Blacksmiths & Chairmakers
from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

Additions & corrections, Wycombe Cemetery grave card references: from descendant DianaW in Australia
Extracts from Parish registers courtesy of: JimB's shared research; transcripts by RobynC of AU ('Tilbury Magazine'); & Phil's look-up
My thanks to all who have contributed to this page

[Only one source or circumstantial]


Francis Tilbury, Labourer, Blacksmith
& his Chairmaking sons
High Wycombe
c.1790 - 1901

Which John Tilbury
sold a chair manufactory to Walter Skull in 1872?
1. Francis TILBURY, Blacksmith
____2. John TILBURY Chr. 13 February 1814, Chair Manufacturer
________3. John TILBURY Chr. 30 March 1845, Chair Maker
Francis TILBY
m. Elizabeth DORRELL 17 July 1811 High Wycombe
Father, Francis TILBURY, Labourer
Mother, Elizabeth
William TILBURY b. [1811-12] (Date of baptism not found)
John TILBURY Chr. 13 February 1814 High Wycombe (Minister: Charles BRADLEY (Curate))
Stephen TILBURY Chr. 24 May 1816 High Wycombe (Minister: Charles BRADLEY (Curate))
Father, Francis TILBURY, Blacksmith
Mother, Elizabeth
Lydia TILBURY Chr. 27 December 1818 High Wycombe (Minister: Charles BRADLEY (Curate))
George TILBURY Chr. 29 July 1821 High Wycombe (Minister: Thomas BOYS)
Freeman TILBURY Chr. 12 October 1823 High Wycombe (Minister: R. M. MAINWARING)
John TILBURY, Chairmaker (Father: Francis TILBURY, Blacksmith)
m. Sarah COX of Collins Row, Newland, 5 November 1837 High Wycombe
Father, John TILBURY, Chairmaker
Mother, Sarah
Lydia TILBURY Chr. 29 July 1838 High Wycombe (Minister: F. A. CLARKE)
Sarah TILBURY Chr. 29 November 1840 High Wycombe (Minister: W. CANN)
From the 1841 Census:
lvg. Collins Row,
High Wycombe
Elizabeth TILBURY, age 50
William TILBURY, age 30 - Labourer
Stephen TILBURY, age 20 - Chairmaker
George TILBURY, age 30 - Labourer
lvg. Morecrofts Meadow,
High Wycombe
John TILBURY, age 25 - Chairmaker
Sarah TILBURY, age 20 - Wife
Lydia TILBURY, age 3 - Daughter
Francis TILBURY, age 6 mths - Son
From the 1851 Census:
lvg. Newland,
High Wycombe (Pts.5&4)
Elizabeth TILBURY, Widow age 64 b. Wycombe
William TILBURY, Son age 40, b. Wycombe
John TILBURY, Head age 38 b. Wycombe - Chair Manufacturer
Sarah TILBURY, Wife age 36, b. Middlesex
Lydia TILBURY, Daughter age 12, b. Wycombe
Francis TILBURY, Son age 8, b. Wycombe
John TILBURY, Son age 6, b. Wycombe
Matilda TILBURY, Daughter age 4, b. Wycombe
William TILBURY, Son age 2, b. Wycombe
George TILBURY, Head age 29 b. Wycombe - Chairmaker J/Man
Sarah TILBURY, Wife age 23, b. Great Marlow - Chaircainer
Freeman TILBURY, Son age 3, b. Wycombe
Rachel TILBURY, Daughter age 8 mths, b. Wycombe
From the 1861 Census:
lvg. Chair Making Factory,
High Wycombe
John TILBURY, Head age 48 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Chairmaker
Sarah TILBURY, Wife age 47 b. High Wycombe BKM
Francis TILBURY, Son (Single) age 21 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Chairmaker
John TILBURY, Son (Single) age 17 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Chairmaker
