Henry's family from Por(t)chester, Hampshire

From Parish Registers:
William TILBERY (Labourer)
m. Elizabeth WHITING 26 December 1812 Porchester, Hampshire
- William TILBERY b. 30 November, Chr. 26 December, 1813 Porchester, Hampshire
- Elizabeth TILBERRY b. 15 December 1814, Chr. 15 January 1815 Porchester, Hampshire
- Mary Ann TILBERRY b. 25 June, Chr. 10 August, 1823 Porchester, Hampshire
- Henry TILBURY b. 4 January, Chr. 4 February, 1827 Porchester, Hampshire

Seaman's service record

Henry TILBERRY, No. 73945, b. 4 January 1826 Portchester, Hampshire
Catalogue ref. ADM-188/61 (73601-74200)
(Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, ___)

Application: Greenwich 28 February 1865

Rank: Coastguard
Age on entry: 18
Dates served: 13 May 1844 - 30 September 1874
(ADM 29/70/46: The National Archives, Kew)

Census Entries

1841: South street, Portchester, Hampshire
Elizabeth TILBERRY age 55 Hampshire (??)
Elizabeth TILBERRY age 25 Hampshire
Maryann TILBERRY age 15 Hampshire
Henry TILBERRY age 14 Hampshire
Hannah WHITING age 60 [Mariners wife or widow?]
Elizabeth GOLDSMITH age 25 [ditto?]

1841: Portsea Island, Portchester, Hampshire
William TILBERRY age 50 Hampshire (Navy)
Henry GOLDSMITH age 50 Hampshire (Navy)

1861: No. 1 Battery, Sholden, Kent
Henry TILBERRY b. c.1826 Porchester, Hampshire, Head (Comm. Boatman C.G.S. [Coast Guard Service])
Elizabeth TILBERRY age 26 Lowestoft, Suffolk, Wife
Henry W. TILBERRY age 6 Lowestoft, Suffolk, Son (Scholar)
Elizabeth S. TILBERRY age 4 Walberswick, Suffolk, Daughter
Edith M. TILBERRY age 1 Deal, Kent, Daughter

1871: South End, Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Henry TILBERRY, Head, age 44 b. Hants., Porchester (Preventionman, Coast Guard)
Elisth. TILBERRY, Wife age 35 b. Suffolk, Lowestoft
Henry W. TILBERRY, Son age 16 b. Suffolk, Lowestoft (Shipwright - apprentice)
Elisth. Sarah TILBERRY, Daur age 14 b. Suffolk, Walberswick (Scholar)
Edith Mary TILBERRY, Daur age 10 b. Kent, Deal (Scholar)
Arthur Daniel TILBERRY, Son age 7 b. Kent, Kingsgate (Scholar)
Alice Nora TILBERRY, Daur age 2 b. Essex, Stangate


Henry's Family

1. Henry TILBURY b. 1826/7 Porchester, Hampshire (TIL[S]B[E][R]Y)
m. Elizabeth COOPER 2Q 1853 (Mutford 4a/987)
(b. c.1834 Lowestoft, Suffolk)

2. Henry William TILBURY b. c.1854 Lowestoft
2. Elizabeth Sarah TILBERRY Chr. 5 April 1857 Suffolk County Bts, Suffolk
    (father: Henry TILBERRY, mother: Elizabeth)
2. Edith Mary TILBERY b. 3Q 1860 (Eastry 2a/633) [includes Deal]
2. Arthur Daniel TILBURY b. c.1863 Kingsgate, Kent
2. Alice Dora TILBURY b. 2Q 1868 (Maldon 4a/221)

m. Elizabeth CAPPS 15 April 1833 Lowestoft, Suffolk
  - Elizabeth Anne COOPER Chr. 7 October 1833 Lowestoft, Suffolk
  - Sarah Ann COOPER b. 7 July, Chr. 4 August, 1837 Lowestoft, Suffolk

