From Frensham, Froyle & Headley, Hampshire to Godalming, Surrey

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John TILBURY b. [c.1680?]; Burial: 1736 Frensham
m. Jane RATFORD 21 May 1704 Frensham; Burial: 1763 Frensham

This page represents some of their descendants, through their son John; the above, and (*) information is from - John & Jane's other descendants are listed on - this well-researched website:
John Tilbury m. Jane Ratford

1. John TILBURY *Chr. 1704 Frensham, Surrey; Burial: 1785 Frensham
m. Anne TYRE 26 December 1736 Froyle, Hampshire; *Burial: 1761 Frensham
2. *Ann TILBURY Chr. 1738 Frensham, Surrey; Burial: 1743 Frensham
2. *Mary TILBURY Chr. 1741 Frensham, Surrey; Burial: 1777 Frensham?
2. *Ann TILBURY Chr. 1744 Frensham, Surrey
*m. T. RADFORD 1768 Frensham, Surrey
2. John TILBERRY[TILBURY] [b. c.1737]*Chr. 1747 Frensham, Surrey;
[d. 21 November 1819] [Burial: John TILBURY of Lynford age 82, All Saints' Headley 22 January 1819]
m. Anna WOOD 24 December 1764 Headley, Hampshire
[Anna TILBURY of Linford, widow age 91, Burial: All Saints' Headley 20 January 1827]
3. John TILBURY Chr. 6 June 1767 Headley, Hampshire
[John TILBURY, a child, Burial: All Saints' Headley 24 July 1768]
3. William TILBURY Chr. 4 February 1769 Headley, Hampshire
[m. Martha WILKINS? See below]
3. James TILBURY Chr. 16 March 1770 Headley, Hampshire
[James TILBURY, a child, Burial: All Saints, Headley 2 April 1771]
3. Stephen TILBURY Chr. 22 August 1773 Headley, Hampshire
m. Sarah WALKER 26 April 1798 Headley, Hampshire
1841/1851: Hollywater (Headley), Hampshire [67]
Stephen TILBURY, Head, age 70/81 b. Headley, Hampshire (Sawyer, 1851 receiving aid)
Sarah TILBURY, Wife, age 70/79 b. Binsted, Hampshire (Sawyer's Wife)
4. Ann TILBURY Chr. 27 February 1799 Headley, Hampshire
4. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 21 June 1801 Headley, Hampshire
[m. Charles CHALCRAFT 23 April 1823 Godalming, Surrey]
4. Jane TILBURY Chr. 20 May 1804 Headley, Hampshire
[m. William CHALCRAFT 6 March 1824 Headley, Hampshire]
1841: Godalming, Surrey
[Charles CHALCRAFT b. c.1801 (in Cty)]
[Hannah CHALCRAFT b. c.1838 (in Cty)]
[Willm CHALCRAFT b. c.1801 (in Cty)]
[Jane CHALCRAFT b. c.1804 (in Cty)]
4. Stephen TILBURY Chr. 22 March 1807 Headley, Hampshire
m. Lucy LONGHURST 10 April 1831 Godalming, Surrey
1841: St. Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
Stephen TILBURY b. c.1811 (out of Cty)
Lucy TILBURY b. c.1811 (out of Cty)
- Walter TILBURY b. c.1832 (in Cty)
- Arthur TILBURY b. c.1834 (in Cty)
- Mary TILBURY b. c.1836 (in Cty)
- Sarah TILBURY b. c.1839 (in Cty)
1851: Guildford St. Nicholas, Surrey
Stephen TILBURY b. c.1807 Headley, Hampshire (Head, spouse of Lucy)
Lucy TILBURY b. c.1807 Rusper, Sussex (Wife of Stephen)
- Walter TILBURY b. c.1833 Guildford (Son)
- Arthur TILBURY b. c.1835 Guildford (Son)
- Mary Ann TILBURY b. c.1837 Guildford (Daughter)
- Sarah Ellen TILBURY b. c.1840 Guildford (Daughter)
- Albert TILBURY b. c.1843 Guildford (Son)
- Martha Jane TILBURY b. c.1847 Guildford (Daughter)
1857: Guildford
"Stephen TILBURY, a voter alleged to have been bribed by one of the sitting members, having stated, in his examination in chief, that he was canvassed some time previous to the election by Mr. THURLOW, the petitioner, was then asked, 'What passed between you and Mr. THURLOW when he canvassed you?'"
