The Genealogy of the Downing Family

The Genealogy of the Downing Family
and the related surnames of Kennemer and Cannaday to name a few


I am beginning research on my maternal ancestors, Thomas Oscar Downing and George Washington Kennemer. Not much is known about these families but it appears that both of these families may have been in America before the Revolutionary War.

You will notice that some people have estimated birthdates with the words "circa" and "say." I use circa to indicate that there is a record (such as census) that I can use to base a year on. When I use the word say, it is almost a complete guess which may be very imprecise. I put the reason for my guess in the footnote.

The graphics are from a scan of a painting by my great-aunt, Minnie Kennemer. She was known for her art within her community. Learn more about the Downing and Kennemer Lines by following this link.

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