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Berkshire Commercial Directory, 1833
Receipts for Legacies Of the value of 20l. or more, out of Personal Estate, or charged on Real ditto, &c.; and upon every Share of Residue:
To a child or grand child of the deceased ll. per cent.
To a brother or sister, or their descendants, 3l. per cent.
To an uncle or aunt, or their descendants, 5l. percent.
To a great uncle or great aunt, or their descendants, 6l. per cent.
To any other relation, or any stranger in blood, 10l. per cent.
Legacy to husband, or wife, or Royal Family exempt.
[l. = £]
The University of Leicester Digital Library of Historical Directories

1850-60 Berkshire

"The Story of Emma BECK"
Online history as either a PDF file, or can be viewed as HTML Well-researched detail of life in "rural Berkshire", the Workhouse including children's diet (Cookham), the condition of an unmarried mother, etc. An interesting read:


lvg. St Margaret, London
Mary TILBURY b. c.1827 Berkshire
John TILBURY b. c.1833 Berkshire


Harry (Henry) TILBURY b. 1889 Wooburn Green, Buckingham
__m. [--] in Ascot, Berkshire

..., Berkshire

1881: shows Robert TILBURY b. Berkshire (c.1857) working for Henry GODING (b. c.1804 of London: Inherited Lands) & family at 16 Thurloe Sq, London, Middlesex
This Robert was Chr. Penn BUCKINGHAMSHIRE (possibly a mis-reading between 'Bucks' and 'Berks'); in 1884 Robert married Sarah WENBORN (b. c.1861 Essex), Housemaid to the GODING family in 1881
(see 'Tilberia' 'Penn')

1901: lvg./working [--], Berkshire (Pg.19134106-ID.13209144)
James TILBURY b. c.1865 Tylers Green, Buckinghamshire (House Painter)
This is probably James who was in prison with David in 1881
(see 'Tilberia' 'The Joseph Tree')

1901: lvg./working [--], Berkshire (Pg.19134089-ID.13208857)
Archibald TILBURY b. c.1886 Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire (Cow Boy Cattle)
Archibald Horace TILBURY b. 4Q 1887 (Wycombe 3a/639)
Archibald Horace TILBURY d. 1Q 1903 age 16 (Maidenhead 2c/275)

1901: lvg. Binfield, Berkshire
Daniel TILBURY b. c.1851 Lane End, Berkshire (Gardener Domestic)
(Father: George, Mother: Esther; see 'Waltham St Lawrence')
__m. Fanny Elizabeth HALE 4Q 1892 (Easthampstead 2c/958a)
__(b. c.1865 Binfield, Berkshire)
____2. Arthur TILBURY b. c.1894 Binfield, Berkshire
____2. Harry TILBURY b. c.1898 Binfield, Berkshire

1881: lvg. Gardens Temple House, Bisham, Berkshire
George KEATES b. c.1853 Bisham, Berkshire (Gardener Domestic Servant)
__m. Charlotte Ann TILBURY 1Q 1879 (Reading 2c/492);
__b. [2Q 1857 Wycombe 3a/371)] Gt. Marlow, Buckingham
____2. George F. KEATES b. c.1879 Bisham, Berkshire
(see 'Hurley') and:
The family of James Tilbury of the "George & Dragon", Great Marlow

1881: lvg./working at 25-31 London St, Reading St Giles, Berkshire
Ada M. TILBURY b. c.1859 Bracknell, Berkshire (unmarried; servant; Drapers Assistant)
(see 'Waltham St Lawrence' - Bear Farm was in the Bracknell area)

__m. Mary WEIGHBOURN 30 October 1773 Bray, Berkshire
__m. Peter WILLOBEY 2 June 1802 Bray, Berkshire
Father: Peter WILLOUGHBY
Mother: Sarah
____2. Eleanor WILLOUGHBY Chr. 14 August 1803 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Elizabeth WILLOUGBY Chr. November 1805 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Martha WILLOUGBY Chr. 17 July 1808 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. William WILLOUGHBY Chr. 12 May 1811 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
1881: lvg. Sturt Green, Bray, Berkshire
William TILBURY b. c.1855 Marlow, Buckingham (Ag Labourer)
__m. Eliza [--] b. c.1842 Henley, Oxford
[Eliza TILBURY d. 1Q 1882 age 37 (Cookham 2c/271)]
__m.[2] Sarah Ann BREAKSPEAR 4Q 1882 (Cookham 2c/855)
This may have been Sarah Ann BREAKSPEAR b. 2Q 1860 (Wallingford 2c/292)
In 1881 a Sarah BREAKSPEAR b. c.1860 Oxford (reg. Wallingford = Berkshire/Oxfordshire) was lvg./working at 49 Wigmore St, London, Middlesex, for George Frederic BUTT (b. c.1845 St Albans, Hertford; Naturalist) & family
(see 'Hurley')

1901: lvg. Bray, Berkshire (Pg.19131661-IDs.13235898- )
John TILBURY b. c.1875 Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire (Gardener Domestic)
[son of Joseph&Sarah of Little Missenden (Part 1)]
__m. Louisa [DUNN] b. c.1869 Willand, Devon
____2. Doris TILBURY b. c.August/September 1900 Bray, Berkshire
_______(Doris Eva TILBURY b. 4Q 1900 (Maidenhead 2c/355))
Bertie TILBURY b. c.1884 Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire (Gardener Domestic)
Little Missenden pages
__m. 4Q 1899 Louisa DUNN (Brentford 3a/199)
1881: lvg. Grandmothers Farm, Culmstock, Devon
John DUNN b. c.1837 Halberton, Devon (Widower; Farmer)
____2. Louisa DUNN b. c.1869 Wiland, Devon
____2. Esther DUNN b. c.1871 Wiland, Devon
____2. Rhoda DUNN b. c.1876 Culmstock, Devon

1901: lvg. Bray, Berkshire
Isaac GLASS b. c.1860 Chieveley, Berkshire (Carter On Farm)
Sarah [TILBURY]GLASS b. c.1859 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Alma GLASS b. c.1888 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Clara GLASS b. c.1890 Oakley Green, Berkshire
(see 'Hurst')

Dianna TILSBURY (= Diana Pennington TIDBURY)
__m. James SELLWOOD 30 January 1802 Bucklebury, Berkshire
NB: TIDBURY is correct, TILSBURY erroneous - see Guestbook entry

1901: lvg. Buckland, Berkshire
James TILBY b. c.1819 Shefford, Berkshire (Retired Farmer)
Jane TILBY b. c.1836 Pulton, Wiltshire
Ellen TILBY b. c.1878 Lambourne, Berkshire
(see 'Great Shefford')

Father: Richd. TILBERRY
Mother: Mary
____2. Mary TILBERRY Chr. 6 July 1725 Burghfield, Berkshire
James TILBURY b. c.1842 Burghfield, Berkshire
__m. Jane Elizabeth WHEATLEY 3Q 1867 (Wokingham 2c/678)
(see 'Swallowfield')
1881: lvg. Sunny Side Cottages, Burghfield, Berkshire
James TILBURY Head (W) b. c.1801 Bramshott, Hampshire (Paper Maker)
Elizabeth WOODS (Niece, U) b. c.1819 London, Middlesex (Dom Servant)
(James, apparent originator of the Belton:Tilbury enigma; his son Henry (m. Sophia SUTTON) may have spent some time in Berkshire (with his father?) since at least one of his children (Kate Sophia) was b. Maidenhead; see 'Tilberia' 'Belton-Tilbury')
Kat(i)e Sophia TILBURY b. 4Q 1876 Maidenhead, Berkshire (Cookham 2c/401)

