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A. W. TILBURY, Seaman, R.N., "HMS Royal Oak"
Signed on April 1916, served with "Royal Oak' on North Sea patrol
May 1916: at the Battle of Jutland
Later at the bombardment of Zeebrugge
Awarded General Service and Victory Medals
Demobilised June 1919
(Basingwell Street, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire)
J. TILBURY, Private, R.A.S.C. and Rifleman, Rifle Brigade
Volunteered September 1915
Drafted to France, took part in numerous engagements, including Battle of Ypres, Somme, and Cambrai
March 1918: wounded in action during the Retreat
February 1919: demobilised
Awarded 1914-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals.
(6 Pondside Terrace, Newton, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire)


Isaac TILLBURY, bachelor age 30 of Twyford (Servant)
m. Elizabeth BULBECK, spinster age 25 of Bishop's Waltham, on 14 January 1801 at Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
1. Isaac TILBURY
2. William TILBURY
m. Mary Ann WOODHATCH 15 June 1845 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Chr. 24 April 1816 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
(Father: Thomas WOODHATCH, Mother: Elizabeth)
3. Mary Anne TILLBURY
m. Arthur MCWILLIAMS 11 May 1863 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire

Elizabeth EMERY Chr. 19 December 1751 Botley, Hampshire
Father: Joshua EMERY, Mother: Barbara (BOOKER)
1. Richard DOWNS
m. Elizabeth EMERY 16 November 1771 Hursley, Hampshire
2. Charity DOWNS Chr. 17 May 1772 Botley, Hampshire
See also the Guestbook on this site for descendants & associated families (BARFOOT, EMERY, NUTLEY, SHARP, SINGLETON, WEBB, ...) who would like contacts with other researchers
1. James TILBURY b. c.1772 Otterbourne, Hampshire
m.(1) Charity DOWNS 14 May 1794 Monk Sherborne, Hampshire
2. Mary TILBURY b. October 1794 Monk Sherbourne
2. [3-4 more children? including 1799 James b. BpsW, lived Botley, m. Ann [BARFOOT]? ]
The 18thC Otterbourne and Twyford TILBURY family were Roman Catholic, and possibly employed by the MONTAGUE family until Cowdray House burned down on the night of 24 September 1793. A Google Books 'snippet' from a Catholic Records Society publication mentions a Mrs. TILBURY of Bishops Waltham, apostate, who remarried. If William below had been the first child baptised outside the Catholic church, then that might account for the gap between James' & Charity's marriage in 1794 and the first apparent child (William) being baptised in 1805 (although other children may have died) (see also '1818 Will of James TILBURY of Sussex' page) - C.
2. William TILBURY Chr. 20 October 1805 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
1881: Farm labourer, lvg. Forest Road, 1891: Farm Bailiff, lvg. The Chase, Bishops Waltham; d. age 92 2nd qtr 1897 Droxford (2c/84)
m. Lucy BLACKMAN 28 November 1829 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, b. c.1806, d. 1880
3. William TILBURY Chr. 27 December 1830 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1881: Grocer's Carman)
m. (1) Eliza d. age 39 4th qtr 1871 (Droxford 2c/77)
4. William Thomas TILBURY Chr. 29 July 1860 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Arthur TILBURY Chr. 9 November 1862 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1881/1901: Baker, Bread Maker)
m. Faith COPP 1881 4th qtr Droxford (2c/217), [b. 2nd qtr 1861 Exmouth (St Thomas 5b/45)]
See sister Selina COPP below - Faith was with Selina & Alfred in 1881 before marriage to Arthur
5. Arthur William TILBURY Chr. February 24 1884 Bishops Waltham [1901: Solicitor's Clerk]
5. Daisy Florence TILBURY Chr. July 24 1888 Bishops Waltham
4. Louis (Lewis) Edward TILBURY Chr. 26 March 1865 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (b. Droxford 2c/118)
(1881: Tailor's apprentice; 1891: Rural Postman; 1901: Rural Postman & Jobbing Gardener)
m. Mary Jane BELL 4th qtr 1888 (Winchester 2c/201), b. c.1864 West Wellow, (Winchester) Hampshire
[?Father: George BELL, Mother: Mary?]
[1881: Servant to John B. (Architect & Surveyor) & Eileene COLSON, 1 Grafton Rd, Winchester]
1891: lvg. Houchin St, (St Peters) Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
5. Edward Louis TILBURY b. 4th qtr 1889 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/124)
4. Alfred Ernest TILBURY Chr. 24 February 1867 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (b. Droxford 2c/117) (1891: Corn Merchant's Clerk)
4. Herbert TILBURY Chr. 29 November 1868 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (b. Droxford 2c/115)
(1881: Rural Postman) (1891: Letter Carrier)
m. Emily Jane [CHATFIELD] 4th qtr 1892 (Droxford 2c/255)
5. Bertram Arthur TILBURY Chr. 3 September 1893 Bishops Waltham
5. Gladys Edith TILBURY Chr. 6 October 1895 Bishop's Waltham
5. Marguerita Emily TILBURY Chr. 3 October 1897 Bishops Waltham
5. Doris Maud Ruth TILBURY Chr. 6 October 1899 Bishops Waltham
4. Selina TILBURY Chr. 28 May 1871 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. (2) Ann DUFFIN 23 August 1873 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/216), b. c.1842 Horton Heath, Hampshire
Husband age at marriage: 41, Wife age at marriage: 28
1881: lvg. Basingwell St, Bishops Waltham
