The Tilburys of Gedney Hill
Farming, Hotels & Mineral Water
Lincolnshire, UK


"GEDNEY HILL is a straggling village and parochial chapelry on the borders of the county, 10 miles south of Holbeach, in the parts of Holland, southern division of the county, wapentake of Holland Elloe, and Holbeach union, diocese and archdeaconry of Lincoln, and deanery of Holland.

The soil, part clay and part fine loam, is very rich and fertile. The acreage is 1,995 acres and 28 poles. The population in 1851 was 569. There is a fair on the second Monday in June. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the diocese of Lincoln, value £100, in the gift of the feoffees of land for char[i]table uses; the Rev. Thomas Clark is the incumbent.

The church of the Holy Trinity is an ancient structure; it has a square tower, containing 5 musical bells. The churchyard is a high ground; and when the water burst Cowbitt bank in 1771, this was the only place where refuge could be found. Here is a Free school, endowed with lands supposed to have been given by the Abbot of Croyland and others. Here is a chapel for the General Baptists."

Above: from the Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire, 1861

Left: 1790 map

"Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of Rachel TILBURY, late of Little Kingshill in the parish of Little Missenden, in the County of Buckinghamshire, widow deceased who died 7 July 1861 at Little Kingshill aforesaid were granted at Oxford on December 1861 to Joseph TILBURY, of Gedney Hill in the County of Lincoln, farmer, one of the children of the said deceased, he having been first sworn. Effects under £1000." (Courtesy of another researcher and GillW)

Joseph Tilbury married Harriet Been
12 October 1840 Woburn, Bedford

Joseph was born on 17 June 1814 at Hyde Heath, and christened at the Baptist Old Meeting House in Chesham, Buckingham; his father was Moses TILBURY and his mother Rachel [KEENE] (see link below to 'Little Missenden').

Although Harriet was christened in Fleet, Lincolnshire, she may have been living in Woburn, Bedfordshire, since their marriage took place there. Moreover, Harriet married comparatively late, at about age 28.

The births of their first three children were registered in Amersham, and the christenings took place in Great Missenden, all three in 1847 - father Joseph was christened at a Baptist Chapel, so that this group christening may well indicate non-conformist baptism (it was sometimes necessary to wait for the visit of a Minister habilitated to christen - or marry - which resulted sometimes also in registration being in a place other, at a date later, than the act concerned).

The birth of the fourth child in 1848 was registered in Holbeach, and she was baptised 'Elizabeth' in Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire.

1851: reg. dist. Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Joseph TILBURY age 36 b. Buckinghamshire,
Harriet TILBURY age 37 b. Fleet, Lincolnshire
- John TILBURY age 9 b. Buckinghamshire
- Mary TILBURY age 7 b. Buckinghamshire
- George TILBURY age 5 b. Buckinghamshire
- Elizabeth TILBURY age 3 b. Lincolnshire

The National Burial Index lists:
Elizabeth TILBURY: b. 1849, buried 1855, Lincolnshire
James TILBURY: b. 1852, buried 1855, Lincolnshire
Rachel TILBURY: b. 1854, buried 1854, Lincolnshire

In Directories of 1856 and 1861 both Joseph TILBURY and George BARTON were listed as farmers of Gedney Hill in the wapentake of Elloe.
Joseph had the additional mention of 'Crowland' as his address in 1861, while George was then listed as 'farmer & grocer'.

Joseph and Harriet's third child had been named 'George Barton TILBURY', and christened before the move to Lincolnshire.
George BARTON married Mary BEAN in December 1837; Mary and Harriet were sisters.
How did the BARTONs, BEENs and TILBURYs become acquainted?

Why did Joseph and Harriet move to Lincolnshire? Was there an inheritance shared between the BEAN wives? Or was this related to a non-conformist grouping or organisation across Counties to find work for the dispossessed farmers following on enclosure? (There had been riots in Buckingham over enclosure resulting in penury for families dependant on agriculture for survival.)

