19th & 20th Centuries

1861: lvg. Watford, Hertfordshire
Thomas TILBURY age 36
Alice TILBURY age 33
Eliza Martha TILBURY age 2
m. Thomas NORRICE 8 April 1863 North Mimms, Hertford
m. Sarah HALSEY 21 December 1834 Rickmansworth, Hertford
m. Hellen [--]
.....2. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 15 August 1880 Rickmansworth, Hertford
1881: lvg. Horn Hill Lower X Keys, Rickmansworth, Hertford
George TILBURY b. c.1850 Hambridge, Buckingham (Widower; Employer, Labourer)
1881: lvg. Musley Hill "Volunteer", Ware, Hertford
William TILBURY b. c.1818 Chilbolton, Hampshire (Widower; Licensed Victualler)
.....2. Jane (m. COLE) b. c.1843 Hayes, Middlesex (Widow)
.............3. William E. COLE b. c.1872 Hayes, Middlesex
.............3. Gertrude M. COLE b. c.1874 Chelsea, Middlesex
1881: lvg. Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, Hertford
George TILBURY b. c.1847 Bramshott, Hampshire (Gardener)
m. Mary b. c.1845 Watton, Hertford
.....2. Henry (Harry) TILBU[E]RY b. c.1870 Park Street
              Chr. 15 May 1870 St Stephens, St Albans, Hertford
.....m. Maude Elizabeth PACK 2Q 1900 Royston, Hertford
.....Link to Maude PACK's family
.....2. Ellen TILBURY b. c.1871 Colney Street, Wheathampstead, Hertford
              (1901: No occupation)
.....2. George TILBURY b. c.1874 Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, Hertford
              (1901: b. St Albans; lvg. Bromley, Kent; Gardener)
.....2. [Ruth Mary TILBURY Chr. 29 May 1878 Wheathampstead, Hertford]
.....2. Rosa Annie TILBURY Chr. 30 September 1883 Wheathampstead, Hertford
              (1901: lvg. The Firs, Gustard Wood; Housemaid Domestic)
.....m. James FOLDS 14 October 1905 Parish Church, Wheathampstead; Chr. 26 April 1885 Wheathampstead
              Witnesses: Ellen FOLDS, George TILBURY; Father: George FOLDS
              (1891/1901: lvg. East Lane, Wheathampstead; 1901: Stable lad; on marriage: Stableman)
.....2. Claude TILBURY b. 1Q 1899 Wheathampstead, Hertford (St Alban's 3a/543)

My thanks to descendant A. Bollada (e-address above) for the FOLDS/TILBURY marriage, and these extracts from the 1891/1901 Censuses:
1891: lvg. Gustard Wood (Hamlet), Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
(Rural Sanit. Dist: St. Albans; Ecc. Parish: Wheathampstead; Sch. 159)
George TILBURY, Head age 44 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Gardiner Domestic)
Mary [--] (wife) age 45 b. Watton, Hertfordshire
.....2. Nellie TILBURY, age 19 b. St. Stephen's, St. Albans
.....2. George TILBURY, age 16 b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
.....2. Rose TILBURY, age 7 b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
.....2. Claude TILBURY, age 2 b. Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
1891: lvg. Birch Green Training School, Hertingfordbury, E. Hertfordshire
Harry TILBURY, (Boarder) age 21 b. St Albans, Hertfordshire (Elementary School Teacher)
1895 - Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire:
Harry TILBURY, Merchant Taylors Endowed School, Highley Hill (Assistant Master)
Mary TILBURY d. 4Q 1900 age 55 (St. Albans 3a/340)
1901: lvg. Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
(Ecc. Parish: St. Helen's; Rural Dist: St. Alban's; Sch. 126)
George TILBURY, Head (Widower) age 53 b. Bramshott, Hampshire (Gardener Domestic, worker)
.....2. Ellen TILBURY, (Single) age 29 b. Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead
.....2. Claude TILBURY, age 12 b. Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead
1901: lvg. Sundridge Park Gardens, Garden Rd, Sundridge, Bromley, Kent
(Ecc. Parish: Plaistow St. Mary; Parl. Div: W. Sevenoaks; Sch. 173)
.....2. George TILBURY, Head (Single) age 27 b. St Albans, Hertfordshire (Gardener)
1901: lvg. 'The Firs', Gustard Wood (Village), Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
(Ecc. Parish: St. Helen's; Rural Dist: St. Alban's)
.....2. Rose TILBURY, age 17, Housemaid (domestic servant) to:
Henry S. RICE, age 56, Private Secretary, & family
From Kelly's Directory of Kent
"Scott family, baronets, of Sundridge Park, Bromley."
"There is a pit in Sundridge Park noted for the numerous fossils it has yielded."
"Sundridge Park House (now used as a private hotel) is a beautiful mansion in the Italian style, situated at the foot of a declivity, in a well-wooded park of about 1,000 acres, of which about 100 acres have been laid out for building purposes.
At Sundridge Park remarkable fossils, of the oldist tertiary beds, are found."

