Mary Ann, Maria & Emma Callingham Tilbury of Clapham, Surrey

Queen's Scholar - School Teacher

From the IGI:

m. Christian(a) WALL[LT]ER
- James TILBURY b. 19 May, Chr. 19 June, 1793 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
- Sarah TILBURY b. 18 May, Chr. 21 June, 1795 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey; d. 29 December 1796
- William TILBURY b. 2 February, Chr. 28 February, 1802 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey

m. Christian SPELLING
- Henry TILBURY b. 14 January, Chr. 10 February, 1805 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
- Harriot TILBURY b. 24 July, Chr. 20 August, 1809 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey

William CALLINGHAM + Hephzibah TILBURY
- Hephzibah CALLINGHAM Chr. 30 June 1837 St Mark, Kennington, London
- Mary Ann CALLINGHAM Chr. 30 June 1837 St Mark, Kennington, London

m. Henry Gould PEARSON 8 April 1837 St Mary, Newington, Surrey

BMD & Censuses:

Henry Callingham TILBURY
m. Ann LAKER 14 August 1837 St Mark, Kennington (Lambeth 4/195-SRY)
- James Collingham TILBURY b. 10 April, Chr. 3 May, 1840 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
   (b. Wandsworth 4/469)
- John Callingham TILBURY b. 3 August, Chr. 22 August, 1841 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
   (b. Wandsworth [5?]/47[9?])

1841 Clapham, Surrey

William TILBURY b. c.1806 (in Cty) [Ancestry: TILBURG]
Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1806 (in Cty)
- Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1833 (in Cty)
- Mary Ann TILBURY b. c.1835 (in Cty)
- Maria TILBURY b. c.1838 (in Cty)

Henry TILBURY b. c.1806 (in Cty)
Anne TILBURY b. c.1806 (in Cty)
- James TILBURY b. c.1840 (in Cty)
Mary TILBURY b. c.1781 (out of Cty)
Sarah ASHDOWN b c.1781 (in Cty)

James Collingham TILBURY d. 8 January 1848 (Wandsworth 4/511)

1851 Clapham, Surrey

William TILBURY b. c.1802 Clapham, Surrey (Head)
Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1803 Clapham, Surrey (Wife of William)
- Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1834 Clapham, Surrey
- Mary Ann TILBURY b. c.1836 Clapham, Surrey
- Maria TILBURY b. c.1839 Clapham, Surrey
- Emma TILBURY b. c.1842 Clapham, Surrey

Henry C. TILBURY b. c.1805 Clapham, Surrey (Head)
Ann TILBURY b. c.1802 Lingfield, Surrey (Wife of Henry C.)
- John C. TILBURY b. c.1842 Clapham, Surrey

Maria Callingham TILBURY [b. c.1838]
m. Charles Jonathan CATHRICK 4Q 1859 (Wandsworth 1d/725)    Maria

1861: Clapham, Surrey

William TILBURY b. c.1802 Clapham, Surrey
Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1803 Clapham, Surrey
- Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1834 Clapham, Surrey
- Mary A. TILBURY b. c.1836 Clapham, Surrey    Mary Ann &
- Emma TILBURY b. c.1842 Clapham, Surrey         Emma

Henry C. TILBURY b. c.1805 Clapham, Surrey
Ann TILBURY b. c.1803 ___, Surrey
- John C. TILBURY b. c.1842 Clapham, Surrey

Hepzibah Co[a]llingham TILBURY
m. John GOULD 3Q 1865 (Lambeth 1d/403)    Hephzibah

4Q 1869
John Callingham TILBURY
m. [Mary Ann RICE] (Wandsworth 1d/807)

Since John married in 1869, but is still with his parents in 1871, was this Mary Ann [RICE]?:

[Mary Ann TILBURY d. 4Q 1870 age 25 (Hampstead 1a/459)]

1871: Clapham, Surrey

William TILBURY b. c.1802 Clapham, Surrey
Hephzibah TILBURY b. c.1803 Clapham, Surrey
- Mary Ann TILBURY b. c.1836 Clapham, Surrey

Henry TILBURY b. c.1805 Clapham, Surrey
Ann TILBURY b. c.1802 Clapham, Surrey
- John TILBURY b. c.1841 Clapham, Surrey

Ann TILBURY d. 2Q 1871 age 69 (Wandsworth 1d/371)

Hephzibah Callingham TILBURY d. 2Q 1875 age 71 (Wandsworth 1d/372) [b. c.1804]

