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Welcome: Last Update = 12 October 1999

My four grandparent surnames and migration patterns are:

Brick Walls

Some of my current "brick walls" are as follows. Please, please contact me if you have information about any of them.

  1. James COLE and his wife Rebecca on the 1840 Champaign county OHIO census. James Cole was born about 1796 in PA. Their son Samuel COLE was father of Mary Amazetta COLE (Zettie COLE); she married John George RITZ.
  2. Rudolf ELS. Believed to be the name of George ELS' father. He would have been born around 1850 near Berlin, Germany.
  3. Charley HAYES or Charlie HAYES or Charles HAYES. Married Mary Ellen SHOCKLEY. Father of Ruby Violet HAYES (b. 16 Oct 1901, Grant Co., AR). Born November 1866 in Pennsylvania.
  4. Princess Balens HOOD or Balcus HOOD. Born around 1834 in NC and married James Aquilla SHOCKLEY on 25 Nov 1860 in Saline Co., AR. Father was Pleasant HOOD and mother was named Sarah. She had siblings named Green HOOD, Jane HOOD, and Eliza HOOD. Jane HOOD married Lot QUINN in 1866.
  5. Joshua HUMPHRIES . Born in IN. Father of Emily HUMPHRIES (mother was Julia WALTON), born in August 1856 in Coahoma Co., MS. Joshua's mother was named America. Joshua's father is unknown. Joshua later married Mary Jane MOORE (nee MCCOOL), the aunt of Emily's husband-to-be.
  6. Auguste LIEPE. Believed to be the name of George ELS' mother. She would have been born around 1855 near Berlin, Germany.
  7. James MCCOOL (d. 1837 Tuscaloosa Co, AL). Father of Andrew MCCOOL (b. 1805, SC). He was probably born between 1769 and 1779 in South Carolina.
  8. Mary Marsaline MILLER or Mary Marceline MILLER. Born 1857 in GA. Married William Ellis BUFFINGTON. Died 1926.
  9. Elender E. MOORE. Born in 1835. Married George Washington MCCOOL in 1857. Believed to have been widowed at that time.
  10. Josephine RAUSCH. Born May 1887 in or near Sinandrei, Romania (Hungary then). Married Nickolous SCHULER in Philadelphia around 1905. Brothers named George, Peter, and Anthony. Came to USA around 1904.
  11. Elsbeth SCHMIDT. Born 1884 in Germany, probably near Berlin. Married Eugen Edmund Georg ELS in July 1906. Came to US in 1926. Died in 1959 in Philadelphia. Siblings named Hedwig (HANISCH), Bernard, and Bertha (HOFFMAN).
  12. Nickolous SCHULER. Born 1880 or 1881 in Sackelhausen, Hungary near Timisoara, Romania (Hungary at that time). Married Josephine RAUSCH in Philadelphia around 1905.
  13. John William WARREN. His son Albert William WARREN was born in Chicopee, MA in 1850 and married Hannah CHEQUIN Oct 1870 in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, IA.
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Last update: 8 Jan 2004