The 1860s

1861: reg. dist. Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Joseph TILBURY age 45
Harriet TILBURY age 46
- John TILBURY age 19
- Mary E. TILBURY age 17
- George TILBURY age 15
- Ann TILBURY age 5
Charles FINCH age 14
[--] BARTON age 10

By 1864 Joseph and Harriet had seen eight children born, but not all survived, although John Been and Mary Elizabeth did, and both married.
George Barton TILBURY, christened in Great Missenden, married in Cambridgeshire in 1869.
Rachel, born and christened in 1854 died in the 2nd quarter of the same year.
Elizabeth, the first born in Gedney Hill, died in 1855 aged 6 on 17 January; her younger brother James, born in 1851, died just two weeks later; Elizabeth and James' deaths were registered in Holbeach under the same reference nos. (7a/270).
Might these close deaths indicate an epidemic; the area was low-lying and there may have been water pollution? (NB: younger members of this family later founded a mineral water works.)
The next child, Ann, was christened in 1855; married in 1877, and raised a family.
Their - apparently - youngest, Harriett Ann, was born c.1865.

By 1868 Joseph's address was given as 'Gedney Hill, Wisbech', and in place of George, Mrs Mary BARTON was listed as 'farmer' of Gedney Hill; presumably she was by then a widow.

From The Hull Packet and East Riding Times, Friday, February 2, 1866
"Lincolnshire ... In the Long Sutton district the disease [rinderpest] prevails with great virulence. The chief sufferers are:- Mr. G. HOLBOURN, Gedney, 31 dead; Messrs. H. and C. WROUT, 42 dead; Mr. DENNIS, Sutton-bridge, 21 dead; Messrs. W. and E. D. SKELTON, Sutton-bridge, 1 dead, 25 slaughtered; Mr. PROCTER, Fleet, 15 dead; and Mr. TILLBURY, Gedney-hill, 16 dead."

George Barton Tilbury m. Sarah Shepperson

1861: March, Cambridgeshire (Fo.37B)
Martha SHEPPERSON age 56
- Mary SHEPPERSON age 23
- John SHEPPERSON age 20
- Sarah SHEPPERSON age 11

(groom - age at marriage: 23 [b. c.1846], father: Joseph TILBURY)
m. Sarah SHEPPERSON 20 October 1869 Doddington, Cambridgeshire
(bride - age at marriage: 20 [b. c.1849])

1871: ___, Cambridgeshire
George B. TILBURY b. c.1846 ___, Buckinghamshire (Head)
Sarah TILBURY b. c.1850 March, Cambridgeshire (Wife)

Thereafter George and Sarah seem to vanish...

Joseph Tilbury died after an accident
My thanks to GillW for this information

From the death certificate for Joseph TILBURY, son of Moses & Rachael TILBURY, and husband of Harriett BEEN.
- Holbeach, Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire, No. 71, 6 February 1871.
- Joseph TILBURY, male age 55 yrs, Farmer.
- Cause of death - Internal injuries - accidentally thrown out of a cart into a pond.
- Information received from Wm. EDWARDS, Coroner for Spalding, Lincolnshire.
- Inquest held 9 February 1871, 11 February 1871.

In the 1872 directory for Gedney Hill were farmers John TILBURY, Mrs TILBURY, and Mrs Mary BARTON.
Since Joseph died in February 1871, it would seem probable that 'Mrs TILBURY' was his widow Harriet, and John, John Been TILBURY, their eldest child.

John Been Tilbury married Susanna Lewin

Late in 1868 Joseph and Harriet's son John Been TILBURY married Susanna LEWIN, and their first child, William Lewin TILBURY, was born in 1869.

1871: reg. dist. Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Harriet TILBURY b. c.1813 Lincolnshire
2. John TILBURY b. c.1842 Buckinghamshire
 + Susanna [LEWIN]TILBURY b. c.1843 Cambridgeshire
    3. William Lewin TILBURY b. c.1870 Lincolnshire
    3. Ellen Mary TILBURY b. c.1871 Lincolnshire
2. Mary Elizth TILBURY b. c.1844 Buckinghamshire
2. Annie TILBURY b. c.1856 Lincolnshire
2. Harriet Ann TILBURY b. c.1865 Lincolnshire

John and Susanna were not lucky with their children and the next two after William - Ellen Mary and Susanna - died as babies, in 1871 and 1873.
A fourth child, named John Bean TILBURY and born in the second quarter of 1873, survived into the 20th century.
However, their next three children died as babies. Were there subsequent births? None are visible in PRO references. The National Burial Index lists:
George TILBURY: b., d. 1878, Lincolnshire.