'BELTON - TILBURY' (for George Tilbury snr.'s origins); &
'TILBURY CASUALTIES 1914-1918' (Correlations Page)

From the BOZIER family website:
George Claud TILBURY
m. [--]
.....2. George Claud TILBURY b. 1916 Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
.....m. Rita Ruth BOZIER 10 May 1941 St.Helen's, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
.....b. 30 August 1916, Station Road, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
.....(Father: Reginald Ernest (Reggie) BOZIER, Mother: Florence SWAIN)
1881: lvg. Two Waters, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford
Benjamin TILBURY b. c.1852 Holme Green, Buckingham (Chair Turner)
m. Charlotte TILBURY b. c.1851 Chesham, Buckingham
.....2. Sophie Matilda TILBURY b. 12 January 1873 Apsley End, Hertford
              [Census: Holme Green, Buckingham]
.....2. Sarah TILBURY b. c.1875 [Census: Holme Green, Buckingham]
.....2. Charles "Charlie" George TILBURY b. 24 November 1878 Apsley End, Hertford
              [Census: Watford, Buckingham]
.....2. Mildred TILBURY b. March 1881 Two Waters, Hertford
.....2. [Sarah Jane TILBURY Chr. 17 April 1881 Apsley End, Hertford - change of name?]
1890's Trade Directories:
John TILBURY, 2 Weymouth street, Watford - Jobbing Gardener
1901: lvg. Hemel Hempstead, Hertford
John TILBURY b. c.1840 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Jobbing Gardener)
m. Elizabeth b. c.1851 Little Gaddesden, Buckinghamshire
.....2. Percy Stevens TILBURY b. 4Q 1887 (H. Hempstead 3a/572)
John TILBURY [b. c.1842] d. 1Q 1903 age 61 (H.Hempstead 3a/436)
Alic George TILBURY b. 3Q (3a/688), d. 4Q age 0 (3a/322), 1889 H. Hampstead
Margaret Rosaline TILBURY b./d. 3Q 1892 H. Hempstead (3a/619)/(3a/323)
William TILBURY b./d. 2Q 1893 H. Hempstead (3a/641)/(3a/331)
1901: lvg. Enfield, Middlesex
James TILBURY b. c.1869 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (Farm Foreman)
m. Mary Jane FREEMAN 2Q 1890 Hemel Hempstead (3a/813)
              b. c.1871 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
.....2. Edith Mary TILBURY b. 3Q 1891 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (3a/602)
1901: lvg. Peterchurch, Hereford
William TILBURY b. c.1870 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (Farmer)
m. Elizabeth [--] b. c.1864 Bridgewater, Somerset
.....2. William TILBURY b. c.December 1900 Peterchurch, Hereford
1881: lvg. Nursery Rd, Holly Villa, Bishop Stortford, Hertford
Daniel CROWDER b. c.1813 London Stepney, London, Middlesex (Talow Chandler)
m. Francis b. c.1815 Whitechapel [London]
.....2. Mary L. CROWDER b. c.1850 Chilboltan, Hampshire
              [1899: m. William TILBURY]
.............3. Alice M. TILBURY b. c.1870 Yeading, Middlesex
                     [Daughter of Daniel & Francis' other daughter m. TILBURY]
William TILBURY (Widower; Friend) b. c.1820 Yeading, Middlesex (Gentleman)
Ethel LUSH (Friend of Alice?) b. c.1875 Ealing Dean, Middlesex
Mary Ann PRATT (Spinster) b. c.1824 Sawbridgeworth, Hertford (Annuitant)
1891: lvg. civil parish of St Michael, Hertfordshire
James TILBURY b. c.1870 Buckinghamshire
Mary TILBURY b. c.1872 Hertfordshire
John TILBURY b. 3Q 1854 (Hemel Hempstead 3a/264)
1901: lvg. Watford Urban, Hertfordshire
John TILBURY b. c.1854 Easton, Hampshire (Gardener)
m. Sarah Ann GRAY 2Q 1885 Hemel Hempstead (3a/653)
              b. c.1852 Watford, Hertfordshire
.....2. Rupert TILBURY b. c.1885 Watford, Hertfordshire
.....2. Mabel TILBURY b. c.1888 Watford, Hertfordshire
.....2. Florence TILBURY b. c.1890 Watford, Hertfordshire
.....2. Sidney TILBURY b. c.1892 Watford, Hertfordshire
1901: lvg. Totteridge Entire, Hertfordshire
Stella TILBURY b. c.1875 London Fulham (Housemaid Domestic)
1881: Isilla TILBURY lvg. 12 Ifield Rd, London, Middlesex?
George W. TILBURY b. c.1831 Chelsea, Middlesex (Painter)
m. Lucy J. [DILLON] b. c.1846 Holborn, Middlesex
.....2. Lucy E.H. TILBURY b. c.1873 Kensington, Middlesex
Isilla H.J. TILBURY b. c.1874 Kensington, Middlesex
.....2. Jessie K. TILBURY b. c.1877 Fulham, Middlesex
.....2. George T. TILBURY b. c.1880 Kensington, Middlesex
Eliza DILLON Sister-in-Law, U, b. c.1852 Holborn, Middlesex

