A Speculative Tree

The bmd cited is from transcripts of parish/pro records and censuses
The descendance of John William TILBURY b.1853 Portsea from MARTIN m. TILBURY is not otherwise documented


Father: Geo. MARTIN
Mother: Mary
Thos. MARTIN Chr. 5 December 1790 Alverstoke, Hampshire
(A possible husband for Lucy PAIN)

....m. Lucy PAIN 18 December 1810 Alverstoke, Hampshire
2. Louisa Susannah MARTIN b. 29 November 1811; Chr. 25 December 1811 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
....m. William MARTIN 16 December 1833 St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
3. Louisa Susannah MARTIN Chr. 26 October 1834 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
....m. John William TILBURY 2 August 1852 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire (2b/585)
....(d. at sea? no PRO death evident)
4. John William TILBURY b. 2Q 1853 Portsea (2b/[3?]63), Hampshire
4. Louise Harriet TILBURY b. 2Q 1855 (Southampton 2c/22)
4. Emma Jane TILBURY b. 4Q 1857 (Southampton 2c/3)
4. Amelia Caroline TILBURY b. 2Q 1860 (Southampton 2c/28)
....1861 Census: 25, French Street, Southampton St Michael, Hampshire
....Louisa J. TILBURY age 26, married, b. (1835) Portsea, Hampshire (Seamans Wife)
....John W. TILBURY, son age 7 b. (1854) Portsea, Hampshire (Scholar)
....Louisa H. TILBURY, daughter age 5 b. (1856) Southampton, Hampshire (Scholar)
....Emma J. TILBURY, daughter age 3 b. (1858) Southampton, Hampshire (Scholar)
....Amelia C. TILBURY, daughter age 11 mths b. (1861) Southampton, Hampshire
4. George Edward TILBURY b. 3Q 1863 West Ham, Essex (4a/21)
4. Alice Mary TILBURY b. 4Q 1865 West Ham, Essex (4a/29)
4. William James TILBURY b. 2Q 1869 West Ham, Essex (4a/45)
....1871 Census: Francis Street, West Ham, Essex
....John W. TILBURY, Head b. c.1831 Portsea, Hampshire (Fireman [of Ship "Mi___ S____"; or: Shipping, Sailor])
....Louisa S. TILBURY, Wife b. c.1835 Portsea, Hampshire
....Emma J. TILBURY, daughter b. c.1858 Southampton, Hampshire
....Caroline A. TILBURY, daughter b. c.1861 Southampton, Hampshire (Scholar)
....George E. TILBURY, son b. c.1864 W. Plaistow, Essex (Scholar)
....Alice M. TILBURY, daughter b. c.1866 W. Plaistow, Essex (Scholar)
....Willm. J. TILBURY, son b. c.1869 W. Plaistow, Essex
4. Annie (Ann) Elizabeth TILBURY b. 4Q 1872 West Ham, Essex (4a/33)


This section:
Intellectual Property of the Kentfield TILBURY family, their descendants, ascendants & relatives (September 2004 =>)

