob, son of Samuel Cronkhite & Maritie Bros (Brass).  



Notes by Cliff Lamere:  Some pages were not numbered in the original manuscript.  They have been assigned numbers by the transcriber so that the newly-created index will be easier to use.  


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The original manuscript is in the possession of the New York State Library, Albany, NY.  It is partly typed and partly handwritten.  Margaret sent her typed, indexed transcription to the library in late 2001.




The index  is at the bottom of this document.  Click on one of the following letters to get reasonably close to the surname for which you are looking.


A   Ca   Cr   D   H    L   P   S   V






                                              A BRIEF GENEALOGY OF

                                                THE CRONKHITE FAMILY

                                                AND SOME OF ITS BRANCHES


                                                COMPILED BY

                                                LEORA MAE GREENE HILDENBRAND

                                                (MRS. GEORGE HILDENBRAND)

                                                JOHNSTOWN, NEW YORK









Grateful Acknowledgement is made to the following people for the use of records and date without which it would have been impossible to compile this genealogy.

                        Mrs. Albert D. Case, Hoosick Falls, N.Y.

                        Mrs. Helen Fyvie, Schenectady, N.Y.

                        Mrs. Cora Farwell, Cold Water, Michigan

                        Mrs. C.R. Pedigo, Webster Groves, Missouri

                        Mrs. L.R. Porter, Oshkosh, Wisc.

                        Mrs. L.S. Lansing, Watertown, N.Y.

                        Mrs. William Standerwick, Staten Island, N.Y.

                        Mr. Lester Cronkhite, Syracuse, N.Y.

                        Mr. Joseph H. Schaefer, Syracuse, N.Y.

                        Mr. Frank Cronkhite McArdell, Syracuse, N.Y.

                        Miss Florence Cronkhite, Ft. Plain, N.Y.

                        Mrs. Edith Bellinger, Johnstown, N.Y.

                        Herbert B. Thomas, Atty. at Law, Rochester, N.Y.




            Dedicated to the memory of my great-grandmother,


                        Hannah Cronkhite Greene, wife of


                                    William Greene, Jr.of Indian Castle, Herkimer Co,N.Y.


            “ Leaf after leaf drops off, flower

                                    after flower,

              Some in the chill, some in the warmer hours;

        Alive they flourish, and alive

                                    they fall,

              And earth who nourished them

                                    Receives them all.

              Should we, her wiser sons, be

                                    Less content

              To sink into her lap when life

                                    Is spent?”

                                                                                    Walter Savage Landor.


              “Aye thus it is, one generation comes,

        Another goes and mingles with the dust,

               And thus we come and go, filling up

               Some little space- and thus we disappear

               In quiet succession, and it shall be so

          Till time in one vast perpetuity          

be swallowed up.”                       


This Cronkhite Genealogy is presented to New York State Library, Albany, New York


February, 1953


By the compiler, Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand (Mrs. George), 111 Prindle Ave, Johnstown, N.Y.



                        THE KRONKHITES (CRONKHITES) IN HOLLAND                                


            Records taken from several old letters, and the following is given as a Summary, but with no real authority. (Compiler)


                                                HOLLAND FAMILY



Had issue: three sons.


      b. Jacob b.

     b. David, b.

b. Kasper,b.

 b. Kasper Cronkhite came to this Country about 1755.  Went back with brother and settled his father’s, Hiram’s, estate, came back to America, but through some cause became needy and his brother, Jacob came over and took him back to Holland, where he died.


b. Kasper, b.               d.                                 m.

            had issue:







            Eber, b. supposed to have located in?

            Jacob, b. supposed to have located in Lyons Falls.

            Sally, b.                                                           m.Sherman?

            Martin, b. supposed to have located in Western Oneida Co, N.Y.




                                    HOLLAND FAMILY CONTINUED                                                                


b. David KRONKHITE (son of Hiram (a) Kronkhite


   Had issue, all born in HOLLAND.


            Casper Kronkhite (Cronkhite)

            Jacob Kronkhite  (Cronkhite)

            James Kronkhite  (Cronkhite)


            These three men, Casper, Jacob and James Kronkhite (Cronkhite) are the three men with which we are concerned in this Genealogy. They having come to America in 1742.


            BROTHERS- Jacob, James and Casper Cronkhite.  Emmigrants.                                      


            The “Dresser Genealogy” by Mrs. Jasper Marion Dresser, states that James, Jacob and Casper Cronkhite came from Holland to America in 1741, located in Danbury, Conn., stayed there a few years later moved to Dutchess County, New York.

            A record taken many years ago states “James, Jacob and Casper Cronkhite came from Holland to America in 1741, landing in Connecticut and after engaging in business in Danbury, moved to Dutchess County, N.Y.”

            The following excerpt taken from a letter written by Peter S. Bean, Genealogist in 1902 “JOHN CRONKHITE’S OLD DUTCH BIBLE says “Casper, James and Jacob came to America in 1742”. Copy taken by his son, Jacob Cronkhite 3rd, who was born 1768.

            The youngest child of Jacob (1) Cronkhite was Leah Cronkhite (2) born at Danbury, Conn. 1751.

            There are conflicting statements as to the birth dates of these three brothers, one state James Cronkhite was born in 1685. That date can not be correct if he served in Revolutionary War as has been stated by some people, as it would have made him 91 years old in 1776.

            Another date given for birth of James Cronkhite is 1711. That again is impossible as his oldest son, Henry Cronkhite was born in 1720, as evidence in his Old Dutch Bible which gave his date of birth and the dates of birth and names of his brothers and sister.  Also some records state all of James Cronkhite’s children were born in Holland. The date of birth of his youngest child was George, born 1740.

            James Cronkhite (1) was born in Hars (Haas?) Holland [Comment by compiler], died in Dutchess County a very old man, one record states in 1777.

            “Following is a Clipping from the Washington County Post of Cambridge, New York, that was printed about March 17, 1896.

            To POST:

            Seeing an article in the “POST” of last week speaking of the ashes of James Cronkhite lying on one of Nathan Case’s farms, I would state this is true. James was brother Casper Cronkhite, who left millions to relatives; but he died in Holland.  There was a tombstone marking the resting place of James on which was written –James Cronkhite, born in Holland, seventeen hundred and some odd years, I have forgotten, and when he died.

            Every twenty-four years strangers visited his grave and after a time the stone disappeared. This was many years ago. The stone was of slate, similar to those used in school those days.

            Many heirs live in this vicinity now. The Case’s, Center’s, Mosley’s, Guile’s and many others, I am now unable to call to mind. Many live in Washington County. The heirs would do well to give one million to our goverment [sic] to collect the eighty million from Holland.  There were meeting held in Utica but with little success.  C.H. Young.”


There is also a peculiar thing happened here a good many years ago probably in the middle of the last century.  It is claimed that three strangers came to Hoosick Falls, New York by train and hired a livery rig and were gone a few hours, and they returned to the depot, they had something quite heavy rolled up in a burlap and when the train came, they took the bundle and departed by train back by way of Troy, N.Y.


            The depot agent stated they were nicely dressed, but different from our style of dress. While waiting for the train, he heard them visiting and they appeared to be foreigners.  However, the party that came here every twenty- four years has never been seen since.

            Some think that they had James Cronkhite’s tombstone to prove that James was dead and perhaps prove their claim to get Casper’s money he left.  However, the tombstone with James Cronkhite’s name on it is no where around here now”      


            Casper 2Kasper) Kronkhite (Cronkhite) was one of the Three Brothers who came to America in 1743, from Holland, landed in Connecticut engaged in business in Danbury, Conn., then moved into Dutchess County, New York.  The following taken from a letter written many, many years ago.

            “Casper was a noted Tory, returned to Holland during Revolutionary War, where he died.  He was a bachelor. When he returned to Holland he was angry with his two brothers because they fought against the British.

            Casper’s life was very often in great danger until he reached the other side of the water.  I remember a story of his being hidden in a stock of fodder while the soldiers were searching for him in the place where he resided, after which he left the country.”

            The Compiler remembers as a little girl hearing about the fortune this Casper was supposed to have amassed, and the terms of his Will.  It was told that he left this country and returned to Holland, where he made a great deal of money.  His Will was supposed to have stipulated that the money was to be left untouched for one hundred years, and then divided among the heirs of his two brothers, James and Jacob Cronkhite.

            I also remember seeing a small book about six by eight inches in which were the names of these heirs.  I looked over the shoulders of my parents as they were reading same, but I was too  young to appreciate the significance of this, and to this day I have never found any trace or account of such a book,  yet I remember distinctly seeing it and hearing my parents discuss its contents.  My grandfather and my father William Green would have been among the heirs.

            Many are the stories told as to the outcome of this fortune but the Compiler knows nothing definite about the same,  altho there was quite a furor around about 1896-1903.


            The following notice was found among the papers of the

                        Compiler’s Grandfather, William Greene, Jr.


Copy.              “The time seems to be propitious for some action to be taken by the Cronkhite Family in the State of New York towards a final settlement of the matter of the traditional fortune assumed to be held in trust by the Holland Government, necessarily the first step should be towards organization of all legally interested persons.

            Therefore there will be a meeting held at the Wagner Opera House, Canajoharie, N.Y.  on the 8th day of May, 1902 at 1 o’clock p.m.

            Come and bring others and your records and you will hear something of your ancestors that may surprise you.


                                                            By the wishes of


                                                            Other State Organizations


May 1st, 1902.”


JACOB CRONKHITE (1) The Emmigrant who came to this country in 1742, with brothers, James and Casper (Kasper).

                Jacob Cronkhite (1) born in Holland, thought to have died about 1807.

                Issue:   a. Jacob (2) killed at Bennington Vt. 1777, fought with British army.  He m. Margaret Rickard.

b. Henry,  killed in Revolutionary War

c. John,killed in Revolutionary War

d. Hiram, killed in Revolutionary War

e. James, killed in Revolutionary War

f. Son-banished as Tory

g .Son-banished as Tory

h .Son-banished as Tory

                        i. LEAH, b.1751 at Danbury, Conn., d. at Pompey, NY June 22, 1823, m. David Hibbard, b. 1748 d. 1817.

                                                (a) Jacob (2) Cronkhite, Jacob (1) the emmigrant.

b.        d. Battle of Bennington, Vt. Aug 16, 1777. He m. Margaret Rickard.                              Issue:

1 .Henry,

2 .Rachel,

3 .Samuel, supposed to have gone out west

4 .Margaret

(One record also records a “TUNIS”,  signed Rachel

Cosford, (daughter of Joseph Bowerman.) Tunis supposed to have m. and had-Abraham, b.1743, settled in Ont. , Can., m. June 24 1762 (to Whom?) d. 1818, ae.  75. Mrs. N.L. Proctor’s records state “Henry (3) b. Sept. 14,1770, d. Oct. 4, 1846 at the home of His SON-Henry, buried on Blair farm, near Litchfield, Mich. Margaret Wygant, b.  d. Dec. 14, 1821 near Pamelia Four Corners,NY.


One record states “DRESSER GENEALOGY’ 1638-1913, pub. By Mrs. Solomon B. Dresser, Bradford, Penn. 1913. From records of Mrs. N.L. Proctor.

Lydia Cronkhite’s family (paternal)

                Children of Henry Cronkhite and Margaret Wygant.

Jacob, b. Hoosick Falls, N.Y.    Oct. 1, 1792, d. Nov. 2, 1809.

Katherine, b.   “                        Mar. 16, 1794, d. July 1819.

Jane, b.        “                           Feb. 6, 1796, d. June 24, 1860,m. Makepeace

Elizabeth, b.   “                         Dec. 2, 1797, d. ca 1885, m. Hutchinson

Powell, b.      “                          Aug. 2, 1799, d. Oct. 15, 1821

LYDIA, b.       “                        May 4, 1801, m. PARKER DRESSER Oct. 11, 1818

Pamelia, b. Otsego co. N.Y.     Jan 3, 1803, d. Feb. 7, 1901, m.  Sheley

Huldah, b.      “                        Feb. 25, 1805,d. same date

Samuel, b.      “                        Jan. 14, 1806, d. Aug. 21,1872,Litchfield, MI

John H. b.      “                        Jan. 21, 1808, d. June 1849

Margaret, b. Hoosac Falls, N.Y.  Jan. 10, 1810, d. Dec. 2, 1881, m. Graves

Nancy, b.       “                            May 24, 1813, d. Dec 19, 1888, m. Howard

Henry, b.    Minden, N.Y.           Nov. 19, 1815, d. Oct. 18, 1865,Kalamazoo, MI

Dolly, b.     LeRay,, N.Y.  Jan 12, 1818, d. 1904,  m. Adams”                         


LEAH Cronkhite (2) daughter of Jacob

Cronkhite (1) the Emigrant.

                Leah Cronkhite (2) Jacob (1) b. at Danbury, 1751, died at Pompey, NY, June 22, 1822, bur. At Manilus, NY, m. 1768 David HIBBARD, be was b. 1746 d, 1817. He was born in Greenwich, Conn, died in Milton Center, NY, took an active part in Revolution: Baggage Master for ammunition wagons. Name on monument for Rev. soldiers at Syracuse, NY.

                a. Polly, b. 1772   d.1795, Schoolteacher

. Q.v.       b. Ruth (3), b. 1774, d. 1823, m. 1794 Samuel Clements.

                c. John, b. 1776, killed by a falling tree

                d. Samuel, b. 1779, m. Nancy Pitcher

                e. Robert, b. 1782, m. Nancy Sisson

                f. Rachel, b. 1785, m. Moses Hursdal

                g. Jacob, b. 1787, d. 1816

                h. Isaac, b. 1789, m. Fanny Prindle

                 i.Sarah, b. 1791, m. Biram Gilbert

                 j. Pamelia,b.1799, m. Samuel Keene


                Ruth Hibbard (3) b. 1774, m.1794 Samuel Clements, he was b. 1772, d .1856, (son of Samuel Clements (Rev. soldier) and Elizabeth Knapp.)  Their children:

                (4) Polly, m. J.B. DeOuy and had 4 children.

Q.v.     (4) John Hibbart m. Catherine Hiesredt, and had 4 children.        

                (4) Hiram, m. Charlotte Hinsman, and had 1 son.

                (4) Diantha, m. David Heard

                (4) Elihu, m. Samanatha Reed, and had 11 children.

                (4) Davis, m. Hannah Hubbard

                (4) Julia, m. Marcus Bump

                (4) Charles m.-----------

John Hibbard Clements (4) b. at Pompey, NY Oct 19,1796, was m. 1825 in Monroe Co, NY to Catherine Heisredt, she b. 1796 in Clinton Corners, Monroe Co, NY. Daughter of Warren and Anna Myers Heisredt. They settled in Clarkson, Monroe Co, NY where the four children were born.


                                                Maria (5), b. 1825, d. 1860, m. J.Hassan Van Aken.   

                                                Lucy (5), 1827, d. 1885, m. George W.Van Aken

                                                Eunice (5) b. 1828, d. 1851

                                                  q.v.                        Cortland, b. 1830, d. 1919, m. Rebecca Weatherwax


                John Hibbard Clements (4) moved in 1836 with family to Branch Co, Mich.  Settling on a farm near Coldwater.

                Cortland Clements (5) b. 1830, d. 1919, m. Rebecca Weatherwax Feb 20, 1858 (daughter of Henry H. and Betsey Dillingham Weatherwax.


                Homer, b.1 859, d. 1923

                John H. (6) b. 1861, d. 1946, m. Hattie Hall and Charlotte Fulcher

-----Cora Lucy (6), b. 1870, m. 1887 Frank Farwell and had three children.


                Cora L. Clements (6) b. May 22,1870, Girard, Branch Co, Mich., m. Frank Lewis Farwell, Apr 30, 1887, he b. Dec 28, 1858.                                  Issue – 3 children


1.Lerene (7) Farwell b. Aug 11,1889 d. Sep 22,1891

2.James Lynn (7) Farwell, b. July 20, 1891

3.Mildred Rebecca Farwell (7) b. June 11,1894


James Lynn Farwell, (7) b. Dec 25,1922 m. Hazel A. Russell, she b. Sept 24, 1908.


Ellen Louise (8) b. Nov 18,1923 m. Sumner Smith June 20, 1948, and had Rhenda Lynn (9) Smith, b. Oct 3, 1950.


 Mildred Rebecca Farwell (7) m. Aug 16, 1916 Bishop Burbank   Adams, he b. Oct 25, 1889.

       Children –

a. Jane Adele (8) Adams b. Jun 19, 1917

b.Anne Farwell (8) Adams b.Nov 20, 1919

c. Robert Burbank (8) Adams b. Aug 6, 1922

   Jane Adele Adams (8) m.Oct 1,19 [?], Alvin H. Widenheft.


a. Jean Wiedenheft (9) b. July 2, 1940

b. David Wiedenheft (9) b. Sep 15, 1941

15, 1946               

(b) Richard Adam Wiedenheft (9) b. Apr 16, 1946

d.Wilson Preston Wiedenheft (9) b. Jul 26, 1947


                                                Anne Farwell Adams, (8) m. Aug 30, 1941 Chas. Edward Nelson.                                                                              Children:x

Dianne Adams Nelson (9) b. Oct 15,1945

Chas. Cortland Nelson (9) b. Apr 1951

Robert Burbank Adams (8), b. 1942, m. Harriet Schmitz


 a.Judith Anne Adams, b. Aug 16, 1943

 b. Robert Burbank Adams (8), b. June 18, 1948

Robert Burbank Adams,  m. 2nd June 26,1949 Florence M. Parker.


                 c. Barbara Kay Adams (9), b. Feb. 11,1950



Branch County, Mich. Records. Marriage Certificates, Birth records, Bible Records, G.S. records sent to Compiler by Mrs. Frank Farwell (Cora Lucy Clement Farwell, Mentioned above), 17-1/2 Hull St., Coldwater, Mich. (1952).





                        James Cronkhite (1) from Holland, 1742.


            Following is a summary of the dates of birth of the children of James Cronkhite (1).


       Bible rcd             Consul            Mr.Bean                   Mrs.Wood

1.Henry   b.1720       1720                                                         1720

2.Stephen b.1724       1722                     1724                           1724

3.Hiram   b.1726       1724                      1726                           1726

4.John    b.1722         1726                      1722                           1722

5.James   b.1728       1730                      1728                           1728

6.Dennis  b.1730       1728                      1730                           1730

7.Hosea   b.1733       1732                      1733                           1733

8.Jacob   b.1735        1734                      1735                           1735

9.Casper  b.1737       1736 d.1826         1737                           1737

10.Sarah  b.1739       1738                      1739                           1739

11.George b.             1740                      --                                 --


            The birth of George Cronkhite is correct according to the records from various descendants.

            The above mentioned “Consul” is a man once employed by some descendants to help collect the estate.

            Mr. Bean or Beam was a genealogist employed by some of the descendants to help collect data.

            Mrs. Wood was one of the heirs, and also assists in gathering data.

            One note states that John, b. 1722, Stephen, b. 1724 and Hosea, b. 1733 all died young.



            Henry Cronkhite, Sr. (2) son of James Cronkhite (1) the Emigrant.

            Henry Cronkhite,Sr. listed as a Private in the 14th Regiment of Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) New York in the Revolution.
Page 235, volume 1.


            See accepted papers of Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand of Johnstown, NY (the Compiler of this Genealogy), at National Society of Daughters of American Revolution, National Number, 218498 at Washington,D.C.  She was the first person in the United States to have a paper accepted on the service of this Henry Cronkhite, Sr. (2).




Henry Cronkhite (2) James Cronkhite (1).                                     


            Henry Cronkhite (2) came over to America from Holland with his father, James Cronkhite.  It is thought they lived for a time at Danbury, Conn., then settled in Dutchess County, NY, where Henry lived, at least for a time, then to Hoosick, Montgomery County, NY, [Hoosick is in Rensselaer Co., NY - note by Cliff Lamere] later moved to Canajoharie Town (see 1790 NY Census), lived at one time at Danube, NY. Probably lived at Hoosick during the time of Revolutionary War. Henry Cronkhite,Sr., (2) served in Revolutionary War.  Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand, Johnstown, NY (the compiler of this genealogy) prepared a paper and had it accepted on his services at the National Society Daughters of American Revolution. She was the first person in the United States to have his service accepted.

            Henry Cronkhite,Sr. (2) was born 1720 in Holland, died 1810/1811 at Minden, NY. He married Mary              ; she born   d. 1812. Issue:

1)        Tunis b. Jan 27, 1753 (see Will) at Fonda, NY, dated May 24, 1797, probated July 15,1797.  His will names wife, Mary, and sons, Henry, John , Aury, Abraham, Peter and Isaac.

2)        Mary  b. Nov 14, 1754, d. bef 1792, m. as 1st wife, James DeLong.

3)        Aury, b. Jul  4, 1757, d. Aug 5, l8l5 (see Will)on July 5,1815

4)        Cornelius b. Oct. 18, 1759 d. May 8, 1806 m. Hannah Overacker. She b. 5-11-1764 and d. 2-11-1828.

5)        Anne, b. July 9, 1762.

6)        Hannah, b. Sept 30, 1764, m. Jonathan Paddock.

7)        Henry, Jr. b. Jan 2, 1768, d. 1815, m. Hannah Shafer. She b. Nov. 14, 1772, d. July 5, 1864. (The line from which the compiler descended.)

8)        Jacob,b. June 11, 1771, d.May 22, 1844, m. Elizabeth Sale.

9)        Alcha, Jan 3, 1774 (June 3, 1774), m..Jan 3, 1792 as his 2nd wife,James DeLong (ch.rcd)

10)    John, b. Apr 21, 1777, m. Hannah Sale Jan 8, 1792 (A.Case Rcd.)

References: Names and births taken from DeLong Dutch Bible by Aury Cronkhite, June 10, 1802.

 A copy taken from a record in possession of Mr.James H. Cronkhite, Danube, NY 9th day of Dec 18? 5

            Records taken from Bible in possession of Ithmore Beebe.

Records taken from record belong(ing) to Henry Cronkhite,Sr. Known as his “Old Dutch Bible”.

Records of Ida Hand.

Records of Albert Case, Hoosick, NY.




Tunis Cronkhite (3) of Henry Sr. (2) of James Cronkhite (1).


Tunis Cronkhite(3) b.Jan 27, 1753, d. 1797, (See Will at Fonda, NY book 1, page 146; he m. Mary (Maria).


            Isaac, b. Apr 4, 1796, bpt May 3, 1796.  (Ch. Rcd) he d.

m. Feb 12, 1817 Betsey Sloat (Ch. recd by Rev.John Wack).

(Dec 12, 1817 Refd.Ch. Ft Plain,NY)

            Henry, b. Mar 17, 1784 (recd. Gilead Evangelical Ch, Center Brunswick, Renssealer Co,NY

            John, b.

            Aury, b.

            Abraham, b.

            Peter, b.Mar 22, 1794 (Geisenburg Church recd)





                                                                  Mary Cronkhite (3), Henry (2), James (1) Cronkhite.


            Mary Cronkhite (3) born Nov 14, 1754, d. bef. 1792, m. as his 1st wife, James DeLong.

            Issue:  Had 4 children.



                                                Henry, Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite

Anna Cronkhite (3), b.July 8, 1762. D.



Aury Cronkhite (3) of Henry Sr.of James Cronkhite (1).


            Aury Cronkhite (3) b. July 3,1757, d. July 5, 1815 (See Will-dated Mar 19, 1813 at Hoosick, Renssealer Co, NY. He m. his cousin Phebe Cronkhite (dau. of Jacob) in the Reformed Dutch Church at Schaghticoke, Renssealer Co, NY, she b. 1758, d. 1848.

            Aury Cronkhite (3) served in Revolutionary War, see NY in Revolution, vol. 2,p. 126, served under Col. John Knickerbocker.



Jacob (4), b. July 11, 1778, d. ca 1799

Ezekiel, b. Jan 24,1780, d. 1823, m. Esther

Anna, b. 5-5-1851, m. Jeptha Mosley and had Zabiah, b. 1807, d. May 5,1851

Henry A., b. Feb 28,1783, d.  ; m. Hannah Snydan (Surdan), she b. June 6 1786, d. June 21,1853 ae 67, bur. E. Pittston Cemetery, name also spelled Van Snydan. (See Surdan Genealogy)

Mary, b. May 28,1786

Phebe, b. Feb 7,1788, m. James Aiken, Hoosick Falls, NY.

Alche, b. Nov 12,1789, m. Dec 15,1808 Robert Beebe.

Deborah, b. Oct 17,1791, m. Alex Wilson

Aury Jr., b. June 12,1794

Hannah, b. Aug 12,1798, d. unm.


            Aury Cronkhite (3) and wife, Phebe, are buried in the Old Burying Ground near Giles, and their tombstones remain in graveyard (1899.)  


