William Tilbury, Ship Carpenter

In search of the origins of William the carpenter, who can still not be identified; nor has a baptismal entry ben found for William's son William Henry Tilbury - who was the partner in 'Dagnall & Tilbury' rope and mat makers.
All reasonable suggestions, contributions, to solving the mystery are welcome! (A possible link exists through the marriage of an Eleanor Tilbury - see bottom of page.)

Simon SINCLAIR (mariner) b. Scotland

__m. Ann [--] [b. c.1790?]
2. Mary Ann SINCLAIR b. 6 January 1811, Chr. 8 January 1812 St Paul, Deptford, London
2. Henry SINCLAIR Chr. 18 May 1814 St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London
2. Sarah Amelia SINCLAIR b. 14 November 1819, Chr. 14 March 1819 St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent

William TILBURY (ship carpenter) [b. c.1760-80]

__m. [--]
2. William Henry TILBURY [b. 1813-14]
__m. Sarah* Amelia SINCLAIR 3Q 1837 Chelsea (3/160) (1881: Widow; Annuitant)
__b. 14 November 1819, Chr. 14 March 1819 St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent
__(Father Simon SINCLAIR; Mother Ann); d. 4Q 1887 age 68 Fulham (1a/139)
__(Both buried in Brompton Cemetery, unmarked grave, near Charles DAGNALL's)
__1881: *lvg. 2 Crighton Terrace, Fulham Road, London, Middlesex
Note by Caroline: the above date of approximate birth for WHT appears in census listings.

From "The Times", Wednesday, October 5, 1887
DEATHS - On the 30th Sept., at 36, Iffley-road, Hammersmith, Sarah Amelia, widow of the late W. H. TILBURY, of Walham-green, aged 67. Funeral at Brompton Cemetery, Thursday, October 6th, 3 o'clock.

William Henry TILBURY and Sarah Amelia lived at Camera Square (now part of Beaufort Street) in the early years of their marriage.[right: from Cary's 1787 map]

From "The Pall Mall Gazette" London, Monday, August 21, 1865
MARRIAGES: SUTTON-TILBURY. At St. Luke's, Chelsea, C. SUTTON to Harriet TILBURY, 17th inst.

3. Harri[e]tt TILBURY Chr. 22 July 1838 St Luke, Chelsea, London (4Q 1838 Kensington 3/194)
__m. Charles SUTTON 17 August 1865 St Luke's Chelsea (Civil Service [which?])
__(Father: Robert SUTTON, deceased; Witnesses: E. TILBURY, S.A. TILBURY)(Chelsea 1a/414)
3. Henry TILBURY b. 14 November 1839 Chr. 23 February 1840 St Luke, Chelsea
__m. Martha˛ VOUSDEN 22 January 1862 St Luke's Chelsea, b. c.1840 Goudhurst, Kent
__(Father: James VOUSDEN, confectioner,
__Witnesses: James VOUSDEN, Harriet & Ellen TILBURY)
__1881: ˛lvg. 71 Union St, Southwark St Saviour, Surrey
__+Miriam˛ KING b. c.1861 St Georges East (1881: General Serv, Dom)
4. Harry* Vousden TILBURY b. 1Q 1864 Fulham SW (Kensington 1a/156)
__1881: Solicitor's Clerk
__1895 Post Office Directory
__Henry TILBURY, manufacturing confectioner, (VOUSDEN & TILBURY)
__1899 Post Office Directory:
__VOUSDEN & TILBURY, wholesale confectioners & lozenge makers, 71 Union st, Borough S E
__1905 Post Office Directory:
__VOUSDEN & TILBURY, wholesale confectioners, 71 Union st, Borough S E
__Emigrated to Australia [when?]
__m. [--]
5. [male] TILBURY
__m. [--]
6. Victor TILBURY
4. Martha˛ Ellen (?possibly 'Nellie'?) TILBURY b. 4Q 1865 Fulham SW (Kensington 1a/171)
4. Charles˛ TILBURY b. c.1875 Southwark, Surrey
___+ c.1895 TIP the dog
__1901: Charles TILBURY age 24 b. [...] Surrey, lvg. Paddington - Reader Juries Office
3. Charles TILBURY b. 1842; d. 1843
3. Sarah* Ann TILBURY b. 2Q 1844 Clerkenwell, Middlesex (3/70) (1881: Widow; Annuitant); d. 1917
__(Buried in Brompton Cemetery with William Henry & Sarah Amelia, unmarked grave)

