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(Additional information from Robyn)
(Ibstone look-ups by Vita)
(From descendant Grancy)

David TILB(UR)Y b. c.1796 + Charlotte DENNIS b. c.1797

m. Charlotte DENNIS 22 October 1814 Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire David's Story

David's known siblings were: Joseph, William, Mary & Sarah
1841: High Wycombe (reg. dist. The Wycombe Union) [Old Swan, Wycombe Marsh?]
David TILBURY age 45
- John TILBURY age 10
William SCOTT age 35 (1851: b. Wycombe Marsh)
Mary SCOTT age 35 (1851: b. Wycombe Marsh)
- George SCOTT age 10
- John SCOTT age 8
- Richard SCOTT age 6
- Lydia SCOTT age 0
Edward SCOTT age 35
Joseph PRIEST age 70
James FREW age 35

In 1851 James TILBURY (b. c.1820 - see below), apparently the above David's son (and sibling of 10-yr old John), was also living in a SCOTT household; SusieM's 1851 lookup confirms that it was the same SCOTT family. Was there a family relationship, perhaps through Mary (but in which generation, Mary sibling of David, or Mary daughter of Joseph PRIEST)?

2. Joseph TILB(UR)Y b. 1815
Chr. 30 July 1815 High Wycombe (Minister: Mr. GODDARD (Curate of Hitcham)) Joseph & Elizabeth
2. Elizabeth TILB(UR)Y b. Hazlemere, Chr. 2 March 1817 Penn
m. William PRIOR 5 January 1840 (Wycombe 6/527)
William PRIOR b. c.1818 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth PRIOR b. c.1818 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Ann PRIOR b. c.1841 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- William PRIOR b. c.1842 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Henry PRIOR b. c.1844 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
(John PRIOR b. c.1811 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire)
(John PRIOR b. c.1840 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire)
1861: lvg. Chipping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
William PRIOR b. c.1818 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth PRIOR b. c.1817 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Ann PRIOR b. c.1842 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Henry PRIOR b. c.1844 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- William PRIOR b. c.1843 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Charlotte PRIOR b. c.1853 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Emma PRIOR b. c.1860 ___, Buckinghamshire
1871: lvg. Chipping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
William PRIOR b. c.1816 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth PRIOR b. c.1817 ___, Buckinghamshire
- Henry PRIOR b. c.1844 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Charlotte PRIOR b. c.1853 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- William PRIOR b. c.1846 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Emma PRIOR b. c.1860 ___, Buckinghamshire
1881: lvg. Wycombe, Buckingham
William PROR Head age 63 b. Wycombe, Buckingham (Farm Bailiff)
Elizabeth PROR Wife age 64 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
- Henry PROR Son U age 36 b. Wycombe, Buckingham (Ag. Lab.)
- Emma PROR Daur U age 21 b. Wycombe, Buckingham

WW2: 1940-42
Private V. Tilbury PRIOR recommended for the Military Medal
Service No. 6086350, 7 Queen's Regiment (ref.WO 373/16)
Search: Recommendations for Honours and Awards, 1935-1980

2. William TILB(UR)Y (1851: Farm Labourer) b. Hazlemere Hill, Chr. 18 October 1818 Penn
m. Eliza GUNN 14 July 1837 Wycombe, b. c.1819 Dinton, Buckingham
1851: lvg. Marsh, High Wycombe (Pt. 9)
William TILBURY M HD age 32 b. Wycombe BKM (Farm Labourer)
Eliza TILBURY 9 M WI age 31 b. Dinton BKM (At home)
- Mary TILBURY DA age 11 b. Wycombe Marsh BKM (School)
- James TILBURY SO age 9 b. Wycombe Marsh BKM [d. pre-1861]
- Joseph TILBURY SO age 8 b. Wycombe Marsh BKM
- John TILBURY SO age 6 b. Wycombe Marsh BKM
- Frederick TILBURY SO 3 b. Wycombe Marsh BKM
1861: Loudwater (High Wycombe), Buckingham
William TILBURY Head age 43 b. Hazlemere BKM (Labourer)
Eliza TILBURY Wife age 43 b. Dinton BKM
- Joseph TILBURY Son age 18 b. High Wycombe BKM (Labourer)
- James TILBURY Son age 10 b. High Wycombe BKM
- Sarah Ann TILBURY Daughter age 8 b. Loudwater BKM
- David TILBURY Son age 6 b. Knaves Beech BKM
- Amos TILBURY Son age 3 b. Knaves Beech BKM
- George Henry TILBURY Son age 1 b. Loudwater BKM
    - Eliza Ann TILBURY Granddaughter age 1 b. Loudwater BKM

Was Eliza Ann TILBURY the daughter of Mary TILBURY - and became Eliza Ann HEARN?

