(William) Tilbury Fox
Physician & Surgeon

Son of Luther Owen Fox, M.D., and Mary Catherine Harries Tilbury
Studied dermatology & obstetrics at University College, London 1853-1858
Practised at 43 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London W
Worked and taught at Charing Cross and University College Hospitals, London
Several notable publications on skin diseases; wrote for the Lancet

"... my work as the general editor of Joseph Conrad's collected letters ... Dr. Fox attended Joseph Conrad and his wife, Jessie, between 1918 and 1924 (when Conrad died--Mrs Conrad continued to see him), while they were living first in Orlestone, and then in Bishopsbourne, Kent."
Laurence Davies, University of Glasgow

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m. Catherine HARRIES
...2. William Harries TILBURY b. 25 May 1806 Chr. 16 June 1808 St Mary Aldermary, London
...2. Mary Catherine Harries TILBURY; d. 26 August 1879 age 67
......m. Luther Owen FOX 31 March 1834 Andover, Hampshire
.........3. Henry John FOX Chr. 19 February 1835 Broughton, Hampshire
............m. Ellen SOUTHALL 23 November 1857 Alexandria, Sidbury, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa
...............4. Issue
............[Ellen: record states b. c.1837 Alexandria] [Father: James TILBURY of Alexandria]

.........3. William Tilbury FOX Chr. 9 May 1836 Broughton, Hampshire
............d. (of angina) 7 (or 16) June 1879 Paris, France, age 43
............m. Sophia Campbell BAKER 7 September 1867 (Islington 1b/341), b. c.1837 Sydney, Australia
...............4. Sophia M. FOX b. c.1868 London, Middlesex
..................m. Frederick Alexander SMITH 5 May 1900 Staines, Middlesex
...............4. Edith A. FOX b. c.1870 London, Middlesex
...............4. Campbell Tilbury FOX b. c.1871 London, Middlesex
..................[Campbell TILBURY-FOX d. 2Q 1949 age 78 (Bridge)]
...............4. Catherine I. FOX b. c.1873 London, Middlesex
.........3. Luther Owen FOX Chr. 8 September 1838 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. Charles James FOX Chr. 5 February 1842 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. Edward Lloyd Harries FOX Chr. 5 February 1842 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. Walter Reginald FOX Chr. 26 May 1843 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. Mary Catherine FOX Chr. 6 March 1845 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. George Herbert FOX Chr. 23 March 1847 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. Adela Caroline FOX Chr. 23 March 1847 Broughton, Hampshire
.........3. Thomas Colcott FOX Chr. 16 July 1849 Broughton, Hampshire (Mycologist, d. 1916)
.........3. Alfred Cecil FOX Chr. 14 January 1853 Broughton, Hampshire


1861: lvg. Paddington, Middlesex
Wm. Tilbury FOX b. c.1837 Broughton Mar Stockbridge, Hampshire (Brother)
Edward Lloyd Harris FOX b. c.1842 Broughton Mar Stockbridge, Hampshire (Brother)
Walter Reginald FOX b. c.1844 Broughton Mar Stockbridge, Hampshire (Brother)

From "The London Medical and Physical Journal" ed. John NORTH, Gilbert T. BURNETT, 1833
Apothecaries' Hall: Names of Gentlemen to each of whom the Court of Examiners have granted Certificates:

July 4 ... Luther Owen FOX, Broughton ...

From the "Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle", Monday, April 7, 1834
Married, on Monday [last], at Andover, Mr. Luther FOX, Surgeon, of Broughton, to Miss TILBURY, of the former place.

From "The Era" London, Sunday, March 29, 1863
DEATHS - On the 3d ult., at Alexandria, Uitenhage, South Africa, in his 55th year, James Lloyd TILBURY, Esq., deeply regretted, surviving brother of Mr. W. Harries TILBURY, Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Who's who of Southern Africa (pg. 89)
Add., Heidelberg ENGLISH, James Tilbury, Contractor, Farmer. Auctioneer and Sworn Valuator; b. 8th Dec., 1866, at Alexandria, Cape Colony; only surv. s. ...

IGI 'Record':
Father: Lloyd HARRIES, Mother: Martha
Children all b. Cardigan, Cardigan, Wales:
- John Owen HARRIES b. c.1768
- Owen HARRIES b. c. 1770
- Catherine HARRIES b. c.1772
by extrapolation from Henry John FOX's obituary notice:
- James Lloyd HARRIES dob unknown


From the "Daily News" London, Thursday, November 12, 1857
UNIVERSITY OF LONDON - The following is a list of the candidates who have passed the recent second examination for the degree of bachelor of medicine:

First division ... William Tilbury FOX, University College ...

From the "Daily News" London, Wednesday, December 2, 1857
UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, M.B. SECOND EXAMINATION - FOR HONOURS - The following is a list of the successful candidates for honours:

Surgery: ... William Tilbury FOX, University College ...

