The Genealogy of the Daellenbach Family


The Genealogy of the Daellenbach Family
and the related surnames of Kern and Hodel

This site tries to connect all of Johannes Daellenbach's desendents. Johannes immgrated from Switzerland with his second wife, Elizabeth (Hodel) and their children in 1882. They settled in Dorchester, Clark County, Wisconsin although they spent some time in Minnesota. I'd like to thank Doris (Daellenbach) Macke and Sharon (James) Bertotti for all the help & information they have provided to make this site possible.

I just finished an update to this site. My main focus has been adding census, birth, death, and marriage certificate images to the narratives . To see an image, click on the camera icon to view the image. NOTE: the census images are large files (between 800 - 3000 KB) but they give additional insight into the family. Another new feature is the "charts page" which has linked pedigree and descendant charts for selected people.

You will notice that some people have estimated birthdates with the words "circa" and "say." I use circa to indicate that there is a record (such as census) that I can use to base a year on. When I use the word say, it is almost a complete guess which may be very imprecise. I put the reason for my guess in the footnote.

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