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From "A History of the County of Surrey" by Thomas Allen, 1831


Guildford, the county town of Surrey, and one of the best inland towns of its size in the kingdom, is for the most part seated apon the descent of a considerable hill, which rises from the eastern bank of the river Wey. It consists principally of one long street, reaching from the bridge on the west, to Stoke (which is, in fact, a continuation of the same street,) on the east. The declivity upon, which it stands, with the houses on the hill to the west, give it a very commanding appearance. It contains three parishes, St. Nicholas, Holy Trinity, and St. Mary, and possessed, in 1821, the following population:—
 Houses.  Inhabitants.
St. Nicholas   134     717      
Holy Trinity   193     1134      
St. Mary   233     1310      
 ———  ———  
 560     3161      


Guildford: St Nicholas, Stoke Next, Stoke Within, Holy Trinity, St Mary; Shalford

m. Grace FISH 8 April 1711 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
1. William TILBURY
2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 27 January 1712 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
m. Rob PHILIPS 18 October 1716 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
m. [--]
2. An TILBERY Chr. 21 September 1722 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey
2. John TILBERY Chr. 20 October 1723 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey, d. 8 March 1724
2. William TILBERY Chr. 20 December 1724 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey
2. Thomas TILBERY Chr. 03 April 1726 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey, d. 12 April 1726
2. John TILBERY Chr. 21 August 1728 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey
2. Mary TILBERY Chr. 18 January 1732 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey, d. 27 February 1741
2. Sara TILBURY Chr. 10 March 1734 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey
2. Thomas TILBERY Chr. 27 March 1737 St Mary, Guildford, Surrey
2. Eli TILBRY Chr. 17 January 1750 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey
m. Isaac WRIGHT 28 August 1756 St Mary, Guildford, Surrey
m. Edward KEL(L)SEY 17 November 1768 St Mary, Guildford, Surrey / 30 October 1768 Ockham, Surrey
m. William UPFOLD 21 May 1769 St Mary, Guildford, Surrey
m. Joseph HACK 30 July 1780 Farnham, Surrey
Father: Jos. HACK, Mother: My.
2. My.[Mary] HACK Chr. 26 January 1783 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
2. Jn.[John] HACK Chr. 27 May 1784 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
2. Jas.[James] HACK Chr. 28 May 1786 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
2. Sally HACK Chr. 6 January 1788 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
2. Tho.[Thomas] HACK Chr. 19 September 1790 Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
1784: John HARROD of St Nicholas, labourer,
accused of attempting to rape Sarah TILBURY of St Nicholas, Guildford
Catalogue Reference - Access to Archives
m. Jonas HOBBS 9 May 1822 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey
1881: lvg. Gibralter, Ewell, Surrey
Jonas HOBBS b. c.1794 Kingsworthy, Hampshire (Late Gardener)
m. Hannah [--]b. c.1800 Headly, Hampshire (Late Laundress)
Walter TILBURY, engine driver, in 1871 press reports
1. Walter TILBURY
m. Eleanor
2. Walter TILBURY b. c.1831 Guildford, Surrey (1881: Loc Engine Driver)
m. Eleanor (Ellen) b. c.1835 Reckington, Essex
1881: lvg. 1 Sparkes Row, Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey
4. Grandson: Horace George MILLARD (see below) b. c.1877 Guildford, Surrey
    Horace George TILBURY (1901: Bricklayer)
    m. May SNOOK 1Q 1898 Guildford (2a/108)
    1901: lvg. Woking, Surrey
5. Elsie TILBURY b. c.1898 Woking, Surrey
5. Leonard TILBURY b. c.January 1901 Woking, Surrey
3. Kate Emily TILBURY b. c.1861 Guildford, Surrey Chr. 8 June 1862 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey (Dressmaker)
m. William STEADMAN 3Q 1887 (Guildford 2a/99), b. c.1863 Surrey Wouirsh (Railway Engine Driver)
1901: lvg. St Nicholas, Surrey
4. Walter STEADMAN age 12 b. Surrey Guildford
4. Harold STEADMAN age 10 b. Surrey Guildford
4. Daisy STEADMAN age 6 b. Surrey Guildford
4. Herbert STEADMAN age 4 b. Surrey Guildford
3. Walter George TILBURY b. c.1856 Guildford, Surrey, Chr. 16 January 1857 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey, (1881: LSWR Fireman) (1901: Loco Engine Driver); d. 2Q 1901 age 44
m. Esther MILLARD 4Q 1877 Guildford (2a/123), b. c.1860 Clapham, Surrey
1881: lvg. 6 Sparkes Row, Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey
4. Leonard Ernest TILBURY b. c.1879 Clapham, Surrey
2. Eleanor Alice TILBURY Chr. 24 December 1838 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
James TILBURY b. 1837 Chilbolton, Hampshire
m. Mary Ann FIFIELD 12 January 1858 St Mary, Chilbolton, Hampshire
The identity of widow Mary Ann TILBURY [FIFIELD] below may, or may not, be the same as the above.