Matilda TILBURY, Daughter age 14 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Scholar
William TILBURY, Son age 11 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Scholar
Jane TILBURY, Daughter age 8 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Scholar
Sarah TILBURY, Daughter age 6 b. High Wycombe, BKM - Scholar
From the 1881 Census:
lvg. Vine Terrace,
John TILBURY, Head age 67 b. High Wycombe - Retired
Sarah TILBURY, Wife age 65
lvg. Slater St,
Francis TILBURY, Head age 40 b. Wycombe - Chair Maker
Eliza TILBURY, Wife age 38
Eliza TILBURY, Daur age 16 - Scholar
Francis TILBURY, Son age 15 - Scholar
George TILBURY, Son age 11 - Scholar
Clara TILBURY, Daur age 9 - Scholar
Ada TILBURY, Daur age 4 - Scholar
William TILBURY, Head age 32 b. High Wycombe - Chair Manufacturer Employing 11 Men & 6 Girls
Mary Ann TILBURY, Wife age 29, b. ?
William TILBURY, Son age 6, b. [High Wycombe] - Scholar
Francis TILBURY, Son age 5, b. [High Wycombe] - Scholar
Gertrude TILBURY, Daur age 3, b. [High Wycombe] - Scholar
Mrs HUDSON, Serv (M), age 71, b. Stokenchurch, Oxford - General Servant (Dom)
From the 1901 Census:
lvg. High Wycombe,
South Bucks
page 20573561;
IDs 28849406-410
Francis TILBURY age 61 b. 1840 Bucks, High Wycombe - Chair Maker
Eliza TILBURY age 57 b. 1844 Bucks, High Wycombe
Clara TILBURY age 28 b. 1873 Bucks, High Wycombe - School Teacher
James TILBURY age 17 b. 1884 Bucks, High Wycombe - Upholsterer
Flora TILBURY age 15 b. 1886 Bucks, High Wycombe - School Teacher
page 20573561;
IDs 28849401-404
Frank TILBURY age 35 b. 1866 Bucks, High Wycombe - Chair Maker
Edith TILBURY age 29 b. 1872 Bucks, Princes Risboro
Edith TILBURY age 8 b. 1893 Bucks, High Wycombe
Ethel TILBURY age 4 b. 1897 Bucks, High Wycombe
Phillis TILBURY age 1 b. 1900 Bucks, High Wycombe
lvg. Hughenden William TILBURY, age 25 b. High Wycombe - Chair Packer
Caroline TILBURY, age 23 b. St Missenden
Dora TILBURY, age 3 b. Hughenden
Frank TILBURY, age 1 b. Hughenden
Family Tree
Francis TILBURY (†Labourer) (‡Blacksmith)
__m. Elizabeth* b. 1786-90
__1841: lvg Collins Row, High Wycombe
____2. William* TILBURY b. [1811-12] (1841: Labourer)
__1851: lvg. Newland, High Wycombe (Pt.4)
__Elizabeth, widow age 64; William, son (unmarried) age 40
______(William 1881: see 'Rachel & William COOPER' below)
____2. John†¹ TILBURY b. c.1813, Chr. 13 February 1814 High Wycombe
______d. 3Q 1883 age 69 Wycombe (3a/334)
______(1851: Chair Manufacturer)
______m. Sarah¹ COX 5 November 1837 Wycombe (6/691), b. c.1814 Middlesex
______d. 3Q 1884 age 69(?) Wycombe 3a/364)
______1851: lvg. ¹Newland, High Wycombe (Pt.4)
______1881: John TILBURY (retired) & Sarah lvg. Vine Terrace, Wycombe
________3. Lydia¹ TILBURY Chr. 29 July 1838 High Wycombe
__________m. 21 October 1855 age 19, Wycombe parish (3a/589) (Father: John TILBURY, Chairmaker)
__________George ABRAM[S], age 23, Chairmaker, Wycombe borough (1881: Chair Back Maker)
__________(Father: Francis ABRAMS, Chairmaker)
__________1881: lvg. Water Lane, Wycombe
____________4. Rosa ABRAMS b. c.1858 High Wycombe (1881: Chair Caner)
____________4. Francis G. ABRAMS b. c.1860 High Wycombe (1881: Chair Back Maker)
____________4. William K. ABRAMS b. c.1865 High Wycombe (1881: Chair Back Maker)
____________4. Harry ABRAMS b. c.1867 High Wycombe
____________4. Lydia K. ABRAMS b. c.1869 High Wycombe
____________4. Charles ABRAMS b. c.1871 High Wycombe
____________4. Clara ABRAMS b. c.1874 High Wycombe
____________4. Frederick ABRAMS b. c.1878 High Wycombe
________3. