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Three Family Trees
Miscellaneous BMD
Anglo-Indian Courtship
20th Century William Harry Tilbury & Caroline Ellen

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Marriage solemnized at St. Anthony's Church, Lahore, 12th September 1927
Mary Margaret TILBURY, age 18, Spinster of Lahore (father Harry), m. by Licence
Herbert Jamaes BALLANTYNE, age 23, Bachelor of [Sibi], Driver N.W.Ry., (father Henry)

Ceremony performed by Fr. EVANISTOR, Assistant Catholic Chaplain

Descendants in Australia are trying to discover the origins of Mary Margaret. Knowledge to date - her mother died in or not long after childbirth, her father was unable to care for the baby who was brought up by Nuns.

When and where was Mary Margaret born/baptised?
Who was her mother, when and where did she die?
And above all else, who the .... was Harry???

Any relevant replies in the Guestbook (link at the bottom of the page) or by email would be greatly appreciated; also contact with other descendants - thank you.


Origins of the Oldest Tilburys Listed on these Pages

1688: Arthur TILBURY in Madras (rent roll); nationality not indicated, probably English.

1695: Adrian TILBURY, for a long time a merchant of Fort St. George, died at Martaban (Burma) before 10 September, leaving a widow and child in Madras; he was probably of Dutch origin: TILBURG[H].

1791: Robert TILBURY, b. c. 2 September (calculated from date of death, 1881), m. KEMP; joined the European Regiment, probably British.

1800: or earlier, Quarter Master Serjeant [-] TILBARY died 1823, account deposited 25 July b. (1790-1800? - to become a QSM, how many years service?). Probably British since a QSM.

1826: Alexander Saunders TILBURY; surgeon & apothecary; probably British.

1830: Robert TILBURY (Conductor Pension dept.) (father Robert TILBURY), m. HATTON; no other indications of origin, but probably British.


Madras in the 17th Century
The beginnings of the East India Company; disputes between the Dutch and English traders.
Old Madras and the building of Fort St. George.

1688: Arthur Tilbury in Madras
Rent Rowle of Dwelling Houses, Goedowns, etc. within the Garrison or Christian Town.
1699: Summary of number and type of inhabitants; mortality bill.

1695: Adrian Tilbury deceased
His wife and child remained in Madras, but his goods were impounded in Burma.


18th to 19th Century: History and Description
From a village with a temple, to a trading town around Fort William.


1816: Robert Tilbury, soldier, m. Elizabeth Kemp
Robert: fife-player, bugler, Quarter-Master, Conductor of a magazine
Where did they come from? What happened to their children?

Alexander Saunders Tilbury, Surgeon & Apothecary
m. Elizabeth Anne (Annie), family name unknown
Henry Augustus Tilbury was one of their sons.

Henry Augustus' wife Ethel Jane Pearce & her husbands Carton, Turner
Ethel Jane and children emigrated to Australia; Henry Augustus died in Burma

1858: Robert Tilbury m. Catherine Hatton
Robert's careful Will; Inventory of his goods
One of their sons was Alexander Staercks, who married Marion Shore.
Brother James Shore returned to England: after 20 years he sought and refound his sister.
Lawrence Alfred (m. Cobb) was the son of Alexander and Marion.

Reunited by the "Long Lost Relatives" column in Lloyds Weekly newspaperpaper
James Shore's family in England.

Miscellaneous Births, Marriages, Deaths & Burials
Unable to place these in any tree, nor to discover their previous or subsequent residence.

19th Century: the method of Anglo-Indian Courtship
Or, how to capture a husband, how to entice a wife!

20th Century: the Lushai Hills

Regimental Sergeant Major William Henry Tilbury
Fought in the Boer War, was Mentioned in Dispatches, awarded two decorations in the Great War.
Married Caroline Ellen Prichard in England before going to work in the Indian Civil Service.

Captain William Henry Tilbury, M.C.
Extra Commissioner for Police; sometime Superintendant stated "I am law".
Link to the story of "Tilbury's Ghost".

Caroline Ellen's Family
Her mother and grandmother were both widowed, as was Caroline.

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