In Harrod & Co.'s trade directory for 1876 John B. TILBURY was listed as running the "Bell and Oak", Market Place, Peterborough.
Did he sell up the farm, were the proceeds divided amongst Joseph and Harriet's children?

From the Birmingham Daily Post, Tuesday, September 18, 1877
SITUATIONS VACANT - BARMAID Wanted, of good appearance and address. Good references required. - Mr. TILBURY, Bell and Oak, Peterborough. c7332

1880, J. G. Harrod & co.'s Royal Despatch and Special Directory of England
TILBURY John B., "Bell and Oak" Inn, wine and spirit merchant, Market place

My thanks to descendant Michael (see Guestbook message January 2008) for finding John & Susan:
1881: Market Place, Bell & Oak Inn, Peterborough, Northampton
John B. TILLEURY, Head age 38 b. Buckingham (Licensed Victueller)
Susannah TILLEURY, Wife age 37 b. Leverington, Cambridge
- John B. TILLEURY, Son age 7 b. Jedney Hill, Lincoln
Ann M. YOUNG, Barmaid (U) age 20 b. Fincham, Norfolk (Barmaid, Inn)
Frank DORKES, Serv (U) age 25 b. Peterborough, Northampton (Boots, Inn)

Their son William Lewin TILBURY, aged 11, was then a boarder at Barton School, Barton Lane, Wisbech St Peter, Cambridge.

Mary Elizabeth Tilbury married Joseph Pheasant

Joseph and Harriet's daughter, Mary Elizabeth TILBURY, married Joseph PHEASANT (licensed victualler) late in 1872, and in the 1881 Census Joseph and Mary were running the Wentworth Hotel, Peterborough (near the Great Easton Station), with a live-in staff of five.

1881: Wentworth Hotel, Peterborough, Northamptonshire
Joseph PHEASANT, Head age 49 b. Peterboro, Northamptonshire
Mary E. PHEASANT, Wife age 35 b. Little Kensel[Kingshill], Buckinghamshire

Joseph's widow, Harriet [BEEN]TILBURY, died in 1874, aged 62.

Ann Tilbury married John Betts Tebbutt

Married in 1877, by 1881 John TEBBUTT and Ann were running the Crown Hotel, Fletton, Huntingdon, with a live-in staff of four.

1881: Crown Hotel, Fletton, Huntingdonshire
John B. TEBBUTT, Head, age 36 b. Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire
Anne TEBBUTT, Wife age 24 b. Gedney Hill, Lincoln
- Katie TEBBUTT, Daughter age 3 b. Oundle, Northamptonshire
- Florie TEBBUTT, Daughter age 2 b. Fletton, Huntingdon
- Susie TEBBUTT, Daughter age 1 b. Fletton, Huntingdon

1881 Census

Joseph and Harriet's daughter Harriett Ann TILBURY was in boarding-school in Mill St, Oakham Lordshold, Rutland.

Mrs Mary BARTON was retired from farming and living - from revenues - with her daughter Rhoda BARTON at 74 Bailgate, Lincoln; with them were two lodgers: a theological student and a young architect.
Mary's sons, George and Jabez, seem not to have registered in 1881.

1881: 21 St Johns St, Peterborough, Northampton
William BEX, Head age 42 b. Sanderstead, Surrey (Soda Water Manufacturer)
Wife Sarah Ann age 41 b. Northampton & children Ellen (Waitress, Inn), Annie (Dressmaker), Charlie (Compositor), Herbert, Frederick, Kate, Emily, Arthur, John; & Domestic Servant, Sarah YOUNG age 21 b. Goldington, Bedford

A Sarah Ann BEX d. 2Q 1882 age 43 (Peterbro' 3b/135); this was probably William's wife, since 3Q 1883 a William BEX m. Rebecca JONES [b. Doddington, Cambridgeshire] (Peterbro' 3b/427), and in 1891 they are listed with some of the same children as 1881.

Kellys Directory of ... Northamptonshire, 1885
BEX & TILBURY, soda water manufacturers, Fitzwilliam st., Peterboro'
TILBURY John Beem, Bell & Oak P.H., Market Place, Peterboro'


In 1890 John Beem TILBURY is still at the "Bell & Oak" public house, Market Place, Peterborough, while 'TILBURY & SONS, soda water manufacturers, Fitzwilliam St, Peterborough' has made its appearance. [I don't have William BEX's occupation in 1891, but in 1901 he was a Shop Fitter.]

