St. Peter Port, Guernsey

The Channel Islands
Tilbury born in Alderney, Guernsey & Jersey

The photos, burial notices, and much of the data on this page are courtesy of descendant TimL-H,
from his research on Guernsey, and at the Priaulx Library;
my thanks for his generosity - C.

Captain Helier Le Cheminant & Marie Sanford

My thanks to Rootsweb Channel-Islands listers for these (*).

(Captain) Helier LE CHEMINANT (father: Pierre) *
m. Marie SANFORD 15 June 1786, Alderney
(father: Jean, mother: Marie ROBILLIARD)
m. Henry LE PATOUREL 8 April 1806, Alderney
Marie Robilliard LE CHEMINANT *
m. Jean TILBURY 30 July 1812, Alderney
Marie SANFORD (widow of Helier LE CHEMINANT) *
m.(2) Pierre Thoume LE CHEMINANT 24 October 1802, Alderney
b. 26 December 1769 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
(father: Pierre, mother: Rachel THOUME)


The Family Tree

John (Jean) TILBURY, Of, St. Peter Port, Guernsey b. c.1787 England
d. post-21 October 1838, pre-1861; 'Of, Saint Peter Port, Guernsey'
m. Mary Robilliard LE CHEMINANT 30 July 1812, Alderney
b. c.1787 Of, St. Peter Port, Guernsey; burial: 21 October 1838
[other children 1812-1815?]
Hilary TILBURY b. c.1816 Alderney; d. 28 August 1874 Guernsey (Merchant) (also of Essequebo, British Guiana)
m. Sophia Gore PIGUENIT; b. c.1832 St. Kitts; d. 4 November 1874 Guernsey
Emma TILBURY b. c.1819
m. Thomas Sleque MAUGER b. 24 April 1815 Guernsey (Master of Guernsey Town Hospital)
(Father: Thomas MAUGER, Master of Town Hospital, Mother: Judith SLEQUE*)
Thomas Hilary MAUGER b. 13 September 1845 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
(Sugar planter in Demerara*)
Charles Jean MAUGER b. 7 December 1846 St. Peter Port, Guernsey [d. pre-1859?]
Emma Selina MAUGER b. 26 June 1848 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
William Henry MAUGER b. 13 March 1850 Truchot, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Sophia Tilbury MAUGER b. c.1855 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Charles J. B. MAUGER b. c.1859 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
John Barry TILBURY b. c.1824; d. 1866 age 42 Guernsey (also of Essequebo, British Guiana)
Selina Mary TILBURY b. c.1831; d. 18 March 1870 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
m. T[homas]. H[ughes]. G[ordon]. FOWLER 'of Demerara' (Essequebo, British Guiana)
Sophia Mary FOWLER b. c.1863; d. 18 March 1870 ('only surviving child')
Adelina TILBURY b. c.1833 St. Peter Port; d. 18 February 1890 St. Peter Port, Guernsey

* Elizabeth College Register, 1824-1873


1837 - Dreadful Accident at Guernsey

From "The Examiner" London, Sunday, July 30

On Friday last a party of gentlemen, composed of Mr. E. B. HAWKER, son of General HAWKER, Dr REID, of London, Mr. MILES, of London, Mr. D. TAYLOR, and Mr. TILBURY, jun., embarked at Guernsey on board a small yacht called the Louisa, and went over to the island of Sark on pleasure. On their return, about 8 o'clock in the evening, and when off l'Ile des Marchands, Mr. HAWKER, who was standing near the rigging, saw some seagulls hovering about the vessel, and called out to one of the gentlemen to shoot the birds, with this remark, "I do not think there are any shots in the gun." Upon his saying so, one of the company took hold of the gun by the muzzle and raised it in an inclined direction, as if to ascertain whether there were shots in it or not, and at that moment it exploded, and, as Mr. HAWKER had his arm raised at the time, the whole of the contents lodged in the pit of the right arm, and he fell a lifeless corpse into the arms of Mr. TILBURY. The deceased was about 25 years of age, and was married to Major JOHNSTONE's daughter in November last.