1861: reg. dist. Eastry, Kent
Henry TILBURN age 35
Elizabeth TILBURN age 26
  - Henry W. TILBURN age 6
  - Elizabeth S. TILBURN age 4
  - Edith M. TILBURN age 0


Henry's Travels

Portchester : Hampshire (c.1825/6)
Lowestoft : Suffolk (c.1853-4)
Deal (Dover) : Kent (c.1860)
Kingsgate* : Broadstairs, Kent (c.1863)
Stangate Creek : River Medway (Essex/Kent) (c.1868)
Aldeburgh : Suffolk (c.18__, 1876/77-1901+)
* Kingsgate Castle: built c.1760 for Lord Holland (father of Charles James Fox); became a hotel early 20thC; is now flats


Henry's Descendants

Henry William TILBURY
m. Margaret PODD 4Q 1876 (Plomesgate 4a/1513)
(b. c.1855 Aldeburgh, Suffolk)
Elizabeth Sarah TILBERY
m. John Franklyn SELF 4Q 1877 (Plomesgate 4a/1400)
Leo Percy TILBERY b. 2Q 1877 (Plomesgate 4a/736)
Elsie Norah TILBERY b. 2Q 1879 (Plomesgate 4a/774)

1881: lvg. "Brudenell Tap", Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Henry TILBURY age 55 b. Portchester, Hampshire (Innkeeper & Pensioner)
Elizabeth TILBURY age 46 b. Lowestoft, Suffolk
2. Edith M. TILBURY age 20 b. 1860 Deal, Kent (Dressmaker)
2. Arthur Daniel TILBURY age 17 b. Kingsgate, Kent (Carpenter Apprentice)
2. Alice Dora TILBURY Dau age 12 b. Stangate, Essex (Scholar)
1881: lvg. Back Street, Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Henry William TILBURY age 26 b. Lowestoft (Boatbuilder)
Margaret TILBURY age 25 Aldeburgh, Suffolk
3. (Percy TILBURY age 3 with grandmother Charlotte PODD)
3. Elsie Norah TILBURY age 2 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
1881: lvg. High Street Wilton Cottage, Aldeburgh, Suffolk
John F. SELF, Head age 27 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Carpenter & Joiner)
Sarah J. SELF, Wife age 24 b. Southwold, Suffolk
3. Harold F. SELF, Son age 2 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Scholar)
3. Edith E. SELF, Daur age 1 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Arthur Ernest TILBERY b. 4Q 1881 (Plomesgate 4a/789)
d. 4Q 1883 age 2 (Plomesgate 4a/444)
May Tilbery SELF b. 3Q 1882 (Plomesgate 4a/767)
Gordon Tilbery SELF b. 2Q 1888 (Plomesgate 4a/893)
Edith Mary TILBERY
m. Edward WRIGHT 4Q 1883 (Tendring 4a/627)
Edward Tilbery WRIGHT b. 1Q 1884 (Tendring (4a/4_2)
Arthur Ernest TILBERY b. 2Q 1884 (Plomesgate/4a/823)
Arthur Daniel TILBURY
m. Selina SMYTH 4Q 1890 (Plomesgate 4a/1747)
Doris Eileen SILBERY b. 2Q 1896 (Camberwell 1d/803)


Tilbury & Podd

1869: Post Office Directory, ___ Suffolk
High street, Aldeburgh:
- Benjamin Horace PODD, beer retailer
- Robert PODD, tailor
- Mrs. Emma TODD, baker

1881: lvg. "Victoria Beerhouse" Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Mrs. Charlotte PODD (Head) age 47 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (married; Blacksmith Employing 1 Man 1 Boy)
2. Ernest PODD age 18 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Boatbuilder)
2. Horace PODD age 16 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Blacksmith)
2. Alfred PODD age 11 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Scholar)
3. [Leo] Percy TILBURY (Grandson) age 3 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Scholar)

