Thomas & Betty Tilbury of Bagshot, Windlesham, Surrey

Thomas TILBURY of Ringwood, Hampshire
m. Betty KING of St Clement Dane's, 5 February 1742-3

The above from
"The Register of Admissions to Gray's Inn, 1521-1889, together with the Register of Marriages in Gray's Inn Chapel, 1695-1754"
by Joseph Foster, Gray's Inn: pg. xcviii
(Priv. print. by the Hansard Pub. Union, 1889)


Guestbook message of July 2007:

Thomas TILBURY, Windlesham, Surrey, 1710 to 1776: my gggrand mother was Thomas's daughter Sarah who married James GRAY ... PeterG

My thanks to Peter (& Brian) for the very helpful content of Betty TILBURY's Will. Sadly for them it would seem to demonstrate that the Sarah TILBURY who married their ancestor James GRAY in Harmondsworth WAS NOT the daughter of Thomas TILBURY and wife Betty (KING), who lived in Bagshot.

Look-ups and additional material courtesy of D.Hammond, JohnB, DeirdreT, MichaelH.


From Parish registers for Windlesham, Surrey (my thanks to Peter for this also)

  6 September 1745Bettydaughter of Thomas and Betty TILBURY
  4 March 1747Mary TILBURY
  1 February 1748Bettydaughter of Thomas and Betty TILBURY
10 March 1749Sarahdaughter of Thomas and Betty TILBURY, privately*
26 February 1755Sarahdaughter of Thomas and Betty TILBURY
31 October 1745Bettyan infant daughter of Thomas and Betty TILBURY
16 March 1749Sarahan infant daughter of Thomas and Betty TILBURY
19 August 1759Sarah TILBURYa child
  6 May 1756Marywife of Mr. TILBURY from St. Andrew's, Holborn
  8 October 1776Thomas TILBURYbrewer, age 66 years
  2 February 1789Betty TILBURYage 66 years**
 * usually if the child was not expected to live
** Memorial Inscription for Betty TILBURY + 3 infant daughters, St. John's, Windlesham


Content of the Will of Betty TILBURY, widow of Thomas

... made 15 September 1788, proved at the Prorogative Court of Canterbury on 27 August 1789 (ref: PCC.11/1183).

"First I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping for salvation ... and desire my Body be [directly or decently?] buried and laid in the same Grave with my dear departed husband ..."

The text is difficult to read in places, but seems to refer to a Law Suit which may have cost Betty most of her money:

"my desire that if so much remains out of what little my Executrix finds at my [decease] to pay to"

Mrs. MIDDLETON, wife of Mr. James MIDDLETON of Ringwood [£30?]

Mrs. BUTLER, wife of Mr. Willm. BUTLER £5

"[each] for Mourning"

to Mr. John SAVAGE, Mr. James MIDDLETON, and

"my three Grand Children, my Brother John being my Brother John TILBURY"

(Thomas' brother), and to [Niece] Mary TILBURY and Nephew James [?MULTORY? or ?MULTON? or ?MULLOY? or ?SUTTON?]

"a Guinea each to buy them a ring"

Betty leaves to her

"Daughter Ann SAVAGE my freehold House, Summer House and Garden at Bagshot ... for her natural life"

This property was to pass to Ann's husband John if he survived her, and after their deaths to

"my Grandson Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON and his heirs for ever".

Betty also bequeathed to her daughter Ann SAVAGE a freehold house and garden, probably in Hartfordbridge, Hampshire (but the names of place and parish are not clear).

Ann inherited the rest of Betty's "Effects whatsoever or wheresoever", and was named sole Executrix.

Witnesses: Sus. COVERLEY, Sarah HARVEY, Ann HALL.


The Family of Thomas & Betty Tilbury

If Thomas made a Will, its whereabouts are not obvious. From Betty's Will and memorial inscription, it would appear that daughters Ann and Mary survived, and that the three children buried in the grave with her (and Thomas?) were both Sarahs and one Betty. Daughters Ann and Mary were referred to in the Will - leaving open the possibility that the second Betty survived (might she have become Mrs. William BUTLER?).