Henry A. Cronkhite (4), son of Aury (3) and wife, Phoebe; Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite

                        Henry A. Cronkhite (4), b. Feb. 28, 1783. Hoosick, NY, d.________m. Hannah Syndam, she b. June 3,1786, she d. Jan 21, 1853 (g.s).                              Their children:

g.v.                              1. Aury H. Cronkhite (5), b. Oct. 21, 1804, d. Feb. 4, 1878, m. Nov. 3,1828, Matilda Baldwin she b. Feb. 20, 1808, d. Jan. 5,1854.

Q.v.                             2. Sylvia (5), b. Aug. 13, 1806, d, July 4, 1874, m. David Case, He b. Mar. 4, 1798, d. Mar. 23 ,1885. Had 14 children.

Q.v.                             3. Tunis (5) b. Aug. 14,1808, d.______m.1st Naomi Mosley, she b. 1812, d. May 23, 1845, He m. 2nd Melisa Mosley, she b. 1822, d. 1851, aged 32 years old.

4.Henry (5), b. Oct. 17, 1810.

 5.Charles (5) b. Dec. 8, 1813, d. 1878, m. 1835, Polly Cronkhite (dau of Jacob (3)(?), she b. 1813.

6.Anne, b. May 15, 1816.

                 7.Nathan (5), b. Aug. 23, 1818, m. July 23, 1846 Caroline 8. Sherman (of         Stephen and Ruth (Sisom) she b._____d. Sept. 23, 1893.

                 8.Seneca (5), b. Apr 6, 1821, d. Jan 25, 1850, unm.


Aury H. Cronkhite (5) Henry A.(4) Aurey(3) & Phoebe; Henry Sr. (2) James (1) Cronkhite.

                        Aury H.Cronkhite (5), b. Oct 21, 1804, d. Feb 4, 1878, m. Nov 3, 1828 Matilda Baldwin,she b. Feb 20,1809, d.Jan 5, 1854.                      Issue:

                                       Phebe Cronkhite (6), b. Oct 14,1832,d. Mar 5,1897,M. Virgil Cate                    and had-

                                                Clara M. Cate (7)      m.   Fay.                                                             Henry Cronkhite (6), b. Dec 31, 1836


He served in Civil War, see p. 224 “Hist of Wyoming County, NY.

            Tunis Cronkhite (5) above, m. 1st Naomi and had Henry (6), he d. July 12, 1848, aged 7 yrs. 5 mo. 6days

            Tunis Cronkhite (5) above, m. Malisa Mosley and had Edgar, d. Jan 12, 1851, ae 3 yes. Malisa Mosley Cronkhite d. 1851 ae 32 yrs. old.

[Typist note: The above paragraph was crossed out by compiler]


.                                                                                                                                                                                 17b.

            SYLVIA (5), Henry A. (4), Aury & Phebe (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

Sylvia (5) Cronkhite, b. Aug. 13, 1806, d. July 4, 1874, m. David Case, he b. Mar. 4, 1798, d. Mar. 23, 1885. Both bur. E. Pittston Cem. They had 14 children: not in order of birth.

            1. Jonathan Wesley Case (6), b. Nov. 7, 1840, d. Oct. 31, 1924, m. Mariah Lancaster, she b. June 22, 1843, d. Mar 21, 1892.                     Issue:  (7)

                        Clarence Case b.

                                    And had

                                    Jonathan Mosley Case, (8)

                                                m. June 30, 1871 Mary Margaret Connelly.

                        Albert David Case, b. Apr. 8, 1871, d. Oct. 19, 1946, m. Grace Marie Eycleshear, Mar. 5, 1902, she b. June 26, 1880 and had one child, born dead.


2.Sylvia Ann Case (6)


Pedigree of Albert David Case, of Hoosick Falls, NY.

James Cronkhite (1) the Emigrant.

His son Henry 2), 1730-1810, m. Mary, b. d. 1812

His son Aury (3), 1757-1815, m. 1775 Phebe Cronkhite (3) dau of Jacob (James)

Henry A. b. 1783, d.    m. Hannah Surydam, s. d. 1853 aged 65th yr.

His dau. Sylvia 1806-1874, m. David Case, he b. 1798, d. 1885.

Their son Jonathan Wesley Case, b. 1840 d. 1924, m. Mariah Lancaster, she 1843-1892.

Their son Albert David Case, b. Apr. 8,1871, d. Oct 12,1946, m. Mar. 5,1902 Grace Marie Eycleshymer, she b. June 26, 1880, liv.1953.


 Tunis Cronkhite (5), Henry A. (4), Aury (3), Henry, Sr. (2), James (1) Emmigrant.


            Tunis Cronkhite (5), b. Aug 14, 1808, d.    m. 1st Naomi Mosley, she b. 1812, d. May 23, 1845, he m.2nd her sister, Malisa Mosley, she b. 1815, d. 1851, aged 32 yr. old. (The Compiler states these girls were sisters.)


Tunis and Naomi had Henry H. (6), he d, July 12, 1848, aged 7 yrs.5 mos.8 das.

Tunis and Malisa had Edgar (6), d. Jan 12, 1851 ae 2 yrs.


Nathan Cronkhite (5) Henry A. (4), Aury (2) & Phebe, Henry Sr. (2), James (1).


            Nathan (5), b. Aug 23, 1818 in Rensselaer Co, NY. Removal to Washington County, then to Covington from which place he came to Perry, NY where he was a farmer. He m. 1846 Caroline E. Sherman (dau of Stephen & Rude Sisson; had 4 children.

                        Manley, both b. Pittston, bur. E. Cemetery.

                        Emily, both b. Pittston, bur. E. Cemetery.

                        Angelina Violetta, b. Nov 22, 1853, m. Milton.

                        Ruth H., b. Mar 10, 1858, m. Arthur Woodward, and had 5 children.


Ref. p.248 “Hist. Of Wyoming Co., NY”.  Beers



Anna Cronkhite (4) Aury & Phebe (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.


            Anna Cronkhite (4), b. Oct 25,1781, d.     , m. Jeptha Mosley, he b. Aug 5, 1773[?], d. July 30, 1844.


                        Zabiah (5), b. 1807, d. Mar 1851 (g.s) aged 44 years.

                        Malissa (5)

                        Naomi (5)                               m. Tunis Cronkhite (5) son of Henry A. (4), etc.



              Ezekiel (4), Aury & Phebe (3), Henry Sr. (3), James (1) Cronkhite.


            Ezekiel (4) Cronkhite b. Jan 24, 1780, d.                  , m. Esther. She b.                  , d.                   , both bur. Clay Hill Cemetery, Hoosick, NY.

            Had issue:

            Warren (5), b.             , d.                   ,m.


              Had issue:

              Albert Cronk (Cronkhite), (6) of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in 1896 [?].



Cornelius Cronkhite (3) son of Henry, Sr. and Mary (2) of James.


            Cornelius Cronkhite (3) b. Aug 10, 1759, d. May 8, 1805.  Served as private in Capt. Wiltsie’s Co. and also in Capt. Hadlock (Hallock?) of Capt. Yate’s Regt. of Albany Co, NY Militia in the war of the American Revolution.


            About 1785 he was living in Montgomery County, NY and on Mar 1796 he purchased from Abram A. Lansing, Albany, NY the farm of about 130 acres situated, lying and being at Canajoharie on the south side of the Mohawk river, it being part of Lot #25, in a patent formerly granted unto Jacob Lansing and others, but upon Canajoharie township being made smaller sometime thereafter the land would now (1897) be described as situated in the southeastern part of the town of Danube, Herkimer Co., NY.








                        Cornelius Cronkhite (3), b . Oct 10, 1759, d. May 8,1805, bur. Mt. Hope Cem. Fords Bush, NY, m. Apr 28, 1782  Hannah Overacher. She b. May 11, 1764, d. Feb 11,1828. See his Will Fonda, NY dated Apr 17,1805, book 1, p. 321. He served in Revolutionary War.



q.v.                  William Cronkhite (4), b. May 22, 1785, d. Nov 5, 1847, m. Nov 20,1804 Maria Smith, she b. Dec 17,1785, d. Feb 28, 1827.

Q.v.                 Henry (4), b. Dec 12, 1788.   M. Sarah Delevan.

Q.v.                 John C. (4), b. Apr 16, 1796, d. Aug 16, 1860, m. Feb 16,1817 Caty Walrath, she b. Aug 12 (16), 1792, d. Jan 11, 1876.

                        Hannah (4), b.             d.                     m. McWeil.

                        Mary (4), b. June 15, 1783 d.    m. Ainsworth

Margaret (4), b. Apr 17, 1801, d.   m. John Andrew Dingham, he b. 1796/7, d. Apr. 25, 1852,

Elizabeth (Betsey), b. Apr. 28, 1852, m. Oct 5, 1817 Isaac Freeman

            Daniel, b. Feb 10, 1794, bpt Apr 5, 1794, d.y. (?).





John Cronkhite’s Bible Records

Westcott records.

G.S. records.

Schoomaker Gen, p. 218.

Recd. from Mrs. Franklin Miller, Ft. Plain, NY.

Recd. From Mrs. Helen Fyvie, Schenectady, NY.

DAR recds.

NY Bog & Gen.. Vol. 62, p. 297.

Gilead Evangelical recds. Center Brunswick, Renn. Co, NY.

Geisenburg Ch. Rcds.


WILLIAM (4) Cronkhite, Cornelius (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1).

William Cronkhite (4) b. May 22,1785, d. Nov 5, 1847, m. Nov 20, 1804 1st to Maria Smith, she b. Dec 11, 1785, d. Feb 28, 1827.

Issue: Hannah (5), b. Feb 27, 1807, d. Apr 22, 1845, m. Dec 28, 1829,

John Copeman (?))

(Hahneman (?).

            Cornelius (5) b. 1808, d. Feb 7, 1866 (Mar. 31, 1866?) m. Betsey, she b. Feb 18, 1811, d. Aug 2, 1889.

Q.v.     George (5), b. Apr 8, 1811, d. Dec 21, 1879, m. Mary Diefendorf, she b. Mar 11, 1813, d. Mar 30, 1866.

            John Henry (5), b. Oct 11 ,1813, d. June 5, 1814.

            James William (5), b. Mar 20, 1815, d. Feb 14, 1880, m. June 22, 1852 Elizabeth York Peak, she b. Feb 4, 1825, d. Nov 3, 1927.

            Anson (5), b. Oct 9, 1816, n, Dec 27, 1849 Mary Copeman.

            Minerva (5), b. July 13, 1818, m. Jan 16, 1845 John Casler.

            Maria (5), b. Oct 9, 1821, m. Feb 23, 1848 Jacob Wolcott.

Q.v.     Sheldon (5), b. June 3, 1824.


William Cronkhite (4) m. 2nd May 30, 1829 Mrs. Maria Van Ness widow of Philip Van Ness. She b. June 8, 1792, d. May 17, 1881.

            Their children were:

            Louisa (5) b. Sep 8, 1830, d. May 15, 1854, m. Nov 11, 1849 John Parr.

            Laurania (5), b. Aug 7, 1833, d. Sep 30, 1877, m. Jan 18, 1854 Thomas Milligan.

George Cronkhite (5), b. Apr 8, 1811, d. Dec 21, 1879, m. Mary Diefendorf she b. Mar 11, 1813, d. Mar 30,1866.

            Had issue:

            a) Farley (6), b. Mar 27, 1837, d. _________, m. Francis Snell, she b. May 12, 1840, d. Apr 21, 1918.

                        They had: 1) Fred (7) Cronkhite, m. Nettie Bellinger And had:

                        a. Harold (8) m. Ruth Pickard and they had issue: Roger (9), m. Ann Failing.

b. Lucille (8), m. Charles Stockwell and had: Fred Stockwell (9) and Albert Stockwell (9).

     2) Alice (7) m. Howard Sanders, no issue.                         

          b) James Cronkhite (6) b. Jan 6, 1842

          c) Harriet, b. June 20, 1844.

Q.v. d. George D., b. June 18, 1853, m. Gertrude Belle______.    


(Son of George (6), Wm. (4), Cornelius (3) etc.

George D. Cronkhite (6), b. Jan 18, 1853, d. --- m. Gertrude Bellinger, she b. July 16, 1864, living 1952.

            Issue: 2 children.

1.Lynn J. Cronkhite (7), b. June 30, 1890, m. Jan 23,1918 Jennie Casler. She b. July 15, 1898.

2.Florence Cronkhite (7), b. Apr 17, 1895.


Lynn J. Cronkhite (7), b. June 30, 1890, m. Jan 23, 1918, m. Jennie Casler, she b. July 15, 1898.


            George S. Cronkhite (8), b. June 4,1923, m. Anna________.


a. James Lynn Cronkhite (9), b. June 16, 1946.

b. Dennis George Cronkhite 9), b. June 4, 1951.


Sheldon Cronkhite (5), of William (4), Cornelius (3), Henry Sr.

(2), James (1). He b. June 8,1824, d. ______ m. _______.

            Issue: 1) Eugene Harvey (6), b. June 1856, Minden, Montgomery Co, NY. d. May 1921, Fulton Co, N.Y., m. Margaret F. Walrath, she b. _______ d. ____________. Had issue:

                                                Floyd (7), b. Mar 28, 1880 in Cedarville, Herkimer Co, NY.

                                                George Sheldon (7), b. Aug 9, 1885 Sterling Valley.

                                                Ray F. (7), b. Apr 6,1893 Oswego, NY.

                        2) Marvin (6), b. _______; d. _____m. __________?

                                                Had issue:

                                                Earl (7) Cronkhite.

                                                Herbert (7) Cronkhite.



HENRY C. CRONKHITE (4), Cornelius (3), Henry, Sr. (2), James (1).


Henry C. Cronkhite (4), b. Dec 12, 1788, d. Nov 5, 1843, m. Apr 10, 1810, Sarah Delavan, she b. Apr 5, 1790, d. July 3, 1873.


            Their children: (possibly not in order of birth)

1) Betsey Ann, b. Mar 13, 1818, d. Feb 11, 1860, unm.

2) John Henry, b. July 11, 1820, d. Jan 4, 1886, m. Caroline_______, she b. May 31, 1821, d. June 25, 1902.

             3) James, b. Feb 11, 1823, d. Apr 12, 1909, m. Oct 22, 1846 Margaret Moyer, she b. June 4, 1828, d. July 3, 1873.

                        And had:

                        Elma Cronkhite (6), b. Town of Danube, NY, Dec 5, 1862, d. after 1930, m. Sep 20, 1882 Fayette Sanders, he b. Nov 13, 1857, d. Aft 1932. They had:

                                                   Leah Sanders (7), b.     m. —Pierce.

            [Note added in handwriting: also son, Neryer (?) Cronkhite, b. ca 1849.]


See DAR papers of Leah Sanders Pierce #126868 and DAR paper of Elma Cronkhite Sanders #57969.


   4) Daniel m. Martha Moyer

                  5) Martha E. m. Spalding Meyer (Moyer?).

            6) Sally m. William Richard

                  7)Hannah m. Isaac Countryman

                  8)Polly m. David Schall




DAR papers of Elma Cronkhite Sanders Nat.# 57969.

And Lelah Sanders Pierce                             Nat.#126868.


            CORNELIUS CRONKHITE, Rev. soldier b. at Claverack, NY, Oct 10, 1759, d. Danube, Herkimer County, NY, May 8, 1805, he m. HANNAH OVERACKER, she b. May 11, 1764, d. Feb 11,1828, m. Apr 28, 1782 at Schaghticoke, NY

                        His son-

            Henry C. Cronkhite, b. Dec 12, 1788, d. Nov 5, 1843, m. Apr 10, 1810, Sarah Delavan, she b. Apr 5, 1700, d. July 3, 1873.

                        Their son-

            James H. Cronkhite, b. Feb 11, 1823,d. Apr. 12, 1909, m. Margaret Moyer Oct , 1846, she b. June 4, 1828, d. Aug 12, 1909.

                        Their daughter –

                        Elma Cronkhite, b. Town of Danube Dec 5, 1862,d. aft.1930, m. Sept 20, 1882 Fayette Sanders, he b. Nov 13, 1857, d. aft. 1932.

                        Their daughter –

                        Lelah Sanders b.



JOHN C. CRONKHITE (4), Cornelius (3), Henry, Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

            John C, Cronkhite (4), b. Apr 16,1796, d, Aug 16,1860, m. Feb 16,1817, Caty Walrath, she b. Feb 12,1797, d, Jan 10,1876. He lived and died in Danube, Herkimer County, NY. See Will Book L. p.326 dated Dec 17,1860. Surrogate’s Office, Herkimer, NY.Issue: 10 Children

           1.Hannah Cronkhite (5) b. Feb 6,1818, d. July 21,1884 Buell, NY, she m. Mar 11,1841 Henry Van Ness.

                         2.Elizabeth (5), b. Mar 11,1820, d. Dec 2,1866 at Canajoharie, NY. m. Sep 30,1838 Charles Moyer.

                         3.Mary (Maria) b. Aug 19,1822, d. Sep 3,1890 at Freys Bush, NY m. Jan 14,1847 Peter Fake, he b. Sep 26, 1823, d. Jan 14,1891.

                         4.Caty Ann Cronkhite (5), b. Nov 1, 1825, d. Nov 30,1907 m. Jun 11,1846 William Countryman (son of George & Elizabeth (Balter) Countryman. Both buried in Ft.Plain, NY Cemetery, in their son Norman’s burial lot, near the large fountain. William Countryman, b. Sept 26,1826, d. Feb 20,1896.

                         5.Young son, b. Feb 25,1828, d. Mar 5,1828.

                         6. Cornelius Cronkhite (5), b. Mar 28,1829, d. Sep 9,1830.

                         7.Lucine (5), b. Apr 28,1831, d. Aug 18,1837.

                         8.Sarah (5), b. Dec 12, 1833/35, she liv.1910 [note added in handwriting that she d. May 2,1902.], m. Nov 4,1886(1885?) as 2nd wife to Henry Van Ness.

9.Jonas Cronkhite (5), b. Nov 12,1836, d. May 2,1900 at Danube, NY, m. Feb 11,1864 Anna McKenzie. They had at least one son-Grant Cronkhite (6) who lived on Cronkhite Farm. (Added: b. Dec 20,1866, d. Dec 9,1920 m. Sep 17, 1890. Had son Ralph b.189?].

                        10.John Reuben Cronkhite (5) b. Oct 3,1840, d. Dec 5,1892 at Fords Bush, NY m. Jan 29,1868, to Sarah J. Davy.


            John Reuben (5) b. Oct 3,1840, d. Dec 5,1892, m.Sarah Davy.                              Had Issue: 4 children:

Merlin, b. Nov 6,1870, d. May 31,1939, m. no issue.         

                                    Mable, not married

                                    Edna, m. Clark Cott



                        Of John C. (4), Cornelius (3), of Henry, Sr. (2), James Cronkhite.

Q.v.                 CATY ANN CRONKHITE (5) b. Nov 1,1825, d. Nov 30,1907, m. June 11,1846 WILLIAM COUNTRYMAN (son of George & Elizabeth (Balter) COUNTRYMAN. He b. Sep 26,1826, d. Feb 20,1896. Both bur. Ft.Plain Cem. On Norman Countryman’s lot (their son) near large fountain.

                        Their children: 4

Q.v.                 1) Norman Countryman (6) b. May 10,1848, d.

m. Emma Strayer Dec 13,1871.She b. May 8,1848.

Q.v.                 2) Edgar Countryman (6), b. Feb 8,1850, d.

m. Elizabeth Empie Apr 23,1871.

Q.v.                 3) Milton Countryman (6), b. Jun 24,1852, d. Dec 28,1894, m. Mary C. Winnie (dau of Christopher) she b. Sep 2,1860, d. Mar 16,1885.

                        4) Charles (6) no dates.

            NORMAN COUNTRYMAN (6) b. May 10,1848, d.      , m. Emma

Strayer Dec 13,1871,she b. May 8,1848, d.     , dau of Josiah & Catherine Strayer.                       Issue:

                        1) Josiah Strayer Countryman (7) b. Aug 21,1874 d. Mar 20,1920, m. Bettie Countryman (dau of Reuben & Christina Countryman) Dec 6,1806.

                        2) Fayette Strayer Countryman (7) b. Dec 25,1882, d.                      m. Dec 14,1910 Carrie Lippert.

                                    Issue of Fayette & Carrie Countryman

                                    Donald (8), b. Apr 8,1911

                                    Ella May (8) b. Oct 4,1917    

EDGAR COUNTRYMAN (6) b. Feb 8,1850, d.

m. Elizabeth Empie Apr 23,1879, dau Garret A. Empie) she b. July 16,1857.                     Issue: (Taken from family tree.)

Son (Edgar?) b.    d

                                                Virgie F. Countryman (7) b. Aug 5,1882

Therese M. Countryman  (7) b. June 20,1884

                                                Percy A. Countryman  (7) b. Sep 5,1887

                                                Julius F.Countryman  (7) b. July 15,1894

MILTON COUNTRYMAN (6), b. June 24,1852, d. Dec 28,1894, m. Mary C. Winnie, she b. Sep 20,1860, d. Mar 16,1885.  Issue:

            Winnie b. Aug 27,1880

            Libbie, b. Jan 1,1885,d. Sep 6,1894

MILTON COUNTRYMAN, m.2nd, Viola Garlock, she b.   d. Feb 17,1903

Leland (7) b. May 23, 1892, d. Aug 13,1899


            Hannah Cronkhite (3), Henry, Sr. (2), James Cronkhite (1)


Hannah Cronkhite 6th child of Henry Cronkhite Sr. and wife (Cornelia?) A letter found among some old papers state “Mr. Bean told me Henry’s wife was named Mary, but Cornelia Cronkhite died at the home of her daughter, Hannah Cronkhite Paddock.” The Compiler will leave this data re: Cornelia open for debate.


Hannah Cronkhite (3), b. Sep 30, 1784 (Oct 31,1764, Hand rcd.) died___, m. Jonathan Paddock.

                        Issue: 7 children.

1) Ruth Paddock, b. ____d. ____, m. John F. Campbell.

2) Hannah Paddock (4), b. Apr 29, 1786, d. July 22, 1866, m. Apr 14, 1812 Loaminy Wilcox (Wilcot?) of Conn. He was b. Aug 27, 1787.

            Issue: 5 children

1.Caroline Wilcox (5), b. Aug 1, 1813

2.Edmund Wilcox (5), b. Sep 18, 1816

3.Isaac Wilcox  (5), b. Oct 16, 1818,d. in Onondago Co, N.Y. July 23, 1822.

4.Harvey Wilcox (5) b. Mar 30, 1822, d. May 10, 1890, m. Oct 1, 1844 Harriet Demmond of Worcester, MA.

            Issue: 2 children

            1.Charles Francis Wilcox (6), b. July 6, 1852, d. Jan 27,1 897, m. Frances L. Cahill, Nov 17, 1873. She is the one who wrote the letter re Cornelia, from San Jose, CA. 567 South 8th.       Issue: 8 children

                 1) Harriet Wilcox (7)

                 2) Mary Wilcox      (7)

                 3) Lucian Wilcox  (7)

                 4) Justin Wilcox  (7)

                 5) Monica Wilcox  (7)

                 6) Hilda Wilcox        (7)

                 7) Ruth Wilcox    (7)

     8) Philip Wilcox  (7)

                                                2.Harvey Edgar Wilcox (6), b. June 12, 1861

                                    5.Cordelia (5), b. Mar 10, 1825, d. abt 1880.

                        3.Jonathan (4) Paddock

                        4.John (4) Paddock

                        5.Isaac (4) Paddock

                        6.William (4) Paddock

                        7.Theodore (4) Paddock


                                                                                    “Minden, Mar. 23, 1805           

Articles of agreement made and concluded upon between James DeLong of the town of Minden and Cornelius Cronkhite and Henry Cronkhite, Jr. of the same place and Aury Cronkhite of Hoosick: being parence [sic] to the above name and are destitute of a place to live, we the above named Cronkhites do agree with James DeLong that he shall furnish a good and comfortable dwelling house for said Henry and Mary his wife as above mentioned as long as they live and in case the property that said Henry Cronkhite has on hand, except the necessary furniture to keep house and bed and bedding and one cow is not sufficient for their support after this is expended he the said James is to keep a correct account of all necessary expenses that do arise to support the said Henry and Mary above married and we the above named agree to pay to James DeLong or his heirs our equal proportion of such expenses yearly and every year if required for the true and faithful performances we bind ourselves our heirs and assigns executors and administrators in the penal sum of two hundred dollars.


            As witness our hands and seals the day and year above riten.

                                                            James DeLong (s)

                                                            Aury Cronkhite (s)

                                                            Cornelius + His Cronkhite (s)

Henry Kronkhite and      Henry  His Cronkhite, Jr (s)

Henry T.Cronkhite signs this              Mark

            “We certify that the above agreement is a copy from the original and was copied by Norman W. C. Countryman on the 28th day of February, 1896.                   S. Elizabeth Morehouse.”


            The said contract was owned by Mr. and Mrs. John Kenyon of Buskirks Ridge, Washington Co., state of NY. 1896.


