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In my many years of publishing the Clover Family Newsletters on all of the Clover families of the United States, I have acquired many bits and pieces of information that I never had occasion to publish.  Now that I have retired from actively publishing the newsletters, I want to make sure that my research is available to future genealogists.  Consequently, I am preparing research reports on early Clover records in many geographical areas.  For information about further reports in an area in which you are interested, please contact June Clover Byrne, Editor of the Clover Family Newsletters, at   Some of the information on these pages has been previously published in my newsletters and some has not.


If you find an error on one of my pages, please feel free to notify me immediately.  One of my reasons for publishing all of this on line is that I often see my own research coming back to me from other people. This is fine except that as it passed through the hands of other researchers, the sources were stripped off and small errors were introduced.  I think it is most appropriate to publish the information exactly as I found it.  Then interested researchers will have a better idea of what has been searched and new researchers will have a better idea of the importance of documentation.  And in many cases, you may have information that I do not have.  This is such an enormous subject that absolutely no one can know everything about all the Clover families.  Please contact me if you have anything to add or find an error.


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