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 29 November 1840 High Wycombe, d. 4Q 1840 ('Female' Wycombe 6/309)
________3. Francis¹ª TILBURY Chr. 29 November 1842 (1864/1881: Chairmaker)
__________m. 29 March 1864 Wycombe (3a/486)
__________(Father: John TILBURY, Chairmaker, Witness: Matilda TILBURY)
__________Elizaª MEALING, b. c.1843 High Wycombe
__________1881: lvg. Slater St, Wycombe
__________(Next to: Richard MEAD & family, Chair Manufacturer; brother William T. & Family)
__________1901: ªlvg. High Wycombe, South Bucks
____________4. Eliza (Elisa) TILBURY b. 1Q 1865 Wycombe (3a/430)
____________4. Francisª (1889: Frank) TILBURY b. 1Q 1866 Wycombe (3a/43[6?])
______________(1901: Frank, b. High Wycombe, Chair Maker)
______________m. Edith Annie BOWLER 4Q 1889 Wycombe 3a/979, b. c.1871 Princes Risboro, Buckinghamshire
______________1901: lvg. High Wycombe, South Buckinghamshire
________________5. Edith TILBURY b. c.1892 High Wycombe
________________5. Ethel TILBURY b. c.1896 High Wycombe
________________5. Phillis TILBURY b. c.1899 High Wycombe
______________From the registers of High Wycombe Cemetery (grave card):
______________Edith's mother, Ann BOWLER burial: 14 December 1922
______________Francis TILBURY burial: 19 March 1947
______________Edith Annie TILBURY burial: 8 April 1953
____________4. [Harry TILBURY b. 1Q 1868 Wycombe (3a/[473?])]?
______________(Harry/Henry TILBURY: see '3. Jane ... b. 2Q 1852' and 'Notes' below)
____________4. George TILBURY b. 1Q 1870 Wycombe (3a/499) (1901: Drapers Assistant?)
____________4. Claraª TILBURY b. 2Q 1871 Wycombe (3a/476) (1901: b. High Wycombe, School Teacher)
____________4. [?]
____________4. Ada [Matilda] TILBURY b. [4Q] 1876 Wycombe [(3a/508)]
______________[1901: Servant Domestic, Paddington, London]
____________4. [?]
____________4. Jamesª TILBURY b. 1883 High Wycombe [2Q (3a/632)] or [3Q (3a/586)] (1901: Upholsterer)
____________4. Floraª TILBURY b. 3Q 1885 High Wycombe (3a/624) (1901: School Teacher)
________3. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 2 April 1843, burial: 24 May 1844 High Wycombe (d. 2Q Wycombe 6/294)
________3. John¹ TILBURY Chr. 30 March 1845 (1867: Chairmaker)
__________m. 9 August 1867 age 22, High Wycombe
__________Ellen BIRCH, age 21
____________4. [?]
__________John & Ellen TILBURY witnessed the marriage of
__________Charles BIRCH & Selina COLTMAN 2 July 1870
__________Ellen [BIRCH] TILBURY, Widow (Father: Willian BIRCH, Chairmaker)
__________m. Frederick BRIDEN, Chairmaker, 22 January 1876 High Wycombe (see 'Notes, Ellen' below)
__________Therefore John d. post-July 1870, pre-January 1876

