Tilbury in Burnham (+Boveney), UK
(Buckinghamshire to Berkshire, Suffolk and the Midlands)

Sources: 'Tilbury Magazine' website bmd, IGI, censuses,
parish registers/transcripts, other researchers, trade directories...
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m. Ann DARVILL 3 August 1789 Burnham, Buckingham

See 'Tilberia' 'Penn' - Joseph TILBURY Chr. 1 January 1770 Penn, Buckingham (Bricklayer)

1830 - 44

1830: Pigot's trade directory (no Tilbury listed)
BURNHAM, formerly a market town, and giving name to the hundred and parish in which it is situated; is 24 miles from London, 5 from Beaconsfield, 4 from Windsor, and 3 from Maidenhead.
The village itself has no claim to particular notice, but the views and scenery with which it is environed cannot fail to lay hold upon the attention of the traveller; as a place of trade too, it is inconsiderable, and, with the exception of two iron-foundries, possesses nothing of a business-like nature, beyond the common traffic of a country village.
Here is the parish church, and a meeting-house for dissenters; and at Boveney, (a hamlet subject to Burnham parish) is a chapel of ease. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of trustees nominated by the provost and college of Eton; the Rev. Geo. Betbell is the incumbent, and the Rev. Alexander Manning the present curate.
The lord of the manor is John Popple, Esq. of East Burnham. Burnham is surrounded by numerous seats of opulent individuals, and amongst the varying scenery, is presented many elegant mansions, the ruins of Burnham abbey, and the woods called the 'Burnham Beeches', forming prominent features in the general landscape.
There are two fairs in the year, viz. on the 1st May and 2nd October. The entire parish of Burnham, including numerous dependent hamlets, contained, in 1821, 1,918 inhabitants.
POST OFFICE, William Swabey, Post Master. - Letters from all parts arrive from MAIDENHEAD, by foot post, every morning at eight, and are despatched to that town every afternoon at five."

1839: Robson's trade directory (no Tilbury listed)
BURNHAM & Neighbourhood
"... 3 annual fairs, on the 23rd of February, 1st of May, and 2nd of October. St. Peter's church contains several monuments deserving of notice. The parish is extensive and contains 1,930 inhabitants, including the hamlets of East Burnham, Brightwell, Cippenham and Boveney; ...
An ancient moat is supposed to indicate the site of a palace of the Mercian kings at Cippenham. King Henry III there signed the charter of Burnham abbey, of which there are still some remains a little to the south of the Bath road ...
Carriers. - To London, (Austin & Toombs) from the George Inn, to 17 Old Change, Monday & Friday."

1844: Pigot's trade directory (no Tilbury listed)
"BURNHAM, ... two brass and ironfounderies, and a manufactory for agricultural implements ...
The market has long been discontinued; but a fair is still maintained, and held annually on the 2nd October ... Burnham [and] numerous hamlets contained, in 1831, 1,930 inhabitants, and, in 1841, 2,094.
Conveyance by Railway. - The nearest Station is the MAIDENHEAD, about 2 miles distant, on the GREAT WESTERN LINE. Particulars of the various Railways are furnished by the Railway Tables.
Vans. - To LONDON, William Franklin & Son's Vans, from the George, every Monday and Friday forenoon."


Mary Ann TILBURY b. 4Q 1840 (Eton 6/530)

A John TILBURY married 4Q 1842, to probably Mary Tilty KEAN (FreeBMD)
A Mary Tilbury KEEN was Chr. 3 September 1820 West Wycombe, daughter of unmarried Elizabeth KEEN (IGI)

1851: lvg. Church Street, Burnham (Pt.1)
John TILBURY, HD age 36 b. Hughingdon BKM (Shoemaker Master)
+ Mary TILBURY, WI age 30 b. Princes Risborough BKM
____2. Ruth TILBURY, DA age 6 b. Burnham (Scholar)
____2. Alice TILBURY, DA age 4 b. Burnham (Scholar)
____2. Amos TILBURY, SO age 2 b. Burnham
____2. Jane TILBURY, DA age 1 mth b. Burnham

Ruth TILBURY b. 3Q 1844 (Eton 6/342)
Alice TILBURY b. 1Q 1847 (Eton 6/397)
Amos TILBURY b. 1Q 1849 (Eton 6/410)

1861: lvg. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
John TILBURY b. c.1815 ___, Buckinghamshire (Head, Spouse of Mary T.)
+ Mary T. TILBURY b. c.1821 Princes Risboro, Buckinghamshire (Wife of John)
____2. Amos TILBURY b. c.1849 Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____2. Mary TILBURY b. c.1851 Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____2. John TILBURY b. c.1854 Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____2. Jim TILBURY b. c.1857 Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____2. Esther TILBURY b. c.1860 Burnham, Buckinghamshire

Trade directories 1853 - 1876

1853: Musson & Craven
John TILBURY, boot & shoe maker, Burnham (with Boveney)