1881: lvg. High Street Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Robert PODD (Head) age 49 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Tailor Employing 3 Men)
Emily PODD (wife) age 32 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Emma TODD (Mother In Law, Widow) age 66 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Housekeeper)
2. Robert J. [James] PODD age 5 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
2. William PODD age 7 mths b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk


The 1890s

1891: lvg. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (households, 1837online)

Henry TILBERY* b. c.1826 Portchester, Hampshire (Head)
       2. Alice D. TILBERY** b. c.1869 Stangate, Essex (Daughter)
       Elizabeth A. REEVES b. c.1861 [NK Ancestry]
Elizabeth TILBERY b. c.1835
       2. Edith M. WRIGHT b. c.1861
              3. Edward T. WRIGHT b. c.1884 ___, Essex (Grandson)
              3. Edith D. WRIGHT b. c.1886 ___, Essex (Granddaughter)
              3. Arthur D. WRIGHT b. c.1888 ___, Suffolk (Grandson)
       John SELF age 37
       2. Sarah SELF age 34
              3. Harold SELF age 12
              3. Edith SELF age 10
              3. May SELF age 8
              3. Dora SELF age 7
       2. Henry W. TILBERY* b. c.1855 Suffolk (Head)
       Margaret TILBERY* b. c.1856 Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Wife)
              3. Arthur E.[C.] TILBERY* b. c.1884 Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Son)
              3. Elsie N. TILBERY* b. c.1879 Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Daughter)
Charlotte PODD b. c.1834 Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Head)
       2. Alfred E. PODD b. c.1870 Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Son)
              3. Leo P. TILBERY* b. c.1878 Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Grandson)

(Ancestry: * = GILBERG; ** = POPER)

       Alice Dora TILBERY
       m. Arthur Vernon READING 4Q 1892 (Plomesgate 4a/1815)
       (also married under this ref: Isabel COLLIS, Charles Andrew WARD)

       Henry William TILBERY d. 2Q 1894 age 39 (Plomesgate 4a/470)

1891-2: History, Gazetteer & Directory of Suffolk
- Henry TILBURY, fruiterer, High street, & apartments 6 Brudenell terrace
- Henry William TILBURY, boat builder, Slaughden; residence: South cottage
- Mrs. Charlotte PODD, beerhouse & blacksmith
"Alpine Swift: (Cypselus Melba) - very rare summer visitant; a beautiful specimen (formerly in the collection of the late Mr. H. GREENWOOD), was caught in a room of he Burdenell Hotel, Aldeburgh, September 8th, 1870."

1892: Kelly's Directory, ___ Suffolk
- Mrs. Charlotte PODD, beer retailer, & shoeing smith, High street
- Robert PODD, tailor, assistant overseer, & secretary to Water Works Company

1892: Kelly's Directory, ___ Suffolk
- Henry TILBERY, Councillor (1 of 12), (to retire 1894)
- Henry TILBERY, fruiterer, High street, & lodging house, 6 Brudenell terrace
- Henry Wm. TILBERY, boat bldr., Slaughden
- Mrs. Charlotte PODD, beer retailer & shoeing smith, High street
- Robert PODD, tailor, assistant overseer, & secretary to Water Works Company
- Edward CRISP, Brudenell hotel

From The Ipswich Journal, Saturday, May 5, 1894
TILBERY - 28th April, at South Cottage, Aldeburgh-on-Sea, Henry William TILBERY, eldest son of Henry TILBERY, in his 39th year.

1896: Kelly's London & Suburbs Directory, Part 6, Southern, Court & Clerical
- Arthur D. TILBERY, "Brudenell", 22 Beauval road, East Dulwich, London SE


20th Century - Tilbery, Tilbey, Telbey

1900: Kelly's Directory, Suffolk
- Henry TILBERY, fruiterer, High street, & lodging house, 6 Brudenell terrace
- Henry* Wm. TILBERY, boat bldr., Slaughden
- Mrs. Charlotte PODD, beer retailer, & shoeing smith, High street
- Robert James PODD, tailor, assistant overseer & sec. to Water Works Company
* Henry William, son of Henry snr., died in 1894; therefore this may have been a repeat entry (without checking)?