Tilbury Chilbolton researchers are working on this one! (See bottom of page for more information.)
Norwood: a disparity between 1881 and 1901 attributions; was this family from Middlesex?
1. [?James?] TILBURY
m. Mary Ann FIFIELD b. c.1833 Chilbolton, Hampshire (1881: Housekeeper)
1881: Widow, lvg. 5 Peas Marsh Rd, Shalford, Surrey
2. James TILBURY b. 3Q 1859 (Uxbridge 3a/29) (1881: Railway Porter, 1901: Railway Signalman)
(1881: b. Norwood, Middlesex; 1901: b. Hayes, Middlesex)
m. Jane [WELLER] [1Q 1880 (Guildford 2a/101)], b. c.1861 (1881: Capel; 1901: Dorking), Surrey
1881: lvg. 4 Barrack Square, Guildford Friary, Surrey
1901: lvg. Surbiton, Surrey
3. [Walter TILBURY b. c.1882 Guildford, Surrey]
[(1901: lvg. Monmouthshire - Gunner Royal Field Artillery)]
3. Ethel TILBURY b. c.1884 Surbiton, Surrey (Dressmaker)
2. William TILBURY b. 2Q 1862 Norwood, (1881: Surrey; 1901: Middlesex) (Uxbridge 3a/29)
[Father: r TILBURY] (1881: Groom, 1901: Market Toll Collector)
m. Francis Harriet MARTIN 3Q 1886 (Guildford 2a/123), b. c. 1862 Westerham, Kent
1901: lvg. Stoke Within, Surrey
3. William TILBURY b. c.1888 Surrey
3. Daisy TILBURY b. b. c.1891 Surrey
3. Harold TILBURY b. c.1894 Surrey
3. Charles TILBURY b. c.1897 Surrey
2. Frank TILBURY b. 2Q 1864 Norwood (1881: Surrey; 1901: Middlesex) (Uxbridge 3a/34)
[Father: r TILBURY] (1881: Groom, 1901: Bricklayers Labourer)
1901: lvg. S. Wimbledon, Surrey
m. Sarah (Elizabeth) [SHAW] 4Q 1885 (Guildford 2a/127) b. c.1861 Ramsgate Kent
2. Albert TILBURY Chr. 26 May 1867 Send and Ripley, Surrey
(1881: Under Gardener, 1901: House Decorator)
[m. Minnie ALLISTON 3Q 1888 (Guildford 2a/91)] [Mary Charlotte Eliza ALLISTON b. c.1868 Basingstoke, Hampshire]
1901: lvg. Stoke Next Guildford, Surrey
3. Minnie TILBURY b. c. 1888 Guildford, Surrey
3. Frank TILBURY b. c. 1890 Guildford, Surrey
3. Harold TILBURY b. c. 1891 Guildford, Surrey (Harold Fifield TILBURY b. 1892 2Q (Guildford 2a/76))
3. James TILBURY b. c.1893 Guildford, Surrey
3. Florence TILBURY b. c.1899 Guildford, Surrey
2. Kate Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 7 November 1869 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey
2. Alfred TILBURY Chr. 18 September 1872 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey [d. 1Q 1873 age 0 (Guildford 2a/47)]
1901: the only TILBURY lvg. Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey
Mary TILBURY age 67 b. Chilbolton, Hampshire (Laundress)
1881: lvg. 4 Swan Lane, Guildford St Mary, Surrey
1. Daniel TILBURY b. c.1822 Haslemere, Surrey (Paper Maker Out Of Work)
d. 1Q 1890 age 65 (Guildford)
m. Hannah [--] b. c.1830 Wells, Somerset
2. Cornelius TILBURY b. c.1852 Chichester, Sussex (Farm Laborer)
2. Walter TILBURY b. c.1855 Hagburn, Berkshire; d. 27 January 1917 (Farm Laborer)
1891/1901: lvg. Shalford, Surrey
m. Elizabeth [WORSFOLD] 2Q 1883 (Hambledon), b. c.1862 Shalford, Surrey
3. Davy TILBURY b. c.1886 Shalford, Surrey
3. Ernest H. TILBURY b. c.1888 Shalford, Surrey; d. 18 July 1966 age 78 years*
3. May TILBURY b. c.1890 Shalford, Surrey
3. Walter TILBURY b. c.1885 Shalford, Surrey
