Tilbury from Bradenham, Buckinghamshire
to USA & to Canada

Tilby, Tilbury - Ayres, Bett, Dean, Devening, Fisk, [Fountain], Fryer, [Howe], Howkins, [Janes], Lacey, Page, [Plumridge], Pusey, Swailes, Wingrove

_m. Mary
___2. John TILBURY Chr. 9 March 1760 West Wycombe
___2. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 30 October 1761 West Wycombe
___2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 2 October 1763 West Wycombe
___2. William TILBURY Chr. 19 March 1765 West Wycombe
___2. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 16 March 1767 West Wycombe
___2. Richard TILBURY Chr. 17 July 1768 West Wycombe
___2. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 15 April 1770 West Wycombe
___2. James TILBURY Chr. 22 December 1771 West Wycombe
_____[?m. Jenny JANES 31 December 1795 Hughenden?]

___2. Henry TILBURY Chr. 10 October 1774 [IGI: 1773] West Wycombe
___2. Samuel TILBURY Chr. 26 June 1775 West Wycombe
___2. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 17 February 1782 West Wycombe

John (& Mary) above was probably John son of Joseph TILBURY & Elizabeth LEECH

_m. Hest(h)er LACEY 26 June 1794 Bradenham, Buckingham
___2. William TILBURY Chr. 9 November 1794 Bradenham, Buckingham
___2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 24 September 1797 Bradenham, Buckingham
_____m. William FRYER* 20 September 1817 West Wycombe, Buckingham
_____(Father: William FRYER, Mother: Elizabeth)
___2. Elizabeth TILBEE Chr. 17 November 1799 Bradenham, Buckingham

* John & Mary TILBURY are the 5x Great Grandparents of ChristineE (b. UK, lvg. Australia):
"I am descended from William Fryer and Mary Tilbury (born 1797 in Bradenham to Henry Tilbury born 1773 West Wycombe and his first wife Hester Lacy)."
If you are connected to this line, a message in the Guestbook would be much appreciated (or email the siteholder), message which would be passed on to ChristineE - thank you.

1851: lvg. Totteridge Lane, High Wycombe (Pt.7)
William TILBURY, HD age 58 b. Bradenham BKM (Ag. Lab.)
_Ann TILBURY, WI age 60 b. Aston BRK

_m. Martha PAGE 16 October 1813 Bradenham, Buckingham
___2. Rebecca TILBY Chr. 18 December 1814 Bradenham, Buckingham
___2. John TILBY Chr. 1 March 1817 Bradenham, Buckingham
___2. Rhoda TILBURY Chr. 12 July 1818 Bradenham, Buckingham
_____d. age 7mths; burial: 8 February 1819 Bradenham, St Botolph

Richard TILBURY d. age 8d; burial: 12 April 1820 Bradenham, St Botolph [b. c.1-4 April 1820]
Martha TILBURY d. age 38; burial: 4 June 1820 Bradenham, St Botolph [b. c.1782]

1851: lvg. Bradenham
Henry TILBURY HD age 77 [b. c.1773 NK] (Ag. Lab.) [son of John & Mary]
___2. Son TILBURY [?elsewhere?]
_____m. Mary [--] DL age 25 b. c.1825 Hughenden BKM (Lacemaker)
_____[?Mary PLUMRIDGE m. John TILBURY 13 April 1846 Hughenden]
_____[A John & Mary TILBURY d. 4Q 1852 (Wycombe 3a/231)]

___1881: *lvg. Temple End 19 Wards Row, Wycombe, Buckingham
___John* TILBURY b. c.1816 Bradenham, Buckingham (1881: Chairmaker)
_____[?d. 3Q 1883 age 66 (Wycombe 3a/334)]
_____m. Elizabeth* [?FOUNTAIN] [21 July 1863 Hughenden], b. c.1822 Wycombe, Buckingham
_______3. John* TILBURY b. c.1864 Wycombe, Buckingham (1881: Chairmaker)
_________[?d. 3Q 1895 age 31 (Wycombe 3a/405)]
_________m. Kezia PUSEY 2Q 1892 (Wycombe 3a/993), b. c.1870 West Wycombe, Buckingham
___________4. Edith TILBURY b. c.1893 High Wycombe
___James* HOLLAND b. c.1861 Lee, Buckingham (1881: Lodger, Commercial Clerk)
___George* A. SMALL b. c.1858 Risboro, Buckingham (1881: Lodger, Chairmaker)

___1881: lvg. Park Lane, West Wycombe, Buckingham
___George PUSEY b. c.1838 West Wycombe Parish, Buckingham (1881: Chair Maker Unemployed)
_____m. Elizabeth [--] b. c.1842 West Wycombe, Buckingham (Lace Maker)
_______Keziah PUSEY b. c.1869 West Wycombe, Buckingham
_______Mary Jane PUSEY b. c.1871 West Wycombe, Buckingham
_______Kate Elizth. PUSEY b. c.1873 West Wycombe, Buckingham
_______William PUSEY b. c.1879 West Wycombe, Buckingham

Church Records & Registry St. Botolph's Church, Bradenham (source: "Wingrove World Wide")
_____m. Anne WINGROVE 13 December 1843 (Wycombe 6/747)
_____Father: John WINGROVE, tailor, High Wycombe

An Ann TILBURY d. 1845; burial: 13 February 1845 Bradenham, St Botolph
[If this was John's wife, did a child survive her?]