Jean Tilbury & Mary Robilliard Le Cheminant

The places of birth/dates for the children of John TILBURY (b. England c.1780) and Mary R. LE CHEMINANT (of Alderney) seem to suggest earlier connections with Alderney; son Hilary (eldest child?) was born there - did Mary go to her parents for the birth, or were she and John living there?

1841 Census: St. Peter Port, Guernsey (local transcription, online)

A John TILBURY is listed with what appear to be the three youngest members of his family. My thanks to the creator of the Channel Islands' 1841 Census website for this information.

"In Guernsey it was common for the women to use their maiden names after marriage on official documents. In some cases in the census you may find a family where the wife gives her maiden name."

District 7: "Glategny, Esplanade from Well Road to Paris Street, Well Road, Costils Lane Voloreus, Canishen including Bosq Lane"

lvg. Bruce Lane:
John TILBURY age 50 (Watch M[aker]) E[nglish]
- Emma age 20 (Ind) Y
- Adelina age 13 Y
- Selina age 11 Y
Hester Freeman age 19 (School M[istress]) E[nglish]

Y = b. Guernsey

JohnT's Census entry is on this page
Abbreviations, notes about the Census

The Alderney Post Office

A John TILBURY, watchmaker, ran the local Post Office from 1848; read the history on JohnT of Nottingham's pages (illustrated with a postage stamp of a subsequent Post Office in Alderney High street):
The Tilbury Magazine

However, the Census for Alderney mentions 2 Post Mistresses:

1841: Grosnez street, Alderney (District 1)

Martha LE PATOUREL age 50 (Post? Mistress) Y [b. Alderney]
Ann LE [--] age 48 (Post Mistress) E[nglish]

High street was in Districts 2 & 3.

1851: 'The Alderney Guide' by Louisa Lane Clarke

Post Office, High-street
   John TILBURY, Postmaster
   John TILBURY, High street

1851: High Street, St. Anne (civil parish), Alderney

John TILBURY b. c.1787 England (Head, widower) (Post master)
- Selina TILBURY b. c.1831 Guernsey (Daughter, unmarried) (Assistant at Post Office)

Alex Glendinning's Alderney Pages


Hilary Tilbury & Sophia Piguenit

Hilary TILBURY's parents were Jean TILBURY and Mary Robilliard LE CHEMINANT, according to the burial register.

Hilary TILBURY seems absent from the 1851 Census; was he in Guiana?

m. Sophia Gore PIGUENIT of St. Kitts

My thanks to DeirdreT for the following:

Sophia arrived in New York 18 May 1853, age 20, from Demerara, British Guyana, on board the ship "Princeton".
Her occupation: a lady.
Destination: John.
Place of origin: John.
Hilary TILBURY - occupation: a gentleman, age 30 - was travelling with her.

Origin + Destination: 'John' - might these have referred to John Barry TILBURY (origin) and John TILBURY snr. (destination)?

1861 Census

lvg. Nashville, Rohais Road, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Hilary TILBURY (male) age 45 b. (1816) Alderney (West Indian Merchant)
Sophia G. TILBURY (Wife) age 30 b. St. Kitts*, West Indies
Sarah A. WHITE age 22 b. England (Servant)
Rachel A.[M.] HILLMAN age 19 b. Guernsey (Cook)

* St. Kitts (St. Christopher) was colonised in 1623 by the English, and a year later French colonials arrived. Once English and French had disposed of the local Caribbean population, who declined to work in the sugar-cane plantations, they brought in slave-labour. Subsequent battles caused control of the island to pass between English/British and French, until the Treaty of Paris in 1783 gave control to the British. In addition to damage by earthquakes and hurricanes, a fire destroyed much of St. Kitts in 1876.