            “Rec’d of Henry Cronkhite Jr His equal share towards the support of his father Henry Cronkhite up to 7th day of March 1810.                James De Long.                                 Aury Cronkhite”       

Copy               “January 22, 1812

                        This is to certify that Henry Cronkhite of the town of Minden did on the 22nd day of January settle and pay Mr. Francis DeLong Fourteen dollars and three shillings, which is in full satisfaction of all demands he had against him or any other person for the expense of his Mothers sickness and funeral charges required by me.                                                            Francis De Long


John Cronkhite

Polly Crane.


            Henry Cronkhite (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.             


Henry Cronkhite, Jr (3), born Jan 2, 1768, d. 1815 Minden, NY m. Hannah Shafer ca 1788/90. She b. Nov 14, 1772, d. July 5, 1864 at Indian Castle. She remarried, and is buried on Old Greene Homestead Farm at Indian Castle, NY. She married Peter Ackler as 2nd husband.

The issue of Henry Cronkhite, Jr. (3) and Hannah (Shafer) Cronkhite.   

            1. Hannah Cronkhite (4), b. Mar 23, 1790, m. Mar 8, 1808 William Green of Indian Castle, town of Danube, Herkimer county, NY, she d. Oct 31, 1882, he born Mar 27,1786, d. Apr 24,1852.

            2. Cornelius (4)                       [liv. 1865]

3. John (4), b. Feb 2, 1794, bpt Mar 2, 1794, [liv. 1825]

            4. Polly (4) m.       Crane   [liv. Nov 5, 1865]

5. Henry (4), b. Apr 18, 1800, d. Mar 23, 1884, m. Sally Brown, she b.      ,d [.Apr 18, 1838]

6. Jeremiah (4)  liv.1846

            7. James (4) b. 1803-1806,[liv 1854]

8 . Jacob (4) liv. 1818.[ Minor 1815]

9. Eliza (4) liv. 1818. [Minor 1815]

10.Alida (4) b .prob. ca 1797, liv 1865 m. Henry (2) Eckler bet. 1818-1822

The last named five children were minors at time of their father’s death, in 1815 [except Alida]

The Compiler has in her possession the original papers, deeds etc of Henry Cronkhite, Jr. with many receipts for money paid to heirs.

Below find names of children with dates of receipts for money given them by Josiah Crane and William Green, administrators of Henry Cronkhite, Jr.’s Estate.

            Hannah Green, Apr 1,1867

Cornelius Cronkhite receipt 1816,Apr 17,1821, 1847, 1865.

John H. Cronkhite, Dec 25,1816, Jan 8,1818, Nov 10,1819 (note) and Nov 10,1825.

Polly Cronkhite Crane, Nov 5,1865.

Henry, (b. in 1800) receipts for 1821-1832. Witness Apr 1,1866 &1867.

Jeremiah Cronkhite (mother’s receipt June 25,1815 to Mar 17, 1818


[Typist’s note: Some dates on this page were hand written. I have place them

in brackets]




            Jeremiah, last payment.  Apr 7, 1846.

            James (see Mother’s receipt 1818) and Jan 31, 1834.

            Jacob Cronkhite (Mother’s receipt 1818) and Jacob’s deed.

            Eliza Ann (see Mother’s receipt 1818).

            Alida (not mentioned in Mother’s receipt 1818).

            Alida Cronkhite Apr 2,1820.

            Alida Eckler at Warren, N.Y. Apr. 7, 1821. Also signed Henry Eckler. His name also appears again in 1831.

            Alida Eckler 1865.




                                                Of Henry, Jr. (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1)

            Hannah Cronkhite (4), b. Mar 23, 1790, d. Oct 31, 1882, m. Mar 8, 1808 by Rev.Vack, of Fords Bush, NY to William Green, he b. Mar 27, 1788, d. Apr 24, 1852.

            Issue: 10 children

            Henry Green (5), b. July 9, 1808, m. Louisa Ackerman.

            Amy (5), b. Apr 10, 1811, m. James Jenkins.

            Hannah (5), b. Mar 17, 1813, d. unm.

            Lewis (5), b. Sep 17, 1815, m. Eliza Jones.

            Hulda (5), b. Mar 22, 1818, m. James Zoller.

            William (5), Jr., b. Aug 9, 1820, m. Lavina Cook.

            Gula Elma (5), b. Oct 2, 1822, m. Jeremiah Rogers.

            John W. (5), b. July 26, 1825, m. Margaret Schuyler.

            Walter (5), b. Jan 2 7, 1831, m. Catharine Walrath.

            Polly (5), b. Dec 11,1827, m. John Walrath.


            WILLIAM GREEN, JR. (5) b. Aug 9, 1820, d. Feb 14, 1903, m. Lavina Cook Oct 28, 1841, she b. July 4, 1821, d. Feb 11, 1901. She was the daughter of Samuel Cook (2) and wife Madgalena Gramps (dau of John P. Gramps (served in Revoltionary War and his wife, Ann (Nancy) Bellinger (She dau of Lieut. John Bellinger, a Revolutionary soldier died at battle of Oriskeny, NY. Samuel Cook was the son of Peter Cook and his wife____Fritcher.  Peter also served in Revolutionary War. William Greene’s grandfather, AMBROSE GREEN, was a soldier in Revolutionary War.  HANNAH CRONKHITE’S grandfather, Henry Cronkhite, Sr. (2) served in Revolutionary War.

            Issue of William Green and wife,  Lavina (Cook) Green:

            William A. Green (6), b. Sep 2, 1854, d. May 11, 1855.

            Wilson H. Green (6), b. Apr 5, 1856, d. Dec 25, 1932, m. Anna House Oct 2, 1872 [?], she b. May 28, 1855, d. ____. No issue.

            WILLIAM COOK GREEN (6), b. Oct 4, 1859 (?), d. Jan 23, 1944 at Johnstown, NY, m. Leora A. Leavitt, Nov 11, 1885, she b. Apr 28, 1866, d. Nov 15, 1928. She was the daughter of Simon B. Leavitt and wife, Jennett B. Madison.  Simon B. Leavitt was son of Joseph B. Leavitt and wife, Lydia Bliss of Thomas Rogers of The Mayflower Ancestry. Joseph B. Leavitt was son of Sherwood Leavitt and wife,  Hannah Bennett,  whose father was Capt. Najah Bennett in the Revolutionary War.  The father of Sherwood Leavitt was Sargt. Josiah Gold Leavitt who served in Captain Najah Bennett’s Company in Revolutionary War from Connecticut.


(See “The John Leavitt Family Genealogy of Hingham, MA.) and Gen. Of the John Greene of Quidnessett, RI Family” compiled by Leora Mae Green Hildenbrand. She is also the Compiler of this ‘CRONKHITE GENEALOGY”, 1952.



            Issue of William Cook Green (6) and wife, Leora A. Leavitt Green.

            1.Leora Mae Greene, b. May 4, 1887, m. Aug 30, 1901 George Hildenbrand at Johnstown, NY. He was b. Mar.28, 1880 in Petersburg, Ontario, Canada. Both living 1952.   No Issue.

She is Compiler of this Genealogy.

            2.Claude William Greene (7), b. Nov. 27, 1888, d. May 12, 1890.

            3.Earl Leavitt Green (7), b. Apr. 5, 1891, m. Mary Kolmus of Utica, NY June 12, 1916. She b. May 20, 1891. Reside Downey, CA.


1.John Earl Greene (8), b. Feb. 5, 1918, m. Nov. 21, 1940 Aileen Mitchell. One son David Earl Greene, b. June 30, 1945. John Earl remarried to Velda Pollard, Jan. 31, 1947, she b. Mar. 7, 1912.

2.William George Greene (8), b. Oct. 17, 1919, m. Feb. 5, 1943 to June Waters. Issue: Wendy June, b. Nov. 26, 1944.

3.Robert Kolmus Greene (8), b. Mar. 3 ,1921.

4.Earl Leavitt Greene, Jr. (8), b. Nov. 2, 1923, m. Dec. 23, 1944 Betty Louisa Allaback.


            Susan (9), b. Feb. 6, 1949

            James (9), b. Mar. 12, 1950

5.James Richard Greene (8), b. May 22, 1925.

6.Charles Wilson Greene (8), May 13,1927, m. Joan Helen Dodd Mar. 4, 1948, she b. May 21, 1901.

      Issue: Chas. Wilson Greene, Jr., b. Aug. 26, 194?

            4.Mildred Jennett Greene (7), b. Sep. 6, 1894, m. Apr. 17, 1920 James Hawley of Johnstown, NY, he b. Apr. 4, 1893. Res. El Monte, CA.

            5.Marion Levina Greene (7), b. Dec 19, 1900, d. June 28,19??




                        -[Could not read title]--------------------OF THE ENGLISH ANCESTRY OF JOHN GREENE (1) OF QUIDNESSETT, RHODE ISLAND.

Generation 1

1.Sir Alex. De Greene of Boketon.

2.Sir Walter De Greene of Boketon.

(The second son)

3.John De Greene of Boketon married a lady of the de la Zoushe line.

4.Sir Thomas De Greene of Boketon, m. Alice dau of Sir Thomas Boltesham of Braunston.

5.Sir Thomas De Greene, m. Lucy Lucie de la Touche.

6.Sir Henry De Greene, m. Katherine, dau of Sir John Drayton.

7.Sir Henry De Greene, m. Natilos, dau of Sir Thomas Hauduit.

8.Thomas Greene, of Isham, third son, m. Ela dau of Ankatil Malorie.

9. [Blank]

10.John de Greene, fugitive.

11.Robert Greene, of Gillingham, Dorsetshire.

12.John Greene, of Gillingham, Dorsetshire.

13.Henry Greene.

14.Robert Greene.

15.John Greene, born 1608, came to America 1635. From now on he will be known as JOHN GREENE (1) of Quidnessett, RI.

Numbered anew in America.

JOHN GREENE (1) b. 1606 in England, Came to America in the ship “MATTHEW” in 1635. He eventually located in Gov. Winthrop’s Colony in Mass. From there he went over into Rhode Island. He mar. 1643 a young widow, Mrs. Joan Beggarly. He died 1695. She b. ____. d. 1682.


1.Edward, b. ca 1643, m. Mary Tibbetts.

2.John, b . ca 1645, m. Abigail Wardwell.

3.Daniel, b. ca 1647, m. Rebecca Barrow.

4.Henry, b. ca 1650.


6.Robert, b. 1653

7.James, b. 1655, m.1st Elizabeth____; m.2nd Ann_______



10.Benjamin, b. ____d. 1665 m. Humility Coggeshall.




CAPTAIN EDWARD GREENE (2) son John Greene (1) of Quidnesset, RI


            Captain Edward Greene (2) b. ca 1643, m. Mary Tibbetts.


Daughter (3), b. 1680, m. Havens

George (3), b. , m. bef. 1702, Mary (believed to be Pierce.)

Robert (3)

William (3) m. Rachel Smith

Son (?) name Edward Greene (3)?


WILLIAM GREENE (3) Son[of] Capt.Edward (2) John Greene (1) of Quidnesset, RI. M. Rachel Smith and had dau Rachel and three sons, one William Greene (4).

            William Greene (4), b. abt 1712, m. Martha Jackson. He d. 1774/5 Amenia, NY, she

 d. 1790.


Phillip Greene (5), b. 1736, m. Polly Hicks.

Rachel (5), b. 1738, m. Louis de la Vergne.

Augustus (5), b. 1740, m. Mary Rudyard.

Phoebe (5), b. 1742, m. Thomas Smith

Timothy (5), b.  1744, m. Frances de la Vergne.

Ambrose Greene (5), Apr 9,1746, m. 1766 Gula Elma Lester

Naomi Greene (5), b. 1748

Ruth Greene (5), b. 1752


AMBROSE GREENE (5) b. Apr 9, 1746, m. Gula Elma Lester 1766, she was b. June 6, 1746, d. June 1, 1826, he d. Aug 29, 1837.


            Ruth Green (6) b. Sep 30, 1767, m. George McMulen

            John Lester Greene (6) b. Apr 17, 1770, m. Ruth Barker

            Amy Greene (6), b.Sept.23,  1772, m. Zacheus Swift

            Felix (6) b. Mar 20, 1775, m. Helen Herkimer

            Rachel Greene (6), b. Aug 15, 1777, m. David Carpenter.

            Elizabeth Greene (6), b. Mar. 24, 1783, m. Henry Nellis

WI LLIAM GREENE (6) b. May 27, 1788, d. Apr 24, 1852, m. Hannah Cronkhite, she b. Mar 23, 1790, d. Oct 31, 1882. She was the daughter of Henry Cronkhite, Jr. and wife Hannah Shafer.


[Note: see also page 33]                                                                                                        33a.


            AMBROSE GREENE  (5) b. Apr 9, 1746, m. Gula Elma Lester 1766, she b. June 6, 1746, d. June 2, 1826; he d. Aug 29,1837

            Ambrose Greene (5) served in the Revolutionary War.


            Ruth Greene (6), b. Sep 30, 1787, m. George McMullen.

            John Lester Greene (6), b. Apr 17, 1770, m. Ruth Barker.

            Amy Greene (6), b. Sep 23, 1772, m. Zacheus Swift.

            Felix Greene (6), b. Mar 20, 1775, m. Helen Herkimer.

            Rachel Greene (6), b. Aug 15, 1777, m. David Carpenter.

            Elizabeth Greene (6), b. Mar 24, 1783, m. Henry Nellis.

Q.v. WILLIAM GREENE (6), b. May 27, 1788, d. Apr 24, 1852, m.       

HANNAH CRONKHITE, she b. Mar 23, 1790, d. Oct 32, 1882. She was the daughter of HENRY CRONKHITE, JR. (3) and wife, Hannah Shafer.

WILLIAM GREENE (6) son of Ambrose (5), of William (4),

William (3), Captain Edward (2), John Greene (1) of Quidnesset, RI.


WILLIAM GREENE (6), b. May 27, 1788, d. Apr 24, 1852, m. Mar. 8, 1808, HANNAH CRONKHITE (4), she b. Mar 23,1790, d. Oct 31,1882. She was the daughter of HENRY CRONKHITE, JR. (3), of Henry Sr. (2), James Cronkhite (1).



1) Henry Greene (7), b. July 9 ,1808/9

               2) Amy Greene (7), b. Apr 10, 1811, m. James Jenkins.

               3) Eanoch Greene (7), b. Mar 17, 1813, d. unm.

               4) Lewis Greene (7), b. Sept 17, 1815, m. Eliza Jones.

               5) Hulda Greene (7), b. Mar 22, 1818, m. James Zoller.

               6) WILLIAM GREENE (7), b. Aug 9, 1820, m. Lavina Cook, (daughter of Samuel Cook (2), Peter Cook (1).

               7) Gula Elma Greene (7), b. Oct 2, 1822, m. Jeremiah Rogers.

               8) John W. Greene (7), b. July 26, 1825, m. Margaret Schuyler.

               9) Walter Greene, b. Jan 27, 1831, m. Catherine Walrath.

10) Polly Greene (7), b. Dec 11, 1827, m. John Walrath.


WILLIAM GREEN, JR. (fifth in Cronkhite line)(7th in Greene line), b. Aug 9, 1820, d. Feb 14, 1903, m. Oct 28, 1841 Lavina Cook, she b. July 4, 1821, d. Feb 11, 1901.



            William A. Greene (6), b. Sep 2, 1854, d. May 11, 1855.

            Wilson H. Greene (6), b. Apr 5, 1856, d. Dec 25, 1932, m. Oct 8, 1879 Anna House, she b. May 28, 1855, d. after 1941.No issue.

            WILLIAM COOK GREENE (6), b. Oct 4, 1859, d. Jan 23, 1944, d. at Johnstown, NY. He m. Nov 11, 1885 at Little Falls, NY LEORA A. LEAVITT (dau of Simon and Jeanette B. (Madison) Leavitt. Leora b. Apr 28, 1866, d. Nov 15, 1928 at Johnstown, NY. (See Greene Genealogy, by Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand, 1941.  She is the Compiler of this Cronkhite Genealogy.   She lives in Jownstown, NY).

WILLIAM COOK GREENE (6), b. Oct 4, 1859, d. Jan 23, 1944,m. Nov 11, 1885 Leora A. Leavitt. She b. Apr 28, 1866, d. Nov 15, 1928.


1) Leora May Greene (7) in Cronkhite line, b. May 4, 1887, liv.1952, m. Aug 30, 1911 at Johnstown, NY George Hildenbrand. He was b. in Petersburg, Ontario, Canada Mar 28, 1880, liv. 1952.  No issue.

2) Claude William Greene (7), b. Nov 27, 1889, d. May 12, 1890.

3) Earl Leavitt Greene (7), b. Apr 5, 1891, m. June 19, 1916 at Utica, NY. Mary Kolmus. She b. May 29, 1891. Res. Downey, Calif.

4) Mildred Jennett Greene (7), b. Sep 6, 1894, m. Apr 17, 1920 James Hawley of Johnstown, NY. He b. Apr 4, 189?both liv. 1952 at El Monte, CA.

5) Marion Lavina Greene (7), b. Dec 19, 1900, d. June 28, 1909.


Earl Leavitt Greene (7) and Mary Kolmus Greene had issue:    a. John Earl Greene (8), b.  Feb 5, 1918,m. Nov 21, 1940 Aileen Mitchel.  Had issue: David Earl Greene (9), b. Jun 30, 1945.  John Earl Greene remarried Jan 31, 1947 Velda Pollard.  She b. Mar 7,1 912.

                                    b. William George Greene (8), b. Oct 17, 1919, m. Feb 5, 1943 June Walters. Had Issue: Wendy June (9), b. Nov 26, 1944.

                                    c. Robert Kolmus Greene (8), b. Mar 3, 1921.

d. Earl Leavitt Greene, Jr. (8), b. Nov 29, 1923,m. Dec 29, 1944 Betty Allaback. Had Issue: Susan (9), b. Feb 6,1949 & James (9), b. Mar 12, 1950.

                                    e. James Richard Greene (8), b. May 27, 1925.

                                    f. Charles Wilson Greene (8), b. May 13, 1927,m. Mar 4, 1948 Helen J. Dodd. She b. May 24, 1931. Had issue: Charles Wilson Greene, Jr. (9), b. Aug 26, 1949.


WILLIAM GREENE (6), son of Ambrose Greene (5), of William Greene (4), William (3), Capt. Edward Greene (2), John Greene (1) of Quidnesset, RI.


WILLIAM GREENE (6), b. May 27, 1788,d, Apr. 24, 1852,m. Mar. 8, 1808 HANNAH CRONKHITE (d) of Henry, Jr. (3) of Henry, Sr. (2) James (1). Hannah Cronkhite (4) b. Mar. 23, 1790, d. Oct. 31, 1882.


Henry Greene (7), b. July 9, 1808/9

Amy Greene (7),   b. Apr. 19, 1811, m. James Jenkins.

Eanoch Greene (7 b. Mar. 17, 1813 d. unm.

Lewis Greene (7), b. Sep. 17, 1815, m. Eliza Jones.

Hulda Greene (7), b. Mar. 22, 1818, m. James Zoller.

Gula Elma Greene (7), b. Oct. 2, 1820, m. Jeremiah Rogers.

John W. Greene (7), b. Jul. 6, 1825, m. Margaret Schuyler.

Walter Greene (7) b. Jan. 27, 1831, m. Catherine Walrath.

Polly Greene (7), b. Dec. 11, 1827, m. John Walrath.

Henry Greene (7) b. 1808/9, d. 1864, m. Louisa Ackerman, she b. 1811, d. 1887.


            David Greene (8), 1830-1928, m. Mary Ann Connell, she 1833-1901.

            James Wilson (8) 1832-1893, m. Alice Couper

            William (8) m. Elizabeth Cooper?

            Lucinda Greene (8), 1833-1894, m. David D. Palmer

            Mary Catherine (8), 1837-1912, m. Philip Marcus Coonradt.

            Adalia Greene (8), m. John Henry McDougal

For family-See “Greene Genealogy”, by Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand, 1941.

AMY GREENE (7) b. Apr. 10, 1811, m. James Jenkins.


            Hannah (8), d. unm.

            George Jenkins (8)


Polly Catherine Greene (7), b. Dec. 11, 1827, m. John Walrath.


            Charles Walrath (8), m. Rose Shaul

      John H. Walrath (8), b. 1856—d.1933, m. Jennie Garden

            Libbie Walrath (8), m. Chauncey Houpt.    

Eanach Greene (7) b. Mar. 17, 1813, d. aft 1852, unm.Lewis


            Lewis Greene (7) b. Sept. 17,1813, d. Dec 11,1852, m. Eliza Jones. Issue:

                  Elma Greene (8), 1846-1934, m. 1866 Myron Prince.

                  Henry (8), 1840-1860

                  Seward (8), 1843-1863

      Clayton (8) 1848-1866


Hulda Greene (7), b. Mar 22, 1818, d. Dec 20, 1877, m. Dec 28, 1836 James Zoller, he b. Apr 20, 1809, d. May 5, 1905.


John Menzo Zoller (8), 1840-1899, m. Mary Elizabeth Lawrence, 1846-1912.

Jacob (8), 1842-1928, m. Amanda Walrath, she b. Aug 11, 1851

Malisa (8), 1844-1933, m. Abraham Putnam.

William (8) M.D., 1846-1913, m. 1st Emma Zoller, 2nd Juliette Dillenbeck.

Dion Theodore (8) 1848-1879.

Ivan (8) 1850-1938, m.1st Janet Wheater, m.2nd Janney McRoberts, had issue.

Mary Katherine 1852,  m. 1887 Almond Smithers,  he d. 1893.

James Lewis Zoller (8), 1855, m. Mary Wheater, 1860-1917.

Alvaro (8) M.D. 1857-1900, m. Lottie Devoe, she b. 1855.  Had issue: Leslie & Maud.

Elizabeth Zoller (8) b. 1861, m. 1885 Clarence Loveland, 1861-1933.


GULA ELMA GREENE (7), b. Oct 2, 1822, d. Apr 17, 1868, m. Jeremiah Rogers.    Issue:   Lucinda Rogers (8) 1844-1927, m. Ervin Robinson and had issue.

John W. Greene (7), b. July 26, 1825,d Jul 1, 1876, m. Margaret Schuyler, she 1826-1902. Issue:

Walter Greene (8)

Cornelis Greene (8) 1851-1924, unm.

Anna Greene (8) 1864-1935, unm.

Ellis Greene (8) had issue.

Almeda Greene (8) b. Nov 5, 1860, d. Jun 1, 1927, m. Frank Van Dycke.  Issue: Leta, and Wilbur Van Dycke (8) also Edna.

            Wilbur b. Sep 23, 1891, m. Ethelyn Mae Webster & had issue Ann M. b. Apr 26, 1934 (10).

                Wilbur Greene (8)

                Libbie Greene (8)

                Melvin Greene (8)

                        See Greene Genealogy, by Hildenbrand, 19441

           Walter Greene (7) b. Jan 27, 1831, d. Jun 13, 1876. m. 1852 Catherine Walrath, she b. May 26, 1830, d.Aug 20, 1900.


            Lewis Elphonzo Greene (8) 1854-, m. Anna L. Dygert and had issue:

            See Greene Genealogy, by Hildenbrand, 1941


            Henry (4) Cronkhite, Henry Jr. (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.



Henry Cronkhite (4), b. Apr. 18, 1800, d. Mar. 23, 1884 in the town of Clay, NY. Post address Liverpool, NY. He m. Sallie Brown (dau of John Brown of Richfield, NY) She b.         , d. Apr. 18, 1838.

            Issue of Henry (4) Cronkhite and wife, Sallie Brown Cronkhite.

1.Henry H. (5), (b. prob. the Henry b. 1830,( q.s.), d. 1906 (q.s.), m. Mary Wheeler, and had 4 children. She b. 1830, d. 1890.

a. Sallie (6) b. 1846

b. Martha (6), b. Feb. 14,1848, d.     , m. June 4, 1870 Charles Bartlett.

c. John (6), b. July 3, 1949, d.      , m. 1872 Nettie Aynslie

d. Walter (6), b. Dec. 12, 1850,d.    , m. 1876 Elizabeth

2.Sarah Cronkhite (5), b.                   , d.       , m. Sep 13,1843 Orson Adams Enos.


                        a. Henry Perry Enos (6), b. Mar. 13, 1848, d. 1850

                        b. Henry Adelbard Enos (6), b. Jan. 23, 1853, d. 1856

                        c. Sarah Elizabeth Enos (6), b. Nov. 19, 1857, m. Sep. 14, 1876 Charles Morehouse.


                                    1.Sarah Lulu Morehouse (7), b. July 12, 1879

                                    2.Ruby Eunice Morehouse (7), b. Jan. 1, 1891




 Cornelius Henry Cronkhite (4), Henry Jr. (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1).

Cornelius Henry Cronkhite (4), b.                , d.                   , m. _______

            Had issue:


            1.Henry Cornelius Cronkhite (5), b. 1830, d. Nov 10 ,1906, m. Mary Ann Van Horne, from Van Hornesville, NY. She b. 1830, d. May 29, 1890, aged 60 yrs.