Ann Tilbury & John Savage

Since Thomas' & Betty's daughter Mary (m. James MIDDLETON) raised her family in Ringwood, and no Ann TILBURY is listed born to Thomas & Betty in Bagshot, this might be their daughter Ann (no other TILBURY found in Ringwood to date for this period):

From Ringwood, Hampshire, parish registers:

Thomas TILBURY, father of:
    Ann TILBURY Chr. 10 October 1743 Ringwood, Hampshire

(I have not so far discovered the marriage of Ann with John SAVAGE - C. January 2008)

In her Will, Betty TILBURY bequeathes property to daugher Ann for her lifetime, then to Ann's husband John SAVAGE should he survive Ann and for his lifetime, thereafter the property was to go to Betty's grandson Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON. Was this because Ann & John had no children, or no male child? Betty also refers to "her three grand children". Before Betty's death in 1787 her daughter Mary (MIDDLETON) had baptised at least four children, so that perhaps only three of them survived? While Ann is the favoured daughter in the Will, it was Mary's (at least second) son whose given names were "Thomas Tilbury".

Mary Tilbury & James Middleton

From "The Harleian Society" publication, 1979; page 138

Mary TILBURY of this parish (London [St. George Hanover Square]), a minor, with consent of parents (L.A.C.)
m. Nov. 25 [1764] James MIDDLETON, of Ringwood, co. Southampton, B.

From parish registers and censuses:

James MIDDLETON + Mary, parents of:
    Mary MIDDLETON b. 2, Chr. 20, September 1765 Ringwood, Hampshire
    Harriott MIDDLETON b. 23 November 1769, Chr. 4 September 1770 Ringwood, Hampshire
    James MIDDLETON b. 15 February 1774, Chr. 30 September 1776 Ringwood, Hampshire
    Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON b. 4 July 1775, Chr. 30 September 1776 Ringwood, Hampshire
    1841: household, lvg. Ringwood, Hampshire
    James MIDDLETON age 65 (b. in Cty)
        James MIDDLETON age 25 (b. in Cty)
    Mary SUTTON age 60 (b. in Cty)
    James STREET age 20 (b. in Cty)
    Ann STREET age 25 (b. in Cty)
    George WARNE age 15 (b. in Cty)

James age 65 above MIGHT have been the Rev. James MIDDLETON of Ringwood - from Access2Archives:

Hampshire Record Office: archive of the MORANT family of Brockenhurst Park, Hampshire
Ringwood: Leases for 99 years or 3 lives
10 February 1779
James MIDDLETON of Ringwood, gent: Lease 104 (ref.6M80/E/B358)
29 September 1809
Rev. James MIDDLETON of Ringwood, John RIDOUT of Ringwood, gent: Lease for 99 years (ref...706)
25 April 1812 - Private Court Baron
Surrender of Martha SEAPELEN of a tenement and 16a of land in Ringwood and admission of Rev. James MIDDLETON of Ringwood, to part of the aforementioned premises ... (ref...753)
29 June 1816, 2 November 1818, 30 April 1821: Assignments of lease (ref...707-709)
1851: Ringwood, Hampshire James MIDDLETON b. c.1814 Burley; New Forest, Hampshire (Head)

A James MIDDLETON d. 1Q 1847 (Ringwood 8/195)

    1841: Wokingham, Berkshire (reg. dist. Wokingham Union)
    Thos. MIDDLETON age 66 (b. out of Cty)
    Henry NEALE age 49
    Elizth NEALE age 22
    Emma HEIFER age 17
    Henry ROWLAND age 12
    1851: Wokingham, Berkshire
    Thomas T. MIDDLETON b. c.1776 Ringwood, Hampshire (Head)
    1861: Wokingham, Berkshire
    Thomas T. MIDDLETON b. c.1776 ___, Hampshire (Lodger)

Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON d. 2Q 1862 (Wokingham 2c/224)

It would seem probable that Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON did not marry.

From "Records of the Parish Church and Parish of Wokingham, Berkshire" by Bertram Long, 1937 (pg. 55):

A stone near the London Road has the inscription: 'In memory of Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON, upwards of 50 years resident in this Town . . . died May 6th 1862 ... a Gentleman, a scholar and an honest man.'