Mackenzie & Co. Directory

1867 lvg. "Zorg", Rohais Road
1869, 1870 lvg. Browhill, Rohais Road

1871: Browhill*, Rohais Road, St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Hilary TILBURY b. c.1817 Alderney (West Indian Merchant)
Sophia G. TILBURY b. c.1831 St. Kitts, West Indies (Wife)
+ servants

* 'Ancestry' gives the address as Nash villa. From research by TimL-H in Guernsey, June 2006, Hilary & Sophia were living at Browhill: "these two properties (now Nashville House and Browhill) - very nice Georgian houses - are adjacent to each other and both still extant".

The Houses in Rohais Road, 2006

Nashville House


Brow Hill

Brow Hill is to the left of Nashville House and is at the brow of the hill at the top of Rohais Road. It took me three-quarters of an hour to find these houses as Rohais Road consists of three parts - naturally they were in the third part! (TimL-H)

Both Hilary and Sophia were living at Brow Hill, Rohais Road, Guernsey, at the time of their deaths (see 'Gravestones' below). Registers at the Priaulx Library give details of their last illnesses.

Hilary TILBURY (Merchant / Marchand) (parents: John TILBURY & Mary Robilliard LE CHEMINANT) d. 28 August 1874 age 58 yrs 5 mths at Rohais Road; cause of death: Dropsy (hydropsie); burial: 1 September 1874, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey

From the webmaster of the 'British Guiana Colonists Index' (see below):

Appeared in The British Guiana Colonist for Wednesday 7 October 1874
- Sept. 28th, at Guernsey, Hilary TILBURY, late of Essequebo, Demerara.

Sophia Gore PIGUENIT (Widow of Hilary TILBURY) d. 4 November 1874 age 42 at Rohais Road; cause of death: Heart disease (maladie de coeur); burial: 10 November 1874, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey

Memorial Card

In memory of
who died 4th November 1874 aged 42 years.
Interred in Foulon Vale Cemetery with her husband
10th November 1874.

The Piguenit Family

TimL-H sent these details of Sophia's family, Huguenot by extraction (see Guestbook entries for contact).

Samuel PIGUENIT (Purser in the British Navy)
m. Rebecca BURT of St Kitts
James George PIGUENIT of St Kitts
From a manuscript list of Barristers and Judges:
James George PIGUENIT, son of Samuel, admitted to the Middle Temple 14 October 1814
called to the Bar 27 January 1826
appointed a Puisne Judge in St. Christopher's
From 'The Gentleman's Magazine' - Marriages, December 1829 (p.558):
"At Boxwell, Gloucestershire, J. G. Piguenit, Barrister-at-law, to Mary Anne, eldest dau. of the late Hon. Geo. Tyson, of St. Christopher's."
At the time of the 1841 Census James and his family were living at 47 Upper Baker Street, Marylebone, London - Sophia was said to be 10 years old.
James George Burt PIGUENIT
m. Anne Frederica PLAGEMANN
Haidee Irene PIGUENIT
m. Charles Edward LACY-HULBERT

Sophia Gore PIGUENIT
m. Hilary TILBURY
(I don't know where they married, there seem to have been no children - Tim)

"My family tree was begun by Charles HULBERT who set himself up, in the Napoleonic Wars, as a printer in Shrewsbury. He published his memoirs in 1853 as a series of letters to his son and this included family history going back to the 1600s - TimL-H."


Emma Tilbury & Thomas Sleque Mauger
Adelina Tilbury

1841: Hospital, St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Fo.20 Pg.1)

Thomas S. MAUGER age 30 (Master) (Y) [b. Guernsey]
(followed by a list of staff & inmates)
Census entry on the 'Jersey Maid' website

Emma Tilbury b. c.1819
m. Thomas Sleque Mauger (IGI)

- Thomas Hilary MAUGER b. 13 September 1845 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
- Charles Jean MAUGER b. 7 December 1846 St. Peter Port, Guernsey [d. pre-1859?]
- Emma Selina MAUGER b. 26 June 1848 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
- William Henry MAUGER b. 13 March 1850 Truchot, St. Peter Port, Guernsey

From the Register of Elizabeth College, Guernsey (boys school)*

Thomas Sleque MAUGER b. 24 April 1815 Guernsey; left 1833
(father: Thomas - Master, Town Hospital - mother: Judith SLEQUE)
Thomas Hilary MAUGER b. 13 September 1845 Guernsey; left 1859.
Also at school at Granville; sugar planter in Demerara.