1901: lvg./working Cholsey, Berkshire
Frank TILBY b. c.1849 Hendred, Berkshire (Carpenter)

Frank TILBY d. 4Q 1902 age 56 (Wantage 2c/190)


Edward John TILBURY (Burnham, Buckinghamshire TILBURYs)
__m. Charlotte GREEN 3Q 1894 (Windsor 2c/828-BRK)

1901: lvg./working Clewer Within, Berkshire
Annie TILBURY b. c.1884 Westhorpe, Buckinghamshire (Nursemaid Domestic)

1901: lvg. Clewer Without, Berkshire
Edward TILBURY b. c.1872 Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Foreman Print)
Charlotte TILBURY b. c.1874 Clewer, Berkshire
____2. Edwd TILBURY b. c.1894 Windsor, Berkshire
____2. Dudley TILBURY b. c.1896 Clewer, Berkshire
____2. Mary TILBURY b. c.1898 Clewer, Berkshire
____2. Cecil TILBURY b. c.September 1900 Clewer, Berkshire
(see 'Winkfield' for Edward in 1881)


(NB: some births from bordering counties were registered in Cookham district)
Female TILBURY d. 1Q 1842 (Cookham 6/113)
Jonathan TILBURY d. 4Q 1845 (Cookham 6/94)
Henry TILBURY d. 4Q 1848 (Cookham 6/113)
(see 'Waltham St Lawrence')
Mary TILBURY m. 3Q 1840 (Cookham 6/228A)
Sarah TILBURY m. 4Q 1853 (Cookham 2c/841)
Sophia TILBURY m. 3Q 1856 (Cookham 2c/601)
Kate Sophia TILBURY b. 4Q 1876 (Cookham 2c/401)
Daughter of Henry TILBURY & Sophia SUTTON
(see 'Tilberia' 'Belton-Tilbury')
__m. [Sarah SHARP] 4Q 1867 (Cookham 2c/857)
(see 'Waltham St Lawrence')
1901: lvg. Cookham, Berkshire
William TILBURY b. c.1848 Downley, Buckinghamshire (Gardener Domestic)
__m. Mary Ann [PAGE] b. 2Q 1853 Kenton [St Thomas reg. dist.], Devon
____2. Lucy TILBURY b. c.1881 Maidenhead, Berkshire [sister to Ellen]
(see 'Remenham')
1901: lvg./working Maidenhead, Berkshire
Ada TILBURY b. c.1883 b. Cookham, Berkshire (General Servant Domestic)
Lucy Thirza TILBURY
__m. [Henry Francis WOOD?] 3Q 1908 (Maidenhead 2c/947)
Cookham Dean

1881: lvg. Ibstone & Stokenchurch, Buckingham
Samuel YOUNG b. c.1826 Ibstone, Oxford (Ag Lab)
__m. Clementina [--] b. c.1828 Lewknor, Oxford
________3. Walter S. TILBURY b. c.1876 Cookham Deane, Berkshire (grandson; Scholar)
This was Samuel Walter TILBURY: given names inversed to avoid confusion with the grandfather?
Samuel Walter may have been the son of Frederick & Elizabeth Harvey [YOUNG]TILBERRY and brother of George b. c.1873, living on Frogs Island, Egham, Surrey in 1881
[An Elizabeth Clementina YOUNG was b. 4Q 1847 (Bath 11/34)];
(see 'Tilberia' 'The Joseph Tree')

Samuel YOUNG d. 4Q 1894 age 69 (Windsor 2c/242)
1901: lvg. Egham, Surrey
Clementina YOUNG b. c.1827 Lewknor, Oxfordshire
George TILBURY b. c.1873 Egham, Surrey (Oilman Colour)
Samuel TILBURY b. c.1876 Cookham Dean (Brewers Labourer)

Cumnor was transferred from Berkshire to Oxfordshire in 1974
William Francis TILBY
__m. Harriet CLIFTON 3Q 1894 (Oxford 3a/1449)
A Harriet CLIFTON was b. 3Q 1861 (Witney 3a/570)
1901: lvg. Cumnor, Berkshire [from the PRO website]
William TILBY b. c.1864 East K[H]endred, Berkshire (Rent & Rate Collector)
Harriet TILBY b. c.1862 Stanton Hascount[Harcourt], Oxfordshire
____2. Ivan TILBY b. c.1895 Stanton Hascourt[Harcourt], Oxfordshire
____2. Francis TILBY b. c.1896 Oxford, Oxfordshire
____2. Eunice TILBY b. c.1898 Botley, Berkshire
There is a (superb) website on Cumnor:
In the 'Documents' section, these entries appear:
1901: In old cottage on E.side.
TILBY William F., 36, collector, b. East ( ), Berks.
Wife: Florence, 38, b.Stanton Harcourt,Oxon.
James, 5,. b.Stanton Harcourt,Oxon;
Francis B., 4. b.Oxford;
Eunice, 2, b.Botley.
1901 Census Cumnor
Electoral Register : Cumnor Parish 1910 - Occupation Electors
TILBY William Francis. land & tenement. Botley
1910 Electoral Roll Cumnor
NB: "b. Tilbury, Berks" would probably refer to Tilbury (Farm cottages), Cumnor
(see bottom of page for Tilbury Farm)
Donnington - see 'Shaw' below
East Hendred

Frances TILBY
__m. [Eliza ROBEY] 4Q 1838 (Wantage 6/471)

__Frances TILBY b. c.1816 (Cty.)
__Eliza TILBY b. c.1816 (Cty.)
__Ann TILBY b. c.1839 (Cty.)

Mary TILBY b. 2Q 1844 (Wantage 6263
Frank TILBY b. 2Q 1846 (Wantage 6273
Tom TILBY b. 2Q 1850 (Wantage 6/275)
James TILBY b. 1Q 1852 (Wantage 2c/289)
Eliza Ellen TILBY b. 2Q 1862 (Wantage 2c/297)
Blanche Ethel TILBY b. 3Q 1873 (Wantage 2c/298)

1851: lvg. East Hendred, Berkshire
__Francis TILBY b. c.1811 West Shefford, Berkshire (Head)
__Eliza TILBY b. c.1814 East Hendred, Berkshire (Wife)
____2. Ann TILBY b. c.1839 East Hendred, Berkshire (Daughter)
____2. May TILBY b. c.1845 East Hendred, Berkshire (Daughter)
____2. Frank TILBY b. c.1846 East Hendred, Berkshire (Son)
____2. Tom TILBY b. c.1850 East Hendred, Berkshire (Son)

1854: Post Office Directory of Berks, ...
EAST HENDRED is a parish in the Hundred and Union of Wantage, 4½ miles east-by-north of Wantage.
The living is a rectory in the diocese of Oxford and patronage of the bishop. annual value, £544; the incumbent is the Rev. Charles Wapshare. The church is a small structure, with nave, chancel, and square embattled tower. By 1682, it is stated that Catherine Spiser had delivered into the hands of one of the churchwardens for that year £6, to be received to the world's end for preachment of a sermon; and £8 she has given to the poor of this parish to be given in bread by the churchwardens to the poor present, after the sermon is ended, upon Holy Thursday, to remain in the world's end. There are other charities, amounting to nearly £100 per annum.
The village stands near the vale of White Horse, and was once a populous and thriving market town, and one of the seats of the cloth manufacture. Several privileges were conferred upon it by a charter of Henry VI. The stewardship of the king's manor, in this parish, is a nominal office, in the gift of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and is one of the places which may be accepted for the purpose of vacating a seat in the House of Commons. This parish comprises about 3,400 acres of good soil. The population, in 1851, was 949.
Here are the remains of an ancient chapel, supposed to have been built by the monks of Sheen; it is now convertded into a granary. Here is also a Roman Catholic chapel.