4. William DUFFIN b.c.1870 Horton Heath, Hampshire
4. Louisa Selina TILBURY b. 1875 2nd qtr Droxford (2c/123), Chr. 27 Jun 1875 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1901: Cook Domestic)
4. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 31 March 1878 Bishops Waltham
4. Alice TILBURY Chr. 28 December 1879 Bishops Waltham, d. 4th qtr 1884 (Droxford 2c/78)
4. James TILBURY Chr. 27 April 1884 Bishops Waltham [1901: Butcher]
4. Kate TILBURY Chr. 26 July 1885 Basingwell Bishops Waltham [1901: General Servant Domestic]
1891: Alfred, Herbert, Louisa, James & Kate: lvg. with father William (widower)
4. Agnes TILBURY Chr. 27 March 1887 Bishops Waltham (1891: lvg. with stepbrother Louis (Lewis) & family)
3. Charles TILBURY Chr. 23 December 1832 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1881: Farm labourer; 1901: Small Farmer)
1881: lvg. Forest Road
m. Anna Maria SMITH 27 February 1858 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/142); age at Marriage: 23
4. George TILBURY b. 1859 4th qtr (Winchester 2c/88) (1891: Porter; 1901: General Labourer)
m. Sarah Ann (Annie) b. Wickham, Hampshire
1891: lvg. The Chase, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
5. Lilly Eleanor TILBURY Chr. 29 December 1883 Bishops Waltham
5. Agnes Mary TILBURY Chr. 30 August 1885 Frost Road, Bishops Waltham
5. Maria Annie TILBURY Chr. 29 January 1888 The Chase, Bishops Waltham
4. Lucy Mary TILBURY b. 1860 3rd qtr (Droxford 2c/100)
[m. 1885 4th qtr Droxford (2c/255) HAM]
4. Maria TILBURY Chr. 30 March 1862 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
(1881: 'Marie' TILBURY age 19, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire,
servant to William (Glover & Hosierer) & Lucy LORD, Brougton Villa, St James Rd, Battersea, Surrey)
4. Margaret Edith TILBURY Chr. 10 April 1864 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Charles Edwin TILBURY Chr. 12 May 1867 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/ 125)
1891: lvg. with father Charles; d. 1898 4th qtr Bath age 31 (5c/355)
[m. 1892 1st qtr Bath (5c/936) GLS]
4. Elizabeth TILBURY b. 1870 1st qtr (Droxford 2c/ 130), Chr. 24 April 1870 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
[m. 1896 1st qtr (Droxford 2c/193) HAM]
3. Clara TILBURY Chr. 14 August 1834 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Albert TILBURY Chr. 20 January[13 April] 1862 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1881/1891: Painter; 1901: Journeyman Painter)
m. William MACALPINE 18 November 1871 (Droxford 2c/219)
4. Thomas Frederick Alan V. MCALPINE b. 1876 Purfleet, Sussex (1891: Letter Carrier)
1881/1891: Clara, Albert & Thomas: lvg. with William (Clara's father)
3. James TILBURY Chr. 4 December 1836 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 9 April 1843 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. Harriet TILBURY Chr. 28 December 1845 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. Alfred John TILBURY Chr. 10 December 1848 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, age at Marriage: 26;
d. 4th qtr 1920 Westbourne, Sussex, age 73 (2b/482)
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m. Selina Louisa COPP 9 December 1874 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, age at Marriage: 23;
[b. Exmouth 2nd qtr 1857 (St Thomas 5b/49)]
See sister Faith COPP m. Arthur TILBURY above
4. Ada Florence TILBURY Chr. 27 February 1876 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m.(1)Edward Frank SWARFIELD 3rd qtr 1895 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/255), no issue
b. 27 August 1871 (Fareham) (Father: Edward SWARFIELD - m. 3rd qtr 1871 (N. Forest 2b/985) Sophie WOLF)
NB: IGI Ancestral File gives this Ada TILBURY as the bride of Frederick Charles SAMPSON, with the descendance which follows; however, PRO lists simply 'Ada', family name 'TILBURY' (not SWARFIELD) (there were many Ada TILBURYs)
[m.(2) Frederick Charles SAMPSON 2Q 1901 (Hackney 1b/871), London
b. c.1871 / d. pre-November 1931, [Clapton] [Hackney], London
5. Daisy Florence SAMPSON b. 1 August 1903 [Clapton] [Hackney], London
d. 20 December 1990 Westbury, Wiltshire
m. Frederick Charles SMITH 7 November 1931 Portsmouth, Hampshire (2nd marriage)
Father: Frederick John SMITH, Mother: Minnie Matilda NICHOLS
(1st wife: Janet [Jessie] Fraser FREELAND m. Edinburgh, Scotland; =>1917)]
4. Lucy Jane TILBURY Chr. 25 November 1877 Bishops Waltham
m. [Alfred John LOVER] 1903 (Croydon 2a/629)
4. Jessie TILBURY Chr. 29 February 1880 Bishops Waltham (1901: Domestic Service, Brighton)
m. 1st qtr 1908 [Henry John JENNINGS or George James PHILLIPS] (Westbourne 2b/673)
[Husband's father was Reverend of the Congregational Church/Puritan]
4. Katie TILBURY Chr. 25 December 1881 Waltham
4. William Thomas TILBURY Chr. 4 November 1883 Bishops Waltham, d. age 1 1st qtr 1885
4. Eva Clara TILBURY Chr. 28 February 1886  
4. May TILBURY Chr. 25 March 1888 Bishops Waltham
4. G[L]ina Maud TILBURY Chr. 31 August 1890 Bishops Waltham
[4. ?Louisa? b. c.1891 (1881: Louisa; 1901: Luisa)]
4. Alfred George Edward TILBURY Chr. 22 January 1893 Bishops Waltham
4. Ellen Selina TILBURY Chr. 2 June 1895 Bishop's Waltham
