The History of the Millslagle, Macke, Daellenbach, and Mulhern Families

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Hello. Welcome to my family history site. Here I have research concerning the ancestors of my children.

The site is organized into eight volumes (only 6 are currently available): Daellenbach, Donaker, Downing, Jahn, Macke, and Millslagle. Click on the surname to open that volume.

Daellenbach: Follows the descendants (and ancestors) of Johannes Daellenbach from Otterbach, Switzerland who later came to the United States and settled in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Includes the allied surnames of Kern and Hodel.
Downing: This site focuses on the children of William and Charity (Brown) Downing. They married in Illinois, spent some time in Missouri, and then settled in Texas. It also includes the Kennemer family from Kennemer Cove, Alabama.
Donaker: My earliest known Donaker ancestor is William Edgar Donaker, born circa 1855 in Ohio, who married Hattie Stackhouse, my brick wall. This section includes the allied surnames of Stackhouse, Wharton, and Wilson.
Jahn This volume contains my Jahn ancestry. They came through Ellis Island from Bohemia in the early 1900s.
Macke: My Macke family begins with Johann Leonard Macke. His son, Johann Clemens, settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. It includes the allied families of Voll, McDermott, Flammer, and Carr.
Millslagle: Attempts to connect all descendants of Johann Andreas Mühlschlägel. Andreas was orginally from Lachen-Speyerdorf (Germany) but he came to Pennsylvania in 1750 and later moved to Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia). This section includes the allied names of Northrup, Collander (Calendar), Loy, Wickham, and Norton.
Mulhern: Mulherns and Raffertys of Ironton, Ohio with allied lines of Dalenberg and DeYoung from South Holland & Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. This site is under construction and is not available.
Winchester: Winchesters of Wayne County, Kentucky with the Allied families of Abbott and Coffey. This section is still under construction and is not available.

Carol Millslagle-Macke
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