The Independent Section* of Rookwood Cemetery

This part of one of the largest cemeteries in Sydney NSW, now has a search function on the Internet.
There are over 620,000 burials and 210,000 cremations recorded at Rookwood. The first burials took place in 1867. Older monuments have since been moved to Rookwood from earlier burial grounds resumed elsewhere in Sydney. Cremations date from 1925 but did not become a significant proportion of the services held at Rookwood until 1945.
* Independent Section: Uniting, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist and Wesleyan:
the term 'Uniting Church' refers to the coming together of the Congregational Union in Australia, the Methodist Church of Australia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia, in 1977. However, not all churches from these denominations joined the Uniting Church so there are still active Methodist, Wesleyan, Lutheran churches, etc., as well.

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(The above information is courtesy of JanH in Sydney, Australia)