m.(2) Sarah COFFIN 15 Nov 1812 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Margaret(ta) TILBURY Chr. 31 January 1814 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. William NUTLEY 12 Dec 1840 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 2 August 1815 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. Ann NEW b. c.1814, d. age 70 3rd qtr 1884 (Winchester 2c/71)
3. Henry TILBURY Chr. 30 May 1847 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, d. [1884-1891] (General Labourer)
m. Anne[a] BUCKLAND 4Q 1870 Yeovil, Somerset (5c/787) [2nd marriage?]
b. c.1851 Perrott, Somerset (1891: Widow, Farm Labourer)
1881: lvg. Allbrook, Otterbourne, Hampshire
4. Robert TILBURY b. c.1866 Carton, Wiltshire [was this birth registered?]
4. James Harry TILBURY Chr. 28 July 1872 Bishops Waltham, (b. West End), Hampshire (1891: Sawmill Labourer)
4. Anne Eliza "Annie" TILBURY Chr. 27 April 1873 Saint Luke, Southampton, Hampshire
4. William C. TILBURY b. c.1875 Colden Common, Hampshire (1891: Sawmill Labourer)
4. Thomas TILBURY b. c.1877 Allbrook, Hampshire (1891: Labourer in Garden)
4. Agnes E. TILBURY b. 1880 Allbrook, Hampshire
4. Arthur G. TILBURY b. c.1882 Allbrook, Hampshire
4. Albert E. TILBURY b. c.1884 Allbrook, Hampshire
4. Alfred TILBURY b. 11 February 1886 Eastleigh, Hampshire
d. June 1945 (Saddler)
m. May Lilian GOULD (b. 1888)
5. Mabel Lillian TILBURY b. 8 August 1912
Alan WEBB's ascendants (Alan's own website seems no longer to be online; September 2005 - C.)
3. Harriet Ann TILBURY Chr. 29 March 1850 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Emily Annie W. TILBURY b. Twyford 3rd qtr 1874 (Winchester 2c/104)
3. James TILBURY Chr. 24 April 1853 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/?7)
(1891: Baker, employee; 1916: Journeyman Baker)
m. Margaret Eliza Maria HOLMES, Chr. 3 October 1856 Reigate, Surrey
Father: Robert HOLMES, Mother: Susan
1891: lvg. Dogkennel Cottage, Meonstoke Village, Hampshire
1916: lvg. "Hillside", Meonstoke, Hampshire
(Note: in 1881 Henry TILBURY b. c.1832 Botley, Hampshire (Journeyman Miller), wife Sarah A. b. c.1840 Southwick, Hampshire & son Charles. H. TILBURY b. c.1867 Botley, were all living at "Hill Villa", Meon Stoke)
4. Francis J. TILBURY b. c.1881 Meonstoke, Hampshire (1901: Carpenter Journeyman)
4. Elsie Kate TILBURY b. c.1884 Meonstoke, Hampshire
4. Arthur William TILBURY b. 14th August 1889 Meonstoke, Hampshire (Droxford 2c/134a) (1914: Police Constable)
d. 14th June 1916 age 26
See Links page on this site: 'The Thin Blue Line' & 'Tilbury Casualties 1914-1918'
James TILBURY above & Thomas TILBURY below were christened on the same day: 24 April 1853
3. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 24 April 1853 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. Ann
4. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 31 March 1878 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Alice TILBURY Chr. 28 December 1879 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. James TILBURY Chr. 27 April 1884 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Kate TILBURY Chr. 26 July 1885 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Agnes TILBURY Chr. 27 March 1887 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Henry TILBURY Chr. 24 August 1817 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1881: Groom)
m. Eliza EARWAKER 29 January 1842 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, b. c.1812 Droxford
1881: lvg. Church Lane, Botley, Hampshire
(Note: the EARWA[I]KER families (Bishops Waltham, Botley) also intermarried with BLACKMAN, COLE)
3. Ann(ie) TILBURY Chr. 18 May 1845 Botley, Hampshire
m. William KNIGHT 3rd qtr 1836 (S. Stoneham 2c/77), b. c.1841 Soberton, Hampshire (1881: Miller)
1881: lvg. Forest Road, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. William H. KNIGHT b. c.1864 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
1881: lvg. with TILBURY grandparents (Groom)
4. Edwin KNIGHT b. c.1866 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Anne KNIGHT b. c.1868 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Eliza KNIGHT b. c.1870 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
4. Agness KNIGHT b. c.1871 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Richard TILBURY b. c.1820 [Bishops Waltham], Hampshire
See Richard TILBURY m. Jane BROWNING below
2. Harriett TILBURY Chr. 14 July 1822 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. William HOARE 18 June 1841 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. Ann HOARE Chr. 12 September 1841 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. Sarah HOAR Chr. 10 September 1843 Droxford, Hampshire
3. Eliza HOARE Chr. 24 May 1846 Swanmore By Droxford, Hampshire
2. Charity TILBURY Chr. 12 June 1825 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. Levi SINGLETON** 6 May 1847 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Father: Levi SINGLETON*)
3. William SINGLETON*** Chr. 8 August 1847 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. Sarah SINGLETON Chr. 25 February 1849 Swanmore By Droxford, Hampshire
See the Guestbook for a SINGLETON contact
2. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 15 June 1828 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire

m. Levi SINGLETON* 10 December 1829 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
1841: lvg. Bishops Waltham
Levi SINGLETON age 35
Sarah SINGLETON age 40
- Levi SINGLETON** age 15
- Sarah SINGLETON age 5
- James SINGLETON age 2
Joseph NIAS age 15
Levi SINGLETON age 61
Sarah SINGLETON age 61
--- William SINGLETON age 13 (Grandson***)
Charles LINEY age 33
James NUTLEY age 30
James BONE age 16

Living next door to Alfred John & Selina Louisa TILBURY:
Selina HEWETT Chr. 27 November 1825 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; age at marriage: 27
Father: John HEWETT, Mother: Sabina TAYLOR
m. John WOODMAN 15 September 1853 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; age at marriage: 21
Selina WOODMAN, Head, W, 55, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Saddler
James WOODMAN, Son, U, 25, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Saddler
Walter WOODMAN, Son, U, 18, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Saddler
Arthur WOODMAN, Son, 16, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Board School Teacher (S M)
Frank WOODMAN, Son, 14, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Board School Teacher (S M)
Miriam WOODMAN, Daur, 11, b. Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, Scholar
lvg. High Street, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
Ada Florence TILBURY age 16, daughter of Alfred John & Selina Louisa TILBURY,
was working as a general servant to another WOODMAN family:
Henry WOODMAN Head, 41 b. Bishops Waltham Hampshire, Grocer (Employer)
Emily A. WOODMAN Wife, 35, b. Owslebury Hampshire
Dorothy E. WOODMAN Daughter, 5, b. Droxford Hampshire
Mary Ann WOODMAN Sister, U, 47, b. Bishops Waltham Hampshire, Postmistress (Employer)
lvg. Bishops Waltham Rd, Swanmore (Droxford), Hampshire
Living next door to Selina & James WOODMAN:
Thomas TILBURY (Coachman (6/2)) & Sarah [SIMS]

