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The article is believed to have appeared in the Cincinnati Newspaper. Continue scrolling to see a scanned image of the article.

"Feasted. Insurance Men Gather at the Festal Board and Enjoy Life. A REST FROM THEIR LABOR. Superintendent Pohe, of the Prudential, Banquets His Men as a Reward of Merits For Good Work.

"It was a gathering such as gives a man a feeling that he is having a good time, and is glowing with good fellowship, that met at the Warner House, last evening, in response to the invitations issued by Mr. J. R. Pohe, the superin[missing]ndent of the Prudential Life Insurance [missing]ompany. The occasion was the annual banquet given by the home office to districts and agencies which have done exceedingly good work.

"Mr. Pohe had managed the affair so that every detail had been looked after, and his guests were given no inconveniences whatever. The reception was held in the rooms of the Warner house, from 7:30 until 8:30, when the insurance men met and traded views on plans and methods.

"Those present at the occasion were W. Hamilton, the head of the industrial department of the Prudential company from the home office at Newark, N. J.; F. W. Pennington, assistant superintendent of Ironton, and his staff, Messrs. J. A. Kinney, Richard R. Coat, T. J. Kennedy, J. J. Abele and J. M. King; C. D. Pitts, of Porthsmonth, assistant superintendent and staff, Messrs, Jno. B. Moore, Wiliiam H. Shaffer, Frank Cline, Dr. Poxey and C. E. Wood, S. A. Ault, assistant superintendent at Circleville and staff, J. W. Glaze and C.E. Weisheimer; J. Mulhearn, assistant superintendent of this city and staff, D. Tucker, W. S. Galbraith, William Hedrick and George Taylor. Dr. G. E. Robbins, J. F. Robbins, Joseph Beach, Elijah Cutright, W. H. Stoker, John C. Entrekin, Frank I. Jones, W. W. Brown and E. E. Wenis.

"At half past eight, the guests formed upstairs and marched down to the dining room, where a magnigicent spread awaited them. The table presented a pretty sight being arranged in the form of St. Andrew's cross and Uncle Jake Warner furuished [sic] a menu that was fit for the gods. It consisted of roast turkey and cranberry sauce, tongue and escalloped oysters, asparagus on toast, French peas, peaches in whipped cream, coffee, pickles, olives, hot punch, fruit and cakes.

"At each plate was a boutonniere and as the guests filed around the table to their assigned places, Mr. Pohe gave the signal and all were seated and fell to with good will.

"Havin disposed of the viands set before them, fragrant Havanas were passed and the after dinner cigar was indulged in, while Mr. Pohe called on his assistants for remarks on issurance topics.

"Those who responded were Mr. Pitts and Dr. Poxey, of Portsmouth; Mr. Ault, of Circleville; Mr. Pennington, of Ironton; Mr. Mulhern of this city, Gen. Entrekis, Dr. Robbins and Mr. Cutright.

"As a number of the gentlement present had made arrangements to leave on the 9:45 train, an adjournment was made to the parlors up stairs and they were allowed to depart.

"Once upstairs Mr. Hamilton of the home office gave the boys a talk, explaining many knotty questions to them, and inspiring more energy in their work. The Prudential can be proud of its industrial record in this district, as it has increased its business fifty per cent in the last four months.

Scanned Image of the Article
Article in John Mulhern's scrapbook.

Carol Lea Millslagle Macke

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