1871: lvg. Chipping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
William TILBURY b. c.1818 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Head, spouse of Eliza)
Eliza TILBURY b. c.1819 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Wife of William)
- Sarah TILBURY b. c.1852 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- George TILBURY b. c.1860 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Son)
- Kate E. TILBURY b. c.1864 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
1881: lvg. The Marsh, Wycombe, Buckingham
William TILBY Head age 64 b. Hazlemere, Buckingham (Farm Lab)
Eliza TILBY Wife age 63 b. Bledlow, Buckingham
- Amos TILBY Son (U) age 24 b. Loudwater, Buckingham (Lab)
- Kate TILBY Daur (U) age 16 b. Loudwater, Buckingham (Mill Worker)
Henry BATES Lodger (U) age 22 b. Forty Green, Buckingham (Lab)
1891: lvg. Chipping Wycombe, Buckingham
William TILBURY (marr.) age 72 b. Wycombe Heath (Farm Labourer)
Eliza TILBURY (marr.) age 71 b. Bledlow
#William TILBURY d. 1Q 1892 age 73 (Wycombe 3a/593)#
1901: lvg. Wycombe Marsh, High Wycombe (Chepping Wycombe), Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
#Eliza TILBURY, Head (Widow) age 81 b. (1820) Bucks, Wycombe Marsh (Grocer Shop [written in ink, crossed out in pencil: "Own Account, At Home")#
#Eliza TILBURY d. 4Q 1901 age 83 (Wycombe 3a/4[41]5)#
3. Mary TILBURY b. 21 July 1839 at Little Lunnon [invisible in 1861 to date (April 2011)]
Mary TILBURY (Father: William TILBURY)
m. Thomas HEARN 15 September 1861 Hitcham, Buckingham (Father: Edward HEARN)
1871: lvg. High Street, Fulcher's Square, St Mary Cray, Kent
#Thomas HEARN b. c.1838 Hitcham, Buckinghamshire (Head, Labourer)#
#Mary HEARN b. c.1840 Wycombe Marsh, Buckinghamshire (Wife)#
#- Eliza A. HEARN b. c.1861 Loud Water, Buckinghamshire (Daughter, Scholar)#
1881: lvg. Royal Parade, Chislehurst, Kent
#Thomas HERN age 41 b. Itchen, Buckingham (Labourer)#
#Mary HERN age 42 b. High Wycombe, Buckingham#
James PODNEY (U) age 27 b. [--] (Lodger)
(Next to "Bull's Head Inn", near 'Wooden House' & 'Clergy House')
1891: lvg. 5, Camden Terrace, Chislehurst, Kent
#Thomas HEARN b. 1836 Birnham, Berkshire (Head, Labourer Gl)#
#Mary HEARN b. 1837 Wycombe Marsh, Buckinghamshire (Wife)#
1901: lvg. 3, Belmont Cottage, Green Lane, Chislehurst, Kent
#Thomas HEARN age 63 b. Dorney, Buckinghamshire (Ground Labourer, Worker)#
#Mary HEARN age 62 b. High Wyecombe, Buckinghamshire#
#Henry HUMPHRIES, Boarder (Married) age 65 b. Malksham, Wiltshire (Ground Labourer, Worker)#
#John HUMPHRIES, Boarder (Single) age 19 b. W. Thurrock, Essex (Ground Labourer, Worker)#
1911: lvg. 9 Queens Road, Chislehurst, Kent (4 rooms)
#Mary HEARN age 75 b. High Wickham, Buckinghamshire, Widow (Lace Maker, Own Account, at home), Lodger with:#
#William John COUSINS, Head age 33 b. (1878) Antrim Ballinderry (Resident) (Metropolitan Police Constable)#
#Hetty COUSINS, Wife (Married 6 yrs, no children) age 34 b. (1877) Sittingbourne, Kent#
4. #Eliza Anne HEARN#
#m. Benjamin John BAKER 3Q 1880 (Bromley 2a/596)#
1881: lvg. Royal Parade, Chislehurst, Kent
#Benjamin J. BAKER, Head age 23 b. Margate, Kent (Hostler, Inn)#
#Eliza Ann BAKER, Wife age 21 b. Highwycombe, Berkshire#
1891: lvg. 13, Mill Place Row, Chislehurst, Kent
#Benjamin BAKER, Head age 34 b. (1857) Margate, Kent (Cab Driver, Groom)#
#Eliza BAKER, Wife age 32 b. (1859) High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire#
#- Ann BAKER, Daughter age 9 b. (1882) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#- William BAKER, Son age 7 b. (1884) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#- John BAKER, Son age 6 b. (1885) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#- David BAKER, Son age 2 b. (1889) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#- Harry BAKER, Son age 1 b. (1890) Chiselhurst, Kent#
1901: lvg. Mill Place, Chislehurst, Kent
#Benjamin BAKER, Head age 46 b. (1855) Margate, Kent (Cab Driver, Groom, Worker)#
#Eliza A. BAKER, Wife age 43 b. (1858) High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire#
#- David W. BAKER, Son age 13 b. (1888) Chislehurst, Kent#
#- Hilda BAKER, Daughter age 10 b. (1891) Chislehurst, Kent#
1911: lvg. 3 Oak Cott, Chislehurst, Kent (4 rooms)
#Benjamin BAKER, Head age 56 b. (1855) Margate, Kent (Hackney Cab Driver, Jobmaster, Worker)#
#Eliza BAKER, Wife (Married 31 yrs, 7 children b. alive, 5 lvg.) age 54 b. (1857) High Wycombe, Bucks#
#- William BAKER, Son (Single) age 27 b. (1884) Chislehurst, Kent (Coachman Domestic)#
#- Hilda BAKER, Daughter age 19 b. (1892) Chislehurst, Kent#

1911 census signature of Benjamin Baker, putative husband of Eliza Ann Hearn, daughter of Mary Tilbury of Buckinghamshire

#5. Ann BAKER b. (1882) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#5. William BAKER b. (1884) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#5. John BAKER b. (1885) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#5. ?#
#5. David Walter BAKER b. 2Q 1888 Chiselhurst, Kent (Bromley 2a/434)#
#5. Harry BAKER b. (1890) Chiselhurst, Kent#
#5. Hilda BAKER b. (1891) Chislehurst, Kent#
3. William TILBURY b. 1841
William TILBURY d. age 4 years, buried 4 March 1845 High Wycombe
FreeBMD has the birth entry thus:
"Tilby William * Wycombe VI 421"

From the FreeBMD online scan, enhanced: William Henry TILBY.

3. James TILBURY b. c.1841 (d.) #twin to William?#
3. Joseph TILBURY b. 1843 [1843/2 Wycombe?]
#Joseph TILBURY#
#m. Mary LONGLEY 4Q 1867 (Lewisham 1d/1158)#
1851: Sundridge, Kent
George LONGLEY b. Sundridge, Kent (Head)
- David LONGLEY b. c.1840 Chiddingstone, Kent
- Mary LONGLEY b. c.1843 Sundridge, Kent
- Sophia LONGLEY b. c.1836 Chiddingstone, Kent
- Timothy LONGLEY b. c.1838 Chiddingstone, Kent
1871: Chevening, Kent
Joseph TILBURY b. c.1843 Buckinghamshire (Head, spouse of Mary)
Mary TILBURY b. c.1842 Sundridge, Kent (Wife of Joseph)

No apparent Census entries for this couple after 1871 - did they emigrate?

3. John TILBURY b. 3 October 1845 [d. pre-1881?]
3. Frederick TILB(URE)Y b. c.1847 [1848/2 Wycombe?]
m. Elizabeth Harvey YOUNG 1Q 1868 (Wycombe 3a/477)
[Father: Samuel YOUNG; Mother: Clementina]
Frederick TILBURY age 21 bachelor of Harefield, Labourer (son of William, a Labourer)
m. by Banns, Elizabeth Harvey YOUNG age 19 (daughter of Samuel YOUNG, Labourer), 5 January 1868, St Nicolas church, Ibstone
1841: lvg. Lewknor, Oxfordshire (reg. dist. Thame)
Ann HARVEY age 50 b. out of Cty
William HARVEY age 20
Edward HARVEY age 13
Martha HARVEY age 15
Fred PRITCHARD age 25 (Ag Lab)
Elizth PRITCHARD age 25 b. out of Cty

Next Household:
Js. CHAMBERLAIN age 55 (Ag Lab)
Frances CHAMBERLAIN age 25
Clementina CHAMBERLAIN age 12
Elizabeth HARVEY age 15
with the HOLT family:
Richard & Elizabeth age 25, Sophia age 5, John age 3, Emma age 0
Elizabeth HARVEY b. 3Q 1849 (Thame 16/108)
1851: lvg. Lewknor, Oxfordshire
Ann HARVEY, Head, Widow, Pauper, b. Beaconsfield, Bucks
- Edward HARVEY, Son, Unm, age 23 b. Oxon, Lewknor (Agricultural Laborer)
Joseph WHITE, Lodger, Mar, age 26 b. Oxon, Lewknor (Agricultural Laborer)
Martha WHITE, Lodger, Mar, age 27 b. Oxon, Lewknor (Lace Maker)

