Belton - Tilbury

In the second half of the 19th century, in Bramshott Hampshire, a family appears to have changed its name from BELTON to TILBURY: not just one individual, but the entire family. This is particularly evident as regards Henry, who married Elizabeth SUTTON as Henry BELTON, but who had become Henry TILBURY by the time their first visible child - daughter Elizabeth - was baptised at the beginning of 1873.
Henry's father, Richard, and Richard's wife Hannah, became Mr. & Mrs. TILBURY; it is noticeable in the 1891 Census that Richard gives his name as "Richard B. TILBURY" - Richard Belton TILBURY?


Sources: Censuses, FreeBMD, IGI, 'The Tilbury Magazine' website PRO listings;
John Owen Smith's 'Headley' website;
my thanks to CharlesT for information about Henry's Will.

Belton in Headley and Bramshott

_m. Elizabeth
___Richard BELTON Chr. 1 August 1813 Headley, Hampshire

Mother: Mary BELTON
___Richard BELTON Chr. 5 March 1820 Bramshot, Hampshire

Of these two Richards, the first seems an unlikely candidate since as a legitimate son of John BELTON & wife Elizabeth, there is no reason apparent for Richard to change his family name to TILBURY.
A Richard BELTON was buried in Headley on 4 August 1820, but the register gives age on death as '1 day'.

James Tilbury and Mary Belton

David BELTON b. 1746
___2. Mary BELTON (m. James TILBURY)

For David and Mary above, see Guestbook message of January 2006

_m. Sarah [--]
___2. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 6 October 1784 Alton, Hampshire
___2. John TILBURY Chr. 16 November 1787 Alton, Hampshire
___2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 16 November 1787 Alton, Hampshire
___2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 12 July 1793 Alton, Hampshire

_m. Sarah WOODS 19 August 1801 Headley, Hampshire
___2. James TILBURY Chr. 28 March 1802 Bramshot, Hampshire *
___2. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 12 October 1803 Headley, Hampshire

_m. Mary BELTON 4 June 1827 Bramshot, Hampshire

_m. Harriet BONE 9 February 1828 Bramshot, Hampshire *

James TILBURY, son of James & wife Sarah, seemed a likely candidate for the James TILBURY who married Mary BELTON on 4 June 1827. (Was this Mary BELTON the same as the Mary mother of Richard BELTON Chr. 1820 in Bramshott?)
However, did Mary die and the same James then marry Harriet BONE? Or were there 2 James TILBURYs who married in Bramshott at that time?.
* TILBURY & WOODS: see 1881 below.

Richard Belton and Hannah Moss

Richard BELTON (Father: Richard SMITH)
_m. Hannah MOSS 1 November 1845 Bramshot, Hampshire

Henry MOSS
_m. Sarah
___2. Hannah MOSS Chr. 4 March 1827 Bramshot, Hampshire

Hannah MOSS (Father: Henry MOSS)
_m. Richard BELTON 1 November 1845 Bramshot, Hampshire

NB: the entry for Richard BELTON's marriage to Hannah gives his father as Richard SMITH.
The 1841/1851 Censuses list:

1841: lvg. Barford
[A] Richard SMITH age 60 b. Hampshire (Ag Lab) [not listed 1851, d. 1841-51?]

1841 lvg. (92) Standford[?]
Richard BELTON, Head age 20 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Ag Lab)

1851 lvg. (92) Standford[?]
Richard BELTON, Head age 29 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Ag Lab)
_Hannah BELTON, Wife age 24 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Lab Wife)
___James BELTON, Son age 5 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Scholar)
___George BELTON, Son age 3 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Home)
___Henry BELTON, Son age 1 b. Headley, Hampshire

From the IGI, the family of Richard & Hannah BELTON appears as:

1. Mary BELTON + Richard SMITH
___2. Richard BELTON b. c.1820
____m. Hannah MOSS 1 November 1845 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. James BELTON Chr. 12 April 1846 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. John BELTON Chr. 21 November 1847 Bramshot, Hampshire [George?]
______3. Henry BELTON Chr. 3 February 1850 Headley, Hampshire
______3. John BELTON Chr. 5 September 1852 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Mary BELTON Chr. 15 November 1854 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Ann BELTON Chr. 22 February 1857 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Maria BELTON Chr. 20 February 1859 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. William BELTON Chr. 7 April 1861 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Richard BELTON Chr. 5 April 1863 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Hannah BELTON Chr. 2 April 1865 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Eliza BELTON Chr. 5 May 1867 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Ruth BELTON Chr. 4 April 1869 Bramshot, Hampshire

Thus, there would not seem to have been question of a name change for the entire family before April 1869 - unless the reason was a legal one (canon or civil) which may have taken some time to resolve?