Charles ROBEY, farmer
Fras. TILBEY, wheelwright & blacksmith

1861: lvg. East Hendred, Berkshire
__Francis TILBY b. c.1815 Shefford, Berkshire (Head)
____2. Mary TILBY b. c.1845 East Hendred, Berkshire (Daughter)
____2. Tom TILBY b. c.1851 East Hendred, Berkshire (Son)
____2. James TILBY b. c.1852 East Hendred, Berkshire (Son)

____James TILBY
____m. Mary Martha JEFFERIES 4Q 1875 (Wantage 2c/705)
(see 'Harwell' for their family)

1876: Harrod & Co Trade Directory
TILBY Francis, wheelwright, East Hendred
TILBY Frank, vict. "Hare Inn", West Hendred

Francis TILBY d. 1Q 1877 age 65 (Wantage 2c/214)
Tom TILBY d. 3Q 1878 age 28 (Wantage 2c/190)

1881: lvg. East Hendred, Berkshire
Eliza TILBY b. c.1836 Sutton Sutney, Hampshire (Widow, Head)
____2. William F. TILBY b. c.1864 Hendred, Berkshire (Bricklayers Labourer)
____2. Blanch E. TILBY b. c.1873 Hendred, Berkshire (Scholar)
(see 'Cumnor' for William Francis TILBY)

1881: lvg. East Hendred, Berkshire
_Elizabeth TILBY (U) age 18 b. Hendred, Berkshire
_(Domestic Servant Housemaid to the WATSON family)

Eliza TILBY d. 1Q 1883 age 46 (Wantage 2c/225)

1891: lvg. ___, Berkshire
____Blanche E. TILBEY b. c.1874 East Hendred, Berkshire (Servant)

1901: lvg./working Cholsey, Berkshire
Frank TILBY b. c.1849 Hendred, Berkshire (Carpenter)

Frank TILBY d. 4Q 1902 age 56 (Wantage 2c/190)

1901: lvg./working Beeding Entire, West Sussex
Emma TILBY b. c.1863 East Hendred, Berkshire (Housemaid Domestic)

1901: lvg./working Southampton [Hampshire]
Bert TILBEY b. c.1868 East Hendred, Berkshire (P O 1st Class R N)

(An Edward Bert TILBURY m. 4Q 1909 Staines 3a/37)


__m. William GOODALL 26 April 1823 Englefield, Berkshire

Great Shefford

Father: Thomas TILBY
Mother: Hannah
____2. Mary TILBY Chr. 14 September 1806 Great Shefford, Berkshire
____2. Francis TILBY Chr. 18 March 1810 Great Shefford, Berkshire
Thomas TILBY
__m. Elizabeth WARD 30 December 1815 Great Shefford, Berkshire
Father: Thomas TILBY
Mother: Elizabeth
____2. Anne TILBY Chr. 17 February 1818 Great Shefford, Berkshire
____2. Sarah TILBY Chr. 15 July 1821 Great Shefford, Berkshire
____2. James TILBY Chr. 19 September 1819 Great Shefford, Berkshire
____2. Emma TILBY Chr. 15 March 1827 Great Shefford, Berkshire
____2. John TILBY Chr. 15 March 1827 Great Shefford, Berkshire
(for John Chr. 1827, see 'Pangbourn')

__m. Thomas CLARK 25 May 1732 Greenham, Berkshire
__m. Griffin MONEY 25 May 1732 Greenham, Berkshire
Father: Griffen MONEY
Mother: Annie
____2. John MONEY Chr. 21 January 1732 Bucklebury, Berkshire
____2. Amy MONEY Chr. 26 December 1745 Bucklebury, Berkshire

__m. Christian CHAUNCLOR 6 February 1622 Harwell, Berkshire
(see 'Sutton Courtenay')

1881: lvg. Harwell, Berkshire
James TILBY b. c.1851 East Hendred, Berkshire (Carpenter)
__m. Mary M[artha] [JEFFERIES] b. c.1858 East Hendred, Berkshire (Carpenter Wife)
____2. Agnes TILBY b. c.1876 Harwell, Berkshire
____2. Ethel M[ary] TILBY b. 3Q 1879 Harwell, Berkshire (Wantage 2c/319)
(see 'East Hendred' for James' family)

Frank Robert TILBY b. c.1880-81
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website lists Frank Robert as a casualty in the Great War, and as having been the son of James&Mary Martha TILBY (see below)

Albert James TILBY b. 1Q 1884 (Wantage 2c/314)
Violet Annie TILBY b. 3Q 1886 (Wantage 2c/318)
Dorothy TILBY b. 2Q 1892 (Wantage 2c/315)
Guy Jeffery TILBY b. 2Q 1897 (Wantage 2c/297)

1901: lvg. Harwell Entire, Berkshire
James TILBY b. c.1851 E. Hendred, Berkshire (Carpenter)
Mary TILBY b. c.1858 E. Hendred, Berkshire
____2. Albert TILBY b. c.1884 Harwell, Berkshire (Farm Labourer)
____2. Tom TILBY b. c.1888 Berks Harwell, Berkshire
____2. Dorothy TILBY b. c.1891 Harwell, Berkshire
____2. Guy TILBY b. c.1896 Harwell, Berkshire

Tom TILBY d. 2Q 1903 age 14 (Wantage 2c/184)

Royal Navy Seaman's Service Record:
Guy Jeffrey TILBY
b. 8 March 1897 Wantage, Berkshire
Official Number: F.46711
Record ref: ADM 188/638
National Archives, documentsonline, military records
Additional information about RN nos. & refs.