Next Household:
James CHAMBERLAIN, Head, Unm, age 68 b. Oxon, Lewknor (Agricultural Laborer)
- Frances HARVEY, imputed Daughter, Unm, age 41 b. Oxon, Lewknor
      - Clementina HARVEY, Grandaughter, Unm, age 23 b. Oxon, Lewknor (Lace Maker)
            Elizabeth HARVEY, Niece, age 1 b. Oxon, Lewknor
Clementina HARVEY
m. Saml. YOUNG 2Q 1851 (Thame 16/169)
1861: lvg. Ibstone Village, Oxfordshire
Franics YOUNG, Head, Mar, age 43 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Gardiner)
Elizabeth YOUNG, Wife, Mar, age 52 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Laundress)
- William YOUNG, Son, Unm, age 19 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Sawyer of Wood)
- James YOUNG, Son, Unm, age 17 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Ag Lab)
Next Household:
Samuel YOUNG, Head, Mar, age 35 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Ag Lab)
Clementina YOUNG, Wife, age 33 b. Lewknor, Oxfordshire
- Elizabeth YOUNG age 11 b. Lewknor, Oxfordshire
- Henry YOUNG age 9 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Ag Lab)
- George YOUNG age 7 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Scholar)
- Samuel YOUNG age 5 (Scholar)
- John YOUNG age 4 b. Ibstone, Bucks (Scholar)
- Mary YOUNG age 1 b. Ibstone, Bucks

Note: the given name "Clementine" was used in Joseph & Elizabeth [CROOK]'s descendance

Frederick Henry TILBURY (son of Elizabeth & Frederick of Ibstone, Labourer), Chr. 12 July 1896, St Nicolas church, Ibstone
1871: lvg. Fingest (just near Goddards Farm), Hambleden, Buckinghamshire
Frederick TEBREY, Head, Mar, age 25 b. Bucks, High Wycombe (Shepherd Ag. Labr.)
Elizabeth TEBREY, Wife, Mar, age 24 b. Oxon, Lewknor
- Frederick Henry TEBREY, Son age 3 b. Bucks, Ibstone
- William Edward TEBREY, Son age 2 b. Bucks, Ibstone
[Ancestry: SEBREY]
1881: lvg. Frogs Island, Egham, Surrey
Frederick TILBERRY Head age 34 b. High Wycomb, Buckingham (Agri. Laborer)
Elizabeth TILBERRY Wife age 34 b. Luton, Bedford
- William TILBERRY Son age 12 b. Hambelton, Oxford (Scholar)
- Henry TILBERRY Son age 10 b. Hambelton, Oxford (Scholar)
- George TILBERRY Son age 7 b. Little Marlow, Buckingham (Scholar)
- Leonard TILBERRY Son age 2 b. Staines, Middlesex
- John TILBERRY Son age 2 mths b. Staines, Middlesex
1891: lvg. General Shop, Thorpe Road, Egham, Berkshire (parish of St John the Baptist) [next: the "Robin Hood"]
Frederick TILBURY, Head age 43 b. (1848) High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Gardener)
Elizabeth Wife age 42 b. (1849) Tetsworth, Oxfordshire
- Henry TILBURY, Son age 19 b. (1872) Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire (Gardener)
- George TILBURY, Son age 17 b. (1874) Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire (Grocers Assistant)
- Samuel TILBURY, Son age 14 b. (1877) Maidenhead, Buckinghamshire (Chemists Errand Boy)
- Leonard TILBURY, Son age 12 b. (1879) Staines, Middlesex (Scholar)
- John TILBURY, Son age 10 b. (1881) Egham, Surrey (Scholar)
- Mary E. TILBURY, Daughter age 8 b. (1883) Egham, Surrey (Scholar)
- Francis TILBURY, Son age 6 b. (1885) Egham, Surrey (Scholar)
- Alice A. TILBURY, Daughter age 3 b. (1888) Egham, Surrey (Scholar)
- Albert E. TILBURY, Daughter (M[ale]) age 1 b. (1890) Egham, Surrey
1901: lvg. Hythe Fields, Thorpe Road Gravel Pit Side, Egham (Surrey), Egham, Berkshire
Fredk. TILBURY, Head age 53 b. (1848) Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Grocer Shopkeeper)
Elizath. TILBURY, Wife age 53 b. (1848) Ibstone, Oxfordshire
- Leonard TILBURY, Son (Single) age 22 b. (1879) Staines, Middlesex (Navvy)
- John TILBURY, Son (Single) age 20 b. (1881) Egham, Surrey (Navvy)
- Frank TILBURY, Son age 16 b. (1885) Egham, Surrey (Oilman's Assistant)
- Mary TILBURY, Daughter age 18 b. (1883) Egham, Surrey (Dressmaker)
- Alice TILBURY, Daughter age 13 b. (1888) Egham, Surrey
- Ivy TILBURY, Daughter age 7 b. (1894) Egham, Surrey
1911: lvg. 4 Thorpe Lea, Egham, Berkshire (6 rooms) (Windsor reg. dist.)
Fredrick TILBURY, Head age 64 b. (1847) Loudwater, Bucks (General Labourer, Building, Worker)
Elizabeth TILBURY, Wife (Married 44 yrs, 14 b. alive, 11 lvg.) age 64 b. (1847) Teversham
- Mary MAYS, Daughter (Married 6 yrs, 3 children b. alive, 2 lvg.) age 28 b. (1883) Egham, Surrey
  William MAYS Son In Law (Married) age 29 b. (1882) Egham, Surrey (General Labourer, Building, Worker)
- - Alice MAYS, Daughter age 5 b. (1906) Egham, Surrey
- - Dorethy MAYS, Granddaughter age 2 b. (1909) Egham, Surrey

1911 census signature of William Mays living (and family) in Thorpe Lea, Egham, with Frederick & Elizabeth Tilbury

1913: Kelly's Directory of Surrey
Mrs Elizabeth TILBURY, shopkeeper, Thorpe Lea, Egham
4. Frederick Henry TILBUR(E)Y b. c.1867 Hambleton [Oxford] [Bucks] [Berks]
1881: lvg. Staines Moor Yeoveney Farm, Staines, Middlesex
Frederick TILBURY age 13 b. Hambleton, Buckingham (Odd Boy: Ag. Lab., serv.)
working for:
Henry HADGATE (U) age 63 b. Chobham, Surrey (Farmer Of 434 Acres Employing 23 Men & 5 Boys)
Esther BOORMAN (U) age 42 b. East Sutton, Kent (Housekeeper)
James TARRANT age 14 b. Goring, Oxford (Plough Boy: Ag. Lab., serv.)
Henry JEWELL age 14 b. Hurst, Berkshire (Plough Boy: Ag. Lab., serv.)
Albert ROGERS (U) age 18 b. Chinner, Oxford (Plough Boy: Ag. Lab., serv.)
Henry DAY (U) age 18 b. Hungerford, Berkshire (Cow Lad: Ag. Lab., serv.)