3. Violet TILBURY b. c.1894 Shalford, Surrey
3. Albert TILBURY b. c.1896 Shalford, Surrey
3. Charley TILBURY b. c.1900 Shalford, Surrey
* Stoughton Cemetery, Guildford Surrey; also:
Eva Elizabeth TILBURY d. 30 November 1982
2. Mark TILBURY b. c.1857 Thetford, Suffolk/Norfolk (Farm Laborer)
1891: Head, lvg. Shalford, Surrey; + Mother: Hannah TILBURY
m. Ellen [YOUNG] 1Q 1882 (Hambledon), b. c.1862 ___, Surrey
3. Albert TILBURY b. c.1879 [?] ___, Surrey
3. Mark H. TILBURY b. c.1889 Shalford, Surrey
1901: lvg. Stoke Within, Surrey:
1. Daniel TILBURY b. c.1851 Chichester, Sussex (Farm Labourer)
m. Alice TUBBS 3Q 1881 (Guildford 2a/90), b. c.1854 Guildford, Surrey
2. Alice TILBURY b. c.1883 Batrey, Surrey
2. [Percy TILBURY b. c.1885 Surrey, Surrey (Milk Boy)]
2. [William TILBURY b. c.1886 Guildford, Surrey]
2. [Lily TILBURY b. c.1889 Guildford, Surrey]
2. [Horace TILBURY b. c.1892 Guildford, Surrey]
Herbert TILBURY b. c.1878 Buckingham, Buckinghamshire (Railway Porter)
(Son of William TILBURY and Ann, lvg. 1881 Boss Lane, Hughenden - Links page, 'Penn')


Clapham, Carshalton, Coulsdon, Croydon, Windlesham, Haslemere, Southwark, Witley, Milford, Newington, Surbiton, Bermondsey, Cheam, Lambeth, Walworth, Mitcham, Merstham

1. James TILBURY
m. Christian(a) WALL[LT]ER
2. James TILBURY b. 19 May, Chr. 19 June, 1793 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
2. Sarah TILBURY b. 18 May, Chr. 21 June, 1795 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey; d. 29 December 1796
2. William TILBURY b. 2 February, Chr. 28 February, 1802 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
1. James TILBURY
m. Christian SPELLING
2. Henry TILBURY b. 14 January, Chr. 10 February, 1805 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
2. Harriot TILBURY b. 24 July, Chr. 20 August, 1809 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
For James' descendants, see The Callingham Tilburys of Clapham, Surrey
m. Joseph PHILLIPS 5 June 1844 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey
1. Thomas TILBURY
m. Sarah [--]
2. Rebecca TILBURY b. 1735 Clapham, Surrey, d. 2 February 1801
m. William HAYDON 9 April 1766 (License), b. 28 April 1736 Carshalton All Saints, Surrey
3. Hannah HAYDON
3. William HAYDON
3. Rebecca HAYDON b. 31 May 1763 in Carshalton, Surrey
3. Ann HAYDON b. 25 July 1764 in Carshalton, Surrey
3. William HAYDON Chr. 14 March 1766 Carshalton, Surrey, d. c.1847
m. Ann SOUTH 19 May 1789 Southwark St Saviour
3. Thomas HAYDON Chr. 28 April 1736 Carshalton All Saints, Surrey, d. 13 April 1832 Mitcham, Surrey, burial: 20 April 1832, Mitcham, Surrey
m. Ann MANSEL 8 July 1789 Mitcham, Surrey; b. c.1769
3. Elizabeth HAYDON
3. John HAYDON
3. Robert HAYDON
3. George HAYDON
3. James HAYDON
3. George HAYDON
3. Peter Batt HAYDON
3. James HAYDON b. 1777 Carshalton, Surrey
From Haydon Family at Worldconnect
Post Office Directory of 1846:
- Thomas Tilbury HAYDON, master of Croydon Workhouse (Croydon Union included Mitcham)
- Mrs. Ann HAYDON, matron
Post Office Directory of 1855:
High Street, Wandsworth, Surrey
- James HAYDEN, shoemaker