1891: Peterborough, Northamptonshire
John B. TILBURY age 48 b. Buckinghamshire
Susannah TILBURY age 48 b. Cambridgeshire
- William L. TILBURY age 21 b. Lincolnshire
- John B. TILBURY age 17 b. Lincolnshire

Susanna [LEWIN]TILBURY died in 1891 aged 50 (the death was registered in Docking); John scarcely survived her a year and died towards the end of 1892 aged 51.

Harriet Ann TILBURY went into service, and in the 1891 census was listed as a Housemaid in the - large - household of Philip Charles HARDWICH, in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire (in 1881 he was J.P. for Middlesex, living in London). Kelly's 1889 Directory for Wiltshire lists Philip HARDWICK at Woolley Grange, Bradford-on-Avon; by the late 1890's only Mrs. HARDWICK was listed. [Today Woolley Grange, a 17thC Jacobean Manor house built of Bath stone, is a luxury (family) hotel, in a 14-acre garden estate.]

In 1898 TILBURY & SONS, soda & mineral water manufacturers, was still in Fitzwilliam St, Peterborough.


The Census has a Harriett LILLOURY age 35 b. Lincs Gedney Hill living at Gosberton in Lincolnshire (no occupation given).

William TILBURY aged 31, and John TILBURY aged 27, both b. Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire, were listed for the Census area of St John Baptist Peterborough Within, with the occupation of 'Mineral Water Manufacturer'.
These would seem to have been William Lewin TILBURY and his brother John Bean TILBURY.

A William TILBURY died in Lincolnshire, third quarter 1901, aged 81 (Newark 7b/288). Who was this?

John Bean Tilbury married in 1902

John Bean TILBURY m. 3Q 1902 [Harriet KIDNEY or Elizabeth WADE] (Peterbro' 3b/511).

Kelly's Directory for 1903 mentions the following for Northamptonshire:
A. H. TILBURY, head master, National mixed school for 250 children; King's Sutton;
TILBURY & SONS, mineral water manufacturers, Fitzwilliam St, Peterborough;
William TILBURY, living 57 New Road, Peterborough (perhaps William Lewin TILBURY?).

Sadly, John Bean TILBURY died 3Q 1905 age 33, only three years after marriage; no children are evident.

Ostler of the "Bell and Oak"

"...Mr Hitch, the well known Ostler of the Bell and Oak, Peterborough"
His son Walter died on 2 September 1916, aged 18, and is remembered on this site:

1901: living Fletton Urban, Soke Of Peterboro
Charles HITCH age 28 b. Huntingdon, Hunts (Groom Domestic)
Kate HITCH age 22 b. Castor, Northamptonshire
Walter HITCH age 2 b. Peterboro, Northamptonshire
Charles HITCH age 10M b. Peterboro, Northamptonshire
Agnes HITCH age 21 b. Earith, Cambridgeshire (Servant Domestic)

Thomas Tilbury (from Loudwater, Buckingham) in Northampton in 1881

This Thomas - b. Loudwater and a baker by trade - may have been a son of John Tilbury (baker & grocer) and Amelia [Soanes] (see 'Tilberia', 'Penn'). While there were several Thomas Tilbury born at about the same time in the Wycombe area, few of their possible families lived in Loudwater.

m. Sarah Ann PETTMAN 2Q 1875 Dartford (2a/570/KEN)

1881: lvg. 163 St Edmunds Rd, Northampton Priory St Andrew, Northampton
Thomas TILBURY, Head age 31 b. Loudwater, Buckingham (Journeyman Baker)
Sarah TILBURY, Wife age 32 b. Bexley Heath, Kent (Journeyman Bakers Wife)
- Thomas TILBURY, Son age 5 b. Bexley Heath, Kent

John William TILBURY Chr. 24 January 1889 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
[b. 4Q 1888 (Wycombe 3a/648)]
Father: Thomas TILBURY (baker of 58 Easton street)
Mother: Sarah