Note: thanks to Vita's look-up, there is no longer any doubt, Frederick Henry was a son of Frederick & Elizabeth, and older brother to William (April 2010)

m. Jessie Mary A. DOUGLASS 1Q 1888 (Lambeth 1d/406)
(James, descendant of Joseph & Elizabeth, was lvg. Lambeth)
Frederick Henry & Jessie's descendants
4. William Edward TILB(U)R(E)Y b. 1869
Joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers
1901: lvg. 6, Langley Road Langley Place, Staines, Middlesex (parish of St Peters)
William TILBURY, Brother (Single) age 31 b. 1870 NK Berkshire (Navvy)
with Frederick & Jessie TILBURY, family
In 1911 William seems invisible, but is not apparent in FreeBMD deaths
4. Henry TILBUR(E)Y b. 1871
Joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers
m. Sarah Ann SAMPSON 4Q 1895 (Staines 3a/31)
1881: lvg. 5 South St., West Ham, Essex
W.T. SAMPSON Head age 37 b. Stratford, Essex (Wagon Examiner G E Ry)
Sarah J. SAMPSON Wife age 34 b. Bishopsgate S, Middlesex
- Sarah Ann SAMPSON Daur age 7 b. Stratford, Essex (Scholar)
- Frederick J. SAMPSON Son age 5 b. Walworth, Surrey (Scholar)
- Thomas C. SAMPSON Son age 4 b. Bermondsey, Surrey (Scholar)
- George E. SAMPSON Son age 2 b. Stratford, Essex
- Ann C. SAMPSON Daur age 5mths b. Stratford, Essex
1901: lvg. Ashford, Middlesex
Henry TILBURY age 29 b. Cookham, Berkshire (Bricklayer)
Sarah TILBURY age 28 b. Stratford, Essex
- Albert TILBURY age 4 b. Staines, Middlesex
- Thomas TILBURY age 1 b. Ashford, Middlesex
1911: lvg. 10 Pond Road, Thorpe Lea, Egham, Berkshire (4 rooms)
Henry TILBURY, Head age 39 b. (1872) Venges, Oxfordshire (Linoleum Factory, General Labourer, Worker)
Sarah Ann TILBURY, Wife (Married 15 yrs, 4 children b. alive, lvg.) age 38 b. (1873) Stratford, Essex (Deaf [at age 1_?])
- Albert Edward TILBURY, Son age 14 b. (1897) Staines, Middlesex (Errand Boy)
- Thomas Henry TILBURY, Son age 11 b. (1900) Ashford, Middlesex
- Annie May TILBURY, Daughter age 7 b. (1904) Egham, Surrey
- Daisy Ellen TILBURY, Daughter age 3 b. (1908) Egham, Surrey

1911 census signature of Henry Tilbury living in Thorpe Lea, Egham

1911: lvg. 77 St Peters Grove, Canterbury, Kent (5 rooms)
George HACKMAN, Head age 37 b. (1874) Kingston, Surrey (Labourer In Tanyard, Worker)
Elizabeth Jane HACKMAN, Wife (Married 17 yrs, 6 children b. alive, lvg.) age 34 b. (1877) Hillborough, Kent
- Herbert Edmund HACKMAN, Son age 16 b. (1895) Canterbury, Kent (Errand Boy, Grocer, Worker)
- Agnes Daisy HACKMAN, Daughter age 13 b. (1898) Canterbury, Kent (School)
- Alice Ellen HACKMAN, Daughter age 11 b. (1900) Canterbury, Kent (School)
- Connie Millicent HACKMAN, Daughter age 7 b. (1904) Canterbury, Kent
- Edith Georgina HACKMAN, Daughter age 5 b. (1906) Canterbury, Kent
- Elsie Winifred HACKMAN, Daughter age 2 b. (1909) Canterbury, Kent

1911 census signature of George Hackman living in Canterbury, Kent

5. Albert Edward TILBUR(E)Y b. 4Q 1896 (Staines 3a/23)
m. Agnes D. HACKMAN 2Q 1924 (Windsor 2c/1112)
mother HACKMAN:
6. Sheila J. TILBURY b. 3Q 1927 (Canterbury 2a/1549)
m. W_____
7. Issue
Agnes D. TILBURY d. 1Q 1946 age 48 (Surrey N.W. 2a/547)
5. Thomas Henry TILBUR(E)Y b. 1Q 1900 (Staines 3a/3)
m. Connie M. HACKMAN 2Q 1927 (Windsor 2c/1090)
mother HACKMAN:
6. Ian D. TILBURY b. 2Q 1929 (Medway 2a/1343); d.
m. Hazel M. OWEN; d.
7. Issue
8. Lvg.
6. Lvg., Australia
5. Annie May TILBURY b. (1904) Egham, Surrey
5. Daisy Ellen TILBURY b. (1908) Egham, Surrey
5. [?]
mother, SAMPSON:
5. #Horace W. F. TILBURY b. 3Q 1911 (Windsor 2c/855)#
#m. Mildred M PRESLAND 3Q 1936 (Surrey N.W. 2a/1212)#
mother PRESLAND:
6. #Anthony C. TILBURY b. 2Q 1941 (Surrey N. W. 2a/743)#
6. #Graham H. TILBURY b. 3Q 1943 (Surrey North Western 2a/798)#
5. #Alice E. TILBURY b. 4Q 1913 (Windsor 2c/763)#
4. George TILBURY b. 1874
m. Emma Eliza MAY 3Q 1900 (Staines 3a/33)
1901: lvg. Egham [Berkshire]
George TILBURY b. c.1874 Egham, Surrey (Head) (Oilman Colour)
Emma Eliza TILBURY b. c.1876 Staines, Middlesex (Wife)
- Emma May TILBURY b. c.1898 Egham, Surrey (Daughter)
5. Emma May TILBURY b. 28 January 1901 (Windsor 2c/434); d. 4 May 1979 (Surrey NW 17/0499)
5. Queenie Elizabeth TILBURY b. 2 July 1902 (Windsor 2c/438); d. 19 November 1985 (Surrey NW 17/773)
5. George Thomas TILBURY b. 28 June 1904 (Windsor 2c/445); d. October 1985 (Surrey NW 17/738)
5. Henry John TILBURY b. 2 September 1905 (Windsor 2c/421); d. 1Q 1907 (Windsor 2c/[35]10)
5. Violet TILBURY b. 28 April 1908 (Windsor 2c/455); d. 10 October 1918 (Thanet 2a/2502)
5. John James TILBURY b. 29 January 1911 (Windsor 2c/854); d. 3Q 1911 (Windsor 2c/512)
See Guestbook entry from descendant Grancy, August 2010
1911: 75 Thorpe Road, Staines, Berkshire (5 rooms)
George TILBURY, Head age 37 b. (1874) Cookham Deen (Oilmann & Grocer, own account)
Emma Eliza TILBURY, Wife (Married 11 yrs, 5 children b. lvg., 4 alive) age 35 b. (1876) Staines, Middlesex (Assisting In The Business)
- Emma May TILBURY, Daughter age 10 b. (1901) Egham, Surrey
- Queenie Elizabeth TILBURY, Daughter age 8 b. (1903) Egham, Surrey
- George Thomas TILBURY, Son age 6 b. (1905) Egham, Surrey
- Violet TILBURY, Daughter age 2 b. (1909) Egham, Surrey
Daisy EVANS, Servant age 17 b. (1894) Datchet, Bucks (General Servant Domestic)