From "The Lady's Newspaper" London, Saturday, June 26, 1858
"A terrible accident happened on Sunday night to an excursion train which was running from Portsmouth to London. The three last carriages ran off the line at Bishopstoke, causing the death of one passenger, and seriously injuring several others. The deceased, William HELSEY, was a steel copperplate, and lithographic printer, of London. ...

William Tilbury FOX, M.B., of the General Lying-in-Hospital, York-road, London, was next examined: I was in the Southampton train on Sunday evening, and saw the Portsmouth train shut off steam a long way down the line. I lost sight of the train for a few seconds by some intercepting buildings, and, when we pulled up to allow the Portsmouth train to go on a-head, I looked out of the window and observed some confusion at the station. Hearing that some carriages had got off the rails, I got out and walked up the line, and found a third-class carriage turned over on its side. The railway servants were engaged in taking out the passengers, and part of the carriage roof was knocked off for that purpose. I then saw the deceased lying on his left side, with his face on the ground. I saw at once that he was dead, his skull being extensively fractured. An iron bar running along the side of the carriage was lying upon the upper side of his head, and forced into it. seeing that he was dead, and other passengers were seriously injured, I attended to them. ..."

From "The Times" Wednesday, December 15, 1858
M.D. Examination - First Division
FOX, William Tilbury ... University College

From the "London University Magazine"
MATRICULATION - 1858 - Passed, First Division:
FOX, Ed. Lloyd Harries

From The Literary and Educational Year Book" 1859"
FOX, Ed. Lloyd Harries, Queenwood College, University of London

From "The Medical Times and Gazette" August 31, 1861
University of London - The following are lists of Candidates who passed the respective Examinations indicated:-
BACHELOR OF MEDICINE: Preliminary Scientific Examination - Pass Examination
Second Division ... FOX, Edward Lloyd Harries, University College ...
EXAMINATION FOR HONOURS: Materia Medica and Pharmacy, and Chemistry in Relation to Physiology, Pharmacy and Toxicology
FOX, Edward Lloyd Haries, University College (Gold Medal)

From "The Medical Times and Gazette" May 2, 1863
Royal College of Surgeons of England

The following gentlemen having undergone the necessary Examinations for the Diploma, were admitted Members of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 24th ult., viz.:- Messrs. ...
Edward Lloyd Harries FOX, Broughton, Hants ...

From "The Medical Times and Gazette" December 10, 1864
Midwifery, First Class: Edward Lloyd Harries FOX (scholarship and gold medal), University College

From "John Bull" London, Saturday, June 23, 1866
"Dr. Arthur Julius POLLOCK, a younger son of the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, was, at the close of the poll on Monday evening, declared elected assistant-physician to Charing-cross Hospital by a majority of 30 votes over Dr. William Tilbury FOX."

From "The Leeds Mercury" Friday, July 12, 1867

The following gentlemen, graduates in medicine of the University of London, were appointed Fellows of the College:-
Dr. W. Tilbury FOX; Professor Wilson FOX, M.D. ...

From the "Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle" Wednesday, September 11, 1867
MARRIAGES - FOX-BAKER: On the 7th inst., at Christ Church, Highbury, by the Rev. W. FLEMING, L.L.B., incumbent of Christ Church, Hornsey, W. Tilbury FOX, M.D., Lond., of 43, Sackville-street, W., son of Luther Owen FOX, M.D., F.R.C.S., of Broughton, Hants, to Sophia Campbell, youngest daughter of Commander William F. BAKER, R.N., of Highbury Grange, late of Sydney, N.S.W.

From "The Pall Mall Gazette" London, Saturday, December 23, 1876
"THIS IS THE BEST SOAP MADE," says Dr. TILBURY FOX, Physician for the Skin at University Hospital. "PEARS'S TRANSPARENT SOAP." For the Toilet, the Nursery, or for Shaving. Pure, Fragrant, and Durable. Sold in Tablets, One Shilling each. By CHEMISTS AND HAIRDRESSERS EVERYWHERE.

From "The Times" Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1878
Yesterday Convocation met at the University-building, Burlington-gardens, under the presidency of its chairman, Dr. STORRAR. There was a very large attendance of members, and the discussions were very animated, the great question for consideration being the admission of women to the degrees of the University. ...
THE CHAIRMAN stated the order of business. The House was aware that the draught of a new supplemental Charter empowering the Senate to confer degrees upon women was to be presented for their approval. ...