....John William TILBURY b. c.1853 Portsea, Hampshire
....(1881/1901: Engine Drive At Wharf/Stationary)
....m. Emily KENTFIELD 4Q 1875 W. Ham (4a/61), Essex
....b. c.1850 Witham [1901: Waham], Essex
....1881: lvg. 181 Brunswick Rd, London, Middlesex
....1901: lvg. Bromley, Middlesex
5. Bertha Kentfield TILBURY b. 4Q 1876 Poplar (1c/700); d. 4Q, 0 yrs, (1c/445)
5. Charlotte Emily TILBURY b. 4Q 1877 Poplar (1c/627)
....m. Charles Edward Norman SENNETT (2)
....d. ___, buried Nunhead cemetery
6. Charles SENNETT
6. Christabel SENNETT
5. Ada Kentfield TILBURY b. 4Q 1878 Poplar (1c/620)
5. Agnes Kentfield TILBURY b. 3Q 1879 Poplar (1c/677)
....m. [--] 2Q 1899 Poplar (1c/935), London
5. Mabel Kentfield TILBURY b. 1Q 1882 Poplar (1c/73(5?) (1901: Restaurant Assistant)
....d. ___, buried Nunhead cemetery
....m. Charles Edward Norman SENNETT (1)
6. Robert SENNETT
6. Mabel (May) Violet SENNETT b. 5 September 1906 Bromley, d. Hove 1978
....m.(1) E. J. A.
....m.(2) D. C.
5. Jessie Elizabeth K. TILBURY b. 2Q 1884 Poplar (1c/635)
....m. 2Q 1910 W. Ham (4a/3) [John Raoster CHALLICE or Thomas Edward WALDOCK]
5. John Senner K. TILBURY b. 2Q 1886 Poplar (1c/638) (1901: Telegraph Messenger)
5. Jeanette (1901: Jeannie) Kentfield TILBURY b. 4Q 1888 Poplar (1c/630)
....m. Frederick John COE 1Q 1910 (W. Ham 4a/509)
6. Male COE (x3)
....Jeannette & Frederick COE d. c.1926, a year apart
1891: lvg. St. Leonard, London
....John TILBURY b. c.1854 Portsea, Hampshire
....Emily TILBURY b. c.1851 Witham, Essex
....Charlotte TILBURY b. c.1878 Bromley, Middlesex
....Ada TILBURY b. c.1879 Bromley, Middlesex
....Agnes TILBURY b. c.1880 Bromley, Middlesex
....Mabel TILBURY b. c.1882 Bromley, Middlesex
....Jessie TILBURY b. c.1884 Bromley, Middlesex
....John TILBURY b. c.1887 Bromley, Middlesex
....Jeannette TILBURY b. c.1889 Bromley, Middlesex
5. Nellie Kentfield TILBURY b. 3Q 1891 Poplar (1c/597)
5. Daisy Kentfield TILBURY b. 4Q 1893 Poplar (1c/579)
5. Gerald TILBURY b. 1Q 1896 Poplar (1c/597

End of the TILBURY-KENTFIELD section

....Louisa Harriett TILBURY
....m. 3Q 1876 (W.Ham 4a/56)
....Emma TILBURY
....m. 4Q 1877 (W.Ham 4a/76)
Louisa Susannah [MARTIN?] TILBURY (1881: Head of family, Married, Laundress)
....m.(2) William Francis MCNALLY 3Q 1877 West Ham (4a/64) (1881: at sea? not visible in the Census)
....1881: lvg. 7 Edward St*, West Ham, Essex
....James WINN (Boarder, unmarried ) b. c.1844 Ireland (1881: Marine Stoker, Seaman)
....George Edward TILBURY (1881: General Labourer)
....Alice Mary TILBURY (1881: Servant Domestic)
....?[m. John HARRADENCE]?
....1891: lvg. West Ham
....Annie TILBURY age 18 b. ___, Essex (Sister)
....Alice HARRADENCE age 24 lvg. West Ham
....John HARRADENCE age 23 lvg. West Ham
....James HARRADENCE age 5 lvg. West Ham
....Alice HARRADENCE age 3 lvg. West Ham
....William James TILBURY
....m. Julia BARKWAY 1Q 1889 West Ham (4a/141)
....1901: lvg. West Ham, West Ham
....William TILBURY age 30 b. Canning Town Essex (Gas Stoker)
....Julia TILBURY age 30 b. Canning Town Essex
5. Julia TILBURY b. c.1890 Canning Town, Essex
5. William TILBURY b. c.1892 Canning Town, Essex
5. Louisa TILBURY b. c.1895 Canning Town, Essex
5. George TILBURY b. c.3Q 1900 Canning Town, Essex
....Annie (Ann) Elizabeth TILBURY
....?[m. Patrick COL(E)MAN or Edward Charles EASTY 4Q 1892 W. Ham (4a/222)]?
3. William Thomas MARTIN Chr. 19 June 1836 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
3. Robert MARTIN Chr. 7 July 1839 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire; d. 25 May 1841
3. Mary Ann MARTIN Chr. 31 July 1842 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
3. Edward MARTIN Chr. c.23 March 1845 St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire
3. Charlotte MARTIN Chr. 29 March 1846 St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire [died pre-1855?]
3. Harriet MARTIN b. 17 December 1847; Chr. 8 April 1849 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire;
....d. 1 January 1852
3. Amelia MARTIN Chr. 8 April 1849 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
3. Caroline MARTIN Chr. 26 February 1854 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
3. Charlotte MARTIN Chr. 16 December 1855 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
2. Elizabeth Lucy MARTIN b. 26 August 1813; Chr. 3 October 1813 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire;
....d. 23 January 1820
2. Thomas MARTIN Chr. 13 August 1815 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
2. Mary Ann MARTIN Chr. 1 June 1817 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
2. James MARTIN Chr. 13 April 1819 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
2. George MARTIN Chr. 28 January 1821 St John, Portsea, Hampshire
2. Henry MARTIN Chr. 28 March 1823 St Marys, Portsea, Hampshire
2. Joseph MARTIN Chr. 4 February 1827 St John, Portsea, Hampshire