            He lived in town of Clay, Onondaga County, NY about 1 mile south of a small village named Clay Corners.

            Had issue:

                        Cornelius (6), m. Mary J. Hunnery (7) Lunney. She b. 1856. He b. Jan 19, 1856, they had issue: William, m. Lillian Colline (7th gen.)

                                                     Lester, m. Doris McIntyre.


Katherine (6), m. Charles Walrath, issue: Lena, & Mamie (7th gen).

                        Emma (6), m. 1st Robert Peacock, issue: Florence. 7th gen. Emma m.  2nd Edward Youngs, he d. 1946.




Above- Cornelius (6), b. Jan 19, 1856 m. Mary J. Hennery (Mary J.Lunney)(Jennie Luney). She b. 1856.

                        Had issue: (7th gen)

                        1.William (7), b.                      , d.                   , m. Lillian Collins of Solway, NY. They had 1 child-Catherine (8), m. J. Cottrel of Solway, and had John (9).


                                    Catherine (8), m.2nd,  J. Barker of Elbridge, NY and had five children.



                        7th gen. 2.Lester, b.                , m. Doris McIntyre of Baldwinsville, NY and she b.

                        Had issue: 2 children.

                        Muriel (8) b.               , m.Sgt. John Bridges of Mitchel Field, NY add. 50 Boyden St., Syracuse, NY.

                        Kenneth (8), Sgt. has seen 9 years of U.S. service not married 1952


            Katherine (6), b.                     , d.                   , m. Charles Walrath,

                        Issue: Lena & Mamie (7)

                        1. Lena, b.                   ,m.Fred Trafton [?] of Syracuse,NY ,no issue.

                        2. Mamie, b.               , m. Fred Lattimore, no issue.


            Emma Abbott (6), b. Feb 1,1860, liv. Feb 1952, m. Robert Peacock of Liverpool, NY. Had issue:

                                    1. Florence (7), b.                   , m. Deforest Abbott.

                                    Had issue:

                                    Elva (8), b.                  , m. Hawkins. Res. 2313 N. Terry St., Portland, Oregon.

                                    Had issue:

                           (9) Harold Hawkins, b.              m.

                                            and had issue:

                                               (10) Terry Hawkins, b. 1948

                                               (10) Mark Hawkins, b. 1951

                          (9) Glyn C. Hawkins, b.       m.

                                                and had issue:


                                                            (10) Linda Dian Hawkins, b. 1948

                                                            (10) Christie                      b. 1947

                                                            (11) Patrick                        b. 1951



                                    Robert Abbott (8), b.              , m.                              Res. 120 Hinsdale Dr,Mattydale,NY had issue: Robert Charles Abbott (9), res. 1200 Court St.,Syracuse,NY.

                                    Arlene Abbott, b.                    ,m.Ludwig.      Res. 504-1/2 Tully St., Syracuse, NY. Had issue: Kermit F. Ludwig (9).


Emma Cronkhite Peacock (6), m. 2nd Edward Youngs, he d. 1946. She liv. 1952.                        



            James Cronkhite (4), Henry Jr. (3), Henry Sr. (3), James Cronkhite (1).


James Cronkhite (4), b. 1803, d. Sep 24, 1886, ae. 83, m. Elizabeth Onderkirk, she b. 1808, d. Nov 18(?), 1876.


                        William (5), m. Hannah Folger

                        Sarah   (5), m. Dan Matthews

                        Henry J. (5), m. ______________, had a dau, m. Oliver Day (no issue). Henry lived near Liverpool, NY.



            William Cronkhite (5) m. Hannah Folger.


                        James (6), m.             


                                    Margaret (7), m. Dalannie

                                    Mollie (7), m. Nelson

                        Cora (6), b. prob. 1855-1860, d. 1947, ae. 87, m. Mark McArdell. Issue:

                                    Willard McArdell (7), b. Aug 18, 1885

                                    Frank McArdell (7), b. 1883.




 Jacob Cronkhite (3), Henry Sr. (2),  James Cronkhite (1).

                        Jacob Cronkhite (3),  8th child of Henry Sr. (2), Cronkhite. Jacob was b. June 11, 1771. D. May 22, m. Elizabeth Sale.

       Issue: 9 Children.

 1. Hannah (4), b. Dec 12, 1792, d. May 3, 1866, m. Joel Scudder Jan 19, 1814, he b.     , d. Mar 3, 1866 (d. Apr 24,1877.

 2.Betsie (4), b. Sep 12, 1793, d. Jul 6, 1880, m. Jacob Cronk, Jan 1816.

       3. Polly (4), b. Sep 12, 1793 (twin of Betsie), d. Apr 29, 1877, m. John Barnhart.

 4.Elsie (4),                 m. May 31, 1820, John Robens.

 5. Aaron (4), b. 1795, m. 1st Catherine Milton. He m. 2nd   Hannah Lake.

 6. John (4), b. Sep 8, 1798, m. Sally Springsteen.

 7. James (4), b. May 17, 1804 at Charleston, Montgomery Co, NY, m. Lucina Van Brunt Jan 29, 1832.

 8. Malana (4), b. May 17,b. 1804 (twin of James), at Charleston, Montgomery Co, NY, d. Feb 25, 1879 (Apr 24, 1877?), m. Preservia Bullock, Nov 13, 1831. He d. Mar 3, 1866.

 9. Catherine (4), b. Jan 11, 1807, d. Mar 13, 1883, m. Jared S. Spring, Sept 2, 1828. He died July 30, 1891.


            Issue of Catherine (4) and Jared S. Spring. 6 children:      

1. Henry Cronk Spring, b. Feb 7, 1830, NY City, m. Mar 26, 1854 Annie S. Salisbury. She d.   Apr 5, 1891.

                        2. Gilbert Spring (5), b. Mar 14, 1832 NY City, m. Lydia Shaw, Mar 22, 1860.

                        3. Frances Vulney Spring (5), b. Jun 8, 1836 in NY City, m. Oct 31, 1872 Dell Norton.

                        4. Daniel W. Spring (5), b. Feb 21(Nov? 1838, in NY City, m. Sep 12, 1857. Lorancy Bush.

                        5. Albert Spring (5), b. Sep 18,1843 in NY City, m. Dora Rector

            6. John A.Spring (6) or Jonathan), b. Aug 17, 1847, in Cannon, Kent Co, MI, m. Sep 5, 1872, Frankie B. Lowe (Love?). She d. Jan 12, 1890.


JAMES (4), Jacob (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.  

James (4) Cronkhite b. May 17,1804 Charlestown, NY, and m. Jan 29, 1832 Lucina Van Brunt. She b.        Issue:

            Sarah F. (5), b. Oct 2,1833

            Polly A. (5), b. Jul 30,1835

            Jacob (5), b. Apr 14,1838

            Betsey F. (5), b. Jan 17,1840, m. Ira Ayer.

            Lydia A. (5), b. Oct 27,1842, d. 1924, m. Reuben Potter

Tantha Jane (5), b. Mar 15,1844, d. 1933, m. Arrie Simons.

            James (5), b. Apr 10,1846, d. 1919, m. Martha Shea

            Harriet L. (5), b. Feb 13,1848

            Henry D, (5), b. June 10,1850, d. 1934, lived in Pontiac, MI.

            William D. (5), b. Oct 10,1852

            Franklin (5), b. Aug 10,1856

Willis (5), b. Mar 13,1860, lived in Kalamazoo, Mich.

James (5), James (4), Jacob (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

            James (5) Cronkhite, b. Apr 10,1846, d.                   , m. Margaret Shea, b.


                        1) William (6) Cronkhite, b. Oct 10, ____, d.1926, m. Anna Harmon, b.                  and had 2 children.

                                                Frank (7)

                                                Florence (7), b.           , m. John Ichoft

                        2) Margaret (6), d. aged 4 years

                        3) Nora (6), b. , d. Aug 14,1943, m. Valda Canfield

                        4) James (6), b.           , d. Oct 1924, m. Alice Halvey and had two children:

                                                Lois May (7), b. May 21,1909, m. John Lambalzer.

                                                Leo (7), b. 1911, m. Edna Mater. Lived in Lockport, NY in 1942.  

                        5) Frank (6), b. June 8,1887, m. Laura Alice Baldwin

                        6) Edward (6), b. Dec 3,1882, not married.


            Frank (6), b. Jun 8,1857, m. Laura Alice Baldwin

                        Issue: 5 children.

a. Lester Edwin (7), b. Jun 19,1907

b. Margaret Lorraine (7), b. Dec 18,1909

c. Frances Laura (7), b. Aug 14,1911

d. Willis Baldwin (7), b. Mar 7,1913

e. Helen Elizabeth (7), b. Mar 14,1915                                 

(These records on this page were furnished by Mrs. Helen Fyvie, Schenectady, NY)


                         Altze (Alcha) Cronkhite (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

Alcha Cronkhite (3) was the ninth child of Henry Cronkhite (2). She was b. Jan 3,1774, m. Jan 3,1792 James De Long, [he b. Mar 11,1771, buried Ilion, NY.]

            Issue: 10 children

            1. Mary (4), b. Nov 2,1793, m.          Schuyler

      2. Sarah (4), b, Feb 1,1795, m. [Abraham] Elwood Diefendorf

            3. James (4), b. Feb 8,1797, m. Diefendorf

      4.Hannah (4), b. Aug 10,1799,m. (one record states Hannah m. a Diefendorf).

5.Elizabeth, b. May 5,1801, m. William Baldy                         6.Rosanna De Long (4), b. Jan 14,1803, d. May 19, 1849, m. Jan 28,1823,John M. Rasback. (Should be Rasbach).

Issue: 9 children

1.James (5) A. Rasbach, b. Jan. 15,1829, m. Sep. 4,1849, Laney Eysman

2.John E. (5) Rasbach, b. Sept. 28,1830 m. Oct. 8,1849, Lucy Ann Eyzman

3.Sarah S. (5) Rasbach, b. Oct. 7,1832, d.y.

4.Theodore D. (5) Rasbach, b. July 20,1834, n. Nancy Lucas.

5.Rosetta (5) Rasbach, b. June 25,1836, d. June 23,1860, m. Feb. 21,1855 J.S.Hand. Issue: 1 child:

1.Ida F. Hand b. Dec. 26,1855.

                        6.Charles A. (5) Rasbach, b. Nov. 5,1837

                        7.William B. (5) Rasbach, b. Aug. 16,1839, m. Dec. 18,1860, Delia Kellar, she d. May 30,1894.

                        8.Thaddeus F. (5) Rasbach, b. Sep. 25,1841, m. Elizabeth Malone.

                        9.Wallace A. Rasbach (5) b. Jan. 18,1843, d. Nov 13, 1893, m. Jan 21,1864 Mary F. Kellar, she b. Mar 29,1893.

7.Rachel (4), b. Jan 8,1805

8.Aury (4), b. 1807

9.Hiram (4), b. 1809

   10.Sophia (4), b. Mar 16,1811


James Adam Rasback (5) (son of Rosanna DeLong and John Rasback). He b. Jan 15,1829, m. Lany Katherine Eysman, Oct 4,1848, they moved to Clinton, IL.

        They had daughter – Edith Rasbach (6), b. Oct 3,1864, d. Freeport, IL, Aug 16,1944, m. Joseph Aley Eson Jan 3,1881, he b.11/19/1861, d. 2/3/1926, and had – Josephine A. Eson (7), b. 10-29-1881, m. 3/18/1901 William J. Stephenson, he b.12/28/1876, d.1/25/1934.




            Sarah Ruth Stephenson (8), dau of Josephine Eson (7) and William J. Stephenson.


Sarah Ruth Stephenson, b. 8/18/1883, m. Jun 6.1926 Clyde R. Pedigo, he b. Nov 29,1903.


            William John Pedigo (9), b. Jan 30,1928, m. Ann Elizabeth Lukens Oct 15, 1951.


Therese Booth Stephenson (8), b. June 23, 1908, m. Sept. 1, 1935



      Jon Wells Barkhurst, 2nd (9), b. Jan 8,1938

            Stephen Charles Barkhurst (9), b. Mar 20.1941

            Rosemary Ruth Barkhurst (9), b. Feb 7.1944




            John Cronkhite (3), Henry Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.


John Cronkhite (3), born Apr 21, 1777, d. ______? m. Jan 3,1792 Hannah Sale. She b.


            They had –


     Mary (4), b. July 19,1808. Ref. Dutch Ch. Glen, N.Y.



                                    SECOND CHILD.


John Cronkhite (2), son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


John Cronkhite (2), b. 1722, said to have died young.



                                    THIRD CHILD.


Stephen Cronkhite (2), son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


Stephen Cronkhite (2), b.                  is said to have died young.




            Hiram Cronkhite (2) son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


            Hiram Cronkhite (2), was b. in 1726, no further records available


                                            FIFTH CHILD.


            James Cronkhite (2) son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


            b.1728, d.1811, m. Elizabeth Fish. (From one record).


                                                SIXTH CHILD.

            Dennis Cronkhite (2) son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.

Dennis (2) b. in 1730. It is just possible that this is the Dennis who married 1777/78 Anna Van Wirt and had issue –

                        Stephen m. Mary (?)

                        Rebecca, who had Rebecca (the name CELISTA V. CRONK appears in this record, but Compiler knows nothing further.


In one record this note was found – William Dennis, m. Eliza Van Wirtz and had –





Another record gave this brief note –

“Denis, b. Sep 21,1784/88, m. Lettie Williams, Jan 17,1807 at North Salem, NY. He d. Sep 23,1820.

                        Had Issue:









The Compiler knows only that the first names Dennis, b. 1728 is correct.





                                                SEVENTH CHILD.


Hosea Cronkhite (2), son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


Hosea Cronkhite, b. 1733, supposed to have died young.




                                    EIGHTH CHILD.


Jacob Cronkhite (2), b.1735. (Son of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


Jacob Cronkhite (2), b.1735, d. Oct 16,1796, m. Anna_______.

When he died in 1796 it has been said he left an estate of 387 English pounds, 13-. o.



1.Stephen (3), b. 1756, m. Caty Freeman.

            2.John (3), b. ____, d. ____, m. Merriam Hyat (Hiat).

            3.Elijah (3), b. ___, d. ____, m. Betsey Sickles.

            4.Phebe (3), b.1758, d.1848, m. Apr 13,1775 Aury (3) Cronkhite son of Henry, Sr. (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

                        They had ten children. Names not at present known to Compiler.

5.Anna (3), b. ___, d. ____aged 90 years.

            6.Merriam (3), b. July 20,1784, d. Oct 23,1852.

            7.Jacob (3), b. ___, d. ____, m. Bethsheba Surdam.

                        Had one dau –

                        Polly, she m. Fred C. Johnson, and had







                                                NINTH CHILD.


Casper (2) Cronkhite of James Cronkhite (1) the Emigrant.


Casper Cronkhite (2), b. 1737, supposed to have died 1826, but there are no records available to Compiler. 


                                                TENTH CHILD.


Sarah Cronkhite (2) of James (1) Cronkhite, the Emigrant.


Sarah Cronkhite (2), b. 1738 or 1739.   No further record.




                                                                ANTHONY CRONKHITE FAMILY 

(This record given by wife, Norma, of Lucius Stratton Porter, Oshkosh, Wis.

Anthony Cronkhite, he b. June 17,1776, d. Aug. 2, 1823,m. Elizabeth she b. Jan. 9,1778, d. Sep 30,1803.

                Their children:

                Clarissa, b. May 26.1799, d. Apr 18,1815

                Mary, b. Jun 22,1801

                John A., b. Aug 25,1803

                Sarah, b. Jan 9,1806, d. Oct 18,1851, m.        Smith

                Ephraim, b. June [1?], 1808

Isaac Hoag, b. July 13,1811, d. Sep 19,1866, ae 55-2-6-(g.s.)

                Susanna, b. Sep 2,1814, d. Apr 18,1815

                Elizabeth, b. Nov 18,1816

(This entire record was from Elizabeth Cronkhite Booth to her sister Fanny Delphine Cronkhite Porter. May have been taken from a family Bible.


Isaac Hoag Cronkhite, b. Jul 13,1811, (also g.s.) ae 55-2-6,d. Sep 19,1866 at Wautoma, Waushara Co, WI, bur. there; m. Fannie Slafter dau. Samuel P. & P. (Chatterton) Slafter, b. (say) Mar 26,1814, d. May 30,1863, ae 42-2-4 (g.s.) Bur. Wautoma Cem.

                                Issue:    (of Isaac)

a) Winston Cronkhite, b. Virgil, NY, d. Calif. m.1862 Sarah (Sate)______, she b.1843, d. CA.

                They had children: Cronkhite

                                Charles (see below)

                                Kate (Katherine), m. F.R. LeFevre & resd. Calhoun, GA was dead by 1839. No record.

                                Charles, b. Jul 1866,m. Katherine______

(From old letters). Res. CA.

                Children: Cronkhite

                Marshall, b. Mar 14,1892

                Charles, b.1809

b. Elizabeth Cronkhite (of Isaac) b. 1840, d.1917, bur. in Wautoma Cem, m. Charles Booth as his 1st

Wife. Divorced. (He m.2nd Mrs. Russel.) Elizabeth Cronkhite and Charles Booth had children: Bessie

(Elizabeth) b. Mar 20,1881, b. July 25, 1910, bur. Wautoma, m. Sep 12,1906 at Stevens Point, WI to Carly S. Porter son of Pliny & Eve Porter of Berlin, WI and had Lorna Porter, b. Jun 10,1910,d. Jul 17,1914.

c. Piley[?], NY Town of Virgil as were the others, m. & lived at Plainfield, Wisc. and had –

Julie Cronkhite, m. Feb. 17,1891 Elmer Van Buskirk, b. Sep 1,1862, d. Mar 16,1928.

                Children – Van Buskirk

                Cora, m. Humphrey

                Lila, m. Potter

                Margaret, m. Hubbard.) no other record) {wid. Jan 29?]


Anthony Cronkhite p.2                                        


d. Mary Louise Cronkhite, b. Aug 28,182, Town of Virgil, Cortland Co, NY, d. June 3,1924, town of Cicero, Outagamin Co, Wis., bur. Union Cem, Shamano, m. at Oshkosh, Wis. at home of F.G.Waring, Jan 17,1877 to Lewis H. Stedjef, b. Norway Feb 7,1850, d. town of Cicero, Apr 27,1926, bur. Union Cem. He was son of Andrew Olson & Carrie (Butlin) of Norway, Waushara Co, WI.         Children: Stedjef



                Edward, b. Nov 4,1877, res. Three Lakes, Wis.

                Carrie, b. May 17,1880, m. Rufus Day, res. Near New London, Wis.

                Carl, b. May 16,1882, d.1882, d. May 19,1900

                George Buel, b. Jul 22,1885, known as Buel

                Louis, b. Oct 13,1887

                Andrew O., b. Jul 9 [?], 1892, (Records of this family came from him.) He m. Bertha Butzloff, b. Jan 21,1896, res. Nicholas, WI.


                                Owen Carl Stedjef, b. May 23,1920

                                Nora Loraine, b. Aug 27,1921                         

                Mabel, b. Jan 10,1895, m. Lawrence Roselie, res. New London, WI.

                Marie, b. Sep 29,1896, d. June 7,1923.



                a. Fanny Delphine, b. Mar 23,1851, at Virgil, Cortland Co, NY, d. Dec 16,1930 at Oaro, Wis., bur. Wautoma Cem, m. Nov 20,1866 at Pine River, Wis. by Elder Campbell to Lester N. Porter, son of John & Ann (O’Shay) Porter of Mt. Morris, WI. Lester N. Porter, b, Nov 2,1844, Milwaukee Co, WI, d. Wautoma July 1921, bur. Wautoma Cem.

                                Children of Fanny Delphine Cronkhite & Lester N. Porter. (All born at Mt. Morris, Wis.)

           1.Claire Wellington Porter, b. Mar 17,1869,Delavan, Wis., d. Dec 24,194? Delavan, WI, bur. Williams Bay, WI, m. Sep 12,1894 Rachel M. Spear, she b. May 8,1877.
Claire attended Elementary & Normal Schools of Waushara Co, Wis., and taught school for at time. He learned the cheese making trade but made farming his principle career.

                                Children of Claire W. Porter & Rachel Spear Porter.

                 1.James Lester Porter, b. Apr 30,1895, Plainfield, WI, m. Vera Youmans. James Porter was in World War I.

                          Children of James L. Porter & Vera Youmans

                                                1.Claire Wellington, b. July 15,1920





                                2.John Ross Porter, b. Sep 18,1897. Waushara Co, WI, m Jun 2,1920 at Marshfield, WI Irene Bessie Tripp, she b. Mar 6,1899 Greenwood, Wis., dau.of Charles & Ida (Torsch) Tripp. John      Porter served in World War I- overseas.


                                `               Donald Wayne Porter, b. Jan 14,1928, Marshfield, Wis.

                                                Mavis Ida Porter, b. Sept 16,1923,Marshfield, WI, m. May 16,1942 Gordon Schelling (son of Leroy). She graduated from Marshfield High, 1941.

                                                One child – Sharon Lee Schelling, b. May 27,1947.

                                3.Kenneth Day, b. Aug 6,1891, no record.

4.Lawrence Bliss Porter, b. Jan 30,1905, m. Sep 30.1929, South Bend, IND. Helen Johanna Dreger, she b. Aug 30,1906, South Bend, IND. He was in service, World War I.


                                                                                                Anthony Cronkhite Family p.3     

Children of Lawrence Bliss Porter and Helen J. Dreger Porter:

                1.Grace Velora, b. Jun 15, Elkhorn, Wis.

                2.Ronald Eugene, b. Apr 17,1935,Burlington, Wis.

                3.Paul Edward, Jan 16,1937, Union Grove, Wis..

                4.David Lawrence, b. Aug 20,1939,Chicago, IL.

                5.Selma Helene, b. Feb 23,1941, Stoney Park,IL.

                6.Laura Jean, b. Sep 4,1944.

                                With the exception of Ronald Eugene, these children were all burned while parents were working in defense plant, on Jan 23,1945, They were alone but one half hour between father’s and mother’s shift.

5.Lincon Spear Porter, b. Apr 11. 1908, no record, but has a family.

6.Claire Wellington Porter, b. Mar 8,1910, d.1913.

2. Phea Antha Porter, b. Apr 2,1872, (dau of Fanny Delphine Cronkhite Porter, d.                              , m. Nov 17,1893, George Protherou of Mt. Morris, WI.          Children:

                                                                Charles Gardner Protherou, b. Jul. 3,1896. At Mt.Morris, WI, m. Elizabeth Combs who d. Feb 22,1936. He formerly lived in West, no trace now.

                                                                Mary Delphine Protherou, b. Aug. 25,1894,d. Dec 1898, bur. Wautoma Cem.

                Phea Antha Porter, m. 2nd George Straub, Dec 30,1906, in Los Angeles. George was son of George & Barbara Straub of Oshkosh, WI, he b. May 3,1864, New York City.

                                                                Children: Straub

                                                                Lester Porter Straub, b. Sep 20,1913, Ouro, Wis., m. Oct 14,1843[sic at Berlin, Wis. to Carolyn Stater, she b. Dec 17,1911 (dau Fran & Anne Kushobaki) Stater of Berlin. No issue.

                                                                Zilpha Delphine Straub, b. Jun 26,1916, Ouro, WI, m. May 26,1945 Leslie Arnold Hildrebrand at Ouro, Wis. by Rev. H.D.Boyer. Leslie b. Aug 11,1906, Sheriden, Portage Co, Wis., son of Fred & Linda (Kiester) Hildebrand. Leslie served in French Morocco, Corsica & Italy.


                                                Carla Jean Hildebrand, b. Jun 26,1948,Oshkosh.

                                                Jean Marie, b. Oct 11,1949

                                                Robert Lewis, b. Oct 23,1950

3.John Ross Porter, b. Mar 7,1874,m. Hermion (Martin) d. Jan 8,1944 at home farm Richfield near Marshfield, Wis., bur. Wautoma, Wis.

                He m. 2nd Mary 9,1845 Cora Isabel (Hawk) (Adams) b. June 16,1877, Hartford City, IND., dau. of George & Sata C. (McKinley) Hawk, now res. Glendale, Ariz.

4.Lucius Stratton Porter, b. Jan 31,1887, at Mt. Morris, WI, res. Oshkosh, WI, CPA. m. May 10,1911 Norma F. Stuart, dau. George & Sarah (Cooley) Stuart of Wautoma, she b. Mar 13,1889 Deer Lodge, Mont. Norma F. (Stuart) Porter is the person who prepared this section Anthony Cronkhite Genealogy, for which the Compiler wishes to extend her thanks.


f. Antha, b. 1855, d.1884, m. Winfield Call. Issue-Warren and Jesse LeRoy, b.1880, d.1909, Helen Kenny Vancower, Jun 26,1907.




      Records from Mrs. Wm. Younker, 231 Venetian Sq., Long Beach, CA.