1861, 1871

Richard SMITH seems not to have acknowledged his son by Mary BELTON (or died before marriage?), since Richard junior started out in life with his mother's family name.
In 1841, 1851 & 1881 Richard (BELTON TILBURY) gave 1820 as his year of birth; he was therefore aged c.7 years when his mother married James TILBURY.
Did James adopt Richard legally? If so, why did it take so many years for Richard and his family to be able to use the name 'TILBURY'? Hannah married, in Church, Richard BELTON, not TILBURY.
Another reason for a name change, perhaps after Richard had become adult, might have been an entail on property, requiring the inheritor to be of the TILBURY family. However, James is listed as 'Paper Maker' in 1881, not farmer; moveover, James is still alive in 1881, post name-change. Was the problem therefore that Richard might have been considered above the age of a child for adoption?
(Another possibility: James TILBURY was Richard's father, and not Richard SMITH; however, in that case, why was he called 'Richard'? Or were Mary BELTON and Richard SMITH 'star-crossed lovers'?)
Richard & family do not appear in the Censuses for Headley in 1861 or 1871.
1861: 5 TILBURYs listed living in Headley, Hampshire:

Thomas TILBURY, Married, age 77 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Papermaker) (d. 1867)
Jane TILBURY, Married, age 77 b. Larkeshead[?], Sussex (Papermaker wife)
James TILBURY, Single, age 74 b. Bentworth, Hampshire (Labourer)
Timothy TILBURY, Married, age 37 b. Frensham, Surrey (Ag Lab)
Charlotte TILBURY, Married, age 37 b. Frensham, Surrey (Ag Wife)

1871: 4 TILBURYs listed living in Headley, Hampshire:

Jane TILBURY, Widow, age 83 b. (Unknown) (Pauper) (d. 1874)
Timothy TILBURY, Married, age 48 b. Frensham, Surrey (Shopkeeper) (d. 1884)
Charlotte* [Elizabeth] TILBURY, Married, age 48 b. Frensham, Surrey (d. 1892)
William TILBURY, [son] age 9 b. Headley, Hampshire (Scholar)

* 'Charlotte' in 1861, 1881; 'Elizabeth' in 1871.


1810-20: Mary BELTON gave birth to Richard BELTON by father Richard SMITH;
1827: Mary BELTON married James TILBURY;
1845: Richard BELTON married Hannah MOSS;
1871: January, Richard's son Henry BELTON married Sophia SUTTON;
1871: 4Q, Mary BELTON junior married William BUDD;
1873: Henry & Sophia BELTON's daughter was baptised Elizabeth TILBURY;
1881: Census and thereafter, Richard and family appear as 'TILBURY', or 'Belton TILBURY'.