1854 Post Office
John TILBURY, boot & shoe maker, Burnham, Bucks
Miss Elizabeth POYNTER, school, Burnham, Bucks

1864 Post Office
John TILBURY, boot & shoemaker, Burnham

1876 Harrod & Co
John TILBURY, boot & shoemaker, Church street, Burnham

BMD 1851 - 1880

PRO reg. dist. Eton (registration/baptism not necessarily in the quarter/year of birth)
Mary TILBURY b. 2Q 1851 (Eton 6/389)
John TILBURY b. 3Q 1853 (Eton 3a/323)
George TILBURY b. 1Q 1859 (Eton 3a/[6?]88)
Alice Elixabeth TILBURY b. 1Q 1860 (Eton 3a/385); d. 3Q 1860 (Eton 3a/221)
Esther TILBURY b. reg. 3Q 1860 (Eton 3a/343)
George TILBURY b. 3Q 1863 (Eton 3a/370)
Emily TILBURY b. 2Q 1866 (Eton 3a/414)

+ Mary
____2. Esther TILBURY [b. 1860] Chr. 3 April 1877 Burnham
____2. Emily TILBURY b. 19 March 1866 Chr. 19 March 1884 Burnham

A Mary TILBURY d. 4Q 1869 age 49 (Eton 3a/292)

Ruth TILBURY b. c.1844 Burnham, Buckingham
m. Thomas C. SCRIBBANS 4Q 1867 (Birmingham 6d/289-WAR)
See "Scribbans" below

m. Elizabeth Eliza SCALES 1Q 1871 (Eton 3a/481), b. Bures, Suffolk
See below: "Scales" for Eliza TILBURY in 1881; & "Warskett" for Edward John TILBURY in 1881, possible son of Amos & Eliza

m. Elizabeth BOLTON 4Q 1878 (Banbury 3a/1379)

Jim TILBURY b. c.1856 Burnham, Buckingham
m. Emily Mary POYNTER 2Q 1879 Windsor (2c/769-BRK), b. c.1853 Bishop Gate, Berkshire

+ Emily Mary
____2. Edith Elizabeth TILBURY b. 1 April 1880 Bishopgate, [Surrey?] (Windsor 2c/459-BRK)
______Chr. 16 May 1880 Burnham, Buckingham

PRO Eton reg. dist. b+d
Frederick TILBURY b. 1Q 1871 (Eton 3a/463)
Edward John TILBURY b. 4Q 1872 (Eton 3a/487)
Alice TILBURY b. 2Q 1875 (Eton 3a/455)
Amos James TILBURY b. 3Q 1876 (Eton 3a/[-]89)
Arthur James TILBURY b. 3Q 1876 (Eton 3a/460); d. 2Q 1877 age 0 (Eton 3a/296)
Henry Walter TILBURY b. 1Q 1878 (Eton 3a/505)
William John TILBURY b. 3Q 1879 (Eton 3a/527) [son of John & Elizabeth]
George TILBURY b./d. 4Q 1880 (Eton 3a/532)/(Eton 3a/308)


1881: lvg. Church Lane, Burnham, Buckingham
John TILBURY, Head (W) age 66 b. Northdean, Buckingham (Boot & Shoemaker)
____2. Amos TILBURY, Son (M) age 32 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Blacksmith)
_______3. Mary Eliza TILBURY, Grandaur age 7 b. Hungerford, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Mary TILBURY, Daur (U) age 30 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Housekeeper)
____2. George TILBURY, Son (U) age 18 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Grocers Assistant)
_______d. 4Q 1889 age 26 (Eton 3a 361)
____2. Emily TILBURY, Daur age 15 b. Burnham, Buckingham

Also lvg. Church Lane, Burnham, Buckingham
____2. John TILBURY, Head age 27 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Cordwainer & Parish Clerk)
_____+ Elizabeth TILBURY, Wife age 26 b. Shalstone, Buckingham
_______3. William John TILBURY, Son age 1 b. Burnham, Buckingham

1881: lvg. North End, Burnham, Buckingham
Jim TILBURY, Head age 24 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Iron Moulder)
+ Emily TILBURY, Wife age 27 b. Bishop Gate, Berkshire
____2. Edith Elizabeth TILBURY, Daur age 1 b. Bishopgate, [Surrey?]

1881: another TILBURY was working in Burnham, parents were [?]
Edwin TILBURY, (U) age 17 b. Buckingham (Farm Labourer)
Servant, working for STALLWOOD at:
Lady Fortescues Farm, Burnham, Buckingham

1881: lvg. 60 Lodge Road, Birmingham, Warwick
Ruth [TILBURY]SCRIBBANS (Wife of Thomas) age 36 b. Burnham, Buckingham (& family)
Esther TILBURY, Visitor (U) age 26 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Domestic Servant)

See "Scribbans" below

BMD 1881 - 1897

William Thomas TILBURY d. 4Q 1887 age 18 (Eton 3a 358)
George TILBURY d. 4Q 1889 age 26 (Eton 3a/361) [b. c.1863]
John TILBURY d. 4Q 1893 age 79 (Eton 3a 429)

John TILBURY [b. c.1853]
+ Elizabeth [b. c.1854]
____2. Ellen Elizabeth TILBURY b. 5 November, (Eton 3a/568), Chr. 18 December, 1881 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Alice TILBURY b. 19 November 1883 (Eton 3a/583), Chr. 6 January 1884 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Emily Georgina TILBURY b. 17 August, Chr. 4 October, 1885 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. [John TILBURY b. 2Q 1887 (Eton 3a/651)]

Emily Georgina TILBURY b. reg. 4Q 1885 (Eton 3a/631); d. 1Q 1886 age 0 (Eton 3a/431)