"An Essay on the Laws of Real Property in Guernsey"

Printed in 1841 by T. J. MAUGER, Constitution Steps, Guernsey

1851: St. Peter Port, Guernsey

lvg. [Hospital] St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Thomas S. MAUGER b. c.1815 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Master)

lvg. 5 Sarnia Place, Truchot House
Emma MAUGER b. c.1818 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Head, Wife of Master of Hospital)
- Thomas H. MAUGER b. c.1846 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
- Charles J. MAUGER b. c.1847 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
- Emma S. MAUGER b. c.1849 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
- William H. MAUGER b. c.1850 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Adelina TILBURY b. c.1829 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Sister, unmarried)

1861: Guernsey

lvg. [Hospital] St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Thomas S. MAUGER b. c.1816 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Master)

Listed with: John BALL age 82, Ann AGNEW age 70, Charles McBRIDE age 70, Rachel SINGLETON age 69, Edward MITCHELL age 63, Gertrude BEARE age 60, John CARRI age 42, Thomas BLONDELL age 32, William SARRE age 14, Celie Ann ARNOLD age 9.

lvg. Ash Grove (between Columbia Terrace & York Place), St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Emma MAUGER b. c.1819 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Head, Hospital Master's Wife)
- Sophia T. MAUGER b. c.1855 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Scholar)
- Charles J. B. MAUGER b. c.1859 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Adeline TILBURY b. c.1829 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Sister, unmarried, no occupation)
+ Mary Ann WHITE b. c.1845 (Servant)

Emma [TILBURY]MAUGER appears to have died between 1861 and 1871.

1871: St. Peter Port, Guernsey

At the Hospital and Poor House with its Lunatic Asylum
Thomas S. MAUGER b. c.1816 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Governor, Widower; Printer & Compositor)
+ Inmates: about 150 adults plus children

lvg. 1 Clementia [?] Place, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Adelina TILBURY b. c.1833 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Head, unmarried, Annuitant)
- Sophia T. MAUGER b. c.1856 St. Peter Port, Guernsey (Niece, Scholar)

1881: Brow Hill, St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Adelina TILBURY b. c.1833 St. Peters Port, Guernsey (Head, Annuitant)
- Sophia T. MAUGER b. c.1856 St. Peters Port, Guernsey (Niece, Annuitant)
+ Emily WHITE b. c.1856 St. Sampsons, Guernsey (General Servant)

at the adjacent property of Nashville:
A. M. ARMSTRONG b. c.1807 West Indies (Head, widower, Annuitant)
- A. C. T. ARMSTRONG b. c.1841 England (Son, unmarried, Annuitant)
+ Julia BLEWITT (Nurse, S), Julia TOSSE (General Servant), Bertha COHEVEKE (General Servant)

Adelina TILBURY (Spinster) (parents: John TILBURY) d. 18 February 1890 age 60 at Gore House, Rocquettes, St Peter Port; cause of death: Bronchitis; burial: 21 February 1890, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey

Sophia Tilbury MAUGER (parents: Thomas MAUGER & Emma TILBURY) d. 6 April 1916 age 60 yrs 6 mths at Rohais; cause of death: Apoplexy; burial: 10 April 1916, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey

Variations across the listings: MANGER, MAYER, MARYER, TILBURG, FELBURY (IGI, censuses).


John Barry Tilbury

It appears that John was in Demerara in the early 1850s (see 'Hilary' above); to date the only traces of his life are on the family gravestone:

"... brother John Barry TILBURY who died 5 July 1866 aged 42"

and from a British Guiana researcher (colonial index website, see below):

The British Guiana Colonist for Tuesday 7 August 1866 [obituaries]
"On the 6th July, at his brother's residence, Rohals [Rohais] Rd., Guernsey, John Barry TILSBURY [sic], Esq., late of this colony, aged 43."