1891: lvg. Bexley, Kent
Sarah A. TILBURY, Sister age 40 b. High Wycombe
- John W. TILBURY, Nephew age 2 b. Buckinghamshire
Castell CASTELL, Head age 40 b. Chelsea, London
Annie CASTELL, Wife age 37 b. Bexley Heath, Kent
- Emert James CASTELL, Son age 12 b. Bexley Heath, Kent
- Nellie CASTELL, Daughter age 11 b. Bexley Heath, Kent
- Edith A. CASTELL, Daughter age 7 b. Bexley Heath, Kent
- Sibella A. CASTELL, Daughter age 4 b. Bexley Heath, Kent
- Terry T. CASTELL, Son age 3 b. Bexley Heath, Kent

1891: lvg. Chipping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Thos. Henry TILBURY b. c.1876 Bexley Heath, Kent (Servant) [Ancestry: TILBARY]
Jos. Walter WINCH b. c.1859 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Head)
Mary WINCH b. c.1859 ---, Buckinghamshire (Wife)

lvg. Hambleden, Bu
Sarah TILBURY age 49 b. Blesleyheath, Kent
- William TILBURY age 12 b. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
lvg. London [PRO Census page]
- Thomas TILBURY age 25, b. Bexley Heath, Kent (Barman)
or: lvg. Whitechapel, London [Ancestry .com page]
- Thomas Hy. TILBURY b. c.1876 Bexley Heath, Kent (Patient)
- (search included words Royal + Hospital)

Ann Caroline PETTMAN
m. Castell CASTELL 1Q 1877 (Croydon 2a/261)

1881: Bakers Shop Main Rd Sth Side, Bexley, Kent
Castell CASTELL, Head age 31 b. Chelsea, Middlesex (Master Baker Employing 1 Man)
Ann CASTELL, Wife age 27 b. Bexleyheath, Kent
- Ernest CASTELL, Son age 2 b. Bexleyheath, Kent
- Millie CASTELL, Daur age 1 b. Bexleyheath, Kent
Ann PITTMAN, Mother In Law age 68 b. Manchester
Thomas SMITH, (U) age 23 b. Bedford, Bedford (Journyman Baker, Serv.)

1881: 9 Lion Rd, Bexley, Kent
James PETTMAN, Head (married) age 68 b. Chatham, Kent (Shoemaker)
+ 3 boarders

1861: reg. dist. Dartford, household
James PETTMAN age 48
Ann PETTMAN age 48
- Charles PETTMAN age 14
- Sarah PETTMAN age 11
- Ann PETTMAN age 7

1851: civ. par. Bexley, Kent
James PETTMAN b. c.1813 Chatham, Kent (Head)
Ann PETTMAN b. c.1813 Manchester (Wife)
- James PETTMAN b. c.1838 (Son)
- Fanny PETTMAN b. c.1841 (Daughter)
- Eliza PETTMAN b. c.1844 Chatham, Kent (Daughter)
- Charles PETTMAN b. c.1847 Bexley Heath, Kent (Son)
- Sarah PETTMAN b. c.1850 Bexley Heath, Kent (Daughter)

1881: 4 Saffron Platt Cott, Wycombe, Buckingham
Joseph W. WINCH, Head age 22 b. Wycombe, Buckingham (Baker)
Mary WINCH, Wife age 22 b. Penn, Buckingham

Joseph Walter WINCH
m. Mary [HANCOCK [or CARTER]] 1Q 1881 (St.Saviour 1d/57)

Thomas Tilbury (from Portsea, Hampshire) in Peterborough in 1891

1891: lvg. Peterborough, Northamptonshire
Thomas TILBURY age 35 b. Hampshire
Mary A. TILBURY age 33 b. Hampshire
- Thomas R. TILBURY age 15 b. Hampshire
- Annie E. TILBURY age 13 b. Hampshire
- William G. TILBURY age 9 b. Hampshire
- Caroline M. TILBURY age 7 b. Hampshire
- Eliza J. TILBURY age 5 b. Hampshire
- Bertie C. TILBURY age 3 b. Hampshire
- John H. TILBURY age 1 b. Northamptonshire

A. H. Tilbury, Headmaster

Listed for 1914:
Public Elementary (Council) School (mixed), erected in 1908, for 250 children;
A. H. TILBURY, head master; King's Sutton, Northamptonshire.