Family Tree to 1874

1. Mary BELTON + Richard SMITH
___2. Richard BELTON b. c.1813-1820
___m. James TILBURY b. c.1802 Bramshot, Hampshire
___Richard BELTON
____m. Hannah MOSS 1 November 1845 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. James BELTON Chr. 12 April 1846 Bramshot, Hampshire
_______m. Ellen [--] [4Q 1873 Whitchurch H?], b. Chipenham, Wiltshire
______3. John BELTON Chr. 21 November 1847 Bramshot, Hampshire [George]
______3. Henry BELTON Chr. 3 February 1850 Headley, Hampshire
_________Henry & William BELTON b. 1Q 1850 (Farnborough 4/164) (Twins?)
_______m. Sophia SUTTON 21 January 1871 Headley, Hampshire (Alton 2c/199)
_______b. 1Q 1850 (Alton 7/17)
_________4. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 23 February 1873 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Leonard Sutton TILBURY Chr. 4 October 1874 Headley, Hampshire
______3. John BELTON Chr. 5 September 1852 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________John BELTON b. 3Q 1852 (Farnborough 2a/64)
______3. Mary BELTON Chr. 15 November 1854 Bramshot, Hampshire
_______m. William BUDD 4Q 1871 (Petersfield 2c/246)
______3. Ann BELTON Chr. 22 February 1857 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________Annie Belton TILBURY
_________m. Caleb MOSS 2Q 1882 (Petersfield 2c/221[FreeBMD 224])
______3. Maria BELTON Chr. 20 February 1859 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________Maria Belton TILBURY
_________m. [?[William FORTESCUE or George Ebo_ce JENNINGS]?] 4Q 1883 (Portsea 2b/951)
______3. William BELTON Chr. 7 April 1861 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________William BELTON b. 1Q 1861 (Farnborough 2a/109)
______3. Richard BELTON Chr. 5 April 1863 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________Richard TILBURY
_________m. Sarah Annie [--] 3Q 1886 (Petersfield 2c/243)
______3. Hannah BELTON Chr. 2 April 1865 Bramshot, Hampshire
______3. Eliza BELTON Chr. 5 May 1867 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________Eliza Belton TILBURY
_________m. [Ernest William CHANDLER] 1Q 1892 (Petersfield 2c/213)
______3. Ruth BELTON Chr. 4 April 1869 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________Ruth Belton TILBURY
_________m. Henry Bickford COTTON 1Q 1890 (Petersfield 2c/181)



1881: lvg. Sunny Side Cottages, Burghfield, Berkshire
1. James TILBURY Head (W) b. c.1801 Bramshott, Hampshire (Paper Maker) **
_____Elizabeth WOODS (Niece, U) b. c.1819 London, Middlesex (Dom Servant)

1881: lvg. Passfield, Headley Road, Bramshott, Hampshire
___2. Richard TILBURY b. c.1820 Bramshott, Hampshire (Farmer Of 8 Acres Of Land)
____+ Hannah [MOSS] b. c.1826 Bramshott, Hampshire
______3. Richard TILBURY b. c.1862 Bramshott, Hampshire (Laborer)
______3. Eliza TILBURY b. c.1866 Bramshott, Hampshire
______3. Ruth TILBURY b. c.1868 Bramshott, Hampshire

1881: lvg. 34 Upper Manor Street, London, Middlesex
______3. James TILBURY Head b. c.1845 Bramshot, Hampshire (Horse Keeper)
_______+ Ellen [--] b. c.1847 Chipenham, Wiltshire
_________4. Henry TILBURY b. c.1874 Chelsea, Middlesex
____________Harry William TILBURY b. 3Q 1874 (Chelsea 1a/280)
_________4. Rose TILBURY b. c.1878 Chelsea, Middlesex
____________Rosina Anne TILBURY b. 2Q 1879 (Chelsea 1a/313)

1881: lvg. Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, Hertford *
______3. George TILBURY b. c.1846 Bramshott, Hampshire (Gardener)
_______+ Mary [--] b. c.1845 Watton, Hertford
_________4. Henry TILBURY b. c.1869 Park Street
_________4. Ellen TILBURY b. c.1871 Colney Street
_________4. George TILBURY b. c.1876 Gustard Wood

* Did George marry as a 'BELTON'? His eldest visible child (in 1881) was b. c.1869, i.e. before the apparent 1872-3 changeover date; in view of his age George may have had an older child or children - were they 'TILBURY' or 'BELTON'? Do documents exist regarding the change in the various counties of residence, or in a central archive?
See 'Tilberia' 'Hertford II' for George &a Mary's descendants, outlinks.

1881: lvg. High St, Edmonton, Middlesex
(Next to the Cottage Hospital, near the "Eagle")
______3. Henry TILBURY b. c.1849 Headley, Hampshire (Gardener)
_______+ Sophia [SUTTON] b. c.1849 T[F]royle, Hampshire
_________4. Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1872 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Leonard Sutton TILBURY b. 4Q 1874 (Alton 2c/151)
____________Chr. 4 October 1874 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Kat(i)e Sophia TILBURY b. 4Q 1876 Maidenhead, Berkshire (Cookham 2c/401)
____________m. [--] 1Q 1907 Edmonton (3a/607)
_________4. Lilian TILBURY b. 4Q 1879 Edmonton, Middlesex (3a/26[9?])