“My Mother has a Bible which we found about 30 years ago, the book is date 1801, and names of the family in the book date back to 1776, the names are:


            ANTHONY CRONKHITE, b. June 17,1776


            Elizabeth    “, b. Jan 2,1779


            Clarissa             “, b. May 26,1799

`           Mary                  “, b. June 22,1801

            John                   “, b. Aug. 25,1806

Sarah        “, b. Jan. 8,1805

            Ephraim V.   “, b. June 10,1908

            Isaac H.     “, b. July 15,1811

            Jupanna      “, b. Sept. 2,1814

            Elizabeth    “, b. Nov. 18,1816




            Jupanna, died Apr 18,1815


            Anthony, died Aug 2,1833


            Elizabeth, died Sep 30,1841


            Sarah C. Smith, died Oct 18,1851




                                                SUMMARY SHEET


                CRONK, (ALIAS CRONKHITE) JOHN.  W20 926

Parents: Names not stated.

Birth: Date and place are not stated


Services: When LOIS CRONK, alias CRONKHITE, applied for pension in 1838 as the widow of John Cronk, alias Cronkhite, on account of his service in the Revolutionary War, it was alleged: he entered the service in the year 1776, served as Corporal in Captain Hicks’ and Andrew Fink’s Companies, Colonel Goose Van Schaicks New York Regiment; he was discharged at or near Newburgh, New York, in the year 1783. It was stated that he was in the Battle of Monmouth and Futaw Springs, that he was present at the execution of Andre and was “at the taking of Cornwallis”.


                Pension was allowed for service of 3 years.

Pension: Certificate No.5 818 was issued July 9,1844 to Lois Cronk, alias Cronkhite, widow of John Cronk, alias Cronkhite, rate 88 dollars per annum, acts of Mar 3,1843, and May 31,1844, Albany, New York Agency.



Family: He married Lois, the daughter of Joseph Gifford of Hoosick, NY. She stated that they were married on March 28,1782 while he was home on furlough.  On February 1,1838 when Lois applied for pension her age is shown as 70 year, the date of her birth and name of her mother are not stated. She received her pension as late as March 1847.  They had 11 children. It is shown that Hannah, their eldest child, married and had 3 children and died Mar 13,1816 at the age of 29 years, 3 months; “Delaney” was their next child, Patty their third child, married Joel Wilson and had children. Ira, their fourth child, was born in Mar 1796 and resided in Rensselaer County, New York in 1838. Joseph, Josiah and Ananias are the only other children mentioned. In 1839 Benjamin Gifford of Fulton Co, New York stated that he remembered the marriage of his sister, Lois; Joseph Lewis also of Fulton County, stated that he married a sister of Lois.


Residence; Before the Revolutionary Was he resided in Hoosick, Albany County, New York. He lived with his family on a farm in the town of Schaghticoke in that same neighborhood for many years and moved from there in the year 1810.

Veteran’s widow resided in Pittston, Rensselaer County, New York, in 1838.


Death: The veteran died in September 1816, day and place not stated.


Information incident to pension payments may be obtained by addressing an inquiry to the Comptroller General of the United States, General Accounting Office, Washington, DC, and citing the date records above opposite “Pension”.





Mrs. Isaac Elwood, DeKalb, IL, the record of the DELONG BIBLE which she found.


Copy of a record of Henry and Mary Krokheit (now spelled Cronkhite) children and the date of their births (see record of Henry Cronkhite (2) Sr. (son of James Cronkhite (1). This Henry born 1720 from a record in an old Bible of Henry and Mary Cronkhite later supposed to have been in possession of Ithmar Beebe, of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. and state of NY.


There was an Old Dutch Bible in the possession of the Compiler’s Grandfather, William Green of Danube, Herkimer Co, NY that disappeared. One person states “stick to Old Dutch Bible of Henry Cronkhite (2).


Records taken from JOHN KRONKHITE’S Old Dutch BIBLE. A copy taken by his son, Jacob Kronkhite, b.1768.


An excerpt from a letter states “The copy taken from John Kronkhite Old Dutch Bible.


An excerpt from a letter “(many year ago)” Henry Cronkhite, Jr. brother of Aury Cronkhite of Hoosic, NY has descendant living there by the name of Mrs. John Kenyon. She showed me hundreds of old papers. One I copied of parents of Henry, Cornelius and Mary.”



In 1941, Mr. Albert Case wrote me that above mentioned had been burned. (Compiler).


Mention of an old Bible “Aunt Hester was the one who willed the Old Bible to Mary F. Case, Onondaga, NY”


“What record is it that say that Casper, James and Jacob Cronkhite did not come to America till 1752? The copy taken from John Cronkhite Old Dutch Bible says 1742, signed P.S.Bean, Genealogist.”




Page 126-Aury Cronkhite, enlisted private, Dutchess Co. Militia, 5th Regt.

            125-Cornelius “

            210-Capt. James “

            163-Henry Cronk

            335-Henry Cronkhite-Tunis Cronkhite-Albany County Militia

                        (Land Bounty rights.)

            270-Henry Kranck-Albany County Milita-6th Reg. Enlisted Men.

            The Westchester Co. Milita-3rd Ref. Page 210-Capt James Kronkhite also James Kronkhite.


Dutchess Co. Militia (Land Bounty rights-6th Ref. Enlisted men

            343-James Cronkhite, also page 370 Henry Kranck.


Lists and Indexes-page 370 Henry Kranck.


Col. Peter Yates, Albany Co. 14th Regt. Page 136.

Tunis Cronkhite, Stephen, Cornelius.


The Line-4th Regt. Col. James Holmes & Col. Henry Livingston.

            47-Hendrick Cronk-Henry Conkright.


            Enlisted Men-p.136-Albany Co.Militia, 14th Regt.

Col.John Knickerbacker, Col.Peter Yates, Lt. Col. John Van Rensselaer, and Adjutant Jacob Van Valkenberg.


Cornelius Cronkhite

Aury Cronkhite

James Cronkhite

Stephen Cronkhite

Tunis Cronkhite


Page 247-Dutchess County Militia, 6th Regt, Land Bounty Rights.

Enlisted Men-James Cronkhite, John Cronkhite, George Cronkhite


Page 270-Lists and Indexes of Sundry persons whose service is evidenced by Manuscripts on file in the Comptroller’s Office, but whose names are not found on the papers of any of the Regular Organizations.

Brig.Gen. Nicholas Herkimer,

Henry Kranck.

                        Records pertaining to Revolutionary Services and Sale of Lands.


John Cronk-John Cronck-John Cronkhite-John Kronkhite-also Aury Cronkhite.


            “In the meeting of Commissioners of New York State July 31,1790 I find the following CRONKHITES as being in the Revolution, from New York, etc.

            April 6,1795 Aury Cronkhite sells for 200 pounds to Henry Cronkhite, Jr. of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co, NY same-

                                                            Signed Aury Cronkhite         

                                                                         Phebe Cronkhite


John + Cronkhite

John + Cronkhite, Jr.

Ezekiel + Cronkhite               (+ equals their mark.)


Cayuga Record shows, (transferred to Onondaga County.)

                        John Cronkhite of Easton, Washington County, NY sells to Aury Cronkhite of Hoosick Lysander, “granted to him, for good services in the later war with Great Britain” the same, 600 acres.

                                                            Signed John + Cronkhite

Witnesses Stephen + Cronkhite and another


Henry Cronkhite buying and selling lands in this county, some in town of Clay.

Aury bought and sold other Soldiers land in this county.


Appendix of J.F.V.


            John V. Vreedenburgh, Co. of Huron,

                        To Henry Cronkhite of Clay, Onondaga Co, NY.

                        $585.02 part lot No. 74 clay 38 83 acres



                        CENSUS OF NEW YORK STATE 1790.


Cronckrite, Wm., p. 75, Dutchess co.

Cronk, , p.103, Montgomery co.

Cronk, Frederick, p.178, Ulster co.

Cronk, Garret            , p.100, Westchester co.

Cronk, Henry , p.178, Ulster co.

Cronk, Henry , p.208, Westchester co.

Cronk, Isaac   , p. 84,Dutchess co.

Cronk, Jacob  , p. 87,Dutchess co.

Cronk, James , p.147, Orange co.

Cronk, John                , p.144, Orange co.

Cronk, John                , p.178, Ulster co.

Cronk, John, Jr.         , p.144, Orange co.

Cronk, Tennis            , p. 84,Dutchess co.

Cronk, William           , p.144, Orange co.

Cronkhite, Arie          , p. 31,Albany co, Hoosick town

Cronkhite, Daniel, p. 66,Columbia co.

Cronkhite, Dennis, p.107, Westchester co.

Cronkhite, Isaac, p. 97,Westchester co.

Cronkhite, Jacob        , p. 31,Albany co, Hoosick town

Cronkhite, Jacobus, p.77, Dutchess co, Clinton town

Cronkhite, Jacobus, p.108, Westchester co.

Cronkhite, James, Jr., p.127, Westchester co.

Cronkhite, John         , p.16, Albany co, Balston

Cronkhite, John         , p.31, Albany co, Hoosick

Cronkhite, Samuel, p.74, Dutchess co, Beekman town

Cronkhite, Stephen, p.31, Albany co, Hoosick

Cronkhite, Casper, p.55, Albany co, Watervliet

Cronkhite, John         , p.50, Albany co, Stephentown

Cronkhite, John         , p.74, Dutchess co, Beekman town

Cronkhite, John, p.74, Dutchess co, Washington town





Cronkhite, Asill                      49

                , Aury                      50                                                                                                       

                , Abraham               22

                , Samuel                  18

                , Martha J.             16

                , Ruth                      14

                , Emma                    9




PP. 512,520

CRONKHITE, John              40 (born 1810, b. NY)

Wife, Sarah                            33       


Mary J.                                   12

Chilson (?)                              10

William                                   9

Eleanor                                   8




Samuel Cronkhite, June 1,1815

James, town of Wilma, 1829

1835  ,Henry


1844 ,Icabod

1851 ,Abram

1860, Wm Cronkhite

1844 Daniel L. and Mary M. Rury of Ellisburg to Sarah Jane Cronkhite.

1868, (1860) book;  William   book 182        

1869, Sarah

1855, Rebecca, wife of Peter Cronkhite, of Ellisburg

1883,Melvin F. Cronkhite, Cartage

1882,Wm. & Phena of Ellisburg to Lewlyn Cronkhite, same



1824,Samuel of Pamelia

1835,James & Lucretia of Wilma

1837,Samuel & Sarah of LeRay

1846.Abram & Hannah.his wife, of Mints, Cayuga co. (looks as if Hannah was a Rogers.)

20, p.407, Mar 30,1847 Hannah Cronkhite of Hoosick

1853,Aaron & Frances M. administrators of estate of Icabod, late of town of Orleans.

1854,Abram & Sarah Jane, his wife, also same conveyed in 1864

1852,Aaron & Sally his wife, town of Teresa.

Book 172,p.175, June 25,1860,Tryphena Cronkhite, now wife of William Cronkhite (was Tryphena Ellis, wife of Squire Ellis).

Sarah J. Cronkhite (may have been a Farman, 1876

1851,Aaron & Sarah K., his wife

1881,Peter Cronkhite & Arminda his wife

1885,Melsin F.Cronkhite,Cartage.


                CENSUS OF JEFFERSON CO, 1825. Jacob, Samuel & Aaron.

ELLISBURGH CEMETERY. Hannah Cronkhite, prob. w. of Caleb Clark, d.1874.

OLD THERESA CEMETERY. Aaron, d.1860 ae 69,7 mo; Sally, his wife, d.1874, ae 77 or 71. Ichabod, d.1851, ae 33.



Aaron etc. and Sally his wife, and etc. gives issue.

Icabod, 1851-Heirs were William ae 4,Ichabod, ae 2.

                                1850 CENSUS OF ELLISBURG

Town records are only for the years 1847,1848, and 1849.

William Aaron Cronkhite (son of Ichabod and Frances Mariah Cronkhite, m. Mar 20,1848.


Elizabeth Cronkhite, ae 22, m. Thomas Kenyon, ae 22, by E.W. Lewis, Mar 11,1849.

A copy of these records were loaned the compiler by Albert Case, Hoosick Falls, N.Y.






C-353, June 2, 1815, Moses Kent to Samuel Cronkhite of town LeRay, part of lot 512, in LeRay, but was really in town of Pamelia.

C2-525, Aug. 10,1829,Joseph Bonaparte, Court de Survilliers, of Borden town, N.J. to James Cronkhite, land in town of Wilna, part of lot 762.

F2-307, Dec.5, 1835,Depau to Henry Cronkhite, in town Alexandria.


82-603,Feb.5, 1847,Abram Losee of town Watertown to Cornelius Cronkhite of same, land in town Watertown, part of lots 33 & 40.


87-533,Apr.30, 1844, Executors of Dapau to Icabod Cronkhite of Theresa, land in town whereas.


104-340,Aug. 3,1851, Pettis of town Ellisburgh to Abram Cronkhite of Sandy Creek, Oswego co, NY land in town Ellisburgh.


144-202,Aug. 13,1860, Otis of Ellisburgh to John Ellis and William Cronkhite land in Ellisburgh.


162-512,Mar. 4,1844, to Aaron Cronkhite of town Theresa, land in Theresa.


182-326,Dec 5,1863,Daniel L. and Maria M. Rury of Ellisburgh to Sarah Jane Cronkhite of same, land in same.


182-161,Dec. 27,1860, James and Calestia Fely (Fhla) of Ellisburgh to William Cronkhite of same, land in same.


183-204,Oct. 12,1880,David and Louise N. Warren to Sarah J. Cronkhite, Ellisburgh, land in same.


808-551,July 1,1855,Orrin R.Earl and Jennette his wife of Sandy Creek, Oswego co, NY to Rebecca Cronkhite, wife of Peter Cronkhite of Ellisburgh, land in same.

233-491,Nov. 6,1883,Fred W. Rice to Melvin F. Cronkhite, land in village of Carthage, town of Wilna.


232-203,Mar. 28,1882.William and Phena Cronkhite of Ellisburgh to Llewlyn Cronkhite of same, land in same.



CRONKHITE                                                                                                                                                              66.




W-24, Jun 28,1884,1884, Samuel Cronkhite of Pamelia, land in Pamelia, to?

T2/354,Oct 14,1835,James and Lucretia Cronkhite of town Wilna.

Z2-85, Feb 27,1837,Samuel and Sarah Cronkhite of town of LeRay to Daniel Timmerman of town of Oppenheim, Montgomery co, NY.

60-368,Jan 28,1846,Abram Cronkhite and Hannah his wife of Mints, Cayuga Co, NY to Isaac, Nathan and John Rogers of the town of Adams, Jefferson co, all their interest and right in the property of Isaac Rogers, deceased, of the town of Adams.

90-407, Mar 30,1847. Hannah Cronkhite of the town of Hoosick, Rensselaer co. to Sanford B.Holley of town of Ellisburgh, land in Ellisburgh. She took acknowledgement in Rens. Co, Apr 10,1847.

95-313,Apr 1,1850,Cornelius Cronkhite and Elizabeth his wife of town of Watertown, known as Abram Losee farm.

112-184, Mar. 8,1853,Aaron and Frances M. Cronkhite, administrators of estate of Icabod T. Cronkhite, late of town of Orleans, to Peter Walrath, land on town Theresa. Lot 96. James S. Starbuck of Watertown was appointed special guardian of William Aaron and Frederick Melvin Cronkhite, minors, heirs of deceased.

117-383,Mar 17,1854.Abram Cronkhite and Sarah Jane his wife, of town Ellisburgh to______, also same conveyed in 1864.

160-149,Aug 27,1852, Aaron Cronkhite and Sally his wife of town Theresa, land in Theresa.

172-175,                      , Henry Washburn, late of town Ellisburgh, made will June 20,1840,bqueated to Tryphena Ellis, then wife of Squire Ellis, $300; release of payment of same by Tryphena Cronkhite now wife of William Cronkhite, June 25,1860.

206-468,Jan 11,1876,Sarah J. Cronkhite of town Ellisburgh to John Stillwell, no one appeared with her in the acknowledgement. From context it would appear that she may been a Farman.

220-627,July 15,1851,Aaron Cronkhite and Sarah K. his wife, of town Theresa, land in Theresa.

232-185,Nov 16,1881,Peter Cronkhite and Arminda his wife, of town Theresa, land in Theresa.

241-281,Jan 5,1885,Melvin F. Cronkhite of village of Carthage, land in Carthage, town Wilna.






Town of LeRay, Jacob Cronkhite, 1 male, of whom 1 was subject to militia duty (18-45), 1 entitled to vote; 2 females of whom 1 was married and under age 45, 1 unmarried & under 16. 1 female died during proceeding year.

                                   Samuel Cronkhite, 3 (blurred, so uncertain) males, of whom I was sub. To mil duty, and I voter. 4 females, 1 unmarr. Between 16-45; 1 unmarr under 16, rest prob. over 45. 1 male died during year preceding.

Town of Alexandria, Aaron Cronkhite, 3 male, 1 sub. To mil. Duty, 1 voter, 1 female, born and died during proceeding year.


CENSUS, Ellisburgh, 1850

Cronkhite were descended from James Cronkhite who came from Holland. A Kasper came but returned.

Henry Cronkhite, 26 blacksmith, was in family of 1426 (?) boarder.

1769, Cyrenus Cronk, 27,father, not marked, as born in other place than NY state. And following persons are same. Careless enumerator.

                 Harriet Cronk, 25

1775, William Cronk, farmer, 36 The Ellis children must be the children of “Phena’s” first husband, Squire Ellis (see deed 172-175.

                Phena                     39

                Mary F. Ellis       13

                John Ellis            11

                Caroline Ellis        8

                William Cron       4

                Julia Cronk         1

#2089 Jotham Bigelow      67, b. VT

                 Nancy   “                              64, b, VT

                Lafayette “             15, b. NY

                Lyman     “                             33, b. NY

                Hannah Cronkhite,              52,

                Robert Watt                           25, b. Scotland


                Census, Town Theresa, Aug 15,1850

#43  Aaron Cronkhite, 58, farmer

                Sarah   “                , 52

                Mary A,  17

Family of Eber Cronk in town Alexandria, none in LeRay nor in Pamelia.

Census 1850, town Orleans

Alfred Cronk, 20, b. NY state, laborer

Lavina  “                , 19, b. NY


1825 Census Brownville.

                Isaac Cronkhite, 3 males of whom 1 subj. mil. Duty (18-45, 1 entitled to Vote. 3 females, or whom 1 unm. And under 45 yrs. 3 unm. & under 16 yrs.


                                                CRONKHITE                                                                                                            68.


Census, 1850, Town Alexandria, family #514

                Eber (?) Cronk, 46, b. NY state

                Elisann    “, 41, b. NY

                Chester (?)”, 20, b. NY

                Jackson    “, 18, b. NY

                Pamela     “, 14, b. NY

                Squire     “, 8, b. NY

                Porlena (?)”, 5, b. NY

                George O.  “, 3 or 2,b. NY


Census 1850, town of Orleans, #38

                Ichabod Cronkhite, 30, b. NY

                Frances M.  “       , 31,b. NY

                William A.  “, 2, b. NY

                Frederick   “, 3 mos.b.NY


From early Jefferson co. paper. Married in Washingtonville, Wed. Dec 31,1845, Mr. Abram Cronkhite to Miss Sarah J. Wimple (Wample?) all of Ellisburgh.

Washingtonville is a small place in the town of Sandy Creek, Oswego co. As there were Cronkhite in that town, probably this couple was married there at some relative’s. There was a Peter Cronkhite there with wife, Rebecca.


Town Clerk’s Records. Town Theresa.  *Born*

                Cronkhite, William Aaron, son of Icabod T. and France Maria Cronkhite, Mar. 30,1848.

Married. Thomas Kenyon, 22, and Elizabeth Cronkhite, 22, by E. W. Lewis Esq. Mar 11,1849. Their town clerk’s records are only for the years 1847,1848, & 1849.

Taken from a letter written by Mrs. Dempster of Evans Mills, NY to Mrs. Louis S. Lansing, Watertown, NY. “In reply to a letter from Mrs. L. says” that she never heard of the Cronk family who kept the tavern called anything else. This woman said “she heard it told that the old mother was confined to a wheel chair for years.” Mrs. L. says, “I think it is wrong, that they were really Cronkhites. The Deeds look that way.” Evans Mills is in town of LeRay.


                                ELLIS CEMETERY, TOWN ELLISBURGH


Hannah Cronkhite, prob. Wife of Caleb Clark, d. Mar 3,1875, ae 76 yrs. some Cronks were also buried here.


                                                OLD THERESA CEMETERY, THERESA VILLAGE.

Aaron Cronkhite, d. Apr 15,1860, ae 69 yrs. 7 mos.


Sally Cronkhite, his wife, d. Oct 9, 1874, ae 77 or 71 yrs, 10 mos, 3 das.


Icabod T. Cronkhite, d. June 23,1851, ae 33 yrs. 5 mos. 15 das.





                                                SURROGATE’S COURT, WATERTOWN, NY, WILLS


                Estate of AARON CRONKHITE, Book 7,396, Will dates Feb. 16, 1865, when he said he was of the town of Theresa and “ of the age 63 years”. Executors: Abner Baker & Sally K. Cronkhite. To wife Sally, use of all property. To dau. Elizabeth Cassabdra. $1.00, to dau Mary Adelia, all real estate at death of mother. Grandsons Aaron William and Melvin Frederick Cronkhite. Probated June 16,1860.


                Estate of ICABOD CRONKHITE, late of town of Orleans. Aaron and Frances Cronkhite, William Aaron was living with and supported by the sd. Aaron Cronkhite administrator. This was about 1853.


Excerpts from Boonville Herald, 1933.

                                The Last 1812 Veteran.


“The Library of Congress at Washington, DC has gratefully accepted the offer of a photograph of Hiram Cronk, last surviving veteran of the War of 1812, whose death occurred at Ava in 1906 at the age of 103 years. Many in this vicinity recall Mr. Cronk. His funeral was held with full military honors at Washington, DC.”


Excerpt from newspaper. Belleville, Oct 3,1941.

“Mrs. Arabelle Zufelt Cronk, 79, died Saturday at home of her son, Herman L. Cronk. Mrs. Cronk was born in Sandy Creek, Aug 11,1863, dau of the late George and Angelin Sanford Zufelt. She was married to Llewellyn Cronk July 3.1881. He died about 20 years ago. She is survived by one son, Herman L. Cronk etc.”


Excerpts from Newspaper.


“Ancient Cronk Home Once Served as Rural Tavern.” Fine Old Stone Mansion on Military Road near Pamelia Four Corners was an Exclusive Hotel years ago-Structure believed to have been built by Samuel Cronk in 1829. By Ernest G. Cook


                The Times presents herewith one of a series by Ernest G. Cook of Theresa on the old Military road running from Brownville through the town of Pamelia. Mr. Cook also describes some of the fine old stones houses built along the road by early settlers.


                                It is surprising how some very interesting stories seem to come unexpectedly from some of these old houses on the Military Road. Take for instance the rather stately stone house just a little north o9f Pamelia Four Corners on the Military Road. The writer had word from Mrs. Anna Hoover Dempster of Evans Mills who said “Be sure and write about the Cronk house. Her grandfather, Mr. Moses Hoover, kept the tavern there during Civil War days. Mrs. Dempster said, “I don’t know about the builder, only that it was Samuel Cronk. Up on the peak of the gable is the cap stone with “A.C-182?, carved in its face. I know my grandfather did not operate it as a tavern, he conducted it as a farm. I have been told that the first tavern was built of logs abt.1812 etc.”


                        Excerpts from a letter written by Mrs. Louis S. Lansing, Watertown, NY. to Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand, the Compiler of this Genealogy, Mar. 1,1951.


            “ You will note the clipping about the Cronk Tavern, and the names of the people who bought land in the town of LeRay. The SAMUEL CRONKHITE, who bought land in the town of LeRay and also sold some in 1824, in the town of Pamelia, was most probably the Samuel Cronk who had the tavern. The town of LeRay (present town) had once been part of the larger town of Brownville and Pamelia was also, being now between LeRay and Brownville, and it is difficult to tell just where land was located.  LeRay was sliced off n 1806, but Pamelia remained part of Brownville until 1819. The land SAMUEL CRONKHITE bought in 1815, part of lot 512 was in the vicinity of Pamelia Four Corners but I cannot locate it exactly on the old may I have, but I feel sure that Cronk and Cronkhite were the same man.


[Hand drawn map of three townships in Jefferson Co, N.Y. is not shown here]




p.290 Warsaw.

            “Spencer Cronkhite, (son of Tunis and Caroline Cronkhite) was b. Middlbury, Feb 3,1833 and except for eleven years he has resided in Wyoming co. In 1851 he moved to town of Warsaw and was a farmer until 1857, he moved into town and was engineer until 1861 when he enlisted in Co. A, 9th New York Cavalry and served until discharged Oct 27, 1864. Wounded at Battle of Beverly Ford and confined in Hospital.