September 1915

Frank Robert TILBY - Service No. 7561
Private, Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Bn.
Died 28 September 1915 age 35
"Son of Mary Martha Tilby, of Harwell, Steventon, Berks, and the late James Tilby
Served in the South African Campaign with Imperial Yeomanry"

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 93-95; Loos Memorial


Father: David TIBBURY
Mother: Elizabeth DORE
____2. John TIBBURY b. 9 June 1812 Of, Hungerford, Berkshire
James TILBY m. 2Q 1842 (Hungerford 6/262)
Frances Sarah TILBY m. 3Q 1888 (Hungerford 2c/428)
(see 'Lambourn' for both James & Frances Sarah)


__m. James HAWKINS 29 October 1814 Hurley, Berkshire
m. 4Q 1882 (Cookham 2c/855) [Sarah Ann BREAKSPEAR]

1891: lvg. Wooburn, Buckinghamshire (reg. dist. Wycombe)
W. J. TILBURY b. c.1861 Marlow, Buckinghamshire (Head)
__+[2] Sarah A. TILBURY[BREAKSPEAR] b. c.1862 ___, Oxfordshire (Wife)
____2. William TILBURY b. c.1883 Sturt Green Holyport, Berkshire (Son)
____2. Frederick T.[S?] TILBURY b. c.1885 Sturt Green Holyport, Berkshire (Son)
____2. Archibald H. TILBURY b. c.1888 Wooburn, Buckinghamshire (Son)*
____2. Robin H. TILBURY b. c.1890 Wooburn, Buckinghamshire (Son)
__William NOTTINGHAM b. c.1876 Buckinghamshire (Lodger)**
__William SWADLING b. c. 1848 Marlow, Buckinghamshire (Lodger)
*   See '..., Berkshire' above, 'Archibald Horace'
** This MAY have been the son of William's sister Eliza

1901: lvg. Hurley, Berkshire
William TILBURY b. c.1856 Marlow, Buckinghamshire (Bricklayer)
(see 'Bray')
__+[2] Sarah TILBURY[BREAKSPEAR] b. c.1857 Henley, Oxfordshire*
____2. Frederick TILBURY age 15 b. c.1885 Holleyport, Berkshire (Garden Labourer Domestic)
____2. Robin TILBURY age 11 b. c.1889 Wooburn, Buckinghamshire
____2. [Elsie TILBURY age 9 b. c.1891 Littlewick, Berkshire]
____2. [Emily TILBURY age 6 b. c.1894 Hurley, Berkshire]
____2. [Rigenald TILBURY age 6 c.1894 b. Hurley, Berkshire]
____2. [Brenda TILBURY age 5 b. c.1895 Hurley, Berkshire]
_______(Brenda Kate TILBURY b. 2Q 1896 (Maidenhead 2c/407))
____2. [Alfred TILBURY age 3 b. c.1897 Hurley, Berkshire]
_______(Alfred Ernest TILBURY b. 2Q 1898 (Maidenhead 2c/405))
____2. [Albert TILBURY b. c.1-7 February 1901 Hurley, Berkshire]
_______(Albert Edward C. TILBURY b. 1Q 1901 (Maidenhead 2c/413))
Elsie Evelyn TILBURY d. 4Q 1903 age 11 (Reading 2c/224)
* William's [1st] wife Eliza was also b. Oxfordshire
William b. c.1856 may have been the brother of
Charles TILBURY (m. Ellen HAWES) (see 'Tilberia')


1881: lvg./working at Mill House, Hurst, Berkshire
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1863 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire (unmarried; domestic servant; Housemaid)
to Margaret DAVIS b. c.1843 Reading, Berkshire (Millers Wife) & family
__m. Isaac GLASS 1Q 1888 (Cookham 2c/539)
(see 'Bray')


James TILBY m. 2Q 1842 (Hungerford 6/262)
James may have married Mary BANETT - no confirmation to date
Father: James TILBY [?butcher]
Mother: Mary
____2. William TILBY Chr. 17 December 1843 Lambourn, Berkshire
____2. James TILBY Chr. 17 March 1847 Lambourn, Berkshire [?farmer]
Trade Directories:
1852-3 Slater Lambourn
1854 Post Office Lambourn, Hungerford
TILBY James, butcher, Newbury st
1876 Harrod & Co
TILBY James, farmer & landowner, Lambourn
Francis Sarah TILBY
__m. Joseph RICHARD (painter) 16 August 1888 Chipping Lambourn, Berkshire
PRO records:
Frances Sarah TILBY
__m. Joseph Richard PAINTON 3Q 1888 (Hungerford 2c/428)
1881: lvg. Hill Farm, Letcombe Bassett, Berkshire
John PAINTON Head (M) age 57 b. Longworth, Berkshire (Farmer 540 Acres Emp 17 Lab & 3 Boys)
____2. Belinda E. PAINTON Daur age 21 b. Kingstone Lisle, Berkshire (F [Son])
____2. Joseph R. PAINTON Son age 17 b. Kingstone Lisle, Berkshire (F Son)
____2. Thomas Hy. PAINTON Son age 13 b. Kingstone Lisle, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. George Reade PAINTON Son age 9 b. Letcombe Bassett, Berkshire (Scholar)
A...iah[?Azariah] CHILLINGWORTH Nephew age 14 b. Shillingford, Berkshire (Scholar)
1901: lvg. Kidmore, Oxfordshire
Joseph PAINTON age 36 b. Kingston Lisle, Wantage, Berkshire (Manager Of Dairy)
Frances PAINTON age 30 b. Lambourne, Berkshire
____Enid PAINTON age 6 b. Wantage, Berkshire
1881: lvg./studying 34 London Rd, Reading St Giles, Berkshire
___Annie TILBY b. c.1867 Lambourne, Berkshire (Boarder, Scholar) with:
Sarah KING b. c.1838 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire (Private School Teacher, School Mistress)
Clara KING b. c.1844 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire (Sister; Private School Teacher, School Mistress)
Jemima KING b. c.1830 Wanborough, Wiltshire (Visitor; Fundholder)
___Annie G. WILLS b. c.1867 London, Middlesex (Boarder; Scholar)
Mary PARKER b. c.1863 Shefford, Berkshire (unmarried; Domestic Serv)
Esther COX b. c.1864 Woodlands S Mary, Berkshire (unmarried; Domestic Serv)
Sarah E. KING b. c.1808 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire (unmarried; Aunt)

1901: lvg./working Slough, Buckinghamshire
Annie TILBY b. c.1867 Lambourn, Berkshire (Housekeeper Domestic)
m. (widow) Mary Jane SHEARER 4Q 1898 (Bradfield 2c/830)
1901: lvg. Goring, Oxfordshire
James TILBY b. c.1863 S[L]ambourn, Berkshire (Farmer)
Mary TILBY b. c.1855 Hambleton, Buckinghamshire
____James TILBY b. c.1899 Beech Farm Goring, Oxfordshire
____Mary SHEARER b. c.1883 Hambleton, Buckinghamshire
____Mable SHEARER b. 1891 Hambleton, Buckinghamshire
____John SHEARER b. 1893 Beech Farm Goring, Oxfordshire
Beech Farm Goring: previously Applehanger Manor
Valuations & occupants of Beech Farm Goring, 1603 - c.18thC
Goring today (with photos)
1901: lvg./working Sherborne St John, Southampton
Ann SHEARER b. 1881 Hambledean, Buckinghamshire (General Servant Domestic)
1881: lvg. Rotten Row Hambleden, Hambleden, Buckingham
John SHEARER Head b. c.1842 Scotland (Farmer Of 270 Acres Emp 5 Men 2 Boys)
__m. Mary J. [--] b. c.1855 Hambleden, Buckingham
____2. Anne SHEARER b. c.January 1881 Hambleden, Buckingham
Jesse SHEARER Sister (U) b. c.1838 Scotland
m. Mary Jane PIERCEY 4Q 1879 (Henley 3a/1008)
[Ann SHEARER's birth not registered?]
Mabel Louisa SHEARER b. 1Q 1891 (Bradfield 2c/327)
Jessie SHEARER d. 2Q 1891 age 52 (Bradfield 2c/238)
John Piercy SHEARER b. 4Q 1893 (Bradfield 2c/306)
John SHEARER d. 2Q 1896 age 53 (Bradfield 2c/187)