1. Thomas TILBURY
This would seem to be a different Thomas TILBURY to Thomas, son of James & Sarah (COFFIN), above, who married Ann NEW
2. Thomas TILBURY b. c.1844 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
m. Sarah SIMS 21 December 1867 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire,
b. c.1841 West Meon (Father: Joseph SIMS)
3. William Thomas TILBURY Chr. 25 April 1868 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1901: Beer Retailer)
[m. Emily CASTLEMAN 2nd qtr 1888 (Wandsworth 1d/932), b. c.1867 Hartsden, London]
1901: lvg. Kensington, London
[4. George TILBURY b. 1st qtr 1889 (Kensington 1a/92)]
[4. Louisa Mary TILBUR Y b. 2nd qtr 1893 (Kensington 1a/116)]
[4. Frederick Charles TILBURY b. 4th qtr 1895 (Kensington 1a/119)]
[4. Emily Florence TILBURY b. 4th qtr 1899 (Kensington 1a/108)]

1. James TILBURY
2. Ann TILBURY Chr. 8 November 1807 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire

1. James TILBURY
m. Ann
2. Richard TILBURY Chr. 5 December 1819 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (1881: Widower, Carter)
1881: lvg. Hamlet Cottage, Westhampnett, Sussex
3. Sarah TILBURY b. c.1857 Hunston, Sussex, Housekeeper
3. George TILBURY b. c.1861 Westhampnett, Sussex (1881: Ag Lab; 1901: Carter on Farm)
m. Mary BRIDGER 4Q 1891 (Westhampnett 2b/793), b. c.1869 Yapton, Surrey
1901: lvg. Boxgrove, Sussex
4. Charles TILBURY b. c.1892 Boxgrove, Surrey
See also Richard TILBURY m. Jane BROWNING below

1. James TILBURY
m.(1) Ann BARFOOT 13 October 1827 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; d. 1842
2. James TILBURY
2. George TILBURY
2. William TILBURY
2. Charles TILBURY
2. Henry TILBURY
2. Sarah TILBURY
2. Daniel TILBURY
m.(2) Charlotte MOODY 19 November 1843 Botley
2. David TILBURY
2. Charlotte Ann TILBURY
m. James SHARP 1873*
2. Catherine (or Caroline) Bessie TILBURY
m. George SHARP 1875*
* sons of William SHARP and Harriet (PHILLIPS)
See Guestbook entries for descendants Yvonne (of BARFOOT) and Alison (of BARFOOT, SHARP; and EMERY at top of page); my thanks for their contributions. See also the 'Hampshire' page for James T. m. Charlotte MOODY.