Kate Sophia was born in Berkshire - did Henry, Sophia & family spend some time there with James senior? Henry & family seem invisible in 1901.
Sophia TILBURY d. 1Q 1904 age 54 (Edmonton 3a/297).
Henry may have lived until 1928, and died in the Edmonton area (1928, Will of Henry TILBURY of Alma Cottage, Whetstone; executor, Leonard Sutton TILBURY).

1881: lvg. Standford, Headley, Hampshire
______William BUDD Head b. c.1848 Bramshott, Hampshire (Agr Lab)
_______3. Mary [BELTON] Wife b. c.1853 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Mary A. BUDD b. c.1872 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. William BUDD b. c.1875 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Ruth BUDD b. c.1876 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Kate BUDD b. c.1879 Headley, Hampshire

In 1891 William BUDD junior was living with his grandparents, Richard & Hannah.

1881: lvg. 91 Cambridge Gardens, London, Middlesex
______3. Annie TILBURY b. c.1855 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________House & Parlourmaid to:
_________Frederick H. MEGGY b. c.1846 Chelmsford, Essex
_________(Newspaper Proprietor Employing 30 Men, 6 Boys) & family

1881: lvg. Vicarage, Sompting, Sussex
______3. Maria TILBURY b. c.1856 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________House & Parlour Maid (Dom Serv) to
_________John B. HONNYWILL b. c.1824 Clifton, Gloucester
_________(Vicar Of Sompting) & family

1881: lvg. Barford, Headley, Hampshire
Timothy TILBURY, Head b. c.1833 Frensham, Surrey (Grocer)
_+ Charlotte [--] b. c.1833 Frensham, Surrey (Grocers Wife)
___2. William TILBURY (U) b. c.1861 Headley, Hampshire

James Tilbury, Paper Maker

** Guestbook message of 18 December 2009 (with e address) from StevenN:

The James I have found was married to a Harriett BONE and appears in the 1861 and 1881 census as a paper maker and 1871 census as a labourer.
James the paper maker was the son of James TILBURY and Sarah WOODS who were married in 1801, and when I checked the 1881 census there was a WOODS living with James TILBURY paper maker.
The question is, who was James-the-paper-maker's grandfather? James' father was christened in Bramshott in 1741, which would give him an age of 61 years when James-the-paper-maker was born; if this is correct, then James-the-paper-maker's grandparents were William TILBURY and Ann FISH? I'm not a 100% sure.

StevenN's family tree is here:


1891: lvg. 94 Headley Road, Bramshott
___2. Richard B. TILBURY b. c.1813 Bramshott, Hampshire (Farmer)
____+ Hanna [MOSS] b. c.1826 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. William BUDD (Grandson, U) b. c.1875 Bramshott, Hampshire (Employed)
______3. Eliza TILBURY (U) b. 1867 Bramshott, Hampshire

1891: lvg. Alton-Hampshire (Dist. 9), Standford, Headley, Hampshire
______William BUDD b. c.1848 Bramshott, Hampshire (Carter, Em'ee)
_______3. Mary [BELTON] (Wife) b. c.1852 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Kate BUDD b. c.1879 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Jessie BUDD b. c.1882 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Harry BUDD b. c.1884 Hampshire, Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Grace H. BUDD b. c.1886 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Jack BUDD b. c.1888 Headley, Hampshire

1891: lvg. 1 Talls [Tulls] Lane Headley, Hampshire
______3. Richard TILBURY b. c.1862 Bramshott, Hampshire (Farmer)
_______+ Sarah Annie [--] b. c.1867 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Ruth Amelia TILBURY b. 4Q 1888 Headley, Hampshire (Alton 2c/1[6?]1)

1891: lvg. 24 Standford, Headley, Hampshire
______3. Hannah TILBURY (U) b. c.1864 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________General Servant to:
_________Charles J. PLUMMER b. c.1854 Valparaiso, Chile
_________(Physician and Surgeon) & wife

Sophia's brother James SUTTON also lived in Standford (see below).

1891: lvg. Headley, Hampshire
_Charlotte* TILBURY, b. c.1823 Churt, Surrey, (Widow; Grocer)
___2. William TILBURY b. c.1861 Bramshot, Hampshire (Single; Grocer's assistant)

* Widow of Timothy, buried Headley 31 October 1884; Charlotte d. 8 January 1892 of influenza.