__________John TILBURY d. 3Q 1871 age 26 Wycombe (3a/322)
________3. Matilda¹ TILBURY Chr. 21 September 1847
__________m. 21 September 1867 age 20, High Wycombe (3a/661)
__________(Father: John TILBURY, Chairmaker, Witness Ellen TILBURY)
__________William WEST age 25, chairmaker
__________(Matilda & William NK 1881/1901?)
________3. William¹ TILBURY b. 4 December 1849 Wycombe
__________(1881: Chair Manufacturer Employing 11 Men & 6 Girls; 1901: Manufacturer)
__________m. Mary Anne BALL 3Q 1875 Registery Office High Wycombe (3a/661), b. c.1851
__________1881: lvg. ²Slater St, Wycombe
__________1881: Mrs HUDSON, Serv (M), b. c. 1810 Stokenchurch, Oxford (General Servant (Dom))
____________4. William² Henry TILBURY b. 7 November 1875 High Wycombe (4Q 3a/499) (1901: Chair Packer)
______________m. Caroline² CARTER 3Q 1896 Wycombe (3a/1211), b. c.1875 [St] (Lt) Missenden
______________1901: lvg. ³Hughenden
________________5. Dora³ TILBURY b. c. 1897 Hughenden
________________5. Frank³ TILBURY b. c. 1899 Hughenden
__________1901: Totteridge Road
____________4. Francis² John TILBURY b. 1Q 1877 Wycombe (3a/523)
______________m. Emily Edith HARDING 24 September 1904 High Wycombe
____________4. Gertrude² Sophia TILBURY b. 4 February 1878 Wycombe (3a/541)
______________m. Benjamin PEARCE 4Q 1895 Wycombe (3a/1116) (Wood Turner)
______________1901: lvg. Little Missenden
____________4. Rupert George TILBURY b. 2Q (3a/542), d. 4Q (3a/327), 1879 Wycombe
______________burial: 2 December 1879 age 8 mths High Wycombe (grave card)
____________4. Daisy Sarah TILBURY b. 2Q (3a/581), d. 4Q (3a/312), 1880 Wycombe
______________burial: 2 December 1880 age 6 mths High Wycombe (grave card)
____________4. Matilda Rose TILBURY b. 1882 Wycombe (1901: 'Rosa'), d. 1919
______________m. Thomas Edward Waterloo GOULD 3 August 1908, Parish Church, High Wycombe (3a/1839)
________________5. Issue (f)
__________________m. [--]
__________________(Ascendant of, details from, DianaW, AU)
____________4. Archie (Archibald) Edward TILBURY b. 1Q 1884 High Wycombe (3a/630)
______________(1901: Maker Of Stuff In Chair Trade]
______________Archibald Edward TILBURY d. 6 January 1904
______________name on headstone, with parents, High Wycombe Cemetery (grave card)
____________4. Gilbert³ TILBURY b. 4Q 1886 High Wycombe (3a/631)
______________(1901: Helping father in chair trade)
______________m. Florence BOWLES (DW)
____________4. Walter TILBURY b. 2Q 1888 High Wycombe [3a/655] (1901: age 13)
______________d. 10 August 1919 High Wycombe (grave card)
____________4. James William Percy TILBURY b. 2 October 1889 High Wycombe (3a/647)
______________Corporal 1243, Household Battalion
______________d. 12 October 1917 age 28, commemorated Panel 3, Tyne Cot Memorial
______________(see Commonwealth War Graves Commission website)
____________4. Hilda TILBURY b. (c.March) (reg. 2Q, 3a/729), d. 3Q (3a/339), 1891 Wycombe
______________burial: 22 August 1891 (grave card)
____________4. Sidney TILBURY b. September 1892 High Wycombe (1901: b. Widmore End)
______________d. 5 October 1940 High Wycombe
______________m. Ivy PARKER (DW)
____________4. (Stillborn) TILBURY b. 27 April 1896 High Wycombe (grave card)
______________"child of William Tilbury"
______________(DW: I have assumed this was William & Mary's child;
______________could have been William Henry's child - m. 3Q 1896 Wycombe)