[Such evidence was held irreceivable, since only declarations made to the agent of the sitting member were admissible. The allegations of bribery concerning Guildford were rejected as "frivolous and vexations" (divided decision).]
(From page 111 of "Reports of the Decisions of Committees of the House of Commons in the Trial of Controverted Elections ... 16th Parliament ... United Kingdom", by David Power, Hunter Rodwell, Edward L'Estrange Dew, Esq., Vol. II (V. & R. Stevens, G. S. Norton, Lincoln's Inn).
1861: lvg. Guildford St. Nicholas, Surrey
Stephen TILBURY (Head, spouse of Lucy)
Lucy TILBURY (Wife of Stephen)
- Albert TILBURY b. c.1843 (Son)
- Martha Jane TILBURY b. c.1847 (Daughter)
- Frances TILBURY b. c.1852 (Daughter)
5. Walter TILBURY Chr. 12 February 1832 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
m. Eleanor (Ellen) b. c.1835 Reckington, Essex
1861: lvg. Guildford St. Nicholas, Surrey
Walter TILBURY [Ancestry: Walkr] (Head, spouse of Eleanor) b. c.1832 Surrey
Eleanor TILBURY (Wife of Walter) b. c. 1836 Essex
- Walter G. TILBURY (Son of Walter & Eleanor) b. c.1857 Surrey
1881: lvg. 1 Sparkes Row, Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey, with family &:
Grandson: Horace George MILLARD (see below) b. c.1877 Guildford, Surrey
6. Kate Emily TILBURY b. c.1861 Guildford, Surrey Chr. 8 June 1862 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey (Dressmaker)
m. William STEADMAN 3Q 1887 (Guildford 2a/99), b. c.1863 Surrey Wouirsh (Railway Engine Driver)
1901: lvg. St Nicholas, Surrey
7. Walter STEADMAN age 12 b. Surrey Guildford
7. Harold STEADMAN age 10 b. Surrey Guildford
7. Daisy STEADMAN age 6 b. Surrey Guildford
7. Herbert STEADMAN age 4 b. Surrey Guildford
6. Walter George TILBURY b. c.1856 Guildford, Surrey, Chr. 16 January 1857 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey, (1881: LSWR Fireman) (1901: Loco Engine Driver); d. 2Q 1901 age 44
m. Esther MILLARD 4Q 1877 Guildford (2a/123), b. c.1860 Clapham, Surrey
1881: lvg. 6 Sparkes Row, Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey
7. Horace George TILBURY b. c.18777 Guildford, Surrey
m. [May SNOOK] 1Q 1898 Guildford (2a/108)
1901: (Bricklayer) lvg. Woking, Surrey
8. Elsie TILBURY b. c.1898 Woking, Surrey
8. Leonard TILBURY b. c.January 1901 Woking, Surrey
7. Leonard Ernest TILBURY b. c.1879 Clapham, Surrey
5. Arthur TILBURY b. 14 August 1834,
Chr. 7 September, 1834 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey; d. 8 March 1915
m. Eliza DOWNES 9 December 1855 Stoke next Guildford, Surrey;
b. 30 November 1834 (Guildford, Surrey); d. 28 January 1913
1881: Arthur TILBURY (Engine Driver, Guys Hospital) & family, lvg. 40 Union Rd, Newington, Surrey
1891: lvg. Newington (St. Saviour Southwark)
Arthur TILBURY b. c.1838 ___, Surrey (Head, spouse of Eliza)
Eliza TILBURY b. c.1835 ___, Surrey (Wife of Arthur)
- Lila TILBURY b. c.1869 [Battersea], London (Daughter)
- William TILBURY b. c.1873 [Battersea], London (Son)
1901: Arthur (Furnace Stoker) & Eliza TILBURY lvg. Newington, London
6. Charles [A. S.] TILBURY b. c.1861 Battersea, Surrey dd>(1881 Engine Cleaner L&S Wn Fy)
Charles Arthur S. TILBURY
m. [Fanny Elizabeth WHITE] 1Q 1886 (Lambeth 1d/467)
1891: reg. dist. Lambeth [1837online 'TILBURN']
Charles A. S. TILBURY age 29
Fanny E. TILBURY age 27
- Florence E. TILBURY age 4
- Ethel R. TILBURY age 1
- Mabel G. TILBURY age 0