1901: lvg. Hertfordshire
Thomas TILBURY b. c. 1823 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Bricklayer)
(Thomas m. Annie WEST?)
m. Ann WEST 13 October 1828 Latimer, Buckinghamshire
William & Ann's first two children, Obed & Mary Ann, seem to have been born in Hertford, although Obed was Christened in Latimer; by 1851 the family was in Chesham, with the exception of Obed.
1851: lvg. Chesham (Pt.14:273)
William TILBURY HD b. c.1799 Chesham BKM (Ag. Lab.
Ann [WEST] TILBURY WI b. c.1806 Chesham BKM
.....2. Mary Ann TILBURY U DA b. c.1831 Chesham BKM (Tuscan Plaitter)
.....2. Elizabeth TILBURY U DA b. c.1834 Chesham BKM (Dressmaker)
.....2. Lydia TILBURY DA b. c.1838 Chesham BKM (Scholar)
.....2. Emma TILBURY DA b. c.1844 Chesham BKM (Scholar)
Father: William TILBURY, Mother Ann [WEST]
.....2. Mary Ann TILBURY (Wife age at marriage: 20)
.....m. John DIXON 19 February 1852 Latimer, Buckingham
.....2. Obed TILBURY
.....m. Susan NORTH 3 July 1852 Latimer, Buckingham
.....1881: lvg. Ley Hill, Chesham, Buckingham
.....John DIXON, Head b. c.1825 Wendover, Buckingham (Dealer)
.....2. Mary A. [TILBURY]DIXON, Wife b. c.1832 Bovingdon, HERTFORD
..........3. George DIXON, Son b. c.1870 Chesham, Buckingham (Scholar)
.....1881: lvg. 29 Carlisle St, London, Middlesex*
.....2. Obed* TILBURY b. c.1828 HERTFORD, Chr. 26 July 1829 Latimer, Buckinghamshire
........(1881: Dairyman)
........(1901: Builder's Foreman, age 73 b. Marcham Heath, Buckinghamshire, lvg. Willesden, Middlesex)
.....Susan* [NORTH]TILBURY, Wife b. c.1827 Buckinghamshire
..........3. Elizabeth* TILBURY b. c.1852 Buckingham (1881: General Servant)
..........3. Amelia* TILBURY b. c.1860 Buckingham (1881: Dressmaker)
..........3. William TILBURY Chr. 1 September 1861 Latimer, Buckinghamshire
..........3. Mary A.* TILBURY b. c.1862 Marylebone, Middlesex (1881: Dressmaker)
..........3. Emily* TILBURY b. c.1866 Marylebone, Middlesex (1881: Milliner)
From 'The Times' 8 November 1873: Obed Tilbury summoned for adulterating milk
1881: lvg. High Street, Monken Hadley, Middlesex
George T. TILBURY b. c.1837 Hadley, Hertford (Army Pension Tobacconist)
m. Jane MARDELL b. c.1832 Hatfield, Hertford
.....2. Annie C. TILBURY b.c.1868 Birmingham, Warwick
.....2. Gertrude E. TILBURY b. c.1871 Ireland
.....2. Laura A.J. TILBURY b. c.1873 Ireland
1881: lvg. High St, Edmonton, Middlesex
James TILBURY b. c.1839 Barnet, Hertford (Baker)
m. Sophia PURKIS b. c.1841 Hadly, Middlesex
.....2. Herbert J. TILBURY b. c.1867 Hadly, Middlesex
.....2. Horace W. TILBURY b. c.1873 Hadly, Middlesex
.....2. Ida M.E. TILBURY b. Dec 1881/Jan 1881 Southgate, Middlesex