            He m. Jan 24,1865 Ruth A. Pierce (dau of Daniel and Susan Pierce of Rehoboth, MA.) by whom he had two children.

                                                                        Frederick P. Cronkhite

                                                                        Grace Cronkhite. “


                                    “WYOMING VILLAGE CEMETERY


CRONKHITE, Sylvia C. dau of Corrodon & Malinda

                , died Aug 15,1845, ae 17 yrs 8 mos.

                         Wife of A.P. Mosher, b. Apr 20,1816

                                    Aug 1,1891.

                , Jacob, d. Sep 18,1849, ae 71

                , Bashebe, his wife, d. Aug 10 (18) 1845, ae 62 yrs.

                , Jacob Jr. d. Mar 16,1855, ae 36 yrs.

                , Ann Janet, wife of (?) Wilson, d. ---- ae 36 yrs.

    , Mary F. dau of Tunis and Caroline Cronkhite, d. May 31,1852, ae 19.

                , Seneca, d. Aug 23, 1884, ae 76 yrs. 6 mo.

                , Francis Evaline, dau of Seneca and Mary A. Cronkhite, d. Apr 1,187?, ae 23.

                , Mary Ann Pierce, d. May 25, 1885,ae 71 years 2 mo.

                , Abraham, d. Mar 27,1868, ae. 80 yrs.

                , Mahala, d. May 2,1858, ae 63 yrs.

                , John d. Apr 23,1876, ae 60 yrs.

                , Abraham, son of Abraham & Mahala Cronkhite, d. Sep 23,1840,ae 17 yrs

CRONKHITE, Aury H. d. Feb. 4,1878, ae 73 yrs.

                , Matilda, his wife, d. Jan 15,1854, ae 45 yrs.

                , Seneca, brother of Aury H. d. Jan 25,1850, ae 2 yrs.

                , Titus, d. Oct 23,1834, ae 5 yrs.

                , Mary, d. Dec 17,1869, ae 27 yrs. End”



            The following records were sent to Compiler, but up to the present time, I have no reference for same.


            The following people were brothers and sisters.


            Hiram Cronk, born ca. 1800-1803, d. 1906, aged 103 yrs.


            Mrs. Betsey Miller, aged 98 at time of death


            Casper                        , aged 97 at time of death


            Son                              , aged 75 at time of death


            Eber                            , aged 98 at time of death


            Rev. Jarvis Cronk, aged 94 at time of death



            The above mentioned Hiram Cronk had the following children:

                        Philander Cronk, aged 81 at time of death

                        William                       , aged 72 at time of death

                        John, aged 60 at time of death

          Mrs.Sarah Rowley, aged 71 at time of death





            Excerpts taken from some old letters not definitely identified by Compiler. The compiler, (Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand, 111 Prindle Ave, Johnstown, NY (Mrs. George Hildenbrand) wishes constructive criticism on the lines of Jacob (1) Cronkhite (or in fact, any other lines) as she is not satisfied with some of the records.


            JACOB CRONKHITE, GREAT GRANDFATHER OF James Schutt, Forest, NY 1896.


            Jacob came from Dutchess County, NY to Canada.

                        Issue: 6 children

                        William, lived and died Dutchess Co, NY.

                        John went to Bay of Quinite, Ont. Canada, thence to Michigan where he died.

                        Kate, m. Sylvester McDonald, lived near Grafton, Ont.

                        Jennie, m. Andrew Pember, lived near Grafton, Ont.

                        Rachel, m. Gilbert Palen

                        James lived & died in Odell town, Canada. (grandfather)

                                    And had-

                                                A dau (his mother) m. -----Schutt. (She was a cousin of Dan Cronkhite, Dutchess County, NY.


                                                     James Schutt, Forest, NY.  


                                                            UNIDENTIFIED CRONKHITES 

            Records from a party named, Ernest Reys (Roys) 1940

                          (Ancestors unknown to compiler)

            JAMES CRONKHITE had a daughter – AMANDA CRONKHITE

Who m. Stephen Barnhart.

Amanda had a brother, Ezekiel, lived at Utica and had a son George Cronkhite.

Amanda had a sister, Philena, d. Nov 1,1898, lived in Plano, Iowa. Philena m. _______COLE, and had a daughter Isador, m. _________ELDRIDGE.


            (The Bible records were given by Ernest Roys, Albany, NY or addressed to Helen Roys, Hoosick Falls, NY from Plano, Iowa, Feb 26,1916.



John Andrew, b. Mar 1,1815

Philena Andrew, b. Apr 3,1818

William Andrew, b. Mar 2,1842

Noel M. Andrew, b. Feb 23,1843

Dayton N. Andrew, b. Feb 19,1845

George H. Andrew, b. Jan 22,1854 (1855)

Franklin Andrew, b. Jan 1, 1879


John Andrew, m. Oct 19,1840

Noel Andrew, m. Jul 1,1863

Dayton Andrew, m. July 8, 1868

George Andrew, m. Dec 31,1876

Isadora Andrew, m. Oct 1,1867


John Andrew, d. Aug 9,1859

William Andrew, d. Mar 2, 1846 (8)

Philenie Cole, d. Nov 1,1898

Noel H. Andrew, d. Sept.17, 1903

Isadora Eldred, d. Dec 16,1908 (daughter of Philenia)


Dora S.Andrew, b. Jan 5,1872

Ira J. Andrew, b. Sept 20,1881

Donald M. Davison, b. July 2,1897

Edith Sousana (?) Davison, b. May 30,1899


                                                UNIDENTIFIED CRONKHITES

CHARLES CRONKHITE, m. ANNA BRIGGS, had 2 sons and three daus.


            His son –

ELISHA P. CRONKHITE, m. RUTH MINTON, had – Minton, Anna and


Gordon Fellows.

            His son –


MINTON CRONKHITE, he m. 1st Helen Clark, had Helen & Sallie,

            His daughter-

            HELEN CRONKHITE m.


He m. 2nd Jean Wicke, had Minton, William G.



The Elisha Cronkhite above, m. Ruth Minton and had –

            Anna, m. 1st. W.C. Ruxton and has one dau. Ruth Mary who m. Roy Chapin, Jr.

            Gordon m. 1st Mary Lorilord, d.; he m. 2nd Elizabeth Tennison. They have four daughters.


Anna is now Mrs. Carl B. Fly.


                                    UNIDENTIFIED CRONKHITE FAMILY (FELLER RECORD)                       


            JOHN CRONKHITE, b.                               d.

                        m. 1st

                                    and had PETER, b. 24th day 8 mo. 1763/4.

            JOHN CRONKHITE m. 2nd Sarah_________

                                    She  b.                         d.



                                    Issue: 11 children.


                                    Lawrence, b. 15th, 11 mo. 1766

                                    John, b. 13th, 6 mo. 1770

                                    Deborah, b. 16th, 6 mo. 1774

                                    Pheby, b.  4th, 6 mo. 1777

                                    Anthony Cronkhite, b. 6 mo. 17th 1778

                                    Reuben, b. 10th, 8 mo. 1779

                                    Philip, b. 30th, 7 mo. 1781

                                    Sarah, b. 9th, 9 mo. 1783

                                    William, b. 5th 5 mo. 1786

                                    Susannah, b. 7th, 7 mo. 1788

                                    Jacob Cronkhite, b.                m. Philadelphia Carman. They moved from Dutchess Co, NY to Canada in 1796.


                                    Their children: 6

                                    1.Moses Cronkhite, b. 15th, 1st mo. 1794

                                    2.Phebe Cronkhite, b. 25th, 9 mo. 1800, m. Joseph Bowerman, 1820, and had – Rachel, m. ____Cosford. Lived York, WI.

3.John, b. 1802

                        4.Peter b. 1804

                        5. Aury d. unm.

                        6. Susannah


Unidentified Cronkhite family.

            Record of Pleasant Valley Family sent in by Mrs. M.L.W, (Louisa M.) Wood.

            Great Grandfather’s Family (William Cronkhite, b. May 24, 1764.

William Cronkhite, b. May 24,1764, d. Apr 4,1848, m. Oct 16,1764 Sarah Hagaman. She b. Feb 4,1766, d. June 10,1843.

                        Issue: 7 children

            John Cronkhite, b. Jan 31,1787

            James, b. Sep 25,1788

            Maria, b. Dec 14,1790

            Daniel, b. Oct 31,1792

            Sarah, b. Mar 5,1795

            Elizabeth, b. Jul 13,1798

            Cornelius, b. Mar 12,1805

John Cronkhite (Grandfather), b. Jan 31,1787, m. Sarah Thomas.                        Issue: 7 children.


            William J. Cronkhite

            Susan  Cronkhite                                          m. Cayword

            James Cronkhite

            Richard Cronkhite

            June F. Cronkhite                              m. Duncan

            John F. Cronkhite

            Alexander Cronkhite

William J. Cronkhite (Father), m. as 1st wife, Margaret DeGraff               Issue: 3 children

            1.Moses D. Cronkhite, b. Oct 10,1843

            2.Charles V.m b, Dec 13,1846

            3.Margaret D. b. Dec 21,1848

William J. Cronkhite, m. as 2nd wife, Hannah J. Teller (Feller?)                Issue: 3 children.

            4.George M. Cronkhite, b. Jun 14,1851, m. Jennie Edwards

            5.Willie Emma Cronkhite, b. May 15,1854

            6.Eudora A. b. Nov 4,1860

George N. Cronkhite, b. Jun 14,1851, m. Jennie Edwards


                                    Lizzie V. Cronkhite, b. Dec 13,1872

                                    William G. Cronkhite, b. Jan 5,1874





Please address letters to Leora Mae Greene Hildenbrand, 111 Prindle Ave, Johnstown, NY. The Compiler request information, no matter how meager on the following:


1.JACOB KRONKHEYT (3) b. 1768.

2.JOHN CRONKHITE, b. Apr 1769,Dutchess Co, NY.

3.JOHN CRONKHITE, 1767, d. Dec 1816, served in Revolutionary War, m. Lois Gifford Mar. 28,1782, she b.1769.Had 11 children.

4.JOHN CRONK, b.1786, m.1805 Eunice Briggs, she b. Jul 29,1778.

5.JOHN CRONKHITE (2), son of James (1), B. 1722.

6.STEPHEN (2), b. ca 1724, son of James (1)Cronkhite

7.HIRAM (2), b. ca 1726,son of James (1) Cronkhite

8.James Jr. (2), b. ca 1728,m. Elizabeth Fish, son of James (1)

9.Dennis (2), b. ca 1730, son of James (1)

10.Hosea (2), b. ca 1733, son of James (1)

11.Casper (2), b. ca 1737, d. 1826, son of James (1).

12.Jacob (2), b. ca 1735,son of James (1)

13.Sarah (2), b. ca 1739,daughter of James (1)

14.Tunis (3) b. Jan 27,1753, d.1797, m. Mary. He son of Henry, Sr (2).

15.Mary (3), b. Nov 14,1754, m.1st wife to James DeLong.She dau to Henry, Sr. (2)

16.Anna (3), b.1763, dau of Henry, Sr. (2)

17.Hannah-(3) b.1764, m. Jonathan Paddock. She dau of Henry, Sr.

18.Cornelius (4), b. (?) son Henry Jr. (3) Henry Sr. (2) James (1)

19.Polly (4) b.? m. ____Crane.She dau of Henry, Jr (3) Henry Sr (2) James (1)

20.Jeremiah (4)          He son of Henry Jr, Henry Sr (2), James (1)

21. Jacob (4) He son of Henry, Jr, Henry Sr (2), James (1)

22.Eliza (4) Dau of Henry Jr, Henry Sr (2), James (1)

23.Alida (4) m. _Eckler.Dau of HenryJr, Henry Sr, (2), James (1)

24.Alche (Altza), b.1774, 2nd wife of James DeLong.She dau Henry Sr. (2) James (1)

25.John (3), b.177, m.1792 Hannah Sale (?) He son Henry Sr (2), James (1)

26.Jacob (3), b.1771 (Henry Sr (2), James (1) Cronkhite.   Jacob  m. Elizabeth Sale.                             


QUERIES CONTINUED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  79.


JOHN CRONKHITE, m. 1st_____________(?) and had PETER, b. 1763/4 He m. 2nd Sarah (?), and had John b. 1770.


ANTHONY Cronk (CRONKHITE) b. Jun 17,1776, d. 1823, m. Elizabeth (?), etc.

JOHN ODELL, b. 1756, d. 1851, m. SUSANNAH MARGARET CRONK. Name parents.




NATHAN E.  Bef. 1800? and had a son-John b., m. HARRIET CRONK

Harriet was dau of John Cronk and Sarah Tompkins.


STEPHEN CRONKHITE, b. 1793, m. ELIZABETH WATERS. Q. Who were his parents?


Name Parents of JOHN CRONKHITE and wife Sarah____. They had issue:

Anthony, b. 1778                                 Susannah, b. 1788

Reuben, b .1779                                   John, b. 1770

Philip, b. 1781                                      Deborah, b. 1774

William, b. 1796                  Pheby, b. 1777


Abraham Ellwood and Nicholas Schuyler married daughters of James DeLong?

James DeLong buried in Ilion, NY ?


Who were Isaac and Alonzo Elwood?


Abraham (3), Tunis (2), Jacob (1) Cronkhite. Abraham born 1743 Dutchess Co, NY, d.1818, ae 75 yrs, m. Jun 24,1762 (q. to whom? Settled in Canada.)


Information wanted about GARDNER SPENCER, lived ca 1900, as to Cronkhite line.


Information wanted about Roger Guile, m. Anne M. Cronkhite, as to Cronkhite line.


Who was PHEBE CRONKHITE, m. ca 1788 Rodman Austin (?), he b.1761


Who were the ancestors of JOSEPH CRONEGH? He had a son Frederick Robinson Cronk, the first male white child born in Sisby, N.S.?


The Compiler wishes information as to the whereabouts of any of the OLD DUTCH BIBLES mention in these records.


                                    QUERIES CONTINUED


Wanted Ancestors of Jacob Cronkhite (2) 1735, d.1796, m. Mary?


Wanted Ancestors of Stephen Cronkhite, b.1756, d.1781, m. Kate Freeman.


Wanted Ancestors of Jeremiah, b. 1782,d. aged ca 1786 (oldest son of Stephen.

Jeremiah m. Philena Lewis and had issue.


Wanted data on family of Jarvis Cronk.


Wanted data on family of Abbie Cronkhite, m. Judge Arnold of NY City. They m. ca 1826.


Wanted data on family of Charles Cronkhite, lived in Little Falls, NY ca 1896/


Wanted date on family of Jacob Shaver and son Jr. liv.1806.


Requests any information as to the parents of Hannah Shafer (Shaver), she m. Henry Cronkhite, Jr. Late married Peter Eckler.



            George (2), James Cronkhite (1)


            B – 1740

D – June 18,1790 (See Letters of Administration Book A, p.93 Surrogates Court, Hudson, Columbia Co, NY.)

M – Oct 22,1761 Dutchess, NY


Esther Adsit


B – Jan. 1st or Jan. 12th, 1746

D – June 3,1821 Buried Greenfield Cemetery, Saratoga Co, NY. (She married after George’s death a John Humphrey) (Or Barker?).


Their Children:

            James (3) b.1762, d. Mar. 29,1813

            Sarah (3) (Waltermire) b. June 4,1764, d. Apr. 30,1837

            Daniel (3) b. Feb. 9,1768 Probably Dutchess Co, NY.

                             d. Apr. 25,1863

            Abigail (3)(Lester) b. Dec. 3,1770 d. July 27,1861

            Eunice  (3) (Beckwith) b. July 30,1773 d. Sept. 6,1839

            Lydia (3) (Martindale) b. Jan. 1,1777 d. Jan. 12,1851

            Rubin (3) b. Aug. 7,1799 Probably Dutchess Co, NY

                             d. Feb. 4,1854.

            Mary (3) called Polly b. Aug. 31, 1783, d. Jan 17,1855. Buried at Greenfield Center Saratoga Co, NY.


James (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

                        b. 1762            d. Mar. 29,1813 Buried Bay St Cemetery Glens Falls, N.Y. m.? (Jun 20,1785 Baptist Church at Bangall, Dutchess Co, NY.) m.

            Rachel Woolsey b.abt 1761, d. Feb 12,1845 Buried Bay St Cemetery, Glens Falls, NY.


                        Their children: had 11

                        James (4), b.abt 1782, d. Apr 25,1810

                        Daniel (4) Lived at Fort Ann (Grandfather of George H.Cronkhite of Kattskill Bay, Lake George, N.Y.

                        Alexander (4) went west.

                        George (4) b. abt 1791, d.1878. Buried Bay St. Cemetery, Glen Falls, N.Y. Lived Hudson Falls, NY and Glen Falls, NY. His son Henry is buried near him.

                        Lenard (4), b. Apr. 6,1801,d. May 19,1863, Buried at Bay St. Cemetery, Glen Falls, NY, m. Rhoda Moss, b. Jan. 26,1813, d. July 30,1885. Had a son James b. Aug. 13,1834. D. Dec. 31,1890. Falls, N.Y. Had a grandson Frank Carmen Cronkhite of Glen Lake. (Buried at Bay St. Cem. Glen Falls, N.Y.)

                        John (4)

                        Hamner P. (4), b. abt 1804, d. Oct. 20,1847 in the 44th yr. of his age, m. Sarah Smith, she died age 37 yrs. Both buried Sandy Hill Union Cem. Fort Edward, NY.

                        William Woolsey (4) b. 1787, d. Dec. 20,1829 (?).

                        Abigail (4)

                        Carrie (4)

                        Lydia (4), b. Mar. 23,1799, d. Sep 25,1874,buried Sandy Hill Union Cem, Fort Edward, N.Y.


Daniel (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite

            B – Feb.9, 1768

            D – April 25, 1863  Buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co, N.Y.

            M –

Nancy Patterson

            B – 1771

            D – Nov. 4, 1851 Buried Greenfield Center Saratoga Co, N.Y.

                        Their family

                        George Patterson (4) B – 1790  D – Nov. 16, 1827

                        m. Tryphena N.  B – abt. 1798 D – Aug. 5, 1822  26 yr. 4 mo. 25 da. Both Buried Greenfield Center Saratogo Co.

                        Ashbel P. (4) B – Dec. 14, 1794

                        Justus A. (4) B – 1800  D – Dec. 13, 1881

                        m. Sally or Sarah H. B – 1797  D – Nov. 5, 1890  Buried Greenfield Center Saratoga Co. N.Y. They had a son Aaron of Denver, Col.



Their grandchild

                        Augustus (5) Cronkhite of Wis.


                        (I do not know which child of Daniel (3) George (2), James (1) he belonged to.)


John M. (5), Daniel (4), James (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite

            B – abt. 1822

            D – July 1, 1894 age 72 yrs. 4 mos. 5 das. Buried Sunnyside Cem. Washington Co., N.Y.

            M. 1st Julia or Mary McMullen [Julia crossed out], (Compiler added: or Salye Seely)

            B – abt. 1815

            D – Oct. 19, 1858 age 43.  Buried Sunnyside Cem. Wash. Co., N.Y.

            Their family:  

Julia M. Cronkhite d. Sept 13,1858 age 6 yrs.1 mo. 14 da. Buried Sunnyside Cem. Wash. Co. N.Y.

            M 2nd Sarah Wilkins (from Page Co, Penn.

B- abt. 1835

D-Aug 6, 1914 age 79 yrs., 1 mo. 14 da. Buried Seelye Cem or Sunnyside Cem. Wash. Co. N.Y.

            Their family:

            Charles D. (6) B-1857  D-1928 m. Effie A. Brayton B-1856 D-1931. Both buried George W. Brayton lot Seelye Cem. They had one son Clarence who lived in 1941 on Ridge Rd. a few mi. from Trout Pavilion Lake George, N.Y.

            [Another child but name cannot be read on copy]

            George H. (6), John M. (5), Daniel (4), James (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite.

            B-March 9,1860 .Lived Kattskill Bay, Trout Pavilion,Lake George,N.Y.

            D-Jan, 1945 age 84 Buried Seelye Cem. Ridge Road Wash. Co.NY.

            M- Florence Tuttle



            Their family:

                        Sarah (7) B-July 1,1889 m. Adrie Aldrich. No children.

                        Kitty(7) m.(Hoskiss?)

                                    Their children were:

                                    1) Florence who had child Sylvia who married Hewett.

                                    2) Elizabeth m. Clifford Brayton. No children.

                                    3) Sarah m. Ralph Hill. Lives at Assembly Point, Lake George, N.Y. Had several children.           

4) George H.


Daniel (4), James (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite                                                     [85]



B-abt. 1786

D-July 12,1856  Age 70;buried Sunnyside Cem. Washington Co,NY.

M-Ruth Bates

B-abt. 1793

            D-Feb 11,1842. Age 49 buried Sunnyside Cem. Washington Co, N.Y.

            Their family:

John M. (5) B. abt. 1822  D. Jun (?) 1894 ae 73 yr 4 mo. 5 da.

            Harmon (5) D. June 1, 1858 age 29 yrs. Buried Sunnyside Cem. Washington Co, N.Y.

            Rachel (5) B-Dec 1, 1811  D-July 11, 1871, Buried Sunnyside Cem. Washington Co, N.Y. Never married.

            Ruth A. (5) D-July 15, 1892 age 59 yrs 4 mo. 21 das. Never married.

            George (5) D-June 11, 1832 age 6 yr.10 mo.Buried same place.

            James (5)

            Kittie (5) 1734-1931 (m. Charles? Hoskins)

            Frances (5) Married George Munn. Lived near Cotton Mills at Victory Mills. Buried there.

            Synthia (5) B-July 15,1818  D-Aug 20,1896.



George H (6), John M (5), Daniel (4), George (2), James Cronkhite (1)

            B. March 9, 1860

        Lived Kattskill Bay Trout Pavilion Lake George, NY

     D. Jan 1945 age 8e Buried Seelye Cem Ridge Road Washington Co, NY.

            M. Florence Tuttle

            B. 1862

            D. 1923

               Their family

                        Sarah (7) B. July 1,1889 (?) m. Adrie Aldrich no children

                        Kitty(7) m. (Hoskiss?)

                           Their children were

                                    1.Florence who had, child Sylvia who married Hewett

                                    2.Elizabeth m. Clifford Brayton no children

                                    3.Sarah m. Ralph Hill lives Assembly Point

                                    4.George H.  Several children



William Woolsey (4), James (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite                                   

            B- 1787

D- Dec 20,1829 age 46 Buried Sandy Hill Cem. Fort Edward,NY.

            M-1st Nancy Paine


            D-April 3,1813 age 22 yr. 7 mo. 1 da.

                        Their family;

James P. (5) who died Feb 20,1860 in the 48th yr. of his age in Rome, Italy. His Memorial is in Sandy Hill Cem. Fort Edward,N.Y.

            M-2nd Anna Freeman

            B-abt. 1795

D-Jan.28,1873  age 77 yr. 9 mo. Buried with husband William Woolsey.

            Their Family:

            Lenard W. (5) B-1826 D-1904. Buried S.H.U. Cem. Fort Edward, NY

            William Woolsey (5) B-1817 Dec 7. D-Nov. 4,1878  M. Emmeline McMasters B-1823 D-1904. Both Buried Hudson Falls. They had children. A son Charles H. B-Dec. 22,1869 [above it written 1859]. D-1941 Married 1st Marietta Packer B. 1863 D-1918 m. 2nd Emily Stover Devine.

                        Hamner(6) B-June 11,1850 D-Oct 11,1911. M- Mary Milliman B-May 20,1852 D-Nov 9 1833. Both Buried Sandy Hill Union Cem. Fort Edward, N.Y. they had a son Frank H. Cronkhite of Hudson Falls.

                        Lemuel(6) (Michigan)

                        James P. (6) unmarried 1856-1896

            Marvin F. (5) D-May 13,1862 age 39 yr. 8mo. 19 da. Buried Sandy Hill, Married Louisa Sargent B-June 1823 D-July 1891, daughter of Samuel B. Sargent of Saratoga Springs. They had a son Samuel (6), also son Lenard W. (6) Cronkhite, DD Born Sandy Hill, N.Y. 1856. L. W. Cronkhite, DD had a son Leonard Woolsey Cronkhite B. Burnia, Iowa who married Bernice Brown.

            Charles Hamner (5) B-1830 D-1916. Buried Sandy Hill.

            Martha Elma B-Aug 7,1824 D-Oct 13,1912 m. Charles Hornill [cannot read date] B-Mar 1, 1819 D-Dec 13, 1891.

            Frances (5) Married George Munn Lived near Cotton Mills at Victory Mills Buried there.

            Synthia B. July 15, 1818  D. Aug 20,1896


Ashbel P. (4), Daniel (3), George (2), James (1) Cronkhite.                                                                                                                                                                                  

B- Dec 14,1794D- May 8,1794  59 yrs. He & wife buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co, N.Y. See his will dated May 7,1853 Recorded Dec 18,1854 Saratoga Co, N.Y. Surrogates Book 16 p. 423.