[Florence Emily TILBURY b. 4Q 1886 (Lambeth 1d/423)]
[Ethel Amy TILBURY b. 2Q 1889 (Lambeth 1d/435)]
[Mabel Gladys TILBURY b. 1Q 1891 (Lambeth 1d/452)]
1901: lvg. London, Lambeth
Charles A. S. TILBURY age 39 b. London Battersea (Engineer Fitter)
6. Harry Walter TILBURY b. c.1865 Battersea, Surrey
(1881: Printers Assistant)
m. Augusta Elizabeth SANDERS 2Q 1888;
b. c.1867 Lambeth, Surrey
1891: reg. dist. Wandsworth
Henry W. TILBURY age 25
Augusta TILBURY age 23
- Lola A. TILBURY age 2
[Lila Augusta TILBURY b. 2Q 1889 (Lambeth 1d/457)]
1901: lvg. London Clapham
Harry TILBURY age 35 b. Surrey Battersea (Stationary Stoker)
Augusta TILBURY age 33 b. Surrey Lambeth
- Lila TILBURY age 11 b. c.1899 Lambeth, Surrey
- Rose TILBURY age 9 b. c.1891 Battersea, Surrey
- Ivy TILBURY age 6 b. c.1894 Lambeth, Surrey
- Daisy TILBURY age 3 b. c.1897 Lambeth, Surrey
- Pansy TILBURY b. 3Q 1900 Clapham, Surrey
- Violet TILBURY b. 3Q 1900 Clapham, Surrey
[Ivy Maud L. TILBURY b. 2Q 1894 (Lambeth 1d/415)]
[Daisy Ada E. TILBURY b. 2Q 1897 (Lambeth 1d/425)]
[Violet Edna TILBURY b. 2Q 1900 (Lambeth 1d/405)]
6. Lila TILBURY b. c.1868 Battersea, Surrey
Lila Emily TILBURY
m. 2Q 1896 [Edward NEWSON] (Lambeth 1d/803)
1901: lvg. London, Newington
Edward NEWSON age 34 b. London City (Grocers Warehouseman)
Lila NEWSON age 32 b. London Battersea
7. ?[Alfred C. NEWSON age 4 b. London Walworth]
7. ?[Willie NEWSON age 2 b. London Newington]
7. ?[Dora NEWSON age 0 b. London Newington]
6. William James TILBURY b. 31 August 1872 (census: Surrey)
at 6 Lucas Place, Battersea, London dd>(father: Arthur TILBURY, Chief engineer, Guys Hospital)
(mother: Eliza TILBURY, formerly DOWNES)
d. 25 December 1953
m. Mary Elizabeth BEAMS ('Daisy') 30 September 1899 Alverstoke parish church, Hampshire; of St. Mary's Place, Stafford; b. 11 February 1873
(eldest daughter of Joseph BEAMS, of Queen's Road, Gosport, Hampshire; Sergeant, Royal Marines)
(mother: Maria BEAMS, formerly CRANE)
First home: 40 Union Road, Newington Causeway, London
7. Joseph Arthur Morris TILBURY b. 26 November 1900
(civ. reg. 1Q 1901 (St Saviour 1d/79))
d. 14 January 1979
1901: lvg. (from February) 127 Union Road, Newington, London (Printe[r] Copper Plate)
William J. TILBURY age 28 b. London Battersea
- Joseph A. M. TILBURY age 0 b. London Newington
7. Charles Robert Norman TILBURY b. 13 July 1902
d. 14 January 1979
7. Bernard Alan Hector TILBURY b. 8 November 1903
d. 1 April 1971
William & 'Daisy' TILBURY, family, subsequently lived at
23 St. Luke's Road, Clapham, London SW4
43 Alderbrook Road, Balham Hill, London SW12
5. Marianne [Mary Ann] TILBURY Chr. 13 November 1836 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
[m. ?]
5. ?[[Eleanor Alice TILBURY Chr. 24 December 1838 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey]]?
5. Sarah Ellen TILBURY Chr. 14 July 1839 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
m. James BILLETT 3 March 1867 Stoke next Guildford, Surrey
5. Albert TILBURY Chr. 21 January 1843 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
1881 (Painter) Lodger with Harry FRENCH (Gardener) & family
24 Stonefield Road, Hastings St Mary In The Castle, Sussex
1901: lvg. Newington, London (House Painter)
5. Frances Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 12 December 1852 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
m. Eli JOB 3Q 1879 (Hastings 2b/36); b. c.1854 Hastings, Sussex (Upholsterer...)
