Hussey m. Puddifoot m. Lee m. Tilbury

Births, Christenings & Marriages

Mrs. Elizabeth LEE b. 1830 Great Missenden, Buckingham

Thomas LEE
__m. Esther HUSSEY 12 October 1824 Hughenden, Buckingham
____2. William LEE c.1831 Hughenden, Buckingham
____2. Mary LEE Chr. 5 April 1835 Hughenden, Buckingham
____2. Sarah Anne LEE Chr. 26 September 1841 Bradenham, Buckingham
____2. Emma LEE Chr. 7 July 1844 Hughenden, Buckingham [b. 2Q 1842 (Wycombe 6/434)]
(+ other children)

(See link below for Thomas' & Esther's family)

__m. Jane
____2. James TILBERRY Chr. 7 October 1832 Great Missenden, Buckingham
____2. Charlotte TILBURY Chr. 7 October 1832 Great Missenden, Buckingham

__m. Sarah WILLIS
____2. Cornelius TILBURY Chr. 20 March 1831 Hughenden
____2. James TILBURY Chr. 2 November 1834 Hughenden
(+ other children)

(See "Tilberia" "Bucks' Tilbury BMD" "Hughenden")

__m. Anstes HUSSEY 28 September 1835 Hughenden, Buckingham

Father: Henry PUDDIFOOT, Mother: Anstice
____2. Joseph PUDDIFOOT Chr. 12 March 1837 Bradenham, Buckingham

1851: lodging at Hughenden Farm, Hughenden (Pt.2), Buckingham
____Cornelius TILBURY b. c.1830 Hughenden BKM (Ag. Lab.)
____James TILBURY b. c.1834 Hughenden BKM (Ag. Lab.)

Father: Richard LEE, Mother: Marianne
____2. Emma LEE Chr. 7 June 1840 Hughenden, Buckingham

Cornelius TILBURY
__m. Mary LEE 23 September 1854 Hughenden

__m. Elizabeth LEE 26 August 1855 Hughenden

William LEE b. c.1831 [of Naphill, Buckinghamshire]
__m. Mary c.1857 [Berkshire]

(See LEE-HUSSEY link below)

__m. Emma LEE 25 April 1863 Hughenden, Buckingham

m. [Thomas LEE] 3Q 1875 (London City 1c/142)

1861 Census

Tilbury, Lee

lvg. Hughenden, Buckinghamshire (reg. dist. Wycombe)

____Cornelius TILBURY age 30 b. Hughendon (Head)
____Mary TILBURY age 26 b. Hughendon (Wife)
____Charles LEE age 93 b. Oxfordshire (Boarder)
____[Thomas PAGE age 24 b. Buckinghamshire (1837online)]

____James TILBURY age 26 b. Hughenden (Head)
____Elizabeth TILBURY age 24 b. Hughenden (Wife)
____Emma LEE age 16 b. Hughenden (Sister)


lvg. Hughenden, Buckinghamshire (reg. dist. Wycombe)
Henry PUDDIFOOT age 49 (Head)
Martha PUDDIFOOT age 43
____Martha PUDDIFOOT age 20
____John PUDDIFOOT age 17
____Elizabeth PUDDIFOOT age 11
____Edwin PUDDIFOOT age 8
____Mary Ann PUDDIFOOT age 1

reg. dist. Wycombe
____Henry PUDDIFOOT age 22
Charlotte COWDREY age 67
James COWDREY age 70
Elizabeth LOVETT age 19
William SHAW age 19

1871 Census

Tilbury, Lee

lvg. Fulham, [Middlesex] (reg. dist. London)
____Cornelius TILBURY b. c.1832 ___, Berkshire


lvg. West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
____Henry PUDDIFOOT b. c.1838 West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Head)
____Emma PUDDIFOOT b. c.1843 West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
________William PUDDIFOOT b. c.1869 Hammersmith, Middlesex (Son)


lvg. Clewer Berkshire
____William LEE b. c.1831 Napple[Naphill] Common, Buckinghamshire (Head, spouse of Mary)
____Mary LEE b. c.1835 ___, Berkshire (Wife of William)
________Mary LEE b. c.1857 ___, Berkshire
________Rhoda LEE b. c.1858 ___, Berkshire [m. GOLDSACK]
________Frances LEE b. c.1860 ___, Berkshire
________William LEE b. c.1862 ___, Berkshire
________Milicent LEE b. c.1864 ___, Berkshire
________Beatrice LEE b. c.1868 Windsor, Berkshire
________Kate LEE b. c.1871 Windsor, Berkshire

lvg. Berkshire
________Emma LEE b. c.1863 Old Windsor, Berkshire
________Sarah LEE b. c.1864 Old Windsor, Berkshire