John Callingham TILBURY d. 2Q 1877 age 34 (Lambeth 1d/259)

Henry TILBERY d. 2Q 1879 age 76 (Wandsworth 1d/372) [FreeBMD: TILBERT; scan: TILBERY]

1881: lvg. 21 Cowley Rd, Lambeth, Surrey
Wm. Callingham TILBURY Head (widower) age 79 b. Clapham, Surrey (Householder) [b. c.1803]
- Mary Ann Callingham TILBURY Daur (unmarried) age 45 b. Clapham, Surrey

William Callingham TILBURY d. 1Q 1884 age 81 (Lambeth 1d/317) [b. c.1803]

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Mid-19thC Teacher Training

Mary Ann & Emma Callingham Tilbury

From "Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education, with Appendices"
Great Britain, Privy Council, Committee on Education

Detailed Statement for Year ending 31 October 1857
Annual Grants payable from Parliamentary Fund

Name and Denomination of School: Clapham .. .. B[ritish]
Annual Grants conditionally awarded:
    In Augmentation of Certificated Teachers' Salaries; and in Retiring Pensions: 20 0 0
    In Stipends to Assistant Teachers: --
    In Stipends to Apprentices, and Gratuities to Teachers instructing them: 132 10 0
Names of Apprentice, and Year of Apprenticeship - Girls:
              M. (E or B.) TILBURY; 3rd
              E. TILBURY; 1st
Month in which Annual Examination is due: February

In 1871 Mary Ann was living with her parents, and in 1881 with her widowed father, William.

1891: Lambeth, London
Mary A. G. TILBURY b. c.1836 Clapham, London - Lodger [A. C. ?]

Mary A. C. TILBURY d. 3Q 1913 age 77 (Lambeth 1d/374)

Will of Mary Ann Callingham TILBURY, Spinster, (565.2s.1d.)
Address: 31, Loughborough Rd, Brixton, Surrey
d. 14 July 1913 at 125, Camberwell New Road, Surrey

From "The Educational record" by British and Foreign School Society, published 1863

(pages 68-69)

1861: Queen's Scholars: British Schools, Female Candidates

"First Class Scholarship of 17, with a personal Allowance of 3
... Emma TILBURY, Clapham B.S. ..."

(page 165)

Students in Training Colleges

"Certificate of Merit, 3rd class: Emma TILBURY
Stockwell - British and Foreign School Society"

Censuses & Publications

1871: ___, Hertfordshire
Emma C. TILBURY b. c.1842 Clapham, Surrey

1872: The Teachers' List, compiled by Phillips Bevan
TILBURY, Emma - Girls' and Infants' B[ritish].S[chool]., Hoddesden, Herts. (Stockwell, 1861)

1881: 46 Sturgeon Rd; Newington, Surrey
Emma TILBURY, Head (Unmarried) age 39 b. Clapham, Surrey - Board School Teacher
Stella LAGDON, Boarder (Unmarried) age 24 b. Limehouse, Middlesex - Formerly Teacher B School
Frederick PACY, Boarder (Unmarried) age 38 b. Holborn, Middlesex - Licensed Victualler Manager

1891: Clapham, London
Emma C. TILBURY b. c.1842 Clapham, Surrey (Head)

1899: Post Office Directory for London
Miss Emma C. TILBURY - Infants' Mistress
London School Board School, Penrose st., Walworth, SE

1901: London, Streatham
Emma TILBURY age 59 b. Clapham - Teacher Public School

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Mid-19th Century Teacher Training

From "Le Correspondant" of 1856, Teacher-training in England:

"In the larger schools the local teacher and administrators would choose, from the best pupils, those who would be presented to the inspector as possible pupil-teachers. After a long examination with particular regard to docility of character, religious sentiment, good health, the parents' honesty, the inspector would select those whom he would present for approval by the Education Committee of the Queen's Council.

This title, which could not be obtained before the age of thirteen, was the first step towards becoming a teacher. The family's approval was necessary, since there was a written agreement signed by both parties.

The pupil-teacher was to remain five years, in return for certain pecuniary advantages. The teacher with whom the candidate was placed was to initiate the pupil into the art of teaching, and give at least an hour and a half of private lessons either morning or evening, over and above daily classes, in the subjects required for the end of year exam. ...

After completing the five years - which was not always achieved (due to a failed exam, a bad conduct report by the vicar, an unfavourable report from the teacher in charge...) - on passing an exam, the candidate could become a Queen's Scholar at a training school. After a further three years' study, with end of year exams, i.e. at age twenty-one at least, the candidate could take the final exam and if successful receive the Certificate of Merit, and in all cases, take over the running of a school."