John TILBURY d. 4Q 1887 age 34 (Eton 3a/365)

Elizabeth TILBURY [probably John's widow]
m. [Thomas GEEVES] 2Q 1896 (Eton 3a/1095]

+ Emily Mary
____2. Esther Catherine TILBURY b. 31 October (Eton 3a/567), Chr. 4 December, 1881 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Mary Maude TILBURY b. 31 July (Eton 3a/579), Chr. 2 September, 1883 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. John Henry TILBURY b. 1Q 1885 (Eton 3a/631)
____2. Grace Ethel TILBURY b. 5 February (Eton 3a/645), Chr. 3 April, 1887 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Eveline Frances TILBURY b. 13 December 1888, Chr. 3 February, 1889 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Elizabeth Henrietta TILBURY b. 21 March, Chr. 4 May, 1890 Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Emily Kate TILBURY b. 31 May, Chr. 7 August, 1892 Burnham, Buckingham

Eveline Frances TILBURY b. reg. 1Q 1889 (Eton 3a652)
Elizabeth Henrietta TILBURY b. reg. (Eton 3a/640)
Emily Kate TILBURY b. reg. 3Q 1892 (Eton 3a/675)

Rose TILBURY b. 1Q 1881 (Eton 3a/576
Lily May TILBURY b. 1Q 1888 (Eton 3a/633)
William TILBURY b. 3Q 1890 (Eton 3a/632)

Clara Annie TILBEY b. 2Q 1891 (Eton 3a/710)

Kate Louisa TILBEY d. 1Q 1897 age 1 (Eton 3a/402)

Trade directories 1883 - 1899

1883 Kelly
John TILBURY, boot & shoe maker, Burnham (Parish Clerk, Lower Boveney)

1899 Kelly
"LOWER BOVENEY is a liberty in the parish of Burnham, on the north bank of the Thames, 2 miles west from Eton, containing in 1881, with Upper Boveney, 116 inhabitants. The chapel of ease, a brick building, consisting of chancel and nave, was extensively restored in 1892-3 by Mrs. Fitzadam, of Boveney Court, and affords 180 sittings. The area is 480 acres; assessable value, 1,435; the population in 1891 was 403. Boveney Court is the seat of Mrs. Fitzadam. This place is included in the Dorney United School Board District. Parish clerk, Jim TILBURY"
Jim TILBURY, cricket outfitter, Burnham (Maidenhead)

PRO 'Eton' Marriages 1855 - 1896

m. Martha LITTLEBOY 28 July 1855 Upton Cum Chalvey (Eton 3a/[5?]2)

1881:10 Darley Street, Derby St Alkmund, Derby
Thomas TILBURY, Head age 67 b. Bramshot, Surrey (Paper Mill Labourer)
+ Martha TILBURY, Wife age 75 b. Hoke[Stoke] Lane, Somerset (Paper Mill Hand)

Mary TILBURY [Mary dau of William & Eliza [GUNN]? ('The Joseph Tree')]
m. Thomas HEARN 15 September 1861 Hitcham (Eton 3a/475)
(This couple seem to have gone to live at 'The Parade', Chislehurst, Kent)

m. 1Q 1863 (Eton 3a/419) [?William BUTLER or Mathew JOHNSON?]

Mary Ann HUTCHINGS b. 8 February 1847
m. William BUTLER 8 April 1865 at the Parish Church, Iver

1881: lvg. Hubey Cottages, Iver, Buckingham
William BUTLER, Head age 37 b. Iver, Buckingham (Ag Lab)
+ Mary A. BUTLER, Wife age 35 b. Dorney, Buckingham (Laundress)
____2. William J. BUTLER, Son age 12 b. Iver, Buckingham (Scholar)
____2. A. Eliza BUTLER, Daur age 8 b. Iver, Buckingham (Scholar)
____2. Alfred E. BUTLER, Son age 3 b. Iver, Buckingham (Scholar)
____2. Ada E. BUTLER, Daur age 2 mths b. Iver, Buckingham (Scholar)
(see Guestbook entry for this family)

m. Maria BOND 4Q 1870 (Eton 3a/615)

1881: lvg. Turnpike Lodge, Iver, Buckingham
Alfred TILBURY, Head age 33 b. Wycomb, Buckingham (Farm Lab)
+ Maria TILBURY, Wife age 31 b. Denham, Buckingham
____2. Frederick TILBURY, Son age 11 b. Denham, Buckingham (Scholar)
____2. Mary TILBURY, Daughter age 8 b. Denham, Buckingham (Scholar)
____2. Alice TILBURY, Daughter age 5 b. Denham, Buckingham (Scholar)
____2. Henry TILBURY, Son age 3 b. Denham, Buckingham
____2. Rose TILBURY, Daur age 1 b. Iver, Buckingham

m. [Thomas DAVIES] 4Q 1879 (Eton 3a/737)

Martha TILBURY [was Martha a widow?]
m. [Charles HITCH] 3Q 1881 (Eton 3a/733)

Mary Elizabeth TILBURY
m. Edwin ALLEN 9 June 1883 Upton Cum Chalvey (Eton 3a/678)

m. [Frances Phoebe HARROLD] 4Q 1892 (Eton 3a/1025)

1881: lvg. Belgrave Holm, Chalfont St Peter, Buckingham
Frances P. HARROLD (U) age 30 b. Great Glen, Leicester; Servant, Cook Domestic
to: Anne A. STEPHENS (W) age 79 b. Toulouse (BS) (Anuitant) & household

1901: lvg. Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire
Joseph TILBURY age 43 b. Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire (Postman)
+ Francis TILBURY age 50 b. Great Sleym, Leicester

m. [Frank BROWN] 1Q 1892 (Eton 3a/649)

1901: lvg. Lambeth, London
Esther BROWN age 40 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
Frank BROWN [cycle fitter or compositor?]