Elsie Norah TILBERY
m. [?Frederick Amos TURNER?] 4Q 1900 (Plomesgate 4a/2055)
Leo Percy TILBERY d. 1Q 1901 age 23 (Plomesgate 4a/636)

1901: lvg. Aldeburgh, East Suffolk

Henry TILBEY age 75 b. [Rochester], Hampshire (Naval Pensioner)
+ Elizabeth TILBEY age 66 b. Lowestoft, Suffolk

Margaret TELBEY age 45 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk [widow of Henry William]
3. Arthur [Ernest] TELBEY age 17 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Carpenter)
Johie F. SELF age 47 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Carpenter)
2. Sarah SELF age 44 b. Walberswick, Suffolk (Carpenter)
3. Edith E. SELF age 20 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Shop Assistant Fruiterer)
3. May SELF age 18 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
3. Dora SELF age 17 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Drapers Apprentice)
3. Gordon SELF age 12 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
3. [?]
Arthur [Vernon] READING age 32 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk (Shopkeeper, Confectioner & Fruiterer)
2. Alice READING age 32 b. Broadstairs, Kent
3. Vernon READING age 5 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk

1901: lvg. Colchester, Essex

Edward WRIGHT age 41 b. Ipswich, Suffolk (Railway Signalman)
2. Edith WRIGHT age 40 b. Deal, Kent
3. Edward T. WRIGHT age 17 b. Dovercourt, Essex (Carpenters Apprentice)
3. Edith D. J. WRIGHT age 15 b. Dovercourt, Essex (Drapers Apprentice)
3. Arthur D. WRIGHT age 13 b. Bentley, Suffolk
3. [other children?]

1901: lvg. Camberwell, London

2. Arthur SILBERY age 37 b. Maldon, Essex (Manual Instructor L S B)
+ Selina SILBERY age 36 b. Snape, Suffolk
3. Doris SILBERY age 4 b. E. Dulwich, Surrey
[Arthur Denis TILBERY b. 3Q 1903 (Camberwell 1d/836)]

1914: Post Office London Directory, Part 1, Street
Arthur Daniel TILBERY, 22 Beauval road, East Dulwich, London SE (Camberwell)

Selina TILBERY d. 2Q 1921 age 56 (Camberwell 1d/663)

m. Cecil R. SMITH 3Q 1921 (Camberwell 1d/1792)
[Children b. Bromley reg. dist?]


Elizabeth TILBERY d. 3Q 1912 age 77 (Plomesgate 4a/934)
Henry TILBERY d. 1Q 1919 age 93 (Plomesgate 4a/1556)


20th Century - Podd

1901: lvg. Aldeburgh, East Suffolk
Charlotte PODD age 67 b. Suffolk Middleton (Beer House Keeper)
Alfred PODD age 31 b. Suffolk Aldeburgh (Blacksmith)
Isabel PODD age 30 b. Surrey Thames Ditton
Muriel PODD age 8 mths b. Suffolk Aldeburgh
1901: lvg. West Ham, West Ham
Ernest PODD age 38 b. Aldeburgh Suffolk (Shipwright)
Matilda PODD age 28 b. Great Blakingham, Suffolk
Frederick PODD age 2 b. Plaistow, Essex
Ernest PODD age 1 b. Canning Town, Essex
Emily PODD age 4 weeks b. Plaistow, Essex
1901: lvg. Aldeburgh, East Suffolk
Robert PODD age 68 b. Suffolk Aldeburgh (Retired Tailor)
Eliza PODD age 52 b. Essex Bradfield
Robert PODD age 25 b. Suffolk Aldeburgh (Shopkeeper Hosier & Outfitters)
William PODD age 20 b. Suffolk Aldeburgh
Maud PODD age 21 b. Suffolk Lowestoft