From "Annals of British Legislation" 1861

Copy of the Minutes and Regulations of the Committee of the Privy Council on Education:

125. Special Provision for the Instruction of Pupil Teachers.
Instruction of Female Apprentices in Domestic Industry.
Female pupil teachers, before admission to apprenticeship, must produce a written attestation from the schoolmistress and managers that they possess reasonable competency as sempstresses; and, at the annual examinations, must bring certified specimens of plain needlework to the inspector, together with a statement from the schoolmistress, specifying whether they have been receiving practical instruction in any other kind of domestic industry. The inspector, at the time of the examination, or afterwards, will obtain the opinion of some competent person upon the merit of the needlework.

126. Instruction of Pupil Teachers in Drawing.
If any of the exercises in drawing enumerated in Article 97 be worked successfully during the apprenticeship, the fact is registered as so much gained towards the memorandum of full competency in drawing, and bears the corresponding value as soon as the candidate has become a certificated teacher.

127. The exercises may be worked in any order, but not more than one in the same year of apprenticeship.

128. Pupil teachers are admitted to study at any of the drawing schools in connection with the Department of Science and Art, at half the ordinary fees.

129. Pupil teachers, if attending such drawing schools, are not required to perform an exercise in drawing at the annual examination before the inspector, but have another opportunity of being examined in connection with the drawing school itself.

130. Pupil teachers, if not attending such drawing schools, have an opportunity of performing an exercise in drawing at the annual examination before the inspector.

131. Pupil teachers, although not attending such drawing schools, may be permitted (by arrangements between the managers of the schools in which they are apprenticed and the master of any such drawing school), to be annually examined there instead of at the annual examination of pupil teachers before an inspector.

133. Pupil Teachers who have successfully completed their Apprenticeship.
At the close of the apprenticeship, any person properly interested in knowing the character of a pupil teacher, may apply to the Committee of Council for a certificate, declaring that the pupil teacher has successfully completed an apprenticeship; or the pupil teacher may become a Queens scholar in a normal school, or an assistant in an elementary school."

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Mid-19thC Teacher Training

Maria Callingham Tilbury m. Charles Cathrick

1861: Clapham, Surrey
Charles J. CATHRICK b. c.1838 Battersea, Surrey (Head, spouse of Maria C.)
Maria C. CATHRICK b. c.1839 Clapham, Surrey (Wife of Charles J.) [Ancestry: b. c.1789]
+ Mary G. STREET age 44, Elizabeth WATTS age 44

1881: lvg. 33 Goldstone Villas (Sel...tone Hse), Hove, Sussex
Charles J. CATTERICK Head age 43 b. Battersea, Surrey - CS Clerk Genl Post Office)
Maria C. CATTERICK Wife age 42 b. Clapham, Surrey - Head Teacher Board School
- Maria A. CATTERICK Daur (U) age 19 b. Clapham, Surrey - Assist Teacher Board School
- Alice M. CATTERICK Daur (U) age 17 b. Clapham, Surrey - Pupil Teacher Board School

Maria Callingham CATHRICK d. 2Q 1883 age 44 (Camberwell 1d/473)

m. Edward Minter BRUCE 1Q 1888 (Islington 1b/469)

1891: Lambeth
Charles J. CATHRICK b. c.1838 Surrey - Visitor
Kesting BUTLER age 62, Hannah BUTLER age 63, Olive O. BUTLER age 29, Hannah E. BUTLER age 27, Nellie F. BUTLER age 24, Susan JEFFERY age 70

1891: ___, London
Edward M. BRUCE b. c.1864 ___, London
Alice M. BRUCE b. c.1864 Clapham, London
+ Eliza HORNE b. c.1870 ___, France - Servant

1901: London, Lambeth
Charles J. CATHRICK age 63 b. London Clapham - Retired Gdo [GPO?]

