Tilbury in Ealing Middlesex
William Tilbury m. Mary in Little Missenden
Son Benjamin m. Emma and moved to Ealing
1851: *lvg. Hare Lane, Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire
1. William*¹ TILBURY b. c.1816 Little Missenden, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
…(1851: Labourer)
…m. Mary*¹ [--] b. c.1815 Great Missenden, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
2. Maryann* TILBURY b. c.1839 Great Missenden, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
…(m. 1863 1Q Eton 3a/419-BKM))?
2. Benjamin* TILBURY b. 3Q 1841 Great Missenden (Hughenden) (Amersham 6/[94?]), Buckinghamshire
…m. Emma [?SEVERN?] 3Q 1865 (Pancras 1b/266-LND), b. c.1846 Paddington, Middlesex
3. John William TILBURY Chr. 26 July 1868 Christ Church, Ealing, London
…(Benjamin TILBURY d. age 30 1Q 1874 Pancras (1b/60))
3. Louisa Emma TILBURY Chr. 6 September 1874 Christ Church, Ealing, London
2. William* TILBURY b. c.1843 (3Q) Little Missenden [Wycombe 6/430]
2. Martha* TILBURY b. c.1845 Little Missenden
2. Thomas* TILBURY (twin?) b. c.3Q 1850 Little Missenden, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
2. Joseph* TILBURY (twin?) b. c.3Q 1850 Little Missenden, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
1881: ¹lvg. Little Boys Heath, Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire
William¹ TILBURY, Head age 65 b. Gt Missenden, Buckinghamshire (Ag Lab Unemployed)
Mary¹ TILBURY, Wife age 68 b. Lt Missenden, Buckinghamshire (Lace Maker)
A) William²° BIGNELL b. c.1843 Norwood Green (Hanwell), Middlesex
…(1881/1901: Bricklayers Laborer)
…m. Emma²° TILBURY 1Q 1876 Brentford, Middlesex (3a/66-MDX)
…b. c.1846 Paddington, Middlesex
1881: ²lvg. 8 Prospect Place, Ealing, Middlesex
A) William²° BIGNELL, Head, b. c.1843 Norwood Green (Hanwell), Middlesex
…(1881/1901: Bricklayers Laborer)
A) Emma²° [TILBURY] BIGNELL, Wife, b. c.1846 Paddington, Middlesex
3. John²ª William TILBURY b. Camden Town, Middlesex
…(1881: Stepson age 13, Milk Boy) (1901: Railway Porter)
…m. Annieª Alice [BYATT] 3Q 1894 Brentford, Middlesex (3a/161-MDX)
…b. c.1867 Hounslow, Middlesex
…1901: ªlvg. Ruislip, Middlesex
4. [Constanceª Alice TILBURY b. 3Q 1895 Northwood, Middlesex (Uxbridge 3a/44a)]
…m. Geoffrey HOLBOURN 15 July 1930 Wolworth, London, b. 10 March 1899 Dover, Kent
See link to WorldConnect: 'Holbourn' below
4. [Sidneyª TILBURY b. c.1897 Northwood, Middlesex]
4. [Stanleyª TILBURY b. c.1898 Northwood, Middlesex]
4. [Elsieª TILBURY b. c.1899 Northwood, Middlesex]
4. [Graceª TILBURY b. c.3Q 1900 Northwood, Middlesex]
3. Louisa²³ TILBURY b. 1874 Ealing, Middlesex (1881: Stepdaughter age 6)
…m. Charles³ Tut(t)e OCKENDEN 2Q 1898 Brighton (2b/460-SSX)
…b. c.1872 Chichester, Sussex (1901: Gardener Domestic)
…1901: ³lvg. Little Horsted Entire, East Sussex
B) Emma² BIGNELL b. c.1876 Ealing, Middlesex
B) Sarah² BIGNELL b. c.1879 Ealing, Middlesex
1901: °lvg. Ealing, Middlesex
B) F.° BIGNELL b. c.1884 Ealing, Middlesex (1901: Errand Boy)
B) F.° BIGNELL b. c.1887 Ealing, Middlesex (1901: School Girl)
Florence° BIGNELL b. c.1881 Tetbury Gloucestershire (1901: Gen Serv Domestic)
1881: TILBURY in Ealing
The Bell Inn, Ealing, Middlesex
George & Fanny TILBURY - See Links page 'Chilbolton Plait'
8 Florence Place, Ealing, Middlesex
1. John TILBURY b. c.1850 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Laborer)
…m. Mary [--] b. c.1852 Hanwell, Middlesex
2. John TILBURY b. c.1870 Ealing, Middlesex
2. William TILBURY b. c.1874 Ealing, Middlesex
2. Joseph TILBURY b. c.1877 Ealing, Middlesex
2. Amos TILBURY b. c.1879 Ealing, Middlesex
12 Hereford Road, Ealing, Middlesex
1. John LOOSLEY b. c.1851 Moorton, Oxford (General Labourer)
…m. Charlotte [--] b c.1853 Towersey, Buckinghamshire
2. Emily Laura LOOSLEY b. c.1874 Hull, York
2. Walter (Jnr) LOOSLEY b. c.1876 Towersey, Buckinghamshire
2. James Henry LOOSLEY b. c.1878 Hull, York
2. Alice LOOSLEY Daur b. 1Q 1881 Ealing, Middlesex
Joseph TILBURY (Lodger) (U) b. c.1851 Bolter End, Buckinghamshire (Carman)
1901: TILBURY in Ealing, Middlesex
Alan TILBURY b. c.1877 Weymouth, Dorset (Grocers Assistant)
(Only Alan TILBURY in PRO births: 4Q 1881 Andover (2c/217))
1. Alfred TILBURY b. 1874 Hayes, Middlesex (Coal Merchant) - See Links page 'Chilbolton Plait'
…m. Mary (Priscilla Madge BAILEY) b. 1876 Stratton, Wiltshire
2. Alfred TILBURY b. 1899 Ealing, Middlesex
Louisa TILBURY b. c.1881 Buckinghamshire (Servant Domestic)
(Louisa TILBURY b. 2Q 1881 Wokingham (2c/408))
1911: Kelly's Directory of Ealing, Acton ...
Alfred TILBURY, wine & spirit merchant, 164 Uxbridge rd., W. Ealing
(next to crossing with Drayton Green rd)
Henry TILBURY, (1914 'Harry'), 34 Colebrooke av., W. Ealing
1914: Kelly's Directory of Middlesex - Ealing
Frank TILBURY, fruiterer & greengrocer, 20 Northfield av., Ealing W.