Other 19th Century Podd Families

1881; lvg. Market Place, 1 Martin St, West Ham, Essex
Benjamin H. POAD age 53 b. Aldboro, Suffolk (married; Blacksmith)
Boarder with:
Charles TAYLOR (Head) age 59 b. Waltham Cross, Hertford (Builder & Decorator)
Ann TAYLOR (Wife) age 58 b. Pilkington, Lancashire
Abraham BYFORD (Boarder, U) age 58 b. Pedmarch, Essex (General Labourer)
Harry NOBLES (Boarder, U) age 21 b. Norwich, Norfolk (Boot & Shoe Traveller, Cml)
Henry BAKER age 16 b. Norwich, Norfolk (H...ors Apprentice)

1881: lvg. Station Road, Framlingham, Suffolk
Ada E. PODD Boarder age 11 b. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Scholar & Boarder with:
Anna NEEVE (Head, Widow) age 54 b. Grt Yarmouth, Norfolk (Governess, School Mistress)
Clara TAYLOR (U) age 19 b. East Bergholt, Suffolk ((Boarder, Governess)
A. Eliza CRACKNELL age 16 b. Badingham, Suffolk (Genl Servt)
(+7 other scholars)

1881: lvg. 31 Appian Road, London, Middlesex
Joseph PODD (Head) age 26 b. Lowestoft, Suffolk (Painter)
Eliza PODD (Wife) age 46 [?] b. Bocking, Essex
Selina COOK (Daur, U*) age 15 b. Halstead, Essex (Servant)
George A. COOK (Son In Law, U*) age 13 b. Halstead, Essex (Scholar)
Alice CROSBY (Daur In Law, M) age 20 b. Halstead, Essex (Dressmaker)
Emily S. CROSBY (Grand Daur) age 5 mths b. Bow, Middlesex
* step -daughter, -son?



"... (or ALDEBURGH) is a parish, seaport, municpal borough, railway station, and bathing-place, 94 miles from London, 42 from Colchester, 24 north-east from Ipswich, and 7 south-east from Saxmundham, in the Eastern division of the county, Plomesgate union and hundred, Framlingham and Saxmundham county court district, rural deanery of Orford, archdeaconry of Suffolk, and diocese of Norwich: it is pleasantly situated in the valley of Slaughden, sheltered by a steep hill, with the river Alde on the west, whence the town derives its name. The river Alde runs south by Orford, parallel with the sea about 10 miles hence before entering the ocean.
The corporation of the borough ... the bailliffs are elected annually on the 8th of September from the twelve capital burgesses, and then become justices of the peace, and also hold the office of coroner ... the income of the body is about 550, arising from 200 acres of marsh land.
The church of SS. Peter and Paul stands on the top of a hill westward of the town, and has been restored; the chancel has been entirely renewed and a magnificent stained window, representing The Four Evangelists and The Adoration of the Lamb, has been placed therein ... many fine monuments ... one to the poet Crabbe, who was born here; ... a very fine organ ... 1864 by Walker and Son, of London, at a cost of nearly 400; the churchyard ... a view of the North Sea. The register commences in the year 1691.
The living is a vicarage, yearly value 383, with residence ... held by the Rev. Henry [-] Dowler, M.A., of Magdalene College, Cambridge.
There are National and British schools for boys and girls, and likewise an infant school.
There are also two chapels, the one belonging to the Open Communion Baptists, and the other to the Particular Baptists.
Aldborough is much resorted to in the summer for bathing; there is a beautiful walk along the beach of nearly 2 miles, and the terrace on the hill behind the town commands a delightful prospect; many pretty villas facing the sea are let as summer residences. A regatta is held annually early in August. There are three commodious hotels, the 'White Lion', occupied by Mr. William Moore, which stands on the beach, with a frontage so extended that nearly every room in it faces the sea; the 'East Suffolk', in High-street, conducted by Mr. William Pepper; and the 'Brudenell', facing the sea.
On the Parade is a public library and reading-room ....
On the sea-shore is a small ancient building, known as the Moot Hall, in which the early deliberations of the corporation are supposed to have been holden ....
There is a haven for small vessels engaged in the fishery for cod, soles, lobsters, and sprats, as also in the coasting trade. There is also a custom-house, coastguard station, and brewery; and boat building is carried on.
A market was formerly held on Wednesday and Saturday, but it has been discontinued.
Vernon Wentworth, Esq., is lord of the manor and principal landowner.
In this parish the crag formation peculiar to Suffolk and Norfolk is very fully developed.
The parish contains 1,782 acres, rated at 6,608 17s. 6d.; and the population in 1861 was 1,710.
Parish Clerk, James Dance, Back-street"