From Headley parish registers:

31 March 1887 (4-59w)
Notice of having been buried sent in by the Father: Richard TILBURY of Tall's Lane [Tulls Lane]

_________4. Florence Annie TILBURY b. (Alton 2[c?]/15[6or8])
___________d. age 5 months
___________NB: burial 31 March, registration of death 2Q 1887 (Alton 2c/97)

10 February 1891 (4-57e)
Father: Richard TILBURY of Talls Lane [Tulls Lane]
Act of 1880, signed by Grace M. Allen, Standford Lodge

_________4. Richard Henry TILBURY b. 1Q 1891 (Alton 2c/164)
___________d. age 8 weeks, registration 1Q 1891 (Alton 2c/112)
___________NB: 10 February - 8 weeks = b. c.15 December 1890, i.e. 4Q 1890
___________(unless the age was 8 days not weeks)

Richard & Sarah Annie's children had Alton birth registrations; a fourth child was born 'Alton', and since they seem to be the only TILBURY children thus registered, he may have been a son of Richard & Sarah:

_________4. Wilfrid Jesse TILBURY b. 1Q 1892 (Alton 2a/159)

James' and Ellen's family?

_________4. Leonard Richard TILBURY b. 3Q 1884 Chelsea (1a/327) (d. age 0)
_________4. Kate May TILBURY b. 4Q 1886 Chelsea (1a/316)
_________4. Charles Frederick TILBURY b. 2Q 1889 Wandsworth (1d/5[6?]4)
_________4. [Albert TILBURY]

Ellen TILBURY d. 3Q 1900 age 50 Chelsea (1a/237) [James' wife?]


1901: lvg. Battersea, London
______3. James TILBURY b. c.1846 Bl[r]amshott, Hampshire (Stableman Groom)
_________4. Kate [May] TILBURY b. 4Q 1886 Chelsea, London
_________4. Charlie TILBURY [Charles Frederick b. 2Q 1889 Wandsworth] Battersea, London
_________4. Albert TILBURY b. c.1892 Battersea, London

1901: lvg. Newmarket All Saints, West Suffolk
_________4. Harry William TILBURY b. c.1874 Chelsea, London (Stableman)
__________m. Mary [GRUBB] 1Q 1900 Newmarket (3b/706), b. 1878 Innington, Gloster
__________b. 2Q 1878 (Cirencester 6a/394), Gloucestershire
____________5. [--] TILBURY b. March 1901 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire

1901: lvg. St Georges Hanover Sq, London
_________4. Rosina TILBURY b. c.1878 Chelsea, London (Kitchenmaid Domestic)

1901: lvg. Wooburn, Buckinghamshire
_________4. Leonard TILBURY b. c.1874 Southgate, Middlesex (Gardener Domestic)
__________m. Ada Louisa WHITE 2Q 1900 Edmonton (3a/648), b. c.1876 Wooburn, Buckinghamshire

1901: lvg. Paddington, London
_________4. Lilian TILBURY b. c.1877 Southgate, Middlesex (Housemaid Domestic)

1901: lvg. Bramshott, Hampshire
______Caleb MOSS b. c.1858 Bramshott, Hampshire (Builders Foreman)
______3. Annie [TILBURY] (wife) b. c.1857 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Caleb MOSS b. c.1883 Bramshott, Hampshire (Bricklayer)
_________4. Other children

Both Richards & family seem invisible in the 1901 Census.
1901: lvg. Bramshott, Hampshire
a Richard BELTON b. c.1818 Bramshott, Hampshire (Farmer)
and a Hannah BELTON b. c.1865 Bramshott, Hampshire
These might have been Richard and daughter Hannah, reverting to their first family name; while there was another Richard (b. c.1813), there does not seem to have been another Hannah of this age.
A Richard BELTON d. 4Q 1901 age 84 (Petersfield 2c/99), which would seem to have been the Richard BELTON Chr. 1813, son of John BELTON & Elizabeth.