From "The Pall Mall Gazette" London, Tuesday, January 14, 1868
MARRIAGES: WEBB-TILBURY. On the 7th inst., at St. Luke's, Chelsea, by the Rev. Francis SYNGE, Yorick, second son of the Hon. Wm. WEBB, late collector of H.M.'s Customs in Nassau, Bahamas, to Sarah Ann, second daughter of W. H. TILBURY, Esq., of Walham Green, Fulham.
(Also in "The Times" same day)

Hon. William Webb and son Yorick in New Providence, Bahamas

__m. Yorick WEBB 7 January 1868 St Luke, Chelsea (1a/300) [d. pre-1881, where?]
4. William E. WEBB b. [1868] Nassau, Bahamas
__m. (Lillian) Augusta [--] 3Q 1891 London City (1c/68) (see 1901 below) b. [1873] Kensington, Middlesex
5. Yorick Jack WEBB b. 1900 Barnsbury, Middlesex
__m. 1927; d. 1965
5. Edward Bruce WEBB b. [1905] Willesden, Middlesex
5. Barbara Maud WEBB b. [1907] Willesden, Middlesex
4. Florence E. WEBB b. [1872] West Indies
4. Harry P. S. WEBB b. [1874] West Indies
3. Ellen TILBURY b. 1846

From "The Pall Mall Gazette" London, Saturday, August 15, 1868
MARRIAGES: MATTHEWS-TILBURY. On Tuesday, the 11th inst., at St. Luke's, Chelsea, Geo. Wm. MATTHEWS, of the "Gardeners' Chronicle", to Ellen, third daughter of W. H. TILBURY, Esq., of Farm Cottage, Fulham.

__m. George William MATTHEWS 11 August 1868 St Luke, Chelsea (1a/430)
__Ellen MATTHEWS d. 2Q 1879 age 34 Westminster (1a/325)
3. Mary* Ann Sophia TILBURY b. c.1848 Chelsea, Middlesex
__m. George William MATTHEWS 3Q 1884 Fulham (1a/448)
3. Elizabeth Justina TILBURY b. 1850 Chelsea, Middlesex
__m. Henry Hopkins PURVIS 3Q 1874 Kensington (1a/34) (Oil & Color Merchant)
__b. c.1845 St Anns, Middlesex (1881/1901: Oil & Color Mcht)
__1881: lvg. 63 Carleton Rd, London, Middlesex (Henry's brother Thomas & family at no.33)
4. Henry Tilbury PURVIS b. 3Q 1875 St Lukes, Middlesex (Pancras 1b/195) (1881: Scholar)
__d. 4Q 1889 age 14 Barnet (3a/134)
+May JENKINS b. c.1855 Verzan, Cornwall (1881: unmarried; Housemaid, Dom Serv)
+Elizabeth CRANEFIELD b. c.1858 Strand, Middlesex (1881: unmarried; Cook, Dom Serv)
3. William Robert TI(E)LBURY b. 11 January 1853 Chelsea, Middlesex (1881/1901: Bone Brush Maker); d. 1930

See WRT's 'Rob Roy' Tilbury Toothbrushes' exhibition at the Dental Association Museum, link via 'Tilberia'

From "Stewart's Hand Book of the Pacific Islands" by Percy Stafford Allen, 1922, (McCarron, Stewart & Co) p. iii
"Tilbury's English Tooth-brushes"

From "The Pall Mall Gazette" London, Monday, August 7, 1876
MARRIAGES: TILBURY-HICKMAN. At St. Mark's, Kennington, William R., son of the late Mr. H. R. TILBURY, of Walham-green, to Alice S., daughter of Mr. J. G. HICKMAN, of Kennington Park, Aug. 3.

