From "The Leeds Mercury"
Saturday, January 8, 1881



The large steamer Brazilian, from Boston ... The steamer Active, of Newcastle ...

The Harwich lifeboat Springwell went out on Wednesday morning in consequence of information received by carrier-pigeon that a steamer and barque were on shore on the Sunk and Long Sands. After proceeding about fourteen miles, it was discovered that the steamer, apparently a passenger boat, had foundered, nothing being known of the fate of the crew. The lifeboat and a tug proceeded some distance towards the barque, but the heavy sea running prevented their rendering assistance, and they returned to the harbour.

The Farnley (steamer), from Savannah to Reval, with a large and valuable cargo of cotton on board, is supposed to have been totally lost off the Jutland coast. The steamer originally sailed from the Mersey on the 20th October, and the crew signed articles at Liverpool two days previous. The information announcing the loss of the vessel comes from Lomvig, and states that two boats, marked "Farnley," had drifted ashore at Bjerregaard, in one of which were two dead bodies. A number of bales of cotton had also drifted ashore. These, with other indications, leave no doubt that the Farnely has been lost, with all hands. The following is a list of the crew when the vessel left Liverpool:-

J. APPLETON (38), Stockton, master;Willaim GOWAN (39), Sunderland, first mate;
William MILNE (46), Macduff, second mate;John HARRISON (40), Liverpool, carpenter;
Andrew MILLS (44), Belfast, boatswain;Peter HOUGHSON (50), Lerwick, A.B.;
Andrew HUNTER (53), Shetland;Andrew JOHNSON (61), Norway, A.B.;
Wm. WILLIAMSON (61, St. Petersburg, A.B.;Geo. PENNY (55), Liverpool;
Richard COWLEY (56), Jofman, A.B.;Jas. DORINGTON (54), Queenstown, A.B.;
Laurence LAIRD (47), Aberdeen, engineer;Ralph VENUS (56), Northumberland, second engineer;
R. HALLIDAY (35), Hatton, third engineer;Mathew BOWDEN (48), Edinburgh, donkeyman;
Edward JOHNSON (59), Shields, fireman;L. BUCKINGHAM (56), Shields, fireman;
Tim CONNOR (30), Cork, fireman;Evans JONES (50), Holyhead, fireman;
Jos. CUTHBERTSON (56), Newcastle, fireman;John JONES (42), Carnarvon, fireman;
Thomas FORREST (40), Ely, Lincolnshire, steward;James DAVIDSON (51), Glasgow, cook;
Louis H. HARVEY (61), Lincoln, engineers' steward.     

A. TILBERY also signed articles to proceed in the vessel as an A.B., but he having neglected to join,
John BRIGHT (48), of Southampton, sailed in the Farnley in his stead.

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