1911 census signature of George Tilbury husband of Emma Eliza born May

4. #Samuel Walter ('Walter S.') TILBURY b. c.1876 Cookham Dean, Berkshire# Berkshire Tilburys
1881: lvg. Cookham Dean(e), Berkshire with grandparents Samuel & Clementina YOUNG
(Samuel b. Ibstone, Clementina b. Lewknor, Oxfordshire)
Samuel YOUNG d. 4Q 1894 age 69 (Windsor 2c/242)
1901: lvg. Egham, Surrey
Clementina YOUNG age 73 b. Lewknor, Oxon
#Samuel YOUNG, Son age 45 b. Ibstone, Oxon (Labourer Gl)#
  - Samuel TILBURY, Grandson age 24 b. Cookham Dean (Brewers Labourer)
#Samuel TILBURY m. Bessie Elizabeth YEATMAN 3Q 1901 (Staines 3a/25)#
1911: 45 Thorpe Lea Road Egham, Berkshire (4 rooms)
Samuel TILBURY, Head age 35 b. (1876) Egham (Bricklayer's Labourer)
Bessie TILBURY, Wife (Married 11 yrs, 6 children b. alive, lvg.) age 35 b. (1876) Staines
- Ivy TILBURY, Daughter age 8 b. (1903) Egham
- Samuel TILBURY, Son age 7 b. (1904) Egham
- Edith TILBURY, Daughter age 5 b. (1906) Egham
- Albert TILBURY, Son age 4 b. (1907) Egham
- Maud TILBURY, Daughter age 9 mths b. (1910) Egham
Bertie DAVIES, Boarder (Single) age 23 b. (1888) Egham (Carman For Greengrocer)

1911 census signature of Samuel Tilbury husband of Bessie born Yeatman

5. #Ivy [Elizabeth] TILBURY b. 3Q 1902 (Windsor 2c/443)#
#m. Albert W. WHITE 1Q 1928 (Windsor 2c/708]#
[more than one TILBURY & WHITE marriage in this period; possibly these children:]
mother TILBURY:
6. Evelyn E. WHITE b. 4Q 1929 (Windsor 2c/655)
6. Michael A. WHITE b. 2Q 1934 (Surrey N.W. 2a/408)
5. #Samuel TILBURY b. 1Q 1904 (Windsor 2c/438)#
#m. Ivy W. SWAYNE 1Q 1928 (Staines 3a/18)
mother SWAYNE:
6. Samuel G. TILBURY b. 1Q 1929 (Staines 3a/26)
5. #Edith [Mary] TILBURY b. 4Q 1905 (Windsor 2c/427)#
[more than one possible marriage for Edith]
5. #Albert [Frederick] TILBURY b. 1Q 1908 (Windsor 2c/422)#
#[An Albert TILBURY m. Gladys M. STONE 1Q 1932 (Staines 3a/21)]#
5. #Maud [C.] TILBURY b. [c. early July] 3Q 1910 (Windsor 2c/423)#
#m. Stanley A. STEWARD 2Q 1934 (Surrey N.W. 2a/731)
mother TILBURY:
6. David A. STEWARD b. 2Q 1936 (Surrey Mid E. 2a/296)
6. Anne M. STEWARD b. 1Q 1939 (Surrey Mid.E. 2a/263)
mother, YEATMAN:
5. Margaret E. TILBURY b. 4Q 1912 (Windsor 2c/790)
#[a Margaret E. TILBURY m. James H. NEWLAND 3Q 1948 (Surrey N.W. 5g/1804): this Margaret or another?]#
- mother TILBURY: James A. NEWLAND b. 3Q 1950 (Windsor 6a/235)
5. Francis H. TILBURY 2Q 1915 (Windsor 2c/792) (mother, TEATMAN - FreeBMD: GRO index)
[more than one possible marriage]
4. Leonard TILBUR(E)Y b. 1879
m. Jane Elizabeth SHARPE 1Q 1902 (Windsor 2c/769)
5. Jenny TILBUREY b. 4Q 1902 (Windsor 2c/420)
m. George N. R. CHEESMAN 4Q 1925 (Windsor 2c/1200)
6. Leslie G. CHEESMAN (mother: TILBURY) b. 1Q 1929 (Windsor 2c/661)
5. Francis Leonard ("Frank") TILBUREY b. 1Q 1904 (Windsor 2c/437)
[possible marriage: Ivy G. A. STEPHENS 2Q 1928 (Windsor 2c/1177)]
6. #[Steve TILBURY b. 4Q 1930 (Staines 3a/31)]#
6. #[Jean TILBURY b. 1Q 1933 (Staines 3a/6]#
5. #[Percy TILBUREY b. 1Q 1906 (Windsor 2c/421); Percy TILBURY d. 1Q 1907 age 1 (Windsor 2c/308)]#*
5. [Ernest George TILBURY b. 4Q 1907 (Windsor 2c/407)]*
#[Ernest G. TILBURY]#
#[m. Edith M. JAMES 3Q 1933 (Windsor 2c/1377)]#
6. #[Doreen M. TILBURY (mother JAMES) b. 4Q 1933 (Windsor 2c/591)]#
5. [Daisy Elizabeth TILBURY b. 4Q 1909 (Windsor 2c/420)]*
#[May have married William FITZGERALD 2Q 1929 Windsor reg.]#
6. #[Edward FITZGERALD (mother TILBURY) b. 2Q 1929 Windsor reg.]#
* (Identified by process of elimination: check before buying certificates)
1911: 5 Park Avenue, Thorpe Lea, Egham, Berkshire (3 rooms)
TILBURY, Leonard TILBURY, Head age 33 b. (1878) Staines, Middlesex (General Labourer, Building Trade, Worker)
Jane TILBURY, Wife (Married 10 yrs, 5 children b. alive, 4 lvg.) age 30 b. (1881) Egham, Surry
- Jenny TILBURY, Daughter age 9 b. (1902) Old Windsor, Bucks
- Frank TILBURY, Son age 7 b. (1904) Thorpe Lee, Egham
- Earnest TILBURY, Son age 3 b. (1908) Thorpe Lee, Egham
- Daisy TILBURY, Daughter age 2 b. (1909) Thorpe Lee, Egham

1911 census signature of Leonard Tilbury of Thorpe Lea Egham

mother, SHARPE:
5. #Lily TILBURY b. 1Q 1912 (Windsor 2c/816)#
5. #Reginald TILBURY b. 1Q 1914 (Windsor 2c/768)#
5. #Sidney C. TILBURY b. 1Q 1916 (Windsor 2c/762)#
5. #Kathleen TILBURY b. 3Q 1917 (Windsor 2c/632)#
5. #Ronald E. TILBURY b. 3Q 1920 (Windsor 2c/921)#
+ 6th & 7th generations ...
4. John Arthur TILBUR(E)Y b. 6 January 1881 18thC Joseph
m. Maude Rose CHILDS 3Q 1903 (Windsor 2c/953)
1911: lvg. 47 Nightingale Place, Thorpe Lea, Egham, Berkshire (4 rooms)
John TILBURY, Head age 30 b. (1881) Surrey, Egham (Cowman On Estate, Worker)
Rose Maude TILBURY, Wife (Married 9 yrs, 4 children b. alive, lvg.) age 29 b. (1882) Surrey, Long Ditton
- John William TILBURY, Son age 8 b. (1903) Surrey, Egham
- Fredrick Ernest TILBURY, Son age 6 b. (1905) Surrey, Egham
- Edwin TILBURY, Son age 4 b. (1907) Surrey, Egham
- Annie Alice TILBURY, Daughter age 2 b. (1909) Surrey, Egham