* Edward Street - residents: mariners, dock labourers, marine fireman, lighterman, stevedore, stoker, lighterman, dock yard worker, sugar baker, iron labourer; - between Ford Street and Hoy Street, …John Street, Halsville Road


The MARTIN family - possible correlation to the 1881 Census
1881: lvg. 114 Stebondale St, London, Middlesex
Edward MARTIN, Head age 36 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire (General Laborer)
Jane C. MARTIN, Wife age 36 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire
....Edward J. MARTIN, Son age 15 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire (General Labourer)
....Frederick W. MARTIN, Son age 13 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire (General Labourer)
....Herbert T. MARTIN, Son age 11 b. Poplar, Middlesex (Scholar)
....Amy L. MARTIN, Daur age 9 b. Poplar, Middlesex (Scholar)
....Frank K. MARTIN, Son age 5 b. Poplar, Middlesex (Scholar)
....Florence M. MARTIN, Daur age 3 b. Poplar, Middlesex (Scholar)
....Caroline E. MARTIN, Daur age 2 b. Poplar, Middlesex
....Edith C. MARTIN, Daur age 6 mths b. Poplar, Middlesex
1881: lvg. 109 Stebondale St, London, Middlesex
William MARTIN, Head age 44 b. Portsmouth, Hampshire (General Laborer)
Eliza MARTIN, Wife age 41 b. Deptford, Kent
The children in this road were noted as "b. Poplar"
There was also:
George MARTIN, (Widower) age 60 b. Southampton (House Painter)
1881: lodging with the CLARK family at 5 Devonshire Place, Lambeth, Surrey


The BARKWAY family of Essex:
1881: lvg. 84 Roscoe St, West Ham, Essex
Fredk. I. BARKWAY, Head age 53 b. Suffolk (Carpenter)
Caroline BARKWAY, Wife age 28 b. Wooburn, Buckingham
....C. BARKWAY, Son age 22 b. Canning Town, Essex (Engineer)
....J. BARKWAY, Son age 19 b. Poplar, Middlesex (Engineer)
....H. BARKWAY, Son age 14 b. Plaistow, Essex (Scholar)
....J. BARKWAY, Daur age 12 b. Plaistow, Essex (Scholar)
....H. BARKWAY, Son age 9 b. Canning Town, Essex (Scholar)
....E. BARKWAY, Daur age 2 b. Canning Town, Essex

George Thomas BARKWAY d. 1Q 1872 age 0 (W. Ham 4a/21)
1Q 1874:
Caroline WILLIAMS m. (W. Ham 4a/14)
Frederick James BARKWAY m. (W. Ham 4a/44)
Emily Caroline BARKWAY d. 1Q 1878 age 1 (W.Ham 4a/30[50])

Sources: Parish Register transcripts, IGI, Censuses, PRO records, 'The Tilbury Magazine' website, FreeBMD, other online resources made available by family historians - with thanks - November 2005

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