John Robert TILBY b. 2Q 1861 (Eton 3a/367)

m. [Emily DUNTON] 2Q 1885 (Eton 3a/724/)

1881: lvg. Swallow St, Iver, Buckingham
John TILBURY (U) age 20 b. Iver, Buckingham (Carman)
working for James & Susan SAUNDERS (labourer/green grocer)

2 census habitations, then:
1881: lvg. Chadwell Row, Swallow St, Iver, Buckingham
Robert DUNTON (Carter) b. Iver, Buckingham, wife Emily, & family

1881: lvg./working Commerce House, Chalfont St Giles, Buckingham
John TILBURY (U) age 19 b. Hughendon, Buckingham (Grocers Assistant)
to: Charles R. MARCHANT, Head (W) age 45 b. Alfriston, Sussex (Draper & Postmaster & Grocery Emp 6 Men)

1881: lvg./working 2 Fountain Villa, 55 Griffiths Rd, Wimbledon, Surrey
Emily DUNTON age 20 b. Iver Heath, Buckingham (Domestic Serv)
Rose DUNTON age 18 b. Iver Heath, Buckingham (Domestic Serv)
Caroline DUNTON age 10 b. Iver Heath, Buckingham (Visitor)
to: Edward A. LOVEDAY, Head age 33 b. East Indies (Civil Serv Savings Bank Gen Post Office Clerk), & family

1901: lvg. Willesden, Middlesex
John TILBY age 38 b. Buckinghamshire (Carman)
+ Emily TILBY age 39 b. Buckinghamshire
____ Edith TILBY age 14 b. Buckinghamshire
____ Alice TILBY age 11 b. Buckinghamshire
____ Thomas TILBY age 8 b. Buckinghamshire
____ Frederick TILBY age 6 b. Buckinghamshire
____ Minnie TILBY age 2 b. Buckinghamshire

Edith May TILBEY b. 2Q 1886 (Eton 3a/638)
Alice Ada TILBEY b. 4Q 1889 (Staines 3a/19)
Thomas William TILBEY b. 3Q 1892 (Staines 3a/16)
Frederick John TILBEY b. 4Q 1894 (Staines 3a/19)
Minnie Violet H. TILBEY b. 3Q 1898 (Eton 3a/748)

PRO registration districts
Eton: sub-districts - Burnham, Eton, Iver
Staines: sub-districts - Staines, Sunbury; (... Harlington, Harmondsworth ...)

April 1916

Frederick John TILBEY - Service No. 74175
Acting Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery, 134th Bty., 32nd Bde.
Died 27 April 1916 age 21
Son of John & Emily TILBEY, of 106, Lancefield St., Queen's Park, Paddington, London. Born at Harmondsworth, Yiewsley, Middx.
Grave/Memorial Reference: VI.A.9. - Bienvillers Military Cemetery (near Arras, Pas de Calais)

On 21 December 2002, a group of Belgian researchers/WW1 archaeologists, found a spoon which bore the service number of Frederick John TILBEY. The spoon was found at the Ypres Salient (on the Boezinge Canal site) where he served in summer 1915 with the 4th Division. Frederick may have been part of an observation and signalling unit reporting on firing range.

Frederick left Ypres to go to the north of France and was killed there about a year later.

The Belgian group did not succeed in contacting members of Frederick's family, but perhaps it may yet happen.

The Belgian Diggers

1901 -

1901: lvg./working Clewer Without, Berkshire (Pg.20736639/Id.37296712) + family
____ Edward (John) TILBURY age 28 b. [c.1872] Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Foreman Print)

See below "Warskett"; & the link to 'Berkshire'

1901: lvg./working Kensington, London (Pg.20763813/Id.36647076)
____ William (John) TILBURY age 22 b. [c.1878] Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Shop Assistant)

1901: lvg./working Dover, Kent
____ Helen TILBURY age 19 b. [c.1881] Burnham, Berkshire (School Teacher) (Possibly Ellen Elizabeth, daughter of John & Elizabeth) (Burnham was partly in Buckinghamshire, partly in Berkshire)

1901: lvg./working Eton, Buckinghamshire (Pg.20782766-Id.35448782)
____ Esther (Catherine) TILBURY age 19 b. [c.1881] Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Kitchenmaid Domestic

1901: lvg./working Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Pg.19096719/Id.14114470)
____ Mary (Maud) TILBURY age 18 b. [c.1882] Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Scullerymaid Domestic)

1901: lvg. Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Pg.19096602/Id.14111480)
____ Alice TILBURY age 17 b. [c.1883] Burnham, Buckinghamshire

1901: lvg. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
Jim TILBURY age 43 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Iron Moulder) (Pg.19096817/Id.14112218-24)
+ Emily TILBURY age 47 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____ John TILBURY age 16 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Iron Moulder)
____ Grace TILBURY age 14 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____ Evelyn TILBURY age 12 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____ Elizabeth TILBURY age 11 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____ Emily TILBURY age 8 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire

____ Grace Ethel TILBURY d. 2Q 1902 age 15 Eton 3a/436)

1901: lvg. Twyford, Buckinghamshire
Thomas GEEVES age 44 b. Hendon, Middlesex (Living On Own Means)
+ Elizabeth GEEVES age 46 b. Shalston, Buckingham [probably widow of John TILBURY d. 1887]
____ John TILBURY age 13 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire

Also lvg. Twyford, Buckinghamshire
Tom TILBURY age 35 b. Upper Clatford, Hampshire (Insurance Agent)
+ Kate TILBURY age 29 b. Farley Rouisey, Hampshire

Alice Olive TILBURY b. 4Q 1904 (Eton 3a/869)

Trade directories 1907 - 1915

1907 Kelly
Jim TILBURY, cricketing outfitter, Burnham

1915 Kelly
Jim TILBURY, cricketing outfitter, Burnham

August 1918

William John TILBURY b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
Son of John and Elizabeth TILBURY
Husband of Catherine Mary TILBURY, of 5, Brackley Road, Buckingham
Serjeant 42046, East Surrey Regiment
Sgt., Somerset Light Infantry
Died in the Great War 28 August 1918 age 39

Berkshire 1837 - 1871

+ Eliza
____2. Eliza Maria SCRIBBANS Chr. 3 December 1837 Thatcham, Berkshire

Eliza Maria SCRIBBANS d. 1Q 1839 (Newbury 6/151)
Ellen SCRIBBANS b. 3Q 1843 (Bradfield 6145)
Thomas Charles SCRIBBANS b. 3Q 1843 (Bradfield 6/144)
Eliza SCRIBBANS b. 1Q 1845 (Bradfield 6/1[19]4)
Mary SCRIBBANS d. 1Q 1853 (Bradfield 2c/254)
Alice Harriet SCRIBBANS b. 1Q 1864 (Wokingham 2c/383)
Ellen SCRIBBANS d. 4Q 1876 age 33 (Bradfield 2c/216)

Mary SCRIBBANS b. c.1816 Sulham, Berkshire (Father: Thomas SCRIBBANS)
m. Jonas CHAMPION 30 July 1844 Register Office, Reading, Berkshire

See "Berkshire 1874 - " below

1854 Post Office Directory of Berkshire, ...
William SCRIBBANS, farmer, Burghfield

Mary Ann SCRIBBANS m. 1Q 1867 (Reading 2c/503)

Frances Elizabeth SCRIBBANS m. 4Q 1871 (Abingdon 2c/596)

Warwickshire 1867 - 1881

Thomas Charles SCRIBBANS
m. Ruth TILBURY 4Q 1867 (Birmingham 6d/289-WAR) (b. c.1844 Burnham, Buckingham)

1881: lvg. 60 Lodge Road, Birmingham, Warwick
Thomas C. SCRIBBANS, Head age 37 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Baker Employing 3 Men)
+ Ruth [TILBURY]SCRIBBANS, Wife age 36 b. Burnham, Buckingham
____2. Mary M. SCRIBBANS, Daur age 12 b. Birmingham, Warwick (Scholar)
____2. Bertha SCRIBBANS, Daur age 10 b. Birmingham, Warwick (Scholar)
____2. Thomas C. SCRIBBANS, Son age 5 b. Birmingham, Warwick (Scholar)
____2. John H. SCRIBBANS, Son age 4 b. Birmingham, Warwick (Scholar) [did this John die 1881?]
Esther TILBURY (Ruth's sister), Visitor (U) age 26 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Domestic Servant)
Mary E. CHIVERS, Assistant (U) age 23 b. Bolton, Lancashire (Shop Woman, Baker)

Edith SCRIBBANS d. 3Q 1869 age 0 (Birmingham 6d/114)
Bertha SCRIBBANS b. 1Q 1871 (Birmingham 6d/213)
Henry John SCRIBBANS d. 1Q 1872 age 0 (Birmingham 6d/118)
Willie SCRIBBANS b./d. 2Q 1873 (Birmingham) (6d/226)/(6d/130)
Thomas SCRIBBANS d. 1Q 1874 age 0 (Birmingham 6d/181) [d?]
Thomas SCRIBBANS b. 2Q 1874 (Birmingham 6d/225) [d?]
Thomas Charles SCRIBBANS b. 3Q 1875 (Birmingham 6d/221)
Albert Edwin SCRIBBANS b. 3Q 1878 (Birmingham 6d/199)
George SCRIBBANS b./d. 3Q 1879 (Birmingham) (6d/221)/(6d/109)
Alice Elizabeth SCRIBBANS d. 2Q 1880 age 0 (Birmingham 6d/129)

Warwickshire 1883 - 1891

Lucy SCRIBBANS b./d. 2Q 1883 (Birmingham - 6d/196 / 6d/126)
May Ruth SCRIBBANS b. 3Q 1886 (Birmingham 6d/184)