1911 census signature of John Arthur Tilbury of Egham, Surrey

5. John William TILBUREY b. 31 July 1903 (Windsor 2c/449)
5. Fredrick Ernest TILBURY b. 3 June 1905 (Windsor 2c/436); d. 31 January 1996
5. Edwin ("Ted") TILBURY b. 13 July 1907 (Windsor 2c/421); d. 16 January 1977
5. Annie Alice TILBURY b. 4Q 1909 (Windsor 2c/421); d. 23 September 1965
5. Dorothy TILBURY b. June 1918; d. 11 March 1919

The family of John Arthur Tilbury and wife Rose Maude Childs - children John, Fredrick, Ted and Annie

From ClaraT:
"Far right in picture: Edwin (our ancestor); then John and Fredrick; father John, mother Rose (seated), Annie. All children in picture came to Canada with parents"

1913: Mrs R. TILBURY age 31 - Occupation: Wife - and Mast J. TILBURY age 10, Mast F. TILBURY age 8, Mast E. TILBURY age 4, Miss A. TILBURY age 3; emigrated to Canada
Dep. London, 4 September 1913 - destination Quebec, Canada - on board the Ionion
(Ship no. 113989, 5323 tons, 23971 sq. ft.; Allan Line Steamship Co. Ltd., Master: B. J. CASTAWAY; 288 passengers on voyage; ship bound to: Montreal)
(To join John Arthur? June 2011: his prior voyage not yet traced.)

John & Rose TILBURY are listed for a return voyage to Canada - from visiting UK?

1929: John TILBURY age 49, married (Merchant) & Rose TILBURY age 47, married (Housewife)
Dep. Southampton on board the Montcalm; dest. Montreal, Canada
(Ship no. 145903, Master, A. ROTHWELL; Canadian Pacific steamship line; 13283 sq. ft., 9789 tons, 401 passengers on voyage)

4. Mary TILBURY b. 1883
Mary Elizabeth TILBURY
m. William Aaron MAYS 2Q 1905 (Windsor 2c/935)]
(See Frederick & Elizabeth above for MAYS in 1911)
5. Alice MAYS b. 1906 Egham, Surrey
#[possible spouse: George H. BRIDGER 1Q 1933 (Windsor 2c/756)]#
5. Dorothy MAYS b. 1909 Egham, Surrey
[many possible marriages]
mother, TILBURY:
5. Charles W. MAYS b. 1Q 1912 (Windsor 2c/818)
#[may have married Lilian R. STREET 4Q 1939 (Staines 3a/13)]#
5. Henry [--] MAYS b. 3Q 1914 (Windsor 2c/810)
5. Gladys I. MAYS b. 4Q 1916 (Windsor 2c/715)
#[m. William L. OWEN 2Q 1940 (Surrey N.W. 2a/1255)]#
5. Roy V. MAYS b. 3Q 1920 (Windsor 2c/920)
#[m. perhaps Doris M. E. FARROW 4Q 1944 (Wandsworth 1d/746)]#
5. Douglas J. MAYS b. 1Q 1923 (Windsor 2c/739)
#[m. Phyllis D. STRATTON 2Q 1948 (Surrey N.W. 5g/1404)]#
4. Francis (Frank) TILBURY b. 1885
m. Harriett Louisa TAYLOR 3Q 1905 (Windsor 2c/971)]
5. Frances Clementina TILBURY b. 1Q 1906 (Windsor 2c/421)
5. Florence Louisa TILBURY b. 3Q 1907 (Windsor 2c/419)
1911: lvg. Mineral Water Depot, Gresham Road, Staines, Middlesex (2 rooms)
Francis TILBURY, Head age 26 b. (1885) Thorpe Lea, Egham (Traveller, Mineral Water Depot, Worker)
Harriett TILBURY, Wife (Married 5 yrs, 2 children b. alive, lvg.) age 23 b. (1888) Staines, Middlesex
- Frances TILBURY, Daughter age 5 b. (1906) Thorpe Lea, Egham
- Florence TILBURY, Daughter age 3 b. (1908) Thorpe Lea, Egham

1911 census signature of Francis Tilbury, husband of Harriett Taylor, living Staines Middlesex

mother, TAYLOR:
5. Lily TILBURY b./d. 4Q 1913 (Staines 3a /36 /15)
4. Alice TILBURY b. 1888
#Alice A. TILBURY m. Edgar W. PARSONS 4Q 1910 (Windsor 2c/1084)]#
1911: lvg. 19 Ruskin Road, Staines, Middlesex (5 rooms)
Edgar PARSONS, Head age 32 b. (1879) London, Stoke Newington (Grocers Manager, Worker)
Alice PARSONS, Wife (Married under 1 yr, no children) age 24 b. (1887) Surrey, Thorpe Lee

1911 census signature of Edgar Parsons, husband of Alice A. Tilbury

mother, TILBURY:
5. #3Q 1911, FreeBMD lists 3 names for reference (Windsor 2c/851), but only 2* scans:#
     - Dorothy W. PARSONS
     - Douglas W. PARSONS*
     - Victor F. PARSONS*
5. #Aline F. PARSONS b. 2Q 1917 (Windsor 2c/682)#
4. Albert TILBURY b. c.1890
Not clear where Albert was born, unless in Chelsea:
#?[Albert TILBURY b. 2Q 1890 (Chelsea 1a/331)]?#
#Albert Edward TILBURY d. age 3 1Q 1893 (Windsor 2c/301)#
3. James TILBURY b. 31 July 1850
m. Susan SILAMS 3Q 1880 (Wycombe 3a/745)

Note: was this James' 2nd marriage?

4. Alice Silu[a]ms TILBURY d. 3Q 1880 age 0 (Wycombe 3a/330)
1881: lvg. The Marsh, Wycombe, Buckingham
James TILBY age 31 b. High Wycombe, Buckingham (Lab)
Susan TILBY age 18 b. Wooburn, Buckingham (Mill Worker)
1891: lvg. Chipping Wycombe, Buckingham
James TILBURY (marr.) age 40 (birthplace not stated)
Susan TILBURY (marr.) age 27, b. Wycombe
- George TILBURY age 3 (birthplace not stated)
- Harry TILBURY age 10 mths (birthplace not stated)
#James TILBURY d. 4Q 1892 age 39 (Wycombe 3a/368)#
1901: lvg. Chepping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Pg.20573575-ID.28854433-6)
Susan TILBURY age 38 b. Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire (Mill Hand At Paper Mill)
- George TILBURY age 14 b. H. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Factory Hand At Char Factory)
- Harry TILBURY age 11 b. H. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Thomas TILBURY age 9 b. H. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
1911: lvg. Back Lane, Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (parish of High Wycombe)
Susan TILBURY, Widow age 47 1864 Buckinghamshire, Wooburn (Rag Sorter)
- George TILBURY, Son (Single) age 23 b. 1888 Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe (Labourer Paper Mill)
- Harry TILBURY, Son (Single) age 21 b. 1890 Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe (Labourer Paper Mill)
Albert WILLIAMS, Cousin age 14 b. 1897 Buckinghamshire, Ivor (Paper Boy Labourer Paper Mill)