The identity of A. H. TILBURY is not certain, but this was probably Albert Henry TILBURY, b. Teddington, Middlesex.

Albert Henry TILBURY
m. Ada Cecilia PERRY 1Q 1895 (Brentford 3a/725-MDX)

1901, living Fritwell, Oxfordshire:
Albert TILBURY age 5[3]0 b. Teddington, Middlesex (Certificated School Master)
Ada TILBURY age 29 b. Hounslow, Middlesex
Vincent TILBURY age 5 b. London
Cecilia TILBURY age 1 b. Fritwell, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth TILBURY age 56 b. Kempston, Bedfordshire

1881: lvg. 3 Bridge Parade, Waldergrave Avenue, London, Middlesex
Henery TILBURY, Head age 34 b. Teddington, Middlesex (Carpenter)
Elizebath TILBURY, Wife age 36 b. Kempston, Bedford (Carpenter Wife)
Albert H. TILBURY, Son age 10 b. Teddington, Middlesex (Scholar), b. 1Q 1871 (Kingston 2a/311)
Ernest TILBURY, Son age 3 b. Teddington, Middlesex, b. 2Q 1877 (Kingston 2a/307)

1881: lvg. Thurston Cottage, Park Rd, London, Middlesex [This may have been in Hounslow]
Edwin PERRY, Head age 34 b. Winchester, Hampshire (Clerk On Railway)
Martha PERRY, Wife age 36 b. Hounslow, Middlesex
Ada C. PERRY, Daur age 9 b. Hounslow, Middlesex (Scholar)
Claude E. PERRY, Son age 6 b. Hounslow, Middlesex (Scholar)
Ethel A. PERRY, Daur age 4 b. Hounslow, Middlesex (Scholar)
Charles J. PERRY, Uncle (W) age 72 b. Romsey, Kent (Retired Captain 87th Regt.)

Lincolnshire, 1790: "Crowland exhibits the remains of a very celebrated abbey, founded by religious zeal in the midst of a [s]haking fen. In general it may be remarked, that the religious edifices of these fenny tracts are remarkably stately and handsome stone buildings, though there is not a quarry within the space of a great many miles."
(From "England Delineated" by John Aikin - Google Books Online)

Do not order documents without checking references first
Registrations numbers are not always easy to read and may be misinterpreted