1901: lvg. Headley, Hants Throughout
______Ernest CHANDLER b. c.1867 Rowledge, Surrey (Carpenter & Joiner)
______3. Eliza [TILBURY] (wife) b. c.1866 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Dorothy CHANDLER b. c.1893 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Henry CHANDLER b. c.1897 Headley, Hampshire
_________4. Elsie CHANDLER b. c.1899 Headley, Hampshire

1901: lvg. Bramshott, Hampshire
______Henry COTTON (Head) b. c.1870 Lymorages, Devon [Lyme Regis, Dorset] (Horse Dealer)
______(Henry Beckford COTTON b. 3Q 1868 (Axminster 5b/3), Dorset)
______3. Ruth [TILBURY] (Wife) b. c.1869 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Florence COTTON b. c.1890 Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Henry COTTON b. c.1893 Bramshott, Hampshire

lvg. Headley, Hampshire Throughout
______William BUDD b. c.1848 Bramshot, Hampshire (General Labourer On Farm)
______3. Mary [BELTON] (Wife) b. c.1845 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________4. Grace BUDD b. c.1886 Bramshot, Hampshire
_________4. Jack BUDD b. c.1888 Bramshot, Hampshire
lvg. Bramshott, Hampshire
_________4. Harry BUDD b. c.1883 Headley, Hampshire (General Labourer)
lvg. Battersea, London
_________4. William BUDD b. c.1875 Headley, Hampshire (Bricklayer)

Casualties of the Great War

Sons of William BUDD & Mary BELTON jnr.:

____________William BUDD, R.A.S.C., discharged August 1917; died 16 April 1918, age 42
_______________Left a widow and 4 children (of Beech Hill)
____________Henry [Harry] BUDD, R.G.A., killed in Railway accident in Egypt 6 June 1918, age 33
_______________Buried in Cairo new cemetery; left a widow and 3 children (of Hollywater)
____________Jack BUDD, R.H.A. (of Hollywater)

[Richard & Sarah Annie's son?]

___________Wilfred J. TILBURY, R.M.L.I. (of Standford)

From Headley Parish Memorial to the dead of the Great War, "Our Soldiers & Sailors, 1918"
(a booklet published by the then rector, W.H. Laverty, in February 1918).
(See - link below.)

Spouse Families

1. William BUDD
_m. Harriet POOK 20 November 1842 Headley, Hampshire
___2. Sarah BUDD Chr. 12 November 1843 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. Eliza BUDD Chr. 1 March 1846 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. William BUDD Chr. 4 June 1848 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. George BUDD Chr. 8 September 1850 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. John BUDD Chr. 1 May 1853 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. Robert BUDD Chr. 21 October 1855 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. Thomas BUDD Chr. 10 January 1858 Bramshot, Hampshire
___2. Jane BUDD Chr. 7 September 1862 Bramshot, Hampshire

1. William SUTTON
_m. Jane (Mrs SUTTON)
___2. Sophia SUTTON Chr. 3 March 1850 Froyle, Hampshire

See 'The Suttons...' below.

1881: lvg. Court 28, Windsor St, H.2, Aston, Warwick
1. Richard WHITE b. c.1850 Queens 'Woblow', Buckingham (Carman)
_m. Sophia [--] b. c.1851 Queens 'Woblow', Buckingham
___2. Eden WHITE b. c.1867 Queens 'Woblow', Buckingham
___2. Sarah WHITE b. c.1873 Queens 'Woblow', Buckingham
___2. ?Ada WHITE? b. c.1876 Queens 'Woblow', Buckingham
William CASPEN (Boarder, U) b. c.1830 Losinford, Warwick (Fitter, Engine)
Mary SHELBORNE (Boarder, U) b. c.1830 Birmingham, Warwick

For 'Woblow' read 'Woburn'?