Text from the 1869 Post Office Directory, ___ Suffolk


Portchester, Hampshire

There was a TILBERY family in Portchester at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries, a member of which worked as coxswain to the Royal Observatory in 1851; one or some of these MAY have been related to Henry (Aldeburgh):

m. Hannah KING 10 MAY 1792 Portchester, Hampshire
2. Thomas TILBERY Chr. 30 November 1794 Portchester, Hampshire, d. 14 March 1799

m. Martha
2. Martha TILBURY Chr. 23 December 1787 Southwick, Hampshire
2. Charles TILBERRY Chr. 31 August 1800 Portchester, Hampshire
2. George TILBERY Chr. 17 August 1806 Portchester, Hampshire

m. Elizabeth WHITING 26 December 1812 Portchester, Hampshire
2. William TILBERY b. 30 November 1813, Chr. 26 December 1813 Portchester, Hampshire
2. Elizabeth TILBERRY b. 15 December 1814, Chr. 15 January 1815 Portchester, Hampshire
2. Mary Ann TILBERRY b. 25 June 1823, Chr. 10 August 1823 Portchester, Hampshire
George TILBERY b. c.1816 Portchester, Hampshire
m. Caroline RAYMOND 2 August 1840 Alverstoke (7/38)
b. c.1818 Beckington, Somerset (1881: Feather Dresser)
1881: lvg. 5 Swanmore Place, Alverstoke, Hampshire

1851: lvg. Lower Hardway, Southwick, Hampshire
William TILBERY, Head age 62 b. Southwick Hampshire (Coxwain at the Royal Laboratory)
Elizabeth TILBERY, Wife age 66 b. Portchester, Hampshire
2. William TILBURY, Son age 37 b. Portchester, Hampshire (Greenwich Pensioner)
2. Elizabeth TILBURY, Daughter age 36 b. Portchester, Hampshire (unmarried)
2. Mary Ann TILBURY, Daughter age 27 b. Portchester, Hampshire (unmarried)

1851: Commercial road, Portsea, Hampshire
Hezekiah Young RAYMOND age 44 Head b. Wilton, Wiltshire (Painter & Paper Hanger)
Sarah RAYMOND age 54 Wife b. Beckington, Somerset (Milliner)
George TILBERRY age 36 b. Porchester, Hampshire, Son-in-law (Royal Laboratory)
Caroline TILBERRY age 34 b. Beckington, Somerset, Daughter-in-law (Milliner)
Adelaide RAYMOND age 17 (Governess)
Catherine RAYMOND age 15 Dau (Governess)
Christiana BISHOP age 24 Servant (Dress Maker)
Jane AYLING age 18 (House Servant)
Mary Ann TILBERY (age at Marriage: 38) (b. 25 June 1823)
m. Thomas PRITCHETT 9 December 1861 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire (age at Marriage: 53)
1881: lvg. 12 Chatham Row, Portsea, Hampshire
Mary A. PRITCHATT (Widow) age 57 b. Portchester, Hampshire (Stay Finisher)
1891: 14 Victoria [street or buildings], Alverstoke, Hampshire
George TILBERY b. c.1816 Portchester, Hampshire, Head Widower (Pensioner)


Aldeburgh Tilburys in the Papers

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