1. Henry TILBURY
2. Henry TILBURY
m. Sarah Ann MEATON 13 January 1866 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
These may have been Henry & Sarah [MEATON]:
Henry TILBURY b. 2Q 1847 (Droxford 7/6[-])
1881: lvg. Hill Villa, Meon Stoke, Hampshire
Henry TILBURY, Head age 38 b. Botley, Hampshire (Journeyman Miller)
Sarah A. TILBURY, Wife age 40 b. Southwick, Hampshire
3. Chas. H. TILBURY, Son age 13 b. Botley, Hampshire (Scholar)
Sarah Ann TILBURY d. 2Q 1888 age 47 (Droxford 2c/79) [b. c.1841]
1901: lvg. Wood Green, Middlesex
Harry TILBURY age 53 b. Boxford, ... (Holds Horses) [Droxford?]
Lucy TILBURY age 65 b. ..,. Suffolk (Charing)

See Links page on this site, 'http://www.tilburyweb.com', for the ascendants/descendants of this family, including certificate entries
1. Charles TILBURY b. c.1798, Owslebury, Hampshire, Chr. 31 August 1800, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, d. 6 January 1866, Bishop's Waltham, (Master Tailor) age c.68
m. Charlotte LAKE 12 January 1824 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Jane TILBURY b. c.1835, Chelsea, Middlesex
3. Harry TILBURY b. 8 July 1854, Chr. 29 April 1860 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (age at Chr: 5)
d. 5 March 1936 Portsmouth, Hampshire
m. Catherine 'Hannah' FORD
For their descendants in Hampshire, UK; Scotland; Ontario/Nova Scotia/Québec, Canada; & Australia; see Tree E on 'The Tilbury Magazine' Genealogy Index (via Links Page)
3. Abigail TILBURY b. 27 February 1860 (Droxford 2c/115), Chr. 29 April 1860, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire; (father unknown)
Abigail & Harry TILBURY were christened on the same day: 29 April 1860
On his marriage certificate, Harry's father was given as 'James Tilbury'; Tilbury being Harry's name, and James his step-father's given name
m. James MASON 19 April 1863 Portsea
1881: lvg. 33 Wellington Row, Portsea, Hampshire
James MASON, Head, b. c.1820 Itchen Abbas, Hampshire (Navvy)
Jane MASON, Wife b. c.1836 Chelsea, Middlesex
3. James MASON, Son b. c.1864 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Greengrocer)
3. Charles MASON, Son b. c.1873 Portsmouth, Hampshire
3. William (Bill) MASON, Son b. c.1878 Portsmouth, Hampshire

1. Richard TILBURY (father: James [mother: Sarah?]) b. c.1821 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; (or Sussex)
(1861: lvg. Westerton street, Westerton Hamlet, Westhampnett, Sussex - Ag. Lab.)
(1881: Widower lvg. Hamlet Cottage, Westhampnett, Sussex - Carter)
See Richard above
m. Jane BROWNING 22 September 1844 Lymington, Hampshire (8/296) (b. Exton, Hampshire; d. 1871-1881)
2. Jane TILBURY Chr. 26 July 1846 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Richard TILBURY Chr. 31 December 1848 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Groom)
m. Ann TAPNER 1st qtr 1871 (Westhampnett 2b/411), b. c.1851 Boxgrove, Sussex
3. William Henry TILBURY b c.1872 Boxgrove, Sussex See 'Tilburys at Sea'
m. Anna HUGHES 2nd qtr 1897 (Westhampnett 2b/773)
3. Charles TILBURY b. c.1873 Westhampnett, Sussex
3. Ann TILBURY b. c.1875 Westhampnett, Sussex
3. Jane TILBURY b. c.1876 Westhampnett, Sussex
3. George TILBURY b. 1879 West Wittering, Sussex
3. Henry TILBURY b./d. 3rd qtr 1881 Westhampnett, Sussex
3. Alfred TILBURY b. 1885 West Wittering, Sussex
3. Arthur TILBURY b. 1887 West Wittering, Sussex
3. Emily TILBURY b. 1891 West Dean, Sussex
3. Nellie TILBURY b. 1894 West Dean, Sussex
See Guestbook for descendant Pauline's message
2. Mary A. TILBURY b. c.1850 [Parham, Sussex] or [Bishops Waltham, Hampshire]
2. Sarah A. TILBURY b. c.1857 Hunston (Westerton), Sussex
(1881: Housekeeper for father Richard & brother George + lodger)
2. George TILBURY b. c.1863 Westerton, Sussex (1881: Ag. Lab.)