1881 Census

Tilbury, Lee, Puddifoot

lvg. 34 Greyhound Rd, London, Middlesex [apparently Fulham]
NB: William PUDDIFOOT, son of Henry & Emma [LEE] was b. Hammersmith (Fulham?)
____Cornelius TILBURY, Head age 50 b. [c.1830] High Wycombe, Buckingham (Fruiterer & Greengrocer)
____Mary [LEE]TILBURY, Wife age 46 b. [c.1834] High Wycombe, Buckingham
________Beatrice LEE, Niece age 12 b. [c.1868] Windsor, Berkshire

____Cornelius TILBURY d. 2Q 1882 age 50 (Fulham 1a/181)

lvg. 24 Thavies Inn, [off Fleet St] London, Middlesex
____Emma LEE (Widow) age 35 b. [c.1845] Windsor, Berkshire (Domestic Servant)

lvg. Ship Street, Wycombe, Buckingham
____James TILBURY, Head age 48 b. [c.1832] Hughendon, Buckingham (Bricklayer)
____Elizabeth [LEE]TILBURY, Wife age 44 b. [c.1836] Hughendon, Buckingham
________Mary Ann PUDDIFOOT, Niece age 14 b. [c.1866] West Wycombe (Dressmaker)

Puddifoot, Lee

lvg. Bledlow, Buckingham
____Henry PUDDIFOOT, Head age 42 b. [c.1838] West Wycombe, Buckingham (Gamekeeper)
____Emma [LEE]PUDDIFOOT, Wife age 38 b. [c.1842] West Wycombe, Buckingham
________2. William PUDDIFOOT age 12 b. [c.1868] Hammersmith, Middlesex
________2. Elizabeth PUDDIFOOT age 9 b. [c.1871] West Wycombe, Buckingham
________2. Ellen PUDDIFOOT age 6 b. [c.1874] West Wycombe, Buckingham
________2. Clara PUDDIFOOT age 3 b. [c.1877] High Wycombe, Buckingham
________2. Harry PUDDIFOOT age 3 mths b. 1881 Bledlow, Buckingham

(Clara PUDDIFOOT: see Guestbook entry and LEE-HUSSEY link below)

lvg. Keep Hill, Wycombe, Buckingham
____William PUDDIFOOT, Head age 23 b. [c.1857] West Wycombe, Buckingham (Gamekeeper)
____Mary Ann PUDDIFOOT, Wife age 21 b. [c.1859] Radnage, Buckingham (Lace Maker)

lvg. Toweridge Common, West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Charlotte PUDDIFOOT, Head (Widow) age 68 b. [c.1812] West Wycombe, Buckingham (Lacemaker Pauper)


lvg. Clewer Village, Clewer, Berkshire
____William LEE, Head (Widower) age 50 b. Newington, Buckingham (Bricklayer)
________William LEE, Son (U) age 19 b. Bray, Berkshire (Bricklayer)
________Rhoda E. GOLDSACK, Daur (Widow) age 22 b. Bray, Berkshire (Dressmaker)
____________Gertrude M. GOLDSACK, Grand Daur age 1 b. Wivelsfield, Sussex

(See LEE-HUSSEY link below)

Lee, Tilbury

lvg. 19 Charterhouse St, London, Middlesex
____Thomas LEE, Head age 27 b. [c.1853] Clerkenwell, Middlesex (Coffee House Keeper)
____Annie [TILBURY]LEE, Wife age 27 b. [c.1853] Gt. Missenden, Buckingham
________Annie Louise LEE age 5 b. [c.1875] Finsbury, Middlesex
________Edith Emily LEE age 3 b. [c.1877] Smithfield, Middlesex
________Thos. Harry LEE age 2 b. [c.1878] Smithfield, Middlesex
____Sarah TILBURY, Sister-In-Law (U) age 22 b. [c.1858] Gt. Missenden, Buckingham (Cook, Domestic)
____Ellen FLEET, (U) age 17 b. Gt Missenden, Buckingham (Cook, Domestic Servant)
____George CURREY, (U) age 16 b. Stirling, Scotland (Waiter at Inn, Domestic Servant)

1882 Post Office Directory for London - Coffee Rooms:
LEE, Thomas, 19 Charterhouse street E C


Collins, Tilbury

Annie's sister Sarah appears to have married:

m. William Henry COLLINS 1Q 1886 (Hendon 3a/188)