1881: lvg. Cottage Conford, Bramshott, Hampshire
1. William MOSS b. c.1821 Bramshott, Hampshire (Edgetool Maker)
_m. Eliza [--] b. c.1820 Bramshott, Hampshire
___2. Caleb MOSS (U) b. c.1857 Bramshott, Hampshire (Bricklayer)
___2. William MOSS b. c.1863 Bramshott, Hampshire (Edge Tool Maker)
___2. Harry MOSS b. c.1865 Bramshott, Hampshire (Ag Lab)

1881: lvg. Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey
1. Will. CHANDLER b. c.1831 Frensham, Surrey (Carpenter)
_m. Esther [--] b. c.1833 Farnham, Surrey
___2. Daniel CHANDLER (U) b. c.1853 Farnham, Surrey (Bricklayers Lab)
___2. Ernest CHANDLER b. c.1867 Farnham, Surrey
___2. John CHANDLER b. c.1873 Binsted, Hampshire

1881: lvg. 18 French Street, East Teignmouth, Devon
1. Henry COTTEN b. c.1840 Dawlish, Devon (Gardener, M)
_m. Elizabeth HENWOOD b. c.1842 Huxham, Devon
___2. Anny COTTEN b. c.1861 Dawlish, Devon (Nurse Maid)
___2. Mary J. COTTEN b. c.1863 Dawlish, Devon (Servant Domestic)
___2. Ellen COTTEN b. c.1865 Fulford, Devon
___2. Henry COTTEN b. c.1867 Lyme Regis, Dorset
___2. Cora COTTEN b. c.1869 Shaldon, Devon
___2. Elizabeth COTTEN b. c.1871 Teignmouth, Devon
___2. Fanny COTTEN b. c.1873 Teignmouth, Devon
___2. Rose COTTEN b. c.1876 Teignmouth, Devon
___2. George COTTEN b. c.1878 Teignmouth, Devon
_Cora HENWOOD (Sister In Law, U) b. c.1850 Huxham, Devon (Servant, Domestic)
George FARLEY (Boarder, U) b. c.1863 Blackborough, Devon (Groom, D)

1881: lvg. Hay Lane, Horsley, Gloucester
1. Thomas GRUBB (Head) b. c.1850 Buscott, Berkshire (Engine Driver, Traction)
_m. Jane [--] (Wife) b. c.1847 Buscott, Berkshire
___2. Thomas W. GRUBB 7 b. c.1873 Buscott, Berkshire
___2. Annie GRUBB 5 b. c.1875 Buscott, Berkshire
___2. Mary GRUBB b. c.1877 Quennington, Gloucester
___2. Florence GRUBB b. 3-4Q 1880 Horsley, Gloucester
Thomas TIMBRILL (Lodger, U) b. c.1861 Quennington, Gloucester (Ag Lab)

The Suttons of Froyle, Headley and Bramshott

1. William SUTTON
_m. Jane [-- ] c.1839
___2. William SUTTON Chr. 1 November 1840 Froyle, Hampshire
___2. Thomas SUTTON Chr. 11 December 1842 Froyle, Hampshire
___2. James SUTTON Chr. 5 January 1845 Froyle, Hampshire
___2. George SUTTON Chr. 7 November 1847 Froyle, Hampshire
___2. Sophia SUTTON Chr. 3 March 1850 Froyle, Hampshire
____m. Henry BELTON [ => TILBURY]
___2. Samuel SUTTON Chr. 6 March 1853 Froyle, Hampshire
___2. Mary Anne SUTTON Chr. 3 June 1855 Headley, Hampshire
____m. William SUTER b. c.1854 Headley, Hampshire (Paper Maker)
____1881: lvg. Holy Bush Inn, Headley, Hampshire
____together with Sister In Law Jane (SUTTON, U) (House Maid Domestic)
___2. Jane SUTTON Chr. 12 May 1861 Headley, Hampshire

1. Henry SMITH
_m. Elizabeth MATTHEWS 26 April 1830 Headley, Hampshire, b. c.1809 Of, Headley, Hampshire
___2. Henry SMITH Chr. 7 November 1830 Headley, Hampshire
___2. John SMITH Chr. 21 July 1833 Headley, Hampshire
___2. Mary SMITH Chr. 3 May 1835 Headley, Hampshire
___2. William SMITH Chr. 12 January 1840 Headley, Hampshire
___2. Jane SMITH Chr. 2 June 1844 Headley, Hampshire [d. pre-1846?]
___2. Ann Elizabeth SMITH Chr. 29 June 1845 Headley, Hampshire
___2. Jane SMITH Chr. 25 March 1846 Headley, Hampshire
____m. James SUTTON 26 September 1868
____1881: lvg. Standford, Headley, Hampshire
____James SUTTON (Bricklayer - 1881: absent from home - see below)
___2. Jane [SMITH] Wife (Head) b. c.1845 Headley, Hampshire (Bricklayer's Wife)
______3. James SUTTON b. c.1869 Selbourne, Hampshire
______3. George SUTTON b. c.1873 Selbourne, Hampshire
______3. Elizabet SUTTON b. c.1876 Selbourne, Hampshire
______3. Jane SUTTON b. 1879, Chr. 27 April 1879 Bramshot(t), Hampshire
____Henry SMITH (Father In Law, Widower) b. c.1807 Selbourne, Hampshire (Paper Maker)