John Barry TILBURY (Merchant) (parents: John TILBURY & Mary R. LE CHEMINANT) d. 5 July 1866 age 43* at Rohais, St. Peter Port; cause of death: Tropical fever; burial: 9 July 1866, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey

* There is a discrepancy here between the age on the headstone, 42 and this entry. However checking out the Civil Death record also confirms John Barry TILBURY’s age as 43 years - TimLH.


Selina Mary Tilbury & T. H. G. Fowler

As for her brother John Barry above, little is known of Selina Mary TILBURY's adult life; from the census her dob. was c.1831; and the second gravestone gives her date of death: 18 March 1870, St. Peter Port, Guernsey.

The same gravestone gives the name of her husband, T. H. G. FOWLER 'of Demerara' together with that of their 'only surviving child' Sophia Mary FOWLER b. c.1863; d. 18 March 1870, age 7 years. Were the other FOWLER children born in Demerara? Did Selina and Sophia return to Guernsey after T. H. G. died? More information about them would be welcomed.

From the webmaster of the 'British Guiana Colonists Index' (see below):

British Guiana
1823: Book Subscription:
- FOWLER, Thos. [circumstantially the same person]
1845: From the Royal Gazette for Thursday 30 October
British Guiana Voters List [includes]
- FOWLER, Thomas H. L. [sic].
1854: Justices of the Peace, Essequebo
- FOWLER, Thomas Hughes Gordon, Planter, Arabian Coast.
1860 British Guiana Directory
- FOWLER, T. H. G., Manager of [unspecified] sugar estate.

Sophia Mary FOWLER (parents: Thomas Hughes G. FOWLER & Selina Mary TILBURY) d. 27 April 1865 age 7 yrs 2 mths at Rohais Road; cause of death: Disease of brain; burial: 1 May 1865, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey.

Selina Mary TILBURY (Widow of Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER) (parents: John TILBURY & Mary Robilliard LE CHEMINANT) d. 18 March 1870 age 39 yrs 8 mths at Clarendon Pl., Rohais Road; cause of death: Bronchitis; burial 22 March 1870, Foulon Cemetery, Guernsey.


Thomas Hughes Gordon Fowler

Guestbook entry, July 2010, from Fowler BEATTIE descendant Jeanne in Ottawa, Canada (see gbk for contact):

"Sophia Fowler BEATTIE (1822-), who married Dr. Alexander FOWLER (1820-1889) (possible brother of T.H.G. FOWLER), was my GGGrandmother's sister. Interestingly enough, Sophia's middle name is shown as "Fowler" in the FamilySearch entry of her marriage to Alexander FOWLER on July 24, 1845, in Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen. She is also listed as Sophia F. FOWLER in the United States census of 1900 as well as the 1910 census.

My GGGrandmother was Mary Leslie BEATTIE. She married Rev. Alexander MANN in Aberdeen in 1840. Rev. & Mrs. MANN lived in Pakenham, Canada, where Sophia and Alexander lived for a while and where most of their children were born." - Jeanne

+ IGI entries:

Alexander BEATTIE
  m. Mary CHARLES 12 December 1807 [Avoch/Rosemarkie], Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
Margaret Charles BEATTIE b. 13, Chr. 25, September 1808 Rosemarkie, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
Sarah BEATTIE b. 30 April, Chr. 4 May, 1810 Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland
John BEATTIE b. 30 October, Chr. 4 November, 1812 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
Elizabeth BEATTIE b. 7, Chr. 15, July 1814 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
Mary Leslie BEATTIE b. 28 January 1816 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
  m. Alexander MANN (Rev.) 1840 Aberdeen, Scotland
Agnes BEATTIE b. 15 July 1817 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
Sophia Fowler BEATTIE b. 1 April 1822 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
  m. Alexander FOWLER 24 July 1845 St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alexandrina BEATTIE b. 18 November 1824 Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland

Guestbook entry, February 2008, and email from FOWLER descendant Lisa in Florida, USA (see gbk for contact):

"I have a Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER in my family tree -- brother of my great, great grandfather, Alexander FOWLER. My Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER was born July 21, 1821 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland to Charles FOWLER and Sarah Ann DEADMAN (most likely the same person as the one you’ve been researching)."