__m. Alice Sarah HICKMAN 3Q 1876 Lambeth (1d/534), b. c.1854 Kennington, Surrey
__1881: lvg. 134 King Edwards Rd, "Earl Derby" public house, London, Middlesex
+Louisa Acklaide [Adelaide] CHIN b. c.1858 Wanstead, Essex (Cook, Domestic Servant)
__1901: lvg. Chingford, Essex
4. Marguerite TILBURY b. c.1878 Hackney, Middlesex
4. John TILBURY b. c.1882 London (1901: Stock Exchange Clerk)
__m. [--]
5. Issue
1901: [Hitchen Hotel?] (Berisal) Sevenaoks, Kent
John TILBERY age 18 b. Enfield, Middlesex, Nephew (Stockbrokers Clerk)
Walter F. HICKMAN age 39 Head b. Lambeth, London (Member of ths Stock Exchange, Agent, Employer)
Jane HICKMAN age 46 Wife b. Caersws, Montgomeryshire, Wales
- Jennie G. HICKMAN age 8
- Davis HICKMAN age 6
- Walter P. HICKMAN age 5
- Norah HICKMAN age 3
- Dorris HICKMAN age 7 months
Netta DONALDSON age 20 b. Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, Wales, Niece
Servants: Sarah Jeffries, Dressmaker; Annie Jones, Housemaid; Margaret Jones, Housemaid; Ethel Kingham, Governess; Ada Savory, Nurse
4. William Robert TILBURY b. 4Q 1884 (Edmonton 3a/377)
__1901: lvg. Lambeth, b. Lambeth of London (Carman); d. 1979
__m. [post 1902?]
5. Issue
__1914: Kelly's Directory of Middlesex
__William R. TILBURY lvg. Dene [End], Oakleigh Park N., Whetstone N. (Friern Barnet)

Passenger List, 1929 - Ports of, departure: Avonmouth, UK; arrival: Kingston, Jamaica
TILBURY William Robert age 75, TILBURY Marguerite age 50

3. (Edwin)* Arthur TILBURY b. [4Q 1854 Chelsea, Middlesex (1a/132)] (1881: Wool Stapler)
__Emigrated to Canada 1887
__m. Jane [--], emigrated to Canada from England 1889
__1901 Canadian Census: lvg. Winnipeg (city), Manitoba, Ward 4 (d-3:7.34-6/68)
__E. A. TILBURY age 46, Head, b. England 28 September 1854 (Caretaker)
__Jane TILBURY age 47, Wife, b. England 3 January 1853
__(+ Geo MILLER, lodger)
Note by Caroline: family 'mythology' included possible children Charles and Mabel for Edwin; however, in 1901 there were no children with Edwin and Jane, and Jane was age 47. There was another family in Winnipeg, and from the date of birth and name of the head of household, they may have been Edwin's brother Alfred and wife Gertrude (possibly married in Canada), who had children Sinclair, Mabel, Constance, Charles and Gertrude:
3. Alfred Samuel (1881: Samuel* A.) TILBURY b. 3Q 1857 Fulham, Middlesex (Kensington 1a/117) (1881: Mat Manufacturer)
__See "Dagnall & Tilbury", mat makers: Samuel TILBURY, instructor in Pentonville model prison
__1901 Canadian Census: lvg. Winnipeg (city), Manitoba, Ward 1 (a-3:3.4-8)
__Alf S. TILBURY, Head b. England 15 June 1857, age 43 (emigrated 1884) (Miller)
__Gertrude S. TILBURY, Wife b. England 26 August 1868, age 32 (emigrated 1884)
4. Sinclair TILBURY, Son b. Manitoba 9 October 1892, age 8
4. Mabel B. TILBURY, Daughter b. Manitoba 11 June 1895, age 5
4. Constance TILBURY, Daughter b. Manitoba 22 July 189,7 age 4
__1906 Canadian Census: Selkirk district, Manitoba (5:25/19-25)
__Alfred TILBURY age 50
__Gertrude TILBURY age 38
__Sinclair TILBURY age 13
__Mabel TILBURY age 11
__Constance TILBURY age 9
4. Chas. TILBURY age 4
4. Gertrude M. TILBURY age 1
__1911 Canadian Census: Saskatchewan, Qu Appelle
__Alfred TILBURY b. Jun 1857 England, Head
__Gertrude TILBURY b. Aug 1868 England, Wife
__Sinclair TILBURY b. Oct 1893 Manitoba, Son
__Mabel TILBURY b. Oct 1896 Manitoba, Daughter
__Constance TILBURY b. Oct 1898 Manitoba, Daughter
__Charles TILBURY b. Nov 1902 Manitoba, Son
__Gertrude TILBURY b. May 1905 Manitoba, Daughter
3. Emma Fanny TILBURY b. 1Q 1859 Kensington (1a/127) (1901: b. Walham Green)