1891: lvg. 59 & 60 Lodge Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire - All Saints parish
Thomas Charles SCRIBBANS Head age 47 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Baker & Confectioner, Employer)
+ Ruth SCRIBBANS Wife age 46 b. Buckinghamshire Burnham
____2. Mary M[atilda]. SCRIBBANS Dau age 22 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Board School Teacher, Em'ee)
____2. Bertha SCRIBBANS Dau age 20 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Confectioner Shopwoman, Em'ee)
____2. Thomas Chas. SCRIBBANS Son age 15 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Baker, Em'ee)
____2. John Henry SCRIBBANS Son age 14 Scholar b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. Ellen SCRIBBANS Dau age 9 Scholar b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. Ma(r)y R[uth]. SCRIBBANS Dau age 4 b. b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
Caroline HATHAWAY age 22 (U) b. Leamington, Warwickshire (General Servant Domestic)

1891: lvg. 13 The Grove Vicarage Road, Aston, Warwickshire - Sts Peter & Paul parish
David ALLEN, Head age 40 b. Gloucester, Gloucestershire (Furniture Dealer, Em'ee)
+ Elizabeth ALLEN, Wife age 39 b. [--], London
____2. Nellie ALLEN, Dau age 17 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. Gilbert ALLEN, Son age 15 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Jeweller)
____2. Ada ALLEN, Dau age 13 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. Edwin ALLEN, Son age 10 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. Elsie ALLEN, Dau age 4 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire

See below: SCRIBBANS-ALLEN wedding

1891: lvg. 320 Long Acre, Aston, Warwickshire - St Clements parish
Alfred ALLEN, Head age 41 b. Claydon, Oxfordshire (Metal Annealer, Em'ee)
+ Mary L. ALLEN, Wife age 39 b. Loughborough, Leicestershire
____2. Ada E. ALLEN, Dau age 17 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Warehouse Girl, Em'ee)
____2. Frederick S. ALLEN, Son age 13 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Edge Tool Maker, Em'ee)
____2. Louisa ALLEN, Dau age 11 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Scholar)
____2. Nellie ALLEN, Dau age 8 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Scholar)
Frederick SIMONS, Boardr (U) age 40 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Emery Manufacturer, Em'ee)

1891 Warwickshire online Census

Warwickshire 1901 -

1901: lvg. Birmingham
Thomas SCRIBBANS age 57 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Baker Shopkeeper)
+ Ruth SCRIBBANS age 56 b. Burnham, Buckinghamshire
____2. Bertha SCRIBBANS age 30 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. Ellen SCRIBBANS age 19 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire
____2. May SCRIBBANS age 14 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire

1901: lvg. Smethwick, Stafford
Thos SCRIBBANS age 26 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Wholesale Cake Maker)
John SCRIBBANS age 21 b. Birmingham, Warwickshire (Wholesale Cake Maker)

31 July 1901
"Double Wedding: SCRIBBANS-ALLEN; 28, Lodge Rd, Chapel
Thomas Charles, eldest son of Thomas Charles [SCRIBBANS] of Lodge Road Hockley
to Nellie Alfreeda, eldest daughter of David [ALLEN] of New John St. West.
Also John Henry, 2nd son of Thomas Charles [SCRIBBANS]
to Ada, 2nd daughter of David [ALLEN]."

Extracts from Warwickshire Newspapers 1874-1907

Thomas Charles SCRIBBANS
m. Nellie Alfreeda ALLEN 3Q 1901 (Birmingham 6d/265)

m. Ada ALLEN 3Q 1901 (Birmingham 6d/264)

Mary Matilda SCRIBBANS m. 3Q 1901 (Birmingham 6d/304)

Jack Allan SCRIBBANS b./d. 3Q 1902 (King's N. - 6c/469 / 6c/221)
Mabel SCRIBBANS b./d. 4Q 1903 (King's N. - 6c/497 / 6c/293)
Thomas Charles A. SCRIBBANS b. 4Q 1903 (King's N. 6c/466)
Leah Alfreda SCRIBBANS b. 2Q 1907 (King's N. 6c/483)
Olive Alfreda SCRIBBANS b. 3Q 1907 (King's N. 6c/433)

Thomas C. SCRIBBANS d. 3Q 1904 age 60 (Birmingham 6d/122)

Bennett's Business Directory for Warwickshire, 1914
SCRIBBANS & CO., Universal Cake Factory, Corbett street, Smethwick, Warwickshire
B. & N. SCRIBBANS, ladies' & children's outfitters, 577 Bearwood road, Birmingham

Scribbans Bakery became Scribbans-Kemp, biscuit, cake and sweet manufacturers; from the Lyons Group website:
" Lyons acquired the interests of the Scribbans-Kemp group in November 1968 .... This ... did not include the ... retail tobacco and confectionery shops, groceries, supermarkets and wholesale warehouses."
Complete text

The Birmingham website has a photo of the old baker's shop with a No.32 tram next to it.
Photographs of Brookfields, Birmingham

Pickard's Pink Pages of Warwickshire Genealogy

Other Scribbans Bakers - Oxfordshire 1901

1901: lvg. Ascott, Oxfordshire
Samuel SCRIBBANS age 55 b. Middx Uxbridge (Grocer Shopkeeper And Baker)
Mary SCRIBBANS age 47 b. Gloucester Winston (Grocers Assistant)
____ Ruth SCRIBBANS age 20 b. ... (Domestic Helper)
____ Ethel SCRIBBANS age 18 b. Little Milton, Oxon (Dressmaker)
____ Alpha SCRIBBANS age 16 b. Little Milton, Oxon (Journeryman Baker)
____ Aylmer SCRIBBANS age 10 b. Little Milton, Oxon

1881: lvg. Dorchester Ent., Oxfordshire
____ Selina SCRIBBANS age 14 b. Lit Milton, Oxon (Apprentice Post Office)

Berkshire 1874 - 19..