"The family moved from Elgin to Aberdeen sometime around 1825.

Charles FOWLER worked as a goldsmith/silversmith (samples of his work can be found on-line) and as a dentist. I believe the parents of Charles FOWLER to be Colin “FOULAR” and Catherine GORDON of Urquhart and Logie Wester, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, but I have not located any records supporting this (my guess is based solely on naming patterns and best guesses at dates).

Likewise, I believe the parents of Sarah Ann DEADMAN to be Samuel DEADMAN and Sarah MORGAN (probably originally from London).

I have not been able to track where each of the children eventually lived in their adult lives, although I do know that Sarah remained in the Aberdeen area, and Alexander and Fyfe moved to Ontario, Canada around 1850.

Another interesting note -- one of the sisters of Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER, Sarah Morgan FOWLER, named her son (according to the 1851 census of Scotland) – Thomas G. H. Fowler RAE.

Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER was a witness at Sarah Morgan FOWLER’s marriage.

The wife of Alexander FOWLER (brother to Thomas Hughes Gordon Fowler) was named Sophia Beattie, which could help explain the name Sophia Mary FOWLER" - Lisa

Charles FOWLER, d. 7 April 1841
  m. Sarah Ann DEADMAN 1 October 1807 St. Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London
Catherine Gordon FOWLER
Sarah Morgan FOWLER
Charles Calder FOWLER
Alexander FOWLER (Dr.) b. 1820, d. 1889
  m. Sophia Fowler BEATTIE b. 1822
Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER b. 21 July, Chr. 9 August, 1821 Elgin, Moray, Scotland; 'of Demerara' B.G.
  m. Selina Mary TILBURY b. c.1831; d. 18 March 1870 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
William Brown FOWLER

Anno 1821, 9th August - FOWLER
Charles FOWLER Goldsmith in Elgin & Sarah Ann DEADMAN his spouse had a child (born 21st July) baptised called Thomas Hughes Gordon. Witnesses Baillies John FORSYTH & Peter NICHOLSON, Mrs. FORSYTH & Mrs. NICHOLSON.

Page 275
After due proclamation of banns, William RAE, Farmer in the Parish of Newhills was, on the Eighth day of February, One Thousand eight hundred and thirty eight Married at Aberdeen to Sarah, daughter of Charles FOWLER, Dentist in Aberdeen, by the Reverend James FOOTE, Minister of East Parish, Aberdeen, in presence of these witnesses - William RAE Sen., Farmer in Newhills and Thomas Hughes Gordon FOWLER, Student in Aberdeen.


British Guiana (Guyana)

A website indexing people associated with British Guiana during the colonial period, contributed by other researchers; list includes John Barry TILSBURY. On-site e-contact if you are able to make a contribution.
Introduction (Home Page)
British Guiana Colonists Index - T

The website of the Guyanese Genealogical Society offers this warning:

"Although the vital records (from 1880 forward) are in Guyana, at present, there is no known way of someone outside the country getting access to them or of ordering copies. Even if one was in Guyana there would be difficulty in accessing records at the National Archives as they are available only on Friday. Too, many of the documents are in very bad condition.
Many researchers have sent written requests to various Government departments but never receive a reply. A very lucky few have had success with writing to churches for their records, but even the churches rarely reply to letters or requests, even when money is offered or enclosed."

There follows, amongst other information, a list of records known to be available in 1941:
Guyanese Genealogical & Biographical Society: Sources of vital records


The Gravestones

In April 2007 TimL-H found two family gravestones in Le Foulon cemetery, Guernsey, after contacts with the Priaulx Library - Plot V.5 for the TILBURYs, and adjacent Plot V.6 for the FOWLERs.