1901: London, Camberwell
Maria CATHRICK age 39 b. London Clapham - Elementary Teacher S B L

1901: London, Hackney
Edward BRUCE age 39 b. London Shoreditch - Foreman In Leather Trade
Alice BRUCE age 39 b. London Islington - Lon S B Teacher

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Mid-19thC Teacher Training

Hephzibah Callingham Tilbury m. John Gould

1871: Lambeth, Surrey
John GOULD b. c.1816 Clapham, Surrey (Head, spouse of Hephzibah)
Hophzihal [Hephzibah] GOULD b. c.1834 Clapham, Surrey (Wife of John)
- John GOULD b. c.1867 Stockwell, Surrey
- William GOULD b. c.1869 Stockwell, Surrey

Possible births for John & Hephzibah's children:
John GOULD b. 2Q 1866 (Lambeth 1d/361)
William Renger GOULD b. 3Q 1868 (Lambeth 1d/386)
Mary Tyrrell GOULD b. 3Q 1871 (Lambeth 1d/382)
Grace Ursula GOULD b. 2Q 1876 (Lambeth 1d/438)

John GOULD d. 1Q 1880 age 64 (Lambeth 1d/384)

1881: 26 Studley Rd, Lambeth, Surrey
Hephzibah GOULD, Head (Widow) age 40 b. Clapham, Surrey - Annuitant
- John GOULD, Son age 14 b. Stockwell, Surrey - Apprentice To Carpenter
- William GOULD, Son age 12 b. Stockwell, Surrey - Scholar
- Mary GOULD, Daug age 9 b. Stockwell, Surrey - Scholar
- Grace GOULD, Daug age 5 b. Stockwell, Surrey - Scholar

(It seems probable that John and William GOULD married PEARSE sisters, but since I have no proof of William's second given name, I cannot be sure. - Caroline)

IF Hephzibah's son was William Renger GOULD:

William Renger GOULD
m. Annie Charlotte J. PEARSE 1Q 1886 (St. Saviour 1d/76)

m. Ada Caroline PEARSE 3Q 1887 (Camberwell 1d/1235)

1881: 114 Peckham Park Rd, Camberwell, Surrey
Edwin E. PEARSE, Head age 48 b. Milverton, Somerset - Vinegar Manufacturer
Annie PEARSE, Wife age 48 b. Hastings, Sussex
- Annie C. PEARSE, Dau age 18 b. Brentford, Middlesex
- Addie C. PEARSE, Dau age 14 b. Kentish Town, Middlesex
1881: 22 Manchester St, London, Middlesex
Robert W. PEARSE, Lodger (Unmarried) age 46 b. Milverton, Somerset - Composer & Teacher Of Music
Charles B. CRISP & family b. Bristol
1881: 58 Union St, Southwark St Saviour, Surrey
Ernest E. PEARCE, Visitor (Unmarried) age 21 b. Battersea, Surrey - Architect
Edwin PERRY age 41, Ernest Edwin PERRY age 16, Ada Louisa PERRY age 14

1891: Camberwell, London
Hephzdah [Hephzibah] GOULD b. c.1841 Clapham, Surrey (Head)
- Mary T. GOULD b. c.1872 Stockwell, Surrey [or Mary J.]
- Grace N. GOULD b. c.1876 Stockwell, Surrey [or Grace W.]

1891: Camberwell, London
John GOULD b. c.1867 Stockwell, Surrey (Head, spouse of Ada C.)
Ada C. GOULD b. c.1867 Kentish Town, Middlesex (Wife of John)
Robert W. PEARSE b. c.1835 Milverton, Somerset [Uncle?]
Ernest E. PEARSE b. c.1854 Battersea, Surrey (Brother-in-law)

1891: Camberwell, London
William Renger GOULD b. c.1869 Clapham, Surrey (Head, spouse of Annie Charlotte Jessie)
Annie Charlotte Jessie GOULD b. c.1872 Brentford (Wife of William Renger)
- Winnifred Jessie GOULD b. c.1889 ___, London

Mary Tyrrell GOULD
m. Archibald David WAUGH 2Q 1893 (Camberwell 1d/1398)

Hephzibah Callinngham GOULD d. 2Q 1895 age 62 (Camberwell 1d/455)

1901: London, Newington
John GOULD age 34 b. London Stockwell - Postman
Ada C. GOULD age 34 b. London Kentish Town
- (Children)

1901: London, Camberwell
William R. GOULD age 32 b. London Clapham - Printers Laborer
Annie C. GOULD age 38 b. Midsx Brentford
- (Other GOULD children ...)
- Renger GOULD age 0 b. London Camberwell

1901: London, Camberwell
Archibald D. WAUGH age 33 b. Surrey Camberwell - Secretary Limited Co
Mary J. WAUGH age 29 b. Surrey Clapham
- Archibald J. WAUGH age 6 b. Surrey Camberwell
- [Isabel M. WAUGH age 4 b. Surrey Camberwell]

1901: London, Camberwell
Grace U. GOULD age 25 b. Surrey Clapham - Living On Own Means

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Mid-19thC Teacher Training

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