Atlantic Liner 1875
Atlantic Liner, 1875

Ship's Barman, Steward
Pub, Off-license Managers
Temperance Hotel

Hampshire & Essex

In the 1881 UK Census an F.W. Tilbury is listed living in West Ham, Essex, with his wife S. Tilbury, his brother James Tilbury, a widowed mother A. Verry, and two sons W. & H.G. Dennis; F.W. Tilbury's occupation was 'Chief MS Steward P&O Coy'. Also living in West Ham was Charles Tilbury, his wife Eliza and a sister Ellen; Charles' occupation was 'Ship Barman'.

Family mythology:
Eliza Stokes was a widow, stewardess on the P&O line.
Francis Tilbury married her granddaughter.
As well as James and Charles Tilbury there was Ellen (Polly), Francis, Kate and
Eliza (my great grandmother) who married Charles Turner.

m. Eliza STOKES 3Q 1880 (Southampton 2c/19)

Alice Elizabeth STOKES
m. George WILKINSON 4Q 1872 (Southampton 2c/22)

Millard m. Stokes m. Wilkinson m. Tilbury

Francis W. TILBURY
m.(1) Sarah DENNIS 1878 India - Bombay Presidency
(Index of Ecclesiastical returns - IOR Ref. Z/N/3 vol. 52, Marriage Indexes 1709-1893, Fo. 304; LDS Film 523854)
[No death for Sarah's husband William Poole DENNIS found to date (November 2008)]


1881: lvg. 27 Amity Rd, West Ham, Essex
Charles TILBURY, Head age 40 b. Southampton, Hampshire (Ship Barman)
Eliza TILBURY, Wife age 48 b. Tisted, Hampshire
Ellen TILBURY, Sister age 35 b. Tisted, Hampshire

1881: lvg. 26 Ham Park Rd, West Ham, Essex
F.W. TILBURY, Head age 30 b. Southampton, Hampshire (Chief MS Steward P&O Coy)
S. TILBURY, Wife age 29 b. Southampton, Hampshire
    W. DENNIS*, Son age 9 b. Southampton, Hampshire
    H.G. DENNIS*, Son age 7 b. Southampton, Hampshire
A. VERRY, Mother (Widow) age 63 b. Southampton, Hampshire
James TILBURY, Brother (U) age 31 b. Southampton, Hampshire (None)

* By the 1st marriage of S. TILBURY:
William Urry DENNIS b. 3Q 1871 (Southampton 2c/7;)
    Chr. 31 December 1871 St Luke, Southampton, Hampshire
    (father: William Pools[e] DENNIS, mother: Sarah)
Herbert George DENNIS b. 4Q 1873 (Southampton 2c/29)

Was 'A. VERRY' a maiden name, or a mis-reading of 'A. URRY'?

Sarah TILBURY d. 3Q 1889 age 38 (W. Ham 4a/45)

Sarah [Urry] [Dennis] Tilbury's Family

1891: lvg. Stratford Le Bow St Mary, London
Charles TILBURY b. c.1842 Southampton, Hampshire (Head, Spouse of Eliza)
Eliza TILBURY b. c.1835 ___, Hampshire (Wife of Charles)

1891: lvg. West Ham, Essex
James TILBURY b. c.1849 Southampton, Hampshire (No relationship given, unmarried)
Ellen TILBURY b. c.1846 Southampton, Hampshire (No relationship given, unmarried)
Mary TILBURY b. c.1853 Southampton, Hampshire (No relationship given, unmarried)
with the BAXTER [Ancestry] or BARTTER [findmypast] family

Mary Ursula Tilbury m. Benjamin Nelson

Ellen TILBURY d. 4Q 1893 age 47 (W. Ham 4a/97)

Charles, James, Francis William, Ellen, Mary Ursula, Eliza and Catherine - were the children of:

Charles Tilbury of Southampton and of the Royal Hotel, Aldershot

Francis William TILBURY
m.(2) Georgina WILKINSON 1Q 1894 (W. Ham 4a/206)


Beer Pump 1891
Beer Pump, 1891

20thC - St Mary Stratford Bow, London

Family mythology:

Charles & Eliza owned the "Merry & Wise Pub", Stratford le Bow (Stratford East Station); he suffered Delirium tremens.
James never did well in life. At some point he went to Australia and came back. He died in the workhouse in E. London. Some doubt as to whether he ever got his inheritance from his brother Charles - 12s. a week plus tobacco and beer.
Francis had two daughters Dolly & Lidy? Francis sold the "Merry & Wise Pub" left to him by his brother Charles and bought "The Commercial Hotel" in Camberwell and left James to his own resources!

1901: lvg. St Mary Stratford Bow (Poplar reg. dist.)

Charles TILBURY age 60 b. Southampton (Beer Retailer Off House)
Eliza TILBURY age 68 b. Southampton
James TILBURY age 52 b. Southampton (General Manager)
+ Ellen BAILAY (or BAILEY) age 28 b. Kent Ramsgate (General Domestic Servant)

Francis TILBURY age 49 b. Southampton (Manager Off License)
Georgena TILBURY age 27 b. Southampton
    Eliza (N. or U.) TILBURY age 6 b. Essex Stratford
    Dorothy TILBURY age 4 b. London Homerton

Eliza Ursala TILBURY b. 1Q 1895 (W. Ham 4a/228)
Dorothy Georgina TILBURY b. 2Q 1897 (Hackney 1b/475)


1901: Kelly's Directory, Vol. I, Northern
Charles TILBURY, beer retailer, 47 Rothbury rd., Hackney Wick

Charles TILBURY d. 2Q 1901 age 60 (Poplar 1c/306)

1904-8: Post Office Directories
Mrs. Eliza TILBURY, beer retailer, 47 Rothbury rd. (east side), Hackney Wick, NE (Poplar) (corner with Hepscott rd)
(1904, 1908: 'Elizabeth')

Eliza TILBURY d. 4Q 1909 age 76 (Poplar 1c/277)


1914 Post Office Directory, Part 3, Trades & Professional
Francis William TILBURY, beer retailers, 47 Rothbury Rd., Hackney Wick, NE

1915 Post Office Directory, London
Fras. Wm. TILBURY, temperance hotel, 153 Camberwell road SE

A Francis W. TILBURY d. 2Q 1825 age 74 (Romford 4a/380)

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Sources: Descendants, IGI, Censuses, PRO records, 'The Tilbury Magazine' website, FreeBMD, Google Books Online, University of Leicester Historical Directories Database - with thanks

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