It is noticeable in Betty's will that daughter Ann receives almost all her property and goods; why might that have been? Was Mary's husband James MIDDLETON so wealthy that she would not want - or was there another reason? Betty also refers to a Law Suit: while there may be no connection, there is a referenced law suit concerning a James MIDDLETON of Ringwood, Hampshire (lawyer). James and his cousin John of Romsey obtain possession and control of John WILCOX's inheritance, then have to return it with interest to those considered by the judges as his true heirs after John WILCOX's death. The first hearing was in 1784, the appeal in 1787 - and the MIDDLETONs lost both. Was Mary TILBURY's husband the James MIDDLETON cited?

Betty makes no reference to another living child; "three grand children" are mentioned without indicating their parents, but it seems probable these were all MIDDLETON.

James & John Middleton v. John Wilcox's true heirs

Betty Tilbury? and William Butler

"... and to Mrs BUTLER Wife of Mr. Willm BUTLER five pounds [each] for Mourning"

The relationship of Mrs. BUTLER (and husband William) is not defined in the Will. Betty senior's apparently surviving daughter Betty would have been about 29 years old in 1777:

m. William BUTLER 17 July 1777 Westminster St. James (IGI)

Since Thomas TILBURY's brother John was living in the Westminster area, and Thomas & Betty's daughter Mary married in London, the above MAY have referred to Mary's sister Betty.

Niece & Nephew

Niece "Mary" is stated clearly to have been the daughter of Thomas TILBURY's brother John, linen draper of London and land-owner in Bagshot (Windlesham). John TILBURY (d. 1802) left his estate to his daughter Mary; Betty referred to John as her "brother".

The name of Betty's "nephew" is difficult to read, the downstroke of the last letter being intertwined with the upstroke of the "d" beneath it:


Projected Family Tree

Thomas TILBURY [b. c.1710]; d. 3 October, burial 8 October 1776 age 66 (Windlesham)
m. Betty KING [b. c.1723]; [d. or burial] 2 February 1789 age 66 (Windlesham)
    Ann TILBURY Chr. 10 October 1743 Ringwood, Hampshire
    m. John SAVAGE
    Betty TILBURY Chr. 6 September 1745; burial 31 October 1745 (Windlesham)
    Mary TILBURY Chr. 4 March 1747 (Windlesham)
    m. James MIDDLETON 25 November [1764 St. George Hanover Sq., London]
        Mary MIDDLETON b. 2, Chr. 20, September 1765 Ringwood, Hampshire
        Harriott MIDDLETON b. 23 November 1769, Chr. 4 September 1770 Ringwood, Hampshire
        James MIDDLETON b. 15 February 1774, Chr. 30 September 1776 Ringwood, Hampshire
        Thomas Tilbury MIDDLETON b. 4 July 1775, Chr. 30 September 1776 Ringwood, Hampshire; d. 2Q 1862 Wokingham, Berkshire
    Betty TILBURY Chr. 1 February 1748 (Windlesham)
    [?m. William BUTLER 17 July 1777 Westminster St. James, London?]
    Sarah TILBURY Chr. 10 March 1749; burial 16 March 1749 (Windlesham)
    Sarah TILBURY Chr. 26 February 1755; burial 19 August 1759 (Windlesham)
John TILBURY, d. 1802 London
m. Mary [--]; burial 6 May 1756 Windlesham, Surrey "wife of Mr. TILBURY from St. Andrew's, Holborn"
    Mary TILBURY (inherited father's estate)


Thomas Tilbury of Bagshot

From D. Hammond

October 1751 Will of George CHEWTER/CHUTER, d. May 1754, contains an ambiguous phrase: either there was a family relationship between George CHEWTER and Thomas TILBURY, or Thomas was just one of George's Executors:

"Item I give unto Tho’s TILBURY Innholder two guineas as a recompense for his trouble in seeing to the due execution of this my will ..."

Text of the Will on D. Hammond's website

From JohnB

2 May 1755 Will of Walter HARWARD of Windlesham, gardener

"To my niece Ann THORN daughter of William THORN of London carman and Thomas TELBURY of Bagshot, Windlesham Innholder between them wife Ann and Thomas TELBURY executors"

Thomas TILBURY was a witness to the Will of John MOORE of Windlesham.