1876 Harrod & Co.'s Directory of ... Berkshire:
TILBURY, "Bell Hotel", Railway Station, Maidenhead
__m. Alice LANCASTER 3Q 1890 (Cookham 2c/704)
1901: lvg. Maidenhead, Berkshire
Ada TILBURY b. c.1883 Cookham, Berkshire (General Servant Domestic)
1901: lvg. Maidenhead, Berkshire (Pg.19133164)
Samuel TILBURY b. c.1861 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Bricklayer)
__m. Alice [LANCASTER]TILBURY b. c.1868 Marston, Bedfordshire
____2. Violet TILBURY b. c.1891 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Joseph William TILBURY
m. [[?Eveline Annie BOULTER?]] 3Q 1901 (Maidenhead 2c/891)
Male TILBURY b. 4Q 1900 (Maidenhead 2c/365)
Male TILBURY d. 4Q 1900 age 0 (Maidenhead 2c/240)
Victor George TILBURY b. 4Q 1901 (Maidenhead 2c/418)
Nora Edith TILBURY b. 3Q 1904 (Maidenhead 2c/422)
Minnie Eveline TILBURY b. 2Q 1907 (Maidenhead 2c/414)

1881: visiting at Lime Cottage, Pangbourn, Berkshire
John TILBURY b. c.1825 Berkshire (Widower; Hay Cutter)
Emma WEST Head W 55 Wyfold Court, Oxford (Head; Widow; Baker Employing 1 Man)
Thomas LOVELL b. c.1859 Buckingham (unmarried; servant; Working Baker)
(see 'Great Shefford')

Father: Robert TILBY/TILBEE
Mother: Joan(e)
____2. Elizabeth TILLBEE Chr. 26 December 1662 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Mary TILBY Chr. 2 March 1664 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

__m. John HATTAWAY 20 May 1680 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

__m. Roger STRONG 7 June 1688 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

__m. John PRATER 9 May 1698 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

Edward TILBY
__m. Elizabeth STRONG 26 December 1700 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

__m. Jane MOSTES 15 April 1723 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

Father: Charles TILBURY
Mother: Jane
____2. Mary TILBERRY Chr. 1 July 1724 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Ann TILBERY Chr. 10 October 1726 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

1851 Census (Ancestry)
Jane TILBURY b. c.1829 lvg. Reading St Giles, Berkshire

Father: Thomas TILBURY
____2. Stephen TILBURY
______m. Ann BARNES 14 November 1853 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
______Husband age at Marriage: 45; Wife age at Marriage: 40

__m. [George DORRINGTON] 4Q 1854 (Wokingham 2c/721)

Father: George DORRINGTON
Mother: Jane
____2. Esther DORRINGTON Chr. 11 November 1855 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

Father: Thomas TILBURY
____2. Mary Ann TILBURY
______m. James STACY 8 July 1856 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
______Husband age at Marriage: 20; Wife age at Marriage: 20

1881: lvg. 149 Orts Road, St Giles, Berkshire
James STACY b. c.1834 Stoke, Surrey (General Carman)
__m. Mary [--] b. c.1834 Farnham, Surrey (Wife Of General Carman)
____2. Richard STACY b. c.1858 Reading, Berkshire (General Laborer)
____2. George STACY b. c.1862 Reading, Berkshire (General Laborer)
____2. Joseph STACY b. c.1865 Reading, Berkshire (General Laborer)
____2. William STACY b. c.1867 Reading, Berkshire (At Home)
____2. Alexander STACY b. c.1870 Reading, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Louisa STACY b. c.1874 Reading, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. John STACY b. c.1876 Reading, Berkshire
____2. Henry STACY b. c.1878 Reading, Berkshire
____2. Mary STACY b. c.February 1881 Reading, Berkshire

1891: lvg. St Giles, b. Berkshire
Isaac TILBURY b. c.1834
Ann TILBURY b. c.1835
Thomas TILBURY b. c.1872
Isaac TILBURY b. c.1874

Father: Henry TILBERY
Mother: Martha
____2. Martha TILBERY Chr. November 1781 St Mary, Reading, Berkshire

__m. William CRAWLEY 1 June 1809 St Mary, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Elizabeth CRAWLEY b. 18 March, Chr. 12 June, 1810 St Mary, Reading, Berkshire

Edmund Tilbury CRAWLEY b. c.1815
__m. Mary Anne CLAYDON 20 June 1844 St Mary, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Sarah CRAWLEY Chr. 14 November 1845 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Emma CRAWLEY Chr. 11 April 1847 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Mary CRAWLEY Chr. 14 March 1852 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Emily CRAWLEY Chr. 8 October 1854 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Kate CRAWLEY Chr. 14 September 1856 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Edmund CRAWLEY Chr. 10 April 1859 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Elizabeth CRAWLEY Chr. 14 June 1863 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
____2. Caroline Sarah CRAWLEY Chr. (age 1) 9 September 1866 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire

1851 Census (Ancestry)
Mary TILBURY b. c.1835 lvg. Reading St Mary, Berkshire

1854 Post Office Directory of ... Berkshire:
Edmund Tilbury CRAWLEY, fancy repository & toy warehouse, 29 London St, Reading, Berkshire
1876 Harrod & Co.'s Directory of ... Berkshire:
Mr. Edward Tilbury CRAWLEY, 69 Southampton St, Reading

1881: lvg. 135 Southampton St, Reading St Giles, Berkshire
Edmund T. CRAWLEY b. c.1815 Reading, Berkshire (Widower; Cabinet Maker)
____2. Mary CRAWLEY b. c.1851/2 Reading, Berkshire
____2. Edmund CRAWLEY b. c.1858/9 Reading, Berkshire (General Clerk)
__Harriett M. GETTS or GEBBS b. c.1826 Somerton, Somerset (unmarried; Lodger; Dress Maker)
__Martha ILLSLEY b. c.1807 Tilehurst, Berkshire (unmarried; Lodger; Annuitant)

1881: lvg. Wrottesley Road, Tettenhall, Stafford
William BASSETT b. c.1845 East Maling, Kent (National School Master)
__m. Louisa CRAWLEY b. c.1844 Reading, Berkshire
Robert CRAWLEY b. c.1811 Reading, Berkshire (Father In Law; Widower; Tea Agent)

1881: lvg./studying 34 London Rd, Reading St Giles, Berkshire
___Annie TILBY b. c.1867 Lambourne, Berkshire; Boarder, Scholar, with:
Sarah KING b. c.1838 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire (Private School Teacher, School Mistress)
Clara KING b. c.1844 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire (Sister; Private School Teacher, School Mistress)
Jemima KING b. c.1830 Wanborough, Wiltshire (Visitor; Fundholder)
___Annie G. WILLS b. c.1867 London, Middlesex (Boarder; Scholar)
Mary PARKER b. c.1863 Shefford, Berkshire (unmarried; Domestic Serv)
Esther COX b. c.1864 Woodlands S Mary, Berkshire (unmarried; Domestic Serv)
Sarah E. KING b. c.1808 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire (unmarried; Aunt)

1881: boarding, studying at Convent Of Holy Trinity, Woodstock Rd, Oxford St Giles, Oxford
Emily TIBURY age 14 b. [c.1866] Reading, Berkshire (Scholar)

Edward TILBURY d. 1885 (PRO: d. 1Q 1886 age 23 Reading 2c/261) (date of burial permit?)
__Reading Borough Quarter Sessions
__Coroner's Inquisition: Edward TILBURY, Reading St Mary, 30 December 1885
__(Berkshire Record Office: ref. R/JQ/6/30/180)
(Which Edward was this?)

