in Bethnal Green, London, England
Grandson Henry TILBURY
a butcher by trade, & his descendants
to Australia & New Zealand

1. Henry JOHNSON
    m. Mary
2. Henry JOHNSON Chr. 4th May 1761 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
2. Richard JOHNSON Chr. 1st February 1763 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
2. Rebecca JOHNSON Chr. 6th May 1770 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
    m. William CROUCH 2nd September 1792 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
3. Susannah CROUCH Chr. 6th September 1795 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
    m. Samuel RUSHTON 3rd February 1818 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London
4. Eleanor RUSHTON b. 12th March 1819 Chr. 16th April 1820 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London
4. Emily RUSHTON b. 17th May 1824 Chr. 11th September 1825 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London
4. Susannah RUSHTON b. 30th September 1826 Chr. 30th September 1827 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London
3. Henry CROUCH Chr. 28th September 1798 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
3. Ann CROUCH Chr. 31st October 1802 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
    m. Michael LEWIS 24th September 1851 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London
3. William CROUCH Chr. 18th August 1805 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
3. William CROUCH Chr. 29th October 1809 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
3. Richard CROUCH Chr. 29th October 1809 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
3. Sophia CROUCH Chr. 29th December 1809 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
    m. John TILBURY 4th September 1830 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London, b. 1809 d. 1849
3. Joseph CROUCH Chr. 13th August 1815 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
2. Thomas JOHNSON Chr. 30th July 1772 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
2. James JOHNSON Chr. 11th July 1774 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
2. Benjamin JOHNSON Chr. 27th October 1776 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
2. James JOHNSON Chr. 14th July 1779 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford

