Reverend Thomas TILBURY, R-c priest
Brother of Charlotte (TILBURY) SPEAKMAN of Sussex & Lancashire, UK

Uncle of Father Thomas SPEAKMAN S.J.
My thanks to the SPEAKMAN descendants for a copy of Thomas TILBURY's Will
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Rev. Thomas Tilbury

From the book "Collections, illustrating the History of the Catholic Religion in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, and Gloucester ..." by the Very Reg. George OLIVER, D.D., Canon of the Diocese of Plymouth (London, Charles Dolman, 61, New Bond Street) 1857 (Google Books Online, full view)

Appendix - Biographical List of the Clergy

page 421
"TILBURY, Thomas
born at Midhurst 17th October, 1780;
began his education at Stonyhurst in March, 1795;
was ordained priest by Bishop GIBSON at Durham, on 28th May 1806;
and on 29th October, the following year, became domestic chaplain to the WELD family at Pilewell.

His kind patron, Mr. J. WELD, who admired his sterling good sense and peaceful virtues, and felt a special interest in the Chidiock mission, void by the death of F. LEWIS, requested as a favour that he would transfer his services to this larger field for exertion. My reverend and dear friend readily consented, and took possession of the missionary premises of Chidiock on 14th November, 1809; where for thirty-one consecutive years, amidst many discomforts and trials, and much bodily pain, he exhibited the character and "the pattern of the flock from the hears;" - (1 Peter, v. 3.)

On 20th November, 1840, he quitted for Weymouth.

This patriarch of his brethren was made a canon of the Plymouth chapter 6th December, 1853.

After struggling with a most painful disorder, which he endured with _____ ___ __tience and fortitude, he meekly resigned his innocent soul to the God he had loved and honoured, on 9th June, 1856; and was the first that was buried in the new cemetery at Stapehill, on Saturday, 14th."

"Pius, prudens, humilis, pudicus,
Sobriam duxit sine labe vitam."

The Will of Thomas Tilbury
Proved on 22nd November 1856

"In the name of God Amen

I Thomas TILBURY of Weymouth in the County of Dorset being as weak in body but of sound and disposing mind, to make and publish this my last will and testament as follows, that is to say

first that all my just debts funeral expenses and the charges attending that proving of this my will be paid by my executor thereinafter named
I give and bequeath unto my seven friends
Reverend George OLIVER of the City of Exeter
Reverend Henry HORNINGTON of Axminster Devon
Reverend Henry RYLEY of Plymouth Devon
Reverend John RYAN of Chidcock Dorset
Reverend Leonard GALSERBAND of Spotsbury Dorset
Reverend Lewis Benjamin MONTESSIER of Sulworth Dorset
Reverend James LAURENSON of Wardow Castle, Wiltshire
The sum of 5 cash as a small token of my esteem and regard,
also I give and bequeath unto the said Henry HORNINGTON and a further 25 which together with the above mentioned legacy should be paid to him free of any legacy duty or reduction to which in the same may be held liable.
Also I give and bequeath unto Mrs. Maria SMITH of Compton near Guilford, Surrey the sum of 30
Mrs. Joseph TURBER of Chidcock 5 as a small acknowledgement of her care and attention to me during the course of my painful attack of illness whilst under her roof.
Also I give unto my sister Mrs. SPEAKMAN the watch which ordinarily I have in use.
To my nephew James TILBURY I bequeath the watch in my possession but which formerly belonged to his father.
I give and bequeath all my books unto my nephew the Reverend Thomas SPEAKMAN of the Grange Arlsworth near Wakefield.

And as to other benefits I have in my possession and which belong to me

I give and bequeath to my housekeeper Mrs. Ann OBBER such of them as she may think proper to select for her own use
the remainder I give the same to the above named Mrs. SPEAKMAN.
I give and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my goods and personal estate and efforts of what nature as well as freehold estate to my trusty friend Henry KNIGHT the Younger of Axminster.
To my housekeeper Ann OBBER a yearly sum of 40 for the rest of her natural life.

Extra interest from my estate or after the death of Ann OBBER is to be paid between my 2 sisters Charlotte SPEAKMAN and Maria UNSWORTH for their natural lives and upon the death of my sisters this should be paid to my nephew Mr. John SPEAKMAN now of Warrington in the County of Lancaster.

A sum of 10 should be given to my sisters and my brother James TILBURY.

8th November 1845                           
Witnessed by                                
John E. TUCKER and Mary Ann H. TUCKER,
of Chideock                                 

The 1818 Will of James Tilbury & Rev. Thomas Tilbury's family

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