Sacred to the memory of a beloved brother
who died 5th July 1866 aged 42
Also of
his brother who died 28th Aug 1874 aged 58
Also of
sister of the above died Feb 18th 1890
Also of
widow of HILARY
died 4th Nov 1874 aged 42 years
Also of
died 6th April 1916
In Memory of
only surviving child
of the late T. H. G. FOWLER of Demerara
died 27th April 1865 aged 7 years
Not my will but thine be done
Also of
mother and widow of the above
died 18th March 1870 aged 39 years


Other Tilburys with links to the Channel Islands

1871 Census

lvg. Lambeth, London
James TILBREY/TELBREY b. c.1829 Lambeth (Head, spouse of Maryann/Mary Ann)
Maryann/Mary Ann TILBREY/TELBREY b. c.1820 Jersey, Channel Islands (Wife of James)

James & Maryann above do not seem to appear in any other Census.

lvg. Cheshire
Hannah FILBURY b. c.1864 Jersey, Channel Islands

Supposing the transcription of 'Jersey' to be accurate, FILBURY was often a misreading/variant of TILBURY.

1881 (LDS): Fort Regent Barracks, St. Helier, Jersey

Charles TILBURY (U) age 19 b. England (Private, 2nd Batt. 12th Regt.)


1861: household, reg. dist. Guernsey (findmypast)

John GARDNER jnr. age 29
Caroline GARDNER age 27
- Caroline GARDNER age 2
- Alice GARDNER age 1
- John GARDNER age 0

1881 (LDS): wkg. at Woodend House, Soberton, Hampshire

Alice GARDNER (U) age 21 b. Guernsey, Channel Islands (House Maid, Domestic Servant)
Henry L. TILBURY (U) age 18 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire (Footman, Servant)
Frederick A. HAWKER, Head age 29 b. Australia (Land Owner)
wife, 2 children, 3 other servants

From FreeBMD:

m. Henry James TILBURY 4Q 1881 (Lambeth 1d/734)

Henry James TILBURY b. 4Q 1860 (Farnham 2a/68)

1891: lvg. 1 Ivy Cottages, Alverstoke, Hampshire (from CD)

Henry TILBURY Head age 30 b. Gosport, Hampshire (General Labourer)
Alice TILBURY Wife age 30 b. Guernsey, Channel Islands
- Laura A. TILBURY Dau age 9 b. Westminster, Middlesex (Scholar)
- Elsie M. TILBURY Dau age 7 b. Gosport, Hampshire (Scholar)
- Lilian A. TILBURY Dau age 6 b. Gosport, Hampshire (Scholar)
- Alan H. TILBURY Son age 4 b. Gosport, Hampshire
- Clifford D. TILBURY Son age 2 b. Gosport, Hampshire
- Albany J. TILBURY Son age 2 mths b. Gosport, Hampshire

1901: lvg. Alverstoke, Southampton (NA London)

Alice TILBURY age 40 b. Guernsey, Channel Islands (Laundress)
- Elsie TILBURY age 18 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire (Laundress)
- Allen TILBURY age 14 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire (Shoemaker Apprentice)
- Clifford TILBURY age 12 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire
- Albany TILBURY age 10 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire
- [Olive TILBURY age 8 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire]
- [Nina TILBURY age 7 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire]
- [Laurence TILBURY age 4 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire]
- [Doris TILBURY age 2 b. Alverstoke, Hampshire]

lvg. St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
- Lilian TILBURY age 16 b. England (Nurse Domestic)

NB: gives an erroneous entry for 1851:
'John J. TILBURY b. c.1813 Vauxhall, Jersey'
which should read:
'John S. TILBURY b. c.1793 Vauxhall, Surrey (General Accountant)'
All contributions, corrections, most welcome; Census transcriptions may be inaccurate despite the efforts made, and only copies of original documents authenticate information. (December 2005 - May 2007)

Tilbury, Hohenkerk & Fowler in British Guiana

Living Conditions, Climate, Natural History of British Guiana

1841 Census of the Channel Islands

Channel Islands Genealogy

' Tilberia '