The Tilbury Tree

Joseph TILBURY b. 17 June 1814 at Hyde Heath, Chr. 1814 Baptist Old Meeting House, Chesham, Buckingham
(Father: Moses TILBURY, Mother: Rachel [KEENE])
d. 1Q 1871 age 55 (Holbeach 7a/259)
_m. Harriet BEE[A]N 12 October 1840 Woburn, Bedford (6/219)
_[b. end 1812?] Chr. 19 June 1813 Fleet, Lincoln, d. 3Q 1874 age 62 (Holbeach 7a/239)
__2. John Be[e]an TILBURY [b. c.1841] Chr. 9 May 1847 Great Missenden, Buckingham
____A John TILBURY was registered b. 3Q 1841 (Amersham 6/29[3?])
____d. 4Q 1892 age 51 (Peterboro' 3b/142 [FreeBMD: 3b/148])
____m. Susanna LEWIN 4Q 1868 (Wisbeach 3b/1361)
____Susannah TILBURY d. 3Q 1891 age 50 (Docking 4b/186)
_____3. William Lewin TILBURY b. 3Q 1869 (Holbeach 7a/349)
_______1881: William L. TILBURY, Boarder age 11 b. Gedney Hill, Lincoln (Scholar)
_______Barton School, Barton Lane, Wisbech St Peter, Cambridge
_______1901: William [Lewin] TILBURY age 31 b. Gedney Hill, Lincs.
_______lvg. St John Baptist Peterborough Within (Mineral Water Manufacturer)
_____3. Ellen Mary b. 1Q 1871 TILBURY (Holbeach 7a/367)
_______d. 3Q 1871 age 0 (Holbeach 7a/231)
_____3. Susanna TILBURY b. 2Q 1872 (Holbeach 7a/359)
_______Susannah TILBURY d. 2Q 1873 age 1 (Holbeach 7a/232)
_____3. John Bean TILBURY b. 2Q 1873 (Holbeach 7a/366)
_______1901: John [Bean] TILBURY age 27 b. Gedney Hill, Lincs.
_______lvg. St John Baptist Peterborough Within (Mineral Water Manufacturer)
_______John Bean TILBURY m. 3Q 1902 [Harriet KIDNEY or Elizabeth WADE] (Peterbro' 3b/511) _______d. 3Q 1905
_____3. Harriet TILBURY b. 3Q 1874 (Holbeach 7a/368)
_______Harriett TILBURY d. 1Q 1875 age 0 (Holbeach 7a/302)
_____3. Annie Maria Tilbury b. 2Q (3b/240), Chr. 23 April, 1876 Peterborough, Northampton
_______d. 2Q 1876 age 0 (Peterborough 3b/135)
_____3. George TILBURY b. 1Q 1878 (Peterborough 3b/223)
_______d. 1Q 1878 age 0 (Peterborough 3b/155)
__2. Mary Elizabeth TILBURY b. 4Q 1843 (Amersham 6/321), Chr. 9 January 1847 Great Missenden, Buckingham
____m. Joseph PHEASANT 4Q 1872 (Peterbro' 3b/555)
____1881: lvg. Wentworth Hotel, Peterborough, Northampton [Nr. Gt. Easton Station]
____Joseph PHEASANT, Head age 49 b. Peterboro, Northampton (Licensed Victualler)
____Mary E. PHEASANT, Wife age 35 b. Little Kensel, Buckingham
_____Caroline HOWE, (U) age 18 b. Bletchley, Buckingham (Barmaid, Domestic Servant)
_____Estha SUTHERLAND, (U) age 19 b. Peterboro, Northampton (Chambermaid, Domestic Servant)
_____Ann PLINTOFT, (U) age 18 b. Newboro, Northampton (Kitchen Maid, Domestic Servant)
_____Joseph MORRIS, (U) age 19 b. Whittlesea, Cambridge (Boots, Domestic Servant)
_____Edward G. COE, (U) age 13 b. Harrington, Northampton (Under Boots, Domestic Servant)

__2. George Barton TILBURY Chr. 9 May 1847 Great Missenden, Buckingham
____b. 1Q 1846 (Amersham 6/347)
____m. Sarah SHEPPERSON 20 October 1869 Doddington, Cambridgeshire
__2. Elizabeth TILBURY b. 3Q 1848 (Holbeach 14/414), Chr. 8 October Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
____d. 17 January 1855 (Holbeach 7a/270)
__2. James TILBURY b. 2Q 1851 (Holbeach 14/449), Chr.15 June Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
____d. 31 January 1855 (Holbeach 7a/270)
__2. Rachel TILBURY b. 1Q 1854 (Holbeach 7a/319), Chr. 12 March Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
____d. 2Q 1854 (Holbeach 7a/207)
__2. Ann TILBURY Chr. 22 July 1855 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
____m. John Betts TEBBUTT 3Q 1877 (Peterbro' 3b/369)
____1881: *lvg. Crown Hotel, Fletton, Huntingdon
____John*≤ B. TEBBUTT, Head age 36 b. Wadenhoe, Northampton (Hotel Keeper)
____Anne*≤ TEBBUTT, Wife age 24 b. Gedney Hill [Kirton], Lincoln
_____Mary* A. MARSHALL, (U) age 27 b. Scotland (Barmaid)
_____Charles* THURSTUN, (U) age 31 b. Cambridge, Cambridge (Waiter, Domestic Servant)
_____William* REYNOLDS, (U) age 25 b. Needingworth, Cambridge (Groom, Domestic Servant)
_____Isabella* PEPPERDINE, (U) age 15 b. Stanground, Huntingdon (Nurse, Domestic Servant)

____1901: ≤lvg. Fletton Urban, Soke Of Peterborough
_____3. Katie* TEBBUTT, Daur age 3 b. Oundle, Northampton
_____3. Florie*≤ TEBBUTT, Daur age 2 b. Fletton, Huntingdon
_____3. Susie* TEBBUTT, Daur age 1 b. Fletton, Huntingdon
_____3. John≤ TEBBUTT age 13 b. Fletton, Huntingdonshire
_____3. Sanders≤ TEBBUTT age 9 b. Fletton, Huntingdonshire
__2. Harriett Ann TILBURY b. 3Q 1864 (Holbeach 7a/332)
____1881: Harriet A. TILBURY, Boarder age 16 b. Gedney Hill, Lincoln (Scholar)
____"School" Mill St, Oakham Lordshold, Rutland
____1891: Harriett TILBURY, Housemaid age 25 b. Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire
____in the household of Philip Charles HARDWICH[K], Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

