The Gelineau Family


The Gelineau Family

Marie Gelineau Dit Daniel was a descendant of Elie Juiellineau, or 'Elie the Jew'.  Little is known about Elie, except that he was born around 1530 and is noted in the Biblioteque de Saintes as being called Juiellineau or Jullineau to indicate his non-Christian status in France.  His son, Olivier (born abt. 1558) adopted the last name Juiellineau and married Louyse Roger.  He was a literate man who could read and write and a member of the bourgeois class.  He owned three properties: a water mill at Courpignac, France; a windmill at Guichardiere, France, in the parish of Thenac; and a mill on the river Seugne at Roisne )Roanne), near the mill at Courpignac.  Olivier died at age 80 and he and Louyse were buried in the cemetery at Coupignac near the church at Gons.

Marie's parents were Joseph Gelineau Dit Daniel and MarieDesanges Bouteiller.  They were married on October 18, 1802 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.  They had both been married previously; Joseph to Marie Angelique Monty; and MarieDesanges to Joseph Trudeau.

Joseph and MarieDesanges had two children:

*Marie Madeleine, who was born July 31, 1803 in Longueuil, Chambly, Quebec, and married Jean Marie Bessette on November 27, 1821 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Chambly, Quebec.  She died on January 06, 1894 in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, NY and was buried on January 08, 1894 in the St. Peter's Catholic Church in Plattsburgh, NY.

*Julie, born January 20, 1805 in Chambly, Quebec and married Alex Guertin on October 20, 1825 at St. Joseph's Church in Chambly, Quebec.

Joseph Gelineau dit Daniel died sometime before April 1807, and Marie's mother MarieDesanges, married again to Jean Baptiste Devoyau on April 6, 1807.  

The Gelineaus' Dit name of Daniel came from Marie's great grandfather Daniel Gelineau, and was passed down through his son Joseph, and through Joseph's son, Joseph.   Joseph's daughter, Marie, is shown as using the name Daniel in her children's marriage records, but in the census' of Clinton County, she is listed as Gelineau.  She is also listed as Gelineau on her own marriage record, and the baptismal records of her children.  Her burial record lists her as Marie Bessette Daniel Gelineau.


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