Note: was this a child of James&Susan? [Susan TILBURY d. 2Q 1896 age 5 (Wycombe 3a/379)]

3. Sarah Ann TILBURY b. 1853
1881: lvg./working Marlowes Freemantle Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford
#Sarah Ann TILBEY (U) age 18 b. High Wycombe, Buckingham (Nursemaid Domestic Servant)# - to:
William BROWN Head age 39 b. Hamington, Hampshire (Minister Of The Gospel Open Bretheren At Paradise Road Chapel)
Helen S. BROWN Wife age 37 b. Scotland
Sarah H. BROWN Sister (U) age 38 b. Hamington, Hampshire (Annuitant)
- Sarah W. BROWN Daur age 3 b. Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire
- Edith H. BROWN Daur age 2 b. Hemel Hempsted, Hertford
- William C. BROWN Son age 2wks b. Hemel Hempsted, Hertford
Jane LATCHFORD age 48 b. Hemel Hempsted, Hertford (Monthly Nurse, Sub Ms, Servant)
Sophia CREW (U) age 18 b. Pauls Warden, Hertford (General Servant)
#m. William CLIMPSON 4Q 1872 (Wycombe 3a/735)#
1881: lvg. Station Road, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
William CLIMPSON, Head age 28 b. Chesham, Buckinghamshire (Paper Maker)
Sarah CLIMPSON, Wife age 28 b. Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
- Elizabeth CLIMPSON, Dau age 7 b. Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
- Charlotte CLIMPSON, Dau age 6 b. Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
- Emma CLIMPSON, Dau age 4 b. Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
- Ada CLIMPSON, Dau age 3 b. Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
- Allice CLIMPSON, Dau age 1 b. Loudwater, Buckinghamshire
- Sarah A. CLIMPSON, Dau age 4 mths

An Alice CLIMPSON d. 1Q 1882 age 2 (Wycombe 3a/365)
A Rose CLIMPSON d. 2Q 1890 age 7 (Wycombe 3a/372)

1891: lvg. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
William CLIMPSON b. c.1853 Blackwell Hull[Hill], Buckinghamshire (Head, spouse of Sarah)
Sarah CLIMPSON b. c.1853 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Wife of William)
- Sarah A. CLIMPSON b. c.1881 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- William CLIMPSON b. c.1884 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Son)
- Edith CLIMPSON b. c.1886 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- Florence CLIMPSON b. c.1887 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- Eliza CLIMPSON b. c.1889 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- Fredrick CLIMPSON b. c.1890 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire (Son)
1891: lvg. Penn, Buckinghamshire
Emma CLIMPSON b. c.1877 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Servant) [ CLOMPSON]
With Frederick & Jane WINMILL

A Charlotte CLIMPSON m. 3Q 1896 [William HEARN] (Amersham 3a/1135)
An Elizabeth CLIMPSON m. 3Q 1896 [William NORTH] (Wycombe 3a/1220)

1901: lvg. Chepping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
William CLIMPSON age 48 b. Bucks, Blackwell Hall, Chesham (Paper Maker)
Sarah CLIMPSON age 48 b. Bucks, Loudwater
- William CLIMPSON age 17 b. Bucks, Loudwater (Apprentice Wood Carrier) [Carver?]
- Eliza CLIMPSON age 12 b. Bucks, Loudwater
- Frederick CLIMPSON age 10 b. Bucks, Loudwater
- [Thomas CLIMPSON age 9 b. Bucks, Loudwater]
- [Ernest CLIMPSON age 7 b. Bucks, Loudwater]
- [Charles CLIMPSON age 4 b. Bucks, Loudwater]
- [Mary CLIMPSON age 3 b. Bucks, Loudwater]
1901: lvg. Battersea, London
Edith CLIMPSON age 16 b. Bucks, Loudwater (General Servant Domestic)
#1901: lvg. Ryde, Isle of Wight#
#William NORTH age 29 b. Bucks, Redbarn (Coachman Domestic)#
#Elizabeth NORTH age 27 b. Bucks, Loudwater#
#- Sarah NORTH age 3 b. Hants, Aldershot#

Only other NORTH in Ryde, Isle of Wight, in 1901: Annie age 25 b. Hants Petersfield (Parlour Maid Domestic)

An Ada CLIMPSON m. 3Q 1901 (Wycombe 3a/1492)

3. David TILBURY b. 1855
m. Selina PORTER
1881: lvg. with her parents (Charles & Ann PORTER) & family
Clanking, Little Kimble, Buckingham
Selina Jane TILLBURY, Dau (marr.) age 25 b. Little Kimble, Buckingham (Straw Plaiter)
- Florence Kate TILLBURY, (Grand) Dau age 3 mths b. High Wycombe, Buckingham
see 'David & James'
1891: lvg. Greater Kimble & Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire
David TILBURY b. c.1856 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Selina TILBURY b. c.1857 St Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Florance TILBURY b. c.1881 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- William TILBURY b. c.1883 St Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Annie TILBURY b. c.1886 St Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Percy TILBURY b. c.1888 St Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Earnest TILBURY b. c.1889 St Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- George TILBURY b. c.1891 St Kimble, Buckinghamshire
1901: lvg. Great & Little Hampden, Buckinghamshire
Selina TILLBURY age 43 b. Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- William TILLBURY age 18 b. Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire (Brick Maker's Labourer)
- Anne TILLBURY age 16 b. Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire (General Servant Domestic)
- Percy TILLBURY age 14 b. Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire (Plough Boy At House)
- Ernest TILLBURY age 12 b. Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- George TILLBURY age 10 b. Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Beatres TILLBURY age 8 b. Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Sidney TILLBURY age 6 b. Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Elizabeth TILLBURY age 4 b. Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire
- Edith TILLBURY age 2 b. Little Hampden, Buckinghamshire
3. Amos TILBURY b. [1857/3?] Knaves Beech, Loudwater
m. Sarah Ann WHY 23 December 1882 High Wycombe
(Witness Kate TILBURY)
1891: lvg Chipping Wycombe
Amos TILBURY (marr.) age 33 b. Wycombe (Labourer at paper mill)
Sarah A. TILBURY (marr.) age 27 b. Wooburn
- Anne TILBURY age 6 b. Wycombe
- Edith M. TILBURY age 5 b. Wycombe
- Frederick TILBURY age 7 mths b. Wycombe
1901: lvg. Chepping Wycombe (Pg.20573284:IDs.28855353- 58)
Amos TILBURY age 43 b. Loudwater, Bucks (General Labourer)
Sarah TILBURY age 38 b. Flackwell Heath, Bucks
- Annie TILBURY age 17 b. Wycombe Marsh, Bucks (Rag Cutter)
- Edith TILBURY age 15 b. Chepping Wycombe, Bucks (Housemaid Domestic)
- Fred TILBURY age 10 b. Chepping Wycombe, Bucks
- Elsie TILBURY age 5 b. Chepping Wycombe, Bucks

1907: Kelly's trade directory
Amos TILBURY ... shopkeeper, Great Kimble (+1915: Great Kimble, Tring)