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1. John TILBURY [b. East London]
    m. Mary [--]
2. John TILBURY b. 1809, d. 1849 (Waiter)
    m. Sophia CROUCH 4th September 1830 St Leonards Shoreditch, Chr. 29th December 1811 Stanstead Abbots, Hertford
3. Sophia Ann TILBURY b. 30th May 1831 St Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, Chr. 4th September 1831
3. Rebecca TILBURY b. 22nd June 1833 St Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, Chr. 22nd September 1833
3. John William TILBURY b. 22nd July 1836 St Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, Chr. 4th September 1836
    John William TILBURY age 24 (father also John William TILBURY)
    m. Mary Ann CLARK (father Henry CLARK, Gasfitter) on 25 December 1859
    St Philip, Bethnal Green, borough of Tower Hamlets
    Bride and Groom both of Union Street (Parish Register)
1841: lvg. St. Leonard Shoreditch
John TILBURY age 30
Sophia TILBURY age 30
- Sophia TILBURY age 10
- John TILBURY age 5
- Anne TILBURY age 4
1851: lvg. Shoreditch
Sophia TILBURY b. c.1812 Stanstead, Hertfordshire (Head)
- William TILBURY b. c.1836 City, Middlesex (Son)
- Anne TILBURY b. c.1837 Shoreditch, Middlesex (Daughter)
- Henry TILBURY b. c.1842 Shoreditch, Middlesex (Son)
- Richard TILBURY b. c.1845 Shoreditch, Middlesex (Son)
- George TILBURY b. c.1849 Shoreditch, Middlesex (Son)
1861*/1871**: lvg. St Leonard Shoreditch, London
John Wm.*** TILBURY b. c.1836 Shoreditch, Middlesex
Mary Ann*** TILBURY b. c.1838 Shoreditch, Middlesex
- Henry* TILBURY b. c.1857
- John Wm.* TILBURY b. c.1859
- Mary Ann*** TILBURY b. c.1861 Shoreditch, Middlesex
- Sarah** TILBURY b. c.1864 Shoreditch, Middlesex
- Sophia** TILBURY b. c.1866 Shoreditch, Middlesex
- Eliza Ann** TILBURY b. c.1868 Shoreditch, Middlesex
1881: lvg. 3 The Retreat, West Ham, Essex
Sop TIBBURY, Head, Widow age 68 b. Stanstead, Hertford (Monthly Nurse)
4. Henry TILBURY b. 16th November 1856 Shoreditch, Middlesex (1881: 3 Nicoll St, London, Middlesex) (Butcher)
    d. 3rd January 1946 aged 88yrs, at Whipps Cross Hospital, Leytonstone, Essex, UK see Guestbook entry
    m. Jane MEGARVIE 17th May 1875, b. c.1856 St James, Middlesex; d. 196_
5. Henry Pike TILBURY b. 1Q 1876 Bethnal Green (1c/222), d. 24th November 1917
    m. Elizabeth Ada WAKEFIELD 4Q 1897 Bethnal Green (1c/371), b. 28th February 1879, d. 1960's
6. [?Ada TILBURY b. c.1898 Bethnal Green N E London?]
6. Henry TILBURY b. 6th August 1888 London St Lukes
6. Ivy TILBURY b. [?]
6. Ethel TILBURY b. 22nd December 1903
6. Emily TILBURY b. 18th September 1905/6
6. Hubert Charles TILBURY b. 23rd May 1907, reg. Bethnal Green, d. 1962
    m. [--]
7. Valerie Irene TILBURY b. 1942
    m. [--] 196_
    see Guestbook entries, August 2005, September 2008,
8. Issue (f.)
7. David TILBURY b. 1943; d. 1987
    m. [--]
8. Issue (x2 - f.)
9. Issue (f.)
6. Mary TILBURY b. 19th May 1914
5. Amelia Jane TILBURY b. 3Q 1877 Bethnal Green (1c /179), d. 1928
    m.(1) George SMITH 4Q 1896 Bethnal Green (1c/143-LND)
6. Issue (x 2)
    m.(2) George BOWLES
6. Issue (x 9) - including Joe who went to Perth, Australia
    see Guestbook entry
5. John William TILBURY b. [4Q 1878 Shoreditch (1c/135)]
    [d. 3Q 1880 age 1]
5. Edward George TILBURY b. 20th September 1880 Shoreditch (1c /126)
    m. Ellen GIBBONS 27th June 1898 Parish Church Bethnal Green (1c/449-LND)
    Edward: c.1919 - Butcher at 100 Fontill Rd, Finsbury Pk, London (shop downstairs, living upstairs)
    Emigrated to Western Australia 1921, arriving on the S.S.Morton Bay
    Edward d. 26th September 1973 aged 93yrs Dalkieth, Perth, Western Australia
    Ellen d. 23rd November 1961 Perth Western Australia
6. George Alfred TILBURY b. 1Q 1899 Bethnal Green (1c/171)
6. [Ellen Rosina TILBURY b. 2Q 1901 Bethnal Green (1c/141)]
6. (Rose) Irene TILBURY b. 3Q 1903 Bethnal Green (1c/124)
6. Dorothy TILBURY b. 3Q 1901 Farnham (2a/128) stayed in England
    m. Bill MENISTER
6. [Arthur] TILBURY
6. Walter James TILBURY b. 4Q 1905 Farnham (2a/149) emigrated to Perth, W. Australia
6. [Charles] TILBURY
6. Stanley Eric TILBURY b. 15th December 1919 Farnham, Surrey, d. 26th August 1974 Perth, Western Australia
    m. Gwendoline Mavis ARNOLD
7. Gwendoline Mavis TILBURY b. 22nd January 1943, d. 25th January 1963
7. [--]
8. Issue
see Guestbook entry for December 2008
6. TILBURY, Perth
5. (Joe) Joseph Thomas TILBURY b. 1882, (1901: age 18, living Bethnal Green, Butcher)
    m. 1Q 1904 [Mary Ann ALFORD] (Hackney 1b/543)
    (Family mythology: m. "Ellen" post 1901)
1911: Bethnal Green district, London
Joseph Thomas TILBURY age 29
Mary Ann TILBURY age 28
- Joseph William Henry TILBURY age 2
- Elsie Ellen Mary TILBURY age 16 [sic 1911 website]
- (Elsie Ellen M. TILBURY b. 1Q 1905 (Poplar 1c/614))
5. Emily Elizabeth Mary TILBURY b. 3Q 1885 Hackney (1b/501)
5. Walter Jasper TILBURY b. 4Q 1886 Hackney (1b/566)
5. Richard McGarvie TILBURY b. 4Q 1888 Stepney (1c/423), d. 4Q 1889 age 1 (Poplar 1c/434)
5. Charles Phillip TILBURY b. 3Q 1891 Poplar 1c/588), d. 1918
5. Rose Maud TILBURY b. 2Q 1895 Bethnal Green (1c/142)
1901: lvg. Walthamstow, Essex
Henry TILBURY age 44 b. Bethnal Green, London (Butcher & Dealer)
+ Jane TILBURY age 44 St Pancras, London
- Walter TILBURY age 14 b. Hackney, London
- Charles TILBURY age 9 b. Bromley In Bow, London
- Rose TILBURY age 6 b. Bethnal Green, London
1911: Billericay district, Essex
Henry TILBURY age 54
Jane TILBURY age 54
- Charles TILBURY age 19
- Rose Maude TILBURY age 16
4. John William TILBURY b. c.1859 Shoreditch (in 1861 Census, but no apparent civil reg.)
4. Mary Ann TILBURY b. 2Q 1861 Shoreditch (1c/220)
4. Sarah Jane TILBURY b. 18th October 1863 Chr. 15th November 1863 St Leonards, Shoreditch, London
4. Sophia TILBURY b. c.1866 Shoreditch, Middlesex
4. Eliza Ann TILBURY b. c.1868 Shoreditch, Middlesex
4. [?other children?]
3. Anne TILBURY b. 1836 St Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, Chr. 15th October 1837, age at Chr: 1
3. [1836-1841: other children?]
3. [Henry TILBURY b. c.1842 Shoreditch] (1851 Census)
3. Richard TILBURY b. 11th June 1843 St Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, Chr. 3rd July 1844
    Went to the gold fields in Victoria, Australia
    December 1869: went from Australia to New Zealand to join George in the carrying business
    m. Eleanor FARNELL 24th March 1870 Dunedin, Otago (d.)
    m. Catherine FINERTY 1882 Dunedin, Otago
4. Bill TILBURY b. c.1890 Dunedin, Otago, d. 1968 Waimate, Canterbury
    m. Elsie VENN
3. Eliza TILBURY b. 14th November 1846, Chr. 31st March 1847 St. Leonards, Shoreditch, London [NK 1851?]
Father: John TILBURY (Waiter), Mother: Sophia; of Nottingham Place [IGI: TIBBURY]
3. George TILBURY b. 6th May 1848 St Leonard's Parish, Shoreditch, Chr. [--]
    1867: emigrated to New Zealand on the Star of Tasmania, sailed from Greenock on 11th July
    Arrived at Port Chalmers (close to Dunedin) on 15th October 1867
    Duration of trip: 95days - Captain: W. Culbert
    (On her next trip the Star of Tasmania ran aground and broke up)
    1869: formed a carrying business
    m. Hannah Hill SHEPPARD 17th February 1870 Dunedin, Otago
4. Son TILBURY: joined the carrying business in 1890's, continued until his retirement
6. Living TILBURY
A Sophia TILBURY d. 1892 age 80 in West Ham, Essex; was living there alone, b. c.1812 Stansted, Hertfordshire, in 1891; from 1861 to 1891 she seems invisible in some censuses; her sons Richard and George are not evident in 1861.


