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Everything on this Clover website is intended to be free.  However, some people have asked about reprints of the books I have published.  Here they are. 

Now you can finally get your hands on the original issues of the Clover Family Exchange.

Reprinted at your request.  And thank heavens--finally an index!!!

The Clover Family Exchange Newsletter: The Early Years

Reprint of The Clover Family Exchange Newsletters,

Volumes 1 through 7 with Index.

Edited by June Clover Byrne

Copyright 2002 by June C. Byrne

This book includes all of the early volumes of the Clover Exchange which started in 1985. It reproduces 340 original pages of the first 20 issues of the newsletter.  A table of contents and a complete index has been added.  Much of the material was contributed by researchers who are no longer with us.  There are group sheets, county histories, civil war era letters, tax records, estate records, marriage records, census extracts, and every other kind of data you might think of. 

 To order, send a check for $25 per book plus $3 per book for postage and handling.  

Published by June C. Byrne, 344 Chelsea Place Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32174  Tel: 386-672-3277

Clovers of Franklin County, Ohio
A Study of Henry Clover, His Ancestors and Descendants.

By June C. Byrne

"Philip Clover is believed to have been the father of Henry Clover and Henry Ambrose was the father of Catherine Ambrose. Henry and Catherine (Ambrose) Clover were the parents of what is known as the Clover Family of Franklin County, Ohio. Their roots were in what is now Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson Counties in West Virginia, a century before that area became part of West Virginia. These West Virginia panhandle counties were part of Frederick County, Virginia, when the earliest records of the family appear just after the French and Indian War in 1764."

The book includes information on Philip Clover and Henry Ambrose, Henry Clover and his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is 199 pages long and includes an every name index. It is intended to provide an intensive look at the early years of the Clovers and covers all known records of those days. All of the earliest known records are transcribed or abstracted in the book.

For a copy, please mail check for $25 plus $3 postage and handling to:

June Clover Byrne, 344 Chelsea Place Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

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