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Rebecca Tilbury m. William Collis

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1. William TILBURY
___m. Mary(ann) [--] c.1800 [Winchester/Twyford], d. St Faith 22 March 1840
______2. Letty TILBURY b. 1 February 1801 St Faith, Hampshire
______2. Isaac TILBURY b. 5 February 1803 St Faith, Hampshire, d. 4Q 1867 age 64 [Winchester 2c/59]
______2. Henry TILBURY b. 20 October 1805 St Faith, Hampshire
______2. Mary TILBURY b. 15 November 1809 St Faith, Hampshire
______2. William TILBURY b. 29 April 1810 St Faith, Hampshire
______2. Hannah TILBURY b. 25 December 1812 St Faith, Hampshire
______2. Susanna TILBURY b. 14 April 1816 St Faith, Hampshire
______2. Rebecca TILBURY b. 22 March 1818 St Faith, Hampshire
_________m. William COLLIS 20 October 1836 Winchester, Hampshire [d. 2Q 1853 - 1Q 1861]
_________Master brother at St Cross, south Winchester, acted as vicar
____________Rebecca COLLIS, 1861/71: Widow; d. 1Q 1878 age 61 [Winchester 2c/67]
____________3. Susan COLLIS b. c.1844 Maidstone, Kent
____________m. Henry RICHARDS b. c.1837 St Brides [Fleet st], London, Middlesex **
_______________[a Henry Thomas RICHARDS d. 2Q 1882 age 44 (Winchester 2c/66)]
_______________4. Rosina RICHARDS b. c.1874 Winchester, Hampshire
_______________4. George RICHARDS b. c.1876 Winchester, Hampshire
_______________4. Robert RICHARDS b. 3Q 1880 Winchester, Hampshire
_______________4. Jessie RICHARDS (f) b. c. 1882 Winchester, Hampshire
____________3. Mary Ann COLLIS b. c.1850 Warwickshire
____________3. George COLLIS b. c.1854 Wales
** see 'Henry RICHARDS' below
1831: Winchester, Saturday December 24
"An inquest was taken by Mr. TODD, on Thursday last, at St. Faith, near Winchester, on the body of William TILBURY, who was found dead. Verdict — Visitation of God."
(Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle, published Monday, December 26, 1831)
1841: lvg. Back Street, St Faith, Hampshire*
Isaac TILBURY, age 35, born in County
St Faith, "...a parish in the hundred of Upper Buddlesgate, and city of Winchester ... includes the places called Bishop and West Sparkford, with the Hospital of St. Cross." [National Gazeteer, 1868])
1851: lvg. parish of St Peter Colebrook, Winchester, Hampshire
Isaac TILBURY b. c.1803 parish of St Cross, Winchester, Hampshire
1861: lvg. 111 Colebrook Street, St Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire
Rebecca [TILBURY] COLLIS, Widow age 46, b. Winchester, Washerwoman
Susan COLLIS, Daughter age 16, b. Kent, Housework
Mary Ann COLLIS, Daughter age 10, b. Warwickshire, Scholar
George COLLIS, Son age 6, b. Wales, Scholar
Isaac TILBURY, Lodger (Unmarried) age 58, b. Winchester, Disabled Labourer (Deaf)
1871: lvg. 14 Staple Gardens, St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire
Rebecca [TILBURY] COLLIS, Lodger, Widow age 54, b. Winchester, Hampshire, Charwoman
1881: lvg. 14 Staple Gardens, Winchester, Hampshire
Henry RICHARDS, Head age 43,. b. St Brides, Wiltshire, General Laborer **
Susan RICHARDS, Wife age 36, b. Maidstone, Kent, Laundress
Roseina RICHARDS, Daughter age 6, b. Winchester, Hampshire
George RICHARDS, Son age 4, b. Winchester, Hampshire
Robert RICHARDS, Son age 10m, b. Winchester, Hampshire
Ellen PAGE, Servant (Unmarried) age 18, b. Winchester, Hampshire, General Servant
Amelia JEFFERY, Servant (Unmarried) age 18, b. Winchester, Hampshire, General Servant
Charlotte BRAY, Lodger, Widow age 75, b. Wherwell, Hampshire, Parish Relief
** see 'Henry RICHARDS' below
1891: lvg. 14 Staple Gardens, Parish of St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire
Susan RICHARDS, Head, Widow age 46, b. Kent, Laundress
Rosina RICHARDS, Daughter age 16, b. Winchester, Hampshire, Dressmaker
Jessie RICHARDS, Daughter age 8, b. Winchester, Hampshire, Scholar
Emily BULTER, Servant (Unmarried) age 19, b. Otterbourne, Hampshire, General Servant (Domestic)
Davis DOE, Lodger, Widower age 53, b. Chipping Ongar, Essex



Henry Richards

Susan COLLIS married Henry RICHARDS who was from St Brides, London, Middlesex, according to his Army PayBook.

Henry was a soldier, joined the 60th Rifles in about January/February 1856, at the age of about 19, and spent most of the next 10 years in India. He returned to UK in October 1866 and re-enlisted, went back to India in September 1868 and returned to UK in December 1872.

He married, and was discharged from the army in about July 1875.

The 60th Rifles' home base was Peninsula Barracks Winchester - very close to Staple Gardens, and about half a mile north of St Cross.

A Little History

Travelling the two miles north from Twyford to Winchester, the next parish is St Cross, its abbey being also the parish church for St Faith - the latter's church was destroyed in the 16th century.
Next is the parish of St Thomas* with what was the garrison church for the Peninsula Barracks (now a museum and private housing), which themselves were just west.
Continuing north is Staple Gardens (the site of the medieval wool market) also very close to the barracks... probably why the Collis girls married soldiers.
William Collis was almost certainly a navigator (navvy) travelling around the country building railways, thus his children were born in different places.
* This church was used as the Hampshire Record Office until about 1990.

m. Hannah NOYES 12 October 1763 Winchester, Hampshire
Mary TILBURY d. 1Q 1840 (Winchester &c 7/169)
Susan TILBURY d. 3Q 1843 (Winchester &c. 7/157)
John TILBURY d. 2Q 1877 age 86 (Winchester 2c/59) [b. c.1791]

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