Mary SCRIBBANS m. 3Q 1874 (Reading 6/342)
Jonah CHAMPION m. 3Q 1874 (Reading 6/342) [Martha CREED]

1881: lvg. Crondall, Hampshire
Jonah CHAMPION age 35 b. Odiham, Hampshire (Carpenter)
+ Martha CHAMPION age 36 b. Lambeth, Surrey; + 4 children

1881: lvg. Fryern St, Bridgewater, Somerset
Jonas (James) CHAMPION age 64 b. Berrick Sohm, Oxford (Town Missionary)
+ Mary CHAMPION age 65 b. Sulhamreod, Berkshire

See "Berkshire 1837 - " above

Mary [SCRIBBANS]CHAMPION d. 7 August 1894 Bridgwater, Somerset

Other links Essex/Somerset:
1881: lvg. 2 Elizabeth Cot, Suffolk Street, West Ham, Essex
James PRATT, Head age 38 b. Tunstall, Suffolk (Railway Inspector)
+ Mary Ann PRATT, Wife age 38 b. Bridgewater, Somerset
William SCRIBBINS, Father In Law age 73 b. Somerset (Retired Agricultural Labourer)
Elizabeth SCRIBBINS, Mother In Law age 67 b. Kilver, Somerset

Ellen SCRIBBANS d. 4Q 1876 age 33 (Bradfield 2c/216)

1881: lvg. 19 Marine Place, Broadwater, Sussex
George SCRIBBANS, Head age 35 b. Buchfield, Berkshire (Porter)
+ Amelia [MASLIN]SCRIBBANS, Wife age 37 b. Thatcham, Berkshire (Cook, N D)
   Chr. 12 February 1843 Thatcham (Father: William MASLIN, Mother: Mary)
Mary MASLIN, Mother In Law (W) age 76 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Formerly A Laundress)

1881: lvg. Cottage,Taplow, Buckingham
Henry SCRIBBANS, Head age 58 b. Sulhampstead, Berkshire (Railway Police)
+ Elizabeth Matilda SCRIBBANS, Wife age 61 b. Theale, Berkshire
________3. Edward Henry ANDREWS, Grandson age 13 b. Taplow, Buckingham (Scholar)
________3. Albert ANDREWS, Grandson age 10 b. Cookham, Berkshire

1881: lvg. Sulhamstead Banister, Berkshire
William SCRIBBINS, Head (U) age 40 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Cowman)

1881: lvg. Knights Village, Plymtree, Devon
John SCRIBBINS, Head age 42 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Coachman, Dom)
+ Esther SCRIBBINS, Wife age 41 b. Southwick, Hampshire
____2. John SCRIBBINS, Son age 16 b. Finchamstead, Hampshire (Working At The Rectory, Dom Serv)
____2. Elizabeth J. SCRIBBINS, Daur age 13 b. Finchamstead, Hampshire (Scholar)
____2. Esther M. SCRIBBINS, Daur age 10 b. Plymtree, Devon (Scholar)
____2. William SCRIBBINS, Son age 8 b. Plymtree, Devon (Scholar)
____2. Florence SCRIBBINS, Daur age 5 b. Plymtree, Devon (Scholar)

1881: lvg. Bellevue, Putney, Surrey
Fanny E. SCRIBBINS (U) age 22 b. Woodlands Bridgwater, Somerset
Housemaid to John FARRELL (age 65, Sec Of Public Co, Clerk) & family

1881: lvg./working 41 West St (Cafe), Reading St Lawrence, Berkshire
Fanny SCRIBBINS (U) age 33 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Domestic Servant)

1881: lvg. Mount Pleasant, Wokingham, Berkshire
Charles SCRIBBENS, Head age 38 b. Burghfield, Berkshire (Butler Dom Serv)
+ Rebecca SCRIBBENS, Wife age 35 b. Tilehurst, Berkshire
____2. William C. SCRIBBENS, Son age 13 b. Westminster (Boy In Solicitors Office)
____2. Edith C. SCRIBBENS, Daur age 12 b. Sandhurst, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Edward H. SCRIBBENS, Son age 10 b. Sandhurst, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Charles SCRIBBENS, Son age 8 b. Wokingham, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Frederick SCRIBBENS, Son age 6 b. Wokingham, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Ernest A. SCRIBBENS, Son age 3 b. Wokingham, Berkshire
____2. Gertrude E. SCRIBBENS, Daur age 4mths b. Wokingham, Berkshire

1901: no SCRIBBANS in Berkshire; the names above seem to have become standardised by then

1794 - ....

