Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York


Soon after the Revolutionary War Zephaniah Platt and 32 associates formed a company designed for the purchase of military land warrants, and they were soon granted a tract 7-mile square on Lake Champlain in New York.  In August 1784, Capt. Nathaniel Platt and Capt, Reeve personally set out to survey the Plattsburgh patent and laid off 10 lots of 80-100 acres each to be given to the first 10 settlers who came to reside with families within the 7 miles they had purchased.  Another track of 100 acres was allotted as a donation to the first male child born on the patent.  Plattsburgh was first recognized as a town April 4, 1785, and from this period the settlement steadily progressed.  Clinton County, New York was formed from Washington County, NY on March 7, 1788.