Sarah TILBURY d. age 50; burial: 9 August 1827 Bradenham, St Botolph [b. c.1777]

[In June 1827 Thomas, apparently the last child of John & Sarah (IVES) was buried in Lacey Green, not Bradenham; a Sarah TILBY was also buried in Lacey Green, in August 1827 (see below)]

_m. Sarah IVES 3 November 1819 Bradenham, Buckingham
___2. William TILBURY Chr. 12 March 1820 Bradenham, Buckingham (1851: Ag. Lab.)
_____m. Mary Ann [?HOWE?] b. c.1821 Lee, Buckingham
_____1851: lvg. Spurlands End, Lt.Missenden Pt.2
_______3. George TILBURY b. c.1843 Princes Risborough, Buckingham (1881: Saddletree Maker)
_________m.(1) Emma* MORTON 4th qtr 1870 (reg. Amersham)
_________b. c.1841 Hughenden, Buckingham
_________1881: *lvg. Hughenden, Buckinghamshire
___________4. Amy* TILBURY b. c.1871 Hughenden
_____________Chr. 7 July 1872 High Wycombe Primitive Methodist Circuit, Buckingham
___________4. Arthur* TILBURY b. c.1874 Hughenden, Buckingham, d. 1963
_____________m. Alice Frances FISK 2nd qtr 1900 (reg. Strand)
_______________5. Francis TILBURY
_______________5. Alice TILBURY
_______________5. Arthur Ernest TILBURY
_________________m. Ivy HOWKINS
Arthur (at least) emigrated to Canada pre-1918 then to USA c.1924
_______________5. Herbert TILBURY
Herbert emigrated to Canada c.1910; When Herbert (occ: Driver) joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in 1918 he and his father (at least) were living at 8 Vansitmart Ave., Hamilton, Ontario (See 'Tilberia' : 'Canada' pages)
_______________5. (Twin) George TILBURY
_______________5. (Twin) Elsie TILBURY
___________4. William* TILBURY b. c.1879 Hughenden, Buckingham
_____________(A William TILBURY d. 2Q 1881 age 1 Wycombe (3a/311)
_________Emma TILBURY d. 3Q 1881 age 39 Wycombe 3a/319
_______3. Sarah TILBURY b. c.1848 Princes Risborough, Buckingham
_____1881: lvg. Lacey Green, Princes Risborough, Buckingham
_____James SMITH, Head age 67 b. Princes Risborough, Buckingham (Ag Lab)
_____Mary SMITH, Wife age 58 b. Princes Risborough, Buckingham

_____William TILBURY, Lodger (M) age 62 b. Bradenham, Buckingham (Ag Lab)
_______George TILBURY [George saddle tree maker, widower of Emily/Emma]
_________m.(2) Selina SWAILES 2Q 1884 Wycombe 3a/792
_________(Same reg: Trevan COGDELL, son of Jane TILBURY of Hughenden, m. Sarah CRUTCHFIELD)
_________1881: 'The Hermitage', Edmonton, Middlesex
_________Selina SWAILES Servant (U) age 31 b. Lamerton, Devon (Cook Dom) to:
_________Caroline E. GARNIER Head (W) age 67 b. Paddington, Middlesex
_________(Daughter Of Earl Of Albemarle) & family & household

_________1901: lvg. High Wycombe, South Bucks
_________George TILBURY age 58 b. Lacey Green, Bucks (Saddle Tree Maker)
_________Selina TILBURY age 50 b. Lamerton, Devon
___________4. Henry TILBURY age 15 b. High Wycombe, Bucks (Errand Boy)
_____________Henry George TILBURY b. 2Q 1886 Wycombe (3a/659)
_____________Henry George TILLBURY, bachelor, chairmaker, age 41
_____________lvg. 4 Slater St, High Wycombe; Father: George TILLBURY (Gardener)
_______________m. Florence Edna DEAN 25th June 1927, spinster, age 45
_______________lvg. 143 Hughenden Rd, High Wycombe; Father: William DEAN

