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Maynard French , son of Lot Clover

Maynard French5 Clover (Lot4 John Metler3, Paul2, John Peter1 Clover)

Maynard French Clover was the sixth child and the second son of Lott Clover.

        Maynard French Clover was born 11 September 1859, Hardin County, Iowa, died 15 September 1929.(1)  Maynard F. Clover, aged 23, married 21 March 1882, Sarah Gates, aged 19, at J. Stout's residence, of Wolf River Township, in Doniphan County, Kansas.(2) Sarah’s obituary says that she married Maynard Clover in Concordia which is in Cloud County, Kansas. However, this is clearly not correct.  Sarah Ann Gates was born in Alton, Illinois, 8 September 1863, and died 29 December 1913, in Omaha, Nebraska.(3)
        There is more information on the family of Sarah Ann Gates on the page of Amos Hardin Clover, Maynard’s brother.  Sarah’s brother married the widow of 
Amos Hardin Clover
        There was an article about Maynard and his family in the Clover Family Exchange, Volume 6, Issue 3, March 1993, page 1-6. The material for that issue was contributed by Edus Snyder. Several obituaries for the children of Maynard and Sarah were in that article. 
        There is a question about his middle name. Most sources give it as French, some as Francis.  Edus wrote a letter to Bessie asking about Maynard Clover's middle name.  Bessie wrote her back a letter saying that Maynard, Sr’s middle name was French. His middle name came from a Dr. French, who was a friend of the family and who had delivered some of his mother’s children. He did not like his middle name so gave his son, Maynard F. Clover, Jr, only an F. as an initial and did not give him a middle name. 
        Obituary: Friday, 2 January 1914, Death of Mrs. Clover at Omaha Hospital. Wife of well known farmer died Monday evening [The previous Monday was 29 December 1913].  Long illness took sudden turn for worse and she was taken to Omaha for [an] operation. Funeral at country home this morning. Mrs. M. F. Clover, for 25 years a resident of this community died last Monday evening at the Methodist hospital in Omaha.  Her health had been failing for about a year but not until a week ago did her condition become alarming.  As a last resort she was taken to Omaha on Sunday where an operation was performed in the hope that her life might be saved.  In this hope, however, her family and friends were disappointed and her long and useful like came to an end. The death of Mrs. Clover brought with it the most profound regrets of the many who had known her intimately and recognized in her a woman of the most splendid type.
        Sarah A. Gates was born in Alton, Illinois, 8 September 1863.  Her parents afterward moved to Kansas and located at Concordia, and here the deceased was married to M. F. Clover on 21 March 1881.  About 25 years ago they moved to this county and located on a farm about 8 miles north west of this city. During all these years Mrs. Clover had been known as a worthy woman and she was greatly beloved and respected by all who knew her. Her death was a shock to her friends, all of whom unite in extending the most sincere sympathy to the bereaved family. Those who share this sympathy are the surviving husband, the children, Mrs. Maud Hayes, Mrs. Alice Wiles, and Verne Clover of Auburn, Mrs. Mable George of Collis, Minnesota and Bessie, Vida, Elvada, Maynard and Cora who live at home.  In addition to the members of her immediate family, she is survived by five brothers, Joseph Gates of Concordia, Kansas; D. S. Gates of Suisher, Oklahoma, Will Gates of Ong, Nebraska; Grant Gates of Nebraska City and Charles Gates of Kansas City and by two sisters, Mrs. Lee Erismann of Auburn and Mrs. Myrtle Hatfield of Falls City and also by her aged mother, Mrs. Mary Sanger of Kansas City. To all these the sympathy of friends is extended.  The remains were brought to this city and taken to the family home where the funeral services will beheld this Friday morning at 10:00 conducted by Rev. Briggs, pastor of the Christian church at Brock. (4)
        Newspaper Notice: Alamo Pioneer killed near Beeville Sunday. About 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon, word reached Alamo [Hidalgo County, Texas] that the car in which Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Clover were returning home from their vacation in the north had overturned on the slippery road near Beeville, injuring them both, and it was feared fatally. A number of persons left for Beeville at once and last night word came that Mr. Clover had passed away. Mrs. Clover sustained several broken ribs and a fracture of the collar bone, some painful bruises and lacerations, but at this time she is resting well, and it is thought she will recover. Hazel Whalen, daughter of Mrs. Clover who was returning from San Antonio with them, was slightly bruised. The accident was due to heavy rains and the cars coming onto the paved highway from the unpaved feeder roads carried mud onto the pavement making it so slippery a car could scarcely stay on the road. It seems the car skidded, and, in striving to right it, Mr. Clover lost control.  It ran into the ditch and overturned.  Mrs and Mrs. George Duff of Alamo who were en route to San Antonio, picked the injured people up and took them to the hospital where every possible attention was given them.
        M. F. Clover was a pioneer here, having been in the land business at one time; he was active in behalf of the Good Government League; was a church man and for his seventy-odd years was a very active man. He will be missed here where he and his good wife have a host of friends who loved them dearly.  The body was taken to the old Nebraska home for burial, accompanied by his son, Vern and daughter, Miss Bess, who is a nurse in the Edinburg hospital.

        Obituary:..[reiteration of accident account omitted].....Mr. Clover was born in Hardin County, Iowa, 11 September 1859. When a young man he went to Kansas, where he was married to Sarah A. Gates in 1881 and nine children were born to them. His wife passed away fifteen years ago and three years ago he was married to Mrs. Addie Whalen at Alamo, Texas. He came to Nemaha County in 1886 and located on a farm northwest of Auburn, where he lived until Mrs. Clover passed away in 1914.  He was a successful farmer and one who prospered because of his thrift and industry and close attention to business.  He also had a large part in the community life and was looked upon as a substantial citizen and one who deserved the confidence and respect in which he was held. Upon moving to Texas, he acquired a large tract of land near Alamo, and engaged in fruit and vegetable growing with marked success.  He is survived by his wife and children, Verne, of Alamo, Texas; Mrs. C. C. Hayes and Mrs. G. C. Wilds and Maynard, of Auburn; Mrs. Mabel George, and Vida Clover of San Juan, Texas; Bessie Clover of Edenburg, Texas and Mrs. J. V. Simon of Detroit, Michigan....(5)

The following picture of Maynard F. Clover, Sr, was sent to me some years back by Wilma Morris.
Maynard Clover

Children of Maynard French Clover

(1) Tombstone read by Edus Snyder.
(2) Doniphan County marriage records, county clerk, Troy, Kansas. The information from the clerk did not include volume and page numbers. 
(3) Mrs. M. F. Clover obituary, Nemaha County (Auburn, Nebraska) Herald, Friday, 2 January 1914. Research and copy courtesy of Edus Snyder.
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(5) Research and copies of newspaper items courtesy of Edus Snyder.

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