______________Children's grave: no headstone
____________Two other Tilburys were living either within or in close proximity to
____________the above group in 1901; appartenance undefined:
____________[Rosa TILBURY b. c.1881 High Wycombe (1901: Bull Hand)]
____________[Ivy TILBURY b. c.1896 High Wycombe]

________3. Jane TILBURY b. 2Q 1852 Wycombe (3a/356)
__________[Jane TILBURY m. George Ebenezer DARVILL 4Q 1870 Wycombe (3a/715)]
__________(See 'Notes' below)
________3. Sarah Ann TILBURY b. 2Q 1855 Wycombe (3a/355)
__________A Sarah Ann TILBURY m. Samuel HEARN 4Q 1875 Amersham
__________1881 gives that Sarah's age as 36, which may be an error
__________However, there are several candidates - awaiting clarification!

____2. Stephen†* TILBURY Chr. 24 May 1816 High Wycombe
______(1841: Chairmaker; 1851 ?)
____2. Lydia‡ TILBURY Chr. 27 December 1818 High Wycombe
______burial: 2 January 1827 age 8 High Wycombe
____2. George‡* TILBURY Chr. 29 July 1821 High Wycombe
______(1841: Labourer; 1851/1881 Chairmaker)
______m. Sarah CARR(§) 4Q 1847 Wycombe (6/809), b. c.1827 Great Marlow (1851; Chaircaner)
______1851: lvg. Newland, High Wycombe (Pt.4)
________3. Freeman TILBURY b. c.1847 Wycombe (1881/1901: Chairmaker)
__________[?m.(1) Emma WALTERS 3Q 1868 Wycombe (3a/649)]
__________m. Ruth WHEELER 1Q 1876 Wycombe (3a/565), b. c.1848 Wycombe
__________1881: lvg. Ship Street, Wycombe
__________1901: Freeman & Ruth lvg. West Wycombe
________3. Rachel TILBURY b. 3Q 1850 Wycombe
__________m. William COOPER 1Q 1873 Wycombe (3a/515),
__________b. c.1843 Wycombe (1881: Polisher (Artz))
__________1881: lvg. 9 Millers Row, Wycombe
__________Lodger: William TILBURY, unmarried, age 69, b. Wycombe (Labourer)
__________(This may have been William, son of Francis & Elizabeth)
__________(William TILBURY (unmarried) d. 4Q 1887 age 76 Wycombe (3a/374))
____________4. Emma COOPER b. c.1873 Wycombe
____________4. Fred COOPER b. c.1875 Wycombe
____________4. Dennis COOPER (dau) b. 4Q 1880 Wycombe
________3. [?]
______1881: lvg. 30 Mendy Street, Wycombe, George, Sarah & 4 children)
______(together with Sarah's mother Ann, Widow, b. c.1810 Lt. Marlow)
________3. Anne TILBURY b. c.1854 Lt. Marlow (1881: Caner)
________3. Elizabeth TILBURY b. 3 April 1857 Wycombe,
__________Chr. 28th April 1857 High Wycombe Primitive Methodist Circuit
__________(Parents: "George & Sarah TILBURY of High Wycombe, Chairmaker")
__________Elizabeth TILBURY d. 1Q 1875 age 18 Wycombe (3a/325)
________3. Harry TILBURY b. c.1862 Wycombe
__________(1881: Chair Maker; 1901: Chair Maker Cabt)
__________m. Ellen LOVEDAY 3Q 1886 Wycombe (3a/875), b. c.1862 Stokenchurch [High Wycombe]
__________(Father: Emanuel LOVEDAY, Carter; Mother: Anna)
____________4. William TILBURY b. c.1887 Wycombe
____________4. George TILBURY b. c.1889 Wycombe
________3. [?]
________3. William TILBURY b. c.1868 Wycombe [1901: Chairmaker?]
________3. Jack TILBURY b. c.1871 Wycombe (1901 = John?)
__________m. Mary Elizabeth FREE 2Q 1897 Wycombe (3a/1253), b. c.1871 Hughenden
__________(Father: George FREE, Chairmaker; Mother: Elizabeth)
__________(1881: lvg. 9 Mill St, Wycombe)
________(§) 1901: Sarah age 73 b. Little Marlow
__________lvg. High Wycombe with John, Mary & family (John = Jack?)
__________John TILBURY b. c.1871 High Wycombe (French Polisher)
__________Mary TILBURY b. c.1871 Hughenden
______________4. George TILBURY b. c.1898 High Wycombe
______________4. William TILBURY b. c.1900 High Wycombe
____2. Freeman‡ TILBURY Chr. 12 October 1823 High Wycombe
______burial: 4 October 1824 (age 1) High Wycombe

        1881: lvg. 27 Temple End, Wycombe, Buckingham
        Frederick BRIDEN, Head age 30 b. Chalfont, Buckingham (Chair Manufacturer)
        Ellen BRIDEN, Wife age 30 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
No visible children
Living near Freeman & Barbarina BALL