The Bee[a]ns of Fleet

_m. Mary BRANCH 25 November 1803 Holbeach, Lincoln
__2. Elizabeth BEAN b. 2 October 1804, Chr. 2 January 1805 Fleet, Lincoln
__2. Levi BEAN Chr. 28 July 1808 Fleet, Lincoln
__2. William BEAN Chr. 23 November 1810 Fleet, Lincoln
__2. Harriett BEAN Chr. 19 June 1813 Fleet, Lincoln
____m. Joseph TILBURY 12 October 1840 Woburn, Bedford
__2. Eleanor BEAN Chr. 30 August 1815 Fleet, Lincoln
__2. Emma BEAN Chr. 24 June 1817 Fleet, Lincoln, d. 1 July 1817
__2. Mary BEAN Chr. 16 January 1819 Fleet, Lincoln
____m. George BARTON end 1837
__2. Maria BEAN Chr. 16 August 1821 Fleet, Lincoln
_m. Mary Ann FAVILL 15 May 1820 Fleet, Lincoln

The Bartons of Gedney Hill

_m. Mary (Ann) BEAN 4Q 1837 (Holbeach 14/633), b. c.1818 Fleet, Lincoln
__2. Susanna BARTON Chr. 2 September 1838 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Harriett BARTON Chr. 26 July 1840 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Mary ANN BARTON Chr. 29 May 1842 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. George BARTON Chr. 3 November 1844 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Betsey BARTON Chr. 25 August 1846 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Fanny BARTON Chr. 26 December 1847 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Jabez BARTON Chr. 5 May 1850 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Rhoda BARTON Chr. 20 August 1854 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
__2. Emma BARTON Chr. 2 August 1857 Gedney-Hill, Lincoln
_1881: lvg. 74 Bailgate, Lincoln, Lincoln
_Mary BARTON, Head (W) age 62 b. Fleet, Lincoln (Land & Intrest Par)
____Rhoda BARTON, Daur (U) age 26 b. Gedny Hill, Lincoln
__Percy G. BULSTEREDG, (U) age 24 b. Redditch, Worcester (Lodger; B.A.Theological Student)
__Francis HOOPER, (U) age 21 b. London, Middlesex (Lodger; Architect

Sources: PRO refs (The Tilbury Magazine); Censuses; IGI; Directories (History & Gazetteers, Harrod & Co, Kelly, Post Office); Cambridge FHS; and other researchers, whom I thank for their generosity.

Registration Districts

Docking - created 1st July 1837.
Sub-districts : Burnham; Docking; Snettisham.

Holbeach - created 1st July 1837; Lincolnshire.
Sub-districts : Gedney Hill; Holbeach; Long Sutton.

Newark - created 1st July 1837; mainly in Nottinghamshire, but included parts of Lincolnshire.
Sub-districts : Bassingham; Bennington; Claypole; Newark; North Collingham.

Peterborough - created 1st July 1837; mainly in Northamptonshire, but included parts of Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Lincolnshire.
Sub-districts : Crowland; Peterborough; Stilton; Thorney.

Others, Lincolnshire

m. Marion SMYTH 26 May 1594 Stickford, Lincoln

m. Ales ALLMAN 22 June 1603 Stickford, Lincoln

Robert TEAILBY Chr. 7 May 1626 St Michael, Stamford, Lincoln
Father: Francis TEAILBY

m. Eliz. RHODES 13 November 1728 Fleet, Lincoln


1901: lvg. Lincolnshire:
Percy TILBURY age 41 b. Pimlico, London, lvg. St Swithins, Lincoln (Pedlar - Hawker)

Denby-type jar used in the Tilbury manufactory in Peterborough
See also the picture gallery of the 'Tilbury Magazine':
Photo & history of Mr Codd's bottle with its unique stopper

Old Peterborough in Postcard Views

Two photos of Woolley Grange

Little Missenden

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