1901: lvg. Reading, Berkshire [with whom?]
William TILBURY b. c.1891 Winnersh, Berkshire
Sidney TILBURY b. c.1895 Winnersh, Berkshire

James TILBURY d. 1Q 1896 age 27 (Reading 2c/282)
(Was this James the father of William & Sidney?)

Elizabeth TILBURY (also as TILLBURY) d. 2Q 1854 (Reading 2c/229)

Katherine Harries TILBURY d. 1Q 1894 age 47 (Reading 2c/253)
Some of the Harries TILBURY family on this page


__m. Mary PAGE 4Q 1876 (Wycombe 3a/809)
Mary Ann PAGE b. 2Q 1853 (St Thomas 5b/69) [St Thomas reg. dist. included Kenton]
1881: lvg. Lodge Aston, Remenham, Berkshire
William TILBURY b. c.1849 Westway, Cambridge (Gardener)
__m. Mary A. [PAGE] b. 1853 Kenton, Devon
____2. Ellen TILBURY b. c.1878 Remenham, Berkshire
(see 'Cookham')
Shaw cum Donnington

1841: lvg. Shaw cum Donnington, Berkshire
Mary TILBURY b. c.1771 (_)*
Emanuel TILBURY b. c.1781 (_)
George TILBURY b. c.1801 (_)
Sophia TILBURY b. c.1801 (_)
George TILBURY b. c.1831 (_)
William TILBURY b. c.1833 (_)
Harriet TILBURY b. c.1835 (_)

* probably 'in County'

St. Mary's

1901: lvg./working St Marys, Berkshire (see 'Swallowfield')
____2. Arthur TILBURY b. c.1874 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Grocers Assistant)
____2. George TILBURY b. c.1883 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Grocers Assistant)

Sunningdale, Sunninghill

1881: lvg./working at The Royal Ascot Hotel, Sunninghill, Berkshire
Clara TILBURY b. c.1822 Lane End, Berkshire (unmarried; domestic servant; Still Room Maid)
for David SPOONER (b. City of London, Hotel Proprietor) & family

also working at The Royal Ascot Hotel in 1881:
William RANCE b. c.1857 Winkfield, Berkshire (unmarried, Hotel servant; Boots)

__m. William RANCE 1Q 1883 (Windsor 2c/662)

1901: lvg. Sunningdale, Berkshire
William RANCE age 43 b. c.1857 Winkfield Berkshire (Cab Man)
Clara RANCE b. c.1861 Lane End, Buckinghamshire
____2. Allen RANCE b. c.1886 Sunninghill, Berkshire
____2. Harry RANCE b. c.1893 Winkfield, Berkshire
____2. Frederick RANCE b. c.1895 Winkfield, Berkshire
____2. Florence RANCE b. c.1897 Winkfield, Berkshire
____2. Ivy RANCE b. c.March 1901 Sunningdale, Berkshire

1881: lvg. Buckhurst Hill, Winkfield, Berkshire
William E. TIDBURY, Head age 28 b. Old Windsor, Berkshire (General Labourer)
Mary A. TIDBURY, Wife age 22 b. Banbury, Oxford
____2. William E. TIDBURY, Son age 1 b. Sunninghill, Berkshire

1901: lvg. Sunninghill, Berkshire
William TILLBURY age 49 b. Sunninghill, Berkshire (Garden Labourer)
____2. William TILLBURY age 22 b. Ascot, Berkshire (Garden Labourer)
____2. Frederick TILLBURY age 20 b. Ascot, Berkshire (Garden Labourer)
_______[Frederick Charles TIDBURY b. 4Q 1881 (Windsor 2c/445)]
____2. Egbert TILLBURY age 17 b. Ascot, Berkshire (Garden Labourer)
_______[Egbert Arthur TIDBURY b. 3Q 1883 (Easthampstead 2c/411)]
____2. Florence TILLBURY age 15 b. Ascot, Berkshire
_______[Florence Louie TIDBURY b. 3Q 1886 (Easthampstead 2c/431)]
____2. Edith TILLBURY age 12 b. Ascot, Berkshire
_______[Edith Annie TIDBURY b. 1Q 1889 (Easthampstead 2c/400)]
____2. Alfred TILLBURY age 9 b. Ascot, Berkshire

Florence L. TIDBURY m. 4Q 1910 (Easthampstead 2c/1057)

Sutton Courtney

Father: Edmund TILBURY
Mother: Christian
____2. Elsabeth TILBERY Chr. 21 April 1624 Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire
____2. Edmund TILBERRY Chr. 30 November 1627 Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire
(see 'Harwell') (also 'Reading' for Edmund/Edward Tilbury CRAWLEY & family)

1881: lvg. Riseley Rd, West Swallowfield, Berkshire
James TILBURY b. c.1842 Burghfield, Berkshire (Baker)
__m. Jane Elizabeth WHEATLEY 3Q 1867 (Wokingham 2c/678)
__b. c.1846 Swallowfield, Berkshire
____2. James TILBURY b. c.1868 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Assistant Baker)
____2. Mary J. TILBURY b. c.1870 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. William TILBURY b. c.1873 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Arthur TILBURY b. c.1875 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Sarah Ann TILBURY b. c.1877 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Scholar)

1901: lvg. Swallowfield, Berkshire
James TILBURY b. c.1842 Buyfield, Berkshire (Baker)
Jane TILBURY b. c.1846 Swallowfield, Berkshire
____2. William TILBURY b. c.1873 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Baker & Grocer)
____2. Louie TILBURY b. c.1881 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Shop Assistant)
____2. Fred TILBURY b. c.1887 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Butcher Boy)

1901: lvg./working St Marys, Berkshire
____2. Arthur TILBURY b. c.1874 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Grocers Assistant)
____2. George TILBURY b. c.1883 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Grocers Assistant)

1901: Lvg./working Bournemouth
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1877 Swallowfield, Berkshire (Housemaid Domestic)

__m. [Samuel William SMITH] 3Q 1893 (Reading 2c/719)

1901: lvg. Swallowfield, Berkshire
Samuel SMITH b. c.1862 Edwardstone, Suffolk (Coachman Domestic)
Mary SMITH b. c.1870 Swallowfield, Berkshire
____2. [Arthur SMITH b. c.1894 Guildford, Surrey]
____2. [George SMITH b. c.1896 Swallowfield, Berkshire]
____2. [Cedric SMITH b. c.1898 Swallowfield, Berkshire]
____2. [Alfred SMITH b. c.1899 Swallowfield, Berkshire]