1881: lvg. 12 St James Road, Hastings St Mary In The Castle, Sussex
+ Alexandrine POULNEY, Lodger (U) b. c.1846 Tockouse[Toulouse], France (French Teacher)
+ Henrietta GREENE, Visitor (U) b. c.1860 Dublin Kinestone, Ireland
+ Edgar J. DAVIES, Lodger, married, b. c.1850 York (Watch Maker Examiner...)
1891: Hastings
Frances JOB age 36 b. Guildford
- George JOB age 9 b. Hastings (Son)
lvg. Islington London
Eli JOB age 46 b. Hastings, Sussex (Builders Timekeeper)
Frances E. JOB age 49 b. Guildford, Surrey
- lvg. Borough of Hastings, St. Andrew, Sussex
- George JOB age 19 b. Sussex Hastings (Elementary School Teacher)
5. Martha Jane TILBURY Chr. 12 December 1852 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
1881: General Servant to William B. EDE (Clerk In Upholsterers Office) & family
7 Elphinstone Road, Hastings St Mary In The Castle, Sussex
Visitor: Mary TILBURY b. c.1841 Guildford, Surrey (unmarried; Leather Cutter's Daughter)
1901: lvg. Borough Of Hastings, St Andrew, Sussex (Dressmaker)
1861: lvg. Guildford, Surrey
Stephen TILBURY, age 54, b. Headley, Hampshire
Lucy TILBURY, age 54, b. Rusper, Sussex
Lucy TILBURY d. 3Q 1871 age 64 (Wokingham 2c/245)
[m. Harriet ENGLEFIELD 4Q 1875 (Wokingham 2c/899)]
(Harriet TILBURY d. 1Q 1877 age 42 (Wokingham 2c/264))
(George ENGLEFIELD m. Harriet PITHER 4Q 1854 (Wokingham 2c/727), d. 1Q 1865 (Basingstoke 2c/130))
1881: lvg. Waterloo Crossing, Wokingham, Berkshire
Stephen TILBURY, Head, Widower age 74 b. Headley, Hampshire (Railway Gatekeeper)
Stephen TILBURY d. 4Q 1894 age 88 (Wokingham 2c/219)
4. William TILBURY Chr. 30 July 1809 Headley, Hampshire
William, son of Stephen & Sarah TILBURY of Hollywater, killed in a brawl at the "Robin Hood" (The Times of 12 September); Burial, All Saints' Headley: 9 November 1836
4. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 1 December 1812 Headley, Hampshire
4. John TILBURY Chr. 16 April 1820 Headley, Hampshire
m. Hannah BATTEN 4Q 1850 (Guildford 4/199); b. c.1815 Compton, Surrey
1851: lvg. Godalming, Surrey
John TILBURY (Head, spouse of Hannah) b. c.1820 Hampshire
Hannah TILBURY (Wife of John) b. c.1816 Surrey
1881: Hannah TILBURY, Widow, lvg. with Frederick & family
5. Ellen Batten TILBURY Chr. 22 July 1855 Godalming, Surrey
m. James John CRAPNELL 4Q 1875 (Camberwell 1d/1129); b. c.1854 Framsden, Suffolk
1881: lvg. 36 Marcia Rd, Southwark St George Martyr, Surrey (Manchester Goods Packer, Warehouse)
1901: lvg. Lambeth, London (Coffee House Keeper)
6. Florence E. CRAPNELL b. c.3Q 1880 St Georges Southwark
6. [Ethel Ettie CRAPNELL b. 4Q 1881 (St. Olave 1d/256)]
6. [Ellen Rebecca CRAPNELL b. 4Q 1883 (St.Saviour 1d/37)]
6. [--]
6. Grace Sarah CRAPNELL 12 b. 1Q 1889 Old Kent Rd, London (St. Saviour 1d/120)
6. John CRAPNELL b. c.1890 Old Kent Rd, London
5. Frederick TILBURY Chr. 23 November 1851 Godalming, Surrey; age at Marriage: 20
m. Harriet BONNER 10 August 1872 Chiddingfold; age at Marriage: 18
b. c.1854 Chiddingforld, Surrey (Father: William BONNER)
1881: lvg. Ockford Rd, Godalming, Surrey (1881/1901: Bricklayer)
6. Frances Ellen TILBURY b. 1Q 1873 Godalming, Surrey (Guildford 2a/81)
[m. Frederick William FANE 1Q 1893 (St.Saviour 1d/151)]
b. c.1867 Godalming, Surrey
1901: lvg. Godalming, Surrey (Plumber)
7. Frederickk FANE b. c.1893 Bermondsey, London