From Google Books Online

WILKES slept at, fought a duel with Lord TALBOT in a garden close to, afterwards dined at, "TILBURY's, the Red Lion at Bagshot".

In a paper, the author JUNIUS attributed the name TILBURY "mine host of the Red Lion" to Lord Northington, apparently because both were in the habit of swearing frequently.

Wilkes' duel, Tilbury & the Red Lion, Bagshot

Fictional account & setting of the duel, with innkeeper Mr. Tilbury


From a book giving the history of inns & breweries in Bagshot/Windlesham

(for which I have no reference - Caroline)

Thomas TILBURY (d. 1776) had a brewery (later revived as ATTRIDE's Brewery) at the King's Arms Hotel, which was carried on by Mrs. Betty TILBURY, proprietor of a "pleasure house" near Bagshot Bridge, in 1782.

King's Arms Inn, Bagshot

Sold to John TILBURY of Albemarle street, St. James's Westminster, linen draper, for £1,950 "being the most money that could be gotten for the same" (landlord: James MILBOURN).

Mr. TILBURY sold the freehold to Nathaniel WILLIAMS of Bagshot, gent., for £3,150. [...]

William ATTRIDE became landlord

The book mentions that the ATTRIDE family "continued TILBURY's brewery here" ....

The New Red Lion, Bagshot

Thomas TILBURY, brewer, d. 8 October 1776, age 66 years
Betty TILBURY d. 2 February 1789, age 66 years

Leased to TILBURY's brewery; landlord of the inn: Peter HARVEY.

Whitehall Evening Post, London, Thursday June 1, 1780
PETER HARVEY, late Cook to his Grace the Duke of Bolton,
begs Leave to inform the Nobility and Gentry,
That he has taken the RED LION INN, at Bagshot, where he has laid in a good Assortment of Wines, &c.
and as he is determined to keep a good Larder, and use every Endeavour to accommodate all those
who please to honor him with their Company, he hopes to merit their future Favours.

Reference to Mrs. Betty TILBURY's house opposite "the new Red Lion Inn".

The owner, Mr. WILLIMOTT, died; his daughter, Mrs. Mary BATES, inherited.

[post 1905]
The original alehouse became for a while the "Blue Bird Cafe".

The Bell Inn

Sir Henry TICHBORNE, Bt., leased the inn to Thomas TILBURY, innholder.

TILBURY - now described as a brewer - mortgaged it to Allaton BURGH, Esquire, Holborn.

John TILBURY of Princes street, Hanover square, brother of the Bagshot brewer, bought the property (then William LAIRD's bakehouse) for £800;.

[John] TILBURY died; his daughter Mary inherited the property.

Had by this time been converted into two houses and a bakery.


From (A2A) Surrey History Centre, Quarter Sessions Records

Midsummer Sessions: James FRYE of Bagshot (part of Windlesham), labourer, accused of stealing a gold guinea and some silver from the pocket of George FELTS of Bagshot, labourer, whilst he was asleep at the house of Peter HARVEY of Bagshot, inn holder. (ref.QS2/6/1782/Mid/41-45)


From the Post Office Directory for 1855: Bagshot, Surrey

Kings Arms Inn: ATTRIDE Thomas
Red Lion: FINCH Charles

From Kellys Directory for Surrey, 1913: Bagshot

Kings Arms Hotel: GEORGE Henry
Red Lion P.H., High Street: STUART Charles


Thomas' Brother John Tilbury of London

On her death, John's wife Mary was "from St. Andrews, Holborn".

From D. Hammond

1775: "Election of the knights of the shires, Surrey"
A John TILBURY is mentioned on page 61. John TILBURY was recorded as the owner of freehold land in Windlesham, John's abode being Albemarle-Street. The occupier of his land was a James BIRCH.

1780: "Surrey Poll Book"
A John TILBURY of Princes Street, Hanover Square, was an owner of land in Windlesham, occupied by Benjamin STRANGE.


Some History of Bagshot & Windlesham

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