M- Betsey V. B-1798  D- Feb 3,1860  age 61 yr. 9 mo. 1 da.

            Their Children:

            James V. (5)

            Arba (5)

            Olive Smith (5) wife of Edwin Smith

Minor in 1853-Betsey Ann & Nancy

Arba(5),Ashbel (4)Daniel(3),George(2),James(1)Cronkhite


            D- March 30, 1907

            Intestate, Saratoga Co, N.Y. Surrogate Book 276 #13

            M- Mary B. Smith

               Their children:

            Alice (6) (m. Van Deusen) B. abt 1867

            Anna E. (6) B-1861 D-1928 Buried Greenfield Center Saratoga Co, N.Y.

            Lena (6) B- abt. 1872

            Elizabeth B-abt. 1874

            Truman (6) B-abt. 1862  D-1881  Buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co, N.Y.


Rubin (3), George (2). James (1) Cronkhite.                                                                                 [89]                 

                B- Aug 7. 1779 in Dutchess Co, N.Y.

                D- Feb 4, 1854 Buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co, N.Y.

                M- Feb 8,1802/3 in or near present village of Wiltonville, Saratoga Co, N.Y. (Near Mt. McGregor) by Elder Craw.

                Hannah Strickland of Connecticut.

                B- June 30, 1781

                D- Sept 4, 1864  Buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co, N.Y.

                Their children:

                                Merritt Coggswell(4)

                                B – Aug. 15, 1804

                                D – Oct. 3, 1883

                                M – April 30, 1828  Caroline Ellis

                                Caroline and Merritt Cronkhite has a son Reuben Ellis Cronkhite (B-Nov.22, 1831  D-Nov.22,1907)

                                                Reuben Ellis (5) B.Nov 22,1831 D.Nov 22,1907

M- Sept. 6,1864 Martha Ann Comstock B-July 25,1843  D-April 2, 1907.  They are buried at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N.Y.

                                                Their Children were:

                                                Merritt Gideon B-Nov.4,1865  D-Mar.21, 1890

                                                John Comstock  B-May 26,1867 D-Aug.21.1892

                                                                M- Florence Stanwood Mar. 14,1890

                                                                They had a son John Clarence Cronkhite (7).

                                                George Ruben(6) B-Jan 19, 1878 D-May 13,1879

                                                Ida Mary Caroline B-April 23,1880

M- William Standerwick July 1,1914                            D- Apr 14,1896

M- Oct. 15, 1833  Joseph Almy and lived near Buskirk, N.Y.  Dianthia Cronkhite Almy buried at Buskirk, N.Y. (Island Hill).

                                Their Children were:

                                Hannah (5) who married William Larmon

Tamerlane Cronkhite Stickland Almy (5)

                                B- Aug 18,1834  D- Dec. 9,1938

                                M- Mar. 7, 1872  Harriet Meeker

                                T. C. S. Almy Buried Cambridge, N.Y.

                                T. C. S. Almy had 4 daughters – Minnie Symonds – Francis Rogers – Elizabeth Rogers, and Louise A. Robinson.

                Silas Augustus (4) B- Dec.31, 1810 D- Feb. 24,1886. Buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co., N.Y.

                M- Delcina Medbury  B- about 1810  D – Aug 8, 1884 (Buried Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co., N.Y.)

Silas Augustus(4) Cronkhite had one daughter Amy Ann who married Clark Pratt. She left no children. Buried in Buskirk Cem.            End of George Line.