- Charles HAYDON, linendraper
- Thomas Tilbury HAYDON, butcher (son of Thomas ∓ Ann, b. 26 June 1794 Mitcham)
1849: Friday March 23, Gazette - Bankrupts
Certificates to be allowed April 13
- HAYDON Thomas Tilbury, of Wandsworth, Surrey, butcher
(From "The Law Journal for the Year 1832-1849 (Chancery)" (E. B. Ince) pages 23-24)
See guestbook message for TILBURY and HAYDON
Thomas TILBURY (ancestor: Humphrey)
m. Sarah BISENDEN 25 January 1774 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
These would seem to be Thomas, butcher of Clapham as mentioned in the PCC Will and Old Bailey trial notes; and Sarah, widow of Clapham. I have a correspondent in USA connected to Sarah's BISENDEN family.
Sarah's parents were Sarah & Thomas BISENDEN, butcher of Croydon (C.)
Will of Sarah BISENDEN snr. refers
Thomas TILBURY d. age 48; burial: 14 February 1826 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey [b. c.1778]
The Life & Times of Thomas TILBURY, Butcher of Clapham
Copy of the poll for Knights of the Shire for the County of Surrey, taken at Guildford ... September, 1780
Freeholder: Joseph PEAK of Croydon; Owner or Occupier: George TILBURY
The West Sussex Record Office holds copies of the following:
- Probate Will of Sarah BISENDEN of Croydon, Surrey (widow), dated 19 November 1783 (ref.Add.Mss.17475): refers to further documents, her 3 children inherit property; daughter Sarah [BISENDEN]TILBURY named co-executrix with her sister Mary.
- Document [transfer of property?] by Joseph PEAKE, husband of Mary BISENDEN, includes reference to,
"...2 messuages and a slaughter house, formerly called the Green Man, in Croydon, Surrey; moiety of 3 messages, stable and granary in Croydon, Surrey, one of which was a butcher's shop formerly in occupation of Elizabeth TILBURY...",
dated 1 June 1793 (ref.Add.Mss.17477).
1. George TILBURY
m. Elizabeth
2. Elizabeth TILBURY b. 23 March, Chr. 23 April, 1775 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
2. Anne TILBURY b. 22 March, Chr. 11 April, 1777 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
2. Rebecca TILBURY b. 17 January, Chr. 12 February, 1780 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
2. Martha TILBURY b. 10 February, Chr. 10 March, 1782 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
2. Hannah TILBURY b. 29 September, Chr. 24 October, 1784 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
Elizabeth TILBURY d. age 77; burial: 14 February 1830 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey [b. c.1753]
George TILBURY d. age 48; burial: 20 December 1830 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey [b. c.1782]
m. Henry DAVIS 21 November 1775 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
m. Sarah EVEREST 1 February 1807 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
Elizabeth TILBURY
m. James SNELLING 15 January 1810 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey
1. Tom TILBY
m. Mary Ann
2. Ethel Eliza TILBY Chr. 1 October 1876 St Lukes Woodside, Croydon, Surrey
1. Thomas TILBURY [b. c.1700]
m. Betty KING [b. c.1723 - 2nd wife?]