Mr. W. Tilbury FOX, M.D., opposed it with considerable vehemence. ... Dr. FOX ... concluded by arguing that the House should reject the new Charter. ...
Mr. Albert CREAK, M.A., entirely dispproved the speech of Dr. Tilbury FOX, so bitterly personal in its tone, and of the tactics he had pursued throughout. ...
Mr. Patrick Thomas BLACKWELL, B.A., was also against the Charter. He objected to it in the best interest of women themselves, who were fitted to shine more in other spheres than the academical. The concession would be no advantage to them, but rather an injury
Sir William JENNER, K.C.B., M.D., ... on the merits of the great question before them, the speaker said he had but one daughter, and he would rather follow her to the grave than see her subjected to such questions as could not be omitted from a proper examination for a surgical degree.
Mr. Joseph LISTER, M.B., B.A., hoped graduates in the other faculties would not force upon their medical brethren a measure which they regarded with utter destation.
Mr. Farrer HERSCHELL, S.C., M.P., B.A., said the Senate might fairly infer from the resolutions of Convocation in past years that the House was favourable to the admission of women to degrees in all the four faculties - arts, laws, medicine, and science. ...
Mr. W. H. HERFORD, in arguing for the motion, said they might safely leave women themselves to decide as to what was or was not incompatible with the modesty proper to their sex.

Mr. Wilson FOX, M.D., B.A., was in favour of the postponement of the question as to the admission of women to certain degrees.
Mr. P. H. PYE-SMITH, M.D., B.A., hoped they would give a vote for peace and for reform. (Cheers.) ...
Mr. BOMPAS replied, and the question having been put to a show of hands was declared to have been carried in the affirmative.
Ayes, 242; Noes, 132; Majority for the Charter, 110.
The announcement of the numbers was received with hearty cheering. ...

From "The Times" Thursday, June 12, 1879
OBITUARY - Dr. Tilbury FOX, whose death was briefly noticed yesterday, was the author of "Skin Diseases of Parasitic Origin, their Nature and Treatment," published in 1863; "The Classification of Skin Diseases," published in 1864; "Skin Diseases; their Description, Diagnosis, and Treatment," which reached its third edition in 1872; "On Eczema, and incidentally the Influences of Constitutional Conditions in Skin Diseases," published in 1870; "The Atlas of Skin Diseases," published in 1875; and "The Epitome of Skin Diseases," which reached its second edition in 1877. He was joint authoir with Dr. FARQUHAR of a scheme, prepared for the India Office, for obtaining a better knowledge of the endemic skin diseases of the East. In 1875, with Dr. FARQUHAR, he issued a report upon the endemic skin diseases of India. He contributed various papers and clinical lectures on skin diseases to many of the medical papers.

From "The Times" Monday, June 16, 1879
DEATHS - On Saturday, the 7th June, while on a visit to Paris with his wife, very suddenly, Tilbury FOX, M.D., of 14, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, aged 43.

From "The Times, Friday, Aug. 29, 1879
DEATHS - On the 26th Aug., at 14, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, London, aged 67, Mary Catherine Harries, widow of Dr. L. O. FOX, of Broughton, Hants, and mother of the late Dr. Tilbury FOX, surviving them both but a few weeks.

Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879
University College or North London Hospital, Gower-street:

Physician: Wilson FOX, M.D. F.R.S.,
Physician for Skin Diseases: Tilbury FOX, M.D.

1881: lvg. 'The Hermitage', Childs Hill Lane, Hendon, Middlesex
Sophia C. FOX, Head (W) age 43 b. Sydney, Australia (Physician's Widow)
Sophia M. FOX, Daur age 12 b. London, Middlesex (Scholar)
Edith A. FOX, Daur age 10 b. London, Middlesex (Scholar)
Campbell T. FOX, Son age 9 b. London, Middlesex (Scholar)
Catherine I. FOX, Daur age 7 b. London, Middlesex (Scholar)
Mary E. GRAY, Governess (U) age 31 b. London, Middlesex (Teacher - Governess)
Mary A. HAYDON, Serv (U) age 49 b. Exeter, Devon (Cook - Domestic Servant)
Ellen BRAY, Serv (U) age 26 b. Broughton, Hampshire (Housemaid - Domestic Servant)
Thomas MARTIN, Serv (U) age 15 b. High Wycombe, Buckingham (House Boy - Domestic Servant)

History, Gazetteer & Directory of Suffolk, 1891-2
Mrs. Tilbury FOX, Gosfield Villa, Felixstow

From "The Ipswich Journal" Saturday, January 27, 1894
Miss Tilbury FOX, organist of Rushmere Church, has succeeded in obtaining the diploma of A.R.C.O. at the recent examination. Miss FOX was prepared by Mr. H. A. WHEELDON, Mus. Bac., F.R.C.O. of St. Michael's, Highgate, and All Saints,' Ipswich.

From "The Times" Friday, May 11, 1900
MARRIAGES - On the 5th inst., at St. Mary's Church, Staines, by Rev. A. H. COOPER, assisted by the Rev. A. J. JUDSON, Frederick Alexander SMITH, Esqr., son of the late T. V. SMITH, Esqr., to Sophie Mary, daughter of the late Dr. TILBURY-FOX, of 14, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, W.

1901: b. London, Middlesex; lvg. Staines, Middlesex
Campbell FOX, age 29 (Proprietor)
Catherine FOX, age 27

Surgeon Captain Campbell Tilbury FOX
was awarded a Medal for his service in the Great War 1914-1920
Ref: WO-372/7


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