Abbott, Arlene                    36b
Abbott, Arlene                    36b
Abbott, Deforest                  36b
Abbott, Elva                      36b
Abbott, Robert                    36b
Abbott, Robert Charles            36b
Ackerman, Louisa                  30,34
Ackler, Peter                     28
Adams, ?                          9
Adams, Anne Farwell               11
Adams, Barbara Kay                11
Adams, Bishop Burbank             11
Adams, Coral Isabel Hawk          57
Adams, Jane Adele                 11
Adams, Judith Anne                11
Adams, Robert Burbank             11
Adsit, Esther                     81
Aiken, James                      17
Ainsworth, Unknown                19
Aldrich [?], Sylvia               84
Aldrich, Adrie                    84,86
Allaback, Betty Louisa            31,33b
Andrew, Dayton                    74
Andrew, Dayton N.                 74
Andrew, Dora S.                   74
Andrew, Franklin                  74
Andrew, George                    74
Andrew, George H.                 74
Andrew, Ira J.                    74
Andrew, Isadora                   74
Andrew, John                      74
Andrew, Noel                      74
Andrew, Noel                      74
Andrew, Noel H.                   74
Andrew, Philena                   74
Arnold, Judge                     80
Austin (?), Rodman                79
Ayer, Ira                         39
Aynslie, Nettie                   36
Baker, Abner                      68
Baldwin, Laura Alice              39
Baldwin, Matilda                  17a
Baldy, William                    40
Balter, Elizabeth                 6,24,25
Barker, J.                        36a
Barker, John                      81
Barker, Ruth                      33,33a
Barkhurst, Jon Well 3rd           41
Barkhurst, Jon Wells              41
Barkhurst, Rosemary Ruth          41
Barkhurst, Stephen Charles        41
Barnhard, John                    38
Barrow, Rebecca                   32
Bartlett, Charles                 36
Bates, Ruth                       85
Beam, Mr.                         12
Bean, Mr.                         12,26
Bean, P.S.                        59
Beckwith, Unknown                 81
Beebe, Ithmar                     59
Beebe, Ithmore                    14
Beebe, Robert                     17
Beggarly, Joan Mrs.               32
Bellinger, Anna                   30
Bellinger, Edith                  1
Bellinger, Gertrude               20,21
Bellinger, John                   30
Bellinger, Nancy                  30
Bellinger, Nettie                 20
Bennett, Hannah                   30
Bennett, Josiah Gold              30
Bennett, Najah Capt               30
Bigelow, Jotham                   67
Bigelow, Lafayette                67
Bigelow, Lyman                    67
Bigelow, Nancy                    67
Bliss, Lydia                      30
Boltesham, Alice                  32
Boltesham, Thomas Sir             32
Bonaparte, Joseph                 65
Booth, Charles                    55
Booth, Elizabeth (Bessie)         55
Booth, Elizabeth Cronkhite        55
Bowerman, Joseph                  76
Bowerman, Rachel                  76
Boyer, H.D. Rev.                  57
Brayton, Clifford                 84,86
Brayton, Effie A.                 84
Brayton, George W.                84
Briggs, Anna                      75
Briggs, Eunice                    77
Brown, Bernice                    87
Brown, John                       36
Brown, Sallie                     36
Brown, Sally                      28
Bullock, Preservia                38
Bump, Marcus                      10
Bush, Lorancy                     38
Butlin, Carrie                    56
Butzloff, Bertha                  56
Cahill, Frances I.                26
Call, Jess Leroy                  57
Call, Warren                      57
Call, Winfield                    57
Campbell, Elder                   56
Campbell, John F.                 26
Canfield, Velda                   39
Carpenter, David                  33,33a
Case family                       5
Case, Albert                      14,59,64
Case, Albert D.                   1
Case, Albert David                17b
Case, Clarence                    17b
Case, David                       17a,17b
Case, Jonathan Mosley             17b
Case, Jonathan Wesley             17b
Case, Mary F.                     59
Case, Nathan¹s farm               5
Case, Sylvia Ann                  17b
Casler, Jennie                    21
Casler, John                      20
Cate, Clara M.                    17a
Cate, Virgil                      17a
Caywood, ?                        77
Center family                     5
Chapin, Roy Jr                    75
Chatterton, P.                    55
Clark, Caleb                      68
Clark, Helen                      75
Clements, Charles                 10
Clements, Cora Lucy               10,11
Clements, Cortland                10
Clements, Davis                   10
Clements, Diantha                 10
Clements, Elihu                   10
Clements, Eunice                  10
Clements, Hiram                   10
Clements, Homer                   10
Clements, John H.                 10
Clements, John Hibbard            10
Clements, Julia                   10
Clements, Lucy                    10
Clements, Maria                   10
Clements, Polly                   10
Clements, Samuel (Jr)             10
Clements, Samuel (Sr)             10
Coggeshall, Humility              32
Cole, ?                           74
Cole, Isador                      74
Cole, Philenie                    74
Colline, Lillian                  36a
Collins, Lillian                  36a
Combs, Elizabeth                  57
Conkright, Henry                  60
Connally, Mary Margaret           17b
Connell, Mary Ann                 34
Cook, Ernest G.                   69
Cook, Lavina                      30,33a
Cook, Peter                       33a
Cook, Samuel                      30,33a
Cooley, Sarah                     57
Coonradt, Philip Marcus           34
Cooper(?), Elizabeth              34
Copeman, John                     20
Copeman, Mary                     20
Cosford, ?                        76
Cosford, Rachel Bowerman          9
Countryman, Bettie                25
Countryman, Charles               25
Countryman, Christopher           25
Countryman, Donald                25
Countryman, Edgar                 25
Countryman, Edgar [Jr] (?)        25
Countryman, Elizabeth             27
Countryman, Ella May              25
Countryman, Fayette Strayer       25
Countryman, Finnie                25
Countryman, Garlock,Violet        25
Countryman, George                24,25
Countryman, Isaac                 22
Countryman, Josiah                25
Countryman, Josiah Strayer        25
Countryman, Julius F.             25
Countryman, Leland                25
Countryman, Libbie                25
Countryman, Milton                25
Countryman, Norman                24,25
Countryman, Norman W. C.          27
Countryman, Percy A.              25
Countryman, Reuben                25
Countryman, Therese M.            25
Countryman, Virgie F.             25
Countryman, W.C.                  27
Countryman, William               24,25
Couper, Alice                     34
Crane, Josiah                     28
Crane, Polly                      27
Crane, Unknown                    28
Cromise (?), Unknown              24
Cronck, John                      60
Cronckrite, Wm                    62
Cronegh (?), Joseph               79
Cronihite, Hiram                  3,4
Cronk Home                        69
Cronk Tavern                      69, 70
Cronk, ?                          62
Cronk, Albert                     17d
Cronk, Alfred                     67
Cronk, Anthony                    79
Cronk, Arabelle Zufelt Mrs.       69
Cronk, Casper                     72
Cronk, Celista V.                 45
Cronk, Chester                    68
Cronk, Delaney                    58a
Cronk, Eber                       72
Cronk, Eber                       67
Cronk, Eber (?)                   68
Cronk, Elisann                    68
Cronk, Frederick                  62
Cronk, Frederick Robinson         79
Cronk, Garret                     62
Cronk, George O.                  68
Cronk, Hannah                     58a,68
Cronk, Harriet                    67,79
Cronk, Hendrick                   60
Cronk, Henry                      60,62
Cronk, Herman L.                  69
Cronk, Hiram                      69,72
Cronk, Ira                        58a
Cronk, Isaac                      62
Cronk, Jackson                    68
Cronk, Jacob                      38,62
Cronk, James                      62
Cronk, Jarvis                     80
Cronk, Jarvis                     72
Cronk, John                       58a,61,62,78
Cronk, John Jr.                   62
Cronk, Julia                      67
Cronk, Lavina                     67
Cronk, Llewellyn                  69
Cronk, Lois                       58a
Cronk, Pamela                     68
Cronk, Patty                      58a
Cronk, Phena                      67
Cronk, Philander                  72
Cronk, Porlena (?)                68
Cronk, Samuel                     69,70
Cronk, Son                        72
Cronk, Squire                     68
Cronk, Susannah Margaret          79
Cronk, Tennis                     62
Cronk, William                    62,67,72
Cronkhiite, Alva                  45
Cronkhiite, Justus A.             83
Cronkhite, Aaron                  38,64,65,66,67.68,69,83
Cronkhite, Aaron William          69
Cronkhite, Abbie                  80
Cronkhite, Abigail                81
Cronkhite, Abigail                82
Cronkhite, Abraham                9,14,15,63,71,79
Cronkhite, Abram                  64,65,66,68
Cronkhite, Albert                 17d
Cronkhite, Alche                  14,17,40,78
Cronkhite, Alexander              77.82
Cronkhite, Alice                  20,80
Cronkhite, Alida                  28,29,78
Cronkhite, Altza                  78
Cronkhite, Altze                  40
Cronkhite, Amanda                 74
Cronkhite, Andrew                 45
Cronkhite, Angelina Violetta      17c
Cronkhite, Ann Janet              71
Cronkhite, Anna                   14,16,17,17a,17c,47,75,78
Cronkhite, Anna E.                88
Cronkhite, Anna M.                79
Cronkhite, Annias                 58a
Cronkhite, Anson                  20
Cronkhite, Antha                  57
Cronkhite, Anthony                55,56,58,76,79
Cronkhite, Arba                   88
Cronkhite, Arie                   45,62
Cronkhite, Arminda                64,66
Cronkhite, Arvin                  3
Cronkhite, Ashbel P.              83,88
Cronkhite, Asill                  63
Cronkhite, Augustus               83
Cronkhite, Aury                   14,15,17,17a,17b,17c,17d,27,40,47,59,60,61,63,
Cronkhite, Aury H.                17a,71
Cronkhite, Aury Jr.               17
Cronkhite, Ave                    3
Cronkhite, Bashebe                71
Cronkhite, Betsey                 39
Cronkhite, Betsey Ann             22
Cronkhite, Betsie                 38
Cronkhite, Caroline               71
Cronkhite, Carrie                 82
Cronkhite, Casper                 7,9,12,47,59,62,78
Cronkhite, Catherine              36a,38
Cronkhite, Caty Ann               24,25
Cronkhite, Charles                17a,55,75,80
Cronkhite, Charles D.             84
Cronkhite, Charles H.             87
Cronkhite, Charles Hamner         87
Cronkhite, Charles V.             77
Cronkhite, Chilson                63
Cronkhite, Clarence               84
Cronkhite, Clarissa               55,58
Cronkhite, Cora                   37
Cronkhite, Cornelius              14,18,19,20,21,23,24,25,27,28,36a,59,60,64,65,66,77,78
Cronkhite, Cornelius Henry        36
Cronkhite, Corrodon               71
Cronkhite, Cyrenus                67
Cronkhite, Dan                    73
Cronkhite, Daniel                 19,22,62.77,81,82,83,84,85,86,88
Cronkhite, Daughter               37
Cronkhite, David                  3,4
Cronkhite, Deborah                76
Cronkhite, Deborah                17,78
Cronkhite, Denis                  45
Cronkhite, Dennis                 12,45,62,78
Cronkhite, Dennis George          21
Cronkhite, Dolly                  9
Cronkhite, Earl                   21
Cronkhite, Eber                   3
Cronkhite, Edgar                  17c
Cronkhite, Edith                  24
Cronkhite, Edna                   24
Cronkhite, Edward                 39
Cronkhite, Eleanor                63
Cronkhite, Elijah                 47
Cronkhite, Elisha                 75
Cronkhite, Elisha P.              75
Cronkhite, Eliza                  28,29,78
Cronkhite, Elizabeth              9,19,2455,58,64,66,68,77,79,87
Cronkhite, Elizabeth Cassabdra    69
Cronkhite, Elma                   22,23
Cronkhite, Elsie                  38
Cronkhite, Emily                  17c
Cronkhite, Emma                   36a,36b,63
Cronkhite, Ephraim                55
Cronkhite, Ephraim V.             58
Cronkhite, Eudora A.              77
Cronkhite, Eugene Harvey          21
Cronkhite, Eunice                 81
Cronkhite, Ezekiel                17,17c,17d,61,74
Cronkhite, Fanny Delphine         56
Cronkhite, Farley                 20
Cronkhite, Florence               21,39
Cronkhite, Floyd                  21
Cronkhite, Frances                69,85,87
Cronkhite, Frances Laura          39
Cronkhite, Frances M.             66,68
Cronkhite, Frances Maria          68
Cronkhite, Frances Mariah         64
Cronkhite, Francis Evaline        71
Cronkhite, Frank                  39
Cronkhite, Frank Carmen           82
Cronkhite, Frank H.               87
Cronkhite, Franklin               39
Cronkhite, Fred                   20
Cronkhite, Frederick              68
Cronkhite, Frederick Melvin       66
Cronkhite, Frederick P.           71
Cronkhite, George                 5,12l,20,60,74,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88
Cronkhite, George                 20,21
Cronkhite, George H.              84,86
Cronkhite, George M.              77
Cronkhite, George Patterson       83
Cronkhite, George R.              21
Cronkhite, George Sheldon         21
Cronkhite, George W.              77
Cronkhite, Gilbert                3
Cronkhite, Gordon                 75
Cronkhite, Gordon Fellows         75
Cronkhite, Grace                  71
Cronkhite, Grant                  24
Cronkhite, Hamner                 87
Cronkhite, Hamner                 82
Cronkhite, Hannah                 14,17,19,,20,22,24,26,28,30,33,33a,34,38,45,64,67,66,78
Cronkhite, Hannah (Rogers?)       64
Cronkhite, Harmon                 85
Cronkhite, Harold                 20
Cronkhite, Harriet                20
Cronkhite, Harriet L.             39
Cronkhite, Helen                  75
Cronkhite, Helen Elizabeth        39
Cronkhite, Henry                  9,12,14,15,17a,27,28,35,39,59,60,64,65,67
Cronkhite, Henry (2)              14,15,16,17
Cronkhite, Henry (cont¹d)         40,42,47.59,78
Cronkhite, Henry A.               17,17a,17b
Cronkhite, Henry C.               22,23
Cronkhite, Henry D.               39
Cronkhite, Henry H.               17c,36
Cronkhite, Henry J.               37
Cronkhite, Henry Jr.              14,27,28,29,33,33a,34,35.,36a,37,59,61,78,80
Cronkhite, Henry T.               27
Cronkhite, Henry, Sr.             5,13,16,17a,17b,17c,17d,18,20,25,26,28,30,34,35,36a,37,38
Cronkhite, Herbert                21
Cronkhite, Hiram                  3,9,12,40,44,78
Cronkhite, Hosea                  12,46,78
Cronkhite, Huldah                 9
Cronkhite, Icabod                 64,65,69
Cronkhite, Icabod T.              66,68
Cronkhite, Ichabod                68
Cronkhite, Isaac                  14,15,62,67
Cronkhite, Isaac H.               58
Cronkhite, Isaac Hoag             55
Cronkhite, Jacob                  3,4,5,9,12,14,17,17a,28,29,38,39,47,
                                  59, 62,64,67,71,73,76,78,79,80
Cronkhite, Jacob (1)              9,10
Cronkhite, Jacob (2)              9
Cronkhite, Jacob 3rd              5
Cronkhite, Jacob Jr               71
Cronkhite, Jacobus                62
Cronkhite, James                  3,4,5,6,9,12,13,14,15,16,17,17a,17b,17c,17d,                                  18, 20,22,25,26,28,29,34 36,36a,38,39,40,42,43,44,
                                  45, 46,47,48,59,60,64,65,66,72,74,77,78,81,82,
                                  83, 84,85,86,87,88
Cronkhite, James H.               14,23
Cronkhite, James Jr               62,78
Cronkhite, James Lynn             21
Cronkhite, James P.               87
Cronkhite, James V.               88
Cronkhite, James William          20
Cronkhite, Jane                   9
Cronkhite, Jasper                 3
Cronkhite, Jennie                 73
Cronkhite, Jeremiah               28,29,80
Cronkhite, John                    3,9,12,14,15,17,27,28,36,38,42,43,58,59,
                                  60, 61,71,72,76,77,78
Cronkhite, John A.                55
Cronkhite, John C.                19,24,25
Cronkhite, John F.                77
Cronkhite, John H.                28
Cronkhite, John Henry             22
Cronkhite, John Jr.               61
Cronkhite, John M.                84,85,86
Cronkhite, John N.                9
Cronkhite, John Reuben            24
Cronkhite, Jonas                  24
Cronkhite, Joseph                 3,58a
Cronkhite, Josiah                 58a
Cronkhite, Julia M.               84
Cronkhite, June F.                77
Cronkhite, Jupanna                58
Cronkhite, Kasper                 3,4,5,7
Cronkhite, Kate                   73
Cronkhite, Katherine              9,36a,36b,55
Cronkhite, Kenneth                36a
Cronkhite, Kittie                 85
Cronkhite, Kitty                  84
Cronkhite, L.W.                   87
Cronkhite, Laurania               20
Cronkhite, Lawrence               76
Cronkhite, Leah                   5,9,10
Cronkhite, Lemuel                 87
Cronkhite, Lena                   88
Cronkhite, Lenard                 82
Cronkhite, Lenard                 87
Cronkhite, Lenard W.              87
Cronkhite, Leonard Woolsey        87
Cronkhite, Lester                 36a
Cronkhite, Lester                 1
Cronkhite, Lester Edwin           39
Cronkhite, Lewlyn                 64,65
Cronkhite, Lizzie V.              77
Cronkhite, Lois                   58a
Cronkhite, Lois May               39
Cronkhite, Lucille                20
Cronkhite, Lucina                 24
Cronkhite, Lucinda                45
Cronkhite, Lucretia               64,66
Cronkhite, Lydia                  9,81,82
Cronkhite, Lydia A.               39
Cronkhite, Lynn J.                21
Cronkhite, Mable                  24
Cronkhite, Mahala                 71
Cronkhite, Malana                 38
Cronkhite, Malina                 71
Cronkhite, Malissa                17c
Cronkhite, Manley                 17c
Cronkhite, Margaret               9,19,37,39
Cronkhite, Margaret D.            77
Cronkhite, Margaret Lorraine      39
Cronkhite, Maria                  20,24,77
Cronkhite, Marshall               55
Cronkhite, Martha                 22,36
Cronkhite, martha Elma            87
Cronkhite, Martha J.              63
Cronkhite, Martin                 3
Cronkhite, Marvin                 21
Cronkhite, Marvin F.              87
Cronkhite, Mary                   14,16,17,24,42,55,58,59,71,78,80,81
Cronkhite, Mary A.                67,71
Cronkhite, Mary Adelia            69
Cronkhite, Mary F.                71
Cronkhite, Mary J.                63
Cronkhite, Mary Louise            56
Cronkhite, Matilda                71
Cronkhite, Melsin F.              64
Cronkhite, Melvin F.              64,65,66
Cronkhite, Melvin Frederick       69
Cronkhite, Merlin                 24
Cronkhite, Merriam                47
Cronkhite, Minton                 75
Cronkhite, Mollie                 37
Cronkhite, Moses                  76
Cronkhite, Moses D.               77
Cronkhite, Muriel                 36a
Cronkhite, Nancy                  9
Cronkhite, Naomi                  17c
Cronkhite, Nathan                 17a,17c
Cronkhite, Nathan E.              79
Cronkhite, Nathaniel              45
Cronkhite, Neryer                 22
Cronkhite, Nora                   39
Cronkhite, Olive                  88
Cronkhite, Pamelia                9
Cronkhite, Peter                  14,15,64,65,66,68,76,78
Cronkhite, Phebe                  14,17,17a,17b,17d,47,61,79
Cronkhite, Pheby                  76,79
Cronkhite, Phena                  64,65,67
Cronkhite, Philena                74
Cronkhite, Philip                 76,79
Cronkhite, Piley                  55
Cronkhite, Polly                  9,17a,22,28,38,47,81
Cronkhite, Polly A.               39
Cronkhite, Powell                 9
Cronkhite, Rachel                 9,40,72,85
Cronkhite, Ralph                  24
Cronkhite, Ray F.                 21
Cronkhite, Rebecca                45,64,65,68
Cronkhite, Reuben                 76,79
Cronkhite, Richard                77
Cronkhite, Roger                  20
Cronkhite, Rubin                  81
Cronkhite, Ruth                   63
Cronkhite, Ruth A.                85
Cronkhite, Ruth H.                17c
Cronkhite, Ruth Mary              75
Cronkhite, Sallie                 36,75
Cronkhite, Sally                  3,22,64,66,68
Cronkhite, Sally K.               69
Cronkhite, Samuel                 9,45,62,63,64,65,66,67,70,87
Cronkhite, Sarah                  12,24,36,37,48,55,58,63,64,66,67,76,77,78,81,86
Cronkhite, Sarah C.               58
Cronkhite, Sarah F.               39
Cronkhite, Sarah J. Farman        64,65,66
Cronkhite, Sarah Jane             64,65,66
Cronkhite, Sarah K.               64,66
Cronkhite, Seneca                 17a,71
Cronkhite, Sheldon                20,21
Cronkhite, Sophia                 40
Cronkhite, Spencer                71
Cronkhite, Stephen                12,45,47,60,61,62,78,79,80
Cronkhite, Susan                  77
Cronkhite, Susanna                55
Cronkhite, Susannah               76,79
Cronkhite, Sylvia                 17a,17b
Cronkhite, Sylvia C.              71
Cronkhite, Synthia                85,87
Cronkhite, Tantha Jane            39
Cronkhite, Thomas                 45
Cronkhite, Titus                  71
Cronkhite, Truman                 88
Cronkhite, Tryphena Ellis         64,66
Cronkhite, Tunis                  9,14,15,17a,17c,60,61,78,79
Cronkhite, Walter                 36
Cronkhite, Warren                 17d,45
Cronkhite, William                66,73,76,77,79
Cronkhite, William                36a,37,63
Cronkhite, William A.             68
Cronkhite, William Aaron          64,66,68,69
Cronkhite, William D.             39
Cronkhite, William Dennis         45
Cronkhite, William G.             77
Cronkhite, William J.             77
Cronkhite, William Woolsey        82,87
Cronkhite, Willie Emma            77
Cronkhite, Willis                 39
Cronkhite, Willis Baldwin         39
Cronkhite, Winston                55
Cronkhite, Young                  24
Dalannie, Unknown                 37
Dapau Executors                   65
Davison, Donald M.                74
Davison, Edith Sousana (?)        75
Davy, Sarah J.                    24
Day, Oliver                       37
Day, Rufus                        56
De Greene, Alex Sir               32
De Greene, Henry Sir              32
De Greene, John                   32
De Greene, Thomas Sir             32
De Greene, Walter Sir             32
De la Touche, Lucy                32
De la Vergne, Frances             33
De la Vergne, Lewis               33
DeGraff, Margaret                 77
Delevan, Sarah                    19,22,23
Delong, Elizabeth                 40
Delong, Hannah                    40
DeLong, James                     14,27,40,78,79
Delong, Mary                      40
Delong, Rosanna                   40
Delong, Sarah                     40
Delphine, Fanny                   56
Demmond, Harriet                  26
Dempster, Anna Hoover Mrs.        69
Dempster, Mrs.                    68
DeOuy, J. B.                      10
Devine, Emily Stover              87
Devoe, Lottie                     35
Diefendorf, Mary                  20
Diefendorf, Unknown               40
Dillenback, Juliette              35
Dillingham, Betsey                10
Dingham, John Andrew              19
Dodd, Helen J.                    33b
Dodd, Joan                        31
Drayton, John Sir                 32
Drayton, Katherine                32
Dreger, Helen Dreger              56,57
Dresser, Jasper Marion Mrs.       5
Dresser, Parker                   9
Dresser, Solomon P. Mrs.          9
Duncan, ?                         77
Dygert, Anna L.                   35
Earl, Jennette                    65
Earl, Orrin R.                    65
Eckler, Henry                     29,78
Eckler, Peter                     80
Edwards, Jennie                   77
Eldred, Isadora                   74
Eldridge, ?                       74
Ellis children                    67
Ellis, Caroline                   67
Ellis, John                       65
Ellis, Mary F.                    67
Ellis, Squire                     64,66,67
Ellis, Tryphena                   64,66
Ellwood, Abraham                  79
Ellwood, Alonzo                   79
Ellwood, Isaac                    79
Elwood, Isaac Mrs.                59
Empie, Elizabeth                  25
Empie, Garret A.                  25
Enos, Henry Adelbard              36
Enos, Henry Perry                 36
Enos, Orson Adams                 36
Enos, Sarah Elizabeth             36
Eson, Joseph Aley                 40
Eson, Josephine A.                40,41
Eyoleshear, Grace Marie           17b
Eysamen, Lany Katherine           40
Eysman, Laney                     40
Eyzman, Lucy                      40
Failin, Ann                       20
Fake, Peter                       24
Farwell, Cora                     1
Farwell, Ellen Louise             11
Farwell, Frank                    10
Farwell, Frank Lewis              11
Farwell, James Lynn               11
Farwell, Lerene                   11
Farwell, Mildred Rebecca          11
Feller(?), Hannah J.              77
Fely, Celestia                    65
Fely, James                       65
Fhla, James                       65
Field, Mitchel                    36a
Fink, Andrew                      58a
Fish, Elizabeth                   45,78
Fish, James                       77
Fly, Carl B. Mrs.                 75
Folger, Hannah                    37
Freeman, Anna                     87
Freeman, Caty                     47
Freeman, Isaac                    19
Freeman, Kate                     80
Fulcher, Charlotte                10
Fyvie, Helen Mrs.                 1,39,58a
Gifford, Joseph                   58a
Gifford, Lois                     58a,78
Gilbert, Hiram                    10
Gramps, John P.                   30
Gramps, Magdalena                 30
Graves, ?                         9
Green, Ambrose                    30
Green, Claude William             31,33b
Green, Earl Leavitt               31,33b
Green, Hulda                      30,34
Green, John                       30
Green, Polly                      30,33a,34
Green, Robert                     33
Green, William                    28,30,59
Green, William A.                 30
Green, William Cook               30,31,33b
Green, William H.                 30
Greene, Adelia                    34
Greene, Almeda                    35
Greene, Ambrose                   33,33a,34
Greene, Amy                       33a
Greene, Amy                       33,33a,34
Greene, Amy                       30,34
Greene, Anna                      35
Greene, Benjamin                  32
Greene, Charles Wilson            31
Greene, Charles Wilson Jr.        31,33b
Greene, Clayton                   35
Greene, Cornelis                  35
Greene, Daniel                    32
Greene, Daughter                  32,33
Greene, David                     34
Greene, David Earl                31,33b
Greene, Eanach                    33a,34
Greene, Earl Leavitt Jr           31,33b
Greene, Edward                    32,33,33a,34
Greene, Edward (?)                33
Greene, Elizabeth                 33,33a
Greene, Ellis                     35
Greene, Elma                      35
Greene, Elphonzo                  35
Greene, Engfield                  32
Greene, Felix                     33,33a
Greene, George                    33
Greene, Gula Elma                 33a,35
Greene, Gula Elsa                 30,33a,34
Greene, Hannah Cronkhite          2
Greene, Henry                     30,32,33a,34,35
Greene, Hulda                     33a,35
Greene, James                     31,32
Greene, James Richard             31,33b
Greene, James Wilson              34
Greene, John                      30,32
Greene, John                      32,33,33a,34
Greene, John Earl                 31,33b
Greene, John Lester               33,33a
Greene, John W.                   33a,34,35
Greene, Leora Mae                 31,33b
Greene, Lewis                     30,33a,34,35
Greene, Libbie                    35
Greene, Lucninda                  34
Greene, Marion Lavina             31,33b
Greene, Mary Catherine            34
Greene, Melvin                    35
Greene, Mildred Jennett           31,33a
Greene, Naomi                     33
Greene, Phillip                   33
Greene, Phoebe                    33
Greene, Polly                     33a,34
Greene, Polly Catherine           34
Greene, Rachel                    33
Greene, Robert                    32
Greene, Robert Kolmus             31,33a,33b
Greene, Ruth                      33,33a
Greene, Seward                    35
Greene, Susan                     31,33b
Greene, Thomas,of Isham           32
Greene, Timothy                   33
Greene, Walter                    30,33a,34,35
Greene, Welthian                  32
Greene, Wendy                     31,33b
Greene, Wilbur                    35
Greene, William                   33,33a,33b,34
Greene, William A.                33b
Greene, William George            31,33a,33b
Greene, William Jr                2,8,30,33b
Greene, Wilson H.                 33b
Guile family                      5
Guile, Roger                      79
Hadlock, Capt.                    18
Hagaman, Sarah                    77,79
Hahneman, ?                       20
Hall, Hattie                      10
Hallock, Capt.                    18
Halvey, Alice                     39
Hand, Ida                         14
Hand, Ida F.                      40
Hand, J. S.                       40
Harmon, Anna                      39
Hauduit, Natilos                  32
Hauduit, Thomas Sir               32
Havens, Unknown                   33
Hawk, Coral Isabel                57
Hawk, George                      57
Hawkins, Christie                 36b
Hawkins, Clark                    36b
Hawkins, Glyn C.                  36b
Hawkins, Harold                   36b
Hawkins, Linda Dian               36b
Hawkins, Patrick                  36b
Hawkins, Terry                    36b
Hawkins, Unknown                  36b
Hawley, James                     31,33b
Heard, David                      10
Heisredt, Marten                  10
Herkimer, Helen                   33,33a
Herkimer, Nicholas Brig Gen.      60
Hewett, Unknown                   84,86
Hiat, Merriam                     47
Hibbard, David                    9,10
Hibbard, Isaac                    10
Hibbard, Jacob                    10
Hibbard, John                     10
Hibbard, Pamelia                  10
Hibbard, Polly                    10
Hibbard, Rachel                   10
Hibbard, Robert                   10
Hibbard, Ruth                     10
Hibbard, Samuel                   10
Hibbard, Sarah                    10
Hicks, Polly                      33
Hiesredt, Catherine               10
Hildebrand, Fred                  57
Hildebrand, Jean Marie            57
Hildebrand, Leslie                57
Hildebrand, Robert Lewis          57
Hildenbrand, George               31,33b
Hildenbrand, George Mrs.          2,74
Hildenbrand, Leora Mae Greene     2,13,14,30,32,70,73,78
Hildrebrand, Leslie Arnold        57
Hill, Ralph                       84,86
Hinsman, Charlotte                10
Hioskins, Charles (?)             85
Hldebrand, Carla Jean             57
Holley, Sanford B.                66
Holmes, James Col.                60
Hoover, Moses                     69
Hornill, Charles                  87
Hoskiss (?), Unknown              84
Hoskiss, Elizabeth                84,86
Hoskiss, Florence                 84,86
Hoskiss, George H.                84,86
Hoskiss, Sarah                    84,86
Houpt, Chauncey                   34
House, Anna                       30,33b
Howard, ?                         9
Hubbard, Hannah                   10
Hubbard, Unknown                  55
Humphrey, John                    81
Humphrey, Unknown                 55
Hutchinson, ?                     9
Hyat, Merriam                     47
Ichoft, John                      39
Jackson, Martha                   33
Jenkins, George                   34
Jenkins, Hannah                   34
Jenkins, James                    33a,34
Jenkins, James                    30,34
Johnson, Fred C.                  47
Jones, Eliza                      30,33a,34,35
Kalmus, Mary                      31,33b
Keene, Samuel                     10
Keller, Delia                     40
Keller, Mary F.                   40
Kent, Moses                       65
Kenyon, John                      27
Kenyon, John Mrs.                 27,59
Kenyon, Thomas                    64,68
Kiester, Linda                    57
Knickerbacker, John Col.          6o
Kranck, Henry                     60
Krokheit, Henry                   59
Krokheit, Mary                    59
Kronkheyt, Jacob                  77
Kronkhite, Casper                 7
Kronkhite, Henry                  27
Kronkhite, Hiram                  3,4
Kronkhite, Jacob                  59
Kronkhite, James                  60
Kronkhite, John                   5,59
Kronkhite, Kasper                 7,67
Kushobaki, Anne                   57
Lake, Hannah                      38
Lambalzer, John                   39
Lambalzer, Leo                    39
Lancaster, Mariah                 17b
Landor, Walter Savage             2
Lansing, L.. S.                   1
Lansing, Louis S. Mrs.            68,70
Lattimore, Fred                   36b
Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth          35
Leavitt, John                     30
Leavitt, Joseph B.                30
Leavitt, Leora A.                 30,33b
Leavitt, Sherwood                 30
Leavitt, Simon B.                 30,33b
LeFevre, F.R.                     55
Lester, Gula Elma                 33,33a
Lester, Unknown                   81
Lewis, E.W.                       64,68
Lewis, Philena                    80
Lippert, Carrie                   25
Livingston, Henry Col.            60
Lorilord, Mary                    75
Losee, Abram                      65,66
Love (?), Frankie B.              38
Loveland, Clarence                35
Lowe, Frankie B.                  38
Lucas, Nancy                      40
Ludwig, F.                        36b
Ludwig, Kermit F.                 36b
Lukens, Ann Elizabeth             41
Luney, Jennie                     36a
Lunney, Mary J.                   36a
Lunney, Mary J. Hunnery(?)        36a
Madison, Jennett B.               30,33b
Makepeace, ?                      9
Malone, Elizabeth                 40
Malorie, Ankatil                  32
Malorie, Ela                      32
Martin, Hermion                   57
Martindale, Unknown               81
Mater, Edna                       39
Matthews, Dan                     37
McArdell, Frank                   37
McArdell, Frank Cronkhite         1
McArdell, Mark                    37
McArdell, Willard                 37
McDonald, Sylvester               73
McDougal, John Henry              34
McIntyre, Doris                   36a
McKenzie, Anna                    24
McKinley, Sata C.                 57
McMasters, Emmeline               87
McMullen, George                  33,33a
McMullen, Julia                   84
McMullen, Mary                    84
McNeil, Unknown                   19
McRoberts, Jenney                 35
Miller, Betsey Mrs.               72
Milligan, Thomas                  20
Millilliman, Mary                 87
Milton, Catherine                 38
Milton, Unknown                   17c
Minton, Ruth                      75
Minton, William G.                75
Mitchell, Aileen                  31,33b
Morehouse, Charles                36
Morehouse, Elizabeth              27
Morehouse, Ruby Eunice            36
Morehouse, Sarah Lulu             36
Mosely, Naomi                     17a,17c
Mosely, Zebiah                    17,17c
Mosher, A.P.                      71
Mosley family                     5
Mosley, Jeptha                    17,17c
Mosley, Melisa                    17a,17c
Moss, Rhoda                       82
Moyer, Charles                    24
Moyer, Margaret                   22,23
Moyer, Martha                     22
Moyer, Spalding                   22
Munn, George                      87
Munn, George                      85
Mursdal, Moses                    10
Myers, Anna                       10
Nellis, Henry                     33,33a
Nelson, Charles Edward            11
Nelson, Chas. Cortland            11
Nelson, Dianne Adams              11
Nelson, Unknown                   37
Norton, Dell                      38
O'Shay, Ann                       56
Odell, John                       79
Olson, Andrew                     56
Onderkirk, Elizabeth              37
Otis, Unknown                     65
Overacker, Hannah                 14,19,23
Packer, Marietta                  87
Paddock, Hannah                   26
Paddock, Isaac                    26
Paddock, John                     26
Paddock, Jonathan                 14,26,78
Paddock, Ruth                     26
Paddock, Theodore                 26
Paddock, William                  26
Paine, Nancy                      87
Palen, Gilbert                    73
Palmer, David D.                  34
Parker, Florence M.               11
Parr, John                        20
Patterson, Nancy                  83
Peacock, Florence                 36a,36b
Peacock, Robert                   36a,36b
Peak, Elizabeth York              20
Pedigo, C. R.                     1
Pedigo, Clyde B.                  41
Pedigo, William John              41
Pember, Andrew                    73
Pettis, Unknown                   65
Pickard, Ruth                     20
Pierce (?), Mary                  33
Pierce, Daniel                    71
Pierce, Mary Ann                  71
Pierce, Ruth A.                   71
Pierce, Susan                     71
Pierce, Unknown                   22,23
Pitcher, Nancy                    10
Pollard, Velda                    31,33b
Porter, L. R.                     1
Porter, Carly S.                  55
Porter, Claire Wellington         56,57
Porter, David Lawrence            57
Porter, Fanny Delphine Cronkhite  55
Porter, George                    56
Porter, Grace Velora              57
Porter, James                     56
Porter, James L.                  56
Porter, John Ross                 56,57
Porter, Kenneth Day               56
Porter, Laura Jean                57
Porter, Lawrence Bliss            56
Porter, Lester N.                 56
Porter, Lewis                     56
Porter, Lincoln Spear             57
Porter, Lucius Stratton           57
Porter, Mavis Ida                 56
Porter, Paul Edward               57
Porter, Phea Antha                57
Porter, Ronald Eugene             57
Porter, Selma Helene              57
Porter.Donald Wayne               56
Portrer, James Lester             56
Portrer, John                     56
Potter, Reuben                    39
Potter, Unknown                   55
Prince, Myron                     35
Prindle, Fanny                    10
Proctor, N. L. Mrs.               9
Protherou, Charles Gardner        57
Protherou, George                 57
Putman, Abraham                   35
Rasbach, Charles A.               40
Rasbach, Edith                    40
Rasbach, James A.                 40
Rasbach, John M.                  40
Rasbach, Rosetta                  40
Rasbach, Sarah S.                 40
Rasbach, Thaddeu F.               40
Rasbach, Theodore D.              40
Rasbach, Wallace A.               40
Rasbach, William B.               40
Rasback, James                    40
Rasback, John M.                  40
Rector, Dora                      38
Reed, Samantha                    10
Reys, Ernest                      74
Rice, Fred W.                     65
Richard, William                  22
Rickard, Margaret                 9
Robens, John                      38
Robinson, Ervin                   35
Rogers, Isaac                     66
Rogers, Jeremiah                  30,33a,34,35
Rogers, John                      66
Rogers, Lucinda                   35
Rogers, Nathan                    66
Rogers, Thomas                    30
Roselie, Lawrence                 56
Rowley, Sarah                     72
Roys, Ernest                      74
Roys, Helen                       74
Rudyard, Mary                     33
Rury, Daniel L.                   64,65
Rury, Mary M.                     64
Russel, Mrs.                      55
Russell, Hazel A.                 11
Ruxton, W.C.                      75
Sale, Elizabeth                   14,38,78
Sale, Hannah                      14,42,78
Salisbury, Annis S.               38
Sanders, Fayette                  22,23
Sanders, Howard                   20
Sanders, Leah                     22,23
Sargent, Louisa                   87
Sargent, Samuel B.                87
Schaefer, Joseph H.               1
Schall, David                     22
Schelling, Gordon                 56
Schelling, Leroy                  56
Schelling, Sharon Lee             56
Schmitz, Harriet                  11
Schutt, James                     73
Schuyler, Margaret                30,33a,34,35
Schuyler, Nicholas                79
Schuyler, Unknown                 40
Scudder, Joel                     38
Shafer, Hannah                    14,29,33,33a,80
Shaul, Rose                       34
Shaver, Hanner                    80
Shaver, Jacob                     80
Shaver, Jacob Jr                  80
Shaw, Lydia                       38
Shea, Margaret                    39
Shea, Martha                      39
Sheley, ?                         9
Sherman, Caroline                 17a
Sherman, Stephen                  17a
Sherman, Unknown                  3
Sickles, Betsey                   47
Simons, Arrie                     39
Sisom, Ruth                       17a
Sissen, Nancy                     10
Slafter, Fannie                   55
Slafter, P. (Chatterton)          55
Slafter, Samuel                   55
Sloat, Betsey                     15
Smith, Betsey                     88
Smith, Edwin                      88
Smith, Maria                      19,20
Smith, Mary B.                    88
Smith, Nancy                      88
Smith, Rachel                     33
Smith, Rhenda Lynn                11
Smith, Sarah                      82
Smith, Summer                     11
Smith, Thomas                     33
Smithers, Almond                  35
Snell, Frances                    20
Snydam, Hannah                    17,18
Solway, Catherine                 36a
Solway, J. Cottrel                36a
Solway, John                      36a
Spear, Rachel M.                  56
Spencer, Gardner                  79
Spring, Albert                    38
Spring, Daniel W.                 38
Spring, Frances Vulney            38
Spring, Gilbert                   38
Spring, Henry Cronk               38
Spring, Jared S.                  38
Spring, John A.                   38
Spring, Jonathan                  38
Springsteen, Sally                38
Standerwick, William Mrs          1
Starbuck, James S.                66
Stater, Carolyn                   57
Stater, Fran                      57
Stedjef, Andrew O.                56
Stedjef, Carl                     56
Stedjef, Carrie                   56
Stedjef, Edward                   56
Stedjef, George Buel              56
Stedjef, Louis                    56
Stedjef, Mabel                    56
Stedjef, Marie                    56
Stedjef, Nora Loraine             56
Stedjef.Owen Carl                 56
Stedjjef, Owen Lewis H.           56
Stephenson, Sara Ruth             41
Stephenson, Therese Booth         41
Stephenson, William J.            40,41
Stillwell, John                   66
Stockwell, Albert                 20
Stockwell, Charles                20
Stockwell, Fred                   20
Stratton, Lucius                  55
Stratton, Norma                   55
Straub, Barbara                   57
Straub, George                    57
Straub, Lester Porter             57
Straub, Zilpha                    57
Strayer, Emma                     25
Stuart, George                    57
Stuart, Norma F.                  57
Surdam, Bethsheba                 47
Surdan, Hannah                    17
Surydam, Hannah                   17b
Swift, Zacheus                    33,33a
Teller, Hannah J.                 77
Tenninson, Elizabeth              75
Thomas, Herbert B.                1
Thomas, Sarah                     77
Tibbetts, Mary                    32,33
Timmerman, Daniel                 66
Tompkins, Sarah                   79
Torsch, Ida                       56
Trafton [?]r, Fred                36b
Traftor [?], Fred                 36b
Tripp, Charles                    56
Tripp, Irene Bessie               56
Tuttle, Florence                  84,86
Unknown Sarah H.                  83
Unknown, Ann                      32
Unknown, Anna                     47
Unknown, Anna                     21
Unknown, Betsey                   20
Unknown, Betsey V.                88
Unknown, Caroline                 22
Unknown, Catherine                25
Unknown, Christina                25
Unknown, Cornelia                 26
Unknown, Elizabeth                32,36
Unknown, Esther                   17,17d
Unknown, Maria                    15
Unknown, Mary                     14,18,27,45
Unknown, Mary ?                   26
Unknown, Sally                    83
Unknown, Sarah (Sate)             55
Unknown, Tryphena                 83
Van Aken, George W.               10
Van Aken, J. Hassan               10
Van Brunt, Lucina                 38,39
Van Buskirk, Cora                 55
Van Buskirk, Elmer                55
Van Buskirk, Lila                 55
Van Buskirk, Margaret             55
Van Dycke, Ann M.                 35
Van Dycke, Edna                   35
Van Dycke, Frank                  35
Van Dycke, Leta                   35
Van Dycke, Wilbur                 35
Van Horn, Mary Ann                36a
Van Ness, Maria [                 20
Van Ness, Henry                   24
Van Ness, Louisa                  20
Van Ness, Philip                  20
Van Rensselaer, John Lt. Col.     60
Van Snydan, Hannah                17
Van Valkenberg, Jacob Adj.        60
Van Wirt, Anne                    45
Van Wirt, Eliza                   45
Vancower, Helen Kenny             57
Vreedenburgh, John V.             61
Walrath, Amanda                   35
Walrath, Catherine                30,33a,34,35
Walrath, Caty                     19,24
Walrath, Charles                  34,36a,36b
Walrath, John                     30,33a,34
Walrath, Lena                     36a,36b
Walrath, Libbie                   34
Walrath, Mamie                    36a,36b
Walrath, Margaret F,              21
Walrath, Peter                    66
Waltermire, Unknown               81
Walters(?), June                  31
Walters, June                     33b
Wample (?), Sarah J.              68
Wardwell, Abigail                 32
Waring, W.F.                      56
Warren, David                     65
Warren, Louise N.                 65
Washburn, Henry                   66
Waters, Elizabeth                 79
Waters, June                      31,33a
Watt, Robert                      67
Weatherwax, Henry H.              10
Weatherwax, Rebecca               10
Webster, Ethelyn Mae              35
Wheater, Janet                    35
Wheater, Mary                     35
Wheeler, Mary                     36
Wicke, Jean                       75
Wiedenheft, Alvin :H.             11
Wiedenheft, David                 11
Wiedenheft, Jean                  11
Wiedenheft, Richard Adams         11
Wiedenheft, Wilson Preston        11
Wilcot(?), Loaminy                26
Wilcox, Caroline                  26
Wilcox, Charles Francis           26
Wilcox, Cordelia                  26
Wilcox, Edmund                    26
Wilcox, Harriet                   26
Wilcox, Harvey                    26
Wilcox, Harvey Edgar              26
Wilcox, Hilda                     26
Wilcox, Isaac                     26
Wilcox, Justin                    26
Wilcox, Loaminy                   26
Wilcox, Lucian                    26
Wilcox, Mary                      26
Wilcox, Monica                    26
Wilcox, Philip                    26
Wilcox, Ruth                      26
Wilkins, Sarah                    84
Williams, Lettie                  45
Wilson, ?                         71
Wilson, Alex                      17
Wilson, Joel                      58a
Wimple, Sarah J.                  68
Winnie, Mary C.                   25
Wolcott, Jacob                    20
Wood, Louisa Mrs. M.L.W.          77
Woodward, Arthur                  17c
Woolsey, Rachel                   82
Wygant, Margaret                  9
Yates, Peter Col.                 60
Youmans, Vera                     56
Young, C. H.                      5
Youngs, Edward                    36a
Younker, Mrs. Wm.                 58
Zoller, Alvaro                    35
Zoller, Dion Theodore             35
Zoller, Elizabeth                 35
Zoller, Emma                      35
Zoller, Ivan                      35
Zoller, Jacob                     35
Zoller, James                     33a,35
Zoller, James                     30,34
Zoller, James Lewis               35
Zoller, John Menzo                35
Zoller, Leslie                    35
Zoller, Mary Katherine            35
Zoller, Maud                      35
Zoller, Melisa                    35
Zoller, William                   35
Zufelt, Augeliu Sanford           69
Zufelt, George                    69




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