1. Richard TILBURY
2. Jane TILBURY b. c.1851; age at Marriage: 22
m. Henry SHILLEY 7 June 1873 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; age at Marriage: 26

1. William TILBURY
m. Harriett
2. William TILBURY Chr. 18 July 1823 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
1876-77: William TILBURY, Bath gaol warden, 3 East Twerton cottages (Post Office directory)
1881: Army Pensioner & Warden Of Lancaster Castle, 20 Queen Square, Lancaster, Lancashire
1901: Prison Warder, Pensioner, lvg. Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster
m. Mary Ann [--] b. c.1834 Dublin, Ireland
4. Madeline Kimberley TILBURY b. 1st qtr 1900 Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster (Ashton 8d/518)
3. Francis Robert TILBURY b. c.1852 Pembroke, Wales (1881: Artist Hair Dresser & Master Barber)
3. Alfred Henry TILBURY b. c.1860 Bath, Somerset
(1881: Embosser Relief Die Seal Stamp & Block Maker; 1901: Floor Cloth Block Printer)
[m. Annie BATTERSBY 4th qtr 1882 (Lancaster 8e/1103), b. c.1858 Lancaster, Lancashire]
1901: lvg. Audenshaw, Lancaster
[4. James William TILBURY b. 1st qtr 1883 (Lancaster 8e/772), (1901: Sewing Machine Fitter)]
[4. Alfred TILBURY b. 3rd qtr 1889 Audenshaw, Lancaster (Ashton 8d/483)]
[4. Percy TILBURY b. c.1892 Audenshaw, Lancaster]
[4. Annie TILBURY b. 3rd qtr 1895 Audenshaw, Lancaster (Ashton 8d/530)]
[4. Ada TILBURY b. 4th qtr 1897 Audenshaw, Lancaster (Ashton 8d/507)]
[4. Norman Arthur TILBURY b. 4th qtr 1904 (Ashton 8d/473)]
3. James William TILBURY b. c.1863 Bath, Somerset; d. 1st qtr 1883 age 19 (Lancaster 8e/534) (1881: Railway Coach Smith)
3. Albert Ro(w)land[Richard] TILBURY Son 12 East Silverton, Somerset (Tiverton, Bath 5c/646)
3. Ada Maria TILBURY b. 3rd qtr 1871 East Silverton, Somerset (Tiverton) (Bath 5c/611)
1901: lvg. Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster (Domestic House Duties)
3. Arthur Ernest TILBURY b.4th qtr 1873 East Silverton, Somerset (Tiverton) (Bath 5c/596)
1901: lvg. Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster (Hair Dresser's Assistant)
3. Laura Georgiana TILBURY b. 4th qtr 1877 East Silverton, Somerset (Tiverton) (Bath 5c/601)
1901: William & family were lvg. Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster (except for Alfred Henry & family)
These were possibly also children of William & Mary's family, apparently the only TILBURYs in Bath:
- Walter Edwin TILBURY b. 2Q 1867 (Bath 5c/[?])
- William Robert E. TILBURY b. 4Q 1887 (Bath 5c/562)
- Lucy Christian TILBURY b. 3Q 1892 (Bath 5c/537)
- Walter Edwin TILBURY (invisible)
- William TILBURY age 12 b. Twerton ..., lvg. Paddington, London (with whom?)
- Lucy TILBURY age 8 b. Bath, Somerset lvg. Southbourne, Hampshire (School)
2. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 18 March 1826 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
2. Maria TILBURY Chr. 6 December 1829 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire

1. William TILBURY
2. Maria TILBURY b. c.1825; age at Marriage: 20
m. James DAYSH 9 September 1845 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
3. [James William DAYSH Chr. 8 February 1846 Swanmore By Droxford, Hampshire]
3. [Harriet DAYSH Chr. 21 February 1847 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire]
3. [Eliza Agnes DAISH Chr. 29 October 1848 Swanmore By Droxford, Hampshire]
3. [Elizabeth DAYSH Chr. 30 May 1852 Swanmore By Droxford, Hampshire]


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