1881: lvg. Old Vicarage, Edwardstone, Suffolk
Wilson KENDALL b. c.1843 Sherburn, York (Coachman)
Anna [SMITH]KENDALL b. c.1852 Edwardston, Suffolk
____2. Christopher KENDALL b. c.1877 Edwardston, Suffolk
____2. Miriam K. KENDALL b. c.1878 Edwardston, Suffolk

Samuel W. SMITH b. c.1861 Edwardston, Suffolk (Brother-in-Law; unmarried; Farm Serv)

1915 Kelly's Directory of Berkshire:
William TILBURY, baker, Riseley, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire

Frederick TILBURY
__m. Jessie Overton NEWMAN 2Q 1909 (Wokingham 2c/889)

April 1917

Frederick TILBURY - Service No. 277337
Private, Durham Light Infantry
Went to the Great War and died 11 April 1917 age 29
Son of James TILBURY & Jane Elizabeth [WHEATLEY] of Swallowfield
Husband of Jessie Overton [NEWMAN] of Odiham Road, Swallowfield, Berkshire
Brother of Mary J., William, Arthur, Sarah Ann & Louie
Grave/Memorial: Tilloy British Cemetery, (II. 10.), Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines, France
Photo & details of Tilloy British Cemetery


__m. Mary POCOCK 3 May 1718 Thatcham, Berkshire

Waltham St Lawrence

__m. John RAWLINS 27 October 1656 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire

Father: William TILBURY
Mother: Sarah
____2. Jonathan TILBURY Chr. 14 July 1776 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 4 April 1779 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Joannah TILBURY Chr. 6 May 1781 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 7 September 1783 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Richard TILBURY Chr. 16 October 1785 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Henry TILBURY Chr. 6 January 1788 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Dorothy TILBURY Chr. 7 February 1790 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire

1841: lvg. Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire
Jonathan TILBURY b. c.1778
Henry TILBURY b. c.1793
Sopha TILBURY b. c.1801
William TILBURY b. c.1826
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1826
Ann TILBURY b. c.1833
Elizebeth TILBURY b. c.1836
James TILBURY b. c.1838
Thos. TILBURY b. c.1840

Female TILBURY d. 1Q 1842 (Cookham 6/113)
Jonathan TILBURY d. 4Q 1845 (Cookham 6/94)
Henry TILBURY d. 4Q 1848 (Cookham 6/113)

1851: lvg. Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire (index only)
Sophia TILBURY b. c.1803 Hurst, Berkshire (mother-in-law)
William TILBURY, Head, b. c.1826 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Ann TILBURY, Servant, b. c.1833 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1836 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
James TILBURY b. c.1839 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
lvg. Berkshire
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1825 Waltham, Berkshire

1861 (index only): lvg. Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Harriot TILBURG b. c.1819 Hampshire
William TILBURG b. c.1826 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Alice M. M. TILBURG b. c.1858 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Ada M. TILBURG b. c.1860 Berkshire

1881: lvg./working at 81 London St, Reading St Giles, Berkshire
Alice M. [Maud] TILBURY b. c.1857 Waltham St Laurence, Berkshire (unmarried; Boarder; Bookkeeper)
for William LONGHURST b. c.1839 Wonersh, Surrey (Butcher) & family (+3 Butchers)

1901: lvg./working Margate, Kent
Alice M. [Maud] TILBURY b. c.1857 Waltham St Lawrence (Trained Sick Nurse)

Sarah SHARP b. 2Q 1846 (Cookham 6/172)

__m. Sarah [SHARP 4Q 1867 (Cookham 2c/857)]

1871 (index only):
lvg. Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
James TILBURY, Head, b. c.1840 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Sarah TILBURY, Wife, b. c.1846 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Sarah A. TILBURY, Daughter, b. c.1865 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Alice Mary TILBURY, Daughter, b. c.1870 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
lvg. Camberwell St Giles, Surrey
Agnes TILBURY b. c.1839 ??, St Lawrence

James TILBURY d. ?

lvg. Cottage, Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1846 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire (Widow)
____2. Alice TILBURY b. c.1870 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
____2. Louisa TILBURY b. c.1872 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire [Louisa Elizabeth]
____2. Annie TILBURY b. c.1875
____2. Henry James TILBURY b. c.October 1880 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
lvg./working at Mill House, Hurst, Berkshire
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1863 Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
(unmarried; domestic servant; Housemaid)

Alice Mary TILBURY d. 3Q 1887 age 17 (Cookham 2c/227)
Henry James TILBURY d. 2Q 1890 age 9 (Cookham 2c/217)

1891 (index only): b. Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
William TILBURY b. c.1826; lvg. Oxfordshire
Alice Maude TILBURY b. c.1858; lvg. Whitechapel St Mary, London
Sarah A. TILBURY b. c.1865; lvg. Berkshire

Louisa Elizabeth TILBURY
__m. [James HARWOOD] 2Q 1894 (Cookham 2c/735)
(see 'Winkfield')

1881: lvg. Bear Farm, Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire
George TILBURY b. c.1822 Marlow, Buckingham (Ag Carter)
__m. (H)Esther KEENE 3 November 1844 Lane End, Buckingham
__Chr. 12 December 1824 West Wycombe, Buckingham
__(Father: Moses KEEN(E), Mother: Mercy WALKER)
____2. Daniel TILBURY b. c.1852 West Wycombe, Buckingham (unmarried; Laborer)
__Kate WARD b. c.1868 Hambleden, Buckingham (Niece; Scholar)
(for Daniel's family, see 'Binfield')
George TILBURY d. 1Q 1884 age 60 (Easthampstead 2c/275) (Bracknell area) [b. c.1824]
Webster's Reading Directory, 1874: Waltham St Lawrence
HORWOOD Jas., farmer, Beenham
HORWOOD, Joseph, farmer
TILBURY, William, shopkeeper

Windsor, New Windsor

__m. Marion Clara QUARTERMAN 3Q 1896 (Windsor 2c/876a)
Marion Louise TILBEY b. 3Q 1897 (Windsor 2c/454) [d?]
Marion Clara TILBEY d. 3Q 1897 age 28 (Windsor 2c/267)
1901: lvg. New Windsor, Berkshire
Elizabeth TILBY b. c.1828 Marlow, Buck[ingham]shire
Joseph TILBY b. c.1865 Holborn, [London] (Carter At Royal Mews)
Elizabeth TILBEY d. 2Q 1906 age 78 (Windsor 2c/247)
1881: lvg. Church St Barossa Cottage Over Stables, London, Middlesex
(next to Kings Rd/Manresa Rd, Anchor Brewery)
Chas. TILBY b. c.1833 Chelsea, Middlesex (Carman)
__m. Maria [--] b. c.1835 Cheddington, Buckingham
______2. Chas. TILBY b. c.1855 Westminster, Middlesex (Carman)
______2. Fredk. TILBY b. c.1857 Westminster, Middlesex (Printer)
______2. Samuel TILBY b. c.1859 Westminster, Middlesex (Carman)
______2. Joseph TILBY b. c.1864 Westminster, Middlesex (Page)
______2. Catherine TILBY b. c.1864 Chelsea, Middlesex (Scholar)
______2. Edward TILBY b. c.1874 Chelsea, Middlesex
______2. John TILBY b. c.1878 Chelsea, Middlesex
1901: lvg./working Cheam, Surrey
Herbert TILBY b. c.1877 Windsor, Berkshire (Carpenter)