        1881: lvg. 89 Kings Rd, Reading St Giles, Berkshire
        George Ebenezer DARWELL (DARVILL), Head b. c.1847 Princes Risborough - Manager of Boot Shop
        Charlotte DARWELL (DARVILL), Mother, b. c.1821 Uxbridge, Middlesex - Annuitant
        Jane [--], Wife b. c.1852 High Wycombe
        Henry TILBURY, Nephew b. c.1867 High Wycombe - Shop Boy

        (Charlotte DARVILL d. 3Q 1891 age 72 Reading 2c/201)
No visible children for George & Jane
If this was Jane daughter of John T. & Sarah (COX), then Nephew Henry TILBURY must have been the son of either a brother of Jane, or a sister (m. TILBURY) of George DARVILL.
There is no visible, suitable TILBURY/DARVILL marriage; Jane's brother Francis T. & wife Eliza [MEALING] may well have been the parents of Harry/Henry T. b. 1868; there do not seem to have been two candidates for this boy.
1901: No obvious trace of George & Jane DARVILL; there was a Henry TILBURY of the right age 'Drapery Buyer', in Acton, Middlesex [with wife Sarah b. Cheshire and daughter Irene].
From the 1881 Census - some spouse families:
lvg. Station Road,
Princes Risborough
Ann BOWLER, Wife (Head) (M) age 36 b. Monks Risboro, Buckingham - Dressmaker
(Ann ROGERS m. 2Q 1871 William BOWLER Wycombe 3a/702)
Francis ROGERS, Father (W) age 76 b. Monks Risboro, Buckingham - Retired Miller
Edith Ann BOWLER, Dau age 9 b. Princes Risboro, Buckingham - Scholar
John Scott NAPIER, Lod (U) age 15 b. Scotland - Railway Clerk
lvg. Little Missenden,
Abraham CARTER, Head age 23 b. Lt Missenden, Buckingham - Chair Leg Turner
Virgina CARTER, Wife age 22 b. Lt Missenden, Buckingham - Beaded Net Worker
Caroline CARTER, Daur age 3 b. Lt Missenden, Buckingham
Mark CARTER, Son age 10 mths b. Lt Missenden, Buckingham
lvg. 9 Mill St
George FREE, Head age 46 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Chair Maker
Elizabeth FREE, Wife age 45 b. Hughenden, Buckingham
Owen FREE, Son (U) age 23 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Chair Maker
Susan FREE, Daur (U) age 18 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Dressmaker
William FREE, Son age 15 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Chair Maker
Fred FREE, Son age 13 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Chair Maker
Sarah A. FREE, Daur age 11 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Scholar
Mary E. FREE, Daur age 9 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Scholar
Alfred G. FREE, Son age 6 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Scholar
Walter F. FREE, Son age 4 b. Hughenden, Buckingham - Scholar
Fanny FREE, Daur age age 11 mths b. Hughenden, Buckingham
lvg. Westbourne St,
Emanuel LOVEDAY, Head age 45 b. Lewknor, Buckingham - Carter
Anna LOVEDAY, Wife age 40 b. Stokenchurch, Oxford
Ellen LOVEDAY, Daur age 18 b. High Wycombe - Chair Caner
Elizabeth LOVEDAY, Daur age 13 b. Wycombe - Chair Caner
Sarah A. LOVEDAY, Daur age 6 b. Wycombe - Scholar
Ada LOVEDAY, Daur age 3 b. Wycombe
lvg. "The Black Horse"
Little Missenden
Jeffry PEARCE, Head age 47 Lt Missenden, Buckingham - Carpenter & Retailer Of Beer
Rebecca PEARCE, Wife age 44 Lt Missenden, Buckingham
Charles PEARCE, Son (U) age 18 Lt Missenden, Buckingham - Chair Leg Turner
Frank PEARCE, Son age 12 Lt Missenden, Buckingham - Scholar
Benjamin R. PEARCE, Son age 9 Lt Missenden, Buckingham - Scholar
Daisy PEARCE, Daur age 3 Lt Missenden, Buckingham
Alfred GOMME, Lodger (U) age 34 Haddenham, Buckingham - Sawyer
Nathan LAW, Lodger (M) age 45 Haddenham, Buckingham - Sawyer

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