___2. RichardČ TILBY Chr. 4 February 1822 Bradenham, Buckingham
_____1841: **lvg. Lacey Green (Ag. Lab.)
_____1851: **lvg. Owslwick, Monks Risborough Pt.3, "b. Prince's Risborough" (Ag. Lab. SV)
_____m. ElizaČ DEVENING 18 October 1851 Monks Risborough, Buckingham
_____(Ann Eliza DEVENING b. c.1828 Monks Risborough, Buckingham)
_____1881: Člvg. Owlswick, Monks Risborough, Buckingham
_____Richard (Ag. Lab.) & Eliza TELBURY, & 4 children:
_______3. OwenČ b. c.1854 Monks Risboro, Buckingham (1881: TELBURY Plate Layer On G W R)
_______3. Sarah Ann TILBURY b. 19 June 1859 Monks Risborough, Buckingham [?d. 3Q 1859]
_______3. EmmaČ TILBURY b. 19 June 1859 Monks Risborough, Buckingham (1881: Lace Maker)
_______3. AlfredČ b. c.1860 Monks Risboro, Buckingham (1881: TELBURY Laborer In Corn Mak)
_______3. Ann(i)eČ Eliza b. 22 May 1870 Monks Risborough, Buckingham (1881: TELBURY b. c.1869)
_________m. Thomas BETT 3Q 1891 (Wycombe 3a/977)
_____1891: **lvg. Owlswick - Richard (Ag. Lab.) & Eliza TILBURY, & 3 children:
_________Amos TILBURY b. c.1854 [Owen above]
_________Emma TILBURY b. c.1859
_________Alfred TILBURY b. c.1860
_____1901: lvg. Monks Risborough Entire, of Buckingham (Pg.19096335:IDs.14141716-20)
_____Richard TILBURY b. c.1822 P. Risboro, Buckingham (Carter On Farm, Retired)
_____Eliza TILBURY b. c.1829 Owlswick, Monks Risborough, Buckingham
_________Amos TILBURY b. c.1854 Owlswick, Monks Risborough, Buckingham (Ordinary Agricultural Lab.)
_________Emma TILBURY b. c.1859 Owlswick, Monks Risborough, Buckingham
_________Alfred TILBURY b. c.1862 Owlswick, Monks Risborough, Buckingham (Ordinary Agricultural Lab.)
_____1901: lvg. Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire
_________Thomas BETT b. c.1867 Ashendon, Buckinghamshire (Wheelwright)
_________Annie BETT b. c.1868 Owlswick, Buckinghamshire
___________4. Fred BETT b. c.1892 Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire
___________4. Frank BETT b. c.1897 Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire

___2. James TILBURY Chr. 22 February 1824 Bradenham, Buckingham
_____1851: lvg. Lude Farm, Wooburn Pt.1
_____James TILBURY (U) age 26 b. Wycombe BKM - Farm Servant
_____James TILBY
_____m. Susan(na) [--]
_______3. Lucy TILBURY b. 4Q 1868 Wycombe (3a/484)
_________[Lucy TILBY] Chr. 10 January 1869 Lacey-Green, Buckingham
1880: lvg. Athelstane, Clay, Kansas, USA
_____James TILBURY, Self age 55 b. ENGL (Farmer) (ENGL ENGL)
_____Susanna TILBURY, Wife age 47 b. ENGL (Keeping House) (ENGL ENGL)
_________Lucy TILBURY, Dau age 10 b. ENGL (At Home) (ENGL ENGL)
_________Frederick TILBURY, Son age 5 b. KS (ENGL ENGL)

___2. Thomas** TILBURY b. 4 June 1826 Lacey Green, Buckingham
_____burial: 19 June 1827 age 13 mths St John the Evangelist, Lacey Green, Buckingham

Other burials in Lacey Green:
Sophia TILBY d. age 37; burial: 10 May 1827 St John the Evangelist, Lacey Green, Buckingham [b. c.1790]
Sarah TILBY d. age 33; burial: 29 August 1827 St John the Evangelist, Lacey Green, Buckingham [b. c.1794]
Mary TILBURY d. age 65; burial: 3 March 1849 St John the Evangelist, Lacey Green, Buckingham [b. c.1784]

** From RobynC & ChristineE in AU

_m. Mary Ann [--]
___2. Rosanna TILBURY Chr. 15 May 1859 Lee, Buckingham
_____m. John AYRES 4Q 1878 Wycombe (3a/823)
_____1881: lvg. The Common, Little Missenden, Buckingham
_____John AYRES, Head age 30 b. Lt Missenden, Buckingham (Ag Lab)
_____Rosanna AYRES, Wife age 23 b. Gt Missenden, Buckingham (Lace Maker)
_m. Mary
___2. Mary Ann TILBURY Chr. 2 December 1860 Fulmer, Buckingham

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