Klein-Cline family Lineage Society

General Guidelines for membership


  • By recommendation of the Cline family historian only.
  • Certified by Monroe Co. OGS or other Genealogical or Historical Society.
  • Memberships open to all persons regardless of surname.

Individual- single or individual membership

   Family    - family joins as head of household name

   Honorary - issued to individuals who have contributed to Klein-Cline

   researchers or those who have promoted the Klein-Cline family Heritage.

  • Membership is lifetime.
  • Deadline for submission is August 30 of each year.
  • All documents submitted will become the property of the Genealogical or Historical Society issuing membership and will not be returned to applicant.



Requirements for membership in the CLINE FAMILY LINEAGE SOCIETY


  • Membership in one of the following organizations based on Pieter Klein or his descendants. 

     Sons of the American Revolution

     Daughters of the American Revolution

     Sons of Union Veterans

     Sons of Confederate Veteran

     First Families

     Pioneer Families


  • Y-Dna matches

A match of a minimum of 12 of 12 Y-Dna markers:

   DYS#   393    390      19      391    385a    385b   426    388   439    389-1    392    389-2

   Allele  14     22    15+17     10      13      15     11     12    13     13       11      31

  • Documented records indicating kinship to Pieter Klein or descendants. (suggested but not limited to: birth, death, marriage, obits, census, family bible)


  • Membership in Genealogical or Historical Society issuing membership.


  • A pedigree chart of you and your Cline Ancestor.


  • A photo of you or your Cline Ancestor.


  • Payment of membership fee determined by Genealogical or Historical Society issuing membership (Monroe County OGS=$15)


  • Completion and submission of all required documents to the Cline Family Historian.








Klein-Cline Family Lineage Society


Name:     _______________________________________________


Address:  _______________________________________________

                   Street/P.O. Box






            State                             Zip Code


Phone:  (    )      -                email:      


 I have read and understand the requirements for membership in the Cline Family Lineage Society and make application for membership by attesting I meet these requirements. I have attached the checklist of records along with supporting documents.



___________________________________________             ______________________

               Signature                                        Date



Applicant  #



Documents reviewed by:  _______________________________________________

                                     Name-title                Date


Organization issuing membership:  _____________________________________



Cline Family Historian:         ______________________________________

                                      Name                     Date


O   I-We have reviewed the records and have determined the applicant meets the requirements for membership in the Cline Family Lineage Society.


O   I-We have reviewed the records and have determined the applicant does not meet the requirements for membership in the Cline Family Lineage Society.

Details of additional information required are attached to this document.


Approved this    day         , in the year of lord          .



_____________________________________    ____________________________________   


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Cline Family Historian                   Monroe Co. OGS




Klein-Cline Family Lineage Society membership






Complete this checklist to assure your records or documents are correct and submit with your supporting documentation.


You must submit at least one of the following:


O Membership in one of the organizations listed as references for in-kind membership. (See list of requirements for membership)


O  Y-Dna test results matching descendants of Pieter Klein.


O  Documents and or records indicating relationship to Pieter Klein or his




You must submit all of the following:


O  Membership in the Genealogy or Historical Society issuing the membership

  or you must join at time of application.


O  Pedigree Chart showing your Cline lineage.


O  A Photo of you or your Cline ancestor.


O  Membership Fee. (see contact info below if you do not know the fee)


O  Completed membership application and this checklist.


Mail completed application, checklist and supporting documents to:


Harley Dakin

Appalachian Ancestry

23803 Oxford twp. Rd. 252b

Newcomerstown, OH   43832


Or Phone   740-498-5636

Or email. hpdakin@appalachianancestry.com  or hpdakin@sbcglobal.net


For questions or assistance in completing the application, call or email to the above address.


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