1881: lvg. North Street, Winkfield, Berkshire
David WARSKETT, Head age 50 b. Woodman, Essex (Licensed Vitiler)
Harriet WARSKETT, Wife age 50 b. Bures, Suffolk
Edward TILBURY, Nephew age 5 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Scholar)
Rebecca PRESTON, Neice (U) age 23 b. Bures, Suffolk (Barmaid, Inn)
Kate BAILEY age 18 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Domestic Servant)
Charles PARKER (W) age 70 b. Melton Constable, Norfolk (Farm Servant)
(see 'Clewer' for Edward in 1901)

Burnham Tilburys

1901: lvg. Winkfield, Berkshire
James HARWOOD b. c.1869 Old Windsor, Berkshire (Gardeners Domestic)
Louisa [TILBURY]HARWOOD b. c.1872 Waltham, Berkshire
____2. Alice HARWOOD b. c.1894 Bray, Berkshire
____2. Blanche HARWOOD b. c.1895 Winkfield, Berkshire
____2. William HARWOOD b. c.1897 Winkfield, Berkshire
____2. James HARWOOD b. c.1899 Winkfield, Berkshire
(for Louisa, see 'Waltham St Lawrence')


1901: lvg. Reading, Berkshire
(with whom? grandparents? in-laws?)
Sidney TILBURY b. c.1895 Winnersh, Berkshire
William TILBURY b. c.1891 Winnersh, Berkshire
James TILBURY d. 1Q 1896 age 27 (Reading 2c/282)

Agnes Knight TILBURY d. 4Q 1863 (Wokingham 2c/228)
m. Lucy LONGHURST 10 April 1831 Godalming, Surrey
1861: lvg. Guildford, Surrey
Stephen TILBURY age 54 b. Headley, Hampshire
Lucy TILBURY age 54 b. Rusper, Sussex

Lucy TILBURY d. 3Q 1871 age 64 (Wokingham 2c/245)
m. [Harriet ENGLEFIELD] 4Q 1875 (Wokingham 2c/899)
m. Harriet PITHER 4Q 1854 (Wokingham 2c/727), d. 1Q 1865 (Basingstoke 2c/130)]

Harriet TILBURY d. 1Q 1877 age 42 (Wokingham 2c/261)
Harriet TILBURY d. 2Q 1878 age 59 (Wokingham 2c/249)
1881: lvg. Waterloo Crossing, Wokingham, Berkshire
Stephen TILBURY b. c.1806 Headley, Hampshire (Widower; Railway Gatekeeper)
d. 4Q 1894 age 88 (Wokingham 2c/219)
Stephen&Lucy's family tree at the foot of this page
Tilbury Farm

Tilbury Farm is situated north-north-west of Botley (now Oxfordshire), in Wytham parish; previously it was listed for Seckworth/Seacourt; Tilbury [Farm] cottages are in Cumnor.

1852: History, Gazetteer & Directory of Oxfordshire
History of the City of Oxford
"St. Margaret's church, Binsey ... about a quarter of a mile N.W. of the village of Binsey ... said to have been founded by St. Frideswide, and first built of 'watlyn and rough hewn timber', about the year 730.
... the parish ... locally situated in the hundred of Wootton, and occupies the western bank of the Isis, contains 470 acres. [...]
Near the N.W. end of the church (in the church-yard) was a spring called St. Margaret's Well, which in ancient times, was an object of great resort. The waters of this well, according to tradition, originally burst forth in answer to a prayer of St. Frideswide at the building of her church; and many a votive crutch gratefully hung up in the church, is said to have borne testimony to the healing qualities of this hallowed spring. So great was the fame of these waters, that we are told Seckworth, a village about half a mile distant on the S.W. side of the river, but of which scarcely any vestiges are now remaining, became, through the resort of passengers from the westward, a large town, and ultimately contained no fewer than twenty-four inns, for the accomodation of pilgrims to St. Margaret's well."

The complete description of the St. Margaret's church

From the researchers of the website on Cumnor:
"The name 'Tilbury' for the farm has baffled us for years. We have no record of a tenant of that name."

1854 Post Office directory:
John FRANKLIN jnr, farmer, Tilbury Farm, Cumnor, Berkshire

1876 Harrod & Co.'s directory:
"SEACOURT or SECKWORTH was at one time a large parish situate between the villages of Wytham and Botley, and contained twenty inns for the accommodation of pilgrims, who came to be cured of their several maladies from the water of St Margaret's Well, but nothing of the village now remains. The parish is extra-parochial, distant 7 miles from Abingdon, in the hundred of Hormer, union and county court district of Abingdon, diocese of Oxford, and archdeaconry of Berks."
Lord [given name] NORREYS, farmer and landowner, Tilbury Farm and Court House Farm

Families living in Tilbury Farm cottages were listed for the parish of Cumnor
Tilbury Farm was in Seacourt/Wytham parish

The "Times" newspaper of 25 January reported on fires at Tilbury Farm, Botley, New Oxford

1887 Kelly's directory:
George IRELAND, farmer, Tilbury [farm], Seacourt, (also Wytham), Berkshire

1899 Kelly's directory:
"SEACOURT is a parish 7 miles north from Abingdon and 1¼ from Oxford, in the Northern division of the county [Berkshire], hundred of Hormer and union and county court district of Abingdon; it is united for ecclesiastical purposes with the parish of Wytham, but is separate as to the maintenance of its poor and other civil purposes. There is no church; the inhabitants attend that of North Hinksey. The Earl of Abingdon is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The soil is stone brash, sand and loam; subsoil, various, but principally limestone. The crops are a succession of grain. The area is 814 acres; rateable value, £1,063; the population in 1891 was 23.
Letters from Oxford by foot post arrive between 8 & 9 a.m. The nearest money order & telegraph office is at Oxford, 1¼ miles distant.
Wall Letter Box, at Botley, cleared at 6.35 p.m.; sundays, 10.15 a.m."

Albert TURNER, farmer [postal address: Oxford]
North (Ferry) Hinksey:
Frederick William HEDDERLEY, farmer, Tilbury Stud farm

1915 Kelly's directory:
Mrs Frederick William HEDDERLY, farmer, Tilbury Stud Farm, Botley, Berkshire

G.A. BARNETT & SONS, mixed farming, Tilbury Farm, Tilbury Lane, Oxford OX2 9ND

A recent photo of Tilbury Farm on the Cumnor website


1939: The Excavations at Seacourt, Berkshire
an interim report by R. L. S. BRUCE MITFORD
"... the Black Death. Villages abandoned then and never re-occupied are known in almost every county...."
"A petition [to the Pope c.1439] of the Vicar of Seacourt, John Pigg, M.A., ...
‘the church itself of Seckworth (Seacourt) was collapsed, that the houses and inhabitations in the parish were uninhabited and exposed to ruin, with the exception of two only, and they distant from the said church and from one another, and that, with this exception, the said church had no parishioners’ ... Seacourt ... deserted, in ruins, and archaeologically sealed within a century of the Black Death."
The complete Report, illustrated

Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society

"Tilbury Farm, Oxon; early Iron Age settlement"
Published in 'South Midlands Archaeology' (1993-pg.77) by Group 9 of the Council for British Archaeology.
Contact details; librairies holding copies of these publications

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