From "The Pall Mall Gazette" London, Tuesday, February 1, 1881
MARRIAGES: WALDEN-TILBURY. At St. John the Evangelist's, Hammersmith, Frederick, son of Mr. Samuel J. WALDEN, Walham-green, S.W., to Emma, daughter of the late Mr. W. H. TILBURY, Walham-green, S.W., Jan. 29.

__m. Frederick Walter WALDEN 1Q 1881 Fulham (1a/336), b. c.1855 Walham Green, London
__(1881: Commercial Traveller Distillary; 1901: Traveller Domes Spirts)
__1881: lvg. 2 Rosier Villa, London, Middlesex
__+Annie J. PHILLPOT b. c.1864 Bristol (1881: Domestic Servant)
__1901: lvg. Wimbledon, Surrey
4. Guy Tilbury WALDEN b. 4Q 1881 Hammersmith, London (Fulham 1a/240)
__(1901: 'Gary'; Clerk Ship Owners Office)
4. Spencer Walden WALDEN b. 3Q 1883 Hammersmith, London (Fulham 1a/234) (1901: Clerk Bank)
__[Frederick Spencer WALDEN b. 3Q 1877 (Fulham 1a/236)]
4. Percy Sinclair WALDEN b. 4Q 1884 Hammersmith, London (Fulham 1a/187) (1901: Clerk Druggists)
__m. Primmie TREMAYNE 3Q 1909 Falmouth, Cornwall (5c/277)
__(Double wedding: Ida Annie MOSS m. William TREMAYNE)
3. Edward James TILBURY b./d. 3Q 1862 Kensington (1a/133)/(1a/89)
1861 reg. dist. Kensington: household
William H. TILBURY age 47
- Harriet TILBURY age 22
- Henry TILBURY age 21
- Sarah A. TILBURY b. Clerkenwell age 17
- Ellen TILBURY b. Chelsea age 14
- Mary A. S. TILBURY b. Chelsea age 12
- Elizabeth J. TILBURY b. Chelsea age 10
- William R. TILBURY b. Chelsea age 8
- Arthur E. TILBURY b. Chelsea age 6
- Alfred S. TILBURY age 4
- Emma F. TILBURY age 2
Mary JACOBS age 23


1865, 17 August 1865, St. Luke's Chelsea
Harriet Tilbury m. Charles Sutton (Civil servant), (father: Robert Sutton, deceased)
Witnesses: E. Tilbury, S. A. Tilbury


A William Henry TILBURY was b. 1Q 1867 St. Geo. Hanover Squ. (1a/301)
d. 1Q 1868 age 1 Westminster (1a/258) - whose child?


1881: Rose Hill, Rushden, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Annie SELF, Head (Single) age 26 b. [1855] London, Middlesex (School Mistress)
Emma V. E. SEEL, Boarder (Single) age 25 b. [1856] London, Middlesex (School Mistress)
Florence E. WEBB, Boarder age 9 b. [1872] West Indies (Scholar)
Harry P. S. WEBB, Boarder age 7 b. [1874] West Indies (Scholar)
1891: Weltze Road, Hammersmith, London
Sarah A. WEBB, Head (Widow) age 47 b. [1844] London, Middlesex
- William E. WEBB, Son age 22 b. [1869] West Indies (Clerk)
- Florence E. WEBB, Daughter age 19 b. 1872 West Indies
- Harry P. S. WEBB, Son age 17 b. 1874 West Indies (Engine Maker)
William R. TILBURY, Brother (Married) age 37 b. [1854] London, Middlesex ('Brush Maker)
1901: 25, Clifford Gardens, Willesden, Middlesex
Sarah WEBB, Head (Widow) age 57 b. [1844] Clerkenwell, London
Florence E. WEBB, Daughter (Single) age 29 b. [1872] Bahamas (Florists Assistant, worker)
1901: 17, Milman Road, Willesden, Middlesex
William E. WEBB, Head age 32 b. [1869] West Indies (British), (Furniture Salesman)
Augusta L. WEBB, Wife age 28 b. [1873] Kensington, Middlesex
- Yorrick J. WEBB, Son age 8 mths. b. [1900] Barnsbury, Middlesex
1911: 14, Wrentham Avenue, Willesden, Middlesex (7 rooms)
William Edward WEBB, Head age 42 b. [1869] Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, West Indies (British Subject)(Furniture Salesman, worker)
Lillian Augusta WEBB, Wife (Married 10 yrs., 3 children b. alive, lvg.) age 38 b. [1873] Forest Hill
- Edward Bruce WEBB, Son age 6 b. [1905] Willesden
- Barbara Maud WEBB, Daughter age 4 b. [1907] Willesden
1911: Trull, Taunton, Somerset
- Yorick Jack WEBB, School, age 10 b. [1901] London