Star of Tasmania
On 25th July 2003 the figurehead from the Aberdeen-built clipper ship Star of Tasmania, which was wrecked off New Zealand in 1868, arrived back in Aberdeen and was put on public display at the City's Maritime Museum. The 632 ton fully-rigged wool clipper was built in 1856 at the Alexander Hall shipyard.
In February 1868 she was driven ashore at Oamaru in a violent storm and was completely wrecked, with the loss of two of the 22 crew and two children. The figurehead was later salvaged by Captain William Sewell.
The cream and blue painted pine carving, which measures almost 2 metres in height, was found on a farm near Oamaru in the 1950s, blocking up a hole in the hedge. It was purchased by an antiques dealer, who sold it to a couple in Christchurch: they kept it in their back garden.
Later the figurehead was sold in Auckland, then auctioned by Sothebys and acquired by Aberdeen Maritime Museum.



In Memory Of:
Henry Pike TILBURY, Private 33280 - 62nd Field Amb, Royal Army Medical Corps
Died on Saturday 24th November 1917, aged 41 years
Son of Henry and Jane Tilbury, of Bethnal Green; husband of Elizabeth Ada Tilbury, of 3, New Tysson Street, Bethnal Green Road, London
Buried in Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery (II.E.6.), Manancourt, Somme, France


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