2. Betty TILBURY Chr. 6 September 1745 Windlesham, Surrey, d. 31 October 1745
2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 4 March 1747 Windlesham, Surrey
2. Betty TILBURY Chr. 1 February 1749 Windlesham, Surrey
2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 10 March 1750 Windlesham, Surrey, d. 16 March 1750
2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 26 February 1755 Windlesham, Surrey
Thomas was the innkeeper of the Red Lion at Bagshot, and wife Betty kept a 'pleasure house'. Thomas may have been a kinsman of (George) CHUTER [CHEWTER] & the HAMMOND families of Windlesham; there is a PCC Will for Betty TILBURY (see Tilbury PCC Wills page). (C.)
From DavidH (my thanks) headstones in Windlesham:
Tho's TILBURY d. 3 October 1766 age 66
Wife Betty d. 2 February 1789 age 66
Will of George CHUTER (CHEWTER) refers to Thos. TILBURY
Thomas & Betty TILBURY of Bagshot
1. Elizabeth TILBERY
2. Mary TILBERY b. 8, Chr. 26 February, 1804 Coulsdon, Surrey
m. Sarah VOLLER
2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 23 September 1798 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Mary TILBURY Chr. 14 December 1800 Haslemere, Surrey
2. John TILLBERY Chr. 27 March 1803 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Eliza TILBURY Chr. 10 April 1814 Haslemere, Surrey
See John TILBURY, papermaker of Shottermill
1. Samuel TILBY
m. Maria SONE 19 August 1819 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Maria TILBY Chr. 5 September 1822 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Mary Ann TILBY Chr. 9 July 1826 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Jane TILBY Chr. 5 September 1822 Haslemere, Surrey
m. Elizabeth CANNON 23 July 1797 St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
1. William TILBERRY
m. Mary
2. William TILBERRY Chr. 8 May 1690 St Olave, Southwark, Surrey, d. 7 July 1691
1. William TILLBERRY
m. Elizabeth
2. William TILLBERRY b. 5 March 1707 Chr. 15 March 1707 St Olave, Southwark, Surrey, d. 29 June 1708
2. Christian TILBURY b. 6 November 1710 Chr. 27 November 1710 St Olave, Southwark, Surrey
Elizabeth TILBURY
m. John Gottlob Lorentz SCHMELLENTON 26 November 1807 St George The Martyr, Southwark, Surrey
William TILBE
m. Sarah RICHARDS 20 April 1805 St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
1. George TILBY
m. Mary
2. Joshua TILBY b. 27 December 1816, Chr. 25 December 1819 St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
1. James TILBY
m. Jane TILBY
2. James TILBY Chr. 7 October 1821 Southwark, Surrey
1. [--] TILBURY
m. Martha b. c.1840 Goudhurst, Kent
1881: lvg. Union St 71, Southwark St Saviour, Surrey
2. Henry V. TILBURY b. c.1863 Fulham S W (Solicitors' Clerk)
2. Martha E. TILBURYb. c.1865 Fulham S W
2. Charles TILBURY b. c.1875 Southwark
m. Mary MARTIN 14 November 1771 Witley, Surrey
1. John F(T)ILBURY
2. Harriett TILBURY (or FILBURY)
m. James BILLINGHURST 23 January 1849 Milford, Surrey
m. Elizabeth MARTIN 17 August 1821 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
m. Mary GREENFIELD 26 August 1821 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
m. Ann TRIPTREE 22 August 1824 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