From "The Times", Monday, Nov 16, 1931: p. 3 - LEGAL NOTICES
Pursuant to the Trusts Act 1925. Notice is hereby given that all persons having any CLAIMS or DEMANDS against (a) the ESTATE OF CHARLES WEBB late of 60 Pepys Road New Cross London and formerly of 125 Old Broad Street London Stockbroker who died on the 7th November 1929 and whose Will (with two Codicils) was proved in the Principal Probate Registry on the 7th January 1930 by John Oswald JOBSON, Robert TILBERY and Frank Ernest HOLLOWAY, the Executors, or (b) the ESTATE of HELENA ELIZA WEBB, Spinster, late of 60 Pepys Road aforesaid who died on the 26th June 1931 and whose Will (with one Codicil) was proved in the said Registry on the 10th September 1931 by the said John Oswald JOBSON, Frank Ernest HOLLOWAY and Robert TILBURY, the Executors, are hereby required to send particulars of their claims and demands to the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said Executors, by the 24th January 1932, after which date the distribution of the respective assets of both the above named deceased persons will proceed among the persons respectively entitled thereto having regard only the the claims and demands of which notice shall then have been received. - Date this 13th November 1931.
BOLTON JOBSON & YATE-LEE, 2 Temple Gardens, Temple, E.C.4.

The Vousden Family

1862, 22 January, St. Luke's Chelsea
Henry Tilbury m. Martha Vousden (father: James Vousden, confectioner),
Witnesses: James Vousden, Harriet & Ellen Tilbury

1881: also lvg 71 Union St, Southwark St Saviour, Surrey
James VOUSDEN b. c.1820 Goudhurst, Kent (1881: Wholesale Confectioner)
__m. Sarah [--] b. c.1817 Hunsdon, Hertford
Apart from the several VOUSDENs b. Goudhurst and employed in agriculture, in 1881 there were:
Mary Ann VOUSDEN (U) b. c.1844 - Hospital Day Nurse, St Thomas Hospital, Lambeth, Surrey
Chas. VOUSDEN (U) b. c.1854 - Constable Met.Police, Royal Victoria Victualling Y D, Deptford St Paul, Kent
John VOUSDEN b. c.1841 - Engine Fitter At Cement Works, Milton In Gravesend, Kent
lvg. with wife Sarah & family at 16 Wellington St