1881: lodging at "The Lion", Spital, New Windsor, Berkshire
___2. James SUTTON (Married) b. c.1845 Froyle, Hampshire (Bricklayer)
__John SUTTON (Unmarried) b. c.1853 He[a]dley, Hampshire (Bricklayers Laborer)
__Harry SWAN (U) b. c.1856 Rowledge, Surrey (Bricklayer)
__Benjamin SWAN (U) b. c.1862 Rowledge, Surrey (Bricklayers Laborer)

John WHITECHURCH (Head) b. c.1820 Harlton, Cambridge (Dealer And Beer Seller)
_m. Sarah [--] b. c.1828 East Clandon, Surrey
___Alice WHITECHURCH (Daughter) b. c.1864 Knightsbridge, Middlesex
___Caroline WHITECHURCH (Daughter) b. c.1867 Spital, Berkshire

1881: lvg. 38 Waddington Rd, West Ham, Essex
___2. Samuell SUTTON b. c.1852 Froyle, Hampshire (Bricklayer)
____m. Mary [--] b. c.1847 Buxted, Sussex
David MILROY (Boarder, U) b. c.1859 Ireland (Railway Engine Cleaner)
Julia BARKER (Boarder, U) b. c.1853 East Stowman, Suffolk (Housemaid)
William ELLIOTT (Boarder, U) b. c.1858 Stratford, Essex (Blacksmith)Rly)


1. William SUTTON
_m. Mary Anne
___2. Sarah SUTTON Chr. 13 November 1836 Headley, Hampshire
___2. George SUTTON Chr. 14 January 1844 Headley, Hampshire

1881: lvg. Hollywater, Headley, Hampshire
1. Mary A. SUTTON Head b. c.1818 Headley, Hampshire (Widow)
___2. George SUTTON (U) b. c.1850 Headley, Hampshire Ag Labr)
______3. William SUTTON Grandson b. c.1863 Headley, Hampshire (Ag Labr)
______3. Jane SUTTON Grand Daur b. c.1867 Headley, Hampshire

1881: lvg. Hollywater, Headley, Hampshire
___2. William SUTTON Head b. c.1838 Headley, Hampshire (Ag Labr)
____m. Maria [--] b. c.1841 Selbourne, Hampshire
______3. (Anne Maria SUTTOn Chr. 29 November 1863 Headley, Hampshire)
______3. Janie SUTTON Chr. 2 December 1866 Headley, Hampshire
______3. Edeth SUTTON b. c.1871 Headley, Hampshire
______3. Martha SUTTON b. c.1873 Headley, Hampshire
______3. Marey SUTTON b. c.1877 Headley, Hampshire
______3. Lilly SUTTON b. c.January 1881 Headley, Hampshire

1881: lvg. Evely, Headley, Hampshire
Alexander GARDON (Head) b. c.1845 Scotland (Butler, Domestic Servant)
_m. Ann [--] b. c.1847 Scotland
___Grace A. GARDON (Daughter) b. c.1873 Headley, Hampshire
___Marion GARDON (Daughter) b. c.1874 Headley, Hampshire
___James GARDON (Son) b. c.1875 Headley, Hampshire
___Alexander GARDON (Son) b. c.1877 Headley, Hampshire
___Jean GARDON (Daughter) b. c.1879 Headley, Hampshire

Annie SUTTON b. c.1867 Bramshott, Hampshire (Dom Servant, Nurse)

1881: lvg. Cottage, Long Sutton, Hampshire
1. Thomas SUTTON b. c.1817 Froyle, Hampshire (Cordwainer)
_m. Sophia [--] b. c.1825 Froyle, Hampshire
___2. Elizabeth SUTTON b. c.1854 Long Sutton, Hampshire

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