1. Henry TILBE
m. Etheldred
2. Mary Ann TILBE b. 3 September 1821, Chr. 3 November 1822 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
Elizabeth TILBY
m. William Henry WHITE 8 September 1827 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
m. James WHINNETT 1 February 1829 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
m. Elizabeth BRETT 15 August 1831 St Mary, Newington, Surrey
m. Henry Gould PEARSON 8 April 1837 St Mary, Newington, Surrey; d. 1Q 1857 (Richmond S. 2a/130)
Ann TILBURY d. 1Q 1842 Newington
Emily Mary Ann TILBURY b. 2Q 1861 Newington
Francis George TILBURY d. age 0 2Q 1867 Newington
1881: lvg. 46 Sturgeon Rd, Newington, Surrey
Emma TILBURY b. c.1841 Clapham, Surrey (1881: Board School Teacher + 2 Boarders)
For Emma's family and career, see The Callingham Tilburys of Clapham, Surrey
1881: lvg. 115 Rockingham St, Newington, Surrey:
2. Abigail TILBURY [POTTER] b. c.1832 Old Buckenham, Norfolk (Widow, Seamstress)
m. [--] ?TILBURY? (deceased pre-1881) ((See below)
2. Lucinda CLAYTON [POTTER] b. c.1832 Old Buckenham, Norfolk (Waistcoat Maker)
m. [--] CLAYTON
2. Robert POTTER b. c.1842 Shoreditch, Middlesex (Widower, unemployed Clerk)
3. Cicie POTTER b. c.1874 Paddington, Middlesex
Abigail POTTER
m. Thomas Tilbury GOODEY 3Q 1859 (Whitechapel 1c/792)
1881: lvg. 52 Sayer St, Newington, Surrey
Mary GOODEY, Widow, b. c.1822, Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire (Laundress)
Tilbury R. WEST, Nephew, U, b. c.1863 St Pancras, Middlesex (Sewing Machine Fitter - E&M)
m. Mary Ann WILLSHER 2Q 1842 (Lexden &c 12/205)
Golden GOODEY b. 1Q 1844 (Lexden 12/136)
Samuel WEST
m. Hannah GOODEY 1Q 1854 (Shoreditch 1c/354)
1. Thomas TILBURY
2. Margaret TILBURY b. c.1848, age at Marriage: 21
m. William CLARK 3 June 1869 Surbiton, Surrey, age at Marriage: 23
2. Thomas TILBURY b. c.1866, age at Marriage: 24
m. Mary Ann MARSH 29 January 1870 Surbiton, Surrey, age at Marriage: 21
1. Edward TILBY
m. Mary Emma
2. Charles TILBY Chr. 22 July 1849 St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey
1. Edmund TILBY
m. Emma TILBY
2. Alfred TILBY Chr. 12 June 1853 St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey
m. Walter Thomas Chenowith CHEGWIDDEN 1860 Bermondsey, Surrey
1881: lvg. 35 Abbey St, Bermondsey, Surrey (Lodger with Clements)
Henry TILBERY, b. c.1840 Kennington, Surrey (1881: married, Sugar Boiler)
1881: lvg. 2 Green Walk, Bermondsey, Surrey
Charles TILBURY b. c.1821 Buckingham (1881: Tanner)
m. Emma [--] b. c.1816 Pewsey, Wiltshire
1. Joseph TILBY
m. Elizabeth CROOK
(See Links 'Penn, Buckinghamshire', bottom of page: 'Haslemere', 'Hughenden')
2. William TILBURY b. c.1845 Hughenden, Buckingham (1881: [b. Haslemere] Gardener)
m. Ann (Annie) b. [1Q 1844] Rainham, Kent
1881: lvg. Longfellow Rd, Cheam, Surrey
3. John TILBURY b. c.1870 Cheam, Surrey
3. Rhoda TILBURY b. c.1872 Cheam, Surrey
3. Minnie TILBURY b. c.1874 Cheam, Surrey
3. Ellen TILBURY b. c.1876 Cheam, Surrey
3. Alice TILBURY b. c.1878 Cheam, Surrey
3. Ethel TILBURY b. 1880 Cheam, Surrey
George TILBY
m. Ann Dalton UNDERWOOD 27 October 1844 St Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey
Esther TILBY
m. Henry George Lonton NEWLAND 1 October 1871 Lambeth, Surrey
1. William TILBEY
m. Mary TILBEY
2. Emma Amelia TILBEY Chr. 25 June 1882 All Saints Church, Lambeth, Surrey
1. John TILBY
m. Hannah
2. Eliza Emily TILBY b. 15 November 1825, Chr. 14 July 1837 St Peter, Walworth, Surrey
2. Augustus TILBY b. 29 May 1830, Chr. 14 July 1837 St Peter, Walworth, Surrey
1. Joseph TILBY
2. Richard TILBY Chr. 28 February 1796 Mitcham, Surrey
Jane Aslet TILBES
m. Richard KILLICK 28 January 1577 Merstham, Surrey
m. Ann ANSCOMBE 20 May 1577 Merstham, Surrey


Tilbury m. Fifield m. Tilbury

(I have tried to contribute a little to the clarification of these intermarriages; here are my 'findings' to date. Corrections and additions most welcome, please! Caroline, 02-02-2004)
1. George FIFIELD b. 1781
m. Ann SMITH 26 November 1802 Micheldever, Hampshire
2. William FIFIELD b. c.1804 Micheldever, Hampshire
m. (1)Charlotte CUAL 20 October 1825 St Mary, Micheldever, Hampshire
3. Thomas FIFIELD b. c.1825 Littleton, Hampshire
[NB: IGI gives Thomas' mother as Francis TILBURY]
m. (2)Fanny (Franci(e)s) TILBURY 2 November 1829 Chilbolton, Hampshire, b. c.1804 Crawley, Hampshire, d. 10 April 1846 Chilbolton, Hampshire
3. Richard FIFIELD b. c.1833 Littleton, Hampshire
m. Elizabeth
3. Mary Ann FIFIELD b. c.1834 Chilbolton, Hampshire
m. James TILBURY 12 January 1858 St Mary's Chilbolton, Hampshire
IGI: b. 1837 Chilbolton, Hampshire
From birth dates of children listed in 1881: d. 1870-1881
A James TILBURY d. 4Q 1872 age 36 (Guildford 2a/48)
An Alfred TILBURY was Chr. September 1872 (d. early 1873)
4. James TILBURY b. 3Q 1859 Norwood or Hayes, Middlesex (reg. Uxbridge)
4. Frank TILBURY b. c.1865 Norwood (Middlesex) (reg. Uxbridge)
4. William TILBURY b. c.1863 Norwood (Middlesex) (reg. Uxbridge)
4. Albert TILBURY b. c.1867 Norbiton, Surrey
4. Kate TILBURY b. c.1870 Guildford, Surrey
4. Alfred TILBURY Chr. 18 September 1872 St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey [d. 1Q 1873 age 0 (Guildford 2a/47)]
2. Richard FIFIELD Chr. 1805 Micheldever, Hampshire, d. 1891
2. George FIFIELD Chr. 27 July 1806 Micheldever, Hampshire, d. 1806-1809
2. George FIFIELD Chr. 19 April 1809 Micheldever, Hampshire
2. John FIFIELD b. 1812 Chilbolton, Hampshire
m. Sophia c.1833 Chilbolton, Hampshire
2. Joseph FIFIELD b. 1814 Chilbolton, Hampshire
2. Ann FIFIELD b. 1815 Chilbolton, Hampshire, d. 16 July 1815
2. Ann FIFIELD b. 1817 Chilbolton, Hampshire
This is my SUGGESTION for the identity of Fanny TILBURY above:
1. [James TILBURY
m. Sarah]
2. Sarah TILBURY [Chr. 16 November 1787 Alton, Hampshire]
3. Francis "Fanny" TILBURY Chr. 27 October 1805 Hunton, Hampshire
Personal comment:
The attribution of James b. 1837 Chilbolton (note: no precise date - year deduced or from what document?) is based on previous research/IGI. The death age of James TILBURY in Guildford (d. 4Q 1872) indicates b. 1836; the Chr. date of the last probable child (Alfred) (3Q 1873) conforms to this death date. The IGI only reflects the - human - information supplied to it... and is not exhaustive. (Caroline)


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