Ellen Tilbury

Women in London

From "Women, Crime, and the Courts in Early Modern England"
by Jennifer Kermode, Garthine Walker, 1995
Google Books Online - Snippet
page 30

Breaking the Peace

In the first half of the seventeenth century, prostitutes were restricted to an area beyond the city walls. The same purpose of good order was also applied to citizens' behaviour - the which good order 'our Ellen' TILBURY failed to respect in 1625, while reproaching another with just such disrespect, and in forceful terms, in

"... angrie and malicious manner ..."

She insulted her neighbour, continuing:

"... hang thee whore, thou keepest a bawdy house ..."
"... Turnbull street is a more fitt place for thee than to laie here amongst thy neighbours".

The spirit of the Tilburys ran strong in her! Can anyone claim her as ancestor?

House of Stuart: 1603-1625 James I; 1625-1649 Charles I

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