1891 Census

Lee, Tilbury

lvg. St. Pancras, London
____Thomas LEE b. c.1855 Clerkenwell, London (Head)
____Annie LEE b. c.1854 Gt Wa[Mi]ssenden, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
________Thomas H. LEE b. c.1879 Smithfield, London (Son)
________Frederick W. LEE b. c.1885 Smithfield, London (Son)

Collins, Tilbury

lvg. 113, Charterhouse Street, St Sepulchre, Holborn, London
____William COLLINS age 26 b. Weston Super Mare, Somerset (Head, Coffee House Keeper)
____Sarah COLLINS age 32 b. Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
________William COLLINS age 2 b. Smithfield, London (Son)
________Arthur COLLINS age 2 mths b. Smithfield, London (Son)
____Emily COLLINS age 21 b. Weston Super Mare, Somerset (Sister, Post Office Clerk)
________Edith LEE age 13 b. Smithfield, London (Niece, Scholar)
____Kate CROSS age 20 b. Hereford (Domestic Servant)
____Thomas JACKSON age 20 b. Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk (Domestic Servant)
____Elizabeth SEARLE age 17 b. Stratford, London (Domestic Servant)

Tilbury, Lee

lvg. Wycombe Old Borough, Buckinghamshire
____James TILBURY b. c.1836 Hughendon, Buckinghamshire (Head)
____Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1837 Hughendon, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
____Mary TILBURY b. c.1835 Hughendon, Buckinghamshire (Widow, Sister)
____[ie. Mary LEE, Cornelius TILBURY's widow, James' sister-in-law?]
________Nellie PUDDIFOOT b. c.1876 West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Niece)

1901 Census

Lee, Tilbury

lvg. Willesden, Middlesex
____Thomas LEE age 47 b. London Clerkenwell, London (Coffee House Keeper)
____Amy[Annie] LEE age 47 b. Gt. Messienden [Missenden], Buckinghamshire
________Thomas Hary LEE age 22 b. Sincolfield [Smithfield], London (Drapers Assistant)
________Frederick M.[?] LEE age 16 b. Sincolfield [Smithfield], London (Solicitors Clerk)

Collins, Tilbury

lvg. St Bartholomew The Great Entire, London
____William COLLINS age 36 b. Wiston Sellars*, Somerset (Coffee House Keeper)
____Sarah COLLINS age 43 b. Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire
________William COLLINS age 12 b. London, London City
____[Herbert COLLINS age 18 b. Wiston Sellars*, Somerset (Waiter)]
(* probably 'Weston Super Mare')

Note: the above 2 Coffee Houses may have had employees - lookups appreciated!

1911 Census

Lee, Tilbury

Thomas LEE, Head age 56 b. London, Holborn* (Retired Refreshments Room Proprietor)
____Ann LEE, Wife age 57 b. Gt Missenden, Bucks (Married 36 years, 4 children b. alive, lvg.)
________Thomas Harry LEE, Son (Single) age 32 b. London Holborn* (Mattress Maker, Manufacturing, Worker)
________Frederick William LEE, Son (Single) age 26 b. London Holborn* (Solicitors Clerk, Worker)
* St Sepulchres crossed out

The Post Office Directory for 1912-13 has this entry:
COLLINS, William, coffee rooms
49 Coburg Road, Wood Green N. [London]
(Sarah's William?)

From the above it would appear that the female LEEs were sisters.

Since Beatrice LEE (b. Windsor) was the niece of Cornelius TILBURY & Mary LEE, her probable family was that of William m. Mary (d. pre-1881) above.

Mary Ann PUDDIFOOT, niece of James TILBURY & Elizabeth [LEE] seems to have been the daughter of Henry PUDDIFOOT & Emma [LEE]; since Emma had a 3-month old baby at Census time, it may be that their eldest child went to stay with her uncle and aunt TILBURY (to make more room at home?).

The identity of this James TILBURY is not certain: if he were Cornelius' brother, then he was baptised in 1834, the same age as the James who was working with Cornelius in 1851. However, in 1881 James' year of birth appears as 1832, which might mean that he was the son of William TILBURY & Jane.

Was Thomas LEE who married Annie TILBURY from Great Missenden from a Buckinghamshire LEE family originally? The probability of Annie's sister being the Sarah who married William COLLINS is increased since William was a Coffee House Keeper, as was Annie's husband Thomas.

NB: there were several spellings of the name 'PUDDIFOOT'; Henry spelled his name in the same way as Elizabeth, wife of Richard TILBURY, butcher, beer seller & farmer of Little Missenden.

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