The Genealogy of the Donaker Family

The Genealogy of the Donaker Family
and the related surnames of Wilson and Wharton (to name a few)


Hello, I just finished an update to this site. This newest update includes graphics based on one of my grandmother's paintings. This site has now doubled the number of people included and I have added many more census records. I still have many more to add.

Another new feature of this site is the place index. Use the place index to view which ancestors lived in the same places. I've also set up the Census years as a place. So, you can view all the people enumerated on the 1790 census by looking in the place index.

You will notice that some people have estimated birthdates with the words "circa" and "say." I use circa to indicate that there is a record (such as census) that I can use to base a year on. When I use the word say, it is almost a complete guess which may be very imprecise. I put the reason for my guess in the footnote.

I also wish to acknowledge the help of Ted Yungclas who has given me a large amount of information included on the Wilson family.

Carol Macke

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