Tilbury - Colyer, Hopkins, Purvis, Watson

Elizabeth Justina TILBURY m. Henry Hopkins PURVIS

__m. Mary Ann WATSON 10 May 1809 Old Church, St Pancras, London
__m. Hannah WATSON 17 June 1813 St Anne Soho, Westminster, London
James PURVIS + Mary
2. James Henry PURVIS b. 24 June 1811, Chr. 13 October 1811 East Malling, Kent
2. Thomas PURVIS Chr. 18 January 1816 East Malling, Kent
James PURVIS + Mary Ann
2. Henry Colyer PURVIS Chr. c.12 January 1814 East Malling, Kent
__d. 4Q 1893 age 81 Islington (1b/177)
__m.(1) Hannah Colyer HOPKINS 4Q 1838 St Pancras (1/239), b. 14 September 1815
__Chr. 22 October 1815 St Anne Soho, Westminster; d. 4Q 1852 St Pancras (1b/83)
__(Father: Thomas HOPKINS, Mother: Hannah)
3. Henry Hopkins PURVIS b. 2 December 1844, Chr. 9 January 1846 St Anne Soho, Westminster
3. Thomas Hopkins PURVIS b. 5 January 1847, Chr. 10 February 1847 St Anne Soho, Westminster
__(1881: Income From Houses & Divds)
__m. Caroline MORTON 3Q 1870 Pancras (1b/84)
4. Caroline Morton PURVIS b. 3Q 1871 Pancras (1b/13[5]6); d. 3Q 1871 age 0 Pancras (1b/ 118)
_1881: lvg. 33 Carleton Rd, London, Middlesex
4. Florence H. PURVIS b. c.1879 Islington, Middlesex
__+Elizabeth GEE b. c.1830 Lichfield, Stafford (1881: unmarried; Cook Dom Serv)
__+Elizabeth WATKINS b. c.1860 Bishops Frome, Hereford (1881: unmarried; Housemaid Dom Serv)
__+Alice CHOAT b. c.1866 Rochford, Essex (1881: unmarried; Nursemaid Dom Serv)
3. James Hopkins PURVIS b. 18 December 1848
__Chr. 10 January 1849 Old Church, St Pancras, London; d. 2Q 1850 St Pancras (1/227)
3. John PURVIS b. 20 September 1852
__Chr. 22 September 1852 Old Church, St Pancras, London; d. 3Q 1852 St Pancras (1b/97)
__m.(2) Harriet Doughty SHARPE 2Q 1854 (West London 1c/119); b. 1823 Wrangle, Lincolnshire see Guestbook entry: descendant
__Harriett Doughty PURVIS d. 4Q 1892 age 65 Islington (1b/128)
3. Edward Doughty PURVIS b. 12 June 1857
__Chr. 22 July 1857 Old Church, St Pancras, London
__(Father: Henry Colyer PURVIS, Mother: Harriet Doughty)
__m. 2Q 1888 (Islington 1b/539)
3. Caroline M. PURVIS b. c.1860 St Pancras, Middlesex
Elsie Doughty PURVIS b. 1Q 1886 (Edmonton 3a/319)
Jessie Doughty PURVIS b. 3Q 1896 (Edmonton 3a/331)
Post Office London Directory, 1841 (Part 1)
HOPKINS & PURVIS, oil and colormen, 20 Greek st (near Little Compton st)

Westminster Archives: Chapter 21: Businesses
"The collections of business records reflect the wide range of commercial activity that has been undertaken in Westminster. There is a particular emphasis on retail activity."

HOPKINS, PURVIS & SONS LTD (formerly Thomas HOPKINS c.1840),
Oil and colour merchants, colour grinders, white lead and varnish merchants,
20 Greek Street, Soho:
Articles of association, 1948; accounts and inventories, 1839-1971; price lists, c.1917-1950; health and safety registers, 1902-1939; correspondence, 1904-1955 (Acc.493)
Letter book, 1891-1894 (Acc.1690)

Referred to in "Two Centuries of Soho: Its Institutions, Firms, and Amusements" by John Henry Cardwell; published 1898 (Truslove & Hanson) OCLC:4601669

An earlier Colyer-Tilbury marriage, in Kent

__m. Elizabeth PHILLIPS
2. Thomas COLYER
__m. Mildred SMITH 22 September 1763, Kent; b. 1739, Kent; d. 4 May 1809
3. Daughter COLYER b. c.1764 Of, Betsham, Kent
3. Daughter COLYER b. c.1768 Of, Betsham, Kent
3. Thomas COLYER b. 1771 Betsham, Kent; d. 21 September 1818 [Kent]
__m. Anne BECKLEY 15 September 1799 , Kent, d. c.1775 Of, Kent
3. John COLYER b. 1778 Betsham, Kent; d. 29 November 1809 [Kent]
__m. Sophia TILBURY 15 September 1799, Kent, b. c.1782 Of Kent

Another Tilbury-Hopkins marriage

Eleanor TILBURY [Linden's Marylebone tree]
__m. William HOPKINS 4Q 1838 Marylebone (1/232)

William Tilbury, Clerk, Cashier, Manufacturer

Dagnall & Tilbury, Rope & Mat Makers

Hon. William Webb & son Yorick in the Bahamas

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