3. George Henry TILBURY b. 1Q 1860 (Wycombe 3a/396)
George TILBURY age 22 (labourer) of Wycombe Marsh
(Father: William TILBURY)
m. Mary Ann BURNHAM 11 October 1884 High Wycombe, age 19
(Witnesses: Amos & Sarah Ann TILBURY)
1881: lvg. Booker, West Wycombe, Buckingham
James BURNHAM Head age 53 b. West Wycombe, Buckingham (Farm Labourer)
Ann BURNHAM Wife age 57 b. Hughendon, Buckingham
- Robert BURNHAM Son (U) age 23 b. Great Marlow, Buckingham (Farm Labourer)
- Joseph BURNHAM Son (U) age 18 b. Great Marlow, Buckingham (Farm Labourer)
- Mary Ann BURNHAM Daur age 12 b. West Wycombe, Buckingham (Scholar)
1891: lvg. Coleshill
George TILBURY (marr.) age 33 b. Loudwater (Ag. Lab.)
Mary A. TILBURY (marr.) age 23 b. West Wycombe (Corn dealer)
- Annie TILBURY age 5 b. Little Marlow
- Kate TILBURY age 2 b. Little Marlow
3. [Another child?]; [d.?]
3. Kate Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1864 Loudwater
m. William PERRIEN 14 June 1884 High Wycombe
2. James TILBURY Chr. 20 August 1820 Holy Trinity, Penn (son of David & Charlotte TILBY)

Note: above baptism and research on James' family below, by Susie - see Susie's Family website

1841: lvg. at Little Lunner, Wycombe Marsh
James TILBURY age 20 b. BKM (Labourer)
in household of William AYRES age 40 & Sarah AYRES age 45

Note: from the age of James' son (William F.) in 1881, James must have married during or before 1846; was he working away from home in 1851? Where were his wife and child? Where was William in 1861?

1851: lvg. Wycombe Marsh in SCOTT household (see David in 1841, top of page)
James TILBURY age 28 b. N. Wycombe (Labourer in paper mill)
William SCOTT age 46 b. Wycombe Marsh
Mary SCOTT age 47 b. Wycombe Marsh
- John SCOTT age 19 b. Wycombe Marsh
- Richard SCOTT age 17 b. Wycombe Marsh
- Lydia SCOTT age 10 b. Wycombe Marsh
1861: lvg. at Lower Marsh
James TILBURY (Widower) age 39 b. Chepping Wycombe (Ag. Lab.)
lodger in home of Eliza ALLY[?], Head age 37 b. Little Marlow (Lacemaker)
James TILBURY (widower) age 40, Farm Labourer of Wycombe Marsh, Chepping Wycombe
(Father: David TILBURY, Farm Labourer)
m. Eliza FOLLEY 29 April 1861, The Register Office, District of Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
(spinster) age 36, Lace Maker of Wycombe Marsh, Chepping Wycombe (Father: Frank FOLEY, Blacksmith)
Both signed with an 'X' (Witnesses: J. T. BERSEY, James HAZEL)
1871: lvg. 35 Oxford Street, Wycombe
James TILBY, lodger (married) age 52 b. Wycombe (Ag. Lab.)
Eliza TILBY, lodger (married) age 48 b. Wycombe
- James TILBY, lodger age 6 b. Wycombe
with other lodgers in the household of William KIRBY (Beerhouse Keeper)

Six-year old James was probably the James in Jail with cousin David: David & James, Bierton Jail, 1881
He married Annie, and their descendants are here: Susie's Family Website

1881: lvg. Wycombe, Buckingham (next to Frederick [Herbert] TILBURY age 64, Moulds Villa)
James TILBURY Head age 60 b. Wycombe, Buckingham (Ag. Lab.)
Eliza TILBURY Wife age 59 b. Little Marlow, Buckingham
- William F. TILBURY Son (U) age 34 b. [c.1846] West Wycombe, Buckingham (Commercial Clerk)
1891: lvg. Wycombe District Union Workhouse, Saunderton, Buckinghamshire
James TILBURY (married) age 71 b. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (inmate: General Labourer)
Eliza TILBURY (married) age 70 b. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (inmate)

A William TILBURY m. 4Q 1892 (Wycombe 3a/[1083: Sarah NASH] [FreeBMD alternative 1683: no spouse entry])

A James TILBURY d. 4Q 1897 age 75; an Eliza TILBURY d. 2Q 1896 age 73; (PRO deaths list)

1901: lvg. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Pg.19097129-ID.14123015-9)
William TILBURY age 56 b. West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Commercial Clerk)
- Maud TILBURY age 9 b. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- Ethel TILBURY age 6 b. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
- William TILBURY age 3 b. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
1911: lvg. 78 West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (4 rooms)
William Frederick TILBURY, Head (Married) age 66 b. (1845) Bucks, West Wycombe (Retired Brewery Agent, Worker)
- Maud Evelene TILBURY, Daughter (Single) age 19 b. (1892) Bucks, High Wycombe (House Keeper)
- Ethel May TILBURY, Daughter (Single) age 16 b. (1895) Bucks, High Wycombe (Clerk, Chair Manufacturer)
- William Edward TILBURY, Son age 13 b. (1898) Bucks, High Wycombe (School)

1911 census signature of William Frederick Tilbury son of James Tilbury and Eliza born Folley

2. David TILB(UR)Y b. 1822
David TILBY Chr. 13 August 1822 High Wycombe (Minister: W. EDELMAN); d. 1837
2. Mary TILB(UR)Y b. 1824
Mary TILBURY Chr. 30 April 1824 High Wycombe (Minister: Johnathan Charles WILLIAMS); d.1825
2. Mary TILB(UR)Y b. 1826
2. John TILB(UR)Y b. 1831

May have died pre-1861?

2. Emma TILB(UR)Y b. 1833

Note: copied by both JimB and RobynC from parish register microfilms, Emma's mother is given as Elizabeth; JimB's copy adds the name of the Minister:
Emma TILBURY Chr. 10 March 1833 High Wycombe (Minister: G. D. GRUNDY)
Father: David TILBURY of Wycombe (Labourer), Mother: Elizabeth

Emma TILB(UR)Y d. 1836, burial: 12 May 1836 High Wycombe
2. Henry TILB(UR)Y b. 1837
Henry TILBURY Chr. 2 April 1837 High Wycombe (Minister: W. STOTHERT);
d. 1837, burial: 31 July 1837 High Wycombe

High Wycombe 1841 shows a William T age 20 (shepherd) also living in The Marsh - who were his descendants?

1841: lvg. Lower Marsh
William TILBURY age 40 b. BKM (Shepherd)
Ann TILBURY age 40 not born in County
1851: lvg. Totteridge Lane
William TILBURY age 58 b. Bradenham (Ag. Lab.)
Ann TILBURY, Wife age 60 b. Aston, Berkshire
William TILBURY, widower, labourer (Father: Henry TILBURY, labourer)
m. Ann DIDCOCK [of] Newland, 3 March 1839 High Wycombe
[William TILBURY, son of Henry & Hester, Chr. 9 November 1794 Bradenham]

Leonard TILBURY d. 1Q 1908 age 4 (Hendon 3a/136)

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