7. Ada FANE b. c.1894 Godalming, Surrey
7. Geo FANE b. c.1897 Godalming, Surrey
7. Percy FANE b. c.1899 Godalming, Surrey
6. Minnie TILBURY b. 4Q 1876 Godalming, Surrey (Epsom 2a/83)
[m. Frederick Joseph GOLDSMITH 3Q 1894 (St. Olave 1d/492)]
[1901: lvg. Bermondsey]
6. Mary Ann TILBURY b. 22 December 1880, Chr. 8 May 1887 Godalming, Surrey
(1901: Machine Attendant Paper Mill) d. 1958
m. James COLE b. 1882, d. 1978
6. Florence Emily TILBURY b. 7 March 1883, Chr. 8 May 1887 Godalming, Surrey
(1901: Accoutrement Maker Leather Stitcher)
6. Daisy May TILBURY b. 21 April 1888, Chr. 16 July 1888 Godalming, Surrey
3. Francis TILBURY Chr. 5 November 1775 Headley, Hampshire
[Francis TILBURY, Burial: All Saints' Headley 14 February 1795]
3. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 23 January 1778 Headley, Hampshire
3. Jane TILBURY Chr. 13 August 1780 Headley, Hampshire
[Jane (John) TILBURY, a child, Burial: All Saints' Headley 15 December 1780]
3. [8th child]
2. *Wm. TILBURY; Burial: 1749 Frensham, Surrey



1. William TILBURY
m. Martha WILKINS 3 September 1787 Southwick, Hampshire
2. Martha TILBURY Chr. 23 December 1787 Southwick, Hampshire
2. [Charles TILBERRY Chr. 31 August 1800 Portchester, Hampshire]
2. [George TILBERY Chr. 17 August 1806 Portchester, Hampshire]



Thomas TILBURY b. c.1819 (out of Cty) lvg. Godalming, Surrey
1. James TILBURY
m. Harriet
2. Jane TILBURY Chr. 28 Sep 1828 Headley, Hampshire
2. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 9 Oct 1831 Headley, Hampshire,
2. Anne TILBURY Chr. 17 Apr 1833 Headley, Hampshire
2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 1 Feb 1836 Headley, Hampshire
1. William TILBURY
m. Maria
2. Sarah Anne TILBURY Chr. 1 July 1849 Headley, Hampshire
2. Rose Maria TILBURY Chr. 6 July 1851 Headley, Hampshire



1901: lvg. Godalming, Surrey
John Fane b. c.1871 Hambledon, Surrey (Gardener Domestic)
1881: lvg. Clock Barn Lodge, Godalming, Surrey
1. John FAIN b. c.1841 Hambledon, Surrey (Farm Labourer)
m. Harriett b. c.1845 Hambledon, Surrey
2. Frederick FAIN b. c.1866 Hambledon, Surrey (Odd Boy (Dom))
2. Albert FAIN b. c.1869 Hambledon, Surrey
2. Ernest FAIN b. c.1873 Godalming, Surrey
2. Ellen FAIN b. c.1875 Godalming, Surrey
2. John FAIN b. c.1878 Godalming, Surrey
    (1901: Engine Driver Stationary)
Charles PENTON b. c.1859 South Hawley, Hampshire (Boarder; Gamekeeper)
1881: lvg. Village Park Cottage, Hambledon, Surrey
1. William FANE b. c.1836 Hambledon, Surrey (Farm Labourer)
m. Eliza FANE b. c.1836 Hambledon, Surrey
2. George FANE b. c.1861 Hambledon, Surrey (Farm Labourer)
2. John FANE b. c.1871 Hambledon, Surrey
2. Annie FANE b. c.1874 Hambledon, Surrey
2. Alice FANE b. c.1877 Hambledon, Surrey
2. Ellen FANE b. c.1879 Hambledon, Surrey
James LINEGAR b. c.1832 Hambledon, Surrey (Lodger; Pensioner)



Percy WOODS, 1842-1922, local historian of Godalming, Surrey
From the Woods Collection at Godalming Museum:
"... Wood Farm in the occupation of Thomas Martin TILBY, ... 7 December 1809"
Document ref. PWD/10/2; relating to property of the Webb family of Milford House, Surrey
From the IGI:
Father: Thos. Martin TILBY
Mother: Ann
2. Thomas Martin TILBY Chr. 14 June 1807 Godalming, Surrey
2. Henry TILBY Chr. 27 October 1811 Godalming, Surrey

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