Daniel KEMP
m. Mary LAYZEL
____2. Ann KEMP b. 19 January, Chr. 23 February, 1794 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk
_______3. Henry KEMP Chr 17 May 1818
________m. Harriet CARDY 23 October 1840
____2. William KEMP b. 6 June 1796 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk
____2. Edward KEMP b. 31 July 1798 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk
____2. Samuel KEMP b. 16 June 1801 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk
____2. Lucy KEMP b. 21 July 1803 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk
____2. George KEMP b. 17 July 1807 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk
____2. Robert KEMP b. 10 October 1809 Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk

A George KEMP
m. Catherine SCALES 8 November 1835 Bures St Mary, Suffolk

See Guestbook entry of July 2010 for Ann, Henry & George Kemp

"Ozias Kemp ... born 1751 in Whitstable, Kent ... married Martha Hopper on 17 January 1775 at All Saints, Whitstable ... Ozias & Martha had eight children. The sons, William and Ozias ... Began Kemp's biscuits in 1785."
From the Kemp website

Scribbans (cakes) & Kemp (biscuits) merged. How did the SCRIBBANS and the KEMP families become acquainted? Is it just coincidence that all the families (TILBURY, SCRIBBANS, SCALES, DEATH, WARSKETT, KEMP) had links to Bures, Suffolk?

1816 - 1901

m. Sarah WELLS
____2. Anne Maria SCALES b. 25 June, Chr. 31 July, 1803 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. William Webber SCALES b. 1 November, Chr. 23 December, 1804 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. John SCALES b. 11 February, Chr. 12 April, 1807 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Rebeccah SCALES b. 14 March, Chr. 4 June, 1809 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Thomas SCALES b. 14 September, Chr. 3 November, 1811 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Catherine SCALES b. 8 May 1814 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Sarah SCALES Chr. 8 November 1818 Bures St Mary, Suffolk

A Catherine SCALES
m. George KEMP 8 November 1835 Bures St Mary, Suffolk

A Sarah and a Rebecca had William Webber SCALES* as father, as did Edward:

Edward SCALES Chr. 16 June 1816 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
(Father: William Webber SCALES, Mother: Mary)
m. Eliza DEATH 26 August 1838 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
(Father: James DEATH)

William SCALES
m. Maria CHALLICE 19 October 1827 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Ann Maria SCALES Chr. 15 March 1828 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Harriet SCALES Chr. 3 November 1833 Bures St Mary, Suffolk
____2. Jemima SCALES Chr. 5 April 1835 Bures St Mary, Suffolk, d. 23 December 1836
____2. Maria SCALES Chr. [1][12] February 1837 Bures St Mary, Suffolk

1881: lvg. 14 James Street, New Windsor, Berkshire [next: Russell St public house]
Edward SCALES, Head age 63 b. Bures, Suffolk (Malster)
+ Eliza SCALES, Wife age 59 b. Bures, Suffolk (Wife)
Eliz. Eliza [SCALES]TILBURY, Visitor (M) age 29 b. Bures, Suffolk (Dressmaker)
William GRANT, Visitor (M) age 79 b. London, Middlesex (Builder Master)

* William Webber SCALES may have been an ancestral name

1881 - 1901

1881: lvg. North Street, Winkfield, Berkshire
David WARSKETT, Head age 50 b. Woodman, Essex (Licensed Vitiler)
+ Harriet WARSKETT, Wife age 50 b. Bures, Suffolk
Edward TILBURY, Nephew age 5 b. Burnham, Buckingham (Scholar)
Rebecca PRESTON, Neice (U) age 23 b. Bures, Suffolk (Barmaid, Inn)
Kate BAILEY age 18 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Domestic Servant)
Charles PARKER (W) age 70 b. Melton Constable, Norfolk (Farm Servant)

At present (May 2005) I have not found the marriage of David WARSKETT & Harriet. Was Edward an honorary 'nephew', or perhaps a great-nephew?

Edward John TILBURY b. 4Q 1872 (Eton 3a/487)
Edward's age in 1881: was the '5' a mis-reading? There does not seem to be another candidate either for the nephew of the WARSKETTs or the husband of Charlotte. His parents may have been Amos (son of John) & Elizabeth Eliza [SCALES].

Edward John TILBURY
m. Charlotte GREEN 3Q 1894 (Windsor 2c/828-BRK)

1901: lvg. Clewer Without, Berkshire
Edward TILBURY b. c.1872 Burnham, Buckinghamshire (Foreman Print)
+ Charlotte TILBURY b. c.1874 Clewer, Berkshire
____2. Edwd TILBURY b. c.1894 Windsor, Berkshire
____2. Dudley TILBURY b. c.1896 Clewer, Berkshire
____2. Mary TILBURY b. c.1898 Clewer, Berkshire
____2. Cecil TILBURY b. c.September 1900 Clewer, Berkshire

Also in Berkshire & with children b. Clewer:
1881: lvg. 61 Victoria St Greengrocers Shop, New Windsor, Berkshire
Thomas WARSKETT, Head age 48 b. Woodham Ferris, Essex (Job Master)
+ Mary WARSKETT, Wife age 47 b. Somerstown, Middlesex (Wife)
____2. Ada WARSKETT, Daur age 16 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Drapers Assistant)
____2. Mark WARSKETT, Son age 15 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Job Masters Son)
____2. Frances WARSKETT, Daur age 13 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. George WARSKETT, Son age 10 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Thomas WARSKETT, Son age 7 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Scholar)
____2. Mary WARSKETT, Daur age 5 b. Clewer, Berkshire (Scholar)

1887 Kelly's Directory of Berkshire
Thomas WARSKETT, fly proprietor & jobmaster, 61 Victoria st, Windsor

1899 Kelly's Directory of Berkshire
Thomas WARSKETT, fly proprietor